CFNAI, War, and Woo-Woo Reports

A dandy day of Spring, Sunday.  Second day of spring is a lot more “iffy.”

Let’s begin with economic matters, especially the Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator which is just out:

“The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) moved down to +0.51 in February from +0.59 in January. Three of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in February, but two categories deteriorated from January. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, ticked down to +0.35 in February from +0.37 in January.”

cfnai down a bit

The early futures today reflect a market still on a 5-day bender but perhaps facing the prospect of sobriety and rehab.  The upside reversal irregardless does slow the rise to our “line in the sand” trend.  Above which, widows and orphans might consider long positions.  But with a financial advisor and flash goggles at the ready:

An Elliott count may be changing

We’ll remain ultra-cautious:  Not only can we not trust markets (based on a currency with a questionable future), but in addition random acts of war figure into prospects, as well.

Dow futures down almost 100 with an hour to the NYSE open.

Putin Us On?

Hypersonically speaking:  While both the Russians and Ukrainians have been busy claiming “victory” after another weekend of blasting things to hell-and-gone, the addition of Russian hypersonic missiles to the mix does signal a turn for the worse.  Kremlin says it used hypersonic missiles for second time (

There are increasing indicators that Russia may even resort to a “shock and awe” if the West, including the mad-dog neocons, don’t back off their efforts to encircle Russian with nuclear capable missiles.

Rabid dogs (and bitches) of war are being slowly walked-back from the flashpoint ledge in stories like this Russia’s war for Ukraine could be headed toward stalemate. But, our experience is neocons serve only their own interests.

Which is evident when you follow the marionette strings back to Zelenskiy tells Knesset Russia envisages a ‘final solution’ for Ukraine.  And then goes on – in so many words – to make it Israel’s problem.  Which it is NOT.  Any more than Zelensky could blast Singapore’s lack of involvement.

This morning, Zelensky rolls with Zelensky, Putin Could Hold Peace Talks to End Ukraine War in This Location.  Which. oh yeah, is Jerusalem.  (Let’s all go to Jerusalem and talk about killing one-another, shall we?  These people are all crazy!)

Unless, of course, you’re a modern-spun “Zionist” who can’t comprehend history, mission creep, and religious warfare’s ugly roots. Most Pizarro-like.

From Putin’s perspective, his country has been surrounded by asset-stripping thugs (the West) who have pointed a Sig at his country and are wheeling in AR-15’s, grenades, and missiles while turning off water for Russian-speaking areas.

From Zelensky’s perspective, he’s just pointing the Sig (and missiles and larger European involvement) at Putin to keep him in line, but no, he wouldn’t turn the water back on.

Under all this?  A read of Modern Zionism will refresh you on  Zionism’s goals from 1897; namely the creation of a Jewish homeland.  Yes, this means Zionism got to its basic “mission accomplished” back in 1948.  But movements adapt and expand. Mission creep, it’s called.

Mission creep in Ukraine?  Well, got hijacked by neocons, the Sigs got passed out, missiles get moved, and presto!  We get war.

Slo Joe is reportedly going to Poland shortly.  (Keep him, please.) Maybe that’s a tactic to slow Russian plans?  Scaled-up version of parking tanks next to schools and hospitals.  Macabre doesn’t even scratch the surface of this mess.

Praying for Peace

Meantime, Russia has building churches at a breakneck speed for several years.  This ramped up from when Vlad Putin “got right with God” and went to work on values-based education and society.

As a result, says a report from last year, Russians Are Not Waiting for a Church Boom.

Paradoxically, we see the outline of a “religion race” here:  Russia is adding several churches per week, while in the US, not so much.

As of today, Russia is coming up on the 40,000 church level, Europe is around 500,000 while the US has 380,000 roughly.  Russia’s population is 54-percent of the U.S. population, or less, depending on how you count noncitizens.

The religious aspect of this war is just ironic as hell, since there’s this widely held Commandment about killing…

Don’t Expect Logic, or common sense, though:  Inviting even more bloodshed Ukraine snubs Russia’s ultimatum to surrender Mariupol (  Which is a far cry from Saturday’s report that Russia Claims Progress in Talks With Kyiv on a Neutral Ukraine – The Moscow Times.

America Church Tends

As long as the link between religion (values) and policy is floating around, take some time with a cup of coffee sometime and look at the Pew Research data over here.

Sure, it’s 2014 data, but Alabama, Tennessee, and Utah were all the most church-attending states in the country.  While Vermont was the least churchgoing.  Which speaks to us volumes about Bernie Sanders rise.  And there’s a correlation between party affiliation and churchgoing, but I won’t spoil your research.  Let’s say “bigly” when you consider the geography of each state.

Quips and Quizzles*

(* to make a buzzing, flying sound.  As headlines fly by, for example!)

See Miranda Devine this morning in the NY Post:  White House ignores its Hunter problem.  Watch the lefties circle wagons to excuse horrific behaviors and pass-throughs.  Double standards is what lefties do, after all.

Liberal “Free Lunch!” politics aren’t solely a lefty lie in ‘Merica, turns out:  French far-left candidate Mélenchon rallies on lower retirement age, framing self as the anti-Macron.  See how liberals are always willing to give you someone else’s money?

While we wait for Taiwan to blow:  China has fully militarized at least 3 islands in South China Sea: U.S. admiral.

Of more urgent concern in China: China Eastern Airlines crash – Shocking moment Boeing 737 with 132 on board nosedives vertically into mountain at 400mph.

We should get 2-inches of rain tonight here in East Texas.  We’re way short on rain for the year and as a result: Texas firefighters have battled 175 fires in the past week that have burned nearly 95,000 acres, the state’s forest service says.  Climate?  Nope.  Just weather. G2’s been wandering around smell like a BBQ pit, lately, seeing plenty of rig time.

And this is an interesting health note: The surprising link between Covid-19 deaths and … internet access.  Maybe because people spending more time on web means less face time IRL?

Woo-Woo: To Days “in the Realms

If you haven’t read my book Psychocartography, you’ve missed the chance to “double your life. ”

That’s because with work, most people can begin doing their own personal dream-work and effectively have as exciting a life during sleep as you can build during the waking day.

Two exciting days’ worth of adventure were experienced overnight.  And it took only 3-hours on the clock here in the “woke” world.

The first was a “person jump” while the other was a “dead relative advice” adventure.  Both were pretty damn interesting!

Day 1: The Complex Kidnapping

This dream began with whoever’s eyes I was seeing it through, was doing paramilitary training.  In the course of this, live (blue) smoke grenades were being tossed at me by a training officer.

Because I somehow knew these were dangerous, I was able to quickly bat them aside as thrown.  Resulting in no harm to me and immediately being told to participate in an action with my (commando/para-military) team.

We arrived at a parking garage and we briefed:  An elderly (small, frail) woman had been locked inside a vehicle on the top floor of the structure, having been kidnapped earlier.

Down inside an adjacent hotel, a very rich (like oligarch rich) couple was throwing a party.  Our mission was to save the oligarch’s wife (evidence, testimony kind of thing).  But we had to do so in an amazingly stealth way because there was a HUGE bomb up on top of the parking structure.  The slightest misstep and it would be detonated by the angry oligarch.

We were told “There will be nowhere to hide” because this bomb on the parking structure would have a fireball larger than the building.  I sensed it was nuclear but low-yield.

Going into the oligarch’s party, I kept an eye on the perp.  Well over 6-plus feet tall, Slavic features and light brown hair.  I knew at once that he was behind everything, was planning to kill his wife, and would set off the explosion for his own purposes, regardless of the kidnap victim in the trunk of the parking structure…

As I caught sight of him leaving the party – a not too brightly lit room – I called “Action!” to the team.

One of them picked up the woman, threw her over his shoulder and we made an escape as a unit into a store next door with many aisles of product.  A few security personnel were in pursuit.

We led them  up one aisle and down another, until finally, the operator with the woman on  his shoulder got to a door and we made-good our escape.

Hell of a dream!  I don’t know what the context of it means.  But, if in the coming weeks, we hear of a kidnapping (of an old, small, frail woman) please tell authorities she’s in the trunk.

The oligarch was furious his (soon to be murdered) wife was safe, but that did away with the low-yield bomb with the big-ass fireball to cover up the crime.  We hope…

Busy first day in Dream Realms.

Querying Alexa, it was only 1:15 AM.  Time to “go back in” and wow, was there ever…

Day 2: Dinner with Pappy

In this dream, my wife Elaine was with me.  We found ourselves in one of the Big RealmsDream Realms are countless in number.  Some populated to bursting at the seams with other beings.  Others are completely devoid of people.

It’s hard to consciously pick a Realm yourself.  See, it depends on what lessons you need to work on, and that’s not usually something you get consciously.  The good news is the right Realm is always where you go for dreams.  Seems what’s going on with your spirit, not woke mind, makes the realm selection decision.  Body-consciousness is just along for the ride…

So, there we were, in an impossibly large building (or complex) in a sea of people in a Realm filled with shops and places of interest.  Elaine tugged at my arm “See over there?  Says “Navy Bar” – lets have a drink there?”

We entered the place – spotless, but empty – huge bar to the left.  But not a person in sight, save the bartender.

“Are we too early?  Aren’t you open, yet?”

He twisted around a bit and looked at a large-numbers LED clock which (this is strange) I couldn’t read from our angle, no matter how I tried to see it.

Too early – 20-minutes before we can serve out here.  But I’ll tell you what, you can grab a beer at The Mass.  Come on, I’ll show you.”

We walked ahead and then to the right and entered a large comfortable looking meeting room.  Brightly lit and set up sort of like a bar.  There were couples here and there, maybe 20 tables in the place and a rather short (maybe 15-25 foot) bar up front.

“Couple of beers, please…” as the bartender in this area came out to get our order.

Then an odd thing happened:  Elaine looked me in the eye and said “I don’t like it in here.  Something isn’t right.”

With that, she left through an exit door directly into the halls teeming with people in this massive structure.

I followed a few seconds behind, after squaring up with the barman.

Elaine was already well ahead of me, though.  As I tried to catch up, she got to a stairwell (with that crowded train station look, right?) and she went down several flights of stairs.

On the way down, trying to make better time, I was pushing people aside and at one corner, I even had to jump over a fat woman who was lying on the landing.  “She’s fallen, just jump over,” someone called out.

Half a flight down more, I was in the lowest level of the building and there was a restaurant.  By now, I’d caught up to Elaine.  “Let’s try here, instead…”  She was motioning a darkly lit upscale restaurant.


maitre ‘d guided us to a marvelous four place table with scrumptiously soft high-back chairs.

Just then, I heard my late father’s voice, as he came over to greet us.

“Pappy!  How are things in the afterlife?”  I knew he was dead but was also very much alive.

You passed me on the stairs with Elaine and that set up the right conditions for me to come visit with you for a while.  See, when you’re dead, it’s easier to make contact with people who are alive when you’re in a place you’ve been together before…”

“And so, this works for you because it’s like the basement diner at the old Frederick and Nelson store in Seattle?”

Yeah…it’s something like that, but I had to be here for another reason and that’s because I’m working with three other people over at those tables…”

“What do you mean, working?”

Well, they’re out of Balance.  And part of my penance is to work with them to help them back toward more balanced lives.”

At this point, I noticed he had a light-colored bandana wrapped around his head.  “What does that mean?  Are you alright?  You look like crap.”

Still getting over my arrival.  See, what you’ve been writing about lately on your website is pretty much how the Universe works, but it’s even MORE complicated than you’ve let on so far.”

“What do you mean?”

When you first get to the afterlife Realms, you need to have your misperceptions burned out of your spirit.  Hard to explain that,  but the bandana made me feel better, so I’ve left it on.”

“You went to Hell first? Look like it…”

No, not exactly.  I went to a place to relearn balance.  Because that was a lesson of Life I didn’t get – and it was hard (on my head) to understand how this “voting Reality” you write about works.”

“Mean the stuff about how Reality is a massive exercise in democracy at the spiritual level?  How each of the people experiencing an event “has a vote” on how it plays out?”

Yes, but you haven’t told people that their Votes on reality ripple out around them to other people/spirits.  That’s just mind-blowing.”

“Yeah, know what you mean.”

You should explain more.  About how everything we do in Life is a transaction and how most transactions are neutral unless you are mindful and see the whole picture.  Even then – say you rescue someone from drowning – you can be condemning them to a future where their heart is broken in a love relationship gone bad a few months later.  Doing good isn’t nearly as easy as people want to think…”

“I know.  Been struggling with that a bit myself, lately.  Buying someone food who’s hungry seems just right.  But if it triggers and allergy and they die?  Or the food turns out to be tainted?  Or if the food was taken from someone who needed it more…it’s just terrible trying to work that out.”

Hence my bandana – my head still hurts from seeing how this all fits together.  At least a few things have fallen into place, though.”

“Like What?”

Well, I can now see why human progress is so slow.  We like to think if everyone just did good for a day, we’d go pop off to a higher plane in a mass jump of consciousness.  While in Reality, there’s always the other side of any action/transaction, partly hidden from view.

“Yeah…not sure how we will evolve through that one…”

“Well, you and Elaine have a wonderful dinner.”

With that, he sort of floated off toward two tables where the three people he was working with were having dinner.

I woke at 3:13 AM.

Human progress being slowed by the “hidden transaction” dimension of things sure seemed like a worthwhile ponder over coffee.  Which is precisely why I wrote it all down; so I could continue working on the problem in days ahead.

Write when we wake up,

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50 thoughts on “CFNAI, War, and Woo-Woo Reports”

  1. Because of the religious aspect of the Ukraine dispute, it’s less likely that Putin will compromise. He and Patriarch Kirill are convinced that they are engaged in a God-blessed crusade to unite and cleanse the morals of all Rus peoples. Give me a rational atheist over raving true believer any day.

    • That’s the one think about religion that irks me. It’s just a front for nefarious behavior. It harkens back to the Mafia who would use deli/markets and restaurants as their cover and their Faux Catholic faith and donations to the church to hide or justify their criminal behavior. “Bless me father, for I have sinned my last confession was yesterday and today I killed three guys, stole goods from 6 delivery trucks and broke the new caps of 2 snitches. What is my penance? “
      All Putin is doing is using his “faith” to cover up his atrocities.” He saw how it worked for Trump in the Brainless Bible Belt and thought he’d give it a whirl in his country.

      • I don’t recall Trump promoting his religion. He certainly was promoting his pro-life position, that can certainly be based on human value and not necessarily religion. No more so that I recall, then Biden’s comments he is a practicing catholic. Listening to what they say is where we go wrong. We should instead focus on what they have done (actions should speak louder then words). Biden in no way has a history of sacrifice nor honesty. He does have a clear history of choosing important post to be filled by people having specific racial or gender characteristics and not based on merit.

        Your attitude on brainless and bible belt is why this country is doomed. You treat someone that has disagreement with your politics as brainless. Your side treats freedom from government control as a foreign concept many on our side cannot understand how many keep voting for more socialism with its history of failure and mass murder. But for both, it often comes down trying to ensure “my side” wins, not what ideas are moved forward.

      • Mark must have been watching Dan Bongino who says Liberals are people who view Conservatives as “Bad people with ideas” versus how Conservatives describe Liberals as “People with bad ideas”.
        Saying shit about the Bible belt will not probably end well in this crowd….just sayin’.

    • Of course, another George, spoken like a true and tried Atheist, you.

      Oh, yes, and dear comrade Mark has weighed in from his vaultedless moral precipice.

      Oh, and let’s all together now, IGNORE the Jewish Mafia, I mean they only write books and movies about them, under the guise of other races/religions, but if you have made it to this century SURELY you have somewhat of an education by now?

      Oh, no?

      Didn’t think so, and knowing you, two, facts won’t change your mind either.

      Both of you have TDS and other serious issues.

      These Jews are not helping the Christian Russians/Ukrainians that you are so quick to demonize. They are helping their OWN race/culture/religion.

      And Putin is not cleansing the morals of the Rus peoples, he’s trying to support them so they don’t turn out like our own Hollywood heavily influenced immoral culture/Media/non-Education cess pit.

      From the article:

      “In Ukraine, it looks like the country’s Jewish president Volodymyr Zelensky, despite having just a state salary and having been a moderately successful actor and comedian, has somehow managed to graduate to the billionaire class himself, with more than $1.2 billion stashed in a Costa Rican bank. It seems certain oligarchs have helped him achieve this astonishing feat.”

      That’s what 5 BILLION Dollars from the O’Bama and O’Biden administration did; roil over Ukraine so that the murderers and fleecers could waltz in.

      Name and shame them and start here.

      The Bolsheviks killed 60 – 80 million Christian Russians, and it is never mentioned outside of a few certain circles, and certainly not to the extent of the Holocaust where the number 6 million is bandied about and taught in our schools from first grade on up, while also ignoring the millions of German POW’s and civilians starved to death AFTER the war was declared over.

      We are once again revisiting World War 1 and World War 2 and until more people understand the criminal political, banking, and treacherous events behind those slaughters, we will be led by the nose rings to the next slaughters.

      • Just because I don’t believe in a God that blesses antisemitic nut jobs doesn’t make me an atheist.
        And the National Vanguard?!? Couldn’t you find a source that was at least facially rational?
        Better check your precious bodily fluids – atheists and Jews contaminate them while you sleep.

      • TTSTCG: Don’t believe everything you read on the web! About Zelensky’s $1.2B, here’s a headline from Costa Rica:

        Rumors and false data claim Ukraine president money laundering in Costa Rica.
        “Without proof, websites spread claims that Volodymyr Zelenskyy has US$1.2 billion stashed in Costa Rican bank accounts, specifically with the Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika, a financial entity that does not exist in Costa Rica.”

        The full story is at:

        Which is more convincing: this story or Putin’s narrative? A polite request: Next time you feel like casting aspersions, at least take a quick look around the web for contrary evidence.

  2. Geez, George. I’m seriously scratching my head over Ure column today. You make it sound as if the people of Ukraine deserved Russia shelling and bombing of its schools, hospitals, churches, orphanages and civilian apartment buildings, killing thousands, wounding many, many more and driving millions into Poland as homeless refugees. I guess the Donbas and Luhansk regions, like the Crimea in 2014, are in reality part and parcel to Mother Russia and those hapless, ill informed folks should have just accepted the loss of their post-Soviet freedoms, rolled over and surrendered to Putin’s military enforced autocracy. And L’Viv, just 30-odd miles from Poland, deserves mercilessly being pummeled into submission in order to give NATO a well deserved lesson. Based on Russia’s actions, I guess ‘Merica should summarily encircle Venezuela, then pound the salt out of the entire country, starting with hospitals and schools, for its leadership embracing Communism/Marxism. Cuba should be next. Serve’s ‘em right, damn Commie bastards!!!!!

    • Shouldn’t be that hard. Finland has managed a very long border with Russia and also, the Baltics have not been invaded. I’m just saying that both sides are tweaking each other, this is only going one waY; Bad.

      • Ure fine G, This comment section has always had a diversity of opinion and ego status.
        I personally love this part of your posting daily. I love all the diverse characters that post reactions to your views.
        Some I want to “punch in the nose”, others I want to “wing over”, still others I wish were close friends of mine.

    • “You make it sound as if the people of Ukraine deserved Russia shelling and bombing of its schools, hospitals, churches, orphanages and civilian apartment buildings, killing thousands, wounding many, many more and driving millions into Poland as homeless refugees.”

      First off.. War is ugly and we should not ever have wars and they are usually to benefit the rich that can’t seem to get enough of what they desire.. .. I think that You missed the part where the vast majority of the population asked Putin to intervene and clean up the corruption..
      there were complaints of genocide.. child trafficking.. illegal organ harvesting and money laundering.. Even the DOJ was investigating this until it involved a person with political clout that was to prominent to punish..
      As far as wars go.. if Putin wanted to he could have just gone ape on the country and not go through what he has done..
      Putin openly told the Ukrainian citizens to leave before it happened and even left open an avenue for them to leave..
      Ukrainian army was using children as shields.. On sky news they had a news story where a woman at a school came out to try and get the ukrainian army to leave because they had children there..
      and on saturday there was a story where evacuee’s were telling how they were threatened by ukrainian army..

      There isn’t one part of war that is good.. good people on both sides get hurt.. as far as wars go.. Putin from what I have read has done his level best to keep it just military..
      One post this morning was of the head of medical services saying that Russian POW’s were all to be castrated.. at one point.. I was told before this happened that the NATO and Ukrainian forces crucified citizens that they suspected were against them..
      ITS ALL UGLY.. and all of it could have been avoided.. IF NATO would have done just a couple of things.. MOVE THE NUKES AWAY from their borders and sign an agreement that Ukraine would never become a member of NATO.. simple enough.. unfortunately we don’t have anyone as smart as JFK in office to see just how horrible this could turn out..
      with so much fake news.. it is hard to tell what is real.. look at MSM.. they rarely if at all address any of the news around the globe.. and then tell you how wonderful life is with a moron in charge..
      NOW consider using blackmail and other means to stop the investigation on his kid.. if the kid was not involved in criminal activities as claimed.. then why did he have to blackmail or use extortion to stop the investigation..
      Like a lot of issues lately .. The deeper you dig into this shizt show the uglier it gets.. Who is right and who is wrong.. it should never have come to this.. and a lot of good people are going to needlessly suffer for a very long time …

      “surrendered to Putin’s military enforced autocracy. ”

      Funny how they didn’t leave an exit ramp on this interstate of war.. without giving into any of the demands by russia.. and the claims of having putin killed and or stand trial of war crimes for innocent people being killed in a war.. there is very few ways left to de escalate this issue that should never have been… a very sad and scary future is in front of us..

    • I guess you don’t look at the REAL news MOST of what the MSM is showing is FAKERY!! complete with crisis actors.
      Now with that being said, WAR has NEVER been pretty and NEVER will be. I am NOT a supporter of Putin but he appears to be the only one standing up to the NWO and the great reset, if your not aware of the real reasons behind Putin’s invasion then you are just like many others CLUELESS to the facts, this is not meant to be a slam aga8inst you, just writing it the way it appears. Zelensky is a puppet and a very bad scumbag just like most of out top officials in DC are now. Which makes sense since THEY put him into office after the CIA made a VERY BLOODY coup happen there.

      • I to hate war.. I have seen the evil atrocities of what man can do to man….it to gave me nightmares and is one of the reasons why I will not allow, chop, bash , slash and hack movies on in my household..
        watching this shizt show closely I cannot openly vilify Putin.. from all indications he made every attempt that he could to stop this from happening coming right close to pleading with NATO and the USA to stop what he was being forced to do…. I can only imagine what we would do if there were missiles on Cuba..oh wait that happened but at the time we had someone in office that was smarter than the morons in charge now.. and as for being a war..It by far is the cleanest war I have seen.. just look what we did opening day on Iraq.. there was no pre war grand exodus no warnings to the people that they should leave.. then give those leaving shelter and medical.. we just used the shock and Awe approach not caring who it hit..they were just fatalities of war… Personally knowing people in special forces.. I have heard the tragedies of those we fight using women and children as warriors or as shields.. One that I know had severe nightmares because of what they were facing daily..
        NO war is horrible and should be avoided at all costs and.. this whole thing was avoidable from my perspective..

  3. Yo Yellow Dog-

    looks like we are back to yellow journo statistical “fuckery” again at Urb.Surv. -vunderbar/zamecatel’ nyj.

    Talk about glaring mis-representations of factual facts..devious and deceptive u bee . “380,000 churches in USA” should include words for proper context.. like purported/allegedly/unknown source/just guessing.

    Maybe having ever visited a church in last 10 years, you might have realized that of those purported 380,000 – nearly 90 % of those are at least half empty every Sunday.
    I would venture to say that of that 380k ..20% are dark/closed/abandoned.
    Ure results may vary , the People is speaking and no longer willing to Sacrifice their mental well being/chidrens well being/half a day off from nerve jangling greedsters and their guilt spewing sermons.

    Clue – energy vampires(priests/middlemen/pedophiles) keep the “entity” in constant state of FEAR. In NRG equations – the “church” Always carries a Neg value .

    Ukey/Ruskie War got nothing to do religion, Satanism -sure,of course.

    Still the kazrian mafia’s war with Russia is about CENTRAL BANKS .

    Pooterz/Russians Do Not Control central bank Russia..
    – the “iceman” alwayz completes his mission, in an extremely prejudicial way. Central bank Russia is going to be KIA.
    – USD will be a Casualty of this War. After it goes down, how we gonna pay for our Military equipment/repairs overseas? How we gonna pay our Troops? How we gonna pay for grains, nat resources if the USD is worthless and we got NO gold left in our (USA) name?

    Guess the geniuses in foggy bottom figure whoever finishes with the most DEBT Wins.
    Does this pending victory (most debt) feel like a good thing ??

    Should end on a feel good … – thanx demonrat libs for Destroying yet another precious piece of Humanity.

    *Cheers BB – strengh, strong moral backbone, intestinal fortitude – exactly the Values of WW2 fighting ForeFathers
    …and satan is laughing his ass off.

    • ECU, you sound like No Eyes talking from “Spirit Song” and “Phoenix Rising.” These are 2 of the many books written by Mary Summer Rain.

      She say: “Stock market fall like big tree in forest.”

      She say: “Peoples be so dumb.”

      Plus much more great information for these times we are gonna have to live through.

      Me, I say, Russia and China gonna drop the dollar as the world Reserve Currency. America’s trading partners are gonna drop the dollar…Gold gonna cover up those paper Doll-ahs.

      That’s why this is a Prepper’s site; everyone have plenty of time to git ready.

  4. RU “may” have used a hypersonic missile, but whatever they hit was NOT a weapons cache. No visible secondary explosions.

    • Was it about the target? Or was it – Yes, we do have them., and yes, we will us them ? ., and possibly – they can be nuclear. A show of force with a very powerful meaning?

      • Now that the target has been geo-located, it appears that it was NOT a hypersonic weapon.

        People do what they do for a reason.
        People don’t do what they don’t do for a reason.

        Why would Russia lie?

    • “In 1993, nuclear weapons from Delyatyn were transferred to Russia, and the facility itself was renamed the 136th missile and ammunition supply center. Since 2018, the 108th and 109th mountain assault battalions of the 10th separate mountain assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been based there. The underground part of the facility continues to be used by the Ukrainian military as a heavily fortified ammunition depot.

      The anti-nuclear protection of the underground structure does not allow destroying the object with conventional ammunition. Nevertheless, the power of the “Dagger” (including its kinetic energy due to its enormous speed), with an accurate hit, can damage the entrance adits, destroy covers and, in fact, make a military facility unsuitable for further operation.”

  5. There shall be WAR and Rumors of WAR..
    SATAN? Devils.. .. just HUMANS BEING HUMAN.
    MAKING CHOICES.EvERy EVIL done by HUMANS no demons or devils Required…Every Good done by HUMANS.. Choices.. EVERYTHING IS A BUSINESS MODEL..
    RUSSIA’s borders cannot be defended over 2600 miles,declining population so RUSSIA must expand to regions they can defend. They have already told their good buddy CHINA they will NOT fight them with ground forces,conventional arms ….They will START WITH NUKES..
    Their country is fragile but they are large grain,Energy, Metals and Fertilizer producers to rest of World.. China,Middle East,Africa.. HELLO WORLD TURMOIL, WAR, FAMINE.. Get the Popcorn, Chips and dip ready.Drinks of Choice. Stored Food,Fuel, Meds, Weapons,Ammo, potasium iodide, basement or bunker, gold silver tobacco,booze or a still..
    The world on a regular cycle goes through SHIT.This is one of those times..

  6. In 2008 401 Ks took deep losses, said to be reasoned by “recession.” Everybody said, “Woah!!” Because the looses were impressive but, like all the layoffs and business closures of the times, adding up into the millions … little if anything was done in protest, let alone to stop it.

    The mentality was, “wasn’t me” and not much compassion for those who were losing everything … cuz, it wasn’t me, they said.

    But that’s when the protests and resistance SHOULD have started but didn’t. Too busy complaining about corporate bailouts and too big to fail bullsh*t.

    Bureaucrats, special interest groups and some newbies stepped up saying, “damn, look what they got away with, let me take a turn at bat!” And they did.

    Now, years later … look around. See, the pastel multicolor hair? See the Black Lives Matter but no one else’s life matters? See the gender confusion? See the censorship? See the division if you don’t agree? See the virus with a 99% survival rate? See the guidelines and folks who were arrested and/or lost their medical license? See our medical industry without ethics? See the restrictions breaking the supply chain? See inflation? See our energy stopping? Yes, I see that but others see that they’ve hit home runs !!

    One way of looking at the war is, Putin has a separate target to stop what (we?) see now. Unfortunately, we do not have a separate target. We’d have to shoot into the mirror.

    Just sayin.

  7. The reason for existing as a ‘nutter in the woods’ is to exist outside of the main stream. Our “main Stream” has become polluted with the things Pathfinder Bob related, and our news so censored and compromised that even weather is monetized with such bullshit as ‘bomb cyclones’. Jen Psaki is quite literally a professional liar and obfuscator, and Americans accept what she says – doesn’t say much about things here in the Grand Republic. The only law congress seems able to pass is continuing budget resolutions with pay raises for their abysmal performance and lack of representation. I cannot fathom voting as it simply perpetuates the 2-party line of bullshit that has gotten us into this current dilemma.

    There is a surfeit of consequences headed this way from the 2/3 of the planet that does not agree with America, and our response is to double down on bad policy across the board. Look at the gas pump prices and realize that Russia is less than 5% of our imports – the rest is greed at work and corruption at work regarding drilling and pipelines.

    Nuttering in the woods lets you have the time for events to unfold without regard to the screaming of various factions – they are only close by when you turn on and tune into the media. I have not watched MSM in years for the simple reason I have been all over the planet, and once you have done that, the lies are simply transparent. There is enough regurgitation and bleed through on the internet of MSM babble, and at least on the internet there is a counter-babble of other opinions and sets of facts. Yet even there, people cash out and they do so to the highest bidder, as Drudge did, and now that site is worthless as a source for anything. This will continue and remains ongoing. And no – Trump is not going to save anyone.

    Try and keep your family members out of trouble, lend your real friends a hand and let most of this stuff go as it isn’t even real any longer.

    • Two of the “free shot of vodka” checkmarks have been added to the bar chit for next time you’re by, OM2.
      Not that I am “retired” (not writing as much – notice?) maybe an interview in the studio about energy and how delusional incity folks have become about how much oil it takes to make dinner.

      • Would be fascinating to see what $1 input yields in terms of energy $ value output since Branden took over. I thinking with inflation we are well below the majic $1 in to $5 output. Scary.I’m pretty sure having even and odd plates wont help when we arrive at/past that production tipping point.

    • Oilman2…you are so right on. Both parties are not worth a vote.
      Seeing Mitch McConnell tell his lies the other day, I was wondering just how much has been funneled to him. He supported $14.5 Billion to Ukraine, where it would only take $4Billion to seal our borders. Now he is fawning over that over the top liberal Supreme Court nominee. The whole town is full of liars. And like you, I gave up on the propaganda news networks years ago. Good post!

      • “Oilman2…you are so right on. Both parties are not worth a vote.”

        AMEN WTHS…Amen.. I never could understand why they parade around the stupidest POS on the earth that are willing to legally be corrupted for money and gifts that walk the earth and tell us that they are the best this country has to offer..

    • Sadly, it is possible to travel the world and fail to see reality. I have a dear friend who is that way, though she’s doing her best to see past her own denials. Sometimes the mental/psychic barriers are thick and real.

      I have family scattered far and wide around the states. That includes those in primary target areas, both civil and military. It may be necessary to travel to or from those areas in times of shortages, including fuel. Food can be carried, but not fuel. Even with additional tanks, there’s barely anything short of a semi or purpose built vehicle that can go much beyond 1000 miles without refueling. Reading the future accurately is challenging to say the least, and largely impossible with any level of granularity.

      This makes for deep sadness and it brings home the reality of my own mortality. I can do my best, but that may not be good enough.

      BTW, Drudge is helpful for scanning headlines. It’s essentially the NY Times without the paywall. It gives an idea about what others are thinking, with an occasional dose of sexbots. I make sure to spend a few seconds there each week.

    • Putin has already told China and XI that if China invades he will not use conventional,he will go right to Strategic and Tactical Nukes.. No half measures.Russia cannot afford a conventional war with China. Russia population is falling. 1/2 of China
      may be gone by 2050.Like the Russians, Japan South Korea and North Korea all are having less children.Population decline. Contracting economy,

      • “Putin has already told China and XI that if China invades he will not use conventional,he will go right to Strategic and Tactical Nukes..”

        I don’t think either of them want this to escalate to that point….
        they are both being forced into the position that they have to fight for survival.. .I believe that Xi won’t wait as long as putin did to get into the show Xi is smart enough to know that if he waits to long then he will be the only one facing the rest and if he waits till they get their arms and military refurbished.. you know the old saying united we stand and for the past few years we can see how they have been working to unite the countries that we have jumped in to destroy their way of life so some schmuck can get more of what he doesn’t need…. ..If they wait to long then they will be the ones forced into the same position that Putin has been forced into. So for a time he will keep trying to talk sense into everyone be the messenger of peace and hoping to inspire everyone to work together….. the same messages are being passed around of Xi just like they were of putin the same car driving up and pointing a gun at them is happening as well…. the placements of tactical nukes.. by the USA and NATO on both of their borders and making threatening moves.. Kind of like a fake drive by shooting…. If your in a car and another car drives up next to you and points a gun at you.. who is at fault…. If they are hurling insults at you and making threatening jestures.. NOW just for a minute imagine.. what if you have your children in the car..
        Both Putin came right down to pleading with the world to get them to stop these jestures. Even the slanted messages of MSM didn’t stop that from being shown… Now Xi is the one that is making the case that hey stop the crap trying to talk sense into everyone.. and the threatening jestures keep on.. what could go wrong.. right..
        do they just say hey screw it..and feel that the only option left is to get this over with.. Now if.. Taiwan just said hey we will join china.. then be their own separate island like hawaii.. its over before the fight.. the same with Ukraine give up the corruption and turn over the criminal elements.. pull back the threatening car with the gun pointed at them. Its over….
        This is where an all lives matter group should be informing their leaders that their families and children and the children of their neighbors are worthy of a life.. write a letter.. The sad part.. if the average laborer feels that things have eroded so much that it is worthless to even make a comment on their actions..

      • Both Putin and Xi are statesmen and strongmen! They know and respect each other and have a clear idea how far to push. Biden is a failed politician thrown into the White House through subterfuge and is considered expendable. He will stay as long as he obeys his masters and does a minimally credible performance for the public. He has no idea how to negotiate or run a country(or a war). I’m not sure that those who do are in charge – in fact, I have no idea who is in charge.

        It seems that population trends are similar to economic ones – the fall is much steeper than the rise.

  8. I think Israel has changed under this new guy .pretty crazy this idiot coke head trying to drag them into his problem . Lots of good points today but can’t hide the fact there is no world economy and it’s busted real bad .

  9. Another Boeing bites the dust . They reckon it wasn’t a max . Sure as hell flew like one into the ground . Beleive zero in this screwed world

    • This probably had nothing to do with the Max software situation. The 800 has a good record worldwide. The plane was apparently flying well at 29K feet and had a catastrophic event – cause unknown. It probably stalled, and dived to 7200 feet where there was a potential recovery with what reads as a secondary stall, with a final dive to the ground. The initiating event is speculative at best without further information.

  10. why doesnt anyone talk about collapsed ussa treasuries ? dead get it deadOR the record short position on gold by commercials .. his royal highness in the south of froggy land dont talk about that . fly thru the eiffel tower again . on a windy rainy day hopefully

    • Land of The Feathered Serpent – Thoth, Enki/Ea’s creation & BFF

      who do U think they learned the “spells” from (signing the stone) to make Chichen Itza and other massive stone structures? Not even mention ancient Dilmun/Atlantis..

  11. This war is by design. There is no way in hell you can ignore literally every rule of the Art of War, or the last hundred years of war lessons, to launch an “invasion” with an occupying force, rather than an invasion force, and it’s not on purpose.

    Why, or what is the goal, who knows, but I can’t believe the Russians are so incompetent. Yet here we seemingly are. And all you need to know to understand this is that they haven’t won yet, nor taken their initial objectives. No propaganda press needed to see they are not on track. So why.

    You know, when someone wants something, they act like it. What do they want about this? Because they’re acting like it.

    • “Putin is expending all the “junk” in the Russian arsenal. In return, he’s getting “return fire” with the best we’ve got. They own samples of all of our military tech, and the answer key for our comms and drone encryption systems. UKR will be blowing up howitzers and Willys-licensed, manufactured vehicles with “switchblades” and Putin’s intel boys will be reading & reversing our codes and coding in NRT.”

  12. We are all collections of particles travelling, mixing, and mingling as we make our separate ways through space and time? Russian naval synesthete Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Scheherazade” composed in 1888 was apparently based on the Arabian fairytale of a wife delaying her Sultan husband’s attempts to murder her. RK’s birthday just passed.

    Perhaps synesthetes exist somewhere out there who can see “basic language truth” in colours of spoken words. Keep the hits coming, back to classic 107 on the 08 for 312.

  13. “the addition of Russian hypersonic missiles to the mix does signal a turn for the worse.”

    Putin is testing our capabilities. Using the hypersonic dart would be to confirm our intel, and let them demonstrate they could hit the “50 ring.” Now, we’re going to figure out what happened and how to mitigate the HSM’s effectiveness. Did I mention Putin has ALL our tech, and its answer key? He shot the HSM to see how we’d counter it. He’ll shoot another one in a week or so. I will view that as the confirmation of my theory.

    • Russian tech is unlike anything USA has in public arsenal or breakaways’ unholy conglomerate of Corp & AnarticSpaceNazi’s/Miminnu-Gray – (viscous slave race for-Reptilians) ..??
      ?? remember brit. Gary McKinnon ? list of 25 off world officers/solar wardens? obama personally went to Britain to plead to have him turned over – video MSM..douglas aircraft manufactured tr3b – purported 1hr to Moon trip time – in the 80’s ??

      ..100% showtime, weez bee-in played, still.

  14. The arrival of the spring equinox has equally incited conflicted choirsters? It seems counter-intuitive that doing the right thing can lead to the wrong outcome. I am not typically a fiction book reader. However I have been making my way through the late Jason Matthews’ “Red Sparrow Trilogy”. Mr. Matthews spent a 30+ year career in the Directorate of Operations with the CIA. Plot line twists in the novels can turn notions of right and wrong expectations inside-out. Trade short term wrong for long term right? Imagine every nation must be playing the game. Reading between the lines, one might even consider occasional parallels to past figures and events. Humans sure make the world complicated.

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