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Global Bear Market, Week Nine.  Ure suffered a nearly four-figure paper loss due to the manic run at the close Tuesday.  Today, though?  Ure gets his revenge when the market opens.  Futures are down more than 500. 
The old saying “Markets can remain irrational longer than Ure can remain solvent,” may not be true after all.  See you at the cashier cage today!

Meantime, where does the YouTube shooting fall in our “murder cycle” work?  That and more…

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10 thoughts on “BrainAmp Market Forecasting”

  1. And our new 25 percent tax will be on everything from getting your teeth fixed, visits to the hospital/Er getting Fido fixed to buying a TV. And more. How convenient.
    Call it VAT call it anything you want but it is nothing more than a way to generate more income in the way of taxes.
    No wonder my neighbor bailed he owns a pharm company in Shanghai. This has to be expected how else would of known to bail? He took a substantial hit on a brand new million dollar home that he had custom built that was his forever home, a pod container shows up. New boat is sold, cars, gone. Something is amiss.
    Too bad his email doesn’t work and I don’t speak mandarin

  2. Today’s report is a nice touch following yesterday’s ‘expressed wish’ for a “prosperous depression”. May that platter keep serving up the hits, Mr. DJ. I settled for a small side of fries myself yesterday.

    I drove my 14 year old compact car into the store parkade, and a little old lady pulls in behind me. She gets out, taps my tail light, and says “it’s not working”. I thanked her for the info, mentally adding it with the wiperblade to the shopping list. I don’t know if she was from Pasadena.

    So I go inside to scope out parts asking the clerk for the manual so that I can buy the correct item. “You have to know what you’re looking for” he tells me. No manual. Sounds like life or what?! Lol.

    I got back in the Dusenberg and made a short hop to a nearby auto store. No staff are to be seen. No problem, the part numbers were all popping up nicely on a touchpad display screen. All is well except the prices. Seriously the prices were more than double than the “know what you’re looking for” store, so I went back there to make my purchase.

    This is not investment advice and this is not Bryce on the porch.

  3. the 500 point decline, is now a meager 129 point decline. The real correction, still has not happened. Capitulation still is the word of the month in the markets.

      • started out with a 500 point deficit this morning, ended up with a 250 point gain.

        it seems as though this market will not self correct in a meaningful way.

        the 1929 scenario may not happen anytime soon.

  4. So much for a correction today. Thursdays are often a day of big drops in this current market. If we dont see a 300 + point drop tomorrow…then we are running out of time for the expected big correction to take place and for several weeks, before the middle of May. The triple digit drops do not seem to have any ” staying ” power. This may be one of the most erratic markets in history.

  5. The Liberalistas are already striving to establish a scenario-based legal precedent, by positing:

    “If an American strays across the border into Mexico, and is then detained or denied entry by the military when he attempts to recross the border, that is a violation of the Posse Comitatus act.”

    Personally, I’d just define persons who leave the country illegally as forfeiting their protection against Posse Comitatus upon re-entry, until their citizenship and residency have been confirmed.

    The Youtube shooter is a non sequitur. The important part of the story is the response by FEDERAL authorities. FBI and ATF do not respond to local incidents, indeed, they haven’t the legal jurisdiction to do so. So how did they “adopt” or justify jurisdiction with respect to this incident? I’d bet a nickel that no one will ask…

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