Celebrate a Tax Hike? World Downside Up!

Slowly, we’re becoming convinced the world is mid-process in a complete Values Reversal.

Consider 50 Years Ago:

  • Race mattered little:  Performance did.  Today, performance has moved to the back seat in corporate H.R.  We’re living in the “check-box” world of correctness.
  • Gender/bent didn’t much matter:  Performance was the whole ball game.  Today?  Got checkboxes for everything.
  • Weather didn’t matter:  You worked regardless.  Today, it’s not weather – it’s climate. Take a day off to protest.
  • And Sports was sports.  Period.  Today? MLB moves All-Star Game over Georgia voting law.

Americans are being cleaved and divided against one-another as never before.

Stocks Display Madness

A Capper event rolled by Monday as U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen endorsed a global tax regimen:

“Another consequence of an interconnected world has been a thirty-year race to the bottom on corporate tax rates. Competitiveness is about more than how U.S.-headquartered companies fare against other companies in global merger and acquisition bids. It is about making sure that governments have stable tax systems that raise sufficient revenue to invest in essential public goods and respond to crises, and that all citizens fairly share the burden of financing government. President Biden’s proposals announced last week call for bold domestic action, including to raise the U.S. minimum tax rate, and renewed international engagement, recognizing that it is important to work with other countries to end the pressures of tax competition and corporate tax base erosion. We are working with G20 nations to agree to a global minimum corporate tax rate that can stop the race to the bottom. Together we can use a global minimum tax to make sure the global economy thrives based on a more level playing field in the taxation of multinational corporations, and spurs innovation, growth, and prosperity.”

Yellen’s “30-year race to the bottom” is simply the down side of the longer Kondratiev wave.  Rates meander up 30, or so, years.  Then decline.

Enact a global minimum tax corporate rate?  Why, it almost makes economic sense, except for one thing:  Unless it’s trussed up like the Alternative Minimum Tax for individuals (AMT) nothing will change.

Big corporations will still buy favors and carve-outs.  PACs will fund crooks.  Same-old, same-old.

So, how could the market go up more than 300 points on talk of higher taxes?

The answer is simple:  It’s all talk.  Global minimum corporate tax rate?  Please.  We ain’t that stoopid.

Wait!  Maybe we is…

Corporations Own….The World

Here’s one of those “dirty, off-the-books” facts of economic life:

The goal of corporate tax policy is to make corporations achieve some of the roles government would claim in more perverse, socialist and communist regimes.

Instead of having State ownership of everything, The Workers in ‘Merica can own the shares of just about anything.  Where socialism and communism would force collectivization on us, we have lighter-weight structures to do that. Corporations.  And they’re for sale weekday morning’s at the bell.

Corporations Outperform Government

Speaking of agriculture and the epics fails of socialist collectivism:  We assume you noticed – in an article on Motley Fool earlier this year – that Bayer and Nutrien, to name two, are paying pretty good dividends?  Food never goes out of style, either.  Predictable profits has a nice ring to it…

The Economic Long Wave suggests?  In a Depression, buy stocks.  At the 30-year later interest peak, buy bonds. I know people who do this kind of thing.

Corporations – when run right – incentivize everyone.  Governments don’t seem to know what incentives are. Surely, they must be bad.

The performance gap between ’em, though, is narrowing.  Socialist pressures (like the “correctness levers” are slowly destroying performance based rewards.  Which, in turn, will kill the Golden Geese.

As the New York Times reports today: “Democrats and Business Are Increasingly Allies.”

The only way to fight this battle is to force incentives into government.  Reward smaller, lighter, more responsive government.  Sounds radical.  Two terms and out.

When we see problems – like “homeless camps” -realize these are bureaucratic growth industries.  Let’s call them what they are:  Pools of potential workers (and drug addicts) who have failed-out of the system…

The Nanny State opening what amount to lawless day care centers for would-be uprisers is a crock.  It drives bureaucratic mission creep.  Expansionism to justify higher taxes.  So-blessed, social ills become self-reinforcing.  Manna from heaven.

“We have to expand to serve these poor people….”  Not free, though.

Global Taxes Feed Global Government

Government advocating a Global Minimum Tax flies in the face of American competitiveness. It’s PRICE FIXING because there is no such thing as a “Corporate Tax.”  ALL taxes get passed (via markups) to the end purchaser.  That’s you and me.  Yellen’s being crooked in her call.  Consumers in other countries ought to fault her arrogance.

When a corporation chooses a tax-advantaged country (like Ireland) it keeps the end cost of goods lower.  Yellen doesn’t like that.  She wants someone to drive up the price.  A hike in Global Taxes would do that.

Where Yellen (again) runs off the liberal rails is by not stating the situation honestly:  “We want higher taxes – and everyone else in the G20 and beyond should grab for ’em, too.”  Covid’s an excuse.  Recession is a reliable one, too.  And the rising international tensions?  We need more tax dough to plug into the “national security and defense” industries, too.

The B.S. (Biden States) Government has already torn apart the Mexico border…Meaning the Synthetic Growth plans of the federal kleptocracy should be evident.  But apparently they’re not:  How else would stocks rally strongly on plans for more government strong-arming?

Yet there it was.  Crank in more made up money (and unbacked, except by promises of more tribute from the wee folk) and there’s Monday’s rally.

National Purpose

What the Biden administration has failed to articulate is a National Purpose.

Kennedy had it, with plans to “put a man on the Moon within 10-years.”

Eisenhower had it with fulfilling the dreams of WW II soldiers for the “good life.”

But lately?  America has a “hole in her soul.”

National purpose is like a good glue:  Binds people into One.

Near as we can figure, the B.S. government is running in exactly the wrong direction.  Jingoism of division.

Dow futures are down 30-something.  The S&P was down 7 when I looked. Maybe the market will come to its senses, but don’t hold your breath on it.

Sheep Food

Fear!  Mask!  Panic jabs!  UK coronavirus variant now reported in all 50 states.

Eviction war front:  Feds propose banning foreclosures across U.S. until 2022.

War pending (May 3?)  Ukraine Urges NATO to Speed Up Membership in ‘Signal’ to Moscow.

And signaling back: Russia Conducts First Pacific Long-Range Cruise Missile Test

Gee. Cancel our tickets, then:  North Korea says it won’t participate in Tokyo Olympics.

And for blown-up hedge fund fans: Credit Suisse Takes $4.7 Bn Hedge Fund Hit.

War Drums Louder

Another hint where to watch from warhammer:

“Like the persistent squatters of San Francisco, illegal Chinese maritime occupation apparently equates to annexation.

The world will soon ‘sea’ if President Joe has the backbone necessary to send a firm military message to the Beijing squatters.  Personally, I would not put much money on it.  Neither he nor a Dem Congress has the stomach to engage in a long term showdown with China.  Too much corporate profit (and potentially American servicemen’s lives) stand to be lost should hostilities eventually arise.”

History argues stability is mostly transitory.

ATR:  Check Up Time

It will be a quiet day here.

Because tomorrow is my periodic medical check-up.  Figure today I’ll be studying for the blood tests.

To keep the BP down, no radio or television (or streaming).  No opening mail.  Selective phone calls only…

I quit coffee about two weeks back.  Had the “withdrawal headache” for about three days, but feel pretty good now.  About mid-morning, I still sneak in a cup of tea, though.

Elaine’s doing fine on the hip recovery – and getting ready for the next one in late May.  Most days she does OK, but yesterday was a bit rough.  She forgets that some movements aren’t “there” yet.  An ibuprofen and a half hour off her feet and she’s back to mobile again.

The right (operative) hip is doing fine with only some residual surface pain from the wound as the scarring heals and the glue they use is absorbed or whatever.

Thursday will be 60-days out from the knife on the right hip.  And, except for the 12-hours from hell on Feb 25 (which is when the brain and the leg sorted out how they work again) been a satisfying decision.  Except now, the left leg is starting to hurt a good bit.  So that drives us to May…

Hour to the open, the pump is back on…Tech is positive now…

Write when you get rich,


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  1. yeah right george .. yada yada .. all under control . never been this good .. market will never crash until you and your mates tell us . yep just follow the gurus . no work no probs .. free money sheetcoin , stocks , commodities , USD . eternal

  2. and of course be long or wrong . everything!! thats how markets work . just wait to be told to move to something new . crypto , currency, treasuries , stocks, yellow dog . just ask the gurus they will tell you all directions in advance . see they have waves and gann fans and elaborate other tools that are foolproof . never short the market or anything until instructed that the herd is about to make more .. and get ready for this inflation , just save all your stimulus checks up or buy yellow dog in anticipation of even greater boom times .. oh yes folks stand by your guru . even rick ackerman has joined the dark side trying to flog new exciting products . but never mind greed and fear will eventually move the herds of zombies

  3. and dont worry about war either . thats just something in movies and books from years ago . worlds a far safer better place . those negative types are fools just trying to scare you

  4. ‘fifty years ago race and gender didn’t matter.’ spoken like a white male. that’s white privilege on display. it shows how tone deaf you are. speak with some older black or gay people and see what they have to say what life was like for them in 1970. heck, anti miscegeny laws weren’t deemed unconstitutional until 1967.

    • Did you like double up on your shame meds today?
      I grew up in a mixed race blue collar world where people hustle mattered more than people labels.
      Get off the meds.

      • Sorry, George, I agree with organic gardener. In the late 60’s and 70’s blacks in the south had very few opportunities. I think it was somewhat better in NYC but certainly not what I would call great. I was a woman growing up at that time with scholarships and smarts …still had my own issues with equal opportunity but certainly not the same as the blacks.
        I don’t often agree with organic gardener but truth is truth.

    • Gay men.. Columbine.. the kids that went crazy were the ones being bullied excessively and non stop ridicule.. now whose fault the parents who I’m sure tried.. when my parents went to the police and the school teachers etc.. they hit dead ends.. wrong name.. they were all related.. ( I was lucky I had my parents that I did..) or the teachers that obviously knew or the principle or superintendent..
      My gay friend.. nice guy small in build..his story was he lost a father..his mother had a boyfriend that raped him regularly in DC..he told his mother that didn’t stop the abuse.. at school he was teased and ridiculed by the other kids.. in gym the good Christian boys horsing around in the shower room got out of hand and he was forced to perform oral sex on them the coach seen it but walked away.. he eventually found comfort in another man that had experienced a similar fate.. who’s fault the pervert that raped him. His mother. The good Christian boys that probably condemned his gay lifestyle or the coach that walked away.. if I was an angel.. I’d give the young gay man a break the rest could rot in hell.
      So seriously whose at fault the parents that don’t stop the neighborhood crime gangs. The government that sent jobs away.. or the employers that pay so little that it forces the family’s to work and leave the children without adult supervision.

      • ‘good Christian boys that probably condemned his lifestyle” ?? I would say they Embraced the gay lifestyle wholehog, jus like ALL the “good catholic boys” in the philly archdioceses..Father Fadge hahahahahaha
        Killing me – that coach was prolly a young Jerby Sandusky – he of PSU football fame and PSU Childrens Chariities.

        Who is the Official CoverUp agency ? FumblingBumbling Idiots..who did PSU admin bring in for the “Internal Investigation”.

        nothing to see here – all checked out – clean as whistle..

        Believe that – I got lovely Bridge in Brooklyn you would absolutely love !

      • “ECU
        April 6, 2021 at 13:42
        ‘good Christian boys that probably condemned his lifestyle” ?? I would say they Embraced the gay lifestyle wholehog, jus like ALL the “good catholic boys” in the philly archdioceses..Father ”

        I agree with you on this.. but I doubt seriously that they see it that way..
        It is the same way bullies don’t see the harm that they do and rarely remember how they were when they were young.. I did have a teacher that seen the kids throw me over the banister.. years later in hospice I took care of her.. she didn’t know who I was but late nights she would have nightmares..I went in and we talked and asked her what was wrong and then she started to recount the time that she seen the kids throw another child over the banister to the floor below.. it had haunted her her whole life..I told her that I thought that the kid whoever he was realized the times that they were going through and forgave her years and years ago.. she never knew that it was me the boy that she was talking to.. .. or those that tease another about the clothes they wear etc..
        there was a New bishop to teach a lesson had a makeup artist get him made up to look like a homeless person.. the vast majority of the congregation ( ward ) repelled him repulsed by his appearance.. Christ was a homeless person traveling from city to city as a nomad teaching peace to all.. we know what happened to him..
        My ward all great people will be civil to others but if your work schedule doesn’t allow you the privileges’ of attending church shun you.. the same with amish.. etc.. what they did to that poor little boy was long forgotten justified as childish pranks.

    • George — I agree with organic gardener. I have spent my life south of the Mason-Dixon Line. In my youth (50s-60s) there was no equality here. Equality eventually developed in Atlanta, which became in international city.

      But small towns? He## No! I personally witnessed that small towns were run by one or two white families that owned the major local factories. They also ‘owned’ the local police and government. Blacks just had no chance to move up. Even whites who wanted to see them treated better faced problems from
      those who liked the system as it was.

      The KKK is not a myth.

      • Once again – I agree. But my reference is to the period from 1971 on…things really did begin to change then. Those who argue that we haven’t made massive progress (to a fault today) aren’t seeing the change in the forest.
        The KKK was a democrat stronghold, too.
        The north came around to sensible first – the South followed in less of a hurry.

      • …And I will agree with this. As a kid I never visited the South and rarely the “big city North,” never saw a “Colored only” restaurant or drinking fountain or a segregated bus. I (barely) remember the “forced busing” in Indianapolis and Lansing, which left an impression because I considered them “pretty far north,” but didn’t understand [that] not all teachers (or teaching environments) were created equal.

        My gripe at OG is not because he’s(?) patently wrong (‘cuz he’s not), but because he threw a blanket over George, without knowing anything of his background or upbringing.

        And OG, the difference between now and 50 years ago is back then, we celebrated our commonalities and explored our differences. Now we accentuate our differences and refute common ideas, ideals, goals, and the rest of what made us a “melting pot,” or greater than the sum of our parts.

        It is a social ideology of guaranteed failure.

      • The confederate state governments were set up to do the bidding of the elites, which in that era were the large agricultural business owners. Slavery was just part of it. And the Klan was the vigilante arm of the elites.
        The ethnic make-up of the elites and their overseers are evolving in the South, but the system is pretty much still intact in State government, with the lawyer gangs at the helm. Debt slavery does seem to be somewhat more color blind than the original version.
        Other vigilante groups now compete for the patronage once afforded the disgraced Klan, especially in urban areas and their suburbs. Don’t think that the social justice vigilantes are any more honorable or less brutal than the Klan; and regardless of whether the color of the pillowcase with eye-holes they wear on their crown is white, brown, black, yellow or rainbow, they are still vigilantes. The social justice vigilantes have a different spin, but their methods and goals differ little from the Klan.

      • The Battle of Athens, TN is a good example of how things were post WWII. We had a long way to go sorting out “equality” and the LACK of equality went mostly along economic lines but racial lines followed closely.

        John Wayne was (in)famously quoted as saying or implying that until the Black minorities were better educated they couldn’t/shouldn’t take a substantive position in society. He was a product of his times and as a late Boomer I grew up being fed that attitude. While there were many well educated Black people and people of all colors in between Black and White I fully remember growing up in that time over much of the Mid West. I was taught to be afraid of just about anyone darker than me and it took me a long time to get past that, which was just about the period of the 70s as George points out. The Military helped. It may have played into the fact my wife is Hispanic but that’s another discussion. Things changed not because of the riots and mayhem but because more minority people DID get their education proving themselves perfectly capable of taking their rightful place in society. Unfortunately most of them stuck with their former oppressors – the Democrats – but that seems to be making significant strides in changing now. Old habits die hard and thinking for one’s self remains an illusive quality in all racial groups.

      • “there was no equality here. Equality ,
        But small towns? He## No! I personally witnessed that small towns were run by one or two white families that owned the major local factories.”

        The history of a small town.. It is still like that though and it always will be.. It is the same in the big cities as well.. a neighborhood is run by a group or the leading citizens.. and anyone opposing their rule .. it doesn’t make any difference if your black, white or asian.. chicago is going through that now where little kids are shot going to school just because they wandered into the wrong neighborhood..
        In our community I had the wrong last name.. my father was the head of the school board and they closed the high school because no one wanted to see higher taxes the main family didn’t go vote. figuring that everyone would know what they decided around the kitchen tables..
        well the main family didn’t want the high school to close but didn’t vote.. I took the brunt of the issue at school.the parents conveyed their sentiments to their children and I was available… we had marches around our home and molitoff cocktails thrown trying to chase us out of town and I was gang beat up daily. Then when we went to the new school.. I was one of the invading people sent to destroy their town again wrong family… I was saved by a janitor that found me hiding in the basement waiting for the kids to go home.. and he would let me sit there then drive me home. in high school it was the janitor and my darkroom that saved me.. my parents went to the police but hey.. he had the right name and of course nothing happened.. no visits with the family etc.. Even the town I live in now has one main name.. that name dictates what the reverends can discuss at church LOL because of their wishes and trying everything they could to keep new people from moving in about killed the community… I quit going church when I could hear the talk for the next weeks session at the coffee house..
        I was explained by my parents that how the history of a small community works is like this.. and it fits nicely..
        you have the originating family.. their kids settle in the community and jobs are created.. their kids some of them stay some go.. but it continues on.. the next generation.. the kids move on out of the community leaving just the elderly in place.. the towns start to loose the business because you have an aging community.. homes that once were sold for great deal of cash end up being sold for a lot less.. because these become a bargain..
        New families start to move in.. the hierarchy changes and there is a new leading family.. pretty soon all you see is grave stones of the old.. the new hierarchy sees the value of that small community and they push for it to be revived bring in new businesses etc.. the old are replaced whoever is the new leading taxpayer.. see’s themselves as the one running the town..


      50 years ago, we had race riots in my town. 55 years ago we were colorblind.

      What happened?

      52 years ago, I had 5 close friends. Three were white, two were black. Then these skinny black dudes rolled in from Chicago and Detroit (et.al.), wearing fine suits and riding in Fleetwoods, and they explained to my friends of color, and their families, that they weren’t “black,” they were “Black,” that they were repressed and discriminated against by all whiteys, and they had no business associating with white folks on any level.

      It took most of two years for these city slickers to get their point across — two years, and an army of goons who let it be known that any Black who associated with whites, outside of work or school, would be shot. (Several were. We all got the point.)

      After the outside agitators left town, my friends and I resumed our relationship circle as before. The dudes didn’t change us, but they did change our community, and for the worse.

      You have no frickin’ idea, the backgrounds or beliefs of the people who congregate here. I suggest you damp the race-baiting poison…

      • we were taught and what I teach the kids.. is be the blind man….

        a blind man doesn’t know what color you are.. all he can judge you by is who you are inside..
        there are good and bad people in all sizes shapes and colors.. be the blind man..
        One of the smartest women I ever me and am still friends with I met in the stacks of the LOC.. she still reads a book plus a day.. she like myself was ridiculed so to keep her mind busy buried herself into the written word.. the world of words..
        discrimination and ridicule come in all colors.. whether your black or white asian large small fast slow you name it..
        Most companies see only a sheet of paper as that of value rather than what the person can do..

      • Poison, as i was about to opine about “called” bonds, of recollection…misanthropically!?

  5. Achtung baby – beg to differ on 1-bullet bribem’s national purpose..

    Has not been articulated, because obumma already did that back in 98.

    Is there really a global conspiracy to denude, resource strip and enslave USA(goyim) ??

    Go ahead all ye brave enough to look at Ureself in the mirror everyday.

    – YANDEX.ru
    Search Veterans Today Finks Bar

    after reading – think about Ure fav spacenazi’s as you ponder a long suppressed bit of german history…nuke weapon program @ kaiser whilhelm institute duringWW1.
    – managed by a former swiss patent clerk..

    – s ure hope that aint connected to the rumored new US currency – the Dollivar.
    ..armed gangs terrorizing the streets..all sounds so hazily familiar – https://youtu.be/7DvXjcqCN6s

    and U thought the BCN was joke..

    Nien BTC for U Slave Americans! Freedom – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    R U even watching the water ? ports – whose ships are all being held up, and inspected all over the world ? wonder what they could looking for..illegal tulips, tulip ETF prospectuses, fentanyl laced bulbs..

    Think its bout time we start blaming jews for everything wrong the world again, nahh wait,
    lets blame the slopeheads this time, evil, yellow bastards warring on round eyes with batshit virus, stealing elections, stealing tech, slaving uyghurs ..

  6. Several truths — I think:

    1) Joe B. is a virtual wholly-owned subsidiary of CCP Corp. (As is his group of handlers and hired brains.)

    2) Iran will shortly have The Bomb. Iran is an evil country.
    (The U.S. will pontificate, but do nothing.)

    3) China will shortly take Taiwan and other small contested territories.
    (The U.S. will pontificate, but do nothing.)

    4) Russia is poised for some action soon regarding Ukraine.
    (The U.S. will pontificate, but do nothing.)

    5) D.C. is completely corrupt — completely — and is not structurally able to repair itself, and doesn’t want to anyway. Too profitable as it is.

    6) “We” currently believe too many mutually exclusive imperatives to fend off a total collapse financially and sociologically. “Altitude will be insufficient for recovery.”

    7) My grandchildren will have to awaken and re-win their Liberty — if that is even possible when their time arrives. They are currently steeped in contradictory but comfortable pure and preachy delusions, Their Liberty will be gone by the time they come of age. (Perhaps this is always necessary, periodically.)

    8) The 2022 elections will overwhelmingly confirm and vastly extend and strengthen left-wing control of everything.
    (Many of We The People will pontificate, but do nothing.)

    It’s all one big Snug Puzzle.

    I have a 24-year old cat, named “Monty,” who is showing steady, progressive, comprehensive, medium-rapid deterioration. There’s a lot he can’t do anymore. I’m deteriorating myself. It will be very interesting to see if either one of us is here next summer. He sleeps comfortably all day in a sunbeam on his tuffet at the window, passing the time in relaxed repose. No more mice to catch, no more countryside to explore. He’s always quite close to wherever I am, dozing gently.

    He seems happy. So am I.

    • A well-read regular referenced Thomas Chan’s “The Adam and Eve Story” the other day. Related to it is this website rabbit hole, Apocalyptic Analysis, found at https://amallulla.org/sitemap/. The guy is clearly “Mel Gibson conspiracy” material but I also see the Fox Mulder in him. Anyway, if I read his research correctly, the magic date is 03/2022.

      Hang in there.

      For everyone else, it’s magnetohydrodynamics, or better known, “it’s an electric universe, baby!” Apparently the sun is going to put on a show for us.

      • Hi Joe. I don’t endorse any date, especially not a date in the month of March. Nor am I married to 2022. But a whole lot of other people are. People I study. I think you are confusing the significance of the number 322 with an end date. You should read https://amallulla.org/bonesmen/. The significance of March 22 (322) as well as April 3 (43) both go back 700 years to the Knights Templar.

        Thanks for the civility of the comment though. Not morphing into Mel Gibson while I sort all this out is admittedly a challenge. However, I am writing in public. Some learning on the job is to be expected.

      • ” The guy is clearly “Mel Gibson conspiracy” material”

        Bear in-mind, in that movie, THEY really WERE out to get him…

      • John, your passion aside, I believe you have a great website. I spent most of a day on it which is not something I’m inclined to do unless the material is intriguing, and I also bookmarked it to go through everything again.

        Thanks for the clarification. I’m not going to say I took the date to heart (cough, cough), but you showed there may be science there and now I have to go learn it…

        I recommend you fix the donation link. It didn’t work for me.

      • Yo Mr. Joe M., Thanks for the link to the amullulla website. Tremendous amounts of information, some of which I am aware some I am not. The section on 9-11 is excellent and refutes the pancaking/collapse of the floors as per our friends at popular mechanics/science. Think dustification of the building. Where is all the rubble? So is this the end times? Different sources of information seem to be pointing in that direction. Only question is when? I’m ready, beam me up Scotty!!

    • 1) Correct / partially
      2) Correct / not really — The PTB are evil, the proles & peasants, no
      3) Correct
      4) Correct
      5) Correct
      6) Correct, among other things…
      7) Correct, and it’s de facto already gone. They won’t awaken, their 9th gen children might, if Zager & Evans don’t come into play…
      8) 2022 will be a bellwether. The Party in the WH typically loses 7-10% of its incumbents (63% of candidates in open-seat candidates) in off-year elections. The Biden Administration has not shown any reason whatsoever, so far, to keep Dems in power or deviate from this trend. Based on historical precedent, the Repugs should win a landslide in the House and re-take the Senate by at least 4-5 seats. If this doesn’t happen, the 2022 election is cooked, and so is our goose. It’ll mean the wholesale fraud has imbedded itself in such a manner as to become endemic…

      • Yeah, okay, I didn’t proofread before I posted…

        Don’t sweat it Ray, we got what you were saying right off the bat.. have you read some of the stuff I have posted.. dam auto correct even when you correct it.. seem to just change as soon as you hit the submit button.. LOL LOL LOL


      My housemate is 78. He has regular visits by a nurse practitioner because of kidney and prostate problems — which may have been fixed yesterday with surgery.

      Every time a new nurse practitioner comes out she comments on how well he is doing. And she genuinely means it. She expects a man of 78 to be in much worse condition with his issues.

      My housemate has been deep into vitamins and supplements for years. He takes a lot of things, but mainly credits DHEA for the effects people see. Read about it. Read Amazon reviews of it.

      It greatly enhances the production of testosterone in men. It is good for both sexes, but men may notice a stronger effect than women.

  7. There was a time 50 years ago, where people were likely discriminated against, in public and private sector, and I acknowledge that was the case. However we have gone through many changes in societal rules and laws and personal opinion changes. So we ban government or company discrimination based on some categories of personal traits. But what that has morphed into is into a different kind of discrimination against those not in those protected classes. You cannot solve discrimination by just changing its targets.

    I also believe that people should be able to discriminate based on being a free human. I should be allowed freedom of association. I would not associate with people or companies that take this path, but I believe that is downside of being free, people will make choices that I disagree with. But if BET or Oprah want to hire only people of a certain race, they should be allowed. Ultimately they will fail because discriminating against the best and brightest will have those people moving into competition with you.

    If I want to open a Christian only bakery, that only serves those that come in praise Jesus, I should be allowed. I limit my growth opportunities, I should be allowed freedom of association and that should include who I choose to do business with.

    Now government entities should never be allowed to discriminate, because they must associate with all citizens equally and not establish any set of citizens that have more rights, access or protections then any other.

    We have Joe Biden for example saying early on he would only seek candidates for VP that were both black and female. He should have been widely shunned for not seeking the best candidate for setting up success in his administration.

    • Biddy was widely shunned for his racism, among many other things. Shunning doesn’t really matter in a rigged election. Now we have two idiots claiming to be “leaders”. Three if we include Nasty Pig.

      When it’s not worth it to me for participating in the drama, I don’t. The biddy regime has no goals other than destruction of the Republic. There’s nothing to participate in.

      • Actually, young Andy had a good line in his audio poddycast. To the effect that Joe’s got his “Kamala Shield” now to keep the racist charges at bay. That boy’s got some sense. Andy, not Slow.

      • George, the former vice-president has a good “Kamala shield” to display “non-racism” against privileged “minorities”, including women. He seems to also be playing up to the mob pile-on regarding discrimination against White men, especially older White men.

        All discrimination based on sex, age, and race is illegal, immoral, and disingenuous.

    • to: JoeDish
      April 6, 2021 at 09:50
      Right on! A voice of logic in a world of emotion. Thanks for this one Joe…

  8. “The world will soon ‘sea’ if President Joe has the backbone necessary to send a firm military message to the Beijing squatters”

    You forget George… JB has really really REALLY small feet…and the shoes left behind for president are pretty large shoes.. kind of like
    And from what I am seeing and released for general information availableto the public.. those that we oppose are on five fronts not counting the border fiasco.
    Then the fact that we depend on China for our military equipment and munitions.. we ran into that situation for a govt. Grant. They needed american made unfortunately companies buy from china then stamp it American made..or assembly in USA..

    As far as war..democrats don’t have any problems going to war..
    I personally dont have faith that we could win. Even though we spend alot on a military machine. We are also spread the thinnest to take on five fronts simultaneously would take a great deal more than what we have. This is a time we need a great deal maker not someone bought and controlled by gift givers. The way I see it is All they want is more..

    • I spent my adult life serving in the modern Army. In the olden times, most of y’all’s generation, wars were fought in terms of yards and maybe miles. Today, targets are engaged in thousands of meters, and more today, thousands of miles. I’m not sure what that is called now, but it isn’t war. There’s no nobility in it anymore.

      The next war won’t be rocks and bullets. It’s going to be economic. Same pain but without the blood.

      And before you tear me apart about Iraq and Afghanistan, every generation we have to bloody our military leaders and noncoms so the experience can be retained and handed off to the next generation. And we have to turn over the stockpiles with new and better stuff.

      I have faith in our military leaders and our political advisors. Nobody wants to start a war unless it is really necessary.

  9. You are all wet. 50-60 years ago we had big time segregation. I remember traveling in the south with my folks, and we would pass signs like “Colored Hotel”. And I would say to them “That sounds interesting, can we stay there?”

    Even today, if your resume is signed “Kwame Washington”, your chance of a call back is slim compared to “Joseph Fredericks”. Its a fact.

    Meritocracy, my sweet #ss. And how about those “Legacy” entrants to the Ivys?

    • 50-years ago (don’t put 60 in my mouth!). 1971.
      Black Power, Black Pride, Sly doing “Stand” and all the rest of it. A positive change. Black music became mainstream. The “checkbox republic” monetization hadn’t been worked out yet. Nor the negatives of race ()and for that matter, vaccination) shaming.
      Schools were integrated, modest preference was being given. There was a kind of harmony to it. Now?
      Well, we still have excessive force cases – but is that racism or bad cops? I would contend police over reaction is common not so much as a racial matter but as a psychological break when it happens.
      We have evolved from multi-racial to multi-hateful…way to go America!
      Militarized cops mindset – thanks government! Systemic militarism says my consigliere…

      • George, You remember back when MLK was assassinated there was some unrest in the schools in our neighborhood. My wife was at Sharples Junior High and was attacked by a gang of black girls. She backed up against a hedge and fought her way out. Then she made friends with the biggest black dude in school and never had anymore trouble. Our son’s best friend in 5th grade was a black kid. His mother was one of the gang that attacked my wife. Things definitely were getting better but now…..

  10. I spent my teens in the 70s. I went to a school with 40% black and white; 20% Hispanic. We had race riots once in a while at school ( the blacks and whites fighting). But those were the exception not the rule. I played ball where few whites made the team. Blacks played more and started more than whites. That wasn’t a race thing that was the best player thing. Now we see that it’s all about identity: color, sex preference, gender, and anti-white. Watch tv and you would think blacks are the majority race. Media is no longer reflecting real society but what they want it to look like because of the anti-white stand so many are taking. George is right! It’s not about who is best fitted for the jobs it’s who is best fitted based on identity. Nothing good will come of this!!!

  11. “Well, we still have excessive force cases – but is that racism or bad cops?”

    I’m leaning towards bad cops..
    From what I’ve read the incidents all revolve around an infraction of the law in neighborhoods with high crime rates. ( seriously when was the last street riot that you’ve heard about in Beverly Hills or any other affluent neighborhood)
    The one in Minnesota the guy refused to make right a fake twenty and drove off . The clerk also a black man called because like most companies if you take it you bought it rule.. and at ten bucks an hour a fake twenty is a substantial cut in income.
    The officer should have had more sense but then again.. if your in a neighborhood where you run scared.. would you take a chance with someone high on drugs that you know could easily overwhelm you..
    It’s a tough call.. you don’t hear about the critical care caucasian nurse in la that works er trauma…gets off work late shift calls her kids to make sure they are up and ready for school.. gets pulled over the officers beat her up road crash her by dragging her in the gravel.. because she was using a cell phone while driving..( that story hit all shift change reports thousands of miles away.. I’d of hated to be an officer shot in a dispute.. roll over I’m taking your temp and your in the end room.. we’ll be right with you) or the disabled white guy going into a restaurant where theres a frustrated officer black just tips him over in his wheelchair because he was accessible..
    If an officer has an aggressive nature he should not be an officer.. yet it takes an officer with an agressive nature to patrol those neighborhoods where very few of is could walk safely ..a tough call..
    Wasn’t it stanford did a study on how different ethnic people would be treated..and discovered excessive aggression towards others in the high crime neighborhoods..

  12. Hey Old dude, let me know what ya think about my solution to the editor and youtube channel. It’s my first one. And I’m a little scratchy. Kinda lines up with some of what you’d wrote today. Even though, i just recorded it and am now reading Ure site. Way easier for me than typing this all on my phone. Way more efficient and faster. I made it downloadable. So ya listen to it later at your leisure. If there is such a thing. Hahah

    As always I’m not PC and all that. Try to cus a little less. I’m a former sailor and a former truck driver, so I speak both dialects proficiently. hahaha

    At the link:

    I need to go find a day job and get on the report card and new report. Hope ya have an amazing day!

  13. I am a son of 2 Cubans who came to this country in 1958, my father worked for an Alphabet organization in the late 1950’s and 60’s doing America’s bidding. When we moved into the south in the early 1970’s the first week in Florida we had a brick thrown through our window, and other assorted things done to our property. My Dad laughed and said “give it time, the locals don’t like the fact we can afford to live where they do” That stuck with me, racism whatever, Green, my friend is the only color that matters in America. If you have it doors open if you don’t……..well you know the rest.

    • Yep – the poorest and the laziest tend to be the racists. They will seize on anything as an excuse for their miserable lot in life. The rest of us? Get on with work and harvest the green…

      • “an excuse for their miserable lot in life”

        What I find funny.. is I have had my share of miserable situations..yet like growing up in a poor household.. we didn’t know we were poor.. and the moment of miserable time are like waves on the lake.. they come theres a little trials during then you move on.. to remain miserable and keep the pity party moving requires to much work.. your only miserable if you continue to dwell on those moments.. and by dwelling on them you continue to find new reasons to remain in the misery..
        Oh no they’re out of strawberry gummy bears I’ll never survive

  14. zGeorge,
    Russia is weak,rattles big old nukes,may try to strengrhen its borders since it has been invaded over and over by Chinese, muslims, swedes, Poles ,Austria/Hungarian For last 1000 years. But Russia is Dying, loosing its engineers, Its school system is in rubble, big problems with shrinking population.
    China may be heading toward collapse internally. They are shrinking, less population, much unrest, totally corrupt financial system from village to National government.
    Recently had asses kicked by India over disputed territory in the Himilayas Poor winter training for their forceshundreds with cold injuries or death from it.China rattles its Chains to get its population to cling to and support central government. Has pissed off all its neighbors. Has been unified as a country for first time in 2500 years of Chinese history. Because of The USA world order. We are pulling back. We do not want to be the police officers of World.
    White Privilege:??? So thats why I signed up for 3 years as a combat medic with 19 months in Vietnam.. Got the GI BILL.
    GI bill paid for school, almost, worked nights went to school during day sometimes got to sleep when not studying.
    The world will twist and turn and Surprise us ALL.

    • I’m still reeling from the wokee’s/children who somehow equate working 60-years of 60-70 hour weeks and doing night school/distance learning the whole time with “privileges.” Like that wise son of Cuban immigrants said in a comment: Green is the color that matter in America.

      • “children who somehow equate working 60-years of 60-70 hour weeks and doing night school”

        I can relate.. those slackers….lol
        If you can’t handle a hundred hour work week then what are you spending all that spare time on..lol
        Most of my life it was a hundred a week give or take.. an eight hour day was a day of vacation..hell year ( working off that debt at the hospital ) was 140 plus hours .
        Wife works fifty hours a week now in healthcare..

      • God, I respect people who back up their lives with HARD WORK.
        I have often thought – in a Ure-twisted Jeffersonian way – that only people who should be allowed to comment on the internet are those who are a) legal citizens, b) job holders and those who have retired, C) military active duty, and D) people who are current on their income taxes.
        Everyone is a freeloader at some level…
        Why we run the country – instead of voluntary sharing – is why Digital Mob Rule is upon us.
        Keyboard Socialism.

  15. George, why are you trying to impress your doctor with a “clean” bill of health? I can see having to “pass” a flight or DOT physical, but if this is just routine, with no actual consequence, what’s the point of looking good to them? Does it matter for insurance when of medicare age? Perhaps it’s about the “alternate medical” for PP.
    I’m just curious, since I generally monitor my own health.

    • Hmmm… good question.
      I guess it’s like everything I do – a kind of OCD to it.
      Brake for every corner like a race track. Every flight is like a check ride.
      And every “dr. encounter” is likewise.
      My, ain’t OCD fund?

      • If you are on maintenance script(s), the witch doctors are required to meet with you periodically in the flesh, or they are obligated to stop writing the scripts.
        Going into a doctor’s office with sky-high blood pressure or god-forbid, a stomach ache may be grounds for bankruptcy. Projecting an aura of health and wellness long enough to get refills should be the goal. Once every few years one of them does make a suggestion I wouldn’t get off a generic web health page. Example from a orthopedic surgeon a decade and half back: “Maybe you should stop doing heavy lifting”. That was virtually a script for a front end loader. Too bad my insurance plan didn’t cover it as a medical device.

  16. Grew up lower middle class , graduated in 1971 . Could not afford college , but if you were colored , you had money thrown at you . Tell me about white privilege.

    • I was considered poor white trash.. dumbed myself down in school to fit in and not be ridiculed.. LOL.. so I get it Wilson..been there..

  17. George,
    If it’s all spiralling into chaos and incompetence, there ought to be beaucoup opportunities for smart guys who know what’s really going on to get and stay rich. Like a one-eyed man in the land of the blind.

    • “there ought to be beaucoup opportunities for smart guys who know”

      I thought that..worked for a company that had a go to lunch with the boss project. If you could find an issue and save them ten grand a year plus.. you got a lunch with the old man at the country club.. ( he hated to buy desert I figured out how to get desert) I went every month for 12 years. I figured if I could prove that even without a sheet of paper.. anyway a 17 year old high school dropout made supervisor. She was a good skeet shooter but didnt have enough sense to get out of a paper bag.
      I should have gone skeet shooting instead..
      It’s usually all about who your your daddy knows or a sheet of paper..or their favorite hobbies..

  18. See how much of this all matters, or whether the pols even bother to show up in DC anymore once the Federal Reserve Note is no longer accepted in any reasonable quantity in exchange for goods and services rendered.

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