Chart: Market Stalls – Digital Warfare Update

After the Internet Bubble collapsed in 2000-2004, we came up with a “better mousetrap” way of looking at Markets.

Instead of looking at a single stock, or a single index, we decided that the “right way” to size up any (global financial) Casino would be to keep track of the TOTAL HANDLE.  That is, how much money is “in play.”

Today, we’re pondering a damn-strange fact:  When this logic is applied to the U.S. Markets (as an aggregate) we aren’t going anywhere:

What’s even more interesting is how the (various) players are trying to smooth-over what – in the longer view of data sets – may arguably be a long-term market top.  You can look at comparisons with the 2006-2008 topping process before the Housing Bubble blew over.  Or, as we prefer, the “gold standard” of collapse: 1929.

No matter how we cut it, though:  We are watching the world’s best financial engineers trying to “paper their way through” disaster.

Promises to be quite the show – and a “surprise ending” is possible. Which will show up on our Peoplenomics subscriber side one of these days.

A Foo and His Goo, Dept.

“A Fool and his Gold are soon parted,” advised Thomas Tusser. (In a Mandela Effect check, though, Shakespeare said it on a different worldline…)

And so, while we have missed a second (or, is it third?) chance to become multimillionaires in Life, we’ve at least held to Core Values.

But let’s talk about Cryptos, anyway:  Mark Cuban ‘Hit’ by Titan Crypto Crash As Coin’s Price Falls to Near Zero, reports

Digital Warfare Rages

Fighting continues on the Digital Front:  Internet outage: Airlines and bank websites go down in another major failure.

However, Allied Forces claim Police Bust Major Ransomware Gang Cl0p over on Vice.

Human progress has taken us from teenage gunslingers a century and a half back to codeslingers of today.  Yep.  Progress, that…

The early quote on BTC was down to $37,682 after kissing $40,000 earlier this week.  The physics lesson?  Do dead cats bounce if you get ’em high enough?

It’s not just Cryptos having their “Come to Jesus” moment, either:  “Tesla and Other Bubble Stocks Have Deflated Just Like 2000, mentions the Wall Street Journal.

With the price of Lumber, breaking to the $900 handle this morning, and with copper only hesitating in its similarly dramatic fall, it’s enough to suggest that hyper-inflation’s arrival may not be so sudden, after all.

Mainstream Financial Press types – who hyped the (pardon this) living shit out of how lumber prices “…will add $40k to new home prices…” have gone strangely mute when the shoe is on the other foot.

With the Fed talking a rate hike in 2023, seems to us an End of the Long Wave Turning Point is upon us.

The last major interest-rate turn was the top in 1980-81  Oh, which was also a major recession period – I forget to mention these things sometimes – must be getting old, huh?

At any rate, this year the ultra-long-term slide of interest rates will pass 40.  And this means what?  The Long Wave Economic cycle is alive and well.  What shows up to aid recovery, many times, is War.  So be ready for the bum’s rush on Defense Spending.

The Federal Flywheel

Various economists over the years have argued that what drives economic recovery from all-time chuck-holes (like rates bottoming) is government spending.

We’ve explained many times in past columns how this works:  Federal and other government employees pull-ahead of private-sector working stiffs like mad when times get bad.

Fact is, one of Elaine’s boys asked us about going to work for that big quasi-government place that moves packages and mail.  Elaine was appalled, but my advice was “Hell yeah!  Government’s the Big Growth Industry!”

Well, since that call more than a decade back, it has proven some of my best advice – ever!

Mr. Smug points to With Juneteenth, Federal Employees Now Get 44 Paid Days Off Each Year. I’m lobbying for a Native American holiday to balance things up a bit (everyone’s in the quota-checking business now).

Yet more evidence of the “flywheel effect” of government.  Why, we could enjoy the economic equivalent of the Works Progress Administration – without having to admit to any economic malaise!  Just add Holidays!

SupCo: ACA Economics?

Here’s your “Economic Conspiracy Theory du jour:  We’re wondering if the decision wherein Court maintained the Affordable Care Act was because to end it now would throw the country into economic Depression, almost certainly?

Again, Massive Public healthcare – as long as average lifespans don’t go up too much (and CV19 helped, right), then it is economic stimulus, pure and simple.

Not that we’re complaining:  Since our out of pocket for two total hip replacements for Elaine will be $4,500 max.  Thanks, Medicare Advantage plans!

Page E

Speaking of the darling-missus who is now totally hip:  She’s walking without a cane or walker, and looking as close to normal as you’ll find.  Our cameras followed her to physical therapy Thursday morning:

People have a tough time believing she was born in ’43.  Her amazing “age-proofing” offers a grand plot for a novel I have in mind.  When time permits.

[I’ve never been clear on why readers prefer looking at pictures of Elaine and not me…hmm….]

Speaking of Eye Treats

Did you see where Victoria’s Secret DITCHES ‘Angels’ supermodels to redefine sexy with ‘diverse high-achievers’ like Megan Rapinoe?  No, of course you didn’t notice.  (Liar!)

War Proxies

Enough of the spoils of Life.  Let’s get back to the killing and maiming department, shall we?

Iranian ships once believed to be headed toward Venezuela change course, U.S. officials say, reported Politico.

Our pet theory is they’re simply lost.  No dunes and mountains to climb out in the Atlantic…

Climate Change Tracking

As the drought continues to settle-in over the West, two personal notes:

The first is that if you’re planning to head for Las Vegas, youngest daughter visiting there says a single Banana at a hotel is over $2.50, now.  She’s also keeping an eye on Lake Mead water shortage: The shocking numbers behind the crisis.

Then there’s the firefighter/EMT son who’s expecting to go out on wildland fires, shortly.  In fact, just to the right (on a map) of the Salt River project (and down a bit) “Telegraph and Mescal wildfires: Multiple Arizona communities evacuated, reports the Arizona Republic.  172,000 acres up in smoke.

This heatwave stuff has also started getting attention back east: ‘Mega-heat wave’ is peaking in the West, breaking records and intensifying drought, fires.

ENSO at work – that’s the el Nino North-South Oscillation. Made marketable by labeling it “climate change…”

Also check the visuals in Massive cloud Saharan dust sweeps over Atlantic toward US from AccuWeather.

Meantime, Texas news tipster Linda in Houston’s been eyeing the evolution of “Potential tropical Cyclone #3” – likely to make Missasloppy in coming days:

How about we christen the impact area LaMiBama?  Nice ring to it…

We’ll supposedly get 3/4-inch of rain Monday.  But I’ll hold off mowing until Sunday.  Short grass seems to brown-out faster in the summer heat.  And that “golf course look” is nice while it lasts.

New Madrid Jits?

Not exactly, but when the middle of the American continent makes noise, there is some reason to worry  Magnitude 3.8 Earthquake Reported In Western Indiana; Some Felt It In Chicago Area.

Big Weekend Ahead

Summer shop notes in Sunday’s column.

Special Saturday Ham Radio edition because weekend after this is Ham Radio Field Day 2021.  Rules and operating guidelines over here.

Peoplenomics tomorrow will update the charts.

And Ure’s truly will be plugging away on the new book with another chapter coming for PN subscribers next Wednesday.

Write when you get rich,

32 thoughts on “Chart: Market Stalls – Digital Warfare Update”

  1. Dude G ,

    encourage a look see at Ure current reality – how has it worked for U in this lifetime ? really. Because 99.99% of US are in a electro induced brain fog our entire lives..see Death traps/Amnesia Machines – those “ley lines” aint new age happyhappyjoyjoy – no more like part of enil’s NET… yeah yeah go to the light..NOT.

    * truth leak – WE do Not have a SOUL . U R THE SOUL !

    Reconfigure, Reset, ask URE higher self, ask others U interact with in realms.

    We Humans are ISBE’s – Is for the Sake of Being . ISBE’s live forever, activate/occupy needed, synthetic and or Biologic.. we animate physical bodies till they wear out, Communicate thru Non physical means.
    We are all Non Physical…ISBE’s Never Forget – Anything.

    Need to go ‘deep” – or dont go at all. QHHT can help find the answers to Ure deepest ?’s /fears.
    Fun Journey’s..

  2. “I’m lobbying for a Native American holiday to balance things up a bit (everyone’s in the quota-checking business now).”

    May I suggest “umpteenth”

  3. I think that an abrupt reversal in broad commodity prices would signal that underlying credit deflation is becoming dominant. The amount of potential investment capital that cryptos have liquidated is staggering. And then there is the expanding drought conditions. When crops fail, and agricultural interests begin defaulting on credit, that moves markets. As G_____ is somewhat reluctant to acknowledge, large scale malinvestment and credit over-expansion, when coupled with drought and crop failure is THE proven path to economic mayhem and collapse.

  4. “Mark Cuban ‘Hit’ by Titan Crypto Crash As Coin’s Price Falls to Near Zero”

    On Wednesday, CoinDesk reported that Cuban had joined the decentralized dClimate network, which aims to collect and monetize climate data, forecasts, and models and then sell them…

    • Weather becomes crookery – where but here?
      Ice sheets to sheet for brains. Are Ray, LOOB, Wm@RR, and the handful of brethren here the only ones who have bryanes?

  5. “Did you see where Victoria’s Secret DITCHES ‘Angels’ supermodels to redefine sexy…”

    Did you see where Victoria’s Secret DITCHES profits to redefine sexy

    ‘Fixed that for them…

  6. “We’re wondering if the decision wherein Court maintained the Affordable Care Act was because to end it now would throw the country into economic Depression, almost certainly?”

    Nope. They ruled so because to do otherwise would prompt Schulosi to pack the Court, and destroy its status as a co-equal branch of government.

  7. “Iranian ships once believed to be headed toward Venezuela change course, U.S. officials say, reported Politico.

    Our pet theory is they’re simply lost. No dunes and mountains to climb out in the Atlantic…”

    Lessee, the Iranian ship is carrying a bunch of high-speed floating bombs and has a destroyer escort.


    I guess my pet theory won’t be formed until I see WHAT’S IN IRAN’s “OTHER HAND…”

  8. The east coast press seems to be surprised by weather every season. Whether it’s hot weather in the DESERT southwest or cold winter temps in the northeast there’s never a shortage of pearl-clutching and doomsday articles. It gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter…no shit. What would the rest of the world do without New York’s intellectual superiors?? I shudder to think of that reality….not.

    The MSN article is full of what amounts, basically, to lies and half truths about record summer temps. It’s been much hotter and much drier in the southwest before this year. The all time record high temp (134 F) recorded in Death Valley happened in 1913. It still stands to this day. The reason for that is it was MUCH hotter and drier 100 years than it is today. The droughts were worse, the temps hotter and wild fires burned in excess of 50 million acres per year in the 1920s and 30s. You used to be able to go to a federal government websites and see it for yourself, but since Biden and the rest of the bad guys got back into office they deleted all of the data before 1983 because it didn’t jive with the bullshit climate change scam they’re pushing….or maybe pre-1983 data sets were found to be racist and had to be cancelled. Either one is acceptable in the post-sanity world. If you look at the weblink you’ll find that, interestingly, 1983 had the LOWEST acreage burned for any year in the record. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that they picked that year as the new starting point for the official record.

    • As my Stats prof once said….”there are three kinds of people..liars, damn liars and statisticians

    • I remember the “old” internet; it got me through many a dust storm in those days. The dial up connections were a bear though with the crank phones and all.

      Anyway, I don’t think it’s about climate change. It’s about setting the stage for the huge meat and grain (or “food”) markups coming in the Fall when the crop failures kick in. Didn’t I read something somewhere that China doesn’t have the means to feed its people. What happens when the U.S. doesn’t, either?

      Lake Mead, soon to be Pond Mead…

      • “Didn’t I read something somewhere that China doesn’t have the means to feed its people.”


        If I were Xi, governing 1.4 billion people, I would take steps to ensure they not go hungry, like, um, buying food producers in places where a surplus of food is usually produced.

        What are WE going to eat when the crops die and Sugardale, Robt. P Morrell, Eckrich, Cooks, Nathan’s, Emge, etc. send ALL their meat to China…?

    • “The east coast press seems to be surprised by weather every season. Whether it’s hot weather in the DESERT southwest or cold winter”

      SO ARE FARMERS AND RANCHERS surprised daily lol…..
      Lol lol If you listen to them.. it’s to hot, to cold, to wet, to dry, to sunny or to dreary..

    • “The east coast press seems to be surprised by weather every season. ”

      They’re not surprised in the least.

      They are “acting,” to sell Nielsen Ratings.

      It’s the same reason Sean Hannity and Nancy Grace are so offended, so much of the time. Hannity worked construction for several years, Grace was a prosecutor for several years. They’re not surprised or “offended” at all, by the stuff they come across in their present careers, but they’ve made serious bank and garnered a significant following, by pretending offense. It took the “weather nerds” over 20 years to notice, and nearly 20 years more to figure out a way to “work the crowd” but they accomplished it along about nine years ago. They’re simply polishing that turd, and their shtick, these days… Oh, and it helps, to introduce a new (or formerly obscure) concept or term, every year or two, so every weathercaster can adopt the term and beat it into the ground, to scare their viewership into watching.

      • I know a good sphynctologist for those with their head… in a dark place. But Ray, nobody uses Nielsen ratings anymore. Stations I worked at the end of my career were determining (and selling) their ratings based on their website hits. Broadcast TV is just the come-on for the web based news that the newsroom runs 24/7. They saved the high cost of ‘ratings’ payouts and DIY online.

      • “They’re not surprised or “offended” at all, by the stuff they come across”

        Ray, you can say that again. that’s the absolute truth AMEN… especially if they worked in those fields for any length of time..
        I still get a head shaker from time to time.. but seriously it takes a LOT to do that.. what I won’t claim is to have seen it all..everytime I get to thinking that way something extremely bizarre happens to amaze me..
        I once asked a famous lawyer a serious question on a serial killer.. I asked him.. after a friend of his was defending one.. How can anyone with any moral principles defend an animal like that. His response was .. him defending him is just for show and money.. a lawyer with any principals won’t let an animal like that go.. because that could be your wife or daughter son etc. So he will make sure that he’s out of society.. then he and what I called my mini supreme court would scour the news and point out where the lawyer was sinking the serial killer to make sure he was out of society..

      • Hey MAJ? Did you ever read the comic strip “B.C.”? I never met Johnny Hart, but somehow I was the personification of “Curls…”

      • Really? According to the incredibly egotistical piece of tripe to which you linked, that fire history happened in 1910. All 2020 is, is a “fun with statistics” exercise…

      • troller, how kind of you to back the MAJ13’s point!
        His chart says up to 50 million acres burnt back in the 30’s for a given yr, while your cnbc resources goes up to 10 million acres for a given year!
        Or am I wrong in assuming, you are supporting him?
        The CNN article in large print says record breaking, but when you read farther down in the smaller print, it says in 18 years. Now that is really not record breaking. Is it?
        Well enough of this, I’ve got to go run some more branches through the wood chipper to add to/enlarge my garden area(for next year crop). Then fire up some charcoal for a hamburger supper, garden fresh spinach for a side, olive oil vinaigrette. Grass feed antibiotic free Nebr beef,, it’s what’s for supper

  9. What is a Victoria Secret angel, and who is Megan? Just wanted you to know I have no idea. (Nor did I click to find out LOL) Makes me feel outside of the useless loop.

  10. “Juneteenth” is a good one.

    Over in Greenwood OK they’ve been exhuming bodies trying to find the dead from the big massacre of 1921. So far the exhumers have been searching for three weeks and come-up empty every time.

    I now wonder if the Greenwood massacre even happened. Is it possible Greenwood is made up post-Internet history? LOL

    It did seem weird that the lady testifying in front of Congress was 107. We’re told Holocaust survivors are still coming forward and some of them are well over 100. So I may have fallen for something.

      • I asked my uncle and he doesn’t remember. I like first hand info if I can get it.

        No doubt something happened. But back then Chicago fried, San Fransisco fried so a city burning to the ground isn’t really an odd occurrence. We were told there are mass graves which they are not finding.

        The thing that got me was the 107 year old lady said they dropped turpentine bombs from the planes. That odd comment sold me.

        I’m also aware the little old lady trick is the oldest one in the book.

        “Take a bite of this apple…” Snow White

        “C’mon in to eat sweets.” Hansel and Gretal

        “It’s a cream puff only driven to church on Sundays…” People’s Court.

  11. the lying father muckers, it is the goal of the lamestream, wholly corporate owned, to keep us confused, by mixing truth and lies together. Like ‘Ol’Casey of CIA fame, “,,, when everything you believe is a lie,,”

    Quote “What If the Media Had Told the Truth? Five MSM Lies for Which Trump Has Been Vindicated, and the Damage They Caused”

    Like my son said when he figured out the truth about the Easter bunny and got his mom to confess, he went straight to the jugular. His next Question was, “what about Santa and the tooth fairy?” Once people wake up, there is no putting the Genie back into the bottle.
    Climate change scam, election results,,, liars got to lie. There is more than one lie in play in this game to keep the human herd under control. Cant have them thinking for them selves. So much knowledge and truth is keep from US by our government, they say it is for our own good. I say those that hide the truth from you are NOT your friend, they are the enemy, who only seek to control you sheeple/slaves. The late great President Kennedy told US! about those who keep secrets from US.
    It just amazes me how evil can get a whole population to lie to their children, “but it is for their benefit”,, I call BULL SHIT,, bad habits have negative outcomes.
    non-disclosure agreements under penalty of law,,, WTF! If we tell you the truth, you must keep it a SECRET. We need a legal fingers crossed, making such agreements non binding, legally. Is it a government of ,for and by the people NOT, we live under a corporation THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA of for and by the CORPORATION
    Is John Galt a pseudonym for CORPORATION? a non-organic being with no heart or soul, a spawn of evil

  12. Elaine looks absolutely great! Too bad she’s wearing the mask, but I’m guessing that the PT person was there and that was protocol. I’m also guessing that she never expected you to show up with a camera!

    Maybe we’ll be graced to see another one where she’s relaxed and smiling!

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