Even for around here, this is an odd story – a truly interesting bit of woo-woo wrapped in a dream and explained while in-between The Realms.

By way of explanation,  while I’ve had a few serious woo-woo run-ins (seeing specific parts of the future, for example) never had anything quite so realistic in terms of explaining of “IT all works.”

So, I thought I’d share.  Take it for what it’s worth…

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There is one aspect of this dream – possibly worth noting it you are into self-experimentation:  This happened on the second night of a major change in my vitamin regimen.

Like most people (at least that we know) it’s common to take most of one’s supplements in the morning not in the evening.  But, in reading the book on Alzheimer’s recommended by a reader (“The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline”), I noted that things like magnesium we taken at night.

I realized, of course, that melatonin needed to be taken at bedtime.   But, the rest of the supplements (B-vits and magnesium) had previously been “wake up regimen” inputs.

What I noticed was a change in the quality and content of my dream state…and at the second night of the change, this rather remarkable dream took place that is worth considering.  Goes like this…

I was in my usual place in The Realms (*of dreams) which is very similar to this side of the “veil of waking” but the nature of the place had changed since my previous visit.

You see, in a “dream within the dream” I had known an artist.  And her work while notable, wasn’t particularly collectible or highly-prized.

I remembers going to sleep in the dream…and then waking up again, still in The Realms, mind you.  But I noticed one thing was different.

The personality with me explained (although I had no idea who this personality was):

Didn’t you know?  Here’s how IT works:  When you have a dream of the meaningful kind, when you wake up, you will discover that something has changed.  And this is how you can tell YOUR PERSONAL TIMELINE HAS CHANGED.”

I was confused by this.  So, the personality continued.

Let’s look more deeply.  You will see in this art gallery now, the works of your artist friend are highly sought-after now.  When you noticed the green knick-knack that had changed, there was a lot more to it than that.  EVERYTHING changed.  What causes the change?  When you LEARN a lesson in Life, of course.  And the best part of all is it works across all Realms,. including the waking state….”

“Hold on a sec.  You’re telling me that if I learn a lesson in a dream state, when I wake up, something small will have changed in the physical world of the waking-state?”

Yes, that’s it.  And when you wake up today, having learned a lesson about personal flying in your dream-state, there will be a minor change for you to discover in the waking-state.”

“This is nuts!”

Oh, far from it.  You don’t see certain spiritual truths that come with being an energetic Being because you’re so overwhelmed with the illusion of Life and Death.  It’s a marvelous way to Be, of course, and it keeps people from drifting between Realms all the time.”

“That’s not proof of anything…fair assertion and all, but hardly something I can see statistics on.”

OK, consider this, then:  Everyone who is alive has a choice to make about learning in any of their Realms.  When enough things are learned – by enough people at about the same time – the nature of the waking-state changes.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the Mandela Effect?  Share that with your readers to remind them.”

I would be remiss if I didn’t share at least the short-version from Wikipedia where it is slotted under the heading “False memories“:

“…false memories are sometimes shared by multiple people.[26][27] One such false memory is that the name of the Berenstain Bears was once spelled Berenstein.[28][29] Another example is false memories of a 1990s movie titled Shazaam starring the comedian Sinbad as a genie; such false memories may be the product of a confluence of factors, such as a performer wearing a genie costume during a TV presentation of Sinbad the Sailor movies in 1994,[26][30] and a similarly named 1996 film Kazaam featuring a genie played by Shaquille O’Neal.[26]

A 2010 study examined people who were familiar with the clock at Bologna Centrale railway station, which had been damaged in the Bologna massacre in August 1980. In the study, 92% falsely remembered that the clock had remained stopped since the bombing; in fact, the clock was repaired shortly after the attack but was again stopped 16 years later as a symbolic commemoration.[27]

In 2010 this phenomenon was dubbed the “Mandela Effect” in reference to false memories of the death of South African leader Nelson Mandela in the 1980s (when in fact, he died in December 2013).[31] Most commentators say that these false memories are shaped by similar factors affecting multiple people,[32][33][26][34][29][35][36] such as social reinforcement of incorrect memories,[37][38] or false news reports and misleading photographs influencing the formation of memories based on them.”

“What are you saying?”

Knowledge that we change our reality when we learn spiritual lessons is a curious hint in what you’ve chosen to call the “Escape Room Called Life.”  We have seen to it, that the CLUE I’m explaining is vaporous – just as enough people find it…or any of the other Big Clues, circumstances will change to re-hide that clue somewhere else….”

“Now you’re going far-fetched.”

Am I?  Go look at the RationalWiki site because unlike Wikipedia, THEY have a dedicated Mandela Effect page.  Here. “

“That doesn’t mean the clue, as you call it, will be going away, though.”

“Oh?  Did you not see this as the top of the page?

“Good grief.  OK, why Mandela?”

Easy:  Most humans have been through many incarnations on Earth and if you notice, there’s a vague resemblance between Nelson Mandela and, oh, Morgan Freeman, for example.  Look at their facial structures.  They are near look-alikes for one of the Waking-State True Spiritual Guides. Each of The Realms has True Spiritual Guides in it…for seekers to encounter.  It happens there is One who looks very much like Mandela and Freeman.  This is why people relate to these figures…”

“OK, so I learned something about flying – more self-levitating – in my dream…so does that mean my timeline has changed?  Someone else alive who is not now dead?”

Perhaps.  But The Realms interact much more complexly than that. It may be a “thing” gone missing, or one “appears” or some other small “Atta-boy” arrives.  Gold star for learning well.  You might not even notice, through.  Depends on your awareness.”

This is a far-out topic for an economics website, don’t you think?”

Not really.  What we’re talking about is nothing less than portable Wealth Among the Realms.  Unlike all your paper and possessions focus, these are “the goods” that you CAN take with you.  But, it’s up to you, of course.”

With that, my eyes opened.  I’d left the space-between Realms.  I was a bit sad, for some reason. Does it mean something when venturing The Realms becomes more frequent, more easy?

Coffee, a quick look at the market futures…but the whole time this nagging thought haunted me from the encounter.

Has anything changed today?  And is it a “false memory” or is that just the way spiritual clues are reshuffled and hidden for today’s round of play?”

I need to find “the science” in The Realms.  Or, is that just how we delude ourselves and hide from one-anther in this realm?

Write when you get rich,