Managing Retirement Time

No joke!  For a lot of people I know it’s harder to manage their time in retirement that it was in the business life.
Sure – sounds weird, but we’ll explain.  But first we go through the charts an d indicators as the sounds of a 1929-like Crash get louder.  And wait till you see the technical chart on Bitcoin!

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50 thoughts on “Managing Retirement Time”

  1. I used to be a foreman on a construction site and a foreman in other businesses and since I have a fleeting brain that can’t remember always kept a notepad in my pocket with a pen or pencil and before I was on the job.
    I would write down what I thought had to be done.
    And then of course while I’m on the job if I thought of something that had to be done I wrote it down also.
    And the thing was I had between 10 and 20 people working underneath of me and so I always had something for them to do I would just scan my note pad and delegate that particular job to be in the dead to be done next to one or more persons.
    And it was always easy enough to make a forward slant or check mark on each one as it was done.
    Since 1998 and I had my first computer I tried list of every kind they just don’t work for me number one you got to go over and fire the thing up number to it takes awhile for it to kick in Spencer the old computers and then well let’s see I forgot what I was thinking that I was going to put in there.
    But if you have a work shirt dual Pockets you’ve got a notepad and a pen in there hey I got an idea let me write it down.
    I’ve showed other people had to do this to say hey that works pretty good and they followed my boss is so followed suit because nobody can remember everything.
    So that’s why you see I don’t know whether you will or not you’ll see people with no pads in their pocket with a pen and they say wait a second let me write something down here they just had a dream a thought.

    • Cell phone damages the body if it’s on and not on airplane remember the old Verizon guy said can you hear me now well you had a tumor on a deer and by Third Wife kept a cell phone on her right hip well she had a tumor there .
      I’ve never heard anybody getting a tumor or cancer from keeping a notepad in their shirt pocket.

      • Another part of using these techniques is that you can use the paper note pad and pen in your pocket but also keep the cell phone on you and keep it in Airplane mode so there’s not putting out anything and then periodically you can turn it on when you take it off of your hip and find out what has happened in the last hour or 4 hours whatever your case may be

      • Not just ‘old Verizon guy’ – there have been more than one report on this – and some thought that cell phone companies as well as the phone service carriers are keeping this quiet . . . it would screw up an entire industry if it came out.

  2. Not sure if anyone shared this or not. A friend sent me this yesterday. An economists prediction from 1988 for 2018 with a friggen bitcoin on the cover with a zero at the center of it!!! He predicts the end of fiat currency in 2018, long before windows 95 and mainstream computers/internet. 10 years prior to the inception if Urban Survival. Lol

    Pretty trippy, since most know me around the interwebs as 0. Lol I’m just Andy here. :)

    Did A 1988 Economist Magazine Predict A Bitcoin Explosion In 2018? – Collective Evolution

      • I have this book marked to listen to his speech. I never heard it before. I am aware and do know the ‘time line’ was pushed back and adjustments were made, in 2015.

        Dated and time stamped prior to Trump winning the Republican nominee.
        04/18/2016 10:05 PM

        I posted about it on an obsecure thread, on a conspiracy for forum.

        “I don’t really care if you belive me or not. It has simply been pushed back 4 years. That is all. The economic collapse has been pushed 4 years into the future. A choice was given. A choice was made. It was to “buy time”. Everything has been postponed.

        Japan has entered negative interest rates. Japan will collapse first, as the 3rd largest economy in the world it will create an economic tsunami. It doesnt take a Time Traveler to see that.

        There is also a reason Vice President Biden didn’t run even though he would have won the Democratic party.

        Trump will win and be left holding the bag. For now, the next 4 years will be “apear” prosperous. Trump will look like a savior and the solution. The democrsts will say they did it. And there will be some tit for tat. By the end of Trumps first term the economic collaps will be well under way.

        The economic prosperity has un fold first. Even now, housing prices are about to sky rocket in the next 6 months.

        The plan is to leave a 1%’er holding the bag. Trump is a 1 % er. This in effect will create the revolution in the US “they” desire. If you rememeber correctly the animosity against the top 1% richest people from the economic collaps of 2008.

        Currently you are witnessing a weeding out of those who oppose this plan with the Panama papers. That was a warning. They have bigger stuff on the top elite. That was a “call to attentoon. ” because the original plan was to at first start a proxy war in syria which lead to a full on WWIII. However, a choice was given and a choice was made”

        I updated our current trajectory on U.S. news and review in the comment section a few months back.

      • Some if the updated trajectory can be found here.

      • Everything is unfolding as was stated. We are in the period of prosperity. Enjoy it while it lasts. ;)

        Rich me!

        Have a great day

    • The Phoenix. Isn’t that interesting? Mary Summer Rain’s books and all of her predictions as given by No Eyes in 1984. She published a few years after. It is worth everyone’s time to read, “Phoenix Rising”, and “Spirit Song.” Look up the predictions on line. So, to me, this article is just confirming her predictions. Obviously the elite know that something is up!

  3. About much needed gun control laws…First…there is absolutely no sane reason why anyone needs a AR15 rifle. It is a weapon of war. It’s illegal to use in hunting in 11 states and most serious hunters would never use it because it takes the sport, safety and skill out of hunting. It’s sole purpose?The only thing you could use them for is obliterating pumpkins on a fence post in the deep woods (wooohoo…sarcasm) and Killing other humans it seems.

    For those that disagree with me, then heck, let’s go all the way and allow Indy and NASCAR vehicles to be purchased by 18 year olds and let them drive them on the open road too. That should end well, right?

    I hate the argument that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If that’s the case, then let’s disarm our military and just send the people to fight our wars. Here is what Japan does…BTW, they have less than 11 gun violence fatalities a year…The U.S? Over 12,000 deaths.

    To get a gun in Japan, first, you have to attend an all-day class and pass a written test, which are held only once per month. You also must take and pass a shooting range class. Then, head over to a hospital for a mental test and drug test (Japan is unusual in that potential gun owners must affirmatively prove their mental fitness), which you’ll file with the police. Finally, pass a rigorous background check for any criminal record or association with criminal or extremist groups, and you will be the proud new owner of your shotgun or air rifle. Just don’t forget to provide police with documentation on the specific location of the gun in your home, as well as the ammo, both of which must be locked and stored separately. And remember to have the police inspect the gun once per year and to re-take the class and exam every three years.

    …For those that think that this is a violation of our rights…we nearly go through the same steps when getting a drivers license, pilots license, long haul trucking license, applying for a Fortune 500 corporate job, getting a state teaching certificate to become a school teacher and many more…This is common sense.

    • Except none of those things you speak of appear in the Constitution – maybe you could sit down and read it, The Bill of Rights and Jefferson paper as well – it’ll be a great remedial refresher course……

    • My rights are not dictated by what you think I need. They were listed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and have been interpreted to include the right to own assault rifles. Your thoughts on my need for them are irrelevant. Constitutional rights have nothing whatsoever to do with “need.”

      On the other hand, there is no inherent right to drive on a public road, that’s why we have a driver’s _license_. If an 18 year old has the money for such a car and the private property on which to drive it, who are you to stop him? And for your list of “violation of rights,” none of those are constitutionally enshrined rights.

      • I understand all you guys-gals who use the constitution argument to support access to guns of all types. But, we have a problem with some people who choose to use those guns to commit mass acts of violence, many times initiated as a copy cat crime. Some people and always males, seem to seek fame or infamy, for being a mass killer. How do we remedy that sick mindset? Especially in an era where social media and the 24-7-365 news cycle thrives on giving a stage for those mass killer wannabes, to walk across and get their 15 minutes of “its all about me” time. Any suggestions?

      • Turn them back into MEN. Protectors and defenders of rights, make them backj to the righteous warrior class who will take a bullet. Instead, these kids don’t even know their gender. Thanks Kremlin, thanks common core, thanks for the fake out on perestroika. It’s working and few see the framework.

      • If we are to have a civil society rather than anarchy, we make rules and expect the people and the government to respect them, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the most basic tenants upon which the rest are built. There is a process for changing them, and you are welcome to try, but the political reality is, that won’t happen, and I’m ok with that.
        On the other hand, you recognize in your own comment that the root of the problem is a media that glorifies these nut jobs. I don’t know what the solution is, but I think it starts with changing that. Criminals aren’t allowed to profit from their crime by selling books, I don’t think news agencies should be able to profit off of glorifying murderers.

    • All those other licenses you’re talking about isnt in the Constitution.
      I think you lost the whole point about the common sense the common sense is the Constitution not getting licenses everyone has the right to bear arms whether they’re on drugs whether there are a convicted felony no matter who they are they have that right to bear arms and the government does not have the right to take those rights away I’ll put it this way I’d rather have a felon there person with a gun guarding me against the illegal government which is the ones the FBI and CIA contractors that are shooting your and my kids at these schools.

      • If you think about it it was made simple everyone can bear arms there was no specifics there it said hey your Miller retarded you can toner arm of your on drugs you’re an alcoholic you’re a killer you’re a pedofile you’re a molester there was no inclusions it was hey in the Constitution you can bear arms you didn’t give an exclusion said well you got to do this to be able to do that so as you can see over the years your rights to bear arms because they’re putting in all these factors well you got to go through a background check and you have to have a middle check and you have to have a police check and you can’t have this a misdemeanor are you can’t have a felon you can’t have this so see the gradually overtaking everything that was initially put into the Constitution do you get my drift Andy I know you do

      • And the reason everyone should be able to bear arms is because if they’re that stupid men are retarded or whatever the case may be they’ll probably should be shot killed at one point in their life so what it gets down to is the survival of the species that has the most intelligence not to go around killing people do you agree

    • F-that! My other comment got flushed into the aether.

      When I was a grew up in 7th grade I took a class called history of fire arms. I grew up in Alaska. It was a year long course where you get hunter certified and learn everything from first aid for gun shot wounds, the art of war, cannons and hunting, to building your own black powder mussel loader. I built a 54 caliber Thomson center black powder mussel loader. Still have it. At the end of the year we all went to the range and shot our black powdered rifles.

      When I got to high school and everyone was driving. All the kids had guns in their cars and trucks. You never know when your going to hit a deer, loose or bear driving on the roads. Never was one ever pulled on anyone at school. I’m talking 9th through 12th grade.

      I’m a concealed carry permit guy. I am a law abiding citizen. I don’t need the governmenttelling me what to do more than they already do.

      Now I’m going to tell you an experience i had. I was with this girl and we were in down town Seattle and paying for parking. It was late and we were going to a comedy show. As we went to pay these 8-10 dudes came up and were being all culver to her and saying they were going to get a “piece of That”. Nobody around and not a cop in site. So I took off my coat, revealing my shoulder holster told her to get behind me and put my hand on my pistol and said “any last words?” They scrammed faster then Scooby Do in the cartoons. I never even pulled it. What would you rather have Mark? The girl raped and me in the hospital? Or worse? Because I have to have my gun locked up at home etc. Etc. Or because I hadn’t gone through all the hoops to get a gun like you suggest?

      • I know Andy felons arent allowed to have guns it’s illegal but I was just showing or suggesting I’d rather have a felon with a gun guarding me than those other people that I was talking about and I don’t believe in all of the felons that are out there because when I was in my twenties I went to go bail a man out of jail and a cop approach me downtown he threw me down and started laying punches in to me he must have thought I was drunk because of the way I was walking since I did break my back a few years earlier and I’m paralyzed partially so he the cop yells for another cop and they take me down lock up and he charges me with assault of an officer a few other charges luckily after I got out I went to the hospital had record show that that I have been beat on and then proceeded to get a extremely good lawyer and then we went to court the cop said he didn’t hit me and then my lawyer proceeded to interrogate him and the cop said well maybe he did hit me once and then the judge says he didn’t believe that the cop would do that anyway.
        anyway it was dismissed that’s the only way today I’m able to have a gun is because I was cleared of that artificial Lee induce felon charge that these corrupt police officers.
        When I was 17 I went to take karate lessons Downtown at a Armory and that police officer was there teaching us and he said if he ever caught us downtown at night he was going to beat us up.
        While he was beating me up and he didnt reconize me.I was trying to explain that I was a cripple and my back has been broken and he said well he was going to finish breaking it.

        Then I read this week where New York prison the guards the one that was in charge abused the prisoners extremely he would take for five other guards and hold the man’s feet out and then he would take the Baton and rack the guy between the legs as hard as he could over and over.
        The corruption was finally brought forward when the man passed out from not being able to urinate and when taken to the hospital he had to have a catheter and anyway he sued got a little bit of money and a lot of the other inmates sued to and the guard in charge was only put on suspension.
        So that’s why to this day I’d rather have a felon with a gun stand guard over me against those corrupt people who received money to kill people.
        May all beings be lovingly fulfill so be it

      • ‘Heard that. I built my first gun from scratch, when I was 14, in a shop class (I wasn’t in any shop classes at that time), after school. I had had no instruction on using a milling machine, lathe, or boring mill at that time, and found their use, intuitively obvious. I suspect I, or anyone else, could build one from a small pile of steel using just a file and hand-drill, given sufficient time… ‘Made my own powder and projectiles, too.

        The extent of my (citified) instruction at that time was from my father, in the form of two rules:

        1.) ALWAYS assume any gun which CAN fire a bullet is loaded.

        2.) NEVER point a gun, even a toy, at ANYONE unless you intend to shoot them… and then shoot them.

        {I still get angry when children “bang bang” me…}

        The only exceptions to rule no. 2 were when using cap or stick guns to play “cops and robbers” or “cowboys and indians.”

        I listened to my father…

        You can’t stop someone who’s intent on shooting up a soft target, no matter what kind of laws are passed or how strictly they’re enforced (don’t believe me? Search “Norway school shooting”). The only fix is to make said soft target, no-longer soft. Any other debate is no more relevant, and will be no more successful, than yodeling up a rope.

        BTW, just so’s ya know, Mr. Soros has dropped $6.3mln (and counting) in the last few days, on fueling gun control advocacy…

      • You already made my point in your first paragraph.. You took a class! You learned the basics of gun ownership. 99% of gun owners don’t have that. That’s all I am saying. Make owning a gun as accountable as owning a car. I own a gun too. I am not a conceal and carry guy, but I am proud to own a gun…

    • There is no such thing as an “assault rifle.” Assault is a verb. All guns used to assalt someone are technically assalt guns. Even BB guns.

      Ar in at 15 stand for arma lite. It’s a brand name like Pepsi or Nike. They are single shot. Not fully automatic nor machine guns. Like all legal guns except pre ban. There are tons of rifles that shoot .223 amo.

      The reason Japan didn’t invade our country is because there is a “rifle behind every blade of grass.”

      We are by far the largest civilian army in the world. Stop listening to the media. They know civil unrest is coming once the stock market bubble collapses, bind market bubble collapses andthe economy tanks. and are trying their damndest to take as many rights as possible before that happens.

    • Well, it’s official, we have a troll, called Mark as California signs up illegals to register to vote when they easily get their DL, the rest of your ridiculousness is too ridiculous to answer.

      • I gotta step up for Mark. 1) He’s the real deal – works in Bay Area real estate and long time subscribers.

        I would appreciate it if we could all just tone down a bit. Marc’s in a very liberal state and city. And maybe people there are more willing to part with rights to ‘go along to get along.’

        Regardless of the usurpation of the Constitution, it is not Marc at fault but the whole of society. We have fallen into the trap of the socialist nanny state and some of our countrymen are blinded by the newspeak.

        Amidst this, no name calling, please. We need to be the grown ups we are…

    • Mark,
      Reality check yourself.
      If you can afford several species of foreign and domestic exotic cars you can drive them on the highways at nascar speeds. Just dont get caught. Same with high end modifications to the family sedan which are available for money. I do not recommend that but people do possess these vehicles and occasionally some do break laws and suffer for it.
      Tell me about samurai swords and knife attacks in Japan relative to North America?
      Seems each threat to 2nd amendment repeatedly surges firearms sales. I suspect in time that every household will eventually own guns and will be able to better defend against a foreign attack without resorting to the N-bomb/MAD. Good agenda.

      • With a samurai sword, there is an out…you can run. With a gun, not so much. I have a gun…I like the second amendment. I just think we need to be more responsible and accountable for who owns them.

    • Mark,

      There are many more gun laws on the books than are needed. The vast majority are not enforced. It is more politically advantageous to scream for a new law, than admit negligence in the application of current law.

      I trust you are quite experienced in shooting sports, and are familiar with the care, handling, and use of the Armalite AR-15 and its many, many clones, because if not, you have absolutely no basis upon which to proffer an intelligent opinion regarding its value or use.

      Um, anyone can buy or build an INDYcar or NASCAR, make it street-legal, and would then be allowed to drive it on the street, including 18yos — all it takes is money.

      I couldn’t care less, the demands Japan, or any other Nation, imposes upon its citizenry. They don’t apply here.

      Those folks in Philly, 230 years ago, created a sociopolitical economic system which was thousands of years more-advanced than any other. The other “developed” peoples spent a hundred years trying unsuccessfully to catch up, and have spent the past 120 trying to force the U.S. into regressing to their “level.”

      The Constitution does not grant Rights; it affirms that certain Rights exist in Nature and as such, are inalienable.

      One of the main considerations of the Philadelphia Convention was natural, or God-given Rights. The Second Amendment is popularly known as the “Right to keep and bear arms.” It should more-properly be called the “Right to defend one’s person, family, property, and Nation, against any attack, by any means available.” It is a “Natural” or God-given Right, and as such, can be neither given, nor taken away, by Man. It is also more-valuable than any other God-given Right, because once it is suppressed, every other Right is reduced to the level of “privilege,” and may be regulated or revoked by a despot at any time, without any recourse.

      I’m pretty sure one does not need a driver’s license to drive, a pilot’s license to fly a plane, a CDL to drive a truck, a job license (whateverthehell that is) to apply for a corporate job, or a teacher’s license to teach. One may need one of these social or academic “permissions” to do so legally, but that boils down to “privilege,” which is in no way the same as a Right.

      • And by the 2016 FBi stats, almost 5-times more people died by knives than rifles in that year…so registered cutlery? Concealed Bowie laws?
        the more laws are made up the more manpower to enforce – thus the higher the tax until government is all and we the peeps and left cold sheeps for the shear grand scheme of Regulation.

  4. Hi, George,

    Happy belated Birthday!

    As I believe you already know, an armed populace cannot be overtaken. For those who want the Second Amendment to be stricken from the Constitution, how will law-abiding citizens defend themselves? Criminals will always find guns, even in gun-free zones.


  5. As Russia and other nations develop their own crypto currency, all unregulated by a Central Bank, it will devalue their currency & end up crushing their economy, and the US will end up the benefactor as we clean up on all the nonsense. Would you rather have your employer pay you in bitcoin or dollars?

    • Luckily, Trump has his eye on the World Ball, because the Democrats led by crybaby Schumer are trying to ruin this country & haven’t a clue what is going on in the world.

  6. OMG George, must you spreadsheet EVERYTHING? I’m with Oilman2… I just go with the flow. It’s more fun that way. Making a spreadsheet is too much like extra work. I just look around. There’s stuff to do everywhere.

  7. Dear Mr. Ure,

    I didn’t realize until now that the patent has expired on the AR-15. So one could imagine tragic events perpetuated even with generic variant weaponry might be manipulated in a manner to expand infamy of the AR-15 type. Being a foreign observer of Fortress America, it’s a small mercy that the AK-47 hasn’t been fingered by American media or we’d surely be strafed by messages of further Putin-Trump conspiracy theory.

    By the way, is it your subtle sense of humour at play so that the spreadsheet’s “main” task 15 repeats task 14 rather than offering an opportunity to imbibe task 15 of “example”?

    • LOL – someone got it. I was playing around with the scheduling idea.
      So I figured if task 14 is take a drink and go read a booik, I want that to be my decision 2 out of 15 times…not one in 15…well played David!

  8. I can not spreadsheet jobs. I have tried — doesn’t work for me.

    I make a job overview, listing the things I wish to accomplish during the week.

    Then I make an outline or “script” for the day (the script will have approximate times, the outline won’t) depending on whether or not I can estimate times to accomplish tasks.

    I do this with pen and paper. The reason the spreadsheet doesn’t work for me is when I’m in front of a computer I tend to overthink the entries, and waste far more time filling in the blanks than I do, scripting my day freehand.

  9. The media is pushing an anti-gun agenda and giving scripted questions to survivors of the school attack last week. Our liberal msm is nothing but a deep state extension of those really directing the future of our nation and those behind this Russian hacking farce.

    Why isnt Sessions going after the real colluder with the Russians, the Hillary campaign? Why is he being so timid about opening up an investigation into the FBI leadership and their attempts to error in favor of Hillary Clinton’s election. Sean Hannity and others have laid out a specific case and yet Sessions does not engage a special counsel. Why?

    • Shouldn’t the DOJ look into CNN scripting an actual town hall event? Isnt this proof the liberal media isnt objective and balanced, but staged and agenda driven.

      • It IS proof, but anyone who paid attention would be long past the point where more proof was needed.

        No, DOJ shouldn’t go after CNN at this time. CNN can crank out any blather they wish. They can even pretend it is newsworthy and sucker unthinking, ignorant, or low-information viewers into their agenda.

        Stuff like this might be considered seditious and warrant DOJ intervention, but only in time of (declared) war. For now, it is merely underhanded and immoral…

        Change the channel, or lobby your service provider to carry NewsMax, Breitbart, hell, even Russia Today is less left-leaning than CNN and MSLSD, and it’s a friggin’ propaganda rag…

  10. In UK years ago we had two mass shootings in hungerford and dunblane.Govt banned handguns and strictly regulated rifles shotguns.Result no more mass shootings.Live by the gun die by the gun pure karma

      • Criminals in UK don’t do mass shootings but saddos with grudges do.Hungerford didn’t like his mum,dunblane was a paedo who didn’t like politicians.but yeah UK/USA chalk and cheese I suppose.let’s not forget Norway’s breivik loner with a grudge in gun worshipping country like Pennsylvania church upcoming blessing of ar-15 owners.Sad world. Must be better somewhere

    • Just ignore the major increases in stabbings, rape, assaults, acid attacks, and home invasions going on in the UK. Oh, and forget the criminal element that ARE using guns in the UK.

  11. teddy kennedy had a cell phone attached to his ear 24/7. Tragically he died of a very aggressive form of brain cancer. Coinkydink? I don’t think so. I don’t carry a cell, why help them kill me? e.

  12. The M-16 and Military AK series are “light assault rifles”. The civilian AK and AR-15 are by no means assault anything, but are defined as “assault weapons” by various laws and lawyers. They are simply autoloading rifles.

    If you’ve ever had to face down a gang or organized group on your own property or even one really bad guy in your own home, you’ll certainly appreciate the autoloader, which allows you to focus on where your next shot needs to arrive. The fact that most bad guys recognize a serious gun when they see it means greater safety for the legal owner. Most bad guys either have guns or can easily get them. Burglary is at an all time high, and alarms/cameras don’t mean that much to many. The certainty of capture or death is all that does. George has to deal with wild boars, and they’re not the only predators in the west that see you as food or threat.

    On a lighter note, I could never use a randomized job ordering system unless she was female and loved me. Too many jobs are weather dependent, or are subject to a critical path dictated by something else. I use a list on notepad and review it each day after checking the weather. I do get a lot done, but nobody ever teaches you how to have fun! Solo “fun” is largely just another job. Unless someone dear wants and begs you to share time with her, life becomes simply a series of jobs completed.

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