The Ure household is nominally non-denominational.

But, that doesn’t blind us to the fact that there is now – and always has been – an ongoing battle between forces of “evil” and “good.”

To the point:  We are seeing a number of indicators this year that are telling us in no uncertain terms, that this battle is not going well for the “good” people of the world.

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Let me start with a discussion of media, since Elaine and I don’t get out much.

We live in a comfortably remodeled double-wide in the home, done to our liking, out in the woods. The “yard” is large – about 1.2-million square feet.  The trees are still holding onto their leaves because it’s been so warm.  75-again at “martini time” Wednesday.  Why leave?

Food is better and cheaper at home – better views…and being around other people – mostly talking on the phone – is not our cup of tea.  Don’t need to hear other people’s business…

We don’t consume much – if any – media with commercials.

So when we were at the eye doc’s place Monday afternoon, I was rolling hysterically about the medications being pimped on television.  “Tell Ure Doctor!

Except, do we really want people practicing medicine on themselves?

Let’s say I am a bit of a hypochondriac.  Should I even watch such commercials?  Don’t they inculcate me with the idea that I’m SICK?

Maybe, in fact, I’m not sick.  People, being what they are, will look at the symptomology (sold on the boob tube) so we see the first vector for Advertising-Induced Mis-Diagnosis.  You can call it AIMD for short.

So now, you go into your doc and you dutifully report all the minor aches and pains which you (deliberately, or not) have tailored to the suggestions in the ads,  “Oh, doc, I have this, that, and this other thing and the ad says I may have (blank) which you can treat with (blank)…

Now we see how we get to Advertising-Induced Mis-Treatment. AIMT for short.

It’s no question that the doctor will be listening for such hypochondria, but if someone believes they are sick and their symptoms fit, shouldn’t they be giving treatment for what ails them?

To my thinking, this opens up a line of litigation.  Because the television networks are engaging, in a sense, in the practice of medicine and they’re not doctors.

If someone came up to you on the street today and said “You may have irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, if you have running stools, stomach pain, diarrhea, and headaches.  IF you do, tell your doctor about Pinchobutt, endorsed by 9 out of 10 IBS suffering sex symbols…”

You’d call the copes on such a person and no one would blame you.

Spray the same crap on a 55″ television – where the network makes money, the local affiliates make money, the drug company sells more product, and the doc has a no-brainer solution to a “problem” – well, then everyone wins.

But do they?  I mean really?

The doc hasn’t really practiced medicine.  Public relations with pills, sure.  But solid medicine?  Naw…let’s do the cheap and easy route instead of getting to the bottom of things.  (Bottom, get it?  IBS… I crack myself up with puns sometimes…)

That how conditioning works.  You and told and sold and so you yee shall believe.  Except maybe you got drunk on tequila and gorged on Mexican food…that kind of detail might be missed.

We are always receiving these low-level programming and formatting messages from our media world.

Here’s another one – this one being part and parcel of the global attack on religions in general and Christianity in particular:

Upsidedown Christmas trees are all the rage for 2017.”

On the surface, it sounds like an innocent, fun – hell, maybe frat-house humor – but what the heck, right??

Except in this one, we need to step back and so dome generalizing.

Hmmm…What and where else have we seen upside down symbols before?

Fact is it sounds to me quite reminiscent of a Black Mass by the Satanic folks.  (Soul supper, anyone?)

On the surface, its just a tree.  But down in the area where people don’t think, this is about turning Christmas upside down.  That’s the message that gets pumped into the preconscious levels of thought.

And it’s why if you haven’t ready some of John Fraim’s works on symbology, it might be worth your while.

Take a look at his Battle of Symbols: Global Dynamics of Advertising, Entertainment.

You could do worse.  And next time you want to tell your doctor something?  Tell him you’ve cut back on your consumption of advertising.  Might even spill over into lower blood pressure.

This message has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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