Is Bitcoin a "War Substitute?"

Here is a question that will intrigue you if you look for any length of time at Long Wave Economics.  Are there substitutes for ‘war’?  If so, how would government test-bed an economic substitute?  Not too many hints should be needed:  Simply think Satoshi.’  The New World Order’s plan to take down the financial system of sovereign countries.  One World, here we come…

After some headlines and coffee, we inspect the Long Wave and notice where the WTC/9-11 happened and where Bitcoins were introduced.  Two data points doesn’t make a trend but should it raise questions while we can still ask?

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13 thoughts on “Is Bitcoin a "War Substitute?"”

  1. If the Trump Tax Cut doesn’t pass, will this signal a market correction? Something to definally keep an eye on. The tax cut is a bonanza for the rich who control the markets & they love money.

  2. “To be sure, such an EMP attack on the U.S. would lead to life-ending ”

    Would it?
    I sometimes wonder. An emp would be devastating.
    But I wonder just how localiized it would be. What I think is the domino effect would be the worst part. Also the fact that all the components to fix any problem from one is produced in China and they’re like ten years back logged on replacement components.

    • Either way.. We’ve gone out of our way to upset the world and isolate us from everyone by forcing ourselves and our plans on everyone.
      A war I am pretty sure will be on our shores as well.
      What we should be worried about in my opinion is we not only have isolated ourselves by being pushy but..we’ve put all our manufacturing dependence on those that may not have our best interests at heart.

      • It was done on purpose, like open borders, same as EU, same as US taxpayers paying for our destruction via UN replacement population program, same as unending wars, and sky rocketing debt transferring us to a service oriented debtor nation with game ending no cohesion multi 134 languages and increasing population that are being programmed via the media corporations to hate whitey. All planned and going off with few hitches.

  3. G,Is Bitcoin a substitute for War?, should be your next working idea for your new book on Fantasy/Fiction.
    “Value is ultimately driven by demand, and demand is driven by utility.As Bitcoins utility increases in a world of capital controls,devaluations and expropriations etc., the demand for Bitcoins will likely rise.And as Bitcoins stability and valuation increase, the potential for a self-reinforcing feedback loop increases; as Bitcoins value rises, it attracts new capital,which pushes prices higher and so on”.C.H.S.
    The next FED Chairman(Powell) just said “Cryptocurrencies just don’t matter” hmmm and I say DON”T TRUST -VERIFY ..on the Blockchain!

  4. The financial world finds more ways to make up money from thin air. In the 80’s it was junk bonds & the 2000’s mortgage fraud & buying & selling mortgages to pass the buck & future losses. We know how that ended up…in the tulip fields.

  5. ???…Wars always seem to begin during the holidays. And would an interruption really destroy the currency or save it.
    Looking at the charts.. We are higher than anyone ever expected it to go.. Once it falls it will fall hard and down further than anyone can comprehend.. A war on the other hand will keep it alive and the dollar moving.
    My biggest fear is hyperinflation. When I first started reading peoplenomics a can of coke was fifty cents all day long a candy bar was 75. Today the vending machine tells a different story and wages haven’t kept up.

  6. Give all the bitcoins to North Korea, it still won’t stop war. They probably have some by now, so it won’t do much good there either.

    The bitcoin phenomenon is interesting. I should have bought when it first surfaced, but I don’t trust the ether world.

    My thought is investment bankers are buying to corner the market. Might be all wet, but it could be.

    Since Lloyd’s of London is insuring bitcoin, it becomes suspect of what is really going on.

    “Users of digital currency Bitcoin now can stow their virtual cash in a storage vault that has insurance underwritten at Lloyd’s of London.

    Elliptic Vault is a service that uses so-called “deep cold storage” at a secure location and an offline server to store privately encrypted keys to Bitcoins.”

    Just my opinion, even if I am in the dark.

    More on Lloyd’s of London:

  7. Peer Reviewed Scientific Paper

    Global warming: What does the science tell us?


    Computer models predict that clear signs of the greenhouse effect should have appeared as a consequence of increases in greenhouse gases, equivalent to a 50% increase in carbon dioxide in the last 100 years. The predictions are contradicted by the climate record in nearly every important respect. Contrary to the models:
    1. (1) the Northern Hemisphere has not warmed more than the Southern Hemisphere,
    2 (2) high latitudes have not warmed more than low latitudes, and
    3 (3) the U.S. has not shown the predicted warming trend, although this is the largest area in the world for which well-distributed, reliable records are available.
    Finally, all of the computations of the greenhouse effect show an accelerating increase in temperature in the 1980s, reflecting the rapid increase in greenhouse gases in recent years. However, measurements from orbiting satellites with a precision of 0.01 °C show no trend to higher temperatures in the 1980s.


    I bristle every time you insist on discussing Bitcoin, and today was no different. Especially when I got to your citation of the “energy use” drivel.
    Now, any reasonably critical thinker would have immediately rejected the premise of such a claim as ludicrous – but maybe not when it provides bias confirmation.
    I didn’t comment initially, but imagine the feeling of serendipity when I later discovered Charles Hugh Smith’s article posted to Zerohedge today!

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