Cleaning Off My Desktop

It may not seem like a useful column headline, but there’re a ton of Post-Its all over the digital desktop. Important stuff – the kind that fits into modeling the future in a manner facilitating the making of money.

So in addition to the ChartPack and the normal assortment of headlines, some of the more oddball but – who knows? – maybe useful as well…

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48 thoughts on “Cleaning Off My Desktop”

  1. “””Plus the stench of the 2020 U.S., presidential election lingers on as “Ex-top Ukraine prosecutor claims refusal to open Hunter Biden inquiry a reason for firing…”
    And speaking of The Stench, we are beginning””””

    Since we all know that there is absolutely nothing to any part
    Of that story.. since the alphabets accidentally destroyed the hard drive and all the photos on the internet are photoshopped.
    We should all move on because nothing will ever come from any obligations of any if the stories..

    • LOOTB, I feel a need to congratulate you for the choice of your handle, before it is too late for me to do so.
      Indeed, that’s were we all live – in LOOTBs of our individual “Labirint of thoughts” before we finally hit the “big door” when all of present will be behind us.
      We’ve trusted many — like little children — but none of us knows the truth. On the road to eternity we only walk a very small stretch, but the results of our experiences seem to be permanently engrained (with many of US!).

      Stay well — and may all of you reading continue to live in peace & harmony throughout eternity. Amen

  2. “they are ready to defend that “secret money” (as in child trafficking and drugs and tax avoidance, which is crypto’s ancestry) will cause them personal loss if they don’t?”

    Hmm its all fake news our best investigating organizations have said so.. all of the investigations looking into the allegations have proved no one of affluence or power either political or whatever ever had anything to do with such horrible and satanic acts..

  3. After reading your comment about the internet going dark (a nightmare I had about a year ago) and watching Chris Tyreman’s video on AI (everyone should watch), I was worried once again for the future. Then I talked to someone this morning who is not going outside this weekend because they are worried about getting hit by the Chinese rocket falling back to earth, I realized I am worrying about all the wrong things.

    Life is good.

    • “I talked to someone this morning who is not going outside this weekend because they are worried about getting hit by the Chinese rocket falling back to earth,”

      Lol I think that there are greater odds of winning the power ball than that rocket hitting them..

  4. It was suggested some time last year that the swabs were already infected with the Covid virus and I think some were put to the test and found to be so. For this reason I can’t recommend enough the practice of using a saline sinus rinse if you’ve been subjected to a swab assault. It’s not fun even when you’re used to it but it’s one of those things you do because you can’t get to that area of your body without taking your face off. A splash of Listerine in the rinse or its generic equivalent, not the sweet stuff, helps, too.

    Re: Tree Death – we’ve lost a few plants around the area due to the recent freeze. Pines have been hit hard, Oleanders were massacred and one of the peach trees at the ranch appeared to have only one branch that had survived the cold until just a day or so ago I began to see new leaves on most of the rest of the branches. Surprised the daylights out of me to see it coming back as I’d planned to replace it. However, it doesn’t look as if we’ll have any peaches at all this year due to the trees recovering from that depth of cold. The apple tree seems happy, though.

    • Ray,
      So someone else thinks Covid is a bio-weapon. I’m so surprised they would think that after considering the Chinese got the basics for this disease from previous research in the U.S. then slyly spirited the basics to Wuhan where they continued working to enhance ‘gain of function’ for the disease. There is no reason to do this other than to make it more deadly when they decide to use it. They have apparently made such a decision…

    • War With China A “High Likelihood” ?????

      Why war when it only concerns few people?
      I have asked myself this most of my life and concluded that “people have a death wish.”

      There seems to be no other explanation, IMHO!

      • Bear in-mind, that’s an Aussie leak which made it to the Sydney papers. Australia has the same issues the U.S. has, but they’ve been aware of these issues for much longer than we, and despite the fact China is Australia’s largest trading partner (and they’re far more dependent on China than we, believe it or not) Beijing and Canberra are not on good terms. Under Trump, we made inroads toward squeezing China economically, to free ourselves from their grip via trade & tariffs. China has been squeezing Australia for decades. If Australia and China get into a dust-up, the Brits, Canadians, and Americans will deal themselves in before the last bullet from the first volley hits the ground.

        Why would it happen? Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor?

        You can only squeeze someone so-hard, before they either fight or die. Aussies are a stubborn lot and they don’t take well to being flogged…

  5. I lost a navel orange, a satsuma, a Texas orange, my grapefruit tree, my loquat and two 90 ft oak trees that I will have to pay to remove in the next few weeks – so looking to go back with the ‘arctic frost’ satsuma, and a couple of oriental pears – what with the sunspots taking holiday.

    On the god news side of things:

    I am in line with Robert Heinlein on guns – they do make for a more polite society when they are visible. Bad guys don’t obey these laws anyway – but they are far less likely to screw with you if you are visibly armed.

    On other note; many police have no idea of what laws are on the books. I was driving my ATV with my carbine in my back scabbard and got pulled over by a state policeman in Texas. He told me I couldn’t carry my rifle around openly. Yea – I DID have to take issue with that, and called my local game warden. He got on the radio and the state police guy gave me a “FU%& YOU” and then got back in his car and left.

    I very much WANT constitutional carry, primarily because of the preponderance of ignorant LEOs and generally idiocy that is in full force in the public sphere. It changes things when you chamber a round as you pull over, and are within your rights. I am not adversarial – most LEOs are good folks and do a decent job of controlling and suppressing crime. But there are some very maladjusted and power-mad types mixed in with those who actually want to protect us. But we have all seen the video evidence of stupid cops doing insane things because they have tasers and guns while we generally do not.

    My belief is that if everyone is armed, then we are all much more equal.

    I’ll miss the internet if it goes buh-bye, but somehow we survived before it even existed. I’ll miss a few places online, miss instant weather, miss checking my bank account…but I will not miss all the baggage that being online brings into my life.

    • “and two 90 ft oak trees”

      What kind of oak? Most reds and whites are hardy to above the Arctic Circle…

      My oranges are both microdwarfs, and live inside. I watered them last night, watching the snow fall outside…

      • A red oak and a white – both had fungus knots about 40-50′ up, so this was eventually going to happen. I think the freeze just accelerated it. It’s not like an acorn isn’t going to pop me another one up too – it’s Texas after all.

        May put in a sycamore – there aren’t any in my neighborhood, and have already got a sassafras at 6′ to replace the other…

      • For a hardwood, the sycamore is a fast-grower. I had a 10″er in my back yard when I bought the place. In 35 years, it has grown into a 90′ behemoth that’s nearly 42″ in diameter. It sheds profusely, both bark and twigs, but singlehandedly makes my house cooler in the evenings, by blocking a lot of summer sun.

    • “I am in line with Robert Heinlein on guns – they do make for a more polite society when they are visible.”

      I have said for years.. want to stop a sky jacker from taking over an airplane.. give everyone ( except little kids) a gun.. grandma drops a stitch dam him to hell…

    • I would think the Oak Trees would have some value, if just killed off by the freeze this year, and they would actually PAY YOU to take them out. Call around and see.

      WRT guns … here we have always had “Open Carry”, you are just limited by not being able to carry into some places (government buildings, schools, hospitals, bars, places that are posted as not allowed such as factories, etc.). It doesn’t make any difference if it is a Long Gun, Pistol, or Shot Gun … if it is carried in the open it is LEGAL. Been that way since time immemorial, ie: NEVER been restricted in this state.

      We also have Concealed Carry but there are all sorts of rules and restrictions surrounding that issue here, it is NOT as simple as “Open Carry”. I have never bothered to get a CC permit because if things are dicey: #1 I won’t travel to dangerous areas and #2 I can legally OPENLY carry if I do need to move around.

      As for carrying so as to stop a crime in progress that is occurring against others? NOPE, I am NOT venturing down that liability ridden path. Even the police are being hounded when they act, a civilian is going to be in worse shape. Hit the deck to avoid the bullets flying, and then at the first break in the action get out of there ASAP (got caught in the middle of one gang gun battle, they were shooting at each other over the front of my car … and believe me I have no desire to participate, just wanted to get out of the situation ASAP)

    • “My belief is that if everyone is armed, then we are all much more equal.” Perhaps??????

      More than 70 years ago some guy sitting across from me in the subway pulled a 1911 on me. I just smiled at him — minutes later he smiled back and stashed his piece away.

      That’s the only time in NYC when I almost witnessed a crime. Do I have a “Guardian Angel” or what?

      • “some guy sitting across from me in the subway pulled a 1911 on me. I just smiled at him — minutes later he smiled back and stashed his piece away.”

        That reminds me of a guy I knew in the military.. he spent one day to long in Vietnam…he carried a hand grenade everywhere he went.. he made me nervous.. we would be walking perimeter watch and he would be tossing it in the air and catching it.. pulling the pin and putting it one day I said my god man do you have yo carry and play with that thing constantly.. it makes me nervous..
        Well he went on leave home to Detroit.. heres what he told me.. ended up he had to walk or get a cab .. it was only a few miles so he decided it’s a nice day for a stroll..along the way a gent offered him a ride and he accepted. As they were driving the guy pulled a gun … he calmly pulled out the grenade with the pin pulled and said ..dam there sure are a lot of nuts in this world..
        The guy put the gun away and let him out… a random crime prevented
        Somewhere I know this guy is sitting down and in his pocket sits a hand grenade lol lol..I would love to tell the story about how birds hated him and would dive bomb him like they do a cat that’s threatening their nest..another reason to stay away from him lol lol they shizt in his Pepsi lol lol perfect

  6. Moss… yes it’s been a wet year here in the tropics, too. Moss all over the concrete slab apron on the north side of the house. The rock walls are deep green and fluffy along the garden and front wall, and the moss has started to take over patches of the lawn. A little research shows moss cannot stand Iron. So I got some Iron Sulfate to mix up and spray the moss. It turns black shortly and dies. But you still have to remove the biomass, because it will shed spores and repopulate. Gotta keep up with the iron treatments.

    And for OM2… Get your ham radio license! if (when?) they internet goes down you can still have worldwide communications that YOU control. Last night I listened to a local couple who do relief work in Micronesia as they talked to a school principal on a tiny atoll near Yap. So small they don’t even have reliable power other than solar for the radios. There ensued a ‘phone-patch’ from an island resident, thru the radio to here in Hawaii, and thence phoned to relatives on the mainland. The only real long-distance communications available from the atoll.

    • Somehow he thinks his (pumped) wild grape and plum wine are a higher priority. I will deck him out w/ ham gear if it comes to that. Barter, follow?

      • I can relate to OM2..
        Did he get a taste of the elderberry. What did he think..
        I am actually going to make some sloe wine..during every major financial and collapse of past civilizations.. that one item had the greatest influences.
        And what a pleasant way to pass the time..

    • “Get your ham radio license! if (when?) they internet goes down you can”

      Hmm.. an EMP.. life as we know it is altered .. 98 percentage of people are expected to perish..
      So Is spending money on a ham license all that important?

      • It is, if you are in that 4% (actually closer to 10%) and wish to establish barter or trade with another survivor…

      • Yes, what Ray said. Remember “Communications” is one of George’s seven life systems. I already know my local and regional ham contacts, and have established interisland communications. And I can reach out to the mainland, also. Out here in the middle of the Pacific, I wouldn’t be without it.

      • “It is, if you are in that 4%”

        I was thinking everyone would be so busy trying to rebuild civilization that the last thing on their concern list would be whether or not someone having a hundred dollar piece of paper.. checking to see if anyone else has survived..

      • LOOB, there won’t be “civilization” to rebuild, except for isolated, small pockets which will deteriorate, over time.

        After a HEMP attack or EMP from an Earth-directed CME, there is no “devolution” into chaos, but an instantaneous and complete paradigm-shift — like throwing a switch.

        We now lack basic living and survival skills, which means the vast preponderance of us will become nomadic raiders rather than hunter-gatherers. In a raider “society” the best thief and murderer will rise to the top both socially and from a leadership perspective because the society will believe him(her) the best provider and best fighter or tactician.

        Pockets of (what we consider) civilization will only survive as long as they can remain hidden. If found, they will be completely pillaged, and save an individual with immediately-useful skills, completely massacred — mouths must be fed, there has to be a reason to feed them…

        A civilization, whether it’s a tight-knit family or a small town which appears on no map, will not forever be self-sufficient, and can NOT remain hidden from raiders by allowing barter & trade within its area of discovery. The only way to ensure secrecy and security is to arrange to meet elsewhere, using a remote communications device. Cellphones ain’t gonna cut it…

        The reason you spring for that Bennie now, (which includes the license fee, examination fee, and the cost of a new HAM radio) is so you can learn the ins and outs of how to use your radio, before you are required to use it under highly-stressful conditions. Stress really screws with learning curves and that little Baofeng isn’t nearly as simple or easy to operate as the radios we dropped to coastwatchers during WW-II…

  7. And turning Oak into ‘pallet wood’? What a waste! I’m reminded of my mother’s old Oak kitchen table. Darn near a century old now. My nephew harvests trees all summer and heats his home with mostly wood all winter. He took down a massive old Oak tree last year and went out and bought a bandsaw “Alaska Sawmill” frame to slice it up into boards. He rebuilt a trailer platform, sidewalls, and end gates for hauling his snowmobiles from the oak boards and is selling the rest to a furniture maker for more than he paid for the sawmill!

  8. Oaks make good lightning grounds! University in my hometown located on a bend in the river, with a high ‘river valley’ hill right behind the campus. There was an old, spreading Oak tree on the admin bldgs grounds that was the symbol of the university. Spring-weeping hillside not 50 yards behind the tree, and a couple hundred yards in front were several tall concrete university buildings. The tree was surrounded and a low-point in the area. Guess where the lightning hit? Exploded that old Oak into three or four splayed, broken logs. It must have had good roots into the groundwater in the area to be the best lightning ground.

  9. Here are some quick recipes’ for the home cook.. sometimes you just don’t have it and rather than rush to the store.. this helps to have.. I keep it on the fridge..

    sweetened condensed milk one can
    1/2 cup of hot water
    1 cup of powdered milk
    1 cup of sugar
    1Tbsp. of butter

    Evaporated Milk
    1 1/2 cup of hot water
    1/2 cup + 1 tbsp of Powdered Milk
    Blend very well

    Makes one cup
    1 Cup of Powdered Milk prepared or one cup of whole milk
    1 Tbsp of lemon Juice ( or white vinegar)
    Mix and let set for ten minutes before use

    Brown Sugar

    1 cup of sugar
    1/4 cup of molasses
    Mix well

    Chocolate ,, Baking (equivalent to one ounce square)
    3 Tbsp of cocoa or carob powder
    1 tbsp of butter
    Mix well

    Baking Powder (makes one tsp)
    1/4 tsp of soda
    5/8 tsp. of cream of tarter
    Mix well

    Allspice ( 1 tsp)

    1/2 tsp of cinnamon
    1/2 stsp of ground cloves
    Mix well

    Pumpkin Pie spice (1tsp)

    1/2 tsp of cinnamon
    1/4 tsp ginger
    1/8 tsp of allspice
    1/8 Tsp of nutmeg
    Mix well…

      • Anything with brown sugar or molasses will benefit from a dose of Ancient Age or equivalent.

      • “don’t forget brandy”

        That is one of my next projects..
        Just waiting for it to warm up before I start another batch of wine…

  10. Austerity Survival Guide… LOL

    In the event of further economic collapse. Assist the wealthiest individuals first..

    Symptoms of a financial panic attack.. this can be alleviated by inhaling the residual “money fumes” from your empty wallet, or purse..

    Suffering from Bad Credit? Stop Drop and Roll… its all you can afford to do..

    If your Social Security or medicare benefits are about to be reduced…. STOP aging..

    Mind your Hairstyle displaced by shuttered public schools roving packs of uneducated children will swarm anyone who looks vaguely Bieberesque.. LOL

    Avoid Bridges and the rest of our crumbline public infrastructure…

    If you are under attack by the Plutocracy, Play dead,, you don’t want to be accused of class warfare..

    And last and not least.. the most important one of all….
    For the sake of your own Mental Health.. Don’t look up the “Recession of 1937” on Wikipedia….
    What this all happened before and they are doing it all again.. my god.. could they be that stupid.. well don’t answer that one….

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