China, Housing Data & Employment Week Begins

Breaking:  Mauna Loa Volcano eruption.  Click here for live web cam.  Updates from Hank in Hawaii in the comments section.

Slam, cram, and jam the leftovers, kiddies. A four-week hustle till the Fat Dude rolls begins now.

And since we went short toward the end of the abbreviated Friday trading session, the main job function today will be estimating how far down the Futures are pointing.  And how much to take off the table.

Tactical trading view is pretty simple, in Elliott wave terms.  Especially since we high close enough to an ideal 50 percent retracement (in recent market action) to account for a possible Wave 3 down, minor wave 2 rally to be counted as complete.  With the understanding, of course, that we could still go higher.

Just not at the opening this morning by the look of things:

One of these weeks (referring to the far-right side of this chart) we will wake up and the (implied) large yellow “3-down” will become apparent.  For now, we have labeled the right-most waves 1 down and the possibly complete Wave 2 rally minor waves as evidence that Wave 3 (large, down, ugly) is upon us.

Which happens when an “Out of Left Field” event takes everyone by surprise.

And this gets us to what surprise?

Convulsions in China

We start with the highest level first:  The balance of power in the world right now is essentially a three-legged milk stool type thing.  You have the U.S. and our hangers-on.  Then there’s China with its evolving (Belt and Road Initiative) captive supply and resource countries.

Following this we have Russia where there’s more resource than people.  Siberia, for example, would be a go-to place in event of climate change getting too bad, too quickly.

(This is a sucker bet, based on crooked data and political manipulations, so don’t get hooked into that whole deal.  It’s weather which is variable and besides, climate has been warming since the Laurentide Ice Sheet melted off.  GREENland was green (warmer than now) before and so keep your panties on.)

Regime Change – Programmable People

We have three power blocks and the latest emergent is BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).  Since nuclear weapons are too big to be applied gracefully, the idiots at Foggy Bottom (St. Dept. US) are led by neocons (V. Nuland et al) who run around (baking cookies) and fostering regime change.

As we see in Ukraine, the big hype (to Western programmable people) is selling the (generally deranged) idea that “If we just piss enough money into Ukraine, Putin will fall, the Russian Remnants will love the U.S. and they will follow American “leadership.”

Such thinking justifies a trip to rehab:  The people in line to Power behind Putin would already have escalated to nonstrategic nuclear weapons (NSNWs) but political scammers in US policy positions don’t mind GAMBLING THE WHOLE WORLD on their delusional state.

Turmoil in China

Sometimes, the U.S. just gets lucky.  Like with this Covid mess.  We absolutely cannot (as a country) afford to lose control of Taiwan.  We no longer have a viable replacement electronics component industry in the U.S.  In fact, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan are your leaders.

However, China is being bitch-slapped all over the place by recurrent Covid outbreaks.  And when people get locked-in, especially in a limited freedom country, they do get testy.  As the programmable people of the US are fed:

This is all made difficult to see, understand, and integrate into our thinking because in addition to Global Dueling Regime Change (GDRC) we have another problem cross-linked into the porridge:  Covid 19.

Commies Fall to Disease Despots 

Let’s talk freedom-jacking.

‘Programmable Populations are curious building blocks in the hyper complexity world.  Covid was obviously a bioweapon.  And just like we had no idea how bad nuclear fallout could be, we similarly have no idea how bad biological fallout  from Crimes Against Humanity promoter’s novel gain of function disasters (like Covid) will be.

However: Fauci: US Still in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

And this leads us to see the Rise of Disease Despots to challenge “good old-fashioned” (and easily controlled) Communists.

Is disease the tool of the times to keep Programmable Populations in check? We have only to look at the financial con of Covid, attacking alternative controls that offered hope, and then see how the Rise of Despots is rolling to assure ourselves what is really going on:

Not only did Australia tear up individual freedoms on the pretext of disease, but here comes CANADA now in lock-step support of political despotism: British Columbia Bill C-36, drafted in secret, lays the groundwork for forced vaccination for any illness the government chooses.

No doubt coming here, as well, since the hyper (big reveal) came out last week that a new “super vaccine” would soon bring mRNA treatment for all classes of Covid-like disease.

IS there a HUGE RUSH to get mRNA into your blood in order to really get programming via 5G which we assume you know can be an “activator”?

Widely dismissed as “conspiracy theory” in the early days of Covid, we unfortunately look at China – with some of the heaviest cell phone use in the world – and wonder if Covid isn’t really a “radio allergic reaction”?

See, conspiracies are often dismissed not because they are wrong, but because they go down the “wrong path” while still arriving at a valid conclusion.

With this in mind, it has always “stuck in my craw” that Fauci et al had a grounding in Allergies.  Which bothers me when I read papers like An idiographic approach to Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance attributed to Electromagnetic Fields (IEI-EMF) Part II. Ecological momentary assessment of three individuals with severe IEI-EMF – PubMed (

Our soft (disease-radio) linkage notion is amplified by reading Smartphone overuse: A hidden crisis in COVID-19 – PMC (

All with can say is that it’s all uncomfortably close to “mark of the Beast” for our tastes.  So, we will continue to live our semi-isolated life out here in the woods while the evidence rolls in.

One short summary of my weekend thinking, though, is that Covid Replaced Nukes and then Terrorism as the dominant public fear tools.

And people in China seem disproportionately impacted by Covid (as so’s their government) which causes us to think there’s something more than meets the eye STILL going on.

Lock down and self-cook the population?  Frontiers | Relationship of Problematic Smartphone Use, Sleep Quality, and Daytime Fatigue Among Quarantined Medical Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic (  Kinda points over that way.

This isn’t a “conspiracy theory.”  These are facts.  Real, incontrovertible, ugly to the point of needing to lie and deceive about them facts.  Like the majority of Covid deaths are among the vaccinated now… (Cite: Study: Majority of August 2022 COVID deaths received a vaccine.)

Housing Tomorrow, Jobs Follow

Case Shiller monthly Housing data tomorrow.  And we will have our usual two-part report to cover it.

Wednesday, the ADP job numbers are due – and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the number come in softer than year-ago levels.  GDP and international trade, too, so that will dominate the pre-chart section of our report Wednesday.

Job cuts will be out Thursday morning and the Federal offishul stuff will be pandered to the programmable people Friday.

The News Grinder

Let me pop a couple of cynicism pills before we begin:

As we have avoided the “social” nonsense from the get-go (social media is for people too lazy to find interest-centered sites, or are too lazy to bring up their own content sites).  Twitter advertisers fleeing Elon Musk will struggle moving to Mastodon.  See, all this time you thought mastodons were extinct.  UrbanSurvival is a “wooly mammoth?”

Not enough to be remotely programmable?  Well, let’s play the Race Card, shall we?  Georgia runoff elections designed to ‘keep Black candidates out of office,’ claims MSNBC. Hot button manipulation, anyone?

Oh boy!  Another War to report on! Turkish forces nearly ready for a Syria ground operation -officials | Reuters

Crypto blame games will become more common as the digital tulip festival implodes:  Ripple Execs Blame SEC For BlockFi Demise ( Still, one born every minute as BTC priced $16,222.  Remember, when the market goes down, crypto tends to move the same direction.

Media cookie bake-off underway.  As media runs monetizing stories about how e-tailers have Cyber Monday deals better than Black Friday’s were.  (Here’s our own shameless link to Amazon QLED TVs, lol).

ATR:  Spaghetti Breakfast

Elaine and I are in “coasting mode” in the kitchen this week.

Although there’s no turkey left, there was enough prime rib and pot roast leftovers to get us at least part way through today on the slow cooked spaghetti.  Toss in a heavily doctored pizza for dinner tonight and some frozen things for the air fryer – no telling how many days we can go “cooking-free” now…

Our house guest is back in Ohio, preparing for a trial Wednesday.  Zeus the Cat is still with us, and the weather may touch 70 here.

All in all?  Not a bad week ahead.  Hope yours is as promising…

Write when you get rich,

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    • In the latest update, lava flows have broken out of the crater to the NorthEast rift zone at high elevation. According to USGS:
      “Based on past events, the early stages of a Mauna Loa rift zone eruption can be very dynamic, and the location and advance of lava flows can change rapidly. ”

      The northeast rift in 1984 sent flows to the outskirts of Hilo town. We wait… we watch.

      • Well, Hank, it’s like Old George has been telling you on the PN side:
        Mauna Loa is just the physical manifestation of the hot air coming out of the stock bubble today.

      • I hark back to Dec. 8 2021
        Fuel tanks submerged in Pearl Harbour for salvage. From you.

        Submerged munitions?, proximity in relation to Mauna. Just asking? Not familiar with the geography.
        Best wishes. My daughter and son-in-law are on site.

    • Stay Safe!!

      The issue of that huge chunk of the Island that broke free of the rest of the island back in 74(?) and slid downhill a few inches to a few feet has always bothered me. Very RARE … but all strata volcanoes that are islands eventually lose part of their volano to the sea in Long Run Out Collapses.

      Not saying anything like that is in the near term (10,000 years) horizon for Hawaii, but then again the geologists were SHOCKED when that fully 20%+ of the island broke away from the rest of the island even though it only slid, overall, an inch to a few inches, down towards the abyss (8000′?? deep floor around the island).

      • And prior to that, around 1863, the south ‘shelf’ also slid down a bit and submerged a fishing village on the south shore. Yes, the Big Island has a massive sliding shelf south of Kilauea in lower Puna district that could spawn a huge tsunami. In 2018 with the Kilauea east rift zone cracking and erupting, we had a massive 6.9 EQ that I feared, but the shelf stayed stable then. But it’s only a matter of time. Hopefully a LONG time.

    • Stay safe.. big question.. if your on the side of the you have someone keeping an eye out while you sleep in the event that lava starts to flow in your direction… hate to wake up thinking your having a bad dream just to realize its real..

      • I’m waaayyy out on the eastern tip, in the domain of Kilauea volcano, so the Mauna Loa flows will likely not reach this area. Ham radio operator friend works for USGS servicing all the monitoring equipment, tilt meters, EQ sensors and the webcams. This is the most monitored volcano on the planet, so there is someone always keeping an eye on it.

      • It is not that bad, really. We are accustomed to watching out for lava flows on this island. It’s all about where the lava goes. It is far, far from any property damage yet. So we wait, and watch. There is plenty of time to get out of the way if it comes toward habitation areas.

        This is not an explosive volcano. It is a shield volcano that sometimes boils over and sends flows downslope. So we generally do not worry about it going ‘big boom’.

  1. My dear cat has sent me vision from heaven . This soccer World Cup garbage thing . It’s like 1936 Berlin over again .

    • World Cup – 1930, 1934, 1938…1936 was Football at the World Games wit uncle Adolph saluting the white atheletes..Sig Heil! Hail the white gods!

      AFU – this be why you negative BTC ? Is this why you be upside down in Ure Gold invetsments – Sell that sheisse.

      – its like Oil..its all over the dam place..poke a hole in the ground …Ure bound to find one or the other if you poke down deep enough. Or just go down Peru ways, I can put you onto a trail system that leads underground to the “abzu” – moar gold & silver than you can shake a stick at..where do think the Templars got ALL that silver coinage from ? MiddleEast ? puleaze.
      No believe the “elementry -student” ?
      splain this sceisse……the inscription is in paleo hebrew, phonecian, same thing.

      Got Blockchain, No? aaaaannnd iTS GONE.

  2. “If we just piss enough money into Ukraine, Putin will fall, the Russian Remnants will love the U.S. and they will follow American “leadership.”

    LOL LOL Unfortunately.. they are running out of people to throw at this horrendous war.. a poison pawn trap can be won by either side.. the thing is.. we are tossing money and the working class under the economic bus tires.. so pretty soon the longer they wait the more people will rebel at their actions and mishandling of our resources..
    a poison pawn trap can be reversed.. but it takes a great deal to turn the tide once the poison pawn trap is in play.. using the lasker trap move.. the bad thing is I believe that we have already lost.. we printed up what seven or eight years national budget to fix the USA’s infrastructure.. And we have done nothing that can be seen in accomplishing that goal from all indications the build back better turned into turn the football over to my friends… we are throwing money and arms into this..I believe that the economic fallout from the mismanagement of our already fragile society will destroy our economy..
    If we go in.. and go in big.. it would mean commitment of our nation.. the longer they wait to make that decision brings more stress and the more stress on the society the more they will complain and demonstrate. If we don’t.. then we failed even worse than what happened in afghanistan and we loose our position of importance and suffer through a destroyed economy… look at vietnam we lost before we started..
    In the end wars are almost always started to keep a business model going or for religious reasons…… so we are at the turning point.. we can make go all in.. or let it and Ukraine and all those business activities fall.. suffer through the economic tsunami … either way we are loosing our political superiority with the other nato countries..

  3. Dude G,

    Its tax loss season – sell em if you got em!
    Hello Bitcoin – are you hodling a paper loss ? No problema mi legal Amigos – sell it, claim the the loss, and buy back after appropriate waiting period..bbbbBOOYA! Obviously youse need offsetting Gains to to take advantage, but hey a write-off is a write-off – like Yogi Berra said, “when you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

    What is “best” electrical conductor , cost/benefit wise ? Sayz hear Copper, and that be why I Luv BHP here @$59 per, and speculate my ass off on small Canadian copper miner with their hand in big AZ copper mine awaiting final govment approval ..TGB. I am long both of these..pump it up? Nah, just caring and sharing for the home gamerz, U know who U are. BHP is paying YOU a TEN PERCENT dividend yield to hold their stock..Okay – put me down for MOAR of that! 10Q

    Got Gutz? How do catch a eunuch/unique Rabbit ? U nique on him..

    • This is why we NEVER offer tax advice.

      Because even though you can book a tax loss this year, if BTC goes to the moon (and you sell) in a different tax year, you are only INCREASING your future tax basis for the (future, maybe, possible) gain.

      Point #2: IF you sell to book a loss THIS tax year, THEN you have to answer yes to the form 1040 tax crypto disclosure. For the IRS already said: (over at

      “Q5(a). The 2021 Form 1040 asks whether at any time during 2021, I received, sold, exchanged, or otherwise disposed of any financial interest in any virtual currency. During 2021, I purchased virtual currency with real currency and had no other virtual currency transactions during the year. How do I answer the question on the Form 1040? (added March 10, 2022)

      A5(a). If your only transactions involving virtual currency during 2021 were purchases of virtual currency with real currency, you are not required to answer “yes” to the Form 1040 question, and should, instead, check the “no” box.

      I don’t know about ANYONE’S tax situation, save our own. BUT if you’re idea of rolling a crypto wash sale (and getting that5 right) and increasing your future taxable gain debt AND you want to trigger the 1040 Crypto disclosure, have at it.

      We will just do our little poker money stock trading, let software do the wash sales, pay whatever is owed and stay out of IRS crosshairs, thank you very much.

      There is sometime to the Old Man Life which features never speeding, paying taxes on time, avoiding tulip investment schemes, and letting our Trading Platform work the wash-sales for our day trading.
      Stay married to the same woman, have no mortgage debt on a small hunk of land and live closer to the Earth.

      Much lower stress.

      • It’s a great life IF you can live it! It requires the cooperation of a desirable woman who believes in the same fundamentals! Not all of us can grok the markets as well as you do, nor do we have the same desire for the unknowable risk therein. The best way to avoid taxes is to earn less from all sources and spend even less. Other than those points, I agree completely!

  4. “Crypto blame games will become more common as the digital tulip festival implodes: Ripple Execs Blame SEC For BlockFi Demise ( Still, one born every minute as BTC priced $16,222. Remember, when the market goes down, crypto tends to move the same direction.”

    that gaseous cloud is dissipating LOL LOL
    OH WAIT.. it didn’t even have a gaseous cloud.. it wasn’t even a cartoon coin.. it was nothing.. LOL

    • $$$$$$$
      …Sixteen Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Six nothings to be precise!

      Like I said Pops..smoke em if you got em, otherwise its all sour grapes you be manifesting …HELLO!

      Get that flame throwing fckr unda control (Agni) and you be on the road to Shamballa.. – otherwise He will BURN Ure world down to cinderz…count on it, take it to the bank…
      ..”He” is without a doubt the toughest one of all to overcome and master.

      • I would use them as long as someone still values the bitcoin.. in the end it is nothing but a number..

  5. Good Morning George

    Once upon a time there was a guy named Noah. He was a conspiracy theorist …. Then it began to rain.

    There’s another guy whom you may have heard of, a rapper named Dr Creep. He put some old conspiracy theories to rhyme and beat. One track (back in 2013) mentioned the 2020 Pandemic and it paints a pretty damn clear picture …

    Even went on to talk about the year 2030 on another track. Mentions shortages that people should have rebelled against but didn’t.

    (I’m still trying to catch all the lyrics and understand them.)

    I found out about all this last night and I find it fascinating.

    Of course, the Fact Checkers have looked into this and they chalk it up to “Happenstance” … Well, I’m not one to believe in Coincidence. Lol


    Oh yeah, we might want to keep an eye on Cuba as China snuggles. It makes me think about the Island off the coast of Australia. Hmmm

  6. George
    It’s interesting that you mentioned the Laurentide Ice Sheet.
    It is slowly being recognized by scientist that that ice sheet was melted by the impact of several pieces of a huge comet some 12,800 years ago.
    When that happened over a hundred species of Mega Fauna where totally wiped out along with possibly several million humans.
    More importantly the physical rejiggering of the Earths crust caused world wide problems.
    Due to the tremendous shifting of melt water, weight loading effects on oceans bottom rapidly increased. The Atlantic oceans seems to have felt this greatly.
    In particular the Azores which sits very close to the Mid Atlantic ridge and an intersecting fault line from Africa saw huge changes.
    There is now good scientific evidence that the myth of Atlantis is no myth.
    It appears that Atlantis existed just where Plato wrote that it did.
    A Researcher named Randall Carlson has been pulling together all the various scientific reports from the last hundred years into a cohesive frame work that supports this theory.
    In particular deep ocean core sample from sea mounts in the area of the Azores show granite rock and shallow water fossils. Granite does not form in an ocean environment.
    From previous scientific papers it is postulated that rapid subduction of large land masses can occur! Especial it those masses sit atop geologic faults.
    Mr. Carlson has a series of videos on this subject that are both scholarly and entertaining. They can be found on YouTube under the “Kosmographia clips”.
    His research is enough to cause any thinking person to take note and say “That man is on to something big. This could happen again!”.
    I strongly suggest you spend some time learning about what he found.

    • Already done – and when he was down visiting, our consigliere and we watched the Joe Rogan with both Carlsaon AND Graham Hancock on this very topic. Dandy rethinks abound.

    • Go watch the video lectures by Randall Carlson about Catastrophism … it is about 65 lectures done over 2 to 3 years to a group of students, though NOT a university lecture (he is a Professor of Geology at a University) since that would have required the University to put those lectures online (and probably get paid for).

      Randall Carlson’s lectures were my scientific introduction to the world of alternative theories of Geology and his early theories, which were totally debunked when he first put them out in the Geology field, have over the last 30 years to actually become Accepted Science!! Of course some of his other theories, even with the strong evidence he provides, are still considered “Wacko Land” by more senior mainstream Gerologists, who seem to be locked into the theories that were prevelent when they got their Phd’s 40 years ago.

      Go to You Tube to see his lectures … well worth doing a couple an evening for about a month, you will definitely LEARN A LOT about both Geology and Religion (Religion is intimately tied up with geologic catastrophies)

    • Dopes do as Dopes Are…

      perhaps if she had any remaining brain cells, she might have read up on the scientific journals regards covert19 and the vaxx effects on Humans.

      I watched this scheisse go down with my own Father in Law…no one had a clue why all of a sudden the prostate cancer started raging, but we put his cancer ridden ass in the ground 3 months ago..this was guy who knew tony foulqi at Harvard Medical School, and still couldnt see the “demonic” in him. By the by – that is tony’s doppelganger you be seeing on the Sunday talk shows. Real tony long gone from the “scene”/movie cast, he and his wife ‘Bob”.

      • A relative-in-law that I saw over Thanksgiving(age 86) had her vaxx booster a month or so ago. She received it with equivocation and has massive inflammation in her left arm, to the point that it’s not really functional anymore. She has serious regrets over getting injected but none of us have a clear idea how to mitigate the situation. She”s carrying on, but is severely compromised as a person. She also lives alone.

        At least she has friends and resources, but they won’t be able to fix her arm. There are also the unpredictable future effects.

  7. Mauna Loa, prior to yesterday, it had not erupted since 1984—its longest quiet period since written records have been kept.

  8. here’s an interesting video… speaking about the theory of time travel..

    I took a loop at some of the images.. ( checking windows and doors etc.) the image that says someone is hiding behind a pillar for example is the edge of a truck and mirror..
    no one in the windows or building tops etc.

    • I considered mat painting.. a double setup.. but you can never remove everything from the windows etc.. it is like a model in a comercial.. you can see the things on the cornea of the eye that are in front of her or him.. the disturbing part.. is if it is real.. where are all the other vehicles.. the ones in the street .. speed up motion and it vanishes.. such as subliminal cuts.. like the movies.. universal has the scene of a guy on a trampoline jumping and smiling.. around him is sunflowers all with smiling faces on them.. speed that part up and it is gone.. but on the streets if the action is gone the vehicles would remain.. in it it is devoid of motion.. the trees everything is stand still.. so It has to to be faked.. I just don’t know how it was faked.. and how they removed all the window images etc..
      I haven’t looked at the math yet..

  9. I hesitated at the shortened trading Friday., but I did it.., as the market was going up at the close., and jumped in to hold over the weekend. Doing pretty well right now., but I don’t know how far the down pressure will continue.., will be watching closely.

  10. As the late Michael Ruppert stated………..

    “I Don’t deal in Conspiracy Theories……..

    I Deal In Conspiracy Facts” !

    Words to live by.

  11. “We no longer have a viable replacement electronics component industry in the U.S. In fact, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan are your leaders.”

    And who created this stupidity? It’s US, ourselves!!

  12. “no telling how many days we can go “cooking-free” now…”

    You both are so fortunate to have appetite. What if one is old and appetite is no longer available, except for vodka with V-8, and / or coke? Any idea how to recover appetite? Thanks!!

    • A) Smoke a relaxing sativa (weed). Half an hour later, you will be hungry
      B) Take Iodine. (I take kelp as a source) speeds up your metabolism
      C) Take a good looking woman out for dinner and drinks. If the woman’s a bust (lol)_ you “will finish every single morsel of this overpriced meal. OR the woman may be a hit you’ll save money on viagra.

    • why would anyone ruin a drink of perfection such as V-8 with alcohol that would be an abomination…what a waste lol lol i believe v-8 is perfect just the way it is.. chill it to 35 degrees and savor the combined flavors..

  13. ” Georgia runoff elections designed to ‘keep Black candidates out of office,’ claims MSNBC. Hot button manipulation, anyone?”

    Manipulations should, at least on some level, make sense. Warnock and Walker are both Black, so the fact that after the Republican reconstructionists left Georgia the Democratic homeboys devised a means, IN THE 1870s, of keeping White areas of Georgia White, of what possible significance could that bear on the upcoming runoff election? There’s a reason Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin referred to that network as MS-LSD…

  14. Bitcoin could fall another 40% to $10,000, Mark Mobius warned, as the industry struggles to recover after the implosion of FTX.
    BlockFi files for bankruptcy as the crypto lender succumbs to the contagion of the FTX collapse. [ More billions vanished.]
    “I don’t know all the details, but if I were him, I’d be afraid of going to jail for a long time,” Mark Cuban said of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried.
    Do you think that Sam Bankman-Fried & Friends have their passports flagged?
    I never believed that digital currency, operated and managed out of a government-controlled system, would work. For one simple reason. Greed. It may have sounded all altruistic and “put it to the man” endeavor, but it is being controlled and operated by individuals in a computer domain.., you get nothing for your “investment”. As long as it is all hidden in the “Meta-Clouds” and controlled by single individuals – it will never work. Mankind’s greed is immeasurable…, FTX should prove that to anyone paying attention to their bottom line.
    Slowly, I believe that the scam run by FTX and its collapse will bring in national governments, around the world, to regulate and control this entire digital fiasco.

    • Mark Mobius, A guy that I sank a bunch of proceeds into his Nevueen Bond funds expecting that the anticipated falling yield on treasuries at the time [which every wall street wonk was saying was not going to happen, happened] would benefit the underlying NAV and share price. Welp, the price went down. Why? The fund had hedges betting that rates would rise. So much for safe investments. That was my life lesson in self performance and not letting others manage my money for me.

      If the Mobius is spreading FUD on Crypto, Im buying. LOL.

      The Universe is winking in strange ways these days. I’m filled with Gratitude:)

      We have arrived at the NET 1.0 .com 90% die down phase for Crypto. In Crisis there is Opportunity. Not Advice.


    • I can understand blockchain tech at the software level, and the basics of the proof of work in a BTC, but for some reason I can’t predict with any certainty what the markets for these “products” will actually do, so I never spent money or enough time on them.

      At least I’ll not lose any money or significant time on those things, but I won’t make a dime either, and I won’t be checking the box on a 1040.

  15. I’m still waiting for 5G to trigger my vax-induced graphene oxide poisoning. Maybe if I open the window and wave my arms….

  16. I did not expect such a drop in the markets this morning., – I will take it though. moved my stops up to match. Already a solid Win.

    • I got out a little too early, too. But not giving the money back, lol.

      If you look at a chart now, there is cause to believe this is III 3 (1) (i) today with a rally tomorrow or into weekend then the BIG MOMMA will be next week, or so. Because the rally will be III 3 (1) (ii) and when it blows the decline should be in the range of 1.5 times wherever this POS ends today, so 800 points down and then a minor (iv) So down a thousand from here, pretend.

      Now what we see coming into view would be say 1,300 points down on the (1) down. The (2) up will be playable but then we get 1/6 times more for (3)

      • SupplyChain destruction up ahead…See military style lockdowns in we going flank that ? Lets see current strategy is ignore severe Shortages in US and Canada of Amoxicillin/Augmentin,Tamiflu,Albuteral and Childrens Tylenol – and send all that MONEY(emergency funds) to the F-ing NAZI’s in the kraine.. brilliant brandon, just brilliant.

        Who is running this clusterfuck of a nation anyway?
        Anybody ?


        Stick a fork in IT Chief, this murhicanturkey is kaput!

      • I got out with about twenty minutes to go.., as I am not too sure of what it actually looks like for tomorrow., kinda up in the air as the market closed – so…, for me, that means an up opening., for no reason what-so-ever. Thursday and Friday are what I see coming down the pike.
        – “.,the rally will be III 3 (1) (ii).., ” I think you are right on this., how much and how fast is the trade key. – I’ll be watching from the sidelines – with popcorn.
        – Four digit $ take today – feeling pretty good about it.

  17. Plain as day George.

    1) What you have is an operation to deliberately collapse the markets, and payoff’s to persons of influence in regulatory and political circles using customer funds IMHO.

    And how do the Elite benefit? They purchase the underlying assets out of bankruptcy for fractions of a penny on the dollar. Where did they get the funds to do that ? See item 1). LOL.

    ” the aftermath of FTX’s collapse, skeptics have questioned whether the elite — in Washington or elsewhere — will be motivated to investigate the situation with any rigor. Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter CEO Elon Musk suggested in a Nov. 13 tweet that he was among those critics, sharing an image that ties Bankman-Fried — also known as “SBF” — to Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler. Bankman-Fried is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the image notes, where Gensler served as a professor. And he’s been romantically linked to Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison, a Stanford graduate whose father, Glenn Ellison, also teaches at MIT.”

    My biggest personal miss was dropping crypto off acquisition list when reading about the Mt. Gox hack and deciding then that it wasn’t time to buy BTC at ~$300.00. So, not advice, do your homework, and above all don’t let exchanges hold your keys. There is no FDIC here. Thanks again Gary! LOL.

    Im filling bags thanks to the holiday sales offerings.

  18. “Putin will fall, the Russian Remnants will love the U.S. and they will follow American “leadership.”

    whats that old saying.. Oh that is right.. be careful what you wish for.. if they are paying any attention at all.. they will see that the main complaint the public has on putin is.. he is being to lenient and should be more forceful..
    I believe that at this point there isn’t any graceful way out of this mess.. Either way we loose our status..and possibly more..

  19. Re: clay pigeon vs. birds of prey


    “Bird away!” as the defunct Inanimate Bird Shooting Association membership might have said? The “Daily Mail” appears so far to be a sole eagle eye amongst the msm flock aflutter with the revelation that formerly hacked Twitter data from Dec. 2021 marketed on the dark web last summer is now on a Black Friday sale of sorts. It’s free as a bird!

    Well. Ironically the songbird tweeter has been suspended. He happens to be founder of a 2017 web security firm which was taken over by a more senior security firm last year.

    A “Daily Mail” source, “Bleeping Computer” says the Twitter data breach is actually triple in size to what was been let on last summer.

    Pull !!

  20. I think there’s hope for Bitcoin.

    People seem to love Elon. Elon is a crypto guy.

    Generally the phone is the primary interface to the Internet now-a-days. Elon could link Bitcoin to the “Everything App” and even come out with a phone to do it all. The “Everything Phone”.

    Recall the days of Gateway Computer. Apple is in that position now. Elon probably will displace Apple.

    It’ll be a situation where you’re in or out. You have to commit.

    • Sell APPL short – Long Tesla/SpaceEx/Twitter for the “Elonicus Spread”

      Or Sell deep in the money Puts Tesla/SpaceEx/Twitter and Buy with proceeds out of the Money Puts in APPL.

  21. (Grin) One does not ‘fark’ with Madame Pele! Constant awareness and ability to ‘move out of the way’ if needed. I will be fine. It is far away and not coming this way…. (yet).

    • Yo RM Hank,

      dude you oughta check out Dutchsinse on Youtube..once again he predicted place and time. Even got the undersea mount volcano that popped several hours prior to MoanwhenIlaya eruption. enjoy his site, I do immensely and learn something new almost every time I watch and listen to him..real genius there.

  22. Democrat-allied groups release opposition research on House GOP investigators ahead of new Congress

    Democrat-allied groups have unleashed an aggressive opposition research operation to dig up unflattering allegations against House Republicans who are investigating President Biden, his family and his administration.

    McCarthy hangs tough against threats by GOP’s ‘fed-up five’ to derail his bid for House speaker

    House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is battling a handful of disgruntled conservatives who want someone else to govern their tiny House majority in 2023, and his refusal to cut a deal with the group is putting his quest for the speaker’s gavel in jeopardy.

    Dutch Government to Shut Down 3,000 Farms to Comply with Global Warming Goals – As Food Prices See Highest Increase in Decades

    The Dutch government is planning to buy and close down up to 3,000 farms near environmentally sensitive areas to be in compliance with EU environmental rules.

    It comes after farmer protests erupted this summer following a government plan to reduce nitrogen emissions by 50% by 2030, The New York Times reported. Farmers believe the measure unfairly targeted the agricultural sector, which is responsible for the largest portion of nitrogen emissions in the Netherlands, the Times added.

    • That’s insane, but then again, what would we expect from Brussels bureaucrats? Nitrogen is already 78% of the atmosphere, and food is an absolute necessity. Nature will purify the air if we let her.

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