Coping: A Woo-Woo Report from “The Realms”

Even for around here, this is an odd story – a truly interesting bit of woo-woo wrapped in a dream and explained while in-between The Realms.

By way of explanation,  while I’ve had a few serious woo-woo run-ins (seeing specific parts of the future, for example) never had anything quite so realistic in terms of explaining of “IT all works.”

So, I thought I’d share.  Take it for what it’s worth…

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There is one aspect of this dream – possibly worth noting it you are into self-experimentation:  This happened on the second night of a major change in my vitamin regimen.

Like most people (at least that we know) it’s common to take most of one’s supplements in the morning not in the evening.  But, in reading the book on Alzheimer’s recommended by a reader (“The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline”), I noted that things like magnesium we taken at night.

I realized, of course, that melatonin needed to be taken at bedtime.   But, the rest of the supplements (B-vits and magnesium) had previously been “wake up regimen” inputs.

What I noticed was a change in the quality and content of my dream state…and at the second night of the change, this rather remarkable dream took place that is worth considering.  Goes like this…

I was in my usual place in The Realms (*of dreams) which is very similar to this side of the “veil of waking” but the nature of the place had changed since my previous visit.

You see, in a “dream within the dream” I had known an artist.  And her work while notable, wasn’t particularly collectible or highly-prized.

I remembers going to sleep in the dream…and then waking up again, still in The Realms, mind you.  But I noticed one thing was different.

The personality with me explained (although I had no idea who this personality was):

Didn’t you know?  Here’s how IT works:  When you have a dream of the meaningful kind, when you wake up, you will discover that something has changed.  And this is how you can tell YOUR PERSONAL TIMELINE HAS CHANGED.”

I was confused by this.  So, the personality continued.

Let’s look more deeply.  You will see in this art gallery now, the works of your artist friend are highly sought-after now.  When you noticed the green knick-knack that had changed, there was a lot more to it than that.  EVERYTHING changed.  What causes the change?  When you LEARN a lesson in Life, of course.  And the best part of all is it works across all Realms,. including the waking state….”

“Hold on a sec.  You’re telling me that if I learn a lesson in a dream state, when I wake up, something small will have changed in the physical world of the waking-state?”

Yes, that’s it.  And when you wake up today, having learned a lesson about personal flying in your dream-state, there will be a minor change for you to discover in the waking-state.”

“This is nuts!”

Oh, far from it.  You don’t see certain spiritual truths that come with being an energetic Being because you’re so overwhelmed with the illusion of Life and Death.  It’s a marvelous way to Be, of course, and it keeps people from drifting between Realms all the time.”

“That’s not proof of anything…fair assertion and all, but hardly something I can see statistics on.”

OK, consider this, then:  Everyone who is alive has a choice to make about learning in any of their Realms.  When enough things are learned – by enough people at about the same time – the nature of the waking-state changes.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the Mandela Effect?  Share that with your readers to remind them.”

I would be remiss if I didn’t share at least the short-version from Wikipedia where it is slotted under the heading “False memories“:

“…false memories are sometimes shared by multiple people.[26][27] One such false memory is that the name of the Berenstain Bears was once spelled Berenstein.[28][29] Another example is false memories of a 1990s movie titled Shazaam starring the comedian Sinbad as a genie; such false memories may be the product of a confluence of factors, such as a performer wearing a genie costume during a TV presentation of Sinbad the Sailor movies in 1994,[26][30] and a similarly named 1996 film Kazaam featuring a genie played by Shaquille O’Neal.[26]

A 2010 study examined people who were familiar with the clock at Bologna Centrale railway station, which had been damaged in the Bologna massacre in August 1980. In the study, 92% falsely remembered that the clock had remained stopped since the bombing; in fact, the clock was repaired shortly after the attack but was again stopped 16 years later as a symbolic commemoration.[27]

In 2010 this phenomenon was dubbed the “Mandela Effect” in reference to false memories of the death of South African leader Nelson Mandela in the 1980s (when in fact, he died in December 2013).[31] Most commentators say that these false memories are shaped by similar factors affecting multiple people,[32][33][26][34][29][35][36] such as social reinforcement of incorrect memories,[37][38] or false news reports and misleading photographs influencing the formation of memories based on them.”

“What are you saying?”

Knowledge that we change our reality when we learn spiritual lessons is a curious hint in what you’ve chosen to call the “Escape Room Called Life.”  We have seen to it, that the CLUE I’m explaining is vaporous – just as enough people find it…or any of the other Big Clues, circumstances will change to re-hide that clue somewhere else….”

“Now you’re going far-fetched.”

Am I?  Go look at the RationalWiki site because unlike Wikipedia, THEY have a dedicated Mandela Effect page.  Here. “

“That doesn’t mean the clue, as you call it, will be going away, though.”

“Oh?  Did you not see this as the top of the page?

“Good grief.  OK, why Mandela?”

Easy:  Most humans have been through many incarnations on Earth and if you notice, there’s a vague resemblance between Nelson Mandela and, oh, Morgan Freeman, for example.  Look at their facial structures.  They are near look-alikes for one of the Waking-State True Spiritual Guides. Each of The Realms has True Spiritual Guides in it…for seekers to encounter.  It happens there is One who looks very much like Mandela and Freeman.  This is why people relate to these figures…”

“OK, so I learned something about flying – more self-levitating – in my dream…so does that mean my timeline has changed?  Someone else alive who is not now dead?”

Perhaps.  But The Realms interact much more complexly than that. It may be a “thing” gone missing, or one “appears” or some other small “Atta-boy” arrives.  Gold star for learning well.  You might not even notice, through.  Depends on your awareness.”

This is a far-out topic for an economics website, don’t you think?”

Not really.  What we’re talking about is nothing less than portable Wealth Among the Realms.  Unlike all your paper and possessions focus, these are “the goods” that you CAN take with you.  But, it’s up to you, of course.”

With that, my eyes opened.  I’d left the space-between Realms.  I was a bit sad, for some reason. Does it mean something when venturing The Realms becomes more frequent, more easy?

Coffee, a quick look at the market futures…but the whole time this nagging thought haunted me from the encounter.

Has anything changed today?  And is it a “false memory” or is that just the way spiritual clues are reshuffled and hidden for today’s round of play?”

I need to find “the science” in The Realms.  Or, is that just how we delude ourselves and hide from one-anther in this realm?

Write when you get rich,

27 thoughts on “Coping: A Woo-Woo Report from “The Realms””

  1. George,

    I take vitamins at night. Maybe I should up the dosage… GREAT STUFF. Here’s a quote from Carlos Castaneda’s “The Power of Silence”,

    Every act performed by sorcerers, especially by the naguals, is either performed as a way to strengthen their link with intent or as a response triggered by the link itself.

    Sorcerers, and specifically the naguals, therefore have to be actively and permanently on the lookout for manifestations of the spirit.

    Such manifestations are called gestures of the spirit or, more simply, indications or omens.

  2. Back here in the real world, one of my wife’s early ’90s videotapes of cable TV shows a Berenstein (the way I remember it being spelled) commercial. Maybe she was “making her own reality”.

  3. Elementary, Mr. Ure, do make yourself comfortable on the couch. It sounds that you were dreaming of Little Mermaid-like thoughts – a tale that speaks to “transitioning” from one form to another. A child’s fable of course, and yet science would tell us fish from the sea first walked on land some millions of years ago. Or, “looking for fish, don’t climb a tree”, says the Chinese proverb? Such a world of diversions we live in?

    Considering that current theory tells us that the universe thus far has been traced back to something sized infitessimely smaller than the period at the end of this sentence, I imagine you as many others seek the form that made the period. Look outwards or look inwards, which direction is most promising?

    Perhaps it’s a matter of personal preference at the point of Trident’s fork. Dive into the abyss of deep space or the abyss of deep seas.

    And if we met the fish that first walked on the land, would we tell them: “You haven’t reached the final frontier.” ?

  4. Manifestation is itself a glitch in the matrix, or a Mandela effect. Intention + Will = Manifestation, or true Augmented Reality. See, the world really IS what you make it. Eye of the beholder and all that.

    The Will is a powerful thing, and also not to be confused with Will Power. Two different things.

  5. I’m glad to see that you are finding “The End of Alzheimer’s” useful. To really get to place where you no longer need to be concerned about getting ill, see The Root Cause Protocol and adopt the Weston A. Price diet The basic book is “Nourishing Traditions”

  6. I bow down and lay flowers at the feet of the Great East Texas Guru!
    This grabs me more than anything I have ever read here in your woo-woo scribbles as REAL.
    Thank you VERY MUCH for this tip as I am just getting involved with an online course developed by a woman who had multiple NDEs, and later worked with acoustics experts and scientists to bring much of what she learned ‘over there’ to help with ‘cheat codes’ here to undo blockages caused by past trauma and alter one’s personal timeline.
    Forget the golf course — build an ashram!
    So why do ‘they’ keep hiding the truth of ‘how things work’? Is it just to keep this virtual reality video game going?

    • No, ashrams are filled with con-artists. You’ll have better luck on the golf course with a rising Sun and dew on the grass.

      There are no gurus that can lead you to the Promised Land.

      It’s a private journey we all make, but the postcards from others always help.

      • Good grief you two! Do I need to put LOL or an emoji on something these days to signal humor?!

        I KNOW gurus are con artists. That’s why I suggested George start his own ashram — I know he isn’t a con artist. He is a lot more honest about what he knows and doesn’t know than people I followed for awhile in my twenties and thirties.

        PS — If I were not familiar with much of the science and acoustics behind what this NDE experiencer say is involved in her program I would pass it up as a con. It still might be. But it might also be a package that is greater than the sum of its parts and be able to help me help myself to improved health.

  7. I call this “changing Universes”

    Simple example: Around 40 years ago, a friend who was a terrible driver when he had passengers, pulled up in an old Chevy, just like the one he had the week before, except Navy blue instead of light green. Naturally i assumed he had finally destroyed the green one and bought a replacement on the cheap. But no. He said the car had not been wrecked and had always been blue. Dark blue. Those present were stunned. Except for one or two who remembered the car was blue.

    I then canvassed 30 people in our circle of friends, 15 who knew him through me, and 15 who knew me through him. The first group distinctly recalled a light green Chevy. The latter group distinctly recalled a Navy blue Chevy.

    Since then, i have noticed, even in legal proceedings, that people sometimes seem to genuinely recall different timelines and their recall often is associated with subgroups.

    As for Mandela, there were published reports of his death when he was jailed without outside contact, around the time Steven Beko actually died. SA had to then prove Mandela was alive, but this was not widely published. So i am one of those who recalls Mandela’s early demise, but maybe just false reports, rather than timeline? Yet in a new timeline, there might be a new explanation of the different timeline.

    At least we can be sure that classical Cartesian reductionist materialism does not sufficiently explain all known valid observations, and, hence, by its own terms is invalid, or at best only a special case theory.

  8. Your dream revelation confirms for me something recently “aha!” revealed to me. There are those tiny moments happening fairly frequently and that I must pay closer attention so I can say “thank you” for them. It is a version of the Miracle Money Technique; what we give our attention to, Universe/Source gives us more of. Thanks for sharing yours.

  9. People are always telling me that things I remember never happened. For example, my younger brother has scars he can’t explain. I told him that he had a strangulated tesitical when he was about 7 or 8. I remember him screaming and my father taking him to the hospital. It was all hush hush because it was “boy stuff”. My mother and brother say it never happened but it explains the scars. Another example, my sister talked about “our trip” to Europe. I paid for that trip and she didn’t go, yet she swore she came with us.

  10. You are moving out of body (reference: Robert Monroe books and William Buhlman). These are not dreams you are having.

  11. You might be interested in reading Robert Monroe, Journeys Out of the Body. I think there are 3 in the series. It gets into some interesting perceptions, i.e. you may have been speaking to your Spirit Guide/Angel, whatever you want to call it.

    Been a while since I read it, but that spirit guide was an iteration of himself if I remember correctly. He discusses how all lives exist outside of 3rd dimension time\space, and how his guide was himself from another existence in time\space.

    He developed Hemi-Sync meditation as research to help others achieve conscious OBEs (Out of Body Experiences). This should really make your dreams fun. But it is also said we leave our bodies often when sleeping, we just are not conscious of it. So we dream and remember through our 3D/material filters. We are out there experiencing the astral plane. Then our 3rd dimension mind is left to translate and interpret the experience as it can understand, which can get weird.

    I had my own spontaneous conscious OBEs that made me seek an answer. Robert Monroe described exactly what I went through.

  12. I’m still getting into the ‘Urban Shaman’ book of Serge King, but maybe this is an appropriate moment to post this. Years ago I came across a poster graphic that now hangs framed on my wall. I was surprised it was published, because this stuff was supposed to be ‘secret’… not for the masses. But the intelligence contained herein fosters some deep pondering of it’s meaning.

    1.) IKE — The world is what you think it is.
    2.) KALA — There are no limits.
    3.) MAKIA — Energy flows where attention goes.
    4.) MANAWA — Now is the moment of power.
    5.) ALOHA — To love is to be happy with.
    6.) MANA — All power comes from within.
    7.) PONO — Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

    It is important to know that these are not ‘definitions’ of the associated Hawaiian word. (You can look those up.) These are the deeper understandings of Ka Huna.

  13. I went to the Rational WIKI site using the link you posted in the article, and there was no notice about the website shutting down next month on the Main Page or anywhere else that I could see. Another Mandela effect.

  14. I am deeply into health, fitness and diet along with discovering the endless lies of TPTB, when it comes to these subjects.

    I can tell you from personal experience, that the most vivid dreams I ever encountered, resulted from me ingesting granular sulfur for dietary supplementations and experiment. They sell this online and on ebay, etc. I took it orally and even tried it as a enema so it would bypass my stomach acid and go more directly into the bloodstream. After several days of this, my dreams became so vivid and realistic, every night , that I had to stop taking the sulfur. When the dreams were pleasant { like flying like I was a bird, or being in a tropical paradise} it was the most beautiful thing, BUT, I had some horror movie style nightmares . They were so vivid that I would wake up , still not knowing if it was just a dream. I never took the sulfur again, but do wish there was a way I could control the dreams so they remained pleasant . I cannot stress enough, how vivid and realistic these dreams were because of ingesting the sulfur. Evidently my experience with this, is not uncommon. Ingesting the sulfur seems to intensely activate the brains receptors which results in dreams that no longer seem like dreams, but are indistinguishable from reality.

    • Intent if you’re conscious of the intent you have the ability to change the dream .

      if you’re conscious of the intent you have the ability to change your destination .

      If you’re serious or mischievous or just plain curious ,look up t y r o which means .

      You have become a neophyte.
      Welcome to the universe…

      • And for those of you we’re looking for financial advice oh yeah sure just look to the neophyte on the first three letters that’s in the Bitcoin and that will be pretty successful and then there’s the brain part of the Waves what’s one of those waves they start with a t oh yeah Litecoin is Neo.

        Litecoin this year .

        Neo nect year .

        And theta for the long haul

    • And how to get around the tax thing which we don’t meet taxes anyway it’s artificial if you put 50 bucks a weekend and at the end end the year you pull out all that you put in that’s not taxable you only pay taxes on your gaines or games.

      But the prophet that you made stays in it you don’t remove the prophet so the next year you keep investing 50 bucks and then it’s accumulated and then at the end of the year you remove your investment of 25 $2,600 but why are you doing that you have your first year investment you don’t touch once you touch it and put it into a alternate coin then you have to pay Capital Gains then on your second year same thing happens again your accumulating wealth keeps accruing into a multiplication Factor it when it stops it pays to cash out and pay your capital gains tax.

      Now what this does from a financial point of view it restricts you of the amount of money that you can spend you know it gets you into a non spending mode or like George’s book where you can live off $10,000 a year and be successful but what it also does is..

      Enabling you to increase your tulip assets same as with the stocks and bonds and furniture.

      Now that your assets have increased considerably anytime you use your assets they will reward you with high yeilds at a low interest rate.

      So now let’s get back to the basics as you know on YouTube I have a video ( our beautiful future ).

      What that video implies is we don’t need money and we don’t need Elite rulers what we need is community we don’t need stocks we don’t need bonds we don’t need cash and we don’t need Bitcoin what we need is to invest in our relationships with each other in our community which comes from our kids and our grandparents that’s what we’re here for is to learn how to live with each other instead of having a ruler at the top of the pyramid destroy and make war every year….

  15. Mandela effect – I remember the car Kennedy drove in had 4 seats and 4 people, my daughter did a report on the assassination back in 2013 and her and her classmates remember 4 people. Now if you look online the photos show 6 seats and 6 people. One big conspiracy theory was that the driver turned and quickly shot Kennedy. Even had a video of it. All gone now.

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