We will get to the futures (yawn) and the Chicago Fed activity index (snore) in a moment.

But first a word about climate change.

No, we won’t get talking about India and China getting serious about longer-term government commitment to the idea, although the NY Times over here is solidly supportive in their reporting.


No, what we’re talking about is cycles of the Sun which, in our view is getting the short shrift.

As the Pacific Oscillation continues, though, we are already noticing that the summer, at least here in East Texas,, is arriving a month later than usual.

Not only do we have 3+ inches in the rain gauge in the past week, but if the weather forecasts hold, we will make it out of May without it even hitting 90F here at the ranch.

Rain at these rates – and the tornados they have spawned and sent off to the northeast of us – are more commonly seen in Late March to early May.

Moreover, in places hard-hit this weekend by unseasonable weather, like Alabama, there is some debate as to just what it was.  See “Straight-line winds vs a tornado: What caused Saturday’s storm damage?”

Further north, damage from the Wisconsin tornado of last week will be somewhere over $10-million, according to reports like this one.  None of which would be particularly troubling, were it not for the fact that Wisconsin is outside of the traditional boundaries of Tornado Alley.

61F at press time around here today and last night, both Elaine and II had jackets on for the afternoon libation on the screen porch.  Unheard of this late in the year.

All of which has WHAT to do with long wave economics, exactly?

Well, hold Ure horses…just getting to that:

When rainfall is good and the growing season shapes up as nearly ideal, lots of things good happen in the farm belt.  We will have to see how the rest of the summer goes, when it shows up.

Basically, we expect based on this kind of rain that beef supplies will be ample to good – since grass is growing so fast ranches around here are looking like golf courses (more in Coping today).  That lessens price-driven inflation a bit on the food side, but rest assured:  The greed part of corporatism will make up for any dispensations from Ma Nature.

It does give us some reason to hope for a big crop from the farm belt this year as those are always good for the balance of trade, and that – in turn – is good for the federal budget deficit.

In the meantime, with Trump out of the country, there’s little else going on today except maybe the…

Chicago Fed National Activity Report

Hot off the ChiFed press release:

“Led by improvements in production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) rose to +0.49 in April from +0.07 in March. Two of the four broad categories of indicators that make up the index increased from March, and only one category made a negative contribution to the index in April. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, increased to +0.23 in April from a neutral reading in March.”

Need the photo op?

The futures with 45-minutes to the opening were up 25 on the Dow.  Try not to spend in all in one place.

Crude Lefty Politics

No, there was NONE OF THIS CRAP when Obama was in the White House.  But now that he’s across town, oh look surprised as how the coordinated left is bringing down the level of discourse in politics:

Notre Dame students walk out on Mike Pence during commencement speech.

John Podesta Unloads on Trump.

And “Nancy Pelosi laughs as California Democrats chant ‘F*ck Donald Trump!’ raising 2 middle fingers…”

It’s all the lefties and their soft co9up wet dream.  But let’s get real, shall we?

Why We Need the Computational Party

We hate to remain aloof from the sSMS-tard level of politics, but both of the corrupt parties including the majority in the House and Senate who are functional Democrats, but labeled as Republicans (in seeming violation of Truth in Advertising statues) have had….oh…..150 years to fix racial discrimination, poverty, start to tax machines that displace human work (and hence income tax revenues), cap interest rates at 12% and no higher, plus come up with a workable single-payer national health insurance plan that out the greedsters  of their 25% vig on the misery of the people.

None of this in sight yet?  Why?  Because some greedy sonofabitches are making a killing on We the Peeps, that’s why.

BOTH political parties need to be replaced and as this becomes clear to more and more people, the Computational Party will likely make an appearance.

The idea here is very simple:  With even basic to intermedia spreadsheet skills, a person can figure out whether most legislation will help the AVERAGE people or whether it’s another cut-out for the Rich F’s who buy the two corrupt parties in power.

The closer we get to the Second Depression rolling out, the more the Computational Party WILL make sense.

It isn’t like there isn’t historical precedence, either.  You need to read a bit on the Technocracy Movement from Wikipedia.  Here – too early to have to click your Mouse, being Monday and all…

“The technocracy movement is a social movement which arose in the early 20th century. Technocracy was popular in the United States and Canada for a brief period in the early 1930s, before it was overshadowed by other proposals for dealing with the crisis of the Great Depression.[1] The technocrats proposed replacing politicians and businesspeople with scientists and engineers who had the technical expertise to manage the economy.[2]

The movement was committed to abstaining from all revolutionary and political activities. The movement gained strength in 1930s but in 1940, due to an alleged initial opposition to the Second World War, was banned in Canada. The ban was lifted in 1943 when it was apparent that ‘Technocracy Inc. was committed to the war effort, proposing a program of total conscription.’[3] The movement continued to expand during the remainder of the war and new sections were formed in Ontario and the Maritime Provinces.[4]

In the post-war years, perhaps due to continued prosperity, membership and interest in Technocracy decreased. Though now relatively insignificant, the Technocracy movement survives into the present day,[5] and as of 2013[update], was continuing to publish a newsletter, maintain a website, and hold member meetings.[6]

Now, in practical terms, Technocracy has two strikes going against it.  Strike 1 was the attempt at becoming a mass movement in the 1930’s.

Strike 2 was when the “government of experts” was attempted in the former Soviet Union.

But what they did have – and this is really key – is they had plans to get rid of the broken and replace it with something new that might work.

Why not simply restart Technocracy?  Not that you couldn’t, mind you.  But in order  to appeal to the SMS types and in order for this to not become an “owned idea” – which might have been one of the early Technocracy issues (Creative Commons weren’t around in the 1920’s and 1920’s) it would need a new “hook.”

That hook – which about 90 percent of all people who read this site might be able to buy into would be that of evolving a shared computational future.

Let’s start by what is a baseline national income?  Baseline electronica (phone, web, text etc) and how do we reform the tax crooks so that the anti-human machines are differentially taxed in order to replace the income tax humans doing the same work would produce and thus contribute to the general welfare….

To do this, what I’d propose is an organization using distributed MASS COMPUTING (like SETI search, yah? Despite ugly politics, there are some smart people at Berkeley) and let everyone have ideas, model them, and then implement a “one citizen, one vote” (block-chained) that would provide for a securely involved electorate.

(Yes, CITIZEN or GREEN CARDs only…jeez haven’t we learned anything from the divide and conquerors?)

Like our other ideas (close down Washington and send all politicians back to their home states and conduct all hearing and negotiations on Skype, so we can pour some real by-God daylight on this stinking swamp) this one is likely to go nowhere, as well.

On the other hand, it does answer trolls and haters who say “Ure just whines and never has answers…”  Yes! He actually does have ideas, but pearls before SMS swine, brothers and sisters…

But on a Monday morning when all we have is a cold rain in the midst of “global warming” seems to me that it’s time to get outside the box and go peaceful reform the shit out of this 150-year farce.

Or maybe I’m just cranky & testy this morning.  (Where’s my ViseGrips and crack pipe?)

Surfing the Useless

Plug your nose and here we goes:

Mark Zuckerberg: I’m not running for public office.  (Why bother?>  There’s more power in filtering FB isn’t there?)

N. Korea insists it can now strike US bases, Japan.

(Marvelous, just bloody Marvelous.  Thanks Xi! Without China’s buy-in, Kid Korea would be long gone by now.)

HINDSIGHT 20/20 Billy Bush laments ‘locker room talk’ with Trump…  Let’s see who plays Trash and Bash tomorrow, shall we?

Bloated’ supermodel fired   (I did headline this Useless, right?)

US Dept. of Useful:

Tony Robbins: Hidden fees are killing your retirement plans.  RFO.

Sweden: Migrants Responsible For 90% of Shootings.  But then again, we have been talking about the re-conquest of Europe for how long?

But at the same time, says a report here, “A grant from the U.S. embassy in Belgium designates $200,000 for a group to promote positive narratives about refugees and immigrants in Europe….”

(Lighter for the pipe again, please?)  For the U.S., even bad government would be an improvement.

Last, but not least, don’t let your spouse read “Why It’s So Hard to Admit You’re Wrong.”

We can just keep it among ourselves…provided you come back tomorrow for another double-dose of fun, frolic, and frivolity…

Now, get out there and go work your ass off for the Man for another week, will yah?

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