Events this weekend in Milwaukee have us asking difficult questions again:


“If Social Media is used to incite people to violence and riot in a certain place, are they not guilty of “inciting?”

If so, can they be held liable by insurance companies and property owners when there is destruction of property?

Thus Fox News report Sunday said, in part,

At least three people were arrested in an uprising that Barrett said was driven by social media messages instructing people to congregate in the area…”

There is, of course, the right to “Free Speech” in America.  But it is also well-established that the free speech right does not project to things such as calling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, or inciting to riot for example.

At some point, the Courts will have to come to terms with what constitutes inciting to violence.  And while it is one thing to discussion politics, racial injustice, and so forth, it is quite another to call for gathering to disrupt and violently confront.

The Courts are slow…and in the meantime, the owners of Social Media that permit things like calling out rioters (and even the more common flash-mob theft from stores) would be held liable for the damage their media has caused.

Social media simply puts too many idiots in the “crowded theater” and the results are very much akin to mob violence that has marred America’s past.

Worse:  Social Media is giving the U.S. Department of Justice even more excuses to federalize local police – an agenda that has been clear since the issue of body armor and MRAPS to previously quite good local police..

We don’t need lynch mobs or Lynch mobs running things.

But then again, it’s clear from the slanted media and social filtering of the presidential campaign that the oligarchs of Social are in on the CorpGov conspiracy to totally control local elective government and location options on how to be live our lives.

Which is why Social feeds into government social mapping and the growing federal database.  It has been an easy way to “sucker” people into mountains of self-incrimination.

Social users, as a block, are probably even dumber than the rest of us with their clamoring for “friends” and “likes”  – which when comes down to actual human connections are mostly meaningless.

Ah, but it is a business model.  Ask yourself how much money or what quid pro qoo there is for the Social oligarch for them selling you out.

And then there’s the Broader Question

Which comes down to “Is “news” doing anyone any good?”

It’s really no different than the period we went through in recent historical times – say 100 years ago – the period which historians call the “age of Yellow Journalism”/  Wiki it:

Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers.[1] Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.[1] By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.[2]

Thus we see, based on this definition, that most of today’s news is generated not by the recitation of facts, but rather by the plug-n-play modules that allow websites to become “news sources” even though there is no original work being done.

In fact, there are even news rewriting machines that you can plug into online ( that will allow you to take the original work from one site and turn it into “new” content for your own.

It’s rather amazing, when you come right down to it.

The reason for us discussion this in such depth this morning is simple:  We have an interesting nonlinearity in the Big Business Model of Life quickly approaching.  We fail to see it.

The problem is that Social Media is monetized through advertising. 

Whether it’s a YouTube Channel, or some FB pages, there are both people and corporations that actually made money on last night’s events in Milwaukee. 

Worse, the news media is complicit in the sense that without such events they would be out of business.  They have drifted so far from the field of pure fact reports, that their make stock-in-trade today is personalities and conflicts, the facts be damned.  Which is why the FBI can find lots wrong with Hillary Clinton, for example, yet fail to bring charges – in a horrific display of “special justice” for America’s power elites.

A News-Free Life?

I was extremely impressed by a conversation I had while on on travel up in the Seattle area.  One of Elaine’s sons and his wife are raising their daughter (age four, or thereabouts) in a “news-free” home.

She (grand daughter Charli Jane) is not allowed to watch “The News.” 

At first I was shocked – and initially abhorred by this, but upon reflection, turns out to be a pretty neat idea.  Do we really need to be “conditioning” young people before age 6-8 or so with the ugly freaking mess we call “news?”  New all that social marketing tripping and gender marketing laid on a 4-year old?

Hell no.  Great call by the kids.

For them, the idea is not to shelter her from everything forever – that will come along in time.  Hell – with Common Core it is waiting in school.

But right now in the deeply formative years, does she need to find out about guns, killings, and political mayhem?  Want to explain the relevance of Monica Lewinsky and BHil Clinton to a four-year old and how tigers and stripes work?  No?  Me either.  Shit’s gonna get real enough for the kids too soon as it is.

Sure:  She plays Pokémon Go, but with an adult.  And no social media.  Does math problems and learning geography of the world.

Speaking of which, even my son and his fiancé/flame  have taken down their Facebook pages:  They are working on building trust and are serious about mutual exclusivity.  FB, a Tinder account…well, you know the lay of that landscape.

Instead, they are both working on careers, moving into a house they’ve rented and that’s kinda of cool.  They are doing as well, or even better than expected.  One reason, I suspect, is that they are not following the latest and hottest trending crap in social.  Instead, they are working their own agenda because they have the time and resources to do so.

Along the way, they are screwing the social media oligarchs out of a whole bunch of connect time.  Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

T’other other day, I looked at my LinkedIn account and discovered  (OMG) it had swollen to more than 500 contacts.   But of these, only a handful are people I’d ever pick up the phone and call.  And if I have their number, why do I want to socially map myself, or any of them- for knowing a nutter like me?

News-Free and Social-free…seems like a decent way to operate.  At least through age 6.

And a lot older if you’re in Milwaukee.

About Our “Breaking News Page.”

OK, having said all of that, I decided that I would try a really cool experiment by putting up a page which is nothing but headlines about what’s going on in the world along with a “how long ago” stamp.

I deleted display of source (network name) and all the date crap.  Wasted reading time.  The “ago” stamp is all I need – or you too – because we know what day it is

The reason for doing it so in simple? I detest going to news sites which essentially do the same thing and having them pull three things on me I don’t approve of.

First is auto page refreshing every 15-seconds or so.  There is no reason to auto-refresh pages EXCEPT to rotate ads, which makes page refreshing a simple tool to drive page counts to unreal levels and, in turn, bump up ad revenue.  Not honest – but it shows you the levels of desperation, I think.

Second thing is video auto-loading.  I don’t like that at all.  Takes too damn much time to happen.

Third is the pictures.  I don’t need them either.  Come to think of it, I don’t even need to know the source of the stories, so I turned that off on my news headline page (over here, bookmark it) too.

When I want to go through the news, I don’t give a rip about things going on that don’t impact my trading and my life out here in the woods.

Kim Kardashian doesn’t get any processor clicks in George’s headspace, nor do the Olympics…because it does me f**k-all good to know that someone can swim the 8-million meter faster than I can.  I sort of suspected it already, know what I mean?

And spots…another huge bread and circus deal.  It’s where a bunch of rich pricks use public bonding authority to build stadiums (and here comes another hospitality tax) so they can have the ego satisfaction of wind-up warriors and charge a bazillion dollars for the 50-years line or home plate seats.

Naw…don’t want spots.  There are no sports feeds.,

When I do, I can ride my bike, fly my airplane, had my fill of sailing for a while, and  I made it through the 940-turbo stage alive. 

To me the things that matter are the personal researches into odd things I’m curious about:  UFO;s, interdimensional electronics experiments, what Near Death Experiences are telling us about “What’s Next?” and so on.

Hence, the Sunday layout changes to our Breaking News Page.  Just the headlines and hold fresh the stories are.

Makes my life a lot easier.  Makes it way faster/better for Big Data Tool (Nostracodeus) to look at data we want and kiss off all the noise.

Let me know what you think or leave a comment…

Meantime, it is Monday, so time to get a move on…

Write when you get rich,