Collapse: Readings from Jas, Jared, and Michael

Yes.  Global Systemic Collapse is coming into view.

We’ve all sort-of known that the world has been living on borrowed time.  But, like that Library book you kept forgetting to return, we have skipped the actual doing something about it.  “Such a small daily fine, after all.”

So, we have cheated, cajoled, polarized, and differentiated to the point where the insanity is pervasive and leadership absent.  Saw the clown posse’s who go to DC poor and “for the people” only to be sent packing over time, returning home to live in the lap of [unearned] luxury.

What happens along the way is Money.

We idolize it.  We have dispatched reason.  We pretended widespread libel and slander on social media was OK.  Thinking that somehow Marxist polarization leading to burning cities and riots over crime was all OK and righteous.

It wasn’t and it’s not.

Neither is the “invention” of more than two dozen claimed genders any sort of solution to what ails us – the whole World.  Simple economics provides clear, unequivocable guidance, but like the administration of a parent’s tough love, we have gone en masse to hide from Justice and Adulthood.

So, rather than rail (just yet) about how the market is due to rally today and how Bitcoin clawed its way back over $30-thousand so Big Players can sell to the weak some more, we will offer a handful of simple concepts that may help your mental health remain balanced.  In acrophobic times.

Books 1 & 2:  Michael

The late (2014) Michael C. Ruppert.  First notable book was “Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.“.  The second?  “Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World.”

Although a Los Angeles police officer and investigative journalist, Ruppert looked at the world – almost as a cop would a crime scene – and came to the obvious conclusions.  We live in a closed system and we’re in a kind of human algae bloom.

As he outlined in Rubicon, this leaves a terribly messy position for governments.  How do you “manage the bloom” to a happy outcome is one way of thinking of it.  Because the “bloom” is supported almost entirely by energy.  Cheap, abundant energy.

The problem for government bureaucrats?

  • “Apportion dwindling resources among competitors, some of whom possess nuclear weapons.
  • Maintain and expand their control over enough of the oil and gas remaining to ensure their global dominance and maintain order among the citizens of the Empire;
  • Simultaneously manage a global economic system, made possible by hydrocarbon energy, that is collapsing and in which the growing population is demanding more things that can only be supplied by using still more hydrocarbon energy;
  • Acknowledge that they cannot save their own economy without selling more of these products;
  • Control the exploding demand for oil and gas through engineered recessions and wars that break national economies;
  • • Hide the evidence that they are systematically looting the wealth of all the people on the planet — even their own people — in order to maintain control;
  • Maintain a secret revenue stream to provide enough off-the-books capital for the purposes of providing themselves a distinct economic and military advantage, improving their technological posture, and funding covert operations;
  • Repress any dissent and head off any exposure of their actions;
  • Convince the population that they are honorable;
  • Kill off enough of the world’s population so that they can maintain control after oil supplies have dwindled to the point of energy starvation. “

A few of our readers – like the Ecuador Ex-Pat – reading the future in a similar way and decided to move elsewhere so as not to be in America when the bottom falls out.  Which – if you believe the indicators in financial markets and secular news flows – is inching closer by the day.

Especially telling, we think, is the motivation of the U.S. and NATO to foment a direct regional nuclear conflict with Russia over Ukraine.  The use of nuclear weapons will likely dwarf the social control powers of government to stifle dissent many generations beyond the simple “lock-downs” (and banishment of people questioning crooked data) that resulted from Covid.

While Rubicon lays out the issues clearly enough, it’s in many ways only an update to the government control (and subjugation of the Electorate) that was contained in the early book by Leonard Lewin “Report from Iron Mountain on the Accessibility and Desirability of Peace.:”  Which is  a whole $1.99 for Kindle.

The problems are the same at any “moment of crisis.”  As it doesn’t matter a lot whether the crisis is genuine, or as with the Gulf of Tonkin II lies, or the rationale for expansion of Ukraine warfare is honest, or not.

There is an agenda in play and it’s simple-enough:  We are in the period familiar to long-time Peoplenomics subscribers called the “Manufacturer’s Resource” wars.

These will – out of mathematical necessity as my DSP/PhD pal Jas notes – have to continue until a systemic equilibrium is re-established for a much lower population over a wider range of technologies.

Ruppert’s Rubicon is the “differentiate diagnosis” of a kind of global cancer.  His “Confronting Collapse” is an attempt to frame the denial processes ahead.

Since we love problem solving templates, we can see the world as just not becoming aware that the attending physicians are having a conference about (world residents) and we fear the worst upon their return to announce findings.  The useful read here will be “On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss

Because that’s how the world will likely fare as we move into an increasingly bounded future. Stages of Loss.  We’re pretty sure that Failure of Money, Failure of Energy, Failure of Leadership, Failure of Hope, and Failure of resources will be staged ahead.

We already see (after Ruppert’s denial work) how the ongoing collapse of Bitcoin and the Crypto’s began to work out this week.

The horrific policies of the Biden administration have – for now – virtually guaranteed famine and energy shortages.  Victoria Nuland and the serial war neocon crew are pressing hard to sell the Bad Vlad scapegoat.  Even as the megalomaniacs within the EU and NATO attempt to hornswoggle and bribe a “second tier of NATO” into existence.

Desperate politicians in desperate times will “screw the pooch and sell the pups” to get further along the intractable timeline.   Negligently leaving America’s borders open, to ensure calamity at home will follow.

The upside?  We will move in the coming half-dozen years, or so, into the 1974 Club of Rome report (*and Georgia Guidestones) 500-million global population level – where equilibrium is thought to live.

The problem has changed a bit, though most in media haven’t read the more recent 2016 “One Hundred Pages for the Future: Reflections of the President of the Club of Rome.”  At $73-bucks for Kindle the agenda may be safely published in plain view.  Only the inductees at Davos are likely to be new readers.

The Sheep don’t read, let alone think deeply on what they have.

Diamond: Book of Jared

Quite literally.  Two books by the legendary historian Jared Diamond figure into our thinking around here.  “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” was a real cornerstone for us.

The first couple of chapters relate to change and farms.  Since we had already made a commitment to going rural when Collapse came out (2011 for paperback) it was really more confirmation than anything.

The second chapter is a kind of comparison with farms, survival, and society, during earlier times and in other places of collapse.

Then Diamond roles with a second collapse-themed book:  His 2019 “Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis.”  Again, we are awed by his scope.  But I was left a biy “hungry” in the sense that he doesn’t zoom down to the population/energy equation as much as I would have preferred.

A richer template might have been Joseph Tainter’s discussion of how the Anasazi of the American Southwest were driven to amalgamation and extinction by the arrival of desertification.

Chapter 3 (“Study of Collapse”) in The Collapse of Complex Societies (p.52) is where the Anasazi discussion picks up).

However, it’s not a fault of Diamond in any way; it’s that his job (in history and anthro) is to observe and report events in situ rather than trace back to causative roots. Which is why this deep discussion today.  People need to wake the fuck up a bit and figure out how The World is going to tackle this monumental problem.

The Book of Jas

The third touchstone this morning was a delightful conversation with my (deflationist) pal Jas Jain.

For newish readers, when comes to pushing out numbers, with the exception of Howard, Jas is without peer in data.  A PhD in digital signal processing and an armload of patents for a company whose name rhymes with Crisco who is now retired and living out at the “end of the string in a (once) golden state.

Jas is smart.  When he labels America as a land born and bred Dopes, there’s reason for his views.  I won’t be able to reduce his insightfulness to a quote – our discussions are much broader than single-issues.

But being retired – and with a keen interest in history – his lookahead view is worse than horrific.

  • We are only at the very beginning of collapse now.
  • Policies that are killing energy and food are likely to turn recession in Q3 into Depression.  That’s not only because of drought but also because of unfunded future liabilities.
  • Sure, when the stock market is going up, retirement funds (like CALPERS for example) can proudly boast how smart they are.  But when – paraphrasing here – “As tech blows over and change roars through the economy, how will public pensions around the country fund themselves?” he wondered.  The simple answer is they won’t and they can’t.

Overnight, a follow-up email places much of the blame on the US Fed:

“Executing a Soft-Landing May be Beyond Our Control” 

That is the latest blabber from the mouth of Chairman Powell. He knows, just like BoE, that it is impossible to control the inflation without the recession, especially under the current conditions. He is signaling the stk mkt that mkt going down is part of the price of controlling the inflation after he was six months late in tackling the problem because he wanted to get reappointed, which he did in January, before he started to tackle the problem in earnest. Politics of power results in bad bad things.

A BAD political system guarantees bad outcomes!”

And, in case you haven’t noticed, we have a real “shit-for brains” political system where both parties have been hijacked by financial interests, but of course that part is self-evident.

The only question – and this really harks back to the first two chapters of Jared Diamond’s book comparing farm and rural collapse over history – is how the bulk of Americans will fare.

We talked extensively over lunch back in 2005, or so, when we were “doing our Burbank studio” period.  We outlined the general strategy the “data was driving us to consider.”

Its worked out well – and again to paraphrase (because I’m not that smart) Jas had some forward estimations to consider:

“I figure where you and Elaine are, your risk of attack and losing it all to marauding gangs will be maybe 5-percent.  Out here (in the golden state) where I live – I’m the last house at the end of the road – I figure my risk is about 20 percent.  But people who live in core cities?  They are likely in the 70 percent and higher risk category when the Depression really settles in – say 2023.”

I can’t argue with him.  The data is there, and the data is robust.  Jas is without a doubt expert in pulling “signals out of noise” and figuring out what they mean.

He wrapped up – and again paraphrasing – with the view that:

“When the money dries up – probably next year – people will have no idea how to cope.  You’ll see defined benefit plans failing.  Pensions will have to sell stocks and bonds to raise enough money to fund retirees.  That will lead to a huge wave of home sales as the market implodes.  ,And when government Social Security has to be cut, people will have to find new ways to live.  No one is ready for it.”

Yet, for more than 20-years, that’s what this site has been all about.  Another Housing bust is coming.  Selling now and renting is nothing to be dismissed.

The Gray Cardiff  Housing bubble book (1979) was a major warning.  But now, in Chuck Marunde’s book “The Coming Real Estate Crash in 2022: Avoid Buying or Selling At Precisely The Wrong Time” we can see how millions of Americans will likely lose their life’s work.

Just this morning, NPR is sounding the alarm in Home prices could fall in some cities following sharp increases.

When the economy fails now, so will the income needed not just to make the mortgage payments, but also the taxes and utilities as well.  Unless you have anticipated and followed our recommended track preached here for 20+ years.

Downsize and downscale ahead of time.  There will be only minor adjustments from there.  And your economic worries will relate to whether a handful of national banks fail and whether the Treasury can keep the financial underpinnings of America intact.

Now we’ve gone and put another Peoplenomics length thinking piece out there.

Oh, should mention BTC hyped it’s (buy the dips, dips!) way back over $30,000 overnight.  But even though Coinbase Customers Sue Over Stablecoin That Was ‘Anything But’ the reality is the only ones to get rich when the lawyers come out is what?  Other lawyers. Still, can’t blame people for being mad when they realize they’ve been played for fools and suckers.

We have used the phrase digital tulips for how long now?

Summarizing the Future

A strong rally is due at the open this morning.  Nothing would thrill (or scare) us more than a day-long rally kicking off from these levels:

My orange target zone isn’t going anywhere until we have a rally above the lower trend line.  Again, in the pipe dreams in lieu of rational thinking department, a hard sell-off early next week and then a playable rally into options next week would really make our number.

Might even work into Memorial Day after that. Since pre-holiday rallies are a common enough feature of markets.  But, we shall see – this is never advice.

Trade Cost Numbers

Too early for Sanction Idiocy to really impinge on the Hopium smoking, but here we go just out:

“U.S. import prices were unchanged in April, after increasing 2.9 percent in March, the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics reported today. Higher nonfuel prices in April offset lower fuel prices. Prices for U.S. exports
advanced 0.6 percent in April following a 4.1-percent increase the previous month.


The price index for U.S. imports was unchanged in April, after rising 6.8 percent over the first quarter of
2022. U.S. import prices have not recorded a monthly decline since the index fell 0.4 percent in December
2021. Prices for U.S. imports advanced 12.0 percent for the year ended in April, down from the 13.0-percent
increase recorded last month. (See table 1.)

Fuel Imports: Import fuel prices declined 2.4 percent in April following a 39.2-percent increase from
December to March. The decrease in April was the first 1-month drop since the index fell 7.7 percent in
December 2021. Lower petroleum prices in April more than offset higher natural gas prices. Despite the
decrease in April, import fuel prices rose 64.3 percent over the past 12 months. Petroleum prices fell 2.9
percent in April, after advancing 19.4 percent the previous month. In contrast, natural gas prices increased
6.8 percent in April following a 9.5-percent decline in March. Petroleum and natural gas prices rose over the
past year, advancing 63.0 percent and 102.2 percent, respectively.

trade costs

Next month bears watching and sanction impacts will roll in harder but the strong dollar (for as long as the Fed has balls to raise rates) will offset a bit.  Bets?

Next week should be a lot of fun.  Retail Sales Tuesday will be a real canary in the coal mine.

In the Shorts

NATO’s land grab (*Sweden) will put more pressure on Putin to go nuclear.  Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Kyiv holds war crimes trial for Russian soldier; Sweden eyes NATO benefits. But when you get through the (ast. sec state for NuWars fog): In Sweden, misgivings over rushed debate to join NATO.  It’s the bum’s rush, oh my.

Liberals defending the wrong borders continues.  A border security expo in Texas echoes another exposition 5 decades ago.  Ukraine means more than Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, does it?  US Border Patrol budget is $4.9 billion.  And Buyed-dem wants $33 billion for Ukraine?  FMTT. Vote ’em all out!

Do-overs for losers are here:  Daywatch: Illinois will stop collecting debt from students who have been ticketed for truancy – Chicago Tribune

Climate Hysteria and X-Class Fears

All overblown if you can read charts:

Planet X…blah, blah, blah.  Hysteria sells, though…

Table Walk Delayed: Elon Musk says Twitter deal ‘temporarily on hold’ | AP News.

Off to rock the weekend.  Peoplenomics tomorrow – and ShopTalk Sunday – see you then.

Write when you get rich,

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66 thoughts on “Collapse: Readings from Jas, Jared, and Michael”

  1. “U.S. import prices ”

    Yesterday I bought some new, Made in India sheets for $27.96, regularly $190.00.

    I wonder what the import price was for the sheets. Just make it up.

    • Markup between the producer and retailer is usually around 1400%, since every intermediary in the product’s journey takes a cut. With that said, a successful retailer runs foremost on volume and stuff that doesn’t move becomes a drag on the system. That cubic foot (or so) of shelf space those sheets occupied, becomes a cubic foot of space from which the retailer isn’t making money, and eventually a space that’s costing money. The retailer paid somewhere around $35 for that sheet set. They’re taking the loss of profit on it to clear space for something that’ll move.

    • Petroleum import prices have got to be up.

      72 bones to fill the Camry today. Plus a quart of oil. Six more ducats on a quart of oil. Must be close to $100 for an SUV/full size car.

      The SUV crowd will 1st reduce their driving then reduce their vehicles to subcompact SUVs like the Toyota Cross. Gas prices have room to go up.

      I figure at about $12.00 gasoline the suburbs start collapse. Old apple orchards and cornfields filled with empty houses.

      • My Highlander hybrid broke 20mpg for the first time (I’ve owned it 6mos) with this last tankful. 22.6, baby! I dunno if its issue was Midwestern “winter gas” or if it simply couldn’t handle the cold, but that’s +6.0mpg.

        With that said, it took months to get a Ford 5.4, but my Expedition will be back on the road in a month or two and when it is, the Yota will get parked.

        Although I predicted $7/gal gas by August, 2022, that was merely based on the Biden Administration jacking with the money supply. Since the Administration is also pursuing other ways & means of tanking the economy and destroying the U.S., your $12/gal is entirely possible by 8/23 and $20/gal is possible by 8/24 — assuming any of us are alive to read the pump prices by then…

      • Ray – I wonder if that’s what happened to my wife’s Jeep Wrangler? We bought it late last year and its fuel mileage stayed solid at about 17.1 mpg or so up until recently when it started marching up past 20 and beyond. We haven’t done anything to it other than have the brakes worked on and I replaced the gas vapor “pump”, as it’s called, that gives the “fuel tank gas cap loose” code, other than that I don’t even think we’ve changed the oil yet. Certainly not griping about it but there must have been a fuel recipe change somewhere along the way. What really didn’t make sense, though, was back in the Winter whenever I had to romp on it to pass someone … the fuel mileage went up. Weird. And it’s not like something’s mounted incorrectly in the system since the fuel lasts the appropriate amount of time for each tank full.

      • @Bill

        Different parts of the country get different formulations (for both petrol and diesel) at different times of the year.

        We get cold winter diesel, which stays fluid down to about 55 below. My Jetta will get 29/36 on that stuff, where it’s 49.9 all summer long on warm weather brew.

        The Upper Midwest has 5 generic “boutique blends” of gasoline, the Lower Midwest (and I believe most of the rest of the country) has 6 or 7. The Californicators had 16 the last time I checked, which was ~10 years ago. They may have more, now (CARB is a bitch.) The different blends are to compensate for different altitudes and local average relative humidities, as well as temperature. Most of our blends are designed to maximize efficiency; CARB’s are designed to minimize sulfurous and NOx emissions.

        I’m guessing winter petrol has some of the same optimization issues as winter diesel…

    • LOL LOL LOL WELL @Out Of Work Steve…..I had a similar thought a few years ago.. I went to buy a bedroom set on sale.. the cost was 1800.00 with it I got the solid cherry I believe bed Frame..head board and foot board.. the lang chest of drawers with mirror, the Highboy, The lingerie chest.. or batchelors chest.. the blanket chest and an armor… with hard board knock out to change it into an entertainment center.. ALL Made in China.. the wood was harvested from Austrailia shipped to china .. then made.. the outfit is top notch to.. brass hardware.. dust covers for the drawers…. oh and a lamp stand.. almost forgot about the lamp stand as I sit here looking at it.. LOL…then shipped to the USA and handled.. shipped across the usa to the wastelands and then displayed..shipped to my door and assembled..
      So.. that was in 93 .. what did that unit cost.. working as one of my hats making cabinets.. I couldn’t go to the hardware store and buy the hardware to put on it for the price.. much less what was in it.. at that time I was buying whole sheets of veneered ply for thirty dollars..
      I think of the year I bought everyone an MP3 player.. I paid a penny a piece for them.. shipping was thirteen dollars.. the same unit was selling for a hundred dollars.. I get my cpap mask.. ( usually shipped from Russia or china) the same mask made and sold everywhere here for two fifty .. with hose for under twenty.. covid has had those prices increased.. I use dust masks to.. get a case of them for five dollars..
      Medications are on one a hundred thousand times more here than it is in canada.. YUP.. We have to let the company recoup the research money that WE gave them..
      I was curious over the cabinet shops ability to be so successful.. well during the many years there.. I had the summer clean up duty.. and a big bunch of the boxes.. I had to clean and move.. was the yearly reports.. I skimmed though them and it became obvious how it was.. later I asked a son of the big man.. and he said.. yup he got the inspiration on how to run the business .. by….. THE WAY CANADA BUDGETS THEIR MEDICAL SYSTEM…… they take the previous years expenses.. divides that by units.. then adds the increased material costs .. then tacks on the years labor costs plus ten percent..
      ingenious isn’t it.. that way if your paying two hundred bucks a night room at the hospital.. that is the cost plus.. in Canada.. that is taken in taxes I believe.. which has what everyone thinks huge tax bites.. but seriously if you consider how its all split up.. they pay way less than we do..
      I always expected how it would go.. in the USA would be similar.. tax everyone .. for medical.. then to keep the big name guys busy.. sell individual luxury insurance plans.. want reconstructive surgery.. there is a plan..
      The down side to the system is.. its worked similar to the VA healthcare system.. at three thirty everyone bolts.. and a skeleton crew is there.. then having all those lucrative holidays.. not as many as congress but hey can’t have everything.. lucrative insurance the golden goose of federal insurance.. and school loans are forgiven.. one reason why new or older doctors quit private package and go to work at a govt. run facility.. I give a couple of them that I know guff all the time over it..
      The good point about that is.. no stupid doctors orders.. yup.. around here a doctor writes a stupid order the nurse has to call them.. no matter what time of day it is.. doesn’t matter if your getting a little trim before bed.. you are on call.. with the canadian system similar to the VA health care system.. the doctor on call can treat.. the primary can reassess the situation during clinic hours.. no heated exchanges threatening night nursing staff.. no tossed charts at the nurse..
      Now if the VA and the Canadian system worked it like a business instead of govt… agency.. then it would be more efficient.. but you need to be able to enjoy poinsettia day don’t of the most important holidays to have off..

  2. Peak oil again? Really?
    Remember, expats, that if the USA collapses, the Social Security payments stop.
    Malthusians always have a market because FEAR SELLS. They just extend their trend lines and ignore the possibility that externalities will intervene. Not knowing what those external developments will be and when they will happen – relying on the old “invisible hand” – instills uncertainty and fear.
    If you say you have faith, then LIVE IT.

    • “Remember, expats, that if the USA collapses, the Social Security payments stop.”

      dollar implodes.. the country has a hard boot up.. all services are over with.. no fire departments no schools no road repairs no social security.. nothing.. it all starts from scratch..
      That is exactly what had Greece’s elderly dumpster diving for food.
      . and young women selling their bodies to feed their kids a can of soup. I am a mormon and the mormon church has a welfare system.. yet this is only for a few.. one young lady I know that had told me what she was going through had to do just that.. I told her not to let her consience destroy who she is.. she was one that I helped one year with a helping hand up on to her feet.. I didn’t know she was a member of my ward till I was in sunday school and she walked in..I think she was afraid that I would tell everyone and she would be judged…. It is still that way in zimbabwe and argentina.. and belize.. not to mention many many more areas.. one out of five college ladies will and do trade their personal time and friendship for help with book purchases or living arrangements.. to heck with the college boys that want that time for a whopper and a coke..
      to spend a few quality hours with someone older going to the museum or doing some other activity.. will save them millions in comparison.. want to change it.. then make education affordable.. I tell all the kids.. go to oxford for an education.. if your serious about learning.. then go to some more stringent schools.. american schools are mostly party time.. activities.. other countries are serious about their education.. india has a couple of really good schools.. can’t remember their names.. so does china.. but an american student wouldn’t ever make it there..
      During the Reagan Recession.. I worked day labor.. a day here or a day there.. a week most were just a day or two.. there was a thing called barter systems.. you traded what you know in exchange for trades they had.. cheese for milk.. as one.. chickens for eggs..
      I did graphics.. and whatever else I could do physically.. that is what pulled greece out of the hole to.. a secretary is still a secretary.. a plumber is still a plumber..

  3. For years I have listened to our political leaders who lead this nation and wonder, who the hell are they talking to ?? As if addressing the people but there has seemed to be (something else?) woven into the speech, “giving report” to some other entity who are in control.

    Never, has this been more blatant than in Joe’s missives and, there are many. Example:

    “The strength we built is inflation”

    Incredibly, some people down here in the trenches cheer this … guess they don’t realize THEY are in a the trenches too. Guess they’re brainwashed to hate prosperity, who the f*ck knows? – taking their hatred for the orange guy way too far. – dumping what gives them their livelihood for poverty and, supporting the left side of a war between two other countries just because the new guy says to. – Not seeing the threats to themselves by doing so … or maybe they do, and think they’ll die martyrs for the cause or some shit. Insanity, on an amazing level.

    Who gets stronger by all this “built” inflation? (Certainly NOT the people who inflation is being imposed upon.) Who was Joe reporting to?

    Who ever it is, knows the Guide Stones very well.

  4. You haven’t included what effect the “Ones you can not criticize” have on our future. “THE ONES YOU CAN NOT CRITICIZE WILL RULE OVER YOU” and that is their goal.
    The AG, Sec of Treasury, Sec of State, Home Land Security, more than one Supreme Court Justice are “Ones”. How many more positions of “rule”do they need to get before they “Rule”.
    Henry Ford was not all wrong.

  5. “A richer template might have been Joseph Tainter’s discussion of how the Anasazi of the American Southwest were driven to amalgamation and extinction by the arrival of desertification.

    Chapter 3 (“Study of Collapse”) in The Collapse of Complex Societies (p.52) is where the Anasazi discussion picks up).”

    Yo Captin G – you see anything in the above referenced book/chapter that would/could act as road map to todays late stage of US Southwest to Cali ARIDFICATION.
    ?Last time G dog had his peepers checked ? Been day drinking Ure way through the last couple of trading days..?

    Hello -anybody out there still have their heads on their shoulders, out side of their rectums ? ?? How many years has this aridfication been going on, growing gaining in size and severity. How many of the millions of the Peeps(human sheep) living from Texas to SoCAl know how Eat/Forage in the Desert ? How and where to find water – which plants ? Says here not enough protien on the hoof can live in arid desert…surely the main Aquifers in SW are not under severe strain from overuse and pollution, nah nothing to see out West – its all Sunshine and Rainbows when you have unlimited amounts of green ink on cotton toilet paper to Buy all the Water Ure will ever need…aquafina indeed.

    Bottoms Up – Cheers to potable Water .

    • As far as West Texas goes with the current conditions all I’m doing is feeding and watering, watering and feeding. We are reducing the number of head and getting out of the cattle business when the calves are bigger even in light of the nice rain we got last night. Goats may be thin but they fair well enough to survive in these conditions and as long as their prices stay high they’ll keep a lot of ranchers’ heads above water … so to speak. Our main thing to watch out for is that we make sure the “keepers” on pasture enjoy the benefits of those we send to market as we extend our overall survival time by one day at a time. We were doing “Dave Ramsey” before he was so the only thing we have to talk to a bank about is the car payment. Now if we could only get the kids to do that but I think they’re coming around.

      The extent of this drought has to be measured by how bad it can really get and the worst drought in modern memory was that of the 50s. The book “The Time it Never Rained” by Elmer Kelton was written about those times and I fully intend to re-read it. What’s different now is the number of people that have moved out to the subdivided old ranches, built McMansions – some even with pools for crying out loud! – and sank wells that are drying up now. There is a water system that some are on which extends North and South of us many miles but with that amount of water being sucked out this old desert it will find it’s bottom, too, just as those that have individual wells. I simply shake my head in wonder at how the real estate agents duped so many into moving out here. NO one thought about water?? Marfa, TX is going to experience the same thing eventually so I’d find that greater fool to buy you out as soon as possible. Between the financial debacle George keeps describing and the drought I can see a lot of homes being walked away from as this mess progresses. To me they’re just carbuncles on the land. Whatever wealth effect the people are feeling will soon go away, especially since they just sent out the new tax assessments.

  6. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like I’m standing in line to ride a barrel over a big water fall.

    Remind me again why I signed up for this? It’s getting harder to remember…

    • Roll wit it! Maj – you know the drill.. Gotz to keep moving, ride the crests, avoiding the troughs – stay and be positive, remember to stop and laugh about something on the regular..onwards & upwards..

      Positive and happy NRG attracts What In 2 Ure life ! Ure the main attraction !

      Rock that f-Iing waterfall with a triple kiss ass backwards blaster of a flourish.


  7. No doubt our country and way of life are collapsing. As an individual, there’s not much to do to stop it but you can do your best to be as resilient as you can and do what you can to help your neighbor. You may need their help when the zombies show up at your door soon.

    Stay safe. 73

  8. King Cannute was a student of Elliott Wave too George. Careful about making declarations about cryptos.

    Elon is holding and that dude is super buisness savy.

    • Andy,

      Elon must be a friend of Merlin to make Tesla USA income taxes disappear to zero. Unfortunately the magic spell didn’t entirely pass the sniff test at the Shanghai factory. Still a 10% tax rollback from China corporate code has to be considered a sweet deal in today’s baksheesh world.

      Uh-oh…SEC Form 10-Q, page 11: tax years 2015 to 2018 “are under examination by the IRS”…

      • Yeah — not necessarily because Musk did anything wrong, but because he’s threatening to turn Twitter into an honest social platform. The U.S. is a fascist State, and has been one for many years. The corporate-government partnership has merely become blatantly-obvious over the past dozen years or so. The folks who hold power in D.C. can not allow an honest media outlet with access for all, because if certain topics were broached, people in the States (and elsewhere) might begin to realize how screwed we all are, and that we’ve visited it upon ourselves…

  9. I’m always mindful of the tide and time. The Lunar calander is by far the most accurate. Only lost 17 seconds in 20,000 years.

    The fella said to me the other day. Look. 100% chance of rain in Seattle according to the weather. I never seen it say 100% chance of rain. So I said what I always say. I spose we will see what THE DUDE says about that.

    Yesterday I packed up my office. It was storming outside. Black clouds and pouring down rain. I mean dark black clouds. Just dumping rain. I have this giant picture of a Male Lion that hung behind my desk. King of the Jungle. Everyone in the businesses around me and who i do buisness knows me as that Lion. Lol

    I sat it by the door to put it in my car and went to go piss. When I stepped out. The rain immediately stopped. The clouds parted and the sun shined down. I put it in my car and by the time I got all my other personal stuff in my car it was sunny and blue skies.

    All the people in the business surrounding my office came out and said wow! The sun came out! That whole storm instantly went away. I shrugged and said, THE DUDE knows more about the weather than anyone I spose.

    And i remembered. I’m just a fellow traveler through space and time in this place. This is not my world. I’m just a pilgrim here. And when it’s storming and dark and looking miserable and the weather man is saying. Told ya so!!!! Im mind full of King Cannute. Because The Moon controls the tide. And even though the wave counts say one thing? That doest mean the tide is not rising.

    Its been sunny ever since. Blue skies this morning. I’m not the weather man nor a King, nor the Moon. I’m just andy.

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

    The song I played the day I walked off the ship, USS America (aircraft carrier).

    My first day as a Civilian.

    Cue: ~ Unchained ~

    Van Halen

      • Wherever THE DUDE decides to take me. That is where I will go. Could be on the field running the Seahawks game security which I’m being romanced about? Standing on the grid iron next to Pete Carroll. Could be living in Fiji on a sailboat? Could be in Palm Desert, Ca again. Could be grabbing gears and hauling dirt? Could be off to get married to Sheryl Crow and boarding a G6 jet to Paris? Could be living in my car? I could be hanging with Katy Perry on her living room couch, eating lucky charms out of a Tupperware bowl with a soup ladle, Watching sponge Bob in my sweats at 10am on a Sunday.

        If you ever want to hear THE DUDE laugh? Tell HIM your plans. Hahahaha

        I don’t worship signs and wonders. They are just the language of creation. I’m having a dialog with THE DUDE, and since this is all HIS creation and universe? I take a step back, pause, motion with my hand and say after YOU DUDE. Wait a few minutes and see where HE takes me.

        With the storm stopping as I walked out the door. I understand I’m going the right direction.


      • D’Lynn, THE DUDE and HIS ways are the only 100% in this place. I choose to let Him lead.

        Ya see if I learned seek to solve an equation or a problem with a problem the problem only doubles. And because like the weather man, I’m prone to error, blatenly obviously lately.

        Hahahaahaha. I let the 100% solution to any equation and problem take the Lead. And when I do that? Before I even arrive at the equation or problem, it’s solved. The only time I make any mistakes is when I’m stepping ahead of the solution to all problems thinking i know the answer.

        It is there, a mistake goes from failure to wisdom. :)

        See ya soon D’lynn. Depending upon the weather. Hahaha

    • My theory,, we base time on heavenly bodies movements, the movements are not constant, off by 17 sec in 20,000 years, is a rate of change to the body you measure time by, everything is in flux and in motion.
      repetition is boring, lets US change it UP,, Pi is constant, but I can’t put a number on it.
      Off to the next adventure, you WILL do well, keep us informed, I have to go now to put gold in the ground today,, Yukon Gold taters

  10. Why George, what has gotten into you. Saying nice things about a hard core leftie like Ruppert? Next think you know we will hear you admitting that anthropogenic climate change is more than weather.
    It must be hard for you, clinging to your libertarian orthodoxy, as we see the oligarchs suck us all dry in the name of free markets. Dig a bit deeper and you might find that those same oligarchs killed JFK in order to further their neocon agenda. And then, these PR wizards inflicted us with Ronnie Ray Gun who pretty much ended the New Deal and freed the oligarchs from any share of the collective tax burden.
    Yes, both parties are to blame. But now, the question is where to live as your beloved West is sucked dry of water, and the nuclear fallout begins to rain.
    The migrants you rail about are escaping the destruction of the globally warmed south. Lots more coming. There is no nice answer, but snuggling next to your guns probably won’t be a long term solution. Yes, getting food into the ground and working your ass off to grow it is part of the answer, but we need a new version of the CCC to make that happen on a socially relevant scale.

    • Oh, boy, Dan, nice critical commentary, got any of your own ideers?

      You live where you are led.

      You pray for rain.

      Not too many years ago, after prayers, the whole state of Texas had rain for 2 weeks and every single LAKE became FULL. This was after a SEVERE drought.

      We are not licked yet!

      WE pray for all and WE prepare.

  11. Echoing the theme of Paul Kennedy’s ‘87 historical tome “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers,” America launched off of her tremendous industrial power and rode the wars of the 20th Century to become the top dog among major world powers. Kennedy predicted at the time of publication that the economic tax burden of military production over time, without providing new colonies/allies, assets or resources, would eventually lead to America becoming a lesser power, much as the United Kingdom did in the mid-20th Century. His thesis has proven to be quite accurate. We need look only at Iraq, Afghanistan, the Ukraine and soon Taiwan for affirmation, amplified by domestic inflation, diametrically opposed and ineffectual political parties whose primary skill set appears to be increasing the tendency for American society to splinter into disaffected and conflicted groups, each wishing to receive special treatment over the others. There is little of substance to ‘unite’ Americans. Political parties drive wedges instead of building bridges. And the MSM focuses almost exclusively on conflict, on fear, and not cooperation. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” (Yoda) And so suffer we shall. “Now, mattes are worse!” (Obi Wan)

    • “the MSM focuses almost exclusively on conflict, on fear, and not cooperation. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

      Pretty well nails it WH. This cancer of conflict has been growing for years. Both parties, the MSM and social media spill hatred and vitriol without realizing the consequences or more likely knowing the consequences! Not sure there is any glue holding the nation together anymore.

      I expect the summer of 2022 on the streets of America will make the summer of 2020 look like a peaceful picnic.

      Hatred is destroying us.

      • Maybe I am bias, but I only see one party trying to spread hatred and division. The other party though does nothing to counter the others advances. I am have little liking of the republicans as they also do nothing but nibble at the edges in attempting to fight the growth of the state. But democrats actively support dividing us by a physical characteristic, encourage the people to rely on the state, support the criminal classes (illegal immigrants and rioters). They actively encourage the people not be accountable (especially themselves) for their decisions (student loan debt). They seem to hate children (abortion and grooming). Both parties can be bad, but one is straight up trending evil.

      • “I expect the summer of 2022 on the streets of America will make the summer of 2020 look like a peaceful picnic. ”

        I agree. Based on Castreau’s antics, “America” may mean “North America” and not just the United States.

        Be safe, wary, and aware…

    • See, you are on to something….but as mentioned in an earlier comment from someone else, it’s the ones we cannot mention that are behind all that; they took out England while they funded, planned, and destroyed Germany, Japan, and many other countries.

      Tear em down; build em up, make the seat of power MOVE across the earthly system.

      Works like a CHARM.

      All you are seeing is a repeat of the formula. Of course, it was always in the cards for America to devolve to a third-world country; can’t have a sovereign strong America where Freedom Reigns. America has been gutted, fleeced, plucked and stuffed, and will soon be set adrift to sink or swim.

      What are YOU going to do? Sink or Swim?

  12. Lol. Right I posted that. I stood out side my soon to be old office like I always do first thing with a cup of coffee and s smoke. To see what the world is telling me today. And golden 4 door truck drove by me and the guy in the back seat smiling ear to ear is waving his hand at me.

    Hmmmmmm. Wonder what that means? Lol

    As predicted, I got go get busy being about it.

    Always a pleasure George. Thanks again

    • I have to wonder if you ever think about that commercial produce transport job you walked away from? Steady work and free veggies. You might have gotten yourself a DC freezer and a freeze drying rig to complement. Happy motoring, nonetheless.

      • I have a meeting tomorrow at the Sounders game with the head lady who took me out to dinner a while back. I noticed something on thr Mariners game opener when she let me in the gate. Similar in nature to when I was tool concert. Where I stood while the show played.

        It is interesting to me I stood at the gate could not get in then she came and opened the door and after I walked in. I was surrounded by boxes with one written on them. Hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of boxes with one word written on every single word on them. One single word: Success.

        Her and another higher up there fella asked me to come to the Sounders game tomorrow to talk about a position tomorrow morning at 11am. I said okay. I willing to listen to what you have to offer.

        They think the company I work for is a fool to let me go. And I said, I learned alot. It taught me alot about me, leadership, being a servant leader. Overcoming situations, circumstances and events. Personality conflicts and noticing myself when I was exhausted to motivate others when they were exhausted and being a cheerleader for some people who never had anyone believe in them. If the owner is willing to let me go, I’m ready to move on. It’s just buisness. I don’t say anything bad about him or the place I’m leaving. It prepared me for the next level.

        I have ideas and really good ones. I keep them close and I don’t speak of them to anyone. I could incorporate them if I had the capital to do so. Until THE DUDE provides that capitol? I keep them between HIM and me.

        I have been told lately over 1000 times in the last month. Congratulations! You worked hard. You deserve this. And I haven’t done anything or seen what it is yet.

        Over 100 people have asked me lately, “why don’t you start your own buisness?” Because I’m waiting on the capitol to do so. That is not my department, that department is THE DUDE department. If HE wants it to be so, it will be so.

        I have talents I have never used before. I haven’t had the opertunity to do so.

        A Crow landed on the powerline yesterday next to me. Normally they say caw caw caw. This one seemed to laugh and do this little word chip thing next to me as it looked right down at me. And laugh. I laughed because it was so unexpected. Like it was trying talk in human to me. Then chuckled to itself. I’m like Hi, hope you day is good Mr black bird. I appreciate you stopping by and even though I didn’t understand a damn word ya said. I heard ya laugh. And I appreciate you trying to communicate with me. And I laugh at my own jokes too. Hahah.

        I forgot about that fella who has the same first name and owns the largest organic farm in California. Wonder if I still have his phone number on an old phone. Maybe I will call him and see how he is. Nice fella.

        So we will see. Today I rest. That is important. When your making waves. You push push push. Then let it come to you. So I’m letting it come to me.

        Thanks for the thoughts tho. We will see what THE DUDE says about it. That is where I’m at.

      • You the coolest part about all that was n__? Not meeting the stars or any of that. The coolest part was. I got an opertunity to work in a field I had never worked in doing something I had never done.

        I got handed and office that was second from the bottom in the nation. During a pandemic where nobody could get anyone to come to work. I didn’t run one job add except on my personal Facebook page (which I just shut down the other day) I hired over 300 people in 8 months without running a single Craigslist or indeed advertising or any of that. Simply by word of mouth. And where most office for that company have a staff of 4 people working in them and are making $40k a month. I was in my office by my self and I turned almost $200k last month. With no support staff. I had 2 staffing coordinators one lasted 2 weeks and quit because it’s super fast environment and the other lasted a month got a settlement from a car accident and bounced. I took that office from second to last place by myself to number 4 in the company out of over 50 different branches. Number two in the PNW region. The number one office has 4 people plus a manager and the are only making about $3000 a week than me by myself. Infact I helped them make money too by getting them jobs for their workers. I did everything from janitor, receptionist, HR, payroll, manager, cheerleader, accounting, billing, coordinator, invoicing, taxes. Everything by myself with THE DUDE.

        that office on its best month ever only made $42,000 in profit in 15 years of it being an office with 5 people making it happen. I made $200k in a month alone in that office with no support staff.

        In an industry I had never been in before, doing somethingi had never done before.. During a time when you had to show proof vaccination just to go to a restaurant to eat in king county.

        I’d didn’t know I could do that. But it’s true. And if the owner doesn’t want to pay me more to keep me? Because when i started gas was $3 a gallon and its almost $6 now.

        Thanks for the experiance. Here is my 2 weeks. And i learned alot. I appreciate everything. Good luck to you. Pretty simple. I dont say anything bad about them or anything. It was a good experience and i learned alot about me.

        I know there is alot of other people who noticed that I did what I did, that nobody could do in King County could do. Which was get people to go to work for them. Those people who notivedd? They want me on their team. So we will see what they offer me to come do the same for them.

        Pretty cool stuff really.

      • And please don’t take that a pride thing. It’s a gratitude thing. I learned alot thank you so much. I didnt know i could do that. I took a while before I made my decision to move on. And I prayed about it and waited for what I should do.

        It wasn’t about throwing a sucker in the dirt. It wasn’t about hey fucker I’m me! It was about I can not afford to live on this salary while I make you tons of money. I need more. He said I can’t do that. I said okay. I understand. I will find something else that pays better. Thanks for everything.

        And THE DUDE answered my prayer, “multiply my reputation in business and success”.

        I even recruited my replacement for that office and I trained her. I did everything with integrity, even the regional manager said, most people run out. You recruited your replacement, trained them, got them up to speed, established them and then gave notice.

        I said just because the owner of the company is who he doesn’t want to retain my services. Doesn’t change who I am. I am that I am. Thank you so much all the best. Reputation is how others see you. Character and integrity is who you really are.

        Really good experience. I learned a lot about me and faith and patience etc etc. :)

      • Someone one walked in before me at the game opener of the Mariners and i was helping someone and on my phone and let the gate closed. They didt hold the door for me and it was someone who worked for me.

        So i knocked on the gate and what I actually said was, “Hey fucker! Come back and open up the gate!” Then the lady who runs stuff out there. Opened up the gate and said Andy! And I hey (I’m not telling her name) thanks for opening the gate! I didn’t mean to call you and she said shhhhhhh! laughed and said Queen Fucker at your service! Welcome to the fuckery of game opener. Its a shit show. So good to see you sir. Come right in. And she bowed.

        And we had a good laugh about that.

        And I walked in and there was stacks and stacks of boxes upon boxes I mean thousands of them and they all had one word that word written on them and I said what are thesee??? the said they are your future Andy! Bobble heads.

        Pretty funny.

        So I hope to have a good interview tomorrow. Lol

  13. Is Twitter vs TruthSocial is like the election?
    Twitter has ballots(bots) and TruthSocial has voters(real people)

    Ya, I know Twatter has real people there, it just seems that Ol’ Elon is making a point!!! Bot Bot Bot it was the most secure selection to date, by computer generated standards.

  14. So.., cobbling this all down into one picture – this will be our last “normal” Summer ?

    • I’m not sure we’ve had a “normal” summer this Millennium. I sure as hell don’t expect this one to be so, because our actual inflation rate is now around 3% per month, and this fact is going to gut-punch about 300mln Americans in the next two months. With Soros paying $1500/wk for head-busters and firebombers, and schools renting out their social and liberal studies kids as “demonstrators,” I expect us to have a doozy of a summer…

  15. George, regarding “One Hundred Pages for the Future:”, is the 2016 book simply a reprint of the original 1981 edition? Is there new info? The original one is available on Abe books for around $17.00 and I’m sure used copies are available elsewhere.

  16. I will bring just a little optimism to the situation on the nuclear side. First, everyone. who has served at some level of the military knows that there is no direct chain of command between the POTUS and the targeting, preparation, and eventual launch (in many different ways) of nukes. In other words, Biden does not get to push buttons or turn simultaneous keys. It’s certainly not at all that simple.

    All militaries have some sort of back channel and I have no doubt that there are back channels going on Between Russian and American commanders. It’s impossible to know this discourse, but you can bet that these people are much more sober than the moron civilians in Washington, DC.

    I suspect that there have already been tacit agreements between the Russian and American military to thwart any attempts of a pre-emptive launch. I also suspect that the military has been ‘dragging an anchor’ in their general disagreement of engaging a US / Russia war in Ukraine (the other countries do not really count – they will not be doing the bulk of the fighting).

    Its a hairy situation and none of us know the outcome, but everyone should know that more sober people are in the chain of launch events – whether its the US Submarine Commander, the Missile Silo Commander, the base or weapons officer in charge at a US Air Base – all of these people play a role and most of them are in no hurry to perhaps see there children’s future be snuffed out. We will see what happens.

    • “You don’t put on a condom unless you’re gonna f¥ck”

      I don’t believe anyone is looking in their night stand for a rubber.

      They NEED people to think they are.

      So that must mean that it’s either propaganda or a business model.

      I vote for business model.

      When arms sales rank #1 worldwide in sales ( illegal narcotics #2 ) were not going to see any less of it. We will see more. But we need a reason.

      Does anybody REALLY think that Putin is prepared to start launching what will SURELY destroy the planet ? He’ll just launch , ya know , 3 maybe 4 , that’s it. The retaliatory strike will be the same. Then , we’re done.

      This “Ukraine thing” has the capability of providing several outcomes.

      Anyone remember Trump taking shit for calling out NATO members for not ponying up 2% of their GDP ? Kind of odd how all of a sudden places like Germany have taken the deep sigh and relented.

      Finland and Sweden finally getting off the toilet and discussing their joining NATO ( aaahh , feels good huh NATO ? Feed the whore ! )

      I even recall many years ago Trump comments about why the US is footing the security bill for rich countries. A little island building from Joes pals , Rocket Man developing ICBM’s and presto ! Nations are finally shelling out the big bucks for defense. Taiwan , the Philippines , S Korea , Japan…etc etc.

      Great for business !

      By the way , getting kicked in the ass doesn’t feel any better if it’s the left foot or the right foot. Seems like that’s all we care about anymore.

      George , forgive me if I missed it , but I haven’t seen much said about how robotics plays into all of this. You’ve previously stated numbers of jobs expected to be lost in so many years. All of those suddenly idle and broke hungry hands will be a factor that needs to be dealt with , no ?

      Okay , shutting up. Blood pressure is on the rise !

  17. I went to the eye doctor today. I asked people if they were growing a garden. No one was. There are supposed to be shortages by late summer I said. “So they say” was the response.

    • Keeping my own counsel has usually turned out to be best. Even if we don’t have mushrooms in the sky, we’ll certainly have wailing and gnashing of teeth from shortages and money losing utility. Growing a garden, maintaining supplies, tools, and knowledge will always matter. Maintaining friendships and relationships is probably the most difficult, yet most valuable work that we’re called to do. Interestingly, Russia will have wheat and fuel for far more than their population due to the stupid sanctions imposed by the west. I’ve never in my lifetime seen such a totally stupid move to weaken ourselves. Now congress is trying to pass a 40 billion dollar “aid” package for Ukraine, and God only knows what’s in it or where the money is supposed to go. My money is on the idea that nobody voting on it really knows since they never read it. 40 billion dollars would go a long way(if not all the way) toward securing our southern border and hardening our electric grid.

      Nothing in politics happens by chance!

      • “Now congress is trying to pass a 40 billion dollar “aid” package for Ukraine, and God only knows what’s in it or where the money is supposed to go.”

        Roughly $32bln to Boeing, Raytheon, GD, etc., in the form of contracts, $7bln to Ukrainian oligarchs, and $700mln for relief for the noncombatants…

    • Hi Eleanor.

      I totally agree with starting a garden. I have as well.

      Reading a different site a couple of weeks back and a question was floated.

      If an average person needs 2500 calories per day , can you get that from a garden ?

      Sure it’s good to supplement your other stores , but my question is what do you grow ? Any suggestions on crops that have viable calorie counts ?

      • If it’s calories you want, you can’t go far wrong with potatoes, corn and blackeyed peas (aka cowpeas in some places). Throw in some green beans, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers to add a little flavor. Strawberries, blackberries, etc. for dessert. But for wheat, you’re gonna need a bigger garden. Probably best to trade for that.

      • Pinto beans. We eat them like green beans and they make the best broth you could ever imagine. Very easy to grow right out of the bag on the grocery shelf.

      • “Any suggestions on crops that have viable calorie counts ?”

        Fruits, nuts, legumes, roots, and grains.

        Nuts are extremely nutrient-dense, legumes (think beans of any sort) and melons are highly nutrient-dense, grains, roots (potatoes, carrots, etc.) and tree-fruits are very nutrient-dense.

        Leafy green veggies provide essential vitamins and nutrients, and roughage, but are virtually devoid of calories.

        Think “trail mix.”

        Trail mixes don’t have a variety for variety’s sake, but to make some things palatable. Homemade trail mixes tend to sacrifice taste for nutrition. A trail mix that’s 70% pinole* and 30% hickory nuts or filberts would probably be around 800 calories per (mansized) handful and incredibly nutritious, and would “last” like granny’s biscuits & gravy, but without the load on your cardiocirculatory system.

        The issue you will have is time-to-food. A nut tree takes 7-9 years to produce its first crop, a fruit tree 4-5, and they’ll be tiny crops until the tree grows to maturity. This is what makes beans, peas, corn, and melons so attractive: Ya plant ’em, and 2-3 months later, you have food. I have a plum, a peach, a fig, and an apple which may produce 1-2 fruit each, this year, but I planted them 4 years ago, and they were 4′ transplants. I have about the same number which won’t, and a bunch of trees which didn’t live out the first season, including an entire cherry grove.

        * Pinole:

        Pinole is parched corn ground into coarse cornmeal. It sometimes has other things added to it.

        Pinole is eaten by mixing two to four tablespoons into a cup of water and drinking it down. (I prefer eating a handful or two, dry, then drinking some water, which is how cowboys and plains Indians consumed it. It’s more-efficient if you’re moving, you can do it a-horseback, and it wastes no time.)

        The advantage Pinole has over plain corn meal is that it lasts much longer in your body. If you eat a bowl of corn meal mush for breakfast, you will be hungry again in three or four hours. With Pinole, it takes your body a much longer time to digest, and it gives you a steady stream of energy over a greater length of time.

        Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, and other long hunters and surveyors used Pinole extensively as a food source. A few pounds could sustain a man in the wilderness for many months.

        “Vegetables” are plants whose leaves we eat.
        “Fruits” are plants whose seed-pods we eat.
        “Grain,” and “nuts” are plants whose seeds we eat.
        “Legumes” are plants which may have both edible seeds and seed-pods.

        The important thing with growing your own food is to obtain heirloom plants or seeds, or those of reproducible hybrids (like the old Hale and Burpee hybrids), because the seeds of these can be planted to grow new plants. Most modern food plants are hybridized or genetically-modified in such a manner that they will only produce sterile seed.

        READ! See what grows best in your climate and soil, and start with these. “Farming,” even if it’s hobby or subsistence farming, is a learning experience. If it is forced subsistence farming however, you can’t afford the learning curve, so plan your “experiments” AFTER you have figured out how to grow enough food to survive. It takes roughly 100’x200′ of efficient garden plot to grow 100% of the food necessary for one person to survive and thrive. This is only important if you’re a hardcore grazer. Those of us who like to burn cow or roast piggie require much, much less space. Generally, if you partake of all food groups, a 10’x30′ plot will feed a family of four (that’s 10×20 for veggies, corn, beans, etc. and 10×10 for 12 melon runs, from which you’ll get two melons, each) for a year.

    • I feel the same way – I am not saying there will not be, but many of us have lived long enough on this planet that we are tired of reacting to non-sense. I am ready to move on to the next dimension should that be necessary.

      This planet is not worth saving – that’s why people don’t seem to care – people at a very fundamental level, even if they cannot articulate it, understand they are slaves on a slave planet.

      Now, why would they want to get all upset about having to perhaps leave the prison system. You are welcome to stay on Prison Earth – if you don’t see it as a penal colony, you ain’t looking!!

      That’s ‘Why?’

      • All of that is because of OTHER people on the planet. The planet, itself, goes through its cycles until the Sun goes nova in a big way, not the mini-novas that have cleaned the Earth’s clock more than a few times. Life always comes back as long as we’re in the sweet spot and have the right atmosphere. We’re on a Goldilocks planet that can be an Eden until some group thinks they can take it all from another. Our real problem is our genes with our programmed instincts.

  18. Good column today, that is if one likes to prepare as much as possible for “bad” news to come. I shared it on my FB page (with link to your site). Yes, sometimes there are a few that actually read the things I post and/or share.

    Mike Ruppert was a personal friend of mine, brilliant guy who also enjoyed sharing a joint and tooling around on dusty mountain roads in my jeep. He is greatly missed.

  19. So, George, first let me say thanks for turning readers on to Mr. Ruppert; you’ve done them a service.
    Question I have for you is, did my post yesterday send you down that particular rabbit trail, or are we looking at some powerful woo-woo?

    May 12, 2022 at 17:41

    When thinking of prophetic books let’s not leave out the late Michael Ruppert and his classic “Collapse”. Wish he were still with us.

  20. Comrades,

    Looks like Mr. Putin is turning off electricity exports to Finland’s Fingrid. Although the power lines might run directly from Russia to Finland, the payment processing is via Nord Pool who won’t payout in roubles. Nord Pool had a big shakeup at the top two years ago when Paris-based Euronext took a majority share. Euronext traces origins back to 1285 in Amsterdam according to Wikipedia.

    The BBC is saying Finland will have no problem replacing the Russian supply cut. However I think that might be based on the happy thinking of continued low pandemic consumption, and a new Finnish nuclear plant going into full service in 2022. It looks like the French technology involved in that has only 1 success in China after a dozen years of trying? No problem, Russia is supposed to be building another nuclear plant in Finland for 2024. Perhaps Amsterdam can send over some prefab windmills to tide things over?

    It might even be helpful if Mr. Biden can send over his walking boot to Finland’s leadership if he is finished with it.

  21. With regard to the large crypto positions being held by otherwise astute individuals, the explanation is simple: when you get too much skin in the game to bail, you wait for a bounce to liquidate. I would do the same, except in this case, I know about games that can only be won by not playing, and terminal stage Ponzi’s are second from the top of that list. The real money has already been made and taken off the table.
    At least one of Ure crypto mark readers admitted after the last crypto dive disaster that he was buying on margin, and narrowly missed a margin call. I have to wonder if that crypto mark learned from the experience?
    I figure the next dive would probably clear the board of margin marks for an extended time period, ’cause anyone who gets caught doing that with OPM is gonna have a tough time securing credit, even if they can cover the call. Creditors know when to fold’em too. Typically it’s on creases in large leg bones.

  22. “both parties have been hijacked by financial interests, but of course that part is self-evident.”

    One of our problems as a society is, it isn’t self-evident for a large segment of the population. Some ignore, some don’t believe, and a goodly number are simply tuned out, either through perpetual escapism or a drug-induced fog…

  23. “And your economic worries will relate to…
    …whether the Treasury can keep the financial underpinnings of America intact.”

    AYFS? If’fn we have to depend on the DotT for our financial survival, we’re so fux0red we’re beyond salvation before the bad stuff even begins.

  24. All this predictive bullsheet . Dates , times , moons , targets . F off fools . Stay short long gold . Leave the other stuff to the 4×2 gurus

  25. God,
    Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot Change,thr Courage to Change the Things I can and the Wisdom to know the Difference.
    Thank you God for my storage of vital supplies, medical skills,knowledge
    of Disaster Medicine and treatment of radiation injuries,as well as Prevention. I pray I also have enough Ammo for future needs..

  26. George,

    I’ve come up with perfect title for a parody song about alt coins: CRYPTO THROUGH THE TULIPS WITH ME. If you come up with the lyrics and music I do a fair Tiny Tim falsetto. It will be great! What do you say?

    Fred from SC

  27. “we have a real “shit-for brains” political system where both parties have been hijacked by financial interests, but of course that part is self-evident.”

    First AMEN… I totally see the same thing.. we are led by droolers..
    to lazy to read anything they vote on.. only care about the babe that some pimp is going to set them up with or the money the pimp can make from using them..
    NOW last house on the left… in the outback..
    there are realitively few that will venture out that way… take BLM and Antifa.. the riots the devistation the rape the totures.. the billions of dollars worth of damage.. yet just a few blocks away.. there are neighborhoods untouched..
    it was clustered.. take our realtor that lives in a neighborhood where things like that are not happening didn’t even know what was going on in his very community.. so in his life the issues of the day didn’t exist…
    it is the same reason why the puppeteers don’t start issues in their neighborhoods and countries.. why should they become a target when someone else can be.. their families and homes are safe from retaliation..
    the damage is in clusters.. only if there is a mass migration will there be any threats .. and by very few.. most people stay where they know.. its easier for a woman that is abused to stay with the abuser because she knows what she has.. and the unknown possibility is so much scarier..

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