Yes.  Climate has been changing ever since the Laurentide Ice Sheet began to pull back from places farther south than Chicago.  St. Louis, perhaps?

Three serious reality checks:  No amount of political hype shuck and jive would have changed the ultra-slow motion melting.

Second reality check:  The world was never intended to support well north of 7.5 billion people.   And as we informed subscribers this week, if there is a major breakthrough in anti-aging medicine, we could be heading well north of 18-trillion humans in short order.

This is also why the Mexican border must continue leaking:  because the inflow of illegal drugs is killing an increasing number of Americans through overdose and suicide.  Two key reasons cited by CDC for the decline in American longevity overall.

So far, the data is abundantly clear:  We can’t buy a “climate answer” and with can’t allow the increasing pop-bomb which, oh by the way, happens to discriminate against Anglo countries which are being over-run by people who couldn’t solve their problems at home.

We desperately need not the lefty political spew but rather a global population problem.  Which we see the left pressing through inityi8atives like late-term abortion.

That’s what the data says.

What’s NOT said is there is another way:  Crash the industrialized world, choking the life out of it with punitive court decisions that will jump costs and crater profits such that the resulting economic decline will continue the roll-over of the lower-middle to a life of despair (ergo suicide) and escape (ergo, the drug epidemic).

But, just in case, here comes a federal court ruling that threatens to collapse the recent progress in American energy development.  You know, the one that has freed us from subservience to the OPEC’ers.

This Obama appointee, and BTW FISA Court member, (connect any dots you care to imagine, lol) is responsible for this gem:  “US judge halts hundreds of drilling projects in groundbreaking climate change ruling.”

Friend, this is legislating from the bench.  Democrats have been doing it for decades, so it’s nothing new.

Thanks to ad-hungry social media, which has been sabotaged with automated public belief-shifting tools, “climate change” has progressed from a very simple engineering problem (limited reproduction) and transition to higher fuel economy cars into a poisonous stew of half-wit ideas championed by political shills who (in turn) massively profit from “climate hysteria.”

Since Everything is a Business Model, we see effort to market gender-change (among other things), destroying the borders, and most recently the outrageous proposal to allow non-citizens to vote.

This “package” of climate, sexual-bending, and tearing down borders, is being foisted on the American middle class which (sadly) doesn’t see it coming.

AS always, the Left is using the Courts in order to further a political agenda.  They’re super-pissed that if Ruth Bader-Ginzberg falters, Trump will be allowed to name another Supreme Court Justice  though with less than two-years to the 2020 president purchase (it’s not an “election” – it’s a buy-off…) the left will be trying to subvert, through whatever means they can think of…right up to and including a restructuring of the High Court to make it easier for the leftists agendas to being law of the land.

It’s all such an elegant replay of 1929 and the balance of the Great Depression, it’s literally sickening.  Last time this “court packing” idea came along?  “Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937.”  Wiki it and you’ll see how it played:

“he Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937 (frequently called the “court-packing plan”) was a legislative initiative proposed by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt to add more justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. Roosevelt’s purpose was to obtain favorable rulings regarding New Deal legislation that the court had ruled unconstitutional.[3] The central provision of the bill would have granted the President power to appoint an additional Justice to the U.S. Supreme Court, up to a maximum of six, for every member of the court over the age of 70 years and 6 months. “

While there’s not really much in the way of “news” going on, we see that an attack of climate hysteria has begun to really “dig-in” and will halt (which means kill) lots of drilling projects.  And, at the same time the Lefty is working to subvert the Courts which is why stories like “Three ways dems want to remake the Supreme Court” demand your utmost attention.

Thank you.

(I should really only write about climate on Sunday’s since it is a full-fledged religion these days.)

The astute reader will have to agree with us, the  fundamental issues afoot in the world haven’t changed.  We still have not figured how to make the capitalist system responsive and able to easily weather economic declines.  We have not recognized that after three children, no more, and we still are not taxing machines that remove job opportunities from humans.

Those are the major roadblocks to a balanced future bad sadly none of the political parties have a clue.

The simple truth is the World is like a big aquarium.  Where the fish keep voting themselves more food to breed more fish.  Religions that promote larger-than-replacement family sizes are, in our view, committing crimes against humanity.  We’re in the midst of a Global Population War…that the Anglos have already lost due to political stupidity…and the courts.

We now return you to a more measured read of human failings.

Fed Kills Rate Hikes

Let’s talk about Immigration Pseudo-Growth. Yes, the Fed decided not to raise rates and we have hinted in our numerous stories about “lower-for-long” (L4L) that this was baked in the case.

But, the real story is the GDP growth rate released in the Fed supporting data out Wednesday because it makes precisely my point.

See the problem?  Projections are that GDP will only grow by 2.1 percent this year.  Then under 2 percent for years after 2019.  That totally sucks.

Bad?  It’s really much worse because we’ve become economically addicted to immigration as a growth-engine, the same way the stooges of the EU got addicted to immigration as “pseudo-growth” – though it’s a winner if you happen to be a bureaucrat.  Let me explain.

First, the population in the US was scheduled to increase 7-10ths of one percent this year.  With the huge inrush from south and central America, though, we’re penciling in a more likely 0.8 percent.  Which means?

When you back out 0.8 percent pop growth from 1.8 percent actual (which is in the range of outcomes next year) what we see is an economy that may grow (absent the immigration bump) about one percent.  This is one reason why we expect markets will falter this year and come tumbling down because working harder to a one percent increase in GDP means that the marginal rate of return is about to go negative.

The defining book on how all this works remains Joseph Tainter’s Collapse of Complex Societies 1ed (New Studies in Archaeology).  Buy the (wildly overpriced) paperback so you will have something to refer to when the web fails.

How does pseudo-growth from immigration work?  Three stages to it appear in my studies:

  1. There is an Initial positive impact.  New arrivals need to buy a place to live,. they need food, and that means some growth as new shops open and so forth.
  2. Then there is growth as the social cost of a competing culture shows up:  More social stress, so here comes ESL funding, here come more bureaucrats to put our hexalingual government documents.  More jobs of ICE *(idiots of the left notwithstanding)
  3. Then comes the institutionalized bump as taxes go up on everyone to pay for all the accrued social costs and with that we begin to pay the social costs.  But as we see with anti-Semitic spewing politicians now going to Washington, there will be pseudo-growth in the political sphere.  Competitive fund-raising and “bidding and buying” of America’s changed future.

One could argue that this is graceful.  We don’t take sides on it, other than to say it’s a damn shame that the really big money in all this will go to lawyers.  But, stripped and sold out by earlier legions of politicians, America is now a land where only weather, sex, and ideas can be monetized.  For everything else?  See China.

See why I’m taking a break and heading for a casino as soon as this is clicked to publish?  Last dance on the Titanic.


Dow futures down 100 said the smiling day-trader who will close a short position before getting “out of pocket.”

Gold’s up nearly $14 bucks because in a no-growth world of equities, other than “accounting trickery earnings” how much money do you figure you can make in a one-percent growth rate economy?

One born every minute, though.  So good luck on finding a Greater Fool to sell to.  Bitcoins were at $4,044 when I checked so a good stock of candidates there.

Philly Fed Data

Just out this a bump in the current activity but a decline in the 6-month view in the data:

Red track is up, black trace is down, following?  Stocks discount the future some months out, so not a constructive report for markets.

Also Worth Knowing

A closer look at New Zealand’s new weapons ban.

Solar and wind firms call the ‘Green New Deal’ too extreme.  D’uh.

And why might I think of this as good news?  (More for moi?) U.S. whiskey exports dry up as tariffs bite.

OK, to the casino after closing a position.  Yee-haw… a few trip notes tomorrow…