Housing Heads Higher

Pretty much as expected in the Housing data just out:

“NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 26, 2017 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices. Data released today for July 2017 shows that home prices continued their rise across the country over the last 12 months. More than 27 years of history for these data series is available, and can be accessed in full by going to www.homeprice.spdji.com. Additional content on the housing market can also be found on S&P Dow Jones Indices’ housing blog: www.housingviews.com.


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The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, reported a 5.9% annual gain in July, up from 5.8% the previous month. The 10-City Composite annual increase came in at 5.2%, up from 4.9% the previous month. The 20-City Composite posted a 5.8% year-over-year gain, up from 5.6% the previous month.

Seattle, Portland, and Las Vegas reported the highest year-over-year gains among the 20 cities. In July, Seattle led the way with a 13.5% year-over-year price increase, followed by Portland with a 7.6% increase, and Las Vegas with a 7.4% increase. Twelve cities reported greater price increases in the year ending July 2017 versus the year ending June 2017.

We’ll toss some chart tools at it tomorrow on the PN side.

Dow futures are up 14 going into the open but the techs are hinting +40 to +60 for the day to come… vee shall zee…

Coming Attractions

Tomorrow’s Peoplenomics looks at the sorry state of terrestrial vulnerabilities as we chronicle the decline of shortwave radio as an art form.  And very much on point comes this from our .mil affairs advisor warhammer:

“The topic in his article is certainly not a new one in Ure daily column:


Defending against EMP is the unequivocal Achilles Heel of America’s national defense plan.  Turning a blind eye to nuclear or solar EMP threatens the technological nervous system of the nation.  The article is not upbeat by any means.

With a near total dependency upon technology, the U.S. would literally cease to exist as we know it in very short order.  The functionality of every communication, transportation and critical infrastructure system would be quickly aborted.  Tens of millions would starve, die of thirst or succumb to disease or the elements before any semblance of order could be restored.  It would be a historically dark (intended) and tragic period in modern human existence.

At risk of becoming a ‘Chicken Little,’ every person, every family, every community needs to have a plan of action and survival.  Lone survivors stand little chance of living thru an EMP attack’s effects over time.  There is strength and security in numbers.

This strategic tactic is the only one where North Korea’s Kim Jong UN is on equal footing g with the mighty U.S. Military . . . and he knows it. “

It leaves the Trump administration in something of a nightmare position:  We have to wonder, though, deep down in darkest reaches of conspiracy thinking, if there isn’t some logic to the President taking on pro sports.

Think of it this way:  If there was a chance that America could be attacked in such a way as to bring down the power grid, and with it (*within a week) the Internet, as well) via EMP don’t you think it would make sense (strategically) to begin to wean the adult male population off their distractions so they would be “spoiling for something to do” if the NORK’s try a sneak EMP?

With time off from pro sports, we would still go out and see the occasional game.  Radio, anyone?  But those projects in such magazines as Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and Family Handyman could get people to picking up tools again and…building things.

That’d be just the “mindset” you’d want to speed up recovery from a sneak EMP jolt.

No, not that it’s happening:  But America has been damn lucky before and maybe our luck will hold again.  Impact of used sports jerseys, notwithstanding.

Back to point: Mattis: US wants to resolve N. Korea standoff diplomatically.  Implied:  But if not….

Looking Out Further…

Saturday’s Peoplenomics will propose a new way of writing in order to facilitate on-the-fly knowledge/learning compression.  Should be an interesting take.  Note to Grady chief programmer of Nostracodeus:  Look for email on point later today…

Meantime, our thrust is that we don’t need A.I. so much as an upgrade to how H.I. (human intelligence) works.

A Fresh Attack on Marriage

Conveniently for the Social(ist) Just Us Warriors today’s NY Times article: “How Did Marriage Become a Mark of Privilege?”

Happy?  Married? Be ashamed!  Be very ashamed of happiness.  You bad, guilty, exploitive…yada, yada…same old attack on the ‘Merican family the left wing teachers have been preaching forever.  Well, since the fifties, then.

You know, the ones who took over raising the family so you could be a full time work-slave down on the corporate collective and now are driving the country with their crops of damaged goods…SJWs and worse.

Going Through the Pile

When I read Multiple challenges remain to Fukushima nuclear cleanup, I was reminded that the www.rexresearch.com site was hit with as massive DDoS attack when they put up nature and sensible ways to cope with the “we’ve been Fuku’ed” mess.”

Odd coincidence or part of the plan?

Play Nice or Not At All Dept.

Trump blasts Cowboys for kneeling, says fans are angry.

Again, with men rediscovering that there’s more than a remote control for the telly in the ManCave, does it mean time to get ready?

Sounds Just Like Home

Election Deniers is a global phenom, seems, as Kenya police tear gas protests over electoral commission.  Kenya…elections….hmmm….

Historical Revisionism is Alive and Well

Up in the brain-damaged northeast: New York’s Guggenheim Museum Drops Three Chinese Works Amid Claims of Animal Cruelty.

Am I the only one who read about people sneaking out at night in hurricane hit areas to gather whatever walked or crawled for dinner?  GMAFB – people will do what they ‘gotta do’ to get by.

Zeus the Cat just held up a sign that 2023 is the next Year of the Cat in China, BTW.

Meantime, the mad pit bulls running at one another might be an interesting alternative energy solution. 1/2-kilowatt pit bull machine, perhaps. Maybe we should invite the activists out for a hamburger to talk about it?

Also on the Revisionist front: Rapper B.o.B. Has Started a GoFundMe Campaign to Prove That the Earth Is Flat.

Human Lag Time Story

Back in 1999, company I was with worked on battery instrumentation for the Argonne National Labs Hybrid Electric Challenge (HEVs).

Now, a mere 18-freaking years later? BHP, world’s largest miner, says 2017 is ‘tipping point’ for electric cars.

Wonder why it took 500,000 years of neandering around to get to the moon?  Sloooooooow learners, I tell you.

Methinks Thou Protest Too Much

Also in the WTF pile:  ‘We are Generation Z and we’re not lazy’


OK, how about: Politically-correct, leader-following media savages with monstrous egos, then?

More UNFCCC’ing with Us?

Take a read of Clarifying perspectives to promote action on loss and damage from climate change.

To me, sounds like hurricanes, around since time immemorial, are being used as yet-more-hype to monetize climate.

It’s a good thing, I suppose:  We have run out of sexes to monetize, the political parties are breaking up, and how many bathroom types can we handle?

Toss in the busting up of pro sports by the wunderkind social just-us warriors and what’s left as a growth industry?



Are warhammer and I the only ones who read the Air Force’s Owning the Weather 2025 report?

If you haven’t read the report and have an opinion on climate, you’re blowing smoke out your personal exhaust port.  Read http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/volume3/vol3ch15.pdf/

(Just like people didn’t understand HAARP unless they read “Artificial Ionospheric Mirrors (AIM).”  Oh, plus all the work on ground penetrating RF tomography.  But jeez, Louise, here we are, writing our fingers off pointing out the obvious for 20 years this month and to what end?

People seem just as stupid and ill informed as they were in 1997/…FMTT.  Maybe they’re actually dumber.

Our views, however distasteful you find reality, are now being echoed by the Wall St. Journal Op-Ed today which outlines, just as we’ve been saying: “The Politicization of Everything.”

To politicize is to monetize, bubba.  You got the wallet and they’re coming for all of it.

It’s easy to dispense with UrbanSurvival’s view, but when the WSJ is coming to the same perspectives…you think maybe it ought to tell you something?

Off the soap box.

Sept. 23rd a Miss

New doom-porn date for the Rapture etc. is November 12.  Revised calculations?

We’re still planning a column for November 13th.  Damn shame though; we could use a little time off.

Peoplenomics tomorrow.  More here Thursday.

29 thoughts on “Housing Heads Higher”

  1. Warhammer lays out pretty well what can happen to the American Civilian population. However What happens in the Military arena? Does the US Military(largely untouched by an EMP) allow China and Russian to keep their untouched civilian population and industrial ability advantage? North Korea of course would be destroyed. I just don’t give the EMP threat a high probability.

    • Goz – savvy question . . . you can be sure (which does NOT equate to ‘rest assured’) that Uncle Sam has a complex series of viable and survivable nuclear response plans in place. Wikipedia has several good rundowns on the Nuclear Football/Nuclear Suitcase, which contains a kit enabling the president (or his/her successor) to execute nuclear response options against one or more attackers. A secure method of validating key player identities and communicating options between the president and his advisors accompanies the kit. From there, we “do not go gentle into that [not so] good night.”

    • Yes, we leave them alone…

      …barring a direct attack from China to which we must respond.

      The biggest cog in the electrical grid is the massive grid transformer, a house-sized behemoth filled with hundreds of tons of copper and oil. Large electrical grids can not function without them. Many nations have several. The U.S. continental grid has 37 (and the Texas grid, which is not independent, but is separate, has, I believe, five more.)

      These transformers used to be made by General Electric, in Schenectady, NY, and Westinghouse, in Muncie, IN. The transformers took roughly 10 months each to build, and with staggered production, the two facilities combined, could manufacture at their peak, about 17 of these 600-1200 ton logistical nightmares per year. The “nuts & bolts” of these transformer facilities were both eventually acquired by ABB, and relocated to China, which now possesses the only facility in the world where the massive grid transformers can be manufactured. ABB-CN has the capability to build between 8-9 MG transformers per year.

      If that factory ever goes away, not only would an EMP or HEMP send us back to the 18th Century, but there would be no path by which to return to a 21st Century lifestyle. Starving people with starving kids will tell their employer (even one as demanding as the Chinese Army) to pound sand…

      • Actually, Ray, I have more faith than you in EE’s – since I started life on the path to being one. But trust me, where there’s a way, there’s a torrid waiting to be wound

      • I have all the faith in the world in EEs, and count several of their forums on my reading list. My faith falls short on two counts:

        1. Assuming a massive or widespread grid “hard-down” situation, if (when) the SHTF, three days out, everybody is going to become much more concerned with keeping themselves, and their families alive, than they are, any kind of restoration of technological capacity.

        2. The “fight to survive” will become so protracted those EEs will die out, and without hard-copy books and functional laboratories by which to teach the youngsters, their knowledge and ability will die with them.

        After a Carrington Event or HEMP attack, we would be “hard-down” for five years, assuming no other nation were affected so ABB could direct their full capacity toward replacing our MG transformers (somebody’d STILL have to replace the hundreds of thousands of smaller ones.) How many preppers or survivalists do YOU know, outside the gummint, who can survive for five years? How many non-preppers…?

        …And this is why my faith is less-vibrant than yours.

      • Didn’t L’Amour tell you the important thing was to hit your target…


        Seriously, my #1 concern with a grid hard-down or survivable supervolcano eruption or nuclear exchange is that information necessary to put civilization back on the tracks will be lost before the locomotive can be repaired.

        The vast majority of under-35s, maybe even under-40s, have a low mechanical aptitude, don’t know how to learn, and are shockingly lacking in an ability to reason logically or process information in a hierarchical manner. Teaching them technical or mechanical skills is going to be an adventure, because they’ll have to learn how to learn, first. This’ll make both their learning curve and the patience of the teacher, issues…

  2. I work for an operational wing and my boss is a retired Wing Commander. I talk about this stuff so much, my coworkers mocked up a Chem Trail control panel by the main network printer. It’s a hard sell, even to people who should know better.

    Ionospheric heaters, what are they… lol.

  3. You want an idea of what it will be like after an EMP or CME. . .just look at Puerto Rico now. No power and communications is virtually non-existant since all cell service and Internet is out.

    The ARRL and American Red Cross have issued a call for 50 amateur radio operators to go to PR to help establish basic communications using shortwave radio.

    More info at http://www.arrl.org for anyone interested.

  4. I’ve been concerned for a long time about everything being dependent on electronics WITH NO MANUAL BACKUP.

    Too many electronic components fail right out of the box.

  5. To your point about Fukushima, not get why nuclear reactors (or chemical factories) don’t put their backup generators on elevated platforms. It’s like Japan (or Texas) are third world countries, or something. Mike

    • Elevating backup generators will accomplish nothing unless their fuel pumps, all of the switchgear, motor controls, control rooms and controls themselves are also elevated to be out of harms way – a massive and expensive job.

      Al B.

  6. the 1960’s Nuclear Threat all over again…wash rinse repeat…all the while, governments(politicians) and corporations that control them , stealing from citizens world wide continues unabated….as socialism/fascism is charging ahead in the USA….as the WORLD shuns it……gotta love the ‘lessons of history’ if ones cares to listen….imho

    • d, the world hasn’t shunned socialism of either the communist or corporatist variety. The vast majority of Nations on this planet are socialist to one degree or another. Through our “spreading of the wealth” by means of “conspicuous capitalism,” we have enabled the majority of these socialist nations to survive. Countries like Norway and Russia will remain viable as long as they can suck oil out of the Earth, but the ones without exploitable resources will all regress into anarchistic chaos and civil war, when we become too socialist to sustain ourselves, and our levels of spending.

      Socialism is a wonderful idea, but an unsustainable governing philosophy, because it only works until the Socialist runs out of other people’s money.

  7. “Every person in the world can fit into Texas, with their own ranch house.”

    (Thinking?) of this type–that’s why the world is in a mess, IMHO, and there’s slim chance that this will ever change!! ;-((

  8. George,

    I have a question about EMP’s. How much protection would a metal roof afford do you think?


    Oh by the way I really enjoy your discussions and comments, especially warhammer and oilman. I love the experience and NO non-sense approach that seasoned men offer.

    • Very little, I should think. If your cell phone signal isn’t blocked, neither would an EMP.

      Perversely, anything you can wrap in aluminum foil should be fine.

    • None.

      “Protection” lies in a shunt-to-ground which interrupts the power surge, or encapsulating stuff inside a grounded capacitor (which is what a Faraday cage really is.)

      A metal roof, soldered to metal walls and securely grounded (see George’s writeup from several years ago, where he discussed grounding antennas and towers) might afford some protection. Then again, it might not. As far as EMP-hardening goes, no one outside the upper-echelon of our military really knows what will, or won’t work. The rest of us, not having access to a means of testing, can only make educated guesses…

  9. You don’t have to imagine what a horrible attack on civilization would be like – just look at Puerto Rico!

    Immediate massive aid should be given, power restored, water and food, medical services – as one commentator said – there should be the Airborne delivering aid and and supplies to the remote parts of the island. The longer this disaster goes on – not only will there be preventable suffering – but it will show just how pitiful the Trump administration is at the basic parts of governing!

    Get on the stick! Yes the government will help if allowed!

    • Bullmarlarky. Haven’t you heard how hard it is to get all the planes in and out of there? Don’t you know that our country is working on this night and day? Grow up, anti-trumpiteer!

    • Oh, c’mon, just put the Clinton Foundation in charge and Puerto Rico will recover in no time, just like Haiti…

  10. George
    I can Verify from personal experience that our missile silos and other important military sites have their power and communications circuits protected by heavy duty EMP filter systems. I also know that constant monitoring for an EMP event is in place and that you do not launch when an EMP condition is occurring. They tend to play hell with inertial guidance systems!

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