American’s Long Revolution–Spot the Inciters

If it seems slightly out of place for an economics-oriented website to address the events this weekend in Milwaukee, bear with me for a moment.

It is really just another skirmish in a revolution that has been underway since the radical days of the 1960s.

The present move toward a Second American Revolution began in earnest when the Johnson Administration cooked up the Great Society program immediately after President John F. Kennedy was offed.

A quick study of revolutions shows the baseline information about what makes for a revolution is readily available – even on

The steps are as follows:

  • Pick a theme.
  • Get the right people involved.
  • Get the message out.
  • Choose a strategy.

We are now at this last point:  Step 1 under strategy is take action.  Step 2 is work from within.

Step 2 is find a target.  While Step 4 is to study and learn from past revolutions.

For Step 5 it’s try civil disobedience.  This comes with Plan the Protest.

But after this, the lessons of past revolutions should begin to kick in and people should be well on their way to full-on revolution with a capital R.

One of president Obama’s mentors, Saul Alinksy, is famed for saying (roughly) that revolutions take time and require patience.

Yet we can see how every president since Kennedy has blown it and has seeded the path to AmRev 2.

We saw it in Johnson’s misnamed Great Society that promoted economic segregation by creating the Welfare Class.

More recently, we see how the Clinton 1 administration – like Regan and Carter before – encouraged the hollowing out of American business which left America with jobs mainly for what I think of as the Junior Elites.  These are people with college degrees, a liberal inclination, and few hard-fought critical thinking skills.

Selling high-end computer technology to China didn’t help.

The Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats,m since it was their arming of rebels in far off Afghanistan that led tdo the blowback operation in the history books as  9/11.  Which, in turn, set off the Muslim jihadist part of the GlobalRev we are now in.

Militarization of local police departments and massive surveillance of the civilian population both by social media mapping and militarization of police departments can be laid at the feet of a Bush.  This seemed like a good idea at the time, but do we really need MRAPS?

It was then easy for the Chicago political hack to seize the elements already emergent.  Host Black Lives Matter at the White House.  Point out (and correctly so) that the place was built using (in part) slave labor.

Then toss in the story-hungry m mainstream media.  We’ve progressed from the era of Yellow Journalism to the age of Pixel Journos.

The statistics on crime are in fact misleading.  Yet most black people believe that whites are “out to get them.”  That’s what the inciters preach.

While true in some respects (institutional racism and ongoing discrimination both socially and in housing and jobs…it’s a long list),  the role of police as aggressors is overstated in the press. 

In the meantime, Milwaukee suffered through another night of tensions last night even though, curiously, the officer who did the shooting on Saturday afternoon is himself reported to be black.  Ooops, but no walk-back, huh?

Still, what this weekend revealed – more than anything – are who the revolution inciters are.

Breitbart, for example, reports this morning an “Exclusive– New Black Panther Leader on Milwaukee:  This is War.”

Meantime, in Georgia, a black suspect in a cop shooting.  Now rioting reported. No demonstrations.  No Social banter,,,message here?

Revolutions are binary in nature.  They occur because two sides are polarized. 

In this regard, the Obama administration is fomenting revolution in clear and undeniable terms.  Sure, invisible to the soft-headed, increasingly genderless Junior Elites.

But the evidence is there for the taking:  On the one hand agitating on one side of the racial divide with BLM as frequent guests at the White House. 

Yet at the same time, pouring controls, arms, and dictates on the OTHER side – local police.  Effectively taking over police department;s autonomy by consent orders.

Given that revolutions are binary, and since the embers are already glowing, you can pour more fuel on one side of a fire – and more oxygen on the other – and expect things to quiet down any time soon.

Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton is also seriously “working” the racial divide.  Hispanic angle.  Word is out this morning how she’s lining up ILLEGALS to work on voter registration.

What’s the future hold?  Well, a really cynical person might ask how BLM played into getting Hillary this frar:  Remember when BLM forced Bernie Sanders off the stage at several venues including Seattle?  Does Hil owe BLM?

So we begin this Monday on a rather somber note:  Both political parties are somewhere between piss poor and  ridiculous/terrible at looking out for the interests of Americans of the United sort.

We’ve got the Obama-Clinton Alinskyites with more racial tension (which means more government control, surveillance, regulation, and genders/racial marketing) on the one hand.

And on the other we have a successful businessman who can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth, and worse, now a “secret ledger” of cash for Trump’s campaign manager is reported in Ukraine.

If it’s real, Trump has no option but to fire Paul Manafort.  If a Clinton dirty trick, the T needs to make it known while keeping the shoes out of his mouth.

This is an old dance.  One corporations stand to win and one that regular folks – legal citizens of all colors stand to lose.  Those with honest and open hearts have only higher taxes, more government intrusion, the usurpation of local government by the megaFed, as the “new industry” of racialization follows in  the genderfication’s footsteps.

I’ve been curious for a long time:”  “How will America monetize the racial divide now that we have seen bathroom contractors as the big winners of the gender-monetization project?”  I mean everything’s a business model here, right?

As luck would have it, the NBPP (*New Black Panther party) and BLM aren’t the only inciters on the playing field.

We can’t leave out George Soros whose emails seem to have been hacked and reportedly  show him.systematically exercising anti-Israel bias.

No, I suppose this is not a politically correct way of looking at things.  But it fits the data.  And those who are trying to shame present-day America for things done in the past are in my analysis working their own agenda.

And it’s one that has their interests at heart.  Not mine or yours.

I was born in 1949.  Became of voting age in 1967..

When politicians and groups want to go back further than Johnson in their efforts to foment revolution and division?  I tell ‘em to piss off.  It ain’t me babe.

The youngest of our kids was born in 1980 – which means 18 when president stained dress was around.

Sure  you can “institutionalize” any problem you want, but look first to the failed welfare system and creation of the drug class, and the regulations in welfare that busted up black families.

Fix that – and sell reading, writing, and arithmetic and stop all corporate campaign contributions…then we could fix America. 

In the meantime, look for BLM  to visit the WH again soon while more edicts are issued to local cops by the Lynch Mob at Just Us.  Feed both sides of the fire in classic Alinsky-fashion.

No action against inciters to violence – no liability, no apologies due, right?  ‘Course not.  That would ruin the kabuki of it.

It’s all a sick charade – a squeeze play.  And we’re it.

Thai Bombings

I think I told you last week – or hinted – that the recent bombings in Thailand we likely the work of Muslim jihadists.

Well, lookie here:  Time Magazine report over here says as much, but you need to get a third of the way into the article before it’s mentioned.

Ah, the veils of denial and political correctness…blinds all but the serious students of world affairs.

Weekly Data Points

The week is off to a slow start with the latest NY Fed Empire State Manufacturing Report just released:

“Business activity in New York State declined slightly this month, according to firms responding to the August 2016 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index fell five points to -4.2. The new orders index remained near zero, a sign that orders were little changed, while the shipments index climbed eight points to 9.0, indicating that shipments rose. Labor market indicators pointed to little change in employment levels and hours worked. The prices paid index edged down to 15.5, suggesting that input price increases remained moderate, and at 2.1, the prices received index reflected a minute increase in selling prices. Forward-looking indicators suggested that firms expected conditions to improve over the next six months, although the level of optimism diminished for a second consecutive month.

Tomorrow morning, the Consumer Price report will be out along with housing starts, permits and completions.

Then the Fed meets this week I don’t really expect them to touch rates now until the election is over – lest they be accused of interference.  “:Fear the Talking Fed?”  N o, not hardly.

When bonds roll, stocks will be the only game left standing and we will scream higher, lsays our work.

Thursday and Friday look like fine days to skip work completely if you’re in the money business, except of course, if the Fed actually does anything.  But don’t hold your breath.

Calendar and facts aside, as our model has been predicting  more upward action for the markets.  Dow looks to open up 50.

Cheap TV’s

OK, this is a problem?  Well, yes, for outfits like Best Buy that get a lot of their sales revenue from pushing 4K out the doors

35 thoughts on “American’s Long Revolution–Spot the Inciters”

  1. Good Morning from Slidell LA!
    This is one of the best articles you have written!!
    AS Palpatine said to Luke “Your anger has made you strong” and I sensed much anger behind your words. As someone who was also born in 1949 I am very concerned with what my four grand daughters will have to endure in their lives. The oldest is training to be a dental hygenist. I have anticipated this coming revolution since the early 1990’s. I am just surprised it has not broken out in full flower by this time. I hope it can be resolved by the ballot box and not other types of boxes!!!
    Best Wishes!

    • When the economy finally collapses and all the gun toting white males are out of jobs. The hammer will come down, and you will get your second revolution. Just wait, will be here before you know it. All this now is just folly.

    • When the economy finally collapses and all the gun toting white males are out of jobs. The hammer will come down, and you will get your second revolution. Just wait, will be here before you know it. All this now is just folly.

    • Slidell, LA? Was just through there. I throught the geniuses working at John C. Stennis / NASA test facility were going to fix everything with their rockets going to Mars and all the wonderful tech they are working on. I just toured the Infinity Center last Friday. Nice spot, lots of work on the testing rigs.

      Get us to Mars – then capitalism can find a “new country” to sell real estate on and cash-in.

  2. Hello, George, here is something that is very interesting:

    The pronouncements (often private) of Marx and Engels shocked me the most. I had thought that they were expounding a philosophy that addressed civilization’s inequities as philosophers have always done. But this is not so. They both wrote to each other and to their inner circles bombastically, advocating the benefits of war, the necessity for slavery, ethnic hatred and virulent anti-Semitism (Marx was born Jewish). They advocated genocide, mass murder, assassinations, and terrorism, all of which, they said, would clear the way for a brave new world. (Hitler learned from them, as did Pol Pot, and certainly Stalin and Mao).

    “The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”
    – George Orwell

    • Read The International Jew and then hone up on Eustace Mullins, once you have done that you will know what they have planned for America. This agenda is far along already and easy to follow as the playbook is out there and bragged about. Do you really think David Cameron, Merkel and the EU have been blundering along as they are conveniently in lockstep with Obama??? Nothing is by accident!

  3. Well George you know they thought they fooled the American public in Dallas,Tex. in 1963 but they didn’t, and America has been heading for the crapper ever since, and this country is headed for something not seen since 1860.!!

    • Capitalism killed the Kennedys. And the American heart for its people. Leadership is in NYC on Wall Street, not Washington, DC.

  4. hi George what’s the longest you’ve been without coffee and how long ago thanks have a nice day it may be time for experimentation

  5. George, I tend to look at both sides in an effort to screen out the BS that constitutes journalism nowadays. Along the way I had picked up “Civil War Two – The Coming Breakup of America” by Thomas W. Chittum. In hindsight seems remarkably prescient.

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

    • Yep, civil war #1 pitted the citizens against each other, civil war #2, will pitt everyone against each other so the state people’s can rule supreme.

  6. No house contributions outside the district. No senate contributions outside the state. No presidential contributions by corporations, PAC’s, parties etc. Only individuals. Term limits for all.
    That would be a good start.

  7. George: Just about the time I think you hanen’t got clue you do one of these articles.

  8. It’s a broken system that cannot be fixed, and as a resident of the richest country in the world, you are at ground zero for the greedy psychopathic bastards fighting over the very last few crumbs that can be squeezed out of the taxpayers and retirement funds of the country. As for me, I prefer to watch this resolution of 400 million guns in civilian hands, and two billion rounds of hollow point ammunition in government hands, from a distance.

    Don’t be like the person on the Titanic standing there clutching the contents of the room safe (stuff) to your breast waiting for a lifeboat that never becomes available.

    Moving into the future while looking into the rear view mirror eventually has disastrous consequences. You are passing the third floor on your way down from the tenth, and for most of you “so far it looks pretty good!”

    That’s how it looks from Ecuador.

    • It almost sounds like you are hoping and cheering for destruction in order to validate your move.

      • ‘It’ is but you gotta take its insatiable disgusting gluttonous gleeful vindictive commentary in stride. As there are so many waiting to pick our carcasses, so are their gloaters of the heinous and grotesque kind.

  9. With give or take 319 Million people in the U.S. and the best we can come up with for President is Clinton or Trump

  10. Outstanding and well thought out piece today George! It cuts through the bull and goes straight to the heart of the matter that impacts us all in some way. Whatever your supplement/caffeine/or other intake has been lately, keep it up! Truly a .50 caliber round straight through the exact center of the bullseye at 5,000 yards.

  11. Trump doesn’t matter. Clinton doesn’t matter. It’s people like Paul Manafort that pull the strings and there are many more puppet masters just like him.

  12. Mornin’, George. Let’s not forget the ‘re-branding’ by the media, e.g. ‘violent protests’ vs. ‘riots’, ‘inner-city youths’ vs. ‘gangbangers’, etc. BTW, on a different note, HRC seems to be showing the signs of CHF that my grandfather had before he died back in ’74 – weakness, constant cough, swollen ankles/calves.


    Robert in WA state

  13. Same in Austin, black cop shoots and kills black naked unarmed no drugs in system teenager — cop says he was in fear of his life — teenager weighs 140, cop weighs 240, never pulled taser, no fancy sidesteppen, did not try to trip kid — just pulled out the ole gunaroo instead of waiting for backup. Cop now on administrative leave. No riots, no protests, no cnn, no blm, no busybodies, just a lawsuit which will pay minimum one million dollars.

  14. Re: Breaking News – Going Insane: this is not the first time, nor even the second, that the region known as ‘The Old Northwest’ has been involved in some pretty shocking news – most people know about the ‘gangster’ Mafia period so glorified in films and books like ‘The Godfather’ – but previously you had the series of events culminating in ‘The Great Chicago Fire’ and a serial killer whose ‘death count’ is still unequaled.

    Personally I think it has something to do with the climate – brutal snowbound winters and boiling hot summers do not make life comfortable – even the Catholic ‘missionaries’ who first made contact with the Native Americans living in the area in the 1700’s found out to their very painful (and long, long) death.

    It’s not just riots/civil unrest that are/is the problem, but the apparent lack of governmental regard for the citizens about the basics like providing clean water. Now that will make people ‘crazy’ after a while!

  15. Very good article, but no mention of a big source, the Banksters. And the male black population of 6%, many of whom are in jail, do not appear to have the numbers for a real revolution. Perhaps that is where the “ISIS” factors come in. But I don’t see them coalescing with the blacks. And yes money and greed – a mental illness – is also at the heart of this from a more fundamental perspective. Which is why I advocate measuring wealth and taxing the billionaires and trillionaires out of business. That is an oversimplification of course, but it is the most non-violent way. Power (wealth) and mental illness (psychopathy) are not leading us down a pleasant path.

  16. I have been paying attention to what certain friends of mine (here in the Lone Star State)who are, to varying degrees, staunch southern Baptists(l am not,BTW) : ;their pastors are preaching that Clinton is a murdering liar and that a President Trump will be the salvation of the USA…when straight-arrow, dyed in the wool church-going believers advocate a thrice married, greedy, philandering nutjob over a murderer, we are in the BEEG trouble!! l love the T-shirt l saw: “bring on the big meteor strike- let’s just get it over with…”

  17. Is this what preppers have been anticipating? Why isn’t this story on the American MSM outlets? Why do I have to find out about it on a UK based internet website? (PS – I voted for Obama twice. I wonder how he will handle this situation?) If a white person was saying this about black neighborhoods, it would be all over the American media. Why isn’t this? Why does this woman get to incentivize riots and destruction of suburbs where all the supposed white people live?

    “The sister of Sylville Smith, the Milwaukee man who was shot dead by a police officer over the weekend, has urged rioters to burn the suburbs down.

    Sherelle Smith made the electrifying comments on Sunday, as she spoke to dozens of angry community members at a gas station that had been burned down the night before in protest of her brother’s death.

    Smith condemned the rioting in her own neighborhood, telling the protesters that they should focus on the surrounding suburbs.”

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