The Problem with Immortality

It’s one more “world-ending” threat to consider.  Unlike the odds of a full-on nuclear exchange between parties on the Indian subcontinent, we don’t hear much in the daily fear-mongering about what could happen if the world got too much really good news from the field of medicine.

Rather than monger, though, we’ll look at an area of science where exactly this type of “economic breakthrough” might occur and take it from there.

After a few headlines and such, of course.

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28 thoughts on “The Problem with Immortality”

    • “only our bodies die.”

      My god Okie… You need to take another look at Congress…..I swear their brains and spirits are gone to….

    • Our bodies are part of ourselves, and many might say the are ourselves. Physical immortality may or may not be achievable, but we certainly owe it to ourselves to learn how to prolong our time on earth to the best of our ability, should we wish to do so.

      I do, and wish to keep my health intact as best possible to the end.

  1. If we seek a longer life…governments will step in. Like China the past 30 years, we will have to limit reproduction. People will have a choice prior to having families. Choose long life supplementation…zero or negative population growth family. (2 kids is zero…1 would be negative)Choose family and take your chances? A plus 1 is ok.

    Either way…the world would need to regulate births and that could be problematic…before any of that happens…we need to help rid the world of poverty with programs that elevate status, employment and worth…because that’s where the population growth is coming from. Poor people in 3rd world countries with the inability or lack of education to understand or afford birth control, like rural India, Southeast Asian countries, Africa and Central and South America are adding to our worlds population.

    The best way to control population is to empower women in these countries. According to, and Policy Innovations, a study using data from 219 countries showed that more education equals smaller families. Fewer than one fifth of the world’s countries…the least developed nations, where child marriage is common, girls are less likely to go to school and women lack basic rights… will account for nearly 95% of the worlds population growth this century.

    However, empowering women means controlling many fundamentalist religious beliefs as well. Is that where the US is going with our “war” with ISIS? Is it oil, or is it population growth…or both? Interesting discussion fraught with controversy and morality questions.

    • “If we seek a longer life…governments will step in.”

      My fear Mark…is we are already there…
      We have basically over populated the eat the ability to supply..we’ve taken and not given grown but not produced any means to resupply.
      What scares me is.. What are the great takers planning..
      Even though we are old enough that it shouldn’t concern is.. I’m afraid we will see it..
      Time to go check out the age of desolation site again

    • The greater the population density in any area, the greater the regulations and societal interference. At a sufficient density, totalitarian control is assured. We’re now at the point in global population growth that we may have to seriously consider sterilizing every woman at birth. Sterilizing men is less important, since if there’s even one fertile man around, all the girls can get pregnant. Tubal ligation is reversible to a degree, and egg harvesting is common today. This “Brave New World” approach is not a desirable thing at an individual level, but may be necessary to cut the population down to something reasonable. There are other choices, such as immunization to HCG, which has already happened in the Philippines and Africa. There’s also contagious diseases, starvation and war, though these are sad choices. I don’t have a better idea yet. Is it even right to infest the solar system and beyond with our irresponsible breeding? I admit I’ve already done my share, and my excuse is the same as everyone else’s: “My genes are superior and my kids are smart”. For a perspective, I suggest reading “A Mote in God’s Eye”, a science fiction novel.

      Male contraception is important so that guys can be sure that girls won’t get pregnant from them. Female contraception is important so that they can be sure they won’t get pregnant too. The best combination is for everyone to use contraception unless they’re quite sterile. The sexual imperative far exceeds the reproductive imperative in our world. Outlawing or preventing sex is nearly impossible without segregating the sexes for a fertile lifespan. The only valid choices are finding ways to increase access to hedonic fulfillment while reducing or eliminating the consequences. We can’t expect a world full of nuns and monks. Happy and satiated people are far less violent and generally more compliant.

      We still have little in the way of valid economic models for a declining population. We need to create some soon. I suspect that the religious concepts(go forth and multiply) may need to change, and it’s already late in the game. An individual can find his way through this mess, but not without being resourceful and self-sufficient.

      • “though these are sad choices. ”

        Mike..after watch in the evening news or reading a newspaper..
        Do you think the puppeteers really care.. Which way they use.. My guess is if there’s a drastic change in crop production that affects the world population. Since they have total say and control they will opt to take the speedier route for reduction.
        During the dark ages started by crop reduction you had wars and the plague..

      • Go forth and multiply was a business model and money grab by the church and it’s affiliation with governments to collect taxes, tithing and whatever else they could do to ensure that the money flow continued to hockey stick.

  2. The Problem with Immortality is that nutter who builds electric cars, isn’t moving fast enough, with building personal space transport vehicles.

    There’s not too many of us. We’re just too concentrated… ;-)

    • The oxymoron of this is.. We’ve forced NK to discover ways to feed its population.
      They have been experimenting and expanding learning alternate methods of food production.

      We made them do that..

      In a very short time.. IF… We don’t smarten up.. They will be the ones we look to for advice..

      We need another Nebuchadnezzar and his hanging gardens of Babylon..

  3. Oh i need to suscribe, the “Hook” has me!

    On A side note: I was just asked to review a book, and give insite and comentarty prior its publishing. One of Deepak’s friends.

    Title: Unified Theory of Spirituality and the Law of One. By Dr *********** Phd. (no name posted per george’s reminder the other day.)

    Since i am well educated in all three topics, and due enlarge to my recent outbursts, and conjectures with the inarguable validity base points, on a certain polular Buisness Networking site.

    Funny almost all these dudes and chicks are PHD’s from mostly Ivy league places. And i have an associates degree from the local community college in IT and a few IT certificates. And yet they would like mua ‘s opine?

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    I was also, told that i would be added to the credit of its creation, should i provide any insite that would be included therein.

    Does that mean i would get paid? I like money. Lots of money. Money is good! I need money.

    I dont know how this works. Lol

    • People with money hand out fame to people who think fame can be eaten by the other body (physical)

      It can’t

      • Hey Dude!

        This dude has Mad skillz! HUGE documentation from Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and places like that! I am actually impressed, and you know, im not impressed much.

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    • Andy, credit of its creation, is just that….a credit on a list of credits, no money. AND if they do it right, they will go to print and FORGET to list you, or make a MISTAKE and not list you…so, don’t be holding your little wittle cup out for a fill – up, I don’t see it coming. All those PHD types don’t necessarily mean they have walked the walk, they are repeating what they have read, heard, and seen, but NOT experienced, that’s why they want YOU to review what they have cobbled together! Youse the MAN, but you better start yelling UP FRONT for them to show you the money, cause, once you’ve given that free input, you can’t take it back! Hahaha, keep us posted, baby.

      • Hey Thanks,

        I gave him a tiny piece and some insite, offered to co-write it with my name on it ad well.

        We shall see. I will require a contractual agreement and a sum up front.

        If not, i can walk away. Learned that at the Casino. Know when to hold em,
        Know when to fold em,
        Know when to walk away,
        Know when to run.

        Thanks everyone. I even went the distance and contacted an old friend, who is a copy writer by trade and she works daily with publishing companies.

        So, for now. Like all sales, i am quite. ;)

        When the balls in the other persons court? He who speaks first, looses.

        Anyway, i will let ya-all know.

      • Smart moves Andy. Get it up front & in writing & eliminate the uncertainty. You are in the “NOW”, in control. Good Luck.

      • “don’t necessarily mean they have walked the walk, they are repeating what they have read, heard, and seen, but NOT experienced, ”

        That is so true repeat… So absolutely true…now I don’t have a piece of paper on the wall..except art from a little child which in my point of view holds more merit..even though it never amounted to a bigger paycheck lol..I’ve always been a reader though and probably a book or two more than the average. But…
        I’ve had a lot of hats in my life and I’ve experienced more than some being a bottom feeder..
        I’ll debate many subjects on subjects I’ve read… but won’t ever debate any subject with someone that works with the subject matter..he lives it.
        Unless of course its an ethics issue with some of the brainiacs lol I will debate all day with them.. And I’m absolutely not allowed to discuss religion lol lol

  4. Number one you have to have your own Barn.

    Number to you have to have your own trees that produce fruit.

    Number three you have to be your own Bank and by being your own bank ,I mean being readily fulfilled.

    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled ,

    financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled so be it

  5. Age? My understanding is that for whatever reason pre-flood folk lived the longest. They lived longer because the pre-flood atmosphere was different. After the so-called “Windows of Heaven” opened, life expectancy immediately changed.

    NASA says water molecules are on the Moon.

    Perhaps a comet did sail by and damage Earth’s different atmosphere.

    Thinking about Mr. Market. My spidey sense tells me it’ll be a failed fifth at the end of this month.

  6. I’ve been using a 660 nm LED device the last month or so for a knee injury with some success. Nothing miraculous, but it does seem to relieve pain quickly after use.

    TendLite available on Amazon and eBay for around $200.00.

    Over 1,400 Reviews on Amazon, $180.00 with a $10.00 off coupon as of today.

    1 Year warranty, comes with 2 Lithium Ion batteries, charger and case.

  7. Hi George,
    Been a while since commenting, thought this was an interesting site on red light therapy, with some good instructions on builds. Have at it,,,,,

    It is a very interesting subject. Sorry about the dead link, copy and paste I guess.
    More on the subject is always welcome.

    • Thank you Dr D for the link! This is the kind of info I’ve been looking for. Last year I was researching brain imaging techniques using NIR, and want to explore this field of therapeutics in greater depth. I’m most interested optimizing mitochondrial health, since their dysfunction is implicated in so many diverse conditions, degenerative and otherwise.

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