Channeling Industrial Arts

Elaine and I were having the afternoon toddy Friday when she asked an interesting question – one I’ve been asked many times:

“Where does all your energy come from?”

I don’t mind sharing the answer because it’s so simple – obvious – and so many philosophies have tried to tariff (that is  charge) for what everyone should be told early in life for FREE.  (I just got lucky!)

There are just a few steps to “channeling” unlimited energy and it goes like this:

  • You need to understand the simple poem “Hymn of Apollo” by Shelly.
    • I am the eye with which the Universe
      Beholds itself, and knows it is divine;
      All harmony of instrument or verse,
      All prophecy, all medicine, is mine,
      All light of art or nature; – to my song
      Victory and praise in its own right belong.
  • The key part is “I am the eye with which the Universe beholds itself.
  • Now blend carefully with the Bard’s “All the world is a stage”
  • Thus, the relationship between Divine and Man (in the non-gender sense) becomes clear.

We are Stage Hands.

We are each (and every one) of us the “local agents” of Divine.  Some build The Great Work, others try to tear it down.  Kinda like a dance.

The Universe provides ALL (and unlimited power) to those who accept, honor, and act with Gratitude toward the Great Work.

Put another way, God (or whatever you call it) needs an Audience, Workers, and a thank-you now and then is appreciated many times over.

That’s it.  Except the love part, but that springs from being involved in the Great Work. And seeing the joy in it all.

“But Industrial Arts?  WTF?”

Oh…sure.  Of course!

Step out into the shop and let’s find an imperfection to resolve.  Something that doesn’t quite fit the local worker’s understanding of what the Great Work would look like in his home workshop.

Just outside my office door?  Imperfection!

There is an air hose and compressor rig that needs to be “conformed” a little closer to perfection.  The problem is the retracting air hose is down at floor level:  On this bracket…

Since a new bench is going in here, the hose would not feed correctly.  It has to be moved for the next step in the Great Work Shop to move along.

Not a big deal:  Just unscrew the bolts, move the bracket 5-feet higher on the pole building support.  Ah, but to do  that, I need to get out the impact driver…

…and I’m called to show you my “Impact Driver Lasso.”

It’s a 16″ piece of cord.  Bent up shower curtain hook on one end (to snag a belt loop or pocket) and a bowline knot on the other.  Whenever you are climbing a ladder, you “lasso the handle”  and that frees up hands to carry things up the ladder – like parts and such.  (I gotta mention to the GunFightersInc. people that they ought to make a chest mounted impact wrench holder.  Maybe something that would hold both a Glock AND an impact wrench…hmmm…

With bracket moved, time to put Teflon tape on the air fittings because I decided to re-plumb things a bit while I was at it:

Finally, we get to the whole point of this morning’s meander in the shop:  For not very much money at all, you can buy a set of open-end  thin wrenches.

If you do very much work, at all, you’re going to run into a situation (tightening air hose couplings is one) where a “thick” wrench, like a regular Crescent, for example, won’t fit.  See how cool  thin wrenches work?

By the way,  Crescent does make a special thin head adjustable.  It’s just that was at the electronics bench (where it’s very useful) and the  thin wrench set was closer.  Notice how the thin head doesn’t get compressed between the swagged fitting and the large nut as the joint is tightened?


On the post, not going to get in anything’s way.

If you’re trying to design and build the “perfect home shop” (which like a perfect boat, has yetd to be invented) a reasonable starting point I should have come to earlier on would have been:  Power, Light, and Air all go overhead.  Which makes perfect sense.  No cords to trip on and much less bending and…

While I was at it, notice the clean-up on the compressor air manifold?

From left to right, you’re seeing a small air line dryer.  This keeps the air dry enough to use in the plasma cutter.  There’s a second dryer on the machine, as well.

That next “gob of shit” is a 4-to-1 manifold.  I’m alwlays amazed how many people don’t use manifolds.  They waste work time playing “dances with air hose.”  Not here.

Top yellow right feeds 50-feet of air hose on the reel (now overhead).  The next yellow one down on the right feeds the workbench which has air for nailers and such.  And a 20-foot orange coil goes over to the milling machine, metal lathe and is useful on the grinders and such.  Fourth line, which I will plug back in momentariliy, runs over to the drill press area.

When done?  Lots of open space:

Where the new bench can go.

From here, off to another project – This time outside.  Where, in order to keep fire ants from crawling on me (and biting) – a mix of lemon oil and tea tree oil with a drop of dish soap into a sprayer:

Fearlessly on to the next project!  Really keeps the fire ants off.

Channeling Energy

There’s an old joke about owning a fair bit of property:  “ Everywhere the eye lights, another project is seen that must be done…”

Which, if you don’t look as yourself as a “master stage hand” (on “all the world’s a stage”) could be a depressing burden.

But if you look at yourself more as the “Local agent of the Universal Super Power”  – and thus able to claim – at will –  access to unlimited energy and wisdom on request?

The only thing missing is enough time to do it all…because perfection – whether inside or out – is never quite done. 

But its pursuit is the finest use of what time there is…so off to do more.

Clock’s ticking for all of us…We do want to have a great and worthy Life Review reel to watch at the End, right?

Write when you get rich,

19 thoughts on “Channeling Industrial Arts”

  1. “Where does all your energy come from?”

    Nevertheless, Jesus said, “He that has seen me has seen the Father; “I am in the Father, and the Father is in me” (Joh 14:9-10). “I and my Father are one” (Joh 10:30). I of myself can do nothing – it is the Father in me that does the works. … I am in the Father, and the Father is in me” (Joh 14:9-10).

    My opinion is — if they would have left it right there w/o the other b/s added, the world would have been much better off. Unfortunately, it turned into a business model. Thank you, George!

  2. G –

    only “known” living Master is on the record as telling to his students..

    “DIVINITY is the Will of All” – Dr. Y. Xin

    good doctor is/was the last legitimate, recorded, historic “house boy” in THE SHOALIN Temple..that monastery in China.

    Original martial arts student of Monk Hai Deng , who alwayz said “learn the classics first before I teach you” ..the 4 books – Anelecs of Confucius, Doctrine of the Mean, Great Learning and Mencius. Hai Deng had memorized ALL 4..

  3. Truly enlightened morning, the philosophers stone has hit the ground running. You took the words right out of the quantum processor in- between the ears, spot on.
    My shop is on the back deck at the moment, and tools are scattered between 2 sheds. And my memories are like the wind. The torrential rains made starting my foundation impossible. The colors are in full swing and snow what time it is in Alaska?

  4. There’s wisdom here, yet I’m missing something. No time available for toddy’s on the back deck, though nobody here to have them with. Yes, I have shops – though that’s for the winter. Summer is mostly outdoor time unless I’m doing a class or sleeping. Unfortunately, classes tend to be during prime time and include spring and fall. The idea of a chest harness for tools and materials is a great idea tool belts tend to get in the way and hang up on things. Stuff falls out when you’re crawling in tight areas. I wonder if a military rig could be adapted – I’ll let the .mil types think about that one. One reason to not carry on the property is that I’m already carrying too much other stuff. I did see a four foot snake in the grass outside my front door, but it was a bull snake, and they tend to keep the rattlers away.

  5. “ You need to understand the simple poem “Hymn of Apollo” by Shelly.
    ‘I am the eye with which the Universe
    Beholds itself, and knows it is divine;
    All harmony of instrument or verse,
    All prophecy, all medicine, is mine,
    All light of art or nature; – to my song
    Victory and praise in its own right belong.’

    The key part is “I am the eye with which the Universe beholds itself. Now blend carefully with the Bard’s “All the world is a stage”… We are Stage Hands. We are each (and every one) of us the “local agents” of Divine. Some build The Great Work, others try to tear it down. Kinda like a dance. The Universe provides ALL (and unlimited power) to those who accept, honor, and act with Gratitude toward the Great Work.”

    Human beings are the root cause of most of the World’s problems. And what is the root cause of problems within human beings? That they do not believe the words of this poem. In fact, They actively reject them.

    They have come to believe that there is no Ultimate Divine Spirit. That there is no Eternity to live for, so every day becomes an evil mad rush quest to grab as much as you can and plow over as many human beings as necessary in the process. That there are no consequences that must be answered and atoned for. Another reason? Too many humans may not believe in the traditional characterization of God, but instead they have substituted THEMSELVES AS GOD. Only “They” count. Only Their opinions count. Only Their Tribe counts. No one else has any value because They can’t get anything out of them to mine for toxic self-gratification. For Them, human life intrinsically has no value… value is perceived to exist by Them only for what someone or something else can be used for Them to gain more money, notoriety, or sexual conquest. In short, ME – ME – ME. Further, the exact opposite of the meaning behind the First Commandment.

    People are going crazy today. Some of this is our fault, and some of this has been done to us. Either way, we’re sitting on a powder keg point in history where we will all decide if we want to honor our true Divine nature, or just devolve into the selfish madness of denying life and purpose as seems to be all the rage today.

    • “Now we are witnessing a transformation: a true opium of the people is the belief in nothingness after death, the huge solace, the huge comfort of thinking that for our betrayals, our greed, our cowardice, our murders, that we are not going to be judged.”

      Czeslaw Milosz, The Discreet Charm of Nihilism

  6. “Elaine and I were having the afternoon toddy Friday when she asked an interesting question – one I’ve been asked many times:

    “Where does all your energy come from?”

    Dam I missed it again.. with all my personal intuition I was sure you were going to say…

    Honey it only takes a few choice pharmaceuticals and lots of coffee.. lol lol lol..

  7. I have often wondered.. the elites.. the string pulling puppeteers running the world..
    We seen how fast anything that implicates the powerful in heinous crimes how fast it is squelched and hidden from site. By the very ones sworn to protect and serve.. Legends of the Anunnaki and how man was created to be slaves mining for gold..

    Looking back in time to the

    Then considering the royal families all follow blood lines.

    So has anyone ever wondered besides me that the world elite create all of the wars and drama ( BLM supposedly controlled and instigated. By an elite paying others to start and promote violence),28804,1860871_1860876_1861029,00.html

    Now I doubt the blood lines are reptilian but are the elite doing all this evil to still keep man as slaves..

    • RH negative is reptile orientation. Only the Basque and the Hebrews are RH neg. In Genesis when God judged the world it mentions that “The Sons of “light” decended and found women beautiful. They had Children with them who were the great heros of Legend. God was angry at the sons of men because they only did evil and he flooded the earth. (No just biblical, there is 20,000 year old sankrit tablets written in cune form that talk about the great flood, it is also mentioned on PapVul the Myan story of creation, the Hopi story of creation, ancient Norse poems and Egyptian Hiroglphs among a few of them.) Now A common misconception is that “God was angry at the nephelim (the children of the sons of light) but that is not what it says. It says, The sons of men, not the children of the Sons of light.

      Make no mistake. There is 2 types of people on this planet. Ones from the earth and ones who are descendants of the Sons of light.

  8. Dam. sitting back having a couple of cold ones while watching MULAN.. and the kids brought over a bunch to see the cardboard cabinet.. my son in law says.. why didn’t you just make it out of wood you would have been done by now..( well besides having a lot of other projects in line I have really only worked on it a day.. you do a little bit then let it dry.. ( glue.. dam stuff.. LOL) but I said the whole idea was to show the grandson that you can have something relatively decent for just the rummaging around in a trash bin and a little creativity..I did cheat a little bit.. instead of making flour paste I used the glue I had on the shelf.. and I used the zip snip instead of a pocket knife to get the job done.. .. the wainscoting isn’t really wainscoting since you just can’t shape it very well with a router or a hand plane.. so I just did a simple ship lap.. before I take it down off of the saw horses I will put the castors on it..( oh I did splurge and bought real castors.. well I didn’t buy them I had some that I had salvaged off of another old project.. I also splurged and bought eight dollars worth of styrofoam crown corners.. and filled it with paper machet clay.. you can use just about any clay you find.. white glue or flour paste and my junk mail.. the wife did get a little anxious when I started to cook my junk mail.. LOL LOL.. a nasty job.. pictures are at a stand still now until I start putting down the counter and the bar top.. then I will update the pictures.. and will email them to George to either keep to himself if he thinks its sucks.. or shares them…
    I remember building a bar for an A list actress she was hot.. I wouldn’t have shoved her out of bed LOL…. I was in charge with another to get the wood.. I hand picked it.. so it would snap when it was finished.. maple.. it was gorgeous all the pieces were perfect.. LOL LOL.. I walked in one morning and they were spray painting it white LOL LOL LOL… Oh well that is life.. a white I could have picked a cheap pine for that.. LOL

    • Oh when I send the pictures.. look at the box.. I just cut it off.. what I didn’t do and should have.. is make sure that the flaps were squared and taped.. I didn’t retape the flaps.. so the cabinet is slightly out of square.. not so much that you will notice.. unless you take out a tape measure.. but it is there.. I was constrained by the width to.. because I used an off the shelf garbage box.. I used its demensions.. when I built them for sale.. we had several sizes available for the small serving bar.. thirty six, forty two, and forty eight. for the standard size mini bar..
      the cooler section is the styrofoam that was packing in the box and will hold a small six litre party keg.. the tap is a watermelon tap and a shipping tube for the tower.. I could have used a real tap but the idea was budget project.. what can a person on a low income hourly wage spend..without it affecting his other expenses.. anyway you will see.. I was considering making a custom handle.. a liberal tears handle LOL
      but maybe I will make man made geode for coasters.. or just use cardboard since that is the project.. decisions decisions..

      • I am actually getting anxious to get it done and send the pictures.. It is looking sweet at this point…. I stopped for two weeks because I didn’t have a battery for the camera and the phone camera lens broke.. dam dropped it and busted out the lens..I will send you the picture of the box it came from..

      • Yup I passed up a $100 Prazi beam cutter attached to barely used Skil Saw Worm drive. Yes I’m nuts. But that’s a longer entry and it’s our holiday. Suffice it say I work wonders with a Stihl chainsaw w/25″ bar and a 2×6″ micromill attached to the bar. Life off the grid…

      • Funny you mentioned “icons” the other day on phones.

        I often thought of egyptian hieroglyphs as “icons”..

        Per the anomaly created on the Bridal of the Louis La “More” book I found on the ground in the shasta mountains. My sweet little mexcan graffiti girl friend said, she would translate it for sex.

        I laughed and said ok fine, im otw. She laughed and said, it says,

        “Lion Son, Love One.”

        The “Lion Son” is the first words because they are fainter. The prominent words are the second part. That is how graffiti works. She said you don’t have to come have sex with me unless you want to. I laughed and said, honey you scare the shit out of me. Hahhaha. Sweetest little thing ya ever met. Turns into the incredible hulk when she gets angry. Haha

        Which I did not know. Interesting little moment, finishing ure book which mentions Louis and I found an original book a month ago, before I read ure book, and the anomaly with the blue led light in the back ground some how illuminating an upside down message written message on the front of the book exactly where the shadow and light divided on the “Bridal” of the cover.

        Not sure what it means. *shrugs. More will be revealed i suppose. Lol. And once again. Im trying to roll out.

        My life is so not normal. I have people say the weirdest things to me. Then I say, what did you say? And they don’t remember. I look at my friend and he says, that guy just said you’re God’s kid. I said thought that’s what he said. Then my friend shakes his head and says, im sorry did you just ask me a question? I’m like nevermind. Haha stuff like that happens all the time.

        My son called me about 3 months ago and said, why are you holding back. Get out on the stage and quit being a frady cat. I said what? What are you talkin about. He says fulfill your destiny. I said what destiny? He says well, Jesus stopped the evil thing from passing into this world 2000 years ago and every 2000 years someone is born to stop it from passing through. He never heard of Ure book. I said you got it all wrong son. Im just the guy throwing peanuts at the game and serving beer.

        Then he said ohh hey Dad. What is up? Did you call me or did I call you?


        Huh. Well I best go feed the squirls. Later dude.

  9. I have heard of “organic portals” and I know there is “NPC’s” in this world. I probably should switch to decaf. Lol.

    The Hopi Indians mention the Ant Queen. How she was metallic and gigantic and led them through a portal into this world. The big spiral which is a dimensional portal in the grand Canyon. The world they came from is described much like pictures of Mars. And one elder described a comet destroyed the planet between Mars and earth (the asteroid belt) which was a twin planet. Mars and this other planet revolved around each other like the Yin and the Yang.

    But who knows?? Could just be just a bunch of crazy Indian talk to get me to buy a souvenir. Lol

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