Preppers make great victims.  That takes a little explaining, so allow me…

Every week, or so, my buddy Gaye who runs the excellent site and I get together for a Skype chat.  Occasionally, Survival Hubby will wander through and we’ll compare beards.  Other times, Elaine will mosey by and there will be chit-chat about this and that.

Not this week, so much.  This week we are both working on website improvements and that go us round to talking about the uttery stupidity people display when times are less than certain.

For one thing, there are predictions in the doomporn world that go to the idea that “If Trump wins, there will be Ferguson-type riots…” and on the other side of the marketing coin “If Hillary wins, martial law and massive inflation….”

Worst of all, though, is the “last minute emergency prepping seminars” which have cropped up.

I have a problem with these for a couple of reasons.

Reason #1:  Expectations cause the future to some extent.

If you are a happy-go-lucky, fun, healthy person, with a chgeeryfl and humorous outlook, what kind of life do you think you will have?  (Answer:  Happy-go-lucky, fun, healthy and humorous life, of course!)

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer had a whole series of motivational books and one of his core messages was “You’ll see it when you believe it” not the other way around.

If you load your mind up with positive, helpful, participative, clever, funny, and creative problems, there is quite literally no room left in your life for dismal, broke or poor, sick, depressing crap.

Yet it’s like this is a State Secret of the modern world.

Yet people load their brains up with what these days?  I’ll tell you what:  Rap music that victimizes people by race, promotes violence, talksl down women…er…hoe’s…and let me see:  Oh, yeah, let’s stream some animal beastiality on the porn box….crack pipe, please?


Write it down, though:  People’s brains are like any other computer out there:  Put garbage (shjt) in and what comes out will have the bad odors, know what I mean?

Reason #2:  Prepping isn’t for the outcome of an Election, for cryin’ out loud!

Gaye summed it up pretty well when we were chatting, if I can paraphrase her here:  “Don’t people know that prepping is for things like Natural Disasters?  At some point in life almost everyone will have to live through a horrible storm, be without power for a week or longer, survive a hurricane and clean up, experience a good-sized earthquake or get fired!  Prepping for even one of these eventualities well and you begin to cover all the other bases…”

Amen, sister, and gimme a Hallelujah chorus.

Reason #3  Fools and their Gold are Soon Parted.

Yeah, forget that your life will deliver what you think about most…and fail to prepare for a broad spectrum of adversity and modern online capitalism will present you with millions of opportunities to plan for the wrong risks and to emphasize aspects of prepping that violate the notion that “As you believe, so will you achieve” as Dr. Dyer would have put it.

Do preppers really need a special seminar and “special training” to be ready for the vote counting?  No, unless it’s on how to open champagne bottles or beer, perhaps.


Prepping has always been more than “buying a fear product” – which seems to me these seminars are.

Do I think we will see an outbreak of racial or political violence across America next week?

Not no, but hell no.

For one thing, there are checks and balances in Congress that provide for impeaching the president.  And there is nothing to prevent the work on that to start the day after the election if there’s something to it.

But America isn’t going to go there…but what will happen is that such doomporn marketing will further tarnish the image of rational prepping.

Be a Low-Beam Prepper

I don’t call myself a prepper anymore.  That was where UrbanSurvival came from at its roots in the lead-in to 2000 and the Internet Bubble Collapse and such.  But we’ve done damn near every aspect of prepping, so what we’re very much focused on is the ongoing rotation of spares and stores.  Learning new skills, keeping a positive and optimistic expectation about the future and so on.

Yes, if there’s bad stuff out there, you may need some tools.  Sure we have a lead-thrower or two, some even built on classic Russian receivers like the AK-47s.  But do I own body armor?  Not worried about it.

Do you see me or Gaye selling doomporn seminars and instructions on how to put 3/8-inch plate steel in key areas of your home’s sidewalls?  Hell no. 

For one, there are certain things good preppers don’t talk about.  I mean in this age of electronic surveillance, why would you spend money on an activity that MIGHT cause your profile to rise in the USA databases on everyone that the government has?

Let me explain – if you hadn’t figured it out – that you have an extensive electronic transaction footprint whether you realize it, or not.

And when you buy things using an online or credit/debit card, there is a record of what you buy.  This is why if I ever have a drink away from the home, it gets paid for how?  CASH!  If I go to a gun show?  CASH.  If I want to buy a document that might triggers something (Like an old tattered copy of the Anarchist’s Cookbook or a box of Fels Naptha)  Buy with CASH.

Report and pay tax on every dime you make and remember that you don’t want a record in the IDW.

The what?  Wiki it: IDW:

Investigative Data Warehouse (IDW): a searchable database containing intelligence and investigative data to support the FBI’s counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, and law enforcement missions. The Investigative Data Warehouse was created in 2004 to centralize multiple federal and state databases, including criminal records from various law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), and public records databases.[78] According to the FBI’s website, as of 22 August 2007, the database contained 700 million records from 53 databases and was accessible by 13,000 individuals around the world. The FBI was the subject of a 2006 lawsuit brought by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) because of a lack of public notice describing their Investigative Data Warehouse and the criteria for including personal information, as required by the Privacy Act of 1974.[79][80]”

Know why the government wants everyone on electronic money instead of paper?  Or why they want tracking devices in paper money?

Duh… it’s all about control.

Anymore when I stock up at the liquor store, or whatever, again, cash is my friend.  How we entertain is no one’s beeswax.

Sorry for the spleen-full.  But fear-mongering isn’t what we do.  Peoplenomics is a best efforts look ahead, good sometimes, bad others, but we generally make money either way.

Gaye’s site is a great resource.  Go read her “Wagon Train to Survival” piece and use that big sponge between the ears.

People just constantly amaze me.  You can spend your money any way you want.  But frankly, I think the odds of widespread urban violence are a much smaller threat that being financially creamed by events like Tuesday.

But if you do a doomporn seminar and miss things like our Trading Model going short last weekend in advance of the decline this week, then you might want to park the wallet and do some serious meditating on what you’re trying to get out of life.

Around the Ranch:  With the Doors

No, not the late Jim Morrison.  No I’m talking steel 5-panel exterior doors.  Need to replace a temporary door I picked up on Craigslist years back.  It was an MDF interior door.  Looks like crap now so time to replace with the correct door, not the 30” interior door from CL.

36 or 32-inches wide?  I can find those all day long.  But a 30” wide door?  Rare as an honest politician, these days.

So that’s where my day is going…in search of a new exterior 30-inch door.

In an age of online everything, the best I’ve been able to find is a $136 30-inch wide door at Lowes.  But the lead time?  3+  weeks special order time.

And therein lies the data point:  We have an instantly-available world, as long as you color inside the lines.  But do something just outside of the Gaussian distribution curve of demand and suddenly the new days are sure a lot like the old days.


Write when you get rich,