Chewing on News – Fingernail Friday

Like an idiot, I failed to play the end of month write down in markets Thursday.  Long story, but the short of it is:  Must be present to win.

Which means no running tractors to offload a yard of prime raised bed composted soil if there’s a trade on.  Unwatched money tends to wander off.  Ask me how I know.

Still, the “dead cat” bounce futures are predicting doesn’t answer THE BIG  ?? about what’s coming next.  Straight up or straight down, given the larger Wave 2 up may be over:

april fools futures

Algorithmic, Dependent Future

A ton of my time is spent thinking about possible futures as though I were still writing algorithms.  Hours of painful “use case” interviews (and incomprehensible emails following) can result in very good code.  However, applying the techniques of grown-up SQL business software use cases only approximately translates to predictive investing.

This is largely because in business use case development, the hierarchy (of rule sets) is pretty clear.  If the #1 criteria for a little gob of code is “Make Money” then all the subroutines (think GOSUBs if it’s been a while) hit the “profit check” first.

In modeling futures based on “News” the hierarchy sort of floats around which introduces error rates.

What’s Today’s “Top Rule?”

If our task is to “model where the market will be Monday” (opening higher or lower, resulting in obscene profits) every trading day begins with “Who is today’s BIG Rule Maker?”  Some nominees, please (or I’ll slap you…):

For now, our coffee-fueled algothink goes something like this:

  • Putin shuts off gas (non-payment in Rubles)
    • Europe screams “We have contracts!!!
    • Putsky responds with “Not in our courts…”
    • NATO finds an excuse to overfly Ukraine.
    • Putin blasts a few NATO jets.
    • NATO moves to secure part of Ukraine. (*Even inches matter on planetary-scale ego reactions).
    • Putin waits for NATO and then pops an NSNW.
    • …escalation collapses markets next week…

Side order of context with that?  The Blind Spots of Diplomatic History – War on the Rocks.

Tempering Algothink

Military affairs contributor warhammer is always looking at the world news flow, but instead of algo’s, more in traditional military terms:

“Many concerned folks who are worried about what Putin may do wrt nukes in the Ukraine may be unaware of ways the U.S. and our allies keep track of nuke activities.

The Constant Phoenix WC-130 aircraft out of Offutt AFB, NE, home of U.S. Strategic command, is one such asset which collects atmospheric particles and gaseous effluents to monitor the potential test or use of nuclear weapons.  Their motto is “In God We Trust: All Others We Monitor.”

My bet is the WC-130s are 24/7 flying the perimeter of Russia from the Black Sea up to the North Sea.  Russian nuclear threat in Ukraine watched by Air Force lab in Florida.

And it is comforting to know that mission planning and coordination for the counter weapons of mass destruction (CWMD) mission shifted to the Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command (CDRUSSOCOM) from the offensive nuke focused U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) back during the Bush presidency.  ‘Hunt – find – kill’ for anything or anyone is Special Forces mission.

You can bet the Crimea, Donbas, Luhansk and L’Viv regions are suitably monitored by special forces for ground and air WMD activity, with strike options at the ready inside the border of Western Ukraine so that, whenever the counter-WMD mission is executed, components are not launched from NATO territory.”

I realize, from an economics perspective, the short-term big deal is the employment numbers just crossing.  But, my point is that in teaching yourself algothink you can evolve a way of seeing forward where a few numbers (employment) don’t hold a candle to strategic weapons of all sorts, whether nuclear, chemical, or biological.

Remember, Covid was just a small bioweapon.

Speaking of Covid…

Jobs in a sec.  But latest UK Covid Surveillance report is out:

latest uk covid data

I have highlighted data for you to follow along:

  • Yellow:  Among 80+ year old’s, there were 2,614 deaths within 60 days
  • Green:  Of these only 145 were unvaccinated.
  • Blue and Red:  Everyone else had been vaccinated.

There is – to my incredibly feeble and disjointed way of reading data – no reason to get vaccinated.  Of course, (government) statisticians will argue some mumbo-jumbo about the prevalence of disease, herd immunity, and other such reasons why you should still roll ’em up.

But this table says 145 dead out of 2,614 without the shots, or 2,454 with some level of vaccination.  That’s what the numbers show. unless I’m suffering a brainfart.  Source data here, page 43 COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report – week 13 (

Stats Class 2:  The Jobs Data

Quick as a wink, you’re in the pink, with liquid Job-o Dismal…”

Reality check:  Still at nearly identical employment levels compared with July of 2019:


Still, the happy-talk packaged as:

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 431,000 in March, and the unemployment rate declined to 3.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains continued in leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, retail trade, and manufacturing.”

On the other hand, a drill down into the CES birth-death model offers that declines have started in business and professional services and in education and health services.

Want to bet this is the tip on the long lead-time Q3 recession to come?

ATR: Sick of Gardening?

Might want to learn to enjoy it, a bit.  Could be important for years to come.

Well, it has seemed to us since our “forward looks” into 2022 popped with food shortage last November.  And now, it’s slowly coming around.  In Spain, for instance, Spain allows supermarket rationing to avoid food shortages (

Famine is not localized to Ukraine, although Experts warn we may see famine return to Europe after Covid and war.

Instead, it’s popping up elsewhere:  Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan: 9 million at risk of famine, says UN Chief (, and Famine looms on doorstep of DRC capital (

Around here, we’re thinning out plants that are coming up now that the weather is warming.  And a hat tip to Texas Organic Soils up in Tyler, where G2 picked up a yard of their premium raised bed soil and compost mix Thursday.

We’ll get the wood frame on top of it today and the square foot planting done, too.

Times are serious, and despite the market bounce today, color us skeptical.  The age of paper doesn’t taste very good.

Ideally, a good rally into the close today and then next week?  Well, that’s always the gamble, ain’t it?

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Always like the mention of Offutt AFB – my Hometown Omaha. Remember during the earlier cold war – aircraft taking off and landing 24/7 huge B-52’s and the daily boom of the sound barrier being broken. Here we are again…..

  2. Has anyone ever compared the CES birth/death model to what is being reported by the Census bureau?

  3. I try to stay at least somewhat optimistic, but at the end of the day I’m a realist. I’ve been slowly accepting the unavoidable conclusion that it really is Niagara Falls we’re hearing just around the bend.

    My daily intel drag is wide a net. Yesterday, I came upon the following summation of the state of things. The author really hit the nail on the head. It’s a West Texas Horse Sense length read, but well worth your time:

    • Great link Maj13. Totally agree. However my posts aren’t that long LOL. Sometimes you just can’t get it all said in a few words. Ask Biden about that.

    • Thanks for sharing Maj….. The sad thing is.. we still have people trying to cover up the corruption that they have been involved in and hiding with the thought that this is a winnable situation.. and if it just happens to kill the majority of the population so what..
      that is a great read by the way.. scary but really seems to make sense.. the death spiral.. when debt eats you alive the water on the table dries up and the noodle pulls apart…. my first experience to the death spiral.. was over a coffee pot.. cheap.. but had a payment that was post dated go in before the date.. it took off.. scared the hell out of me.. the second time was over a storm that took down the communication grid.. phew.. scary times.. we are there.. it looks good.. making money hand over fist.. or so it seems.. now with china and russia going with the gold standard and changing how buying their products will be done.. not to mention the USA does not manufacture anymore.. we consume.. even if this doesn’t go to war we will all have to face it..

    • Yes, it’s a good read.

      “Those in control of the message just move from villain to villain in the their never ending narrative.”

      • AMEN…. its just to bad they have to include all of us in their devious and diabolical perversions..
        there was a show on last night with scientists going over what was going on at those bio labs in Ukraine.. it was scary enough to curdle milk..

      • they were showing the documents and everything.. scary stuff there…

    • I have read several of his posts.., they all make very good sense., which of course, is scary as hell. This last one puts a lot into the light., and gives every reason to believe that we are not surviving this.

      • ” and gives every reason to believe that we are not surviving this.”

        What I am concerned over and prepare for is.. WHAT IF …. You do survive.. if you live next to the pervert mansion with the high fence.. your gone.. no worries.. but what if your in the wastelands and do survive.. life flips completely over in a moments notice.. money is worthless.. utilities shut down instantly.. you have what is in front of you..
        Watch Naked and Afraid.. or the colony.. or dual survival.. I still believe they were created as studies to see if mankind can survive a SHTF scenario..sending in the kids in an unfamiliar environment.. naked just a fire starter or a pan knife.. now survive a month.. they picked the 21 days because that is just below the limits to surviving without food.. Every Academic study that has been done predicts four to seven percent surviving.. the trick is.. in the event of a shtf scenario.. have enough supplies to get you by until you can produce what you need yourself.. develop a skillset that will allow you to make your own.. my father had a setup to repair shoes.. I never could get when I was a kid why he had a shoe repair station at our home.. the reason was.. shoes were expensive in the depression.. many went without.. and those from large families had hand me downs.. when we were little my mother insisted we all learn how to make slippers.. and we would all make each other slippers for xmas gifts..
        with products all being made someplace else.. how many young ladies actually have a sewing machine.. how many can make lace..
        its all for the what if.. you are one of the four percent..When FEMA had all the communities set up an emergency plan.. I worked on ours.. unlike so many that want to prep for themselves.. I thought prep and plan for the community.. a man is not an island.. each person no matter what their station in life is a genius in their own way.. Iq doesn’t matter.. they do.. so we wrote the plan for the community.. list each persons likes dislikes and hobbies.. career choices.. etc.. a plumber is still a plumber.. etc.. someone that hunts or fishes knows his hobby..

      • There are several inaccuracies, but he got the gist right.

        It is a warning, not a tome of doom.

        However, time IS running out for those who wish to make it to the other side of the shitstorm, to establish & enable a transition plan.

    • Maj13 thanks for the pointer to TBP, had not visited in a long time. JK’s work is often illuminating. Here, just confirmation of increasingly noticeable roar heard when reality-cancelling headphones and blinders are not equipped.

      Approach here: Create, support, reinforce resilience. Build relationships. Prepare to help family, friends and neighbors going forward. Pray.

  4. Dude G – its wayback machine Thursday or thirsty Thursday for the drinkerz..

    Wayback in time – no keep going back, to the creating/growing/educating of modern Man in ancient Mesopotamia.

    Legends tell of “visitors” settling the area at base of mountain range -Turkey. Legends tell of Dirhanna/stargates located all along the Euphrates, it was that population of star gates that made the area so attractive to off-world “visitors”.
    from that beginning to moving thru time brings us to king Nebuchadnezzar – and his 3 legendary copper ships filled with silver&gold coins buried under the Euphrates – which Cyrus the great supposedly found after announcing the building of the second temple.

    Bringing us to an ancient Muslim legend that tells of a “mountain of gold” will be found in the future buried under the Euphrates. The legend warns that should the mountain of gold be disturbed it would mean the End Times were upon the World.

    ..seen the news lately out of Turkey ? Lower water levels have revealed some startling scheisse, including 20 tons o Gold…thinking hear 20 ton o gold would be a Mountain to ancient Muzzies. MOAR evidence da sand bee running out da hourglass.

    Hot Dam ! getting really tired of all the evil scheisse anymore.

    “Sooner or later the endless spectacle is over. Then we will take revenge MERCILESSLY” – Alexander Dugin (“inside pooterz mind”)

  5. If you want a peek into the future, i.e. ‘The New World Order’ that Old Man Bush discussed in his State of the Union when he said in his seething voice “and we will succeed”; and the ‘New World Order’ phrase that Senile Babbling Joe was told to regurgitate several times this past week when in Europe, you can look at the 509 page “Consumer Price Index Manual, Concepts and Methodology” which was sponsored by the IMF, The Statistical Office of the EU, the UN Economics Commission of Europe, and the World Bank. All Globalist/New World Order organizations that want to control the world, but none of them are elected by the people.

    Does it really take a 509 Page PDF to figure out Cost of Living Adjustments and the rate of Inflation? A trip to the local gas station, a look at utility bills, food and coffee prices, product size shrinkage, healthcare costs, and Amazon prices year over year would be more accurate. But they cannot control the people if the people really know what is happening. And to look like the government really cares, they have to calculate some type of “COLA increase” in their Socialist transfer payments. So they make it so complicated, that very few people on the planet can figure out what inflation really is, therefore they are in complete control of payments and can gradually force people reliant on such payments into poverty because the payments do not meet the price increases of goods and services.

    It is the roadmap to how everything will be indexed in the future…from retirement benefits, to minimum income payments, to healthcare costs, to commodity prices. It is so misleading, and complex that it is something an army of statisticians without advanced programming will not be able to calculate. And it would make a Baptist Preacher start drinking trying to figure out why it covers such European items as Cost increases of Illegal Drugs and Prostitution and why they are included in one index, but not in another.

    You can view or download the 509 page PDF below:

    If you do look at it, be sure and view such items as the Acronyms and Abbreviations on Pages 19-20 of the PDF (not manual page numbering) to see a whole new language. On Page 47 of the PDF you can find formula notations including 18 different Indexes such as Laspeyres Index and Dutot Chained Index. Why do they need to have so many different indexes? Because the average human living on this planet including EVERY ELECTED LEADER would not know the difference or how it is calculated. Remember dimwit Pelosi’s famous words on Obama’s healthcare fiasco: “We will have to pass it to find out what is in it”. It is just another way to screw the public as I will point out below.

    Section 9 of the Manual starting on PDF Page 219 will give you just some of the Mathematical formulas used in calculations as described in the PDF. Have fun even annunciating them when you have to incorporate in the numerous formula notations found on Page 47.

    The reason for pointing these out to you is that there is probably 1 person in 100,000,000 that could interpret what they are trying to do. Trust the Bankers and the One World Government aka the New World Order. Just like Human caused climate change from Carbon, it is all a lie created by liars to make more money and gain more control.

    Try to simply figure out how the U.S. currently determines their numerous CPI indexes to which Social Security and other items are linked for COLA. You can go here:
    and try to interpret the formats. They try to explain it here:

    You can see how are they leaving out such things as fuel costs and food costs in calculating their CPI. The core of the CPI or PCE (Personal Consumption Expenditures) refers to the selected products minus prices associated with food or energy. Food and energy costs are generally considered the most volatile, also referred to as noisy, therefore they ignore these items within the data used for Social Security increases. They state that shifts in the non-core area are not necessarily indicative of overall inflationary activities. Bullshit! Fuel and food are eliminated. How can they honestly ignore items that now make up such a large portion of people’s lives?

    For over 4 decades they have been trying to study and compile the CPI-E and create a relevant index for Social Security. CPI-E=CPI for elderly. Seniors 65 and older spend more than twice as much on health care, and those 75 and older spend nearly three times more on health care than younger consumers. Not only do health care expenditures steadily increase with age but health care costs have also consistently risen much faster than other market basket categories. The current price index (CPI-W) does not take these critical differences in the elderly population into consideration. Again, they are purposely skewing the results and screwing the Seniors that built this country, but at the same time, they continue to give huge payouts to illegal aliens for childcare, healthcare, food stamps/EBT, housing, transportation, and $Billions of other Biden giveaways to foreign countries while ignoring the citizens of our country.

    The CPI started using Geometric Mean in 1999, rather than the Arithmetic Mean. Why? As a mathematical rule, the geometric mean will always be equal to or less than the arithmetic mean. Would some 78 year old know the difference on how they are ripping them off is the government mentality! They can change the method of calculation to lower the real inflation rate and therefore lower the COLA increases for Social Security. Push the people that counted on it into further poverty because the COLA doesn’t come close to meeting what is happening in the real marketplace. There are many different ways of calculating CPI include the traditional CPI, the core CPI, a trimmed-mean CPI, and a median CPI. The CPI is composed of the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) and the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U).

    Statistics and numbers reported from the banksters, politicians, the healthcare industry, and Marxist Media are full of fraudulent lies! Markets are rigged (just look at what happened to the Nickel market recently with JP Morgan on the counterparty risk for $1Billion) as are statistics reported from government agencies. Consummate Pathological Liars.

    • “Does it really take a 509 Page PDF to figure out Cost of Living Adjustments and the rate of Inflation?”

      ABSOLUTELY NOT…. LOL especially when we know that that very paper has never been read except for maybe Rand Paul and a few others.. Congress just generates papers to confuse and make it look like they are busy.. ( aren’t they still on recess or something )
      laziest bunch I have ever seen.. work less than two hundred hours a year.. and will give you a thousand reasons why they don’t need to read that crap..
      Its like the Waterfowl protection act.. I struggled to read that dam thing at the very end.. there is a catch 22 clause saying that if you found a way around that act that they can just deny you anyway.. LOL LOL LOL… and seriously could you see anyone in office writing anything like that.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.. NOOO first you have to be present to win…..

  6. “Putin shuts off gas (non-payment in Rubles)
    Europe screams “We have contracts!!!“

    LOL yes you had Contracts.. but you put stringent sanctions on Russia.. so like they said on television last night.. since you won’t let us use those funds or make purchases with them…. ( I still can’t buy that bassinette) it would be giving you the gas for free and honey nothing in this world is free…. and I don’t know about you guys but I go to fill up the tank they want me to pay for it…. so the EU should quit being shallow and just get over it and.. pay for the dumb gas in Rubles and get over it or take down all those sanctions.. or in the language of the wastelands.. suck it up buttercup you caused this with the sanctions get over it…..I frankly am surprised that he has left it on this long.. got some idiots out there cat calling him being belligerent and threatening him and his country sword rattling and moving nukes on his border.. doing everything even threatened to shut down their gas pipeline a month ago destroy it because no one wanted them to have it.. .. Putin is a much bigger man than me.. I would have shut it all down a month ago.. the old be that way then and close the tap.. don’t pay for your power they shut it off until you pay.. there isn’t anyone with a sense of humor in the business world and frankly they don’t care if I go cold and hungry…. I went a year without an income.. it was a challenge to get by.. trust me.. no one cared whether or not we had heat.. or food..

  7. The only reason senator mark kelly is saying anything against china joe’s oil policies is that he’s up for reelection. Oh , and chuckie schumer allowed him to do it ,seeing that nothing will come of the demands.

  8. symbols are the flags that represent their religion, satanic pedos
    don’t forget the stage setting for Ellen Degenerate’s

    and people wonder why the world is going to hell, it is because the so called free world is ran by them pieces of shit. It is the time of toilet flushing. Between Q and the laptop from hell, much is being EXPOSED
    And where are the posters claiming the ‘Russia has a Trump pee pee tape’ lie? The Hunter laptop is real, deal with it, you who push the lies.
    Do you ever think that Putin is not fighting Ukraine but is fighting the deep state cancer in Ukraine. The so called elected leaders in our country have their dirty little hands all over this world wide fiassco, now centered in Ukraine

    Oh well back to Killary’s problems with her gang and the Russia hoax, feeding false info to the FBI and using the federal government to do their dirty political hacking bull shit, tisk tisk tisk

  9. First and foremost:
    Happy April Fool’s Day!

    Has the Ukraine main course from Nato and EU in Brussels sprouted bloated midriff and distended mind? What better to do then than settle back with pain-aux-raisin pastry puff, a strong French press coffee, and step outside the Ptomelaic world of euro-centric ministerial blather.

    Are we witnessing the re-Sovietization of gold rich Mali in tumultuous West Africa? Mere months ago, Wagner Group Russian mercenaries were dropped into Mali with unknown intent according to French msm. The French president made appearances in Moscow at the foot of the covid long table at the Kremlin under cover of seeking a Ukraine peace with Mr. Putin. French troops withdraw from their 10 year anti-terror mission in Mali to next-door Niger. The EU foreign minister says that the substantial EU force in Mali will remain above the fray and no longer train Malian army forces since the latter were understood to be conferring with the Russian mercenaries. Indeed last week Mali’s military junta claimed they are making positive gains with the help of Wagner Group.

    Well, that’s that isn’t it? Anyone care for another cream puff?

    • Yo Jester,

      Whos that U & frogs got hiding in steel plant -Mariupol ? Important enough for the french macaroon to call Puteeen his own dam self?

      Previously attemped evac/rescue with 4 helo’s, 2 shot down approaching, 2 let land & PU personnel, takeoff and then shot all over the net.
      Rumored high level “NATO” officers still in hiding… Ruskies not so kind towards cowards on the battlefront…hmmmm

      The probabilities for G’s weekend kickoff of WWtree just got whole lot better or worse..depending on Ure view of current state of Humanity..

  10. Fools Day regards one and all.

    If Ure looking for the legit data from our gummint, ignore most of the made for prime time dumbed down media and get thee to BLS Table A-15, line U6.

    “Must be present to win” a couple items leap to mind your Georgeness: the first was told me by a Black Jack Pit Boss when I was a just youngster:

    The less you bet the more you lose when you win.

    But, there’s always a butt, there is a misconception we must with money either go long or short. I disagree. To decide to do nothing is a legit decision. Remain patient, at peace. Place your bets next time.

    I must away. Yesterday Pres. Brandon explained I’d save $500/month to go solar. My worst total electrik bill was $312 so … I’m trying to figure out how to spend the extra couple hundos per mo.

    Write when you’re golden,

    ps – another -0- solar gain day here in SW lower MI. We got another 1-2″ od snow overnight. Mother Nature has a cruel sense of humor :0/

    • “I must away. Yesterday Pres. Brandon explained I’d save $500/month to go solar. My worst total electrik bill was $312 so … I’m trying to figure out how to spend the extra couple hundos per mo.”

      At least on one subject he has brought up I can agree with him…He was right on the assumption of savings.. when I first put solar in.. it was to show that I supported the whole idea of using all sources of energy.. ( except nuclear we just don’t have enough knoweledge of it and cost of disposal is horrendous)
      what I didn’t expect was that it was super great idea and the savings even back then was enough to pay for the system in five years time..
      the big issue is acceptance.. many states have been working real hard to discourage solar and wind.. large wind is to expensive and the solar farms they are building are using the same business plan they have with the main manufacturing.. lump it all in one place for control.. they should be putting in smaller and starting with the furthest point from the power plant and work backwards.. (I know I know old rant.. build solar towers .. put in co2 filters on lamp posts in cities.. and use greenscaping yada yada yada)
      after a month the head of the utility company stopped by.. they had been sending out people checking on it three times a week for three months.. after the first month he came out and was shocked.. he to believed the same BS they feed everyone.. and couldn’t believe how efficient it was..
      But efficiency is not going to work if you have to push that power to the furthest point.. and by not going smaller and moving it outwards.. the cost of infrastructure changes is huge.. for the cost of three of the big wind.. you could literally put a huge solar power system on every home in the state.. and several solar towers.. at every sub station they should be putting in a three sided solar tower.. with a inverted trapezoid reflection.. between cell strings..
      todays cost.. the payback is a lot less.. the big leap is getting the ok to put in a system.. I have said for years embrace change. use what we have.. a few nukes pop off here and the whole grid is down..we would be shoved back to the stone age.. studies that I am betting are not being read say that 98 percent are dead because of it.. know how to generate power.. how to set up biogas .. it is easy enough.. put in solar use coal.. ( got my coal dust headed my way.. to try out making multi fuel pellets)
      Until the power companies change their stand and quit thinking about money and more on security nothing will change.. in the best area’s for solar.. the utility companies fight people to keep them from putting in systems.. and right now Brandon is fighting with the countries that have companies that build them.. ( I know just how smart can he be.. and what could go wrong with this plan )
      I actually just got done talking with some of the grandkids about putting in biodigesters.. because if this keeps heading the way it is.. and it all lights up to cover over the deep shizt that these idiots are doing.. you might want to know how to keep warm.. or at least make candles..

  11. “Putin shuts off gas (non-payment in Rubles)

    Europe screams “We have contracts!!!“ {Which the Europeans have broken with regularity}

    Putsky responds with “Not in our courts…”

    NATO finds an excuse to overfly Ukraine.

    Putin blasts a few NATO jets. {This won’t happen. If NATO deals itself in, Putin’s first strike will be to take out every NATO airbase. A fighter fights to win, not to maintain parity within the fight arena.}

    NATO moves to secure part of Ukraine.

    Putin waits for NATO and then pops an NSNW. {Also won’t happen. TWO MILLION rapid-response and well-trained soldiers pincering into Ukraine WILL happen.}

    …escalation collapses markets next week… {Entirely likely. One of the main reasons people fight wars is “resources.” Russia has them. Europe doesn’t have them, but needs them. Ergo, the EU will fight a war of aggression against Russia, using NATO as its weapon and Ukraine as its excuse, to steal Russia’s resources, and the “press” to blame the entire proceeding on Putin.}

    That doesn’t mean Putin isn’t an authoritarian prick or that military action in Ukraine is justified. It means that none of this matters, because the war, its cause, effect, and meaning, mean exactly what the mainstream media say it means, and is nothing more nor less than they tell we proles.

    Kinda like when they told us they were “mostly peaceful protests” using a backdrop of a burning city…

    • Why the Green EU is fighting for? Carbon Energy? Really? What if Pooh Team has finally caught the dirt on what the Black Budget was being spent on to “defending” us?

  12. “The Constant Phoenix WC-130 aircraft out of Offutt AFB, NE, home of U.S. Strategic command, is one such asset which collects atmospheric particles and gaseous effluents to monitor the potential test or use of nuclear weapons…
    My bet is the WC-130s are 24/7 flying the perimeter of Russia from the Black Sea up to the North Sea.”

    They are. They are also flying from the Bering Sea to 600NM south of Hawaii and there are a mess of both WC-130s and heliochopter sniffers up over CONUS 24/7 (and have been for more’n two months…)

  13. While picking up parts to repair the baler I saw a banged up old Toro Dingo with a medium sized loader out behind the shop by the trade in stuff and got to thinking about your raised bed project. When I asked they didn’t know if it ran or not and it had been sitting out there in a puddle of hydraulic fluid that just might be from it for several months. Took a quick look and even though it would be a fun project there is not enough room on my schedule. And by the time I find some, it’s doubtful parts or fuel will be affordable or even available. Not to mention what the hell would I do with it.

    I sure hope it’s not there next time I stop in for parts.

  14. “ATR: Sick of Gardening?”

    Not yet — Just acquired a bunch of Tanacetum cineariaefolium seeds. This is the “Tanacetum chrysanthemum,” “painted daisy” or “pyrethrum daisy,” a pretty, fragrant perennial with a side-benefit which should be obvious.

    FWIW “this year’s daisy” is the Shasta daisy so painted daisy seeds are less-available than in most years, but they’re something I don’t have, so all things considered, I consider them a necessary acquisition…

  15. OK, just in case Russia really does something by the 4th, got some cheap options at close today, if wrong, at least its tax deductible unlike the casinos here in Vegas :)
    Not trading advice obviously…

    • One of the worst things Ford & Carter did.

      The Panama Canal Zone was United States territory. It never belonged to Panama. It belonged to Columbia, before we financed the civil war from which Panama was spun off. As reward for our (mostly under the table) backing, we (meaning J.P. Morgan) were ceded the isthmus so’s J.P. and his buds could build the Canal.

      The commies and hippies started hollering in the 1970s about the Canal Zone and how it should properly belong to Panama. Wanting to get along, after the Nixon debacle, Ford initiated the treaty and paperwork necessary to cede the Canal Zone to Panama. Carter then took the option to sign off on it (he was not obligated to do so.)

      Now the Panama Canal Zone, for all practical purposes, belongs to China — Imagine that…

  16. In the latest revision of a new world order, those in the rear guard will be learning the lessons of Castronated frugality. Less will become more, more or less.
    Children will now forgo learning cursive and will instead learn the new pronoun ordering of the wokie host. Take that in thy rearguard position and smile, less thee take it thy end from the wokie educationists and their social media instructed child soldiers.
    T. Leary got two out of three right: tune in, downsize, and drop out is starting to appeal to me as a reactionary mantra. I am going through the motions, but I want less of it more. I would like a buffer zone from the cyclonic social madness that whirls around me. I hear the evening coyotes in the distance.

  17. Must be present to win. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

    Here here! Present and a~ccounted.

    Gobacode globacode hmmmm.

    Goba goba goba gob a. Code.

    Interesting conveyance George.

    Almost as Interesting as the glitch I experienced on one site that said I had $115,000,000 in my C. currency account. I thought ohhh I made one hundred and fifteen million dollars over night? Great!

    Then I hit refresh and it was $115.00

    I’m sure it’s a sign of things to come.

    Globa code. For for the EL or is it Elle or ele for electric or uhmmm global. Code. Maybe it’s a piece of candy or pretty pink dress. Glob a code…….. ohhh she is pretty.
    Been seeing alot of Elvis Refrences lately. New Batman good, I saw it last night.

    I too, wear blue swayed shoes.

    Be a good website name. Welcome my friends to Glob A Code, we sort the sense from the non-sence here in…. phenomenal reality! (phenomenal reality) (echo echo echo)



    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

    Ahhhhhhh there it is,

    Q: ~ Mony mony~

    Billy Idol.

    • I tell ya what. It won’t let me buy anymore more of once type of cryptos. Every time I try to buy one of them, it won’t let me. I have 122 million of that kind. That is the one that said it was 115 million US dollars Value, the other day. And I can’t buy more of them. I tried like 22 times.

      And I can’t sell them. I tried to sell some and i got an error that said, error code: wait! 4 f8v3r.

      Uhmmm that just read wait for favor?

      It’s hits that value I had took the screen shot of $115,000,000.00 I’m cashing out in Ameros.

      Whoohooo! Get that money!

      That is right. I took a screen shot of it. Notices it Has a future date on it. Not the current date. Lol

    • Maybe get more CRO. Scenes on how they are all around me saying grow grow grow. The crows. Ya know? Lots of them lately.

      I like cash money. Talks louder than bullshit. Lol

      • Crows travel in large groups called a murder. A murder of crows. Crows fight with each other a lot. When you hear an entire murder getting rowdy, there is usually a grudge fight underway.
        I looked up crow symbology on the web. I think crypto crows makes as much sense as any of the rest of it. Let’s say that a crow sh!ts on your jacket. Yeah, that is definitely an omen to buy cryptos on credit. However, this is not investment advice. Likewise, crow sh!t is not the same as investment advise, unless we are talking cryptos, then it is.

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