A revolution over sports?

This matter of kneeling – instead of standing – at sports events could result in a serious economic downturn, whether people realize it, or not.

The size of the American Sports Machine is immense.  What is a rational approach?  Voting with your wallet seems to make sense.

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There are lots of ways to cast a vote.  Let’s tear into the sports business model a bit.

First, there are ticket sales.  If you believe that sporting events are where we go (like church, but with beer) to enjoy fellowship with other humans on the field of athletic competition – where we put aside political, social, and racial differences –  then you know what your option is:  Don’t buy a ticket.

Secondly, there are television ad sales.  If you are sitting at home on the weekend and a ratings service call comes in  (“Hi, what are you watching on television right now, if anything?“), tell them anything but the major leagues that kneel.

Now go to your closet and dresser:  See any “team logo-wear?”  If so inclined, you could toss it all in a bag and leave it at the Goodwill or Salvation Army drop-off.  Same thing with logo sweats.

Next, go to the kitchen:  See logos in your cupboard?  Count them.  They are a sure-fire indication of how brainwashed you are.

Out to the driveway or garage next.  See any “12th man club” stickers on your car?  This is low low-IQ, low-independence people self-label.  Take them off.

Then on to the Man Cave.  Step in.  Take a look around.  See any calendars, posters, stick-on’s, flashlights, hoodies…well, you should have the idea by now.  Toss them in the Goodwill bag,, too.

Now look at your life closely:  Ask yourself “How much time am I spending on sports and what is my personal return on investment (ROI)?”  Spend a few minutes every day with a DayRunner or Task List and set some genuinely worthy goals.  Finish that degree.  Lean the art of fine woodworking.  Scan Craigslist for that new power tool your want.  Change the oil on your own damn car.

Then, when you think you’re done, write down where you can read it every day: “IVWMW.”  (I vote with My Wallet.)

Then look at the institution of sports.

When your city or county wants to use public bonding authority to build yet-another palace to the already-rich enough Owners, you have the option to vote No.

When you go out to eat, how close is your restaurant to the sports complex?  When you go in, are there shrines to different games?  Where did you think the term “baseball steak” came from?

Then there are the local option sales taxes.

The local visitor and convention bureaus tout how the Sports industry is “good for tourism.”

Hold the phone!  Did I just say tourism?

Even the radical Left consistently demonstrate they have no sense of business operations.  On the one hand, they argue that we should all be fighting Climate Change (*which has been changing since the Laurentide ice sheets began melting) – Yet the stubbornly find ways to justify sales taxes and “raise local employment opportunities” by encouraging more jet travel, hotel rooms, high local option sales taxes…

We have past the pinnacle of modern life.  We have monetized everything right down to (and including) human genitals.

Peak Civilization – did you see it go by?  Around 1960, 1970, or so?

That was when one working parent could support an American family.  When unions represented workers instead of politics.  When people actually paid off their homes and where people reduced their expenses to live within their incomes.

Oh, sure…some real boners in the period – and some near-miss events with WW III.  The Cuban Missile Crisis comes to mind.

But America has a bigger challenge ahead – bigger than anything you, your parents, your grandparents, ANYONE has ever seen.

There are 7-billion people and thanks to robotic, oil depletion, NORK Nukes, Fukushima, and insanity in the business models, we have been pushing back that Day of Reckoning.

Up until now, there has always been that one more thing to monetize.  But now, at the sunset of monetization, we face the New and Improved Crisis of Existence.  Robot, Resources, Revolution – those are the replacement three R’s being taught in schools.

Trump calling out kneelers is not the sickness.

It’s the discussion.  It’s the coming to terms with the modern fascination with business models  and financial engineering as a clever tool that allows us to “paper over” all that’s wrong with America.

I have mixed feelings on this matter of kneeling.

As a protest against racism?

Here’s why I’m conflicted — two snapshots:

A young man, black, who plays high school sports, runs the ball downfield toward the goal posts.  He makes  an amazing run to the four-yard line.  Then, for reasons unclear, a young white player replaces the yardage star – and runs in the TD.

Is that racism?

On the other hand, one of my best friends in high school, black, who learned to fly out of his own money went to Vietnam.  We said our good-byes at the Veteran’s Hospital in Seattle a few days before he died.  His gunship had been shot down and he’d been med-evac’ed stateside.

There isn’t a Memorial Day goes by that I don’t remember his sacrifice, paying the ultimate price for the sake of Freedom.  For the sake of everyone.

To kneel dishonors the memory, sacrifice, and the family left behind by this fallen American hero.  A Warrant Officer you never knew, flying low combat missions in a war we hated.

I won’t pretend to offer an answer.  I will point out the economic tools you have in your possession.

These “personal action points” are leverage.  Maybe Owners will come to understand leverage better  – though most use it enough themselves, already.

Ultimately, we vote with our wallets.

But if we don’t get this one right, we’ll need to rebrand the country.  Because the word “United”  with whatever this collection of states has morphed into.

Coincidence?  Random choice? Damned if I know. But I’m suspicious of the New 3-R’s.

Without a quick healing, the bleeding will increase and with it, our nation’s future will dribble away.

Stock futures are down a fraction this morning.  So are America’s prospects to be Great Again.

The Weak Ahead

Housing report from Case-Shiller/S&P, Corelogic tomorrow.

Durable Goods Wednesday, GDP Thursday, and Personal Income Friday.

Next week, we’ll have three days of employment numbers Wednesday through Friday.  ADP, Challenger job cuts and the Official read Friday.  It’s a long ways off.

For today, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index is just out:

Led by declines in production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) moved down to –0.31 in August from +0.03 in July. Two of the four broad categories of indicators that make up the index decreased from July, and two of the four categories made negative contributions to the index in August. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, decreased to –0.04 in August from a neutral reading in July.

And the Millennial Bubble/Gen-Z Bubble (Bitcoins) convert at $3,766 when I looked.  But don’t be surprised!  Did we, or did we not explain this back in June?


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Big Oil Now Bigger?

Yes we have energy depletion, but did you see this?

‘Game-Changing’ New Research on Prolific Permian Basin Estimates 60 Billion to 70 Billion Barrels Remain, IHS Markit Says.

Follow the money? Chevron to invest $4 billion to boost Permian Basin output.

Good news for OM2…except that depletion never sleeps.  This may keep a lid on prices, for a while longer, though.  I read this – Oil hits eight-month high as producers say market rebalancing – and wondered about a pullback.

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