Captain Midnight’s Advice for Preppers

The short version is simple:  You are wise to prep.

The problem is, however, that many people will not see how they could be prepping for the wrong thing.

And therein lies this morning’s in-depth exposition on Global Warming and – in case you hadn’t figured it – the kind that isn’t easily monetized by former vice presidents.

After headlines and a refill on the coffee, of course.

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13 thoughts on “Captain Midnight’s Advice for Preppers”

  1. Be careful where you make love that I mean you know you’re out in the country the animals might see you and go like oh no they’re going to take over our whole area when they start populating,
    Just remember thoughts have wings and if that’s what you’re thinking about well it just might happen and also if you are thinking about great things that can happen around your environment that may happen too so we have the ability to change things that are around us,
    We we have the ability to manifest our thoughts we have the ability to change anything that comes into our universe as well as change things that we send out to the universe,
    We have the ability to change things on a microscopic Tomic or subatomic level we have the ability to change things that are going around and Bath & Beyond everyone’s imagination we have the ability to break it or make it,
    One of the hardest things in life has always been to find someone of like Minds set and that has been made easier with the communications that we have today,
    Tomorrow will be different,
    Can you imagine somewhere at the top of the pyramid those who control say hey we want war or on the opposite side it could be hey we want peace for Humanity either way whatever those at the top that everyone else is under the control of usually follows suit and then it happens,
    What I’m trying to say even more is that you ,we,they,, us we all have the ability to change the future on a dime,
    DONT LET THE MEDIA Controll your thoughts ,emotions,
    Instead actually have a goal you can live and assist others with even after you are gone,
    Who knows ,you may come back and reap the rewards of your thoughts……

  2. Any studies on content of sun rays and their effects on climate. In my area fir trees tops are breaking with cone loads. Trees do that when unhealthy sun rays red light ?

    • The problem in a nutshell is that until the International Geophysical Year (1958) long term spectroscopy (prismatic breakdown of sun ray content by frequency) wasn’t even on the books.
      The good news out of the nuclear tests in the 1940’s was that the content of light became something of interest and now we can see how the Sun’s output is working, both by frequency as well as the power domain. Hope this clarifies…but to compare with past years? Beyond the scope of this simple economics blog, lol…

  3. I used to read your column every day for years so started prepping for anything that could happen. We had it all: seeds & gardening tools, enough food & wine & animal food for several years, extra brand new clothing & shoes, new sheets & towels, oil lamps, flashlights & batteries, bikes, tools, games & books, fabric & yarn, grain grinders, personal & medical supplies, two new generators, camping & sports gear (skis, kayaks, knapsacks, snowshoes etc etc) and on and on and on. That’s where I put all my money since 2008. Last week my building burnt down and I lost it all. Everything is gone. We won’t be prepping again. Lesson learned.

    • Sorry to hear about that loss. I think prepping would still be a great idea imo. Being prepared is good. Having a fire for sure sucks.I think the lesson that should be learned here is not to put all your money into one area of life. Spread it all around, have items that can withstand disaster. Spread your money around, skill sets can never be taken away. Gold and silver surely made it through the fire? Money in the bank didn’t burn, at least not from a fire. Diversify. That said if my home burned down I would loose A lot of “things” too but as long as I had my life, all my knowledge remains. I would rebuild and learn from my new skill set the fire taught me. So sorry for your losses once again. Great speed in your rebuilding projects.

      • You’re right George – never put your eggs in one basket. Yes, we do have insurance and hopefully that will go smoothly.

        Fortunately I took your advice and also bought gold and silver. We also built a large greenhouse and have a huge garden – we grow much of our own organic food for around the year as possible.

        We are so thankful our house didn’t also burn down, since it’s next door to the office building – we can thank a wet summer for that. If our fire had happened last summer, the surrounding forest would have quickly caught on fire – so we are extremely thankful our neighbors and community also didn’t go up in flames.

        I’ve told the insurance company that we were preppers and to expect a lot of prepping items on our list of items lost for insurance purposes. It remains to be seen if they’ll believe us… I do have a few pictures and can access 10+ years of purchases on Amazon’s website.

        A column on prepping for fire would be useful!

    • Can you please share how and why your building burned down, so we can learn something from your experience and try to prevent it happening again????

      I got robbed over 20 years ago. I went to the neighborhood association meeting to let them know and to encourage them to spread the word to get a house alarm system. People stood up to say to me that they did not need them as they had dogs and good neighbors to watch over their homes. I said, oh yes, let me tell you how that worked out for me. My dog barked his head off and 2 sets of neighbors looked out their windows and saw a strange car in the driveway and one in front of the house and thought that I was having work done. Thus ends the sermon on dogs and neighbors. Every single new person on my street got robbed within one year of moving in. Then, old timers started getting robbed. Some people will not listen, however, it is always worth the effort to try as a few did pay attention and take steps to protect their ASSets.

      • I’m so sorry to hear about the robberies! Getting a motion activated outdoor video camera might be a good idea for many of us.

        We’re not sure why the building burnt down yet- it started in the carport so could have been electrical, spontaneous combustion, or….. even the used kitty litter we kept in a garbage can is suspect – who knew kitty litter could start a fire??? The insurance company hired a professional fire inspector who was here for an entire day picking through the rubble and recreating the scene. Extremely interesting to watch and in most cases they can find out how fires were started. We’re still waiting to find out.

  4. As I age , wisdom gained tells me that people want to believe what makes them feel good. People cant readily accept and adopt “proof” in any form on any topic if it goes against their best interest or even moreso challenges their thinking.

    What if I had actual proof of that dreaded second gunman on the grassy knoll ? I had photos , eye witness testimony , ballistics , you get the idea. Would anything change ? Absolutely not.Every naysayer would fight tooth and nail any proof that goes against theit thinking. Same thing with global warming….err….make that climate change.

    Some years back , there were actual temperature readings posted on a web site ( lost the link ) from the Gas Giants , Saturn blah blah blah that showed those other planetary bodies were going through the EXACT SAME changes in temperatures that our lovely little rock was going through. Charts showed the same variations of recordings that the Earth had.

    Source ?

    NASA – Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    “Global Warming” on Mars ? Yep. But you cant blame the gas guzzling dinosaurs known as SUV’s… there arent any ( that Im aware of ! )

    George , I use this line often. I hope you dont have a copyright on it as I would owe you a truckload of cash.

    Everything is a business model.

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