Coping: Countdown to Antigravity?

With a growing pile of test equipment in my home office, we’re coming down to a week until we should be able to run some initial experiments in pursuit of anti-gravity and time-twisting.

This morning, a couple of  public notes, though there was been a lot more over on the Peoplenomics side of things.

The first thing I want to mention is Robert Nelson’s fine work over at

(Continues below)


Robert and I go back many years.  He’s been collecting gems of ancient knowledge since about 1982 and is one of those “grand old men of the Internet” that has quietly given the web it’s unique research value.

I’ll put in a shameless plug for a CD he offers that contains his best finds.  You can order it here (and yes, I ordered mine this past weekend).

Why did Ure mention Nelson, if all Ure is doing is trying to hack space-time?

Fine point.

Nelson has a paper – Levity’s Labor Lost – where he describes some of the early work in anti-gravity. Very much worth your time to read.

For my own part, yes, the B-field of magnetism is on the test bed shopping list.  The B-field is what James Clerk Maxwell called the “force that pushes the magnetic fields out…” away from a bar magnet.

Since I have an interest in bars….oooops!

The neat thing about Rex Research, though, is it gets the brain to firing.  I don’t find it so much interesting what so-and-so invested.  Rather, it’s their processes of reasoning that are important.  For the same reason, I keep Thomas Edison’s autobiography at hand, too.

While the charged B-fields are all fine and well, I’ve been spending a tremendous amount of time looking back at religious records, lately.

In one case, I actually had to buy a “rare” book and have it shipped over from Europe.  On its arrival, I got after it with an X-acto knife and slaughtered the pages so they would fit into my scanner.

Aside: If you don’t have a Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap Document Scanner, which does run about $411 bucks, you are missing one of life’s greatest productivity tools.

Back to point:  Once I had the book scanned, the ScanSnap software ports to ABBYY OCR…so I was able to take the rare book (now in pieces) and PDF’ed and turn on the ABBYY Swedish Language option, and presto!

All that remained was to pop onto Google Translate with the Swedish and out comes magic I can read!

Here’s part of a 1939 description of Tibetan monks lifting large cut stones up several hundred meters of mountainside for a massive stone construction:

In the middle of the meadow, a few hundred meters from the foot of the steep mountain side, there was a flat-sloping horizontal mountain surface with a shallow bowl carved therein. The bowl was about 1 meter in diameter and about 15 cm deep. On the plane-plated surface, over the bowl-shaped cavity, it was placed a stone block that would be lifted or, more accurately, be thrown 250 meters to the rock shelter in front of the cave-mining. Whenever a stone block ended up there was a loud thunder.

At a distance of 63 meters from the center bowl, see Figure 40, with the remaining resting block, the instruments were set in a circle section occupying 90 degrees. There were nineteen instruments, and all were placed at 5 degrees apart from each other in the sector. Thus all the instruments were located 63 meters from the stone block. The radius of the circle sector was carefully measured with a knitted leather belt of 63 meters according to Jarl’s measurement. The instruments consisted of 13 drums and 6 trumpets. Eight drummers were large, four medium and one very small. The trumpets were all of the same size and shape. All the drums were about 1 1/2 times as long as their diameter, and they were in one or one bottom but were open in the other. All the instruments were directed at the open end straight towards the center of the circle-centered stone.

You also find (such is the nature of rare books) useful explanations of why, for example, the Tibetans make such a HUGE deal out of sacred breathing:

By the shortening of breathing numbers, according to Philangi Dassa, you can achieve seven different degrees of development:

1) At a breathing rate of 7.5 per minute, you get an entry condition, which is the first degree

2) At 6.0 you can look into the future

3) At 5.25 you get a “heavenly eye” and can look at distance

4) At 4.5, there is the possibility of interplanetary trips

5) At 2.25 you get over the prosperity at the smallest angle

6) At 1.5 you look into other heavens, and

7) At 0.75, the pious becomes a “Living God”, the highest condition that can be reached, with nothing further impossible.”

Needless to say, this kind of thing, while interesting, doesn’t get the test equipment working on the problems of hacking space-time or beating gravity.

The second big distraction has been running down all the details in the Bible about sound. is a phenomenal resource.

If you want to know how many references there are to trumpets, for example, in the New International Version, you will find 114.

On the present “trajectory” of our research, not only did the Monks in Tibet use long horns (no, not a Texas reference) to levitate huge cut stones, but the description about the events on the seventh day of marching  around Jericho are a worthy area of research, as well.

Similarly, we find some interesting resonances (a pun you’ll enjoy more after you read the book when it comes out) with the experiences of Bruce Gernon (read his The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon”).

For example, based on Gernon’s observation of the “cloud” of fog that warped time, we had to look at what was going on in Leviticus 16:2:

“The Lord said to Moses, Tell Aaron your brother he must not come at all times into the Holy of Holies within the veil before the mercy seat upon the ark, lest he die; for I will appear in the cloud on the mercy seat.”

Oh boy…a cloud.  That’s what Gernon’s fog arose from!  Yet another puzzle to work out pops up in this pursuit:  What’s a “meeting tent?”  Off to Wikipedia – another name for?

“The Tabernacle (Hebrew: mishkan, “residence” or “dwelling place”), according to the Hebrew Bible, was the portable earthly dwelling place of God amongst the children of Israel from the time of the Exodus from Egypt through the conquering of the land of Canaan. Built of woven layers of curtains along with 48 boards clad with polished gold standing like vertical blinds held in place by 5 bars per side with the middle bar shooting through from end to end and furnished with items made from the gold, silver, brass, furs, jewels, and other valuable materials taken out of Egypt at God’s orders, and according to specifications revealed by Yahweh (God) to Moses at Mount Sinai, it was transported [1] by the Israelites on their journey through the wilderness and their conquest of the Promised Land. Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem superseded it as the dwelling-place of God some 300 years later.”

Faraday shield, orgone energy accumulator, or just what?

And, of course, I don’t suppose you’ve figured by now that the shofar (the ram’s horn, which modern translations have perverted into “trumpet”) are blown as part of the summoning process…  (Whew!)

So RF shielding, resonances…what else?  We shall see (maybe).

But that, oddly, got me past one of the instrumentation problems here at  Old Man Labs:  How do we know, without waiting the four minutes (or longer) the Tibetan monks specified in the rare book, for the effects to “spin up?”

The answer:  Incense!  Why, of course!

If you’re going to spin up a vortex, how are you going to see its earliest formation?

Small columns of smoke would be useful.

OMG, so this is what the incense use in religion may have been about!  Sorry to get mechanistic, but it does fit the model I’m working on.

So, in addition to the test equipment we laid out last weekend in Peoplenomics, we have another new item in our investigative arsenal: 120 sticks (six packages of 20 sticks each) of cedar incense.

When the usefulness of the incense became apparent, bells went off in my head.  I had never, until earlier this week, understood WHY 5-years ago it was so important for me to buy such a large quantity of incense sticks.  I remember thinking at the time “You know, George, this is crazy to buy a case lot of incense, but I have to do it….maybe it will be useful some day…”

Suddenly it all makes sense (or incense, lol):  There are 146 references to incense in the Bible.  So here’s the question:

Is all that incense in the book just to keep down the smell of goat poop when the wind chances, just a fluke, or – as suggested in the research for the Dimensions Next Door project – is incense a handy way to adjust the different pitches and resonances by the trumpeters as they call forth….well, we shall see.

The 146 references may be sound here.

Hopefully when we dial up the project, it won’t ALL go…up in smoke!

Write when you get rich,

43 thoughts on “Coping: Countdown to Antigravity?”

  1. You know George there is a super collider (just like the Harden) right there in Texas, You should see if they will give you some time on it……..

      • Then there is also one on the campus of Texas A&M in College Station… And a nuke reactor… And a wind tunnel with one of the prop blades from “enola gay”…

      • What are the chances of electrocuting yourself while trying to time travel? Art Bell had a guest on who was selling time machines. Art bought one & one caller asked Art if he had tried his time machine. Art said it was still in his closet because he didn’t have the nerve to use it for fear of being electrocuted.

      • Hmmm – I thought it was just 88 mph – one reason I remember reading on the web when this came up at work not too long back was that 88 represents double infinity, since time travel can (theoretically) produce infinite alternatives for both the past and the future! But then, they could have just pulled that number out of a dark nether region because it made the totally lit up LEDs look cool on the big screen.

  2. G;

    You are looking at the balance (or inbalance) as directional(vectoring) your vessel (vehicle) to get you to a different Where! Please make sure you don’t wind up in a different When!

    But maybe you are the one who inspired yourself to buy the incense!

    Good luck and check your ground connections!


  3. Thorium .. powder coated..small electric charge..Weightlessness. The trick of course is to source the powdered Thorium..goodluck with that.Far easier to practice Internal Martial Art like Qigong for 30-50 years and make yourself weightless ala Crouching Tiger.

  4. Here’s a graphic of the arrangement you’ve described. Some of the wording was a bit confusing so I went looking around the ‘net. “Acoustic Levitation of Stones” at

    I never can remember his name but isn’t this where the researcher in Canada left off with his electromagnetic resonance research? The one that sold his whole lab a few years ago?

    Making a huge cell phone out of raw materials can produce some dangerous electrostatic levels depending on how far the transmission needs to go and especially if it’s through Earth’s Van Allen belts, the Sun’s interferance, etc. But if you wind up with a voice on the other end of the line only a rabbi can talk to … be respectful but see if you can ask for an appointment! (“Oy, Yoro, it’s 3am! Can you call back in a few hours?”)

    • The Canadian description sounds like John Hutchinson. He moved to the USA and last I heard, restarted the stopped Halide Conveyor down in the Gulf of Mexico.

  5. You’re on the right track but it has to do with the vibration rate of the (expolation)
    from the vocal cords that come from the lungs the other words you can change that right just like a singer can vibrate their voice compared to a singer who is just straight out with no vibrating at all.(expolation) is an unknown term that will get you there it is in between extrapolation and interpolation and then of course they we have Nepalnominal interpolation.
    Studying the unknown brings great rewards

    • All things aren’t possible unless you have time time is dimensional but what we’re getting to is that if a certain episode is to happen a certain time needs to be happened before the episode will happen because of the vibration right so you could say hey we’re doing this but it’s at night and it’s failing or we’re doing this in the day and it’s achieving or we’re doing this at a certain time not all things are controlled by the moon but some things are and not all things are controlled by the alignment of the planets but some things are.
      When there is an alignment things get heavy.
      Things get squared exponentially.
      When things are aligned so heavy and so tight the forces from underneath or the forces from up top levitate this heavy squared object
      Antigravity comes from more than one source.
      And they all have the selvaging factor in common

      • Imagine the force of a hurricane how did that happen what kind of vibration was that how about a bomb what kind of vibration was that and how far did it extend from its original placement these are some of the factors that determine anti-gravity can you take and funnel this energy through a small tube and make it come out of the other end of the tube and affect an object.
        If you are engaged and skilled.
        Then you will be able to drink from that cup

    • Here is a composing word for George,.,.synizesis,and diphthong.
      Getting to much for me .gotta take a nap

      • my kids bought me a diphthong for a joke christmas gift one year.. OOOPS.. I meant damn thong.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL…
        consider the butterfly effect.. .

  6. You gave your readership a huge gift today: ‘Agency in the Information Age’.
    Using scanners and translators, PDFs and word-searches, one can harness and personally archive the incredible wisdom of the ages. Your great-grandkids may one day worship your name after handing down such keys to existence.

    Next up: ‘youtube downloader’, so you can be a local custodian of all the excellent tutorials currently present in the most important medium of the (early) 21st century.

    For the information we usually look for, such as recipes, how-to (fix a water heater, build a woodshed, make a knife, sort your seeds, use Excel for a pivot table, edit videos, puppy problems, weird science, etc.) we go to YT instead of Google most of the time.

    As a writer/editor for a large telecom. My audiences (internal sales/ external clients) want video and infographics instead of white papers or walls of text as ‘nobody has time to read’. We’ve gone from point statements to video clips and invitations for ‘Contacting Us’.

    • Our next move around here will be to do the daily Urban reports as podcasts – seems it would be more accessible that way…

  7. I think your on the right track to… everything is energy we are energy.. energy, vibrations,frequency.. I once had a chief in the navy that told me of a monk he had seen in Tibet.. the guy wasn’t putting on a show or anything he was meditating.. and uttering a low sound all the while he was about two inches off of the ground.. he had told me that in one duty station he seen a lot of kids sitting on a boulder and he asked what are they doing he was told breaking the stone for removal.. they put a small rock in their hand and told them to tap in unison when they reached the right pitch the stone would break..
    this brings to mind the magnetic vortexes on earth supposedly the Bermuda triangle is one of them where during violent storms or heat the magnetic vortex is stronger.. kind of like a big lightning storm.. if you shield a magnet then place a copper plate on top of it and on the bottom of it.. and put a small amount of energy into the plate on both ends the plates will spin in opposite directions showing you the yin and yang of the magnet one spinning one direction in a high magnetic field and the other spinning the opposite direction in the reverse field.. now we know that the Bermuda triangle has a complex magnetic field.. the book cataclysms of the earth bring the thought up that at periods of time our earth will shift violently and the magnetic poles will be changed.. my belief has been that energy is all and tied in a string each piece has its place we can transform it but never destroy it….

    • the power of a magnetic field is immense.. I am always impressed with its ability.. I had two magnets of great power.. anyway.. you couldn’t work with both of them at the same time.. I was walking across the floor of the garage several feet away was the other magnet.. next thing I knew the one took off through the air and slammed into the one in my hand as I dropped it.. if my fingers or hand would have been in the way I would have lost them.. it scared me.. I never was able to get them the end it got broken up into smaller pieces.. each piece its own separate concentrate hundreds of thousands of times that power and concentrate it in one area.. in a vortex.. amazing to contemplate what the affect could or would be.. add another anomaly with lightning in a storm above.. what would that do to a plane flying or a ship on the ocean.. just thinking out loud here..

  8. Bruce DePalma did some experimental research on the reduction of mass for rotating objects.

    It’s interesting that the alleged TR-3B has a mercury vapor plasma pressurized at 250,000 atmospheres that rotates at 50,000 rpm to reduce gravity.

  9. George, you are on the right path. While reading today’s column, I had a powerful shiver up the spine, a strong indicator of contact with Truth. I’m so glad you are sharing your adventures with us.

  10. Hi George
    Vibration and Rotation seem to be the prime movers in this universe. I hope you have a suitable test subject in mind. Something other than yourself! Something that can record time and inertial attitudes. Good luck and please don’t create a Black Hole!!

    • Just in case, I’ll volunteer my visiting consigliere, lol. I figure if it’s a Hell Hole, the last thing they need is ANOTHER attorney.


    This might be helpful. The essence is they formed hydrogen gas and used the shuman resonance to power up the pyramid. He shows the waveguide and the frequencies. And indicates that they had a problem and tried to fix it.

  12. T Townsend Brown conquered gravity in the early 1950’s. Brown had to call it Electro Gravitic thrust for no one would listen to him if he called it anti gravity. Project Winterhaven was proposed in january 1953 to build an electro gravitic aircraft. Several companies began working on Brown’s concept. When the prototypes started working in early 1958 all the programs went Black, Special Access Programs (SAP), unrecognized. Paul Laviolette’s book, “Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion” explains Brown’s work, Project Winterhaven & Skyvault, Microwave Phase Conjugation, the John Searl Effect. Chapter 5 is especially interesting as Paul explains how electro gravitic thrust is used in the B-2. Aviation Week Mar 9, 1992 has an article talking about the B-2’s black systems.

  13. Stan Deyo worked on antigravity and developed some devices. He said, along with numerous other sources that the USGovt developed it in 1958 as well. The secret space program evolved from this and the Nazi research. Check out William Tompkins. For more.

    The Nazi bell was probably the first modern device.

    Successful devices give of a particular resonance which is monitored for by certain parties. Be aware that experimenting with this is not a particularly benign activity. It’s a death sentence for anyone attempting to profit from it.

  14. Sounds like everybody here reads the same stuff I do.
    George, sometime search for a John Hutchinson video, in which he rebuilds the Ark of the Covenant using a native tree related to acacia wood. For angels, it was two Harley Davidson eagles. It caught on fire upon use. His theory was that it took static electricity and charged a big capacitor (made of copper instead of gold).

  15. I remember after I got my first computer back in 1998 I started looking up a lot of the things on Antigravity and then when YouTube was available I saw one of those two films that was pronounced or hidden of of the monks raising the stone it actually show them doing it but then that was taken off just like thousands and thousands of other videos that I’ve came across the years have been taken off

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