Casinos, Spidey-Sense, and Markets: Can a Rally Hold?

4:30 AM and Ure is “back in the chair” for another round of play.  Money for Nothing” cranked.  Coffee hot and strong, sunrise a couple of hours ahead.

There are differences between my office and other Casinos, of course.  For one, time is of the essence here.  Clocks all over:  German, British, and American market times – good luck finding a clock in Vegas.

But the big commonality between “playing stocks” or doing a “slot walk” – waiting for a machine to reach out and “talk to you…” – is the sense of anticipation.  A certain sense or knowingness that – when listened to – rewards you in unbounding measure.  Or, if forced, will kill your finances as sure as a hangman (or bad divorce).

The Spidey-Sense of markets is something else, again.  General attitude (thanks Dude, gratitude, along with love in the heart and happy expectation of joy to come) is only a set-up.

Spidey-Sense is a result of trading over time.  I won’t go into all of my key indicators, but two that really saved my bacon overnight – from a potentially disastrous overnight levered short position – was that the On-Balance Volume didn’t behave “quite right” in the final 15-minutes of trading.

Not only that, but the Moving Average Convergence-Divergence indicator had also looked, well, just off relative to other things.

The “spidey sense” is not free.  It comes from losing money – lots of it.

Going into the close Tuesday – and considering a highly levered short position, I found myself asking “Are you too attached to the IDEA of going short?  Is this driving a “clean” judgement call on Ure part?”

I must have thought about it for a good 10-minutes.  When I was done with the personal “going deep” to sort it out, it was 3:03 PM local time.  The dang market closed while I was thinking. about things.

The “Machines weren’t talking to me.”

A couple of times a week, I will find a “right moment” when asymmetry works in my favor.  Just like at the craps table there are times when the odds are with the shooter.

Asymmetry assures success in stocks if you follow only three simple rules:

  1. Markets go up and down with some regularity over a day or two.  Only enter a trade when the market is likely to head in Ure direction.
  2. If the market goes as you expect, let the trade run.
  3. However, if the trade loses its luster, blow out when you are down $50-bucks.

Human inclination is to think they are “smarter than markets.”  No, you are not.

In Casinos of the comped dinners and rooms type, people act much the same way:  They tend to treat wins and losses symmetrically.  \This is not how to make Big Money, important money.\

The market will go up today but there will be periods when it goes down.  The difference between people is everyone’s judgement of the time of direxctional change will be different.  Precision of inflection point timing is where money is made or lost.

Where stock markets are much more honest than Casinos?  We not only choose when to “spin the wheel” but we also tell it when to stop.

Over 73-years of personal experimentation, I’ve made a shit-load more money in trading than I have in all the Casinos I’ve played.

There’s this dandy quote on the F.B.I.’s official History page (here).  The story was about a Depression Era bank robber of high notoriety.  When asked why he robbed banks, (Willie) Sutton simply replied, “Because that’s where the money is.”

Banks failed all over America in the last Depression.  The problem ahead is what will fail this time?  Might not be the Banks.  Might be the wires between ’em.  Or the Country.

Retail Sales

This financial asymmetry stuff gets us asking a terrible question:  How did the Key Players on Wall Street know that the Retail Sales report today would be OK?  Did advance information leak out?

While I suspect it did, there are a lot of asymmetries in “public thinking” as well.  Who’s going to bitch if the market goes UP 500 points?  But, a similar downside?  Well, that might hurt the long-term market participants on  which Wall Street depends to fund their “action.”

Who knew, if anyone?  Let’s look at those Retail Numbers:

Retail - misleading dollarizedc gains

As we have told you over the years, it takes some engineering-precision of mind when reading reports like this.  Because what is reported is dollars.  Not Units.  With that, here’s the Happy Talk Choir to lead in the singing of Go Joe:

“Advance Estimates of U.S. Retail and Food Services
Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for April 2022, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $677.7 billion, an increase of 0.9
percent (±0.5 percent) from the previous month, and 8.2 percent (±0.7 percent) above April 2021. Total sales for the February 2022 through April 2022 period were up 10.8 percent (±0.7 percent) from the same
period a year ago. The February 2022 to March 2022 percent change was revised from up 0.7 percent (±0.5 percent) to up 1.4 percent (±0.3 percent)”

Gosh – sales up 8.2 percent.  Know what the corresponding increase in the Fed Monetary Base was?   Up 5.06 percent. (March on March).  So, it looks to us like “real goods” are up around 3.2 percent or so on a rationally calculated basis.

For Units, you need a different kind of source.  Association of American Railroads latest year-to-date traffic figures:

” Total combined U.S. traffic for the first 18 weeks of 2022 was 8,864,939 carloads and intermodal units, a decrease of 3.4 percent compared to last year.”  (As of May 11, 2022)

Taken with Ports data (we’re waiting for reports for the month) this is a more realistic view.  As long as it’s “Money for Nothin” the fix is in.

Can’t live on a diet of paper and digi’s can you?

Wave Counts?

Our Aggregate Index view shows the markets have moved (on early futures today) a good bit higher.  But the real question is whether these levels will hold on through Friday, remember this is options week.

wave count

Wal-Mart had an earnings miss this morning, too (see Walmart Earnings: What Happened with WMT) so that may limit the upside in here.  On the other hand, option players who went short this cycle from last month could have a big payday this week if markets don’t rally.

Longer term?

Good news is the tendency for Holiday Rallies to appear.

Bad news is Russia is moving NSNWs up to the front lines adjoining Finland: Russia sends nuclear-capable Iskander missiles to Finland’s border: Report.

Flash goggles and rosary beads, anyone?  I’ll be looking for a downside reversal, but who knows when, eh?

Short Snorts

Pabulum for the mass distraction servings: Pentagon officials to testify on UFOs.  If there’s not spectral RF data, it’s a joke.  That’s where the answers are.

Elon nails Slow Joe’s act: Elon Musk slams Biden: ‘The real president is whoever controls the teleprompter’.  Well, teleprompter and millions of fake consensus social bots.

Speaking of which – I’ve told you for years about how social bots make-up fake narratives for the lefties?  Lookie here Musk: Doubt about spam accounts could scuttle Twitter deal | AP News.  Musk knows.  I say charge postings 10-cents each after 50 a week.  Or LABEL as suspect machine retweets and the like.

aaa gas prices

Gas Prices continue suckage and wreckage of the wallet:

The price of Diesel is also nightmarish.  It has gone from $3.171 a year ago to the price Monday on Triple A’s Fuel Gauge Report (here, save link) of  $5.573 per gallon.

Bear in mind this has nothing to do with Ukraine.  It has to do with Buyed ‘Em administration’s first-order thinking with the ill-advised sanctions (bank sticking) of Russia.

Biden (unlike Trump) is following a well-established pattern of lighting off new wars, rather than working sincerely on peace negotiations.  No big Defense Contracts in Peace, though.  And with lockdowns over, where are we going to make up jobs is the problem.  Nuke fallout could bring more controls than even Covid if you want an over-reach disaster.

Around the Ranch: Jerky

My buddy Justin, the UPS dude came by last week with a delivery – and he brought me the latest edit of his Texas Beef Jerky recipe.

Un-freaking believable flavor.  Then, half a minute into the chew, a second alarm goes into the Fire Department.  Another minute, or so, and the third alarm is pulled.  20- seconds later it’s a General Alarm fire with a side of Dresden.

“What the hell are the spices in there? Dang stuff is hot!” I explained.

Ran into this special chilis blend down at Hobby Lobby of all places.  On the ingredients is a little big of Ghost Pepper is listed…”

Being no fool, I know how many Scoville’s those run (1,041,427 is commonly cited.)

But I don’t believe him.  I think he’s got a source for still-hot uranium fuel rods.  This isn’t “kitchen burn” hot, or “dumpster fire” hot.  This is Chernobyl-level hot.  Magma flow.

None of which would be bothersome, except I can’t find Rolling Rock down here to save my soul.  And that’s why Biden and CARB wrecking the supply chain personally offends me.

Elaine simply smiled, and said “Pass me the crackers?”

I’ll have to see if Hobby Lobby has any left.  Figured I’ll just  pop my head in, next trip to town.  See if there’s smoke coming from one of the aisles…

Write when you get rich,

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40 thoughts on “Casinos, Spidey-Sense, and Markets: Can a Rally Hold?”

  1. If the choice is between the stock market and the casinos, I’d choose the casinos. At least you get comps and eye candy along the way to the poor house – especially for you whales. But ALWAYS keep your bus money in your shoe.

  2. I read something last night that Saud, “if you find that one thing God wants you to do? And do it? You will be rewarded with riches beyond measure.”

    I been doing that one thing.

    I had spicy venison last night at the Roxbury, bowling. Night at the Roxbury. It was super spicy too. I’m not big on spicy stuff.

    Bowling is fun tho.

    Then I went out side to have a smoke and a giant. I mean giant. I thought it was a bird. Gold and green moth came and landed on my forehead. I thought it was a sparrow or a humming bird because humming birds and bees always land on me like im a flower or something. It was completely dark out. We weren’t around any lights. I said whooaaa this bird just landed on my forhead. My buddy said that isn’t a bird. That is huge moth. I never seen one that big! I said it might have been an eagle it was so BIG. I shewed it away and came back and landed right where my heart was. Giant Golden and Green Moth. Never seen one that looked like that or ever seen one that big. It was fucking huge. I shewed it away again and it did 2 laps around my forehead like it was studying me then flew off.

    My life is not normal. LOL!

    Well, off to drive Tonka trucks. Been a while. Kinda nervous. Bouncing around all day in one of those kicks your ass the first few days after the fun wears off.

    Good luck today.

  3. Hummm. Is Elon buying or just destroying the diseased temple?
    Durham has Sussman by the nads, Sussman’s only hope is a tainted jury pool. The war in Ukraine only exists to protect the deep state honey pot. The corporate banking system has over printed, bot bot bot every problem is blamed on Trump, simply because he is on the side of the people vs the strawman, aka CORPORATIONS the unelected rulers.
    Danial chapter 2 ?? I see a beast
    Everything I see in the Universe flows in cycles as I sit on the banks of Platte River I see the results of the water flow,, energy vortex like a horizonal slinky

  4. Such outrage…such shock…such injustice……so say the Scumbag Horrible Actors in the Democrat Party. You have Pocahontas walking through government flower beds screaming about the MAGA Supreme Court caused by Trump. Schumer, the continual liar, screaming outrage and that the court will regret their decisions. Pelosi saying the court has to be changed from all the MAGA types. All because of a draft decision that was wrongly released by some Liberal Justice or Liberal clerk or Liberal Secretary.

    And don’t forget all the U.S. citizens screaming that the Supreme Court is going to do away with their right to do what they want with their bodies. Yes, the Green and Purple haired women with piercings all the way through their noses with rings hanging off of their nose piercings that weigh 300 pounds and couldn’t get laid if they had a $1000 bill pasted to their ugly screaming faces that are screaming about their right to kill a baby with a heartbeat.

    What the idiots above do not understand is that Abortion was not part of the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, it is reserved to the states under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    Just another Marxist move to do away with a Supreme Court that is now actually basing decisions on documents that took years to formulate based upon the principles of true freedom…the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

    What is the real agenda on all this supposed outrage before the opinion is even released?
    1. Mob rule? The old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The louder they yell, they think, the more they can bend the rule of law to the rule of the mob. Like how the commie Marxists killed the Russians in the Bolshevik revolution! Or like the Commie Mobs killed the Chinese in Mao’s revolution, or Pol Pot killed his populace, and on and on throughout history.
    2. That’s why the MK Ultra mass shootings…they want to get the guns out of the hands of law-abiding U.S. citizens. Do away with the 2nd Amendment. Disarm the people before they make their final Marxist moves. Speeches are being readied. You will hear Slurring Joe Biden hit it hard in Buffalo today. And the liberal controlled networks…guns kill people. So do tractors fools. And cars.
    3. Supreme Court packing before the Mid-Terms? They are already floating that balloon.
    4. Do away with the Senate Filibuster? Also floating that balloon.
    5. Get the people that want abortions after a heartbeat is detected to vote Democrat? Even with Hammer and Scorecard already in their back pockets.
    6. The organ transplant people want to guarantee their supply of young healthy organs.

    They don’t understand that what Margaret Sanger wanted when she so strongly supported abortion as a means of birth control was doing away with minorities and their future votes. H..E..L..L..O!!!! It shows you just how STUPID all the phony Democrat Actors and protesting Mobs really are. Doing away with their future votes. They don’t believe in a limited Federal Government. They believe in Mob rule…unfortunately they know where that really leads. Socialism, Marxism, Communism. You know the BLM and ANTIFA types. Losers just like the people from the 60s that are friends of and trained Obama!!! Bernadette Dohrn and Bill Ayers and other Chicago Anarchists. Societal misfits!

    The protesters believe the people like those sitting in the White House that are as dumb as a box of rocks propaganda when it comes to events and subsequent outcomes. Now we have a new Black Radical Liar in Chief to fill in for Circle Back Psaki.

    Just look at the price of gas. Just look at the lack of Baby Formula, the lack of fertilizer, the lack of weapons in our defensive arsenal, all the wetbacks coming across by the millions. It is all Trump’s fault or the Russians or the Supreme Court…not the dumb asses and dumb ass decisions coming out of the White House and Congress that have real life outcomes.

    All results of STUPID decisions by STUPID idiots that stole their way into office and that are now totally freaking out that they will be investigated all the way to the Supreme Court after honest November elections…if we can have them. That’s the real fear of the dirty rat politicians…Democrat and Republican. Not ending abortions.

    • Shutting down the SC would be insurrection unless backed by a constitutional amendment abolishing the institution. Fat chance. The end of the SC would be the end of lawyer gang rule.

    • I’m old enough to remember the debate over when life ENDS. Used to be based on heartbeat, but thanks to the persistent vegetative state cases (e.g. Karen Ann Quinlan) – and after much debate – the presence of brain activity became the test.
      Now, at the START of life, y’all want to go back to the heartbeat standard. Very sentimental but not scientific.
      I suspect the reason so many politicians want the heartbeat standard is because, if brain activity was the determinative factor, most of them could be declared legally dead.

    • When will you tell us the real final truth? WTHS
      I am in honour of your{connections} wisdom. Crazy morning today with 2 crows,2cottontails and a black squrrele all in 20 sq. ft.
      Bunnies, crows always bolt when I appear at window and today I pulled Double hung Bay down and asked WHAT UP. No-one moved as if they didnt hear me.

  5. How do you all like your corporate owned electric systems?
    History of Nebraska Public Power…
    The Legacy of Senator George Norris
    Nebraska is the only state in the U.S. served entirely by an electric power system which is owned and operated by its own citizens. There has not been a single privately-owned electric utility company in Nebraska since 1945.,public%20for%20the%20public%20good.

  6. Dammit Man ! You seem to have given leaf of Ure senses, why do you stray so far from the “path” ?

    The “path” goes thru cryptoville, and eventually leads to intelligence, like real intelligence. Obviously the No Brainz Patrol will be bye to throw Ure ass off da Money Mountain any day now.
    Should be okay for a while what with shaving a lil dust off that lone Gold coin to purchase vittles wit. Keeping in mind that ole bumper sticker..Ass, Cash or Grass – future choices seem rather limited.

    BBBBBBBBuy THE Dip ! Silver, Gold, Oil and Bitcoinz, the magical beanz of Finance. Bet you cant say bout Ure money..Magical.

    Hahahahahahahahah yeah Nothing there, tulips, air, no value, made up numbers? Wait for it right ? crash to Zero comming…
    What R U ALL not smoking ?

    Price of ONE SINGLE BITCOIN this AM ? only around Thirty Thousand what ???
    ..dollars, digits, federal reserve notes, green pieces of paper representing schmer/pigloser/stiff/cocainemitch -chinas’ boiy/romney -russias’ boiy, the dicktater&kaMANela, deepstate.
    WTF is the USD anymoar? what does it represent, besides fire&brimstone & Ure allz enSLAVEment?

    Now Go out there Vote today – its Ure Right! bwahahahahahahaha

    Dominion closely linked to Smartec – acquired by – Who ran Smartec during obongo takeover time ? Brit Intel opo lord mallach brown – sorass right hand man – GM at world econ foroum. Say here rigged 2000 & 04 for bush the EVIL-see 2006 hacking democracy.rigged em in Phillipines, Bosnia..Every single color revolution..British intel – GermanDVD, just like clownsinamerica

    Ure right 2 Vote – bwahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    • ultra-man,

      “…you seem to have taken leaf of your senses…”. Well, don’t some folks just strike it lucky.

      Leaf hockey fans entered a 55th year of disappointment Saturday upon the team’s elimination from competition for the Cup of Lord Stanley of Preston, 16th Earl of Derby. To add insult to injury, Sunday saw one of their players relieved of his suv in a TO movie theater parking lot. Miscreant hooligans toting unregistered handguns drove off into the sunset with his Range Rover.

      Meanwhile across the pond, Her Majesty having regrettably missed the state address opening Parliament at Westminster on Tuesday, exchanged pleasantries and witticisms from the passenger seat of her Range Rover with attendees to the Great Windsor Horse Show (GWTS) held the prior Thursday to Sunday. Apparently Mr. Tom Cruise of “Top Gun” was present over the course of the event. “Horse & Hound” recorded The Queen’s delight upon two of her entries winning their classes. Remarkably lucky.

      Back in America, it was a Lucky Strike to win the second-biggest come from behind win at the Kentucky Derby. These things don’t just happen though, do they? Let’s thank the famous Edward Bernays to bring the colour green back into fashion in 1934 with his Green Ball at the Waldorf Astoria. The green menu and dress code was anchored by suffragist Mrs. Narcissa Cox Vanderlip.

      Well, over to the congressional hearings on the ufo situation in Washington today. Maybe green is coming back into style down the runways of America?

  7. Oh and FYI, I was on at that last place for 258 days, the corner of holegate, and airport way. 8.42 months. I went to 273 events (concert, sports and other) in that time. Grew that security force by 1.9 (average) personnel a day in that 258 days. Fired a bunch of people too tho.

    In meditation this morning, that had occurred to me as important. During that time, Lumen Field kitchen staff cooked a little over 6,500,000 pizzas. That is a lot of pi’s.

    I think either A) how much time we have left to prepare before the entire system collapses over the entire globe or B) something else. Because those two trees blossomed first. Then entire city blossomed after.

    I don’t have all the answers. I just have the ones pertaining to what I see.

    See ya next time.

  8. Oh my giant Of Roader. (Dump truck with wheels the size of houses on it) has a big red square with a yellow number 1 on it like the let it be song. Lol

    We are right on schedule.

    Gold and Red = Power.


    • Gold and red have been long favored colors in China, and are the colors of the Chinese flag. Coincidence?

      • Not anymore. It seems They belong to me now. Since I’m back to earth moving for a living. Full circle. Started at this company working on the bowing expansion oh about 10 years ago. Now im back out here, down the road from the barcode maker, moving earth again.

        Besides, the Christian Bible is written in Gold and Red ink. I think that is more powerful than the Chinese. Since there are more Christians in the world than China has people and Jesus only worked for 3 years and changes the world forever. Most popular dude on the planet for going on over 2000 years. Long before China made iPads. That is one long legacy. Alot of empires have come and gone. Christ remained #1.

        Have a great day Mike. Off to see what the day has for little me.

      • Kind interesting. I left doing what I was doing. Which was dirt work and did something else for 3 years. Just Jesus was a carpenter then did his thing for 3 years. Never thought about that before. Hmmmm. I did my thing for 3 years too. But not cool as stuff as Jesus’s stuff. But I went on 3 year journey. Lil walk about.

        Pretty cool little adventure.

        Well, Thank God Jesus took care of salvation and redemption. If anyone needed that. I sure do and did.

        And ya it did occur to me that gold and green moth that landed on my forehead and heart. Could have been tinker bell. LOL. Who knows? Tripped me out tho. And here I am down by the dream liner makers. LOL except. I’m not Peter pan. That I know of.

        What weird deal all this is. LOL.

        Ya can’t even create a better story than I’m living. It trips me out all the time.

  9. “the UPS dude came by last week with a delivery – and he brought me the latest edit of his Texas Beef Jerky recipe.”

    Come on Give the recipe up… LOL LOL… I buy the spice packets.. then add a half cup of brown sugar to each pound of meat..
    the area high school foot ball team would come by and eat ten pounds a day.. the deer didn’t last.. had to hide some for myself..the same with pickles.. Now I vacuum bag pickles.. so I can have a snack pickle when I want one..
    to do jars.. sterilize the jar.. boil your brine.. clean the cucumbers.. cot both ends off.. dill and a half tsp of salt at the bottom and a pinch of alum.. if you don’t use the alum then a grape leaf and an extra sprig of dill on top.. of the pickles.. put the cucumbers in the jar pour in your brine to a half inch from the top.. put the lid on and hit it with the vacuum pump.. the pickles..
    you will have the nicest pickles..

  10. “Being no fool, I know how many Scoville’s those run (1,041,427 is commonly cited.)
    But I don’t believe him. I think he’s got a source for still-hot uranium fuel rods. This isn’t “kitchen burn” hot, or “dumpster fire” hot. This is Chernobyl-level hot. Magma flow.”

    The scary part of that.. is the Chernobyl exit GAS flow… there is nothing worse than the pain and itch of hemorrhoidal discomfort until you pass some burning gas..

  11. 1] Because I was asked. Yes, I emptied the greenhouse over the weekend., one raised bed left [ deliberately] – small 4×8 foot. Still have a couple of weeks to see what else we might want / need. Done right, you can get a lot in 32 sq ft.
    2] I do not live anywhere near the blast zones of Seattle, or Spokane., so I do not know what you are referencing there.
    3] Yesterday., my comment on ‘Spidey Senses’. I can see Biden and Putin getting on the bus.., but Xi ? I thought he was dug-in like an Alabama tick. Has his position weakened lately? Last I read he had consolidated and eliminated opposition to the point of ‘Ruler for Life’. Can’t see him going quietly-into-the-night. That would be rather monumental.

  12. markets boring rigged waiting for lies or mushroom clouds . we been in depression for years . nah the big game is gold . performs equally well in any flation . f currency , markets , real estate , sheetcoin. gold thats all there is baby . short for lot more yet . hell is coming

  13. Made a country out of shorting gold . Why you so scared of it ? Perma short pigs . And you reckon we are fools . Ah you’ll cop it one day just like you have for months . Greedy facist pigs

  14. Speaking of getting Musky – must be Maye! on the cover of the Rolling Stone.. Nope!

    Sports Illustrated, you ole dirty birds and Maye bee looking sharp- on the beach at the BCN’s Belizean hideout/bugout/partyhouse location at Naia residences in Placencia, Bayleaze…
    Cover shot -thats the beach in front of Naia resort Maye be posing on – not quite a “bunny”…but for 74 years of youth, sign da bitcoin nazi up! please.

    Buy the Dip !

    • the bitcoin nazi,

      You bc ‘n things in your Daily Bugle? I wonder if some happenstance had SI enter their Maye Musk layout on Instagram, subsidiary of the censors of sichuan in the Metaverse, rather than to hollow echoed reviews of bot bells tolling in the Twitterverse? Hmmm.

      Perhaps this is a current-day nod to May West’s double entendres on Paramount censors of the 1930’s and the ruling paradigm. Probably best at this point to rejoin DJ Ure in the studio charting groovey vinyl vibes for the drive home with a then 70-something stage siren, Mrs. West, amply covering the bases and turning up the heat on “Way Out West” backed by Somebody’s Chyldren. Yep, “Boom, Boom” indeed Mr. Jameson.

  15. Crash and burn alright . Trade your ass . Sell in May go away and forget about ever coming back . All your sins have caught up with yah Yankees . Say hello when your down in hell with every other failed empire . Didn’t even make it to empire status. Take everything with you when you check out . Especially USDdont forget that bullsheet and sheetcoin whats left

  16. Another American movie …the Ukraine !!! Oscar winner !!! Movie of the year . Bit of help from Russian studios and fear whipping gurus ! The new game all the nuclear lies . But the big game ! Short gold and buy old glory Dow cow. Bit of musk and dopey jo and what could go wrong

  17. Interesting that you mention casinos and gambling. Years ago, I worked for an astrological publisher, Neil Michelsen. My astrology teacher at the time was Joyce Wehrman who had written a book called ‘Winning, Zodiacal Timing.’ I was the one that typed up her first draft of the small book and Neil was a mathematician who wrote a program based on her calculations. His original company was Astro Computing Services and he created charts for this. Neil has passed on now and his company has been taken over, so I’m not sure if they sell those charts now or not. Once on a business trip to Las Vegas with Neil, he was testing out the program and using the information to approach a slot machine while we were at the airport. We were using a stop watch and compass because the timing and direction was part of the theory. He hit about 3 machines and won over $2000 in silver dollars in a very short time period. We were being watched and then he was approached by 4 men in dark suits and asked to stop what he was doing. We then stopped and went to our plane without incident. But it did serve a purpose, we found her theory to be working quite well. The book is out of print now as she has passed on in 1989. Joyce loved to gamble and she developed this system that worked for her over and over. She was an avid horse race enthusiast as well. I heard many stories of her testing out her theory in the classes I took from her in the 70’s. She won quite a bit. As she would say, it’s all about the timing and I think you mentioned something about timing too which made me think of this.
    When I think of slot machines and winning, I always remember that experience. The machines were definitely talking as well as some other input being used. Not being a gambler myself, I was impressed by what I had witnessed.

  18. Comrades,

    Would anyone care for another serving of satire? Please reset your scoville meters and pass the English mustard around. Former comedian Mr. Zelensky today addressed the opening of the Cannes Film Festival via video link. Mr. Z. implored those listening to pay heed to what was a Charlie Chaplin success and his first talkie, 1940’s “The Great Dictator”. It played to a then neutral American audience while Europe waged war on Hitler.

    “Dictators free themselves, but they enslave the people,”
    Charlie Chaplin

  19. I have a hispanic friend who loves his hot stuff. I came upon some chili-infused Macadamia Nut oil once and decided to take it a little further. Hot Hawaiian chili peppers, Habaneros, and a ghost pepper or two were soaked in vinegar for a month or two. Then the chili/vinegar mash was put into a blender with the chili infused oil, and the white of one egg to emulsify the oil/vinegar. Blended all up it looked like Grey Poupon mustard, and rather tasted like it at first taste…. until it detonates. My friend dipped a chopstick into my ‘Atomic Mustard’ for a taste. His eyes came big and he got the severe hiccups… his reaction to HOT!. Eyes watering and hiccups, he began to laugh. What is IN that? I want some!
    I gave him the whole jar. I couldn’t eat it. But it was fun giving him the kicks.

  20. Pack of fing dogs . Ohh we can’t sark piss eat big fing prime rib and f the world . What are we gunna do ? Talk guru sheet go to Hollywood in the fing Ukraine . Vlad will get best actor !!!! See him shaken !! Pelosi !! Like to have a slice of that animal even at 90 . Firecracker

  21. I asked when the center star, the reason the pyrmids in Egypt were built. You have understand cune form writing to understand the prophecy. It fucking old. So see if my understand of the language of creation was correct and the AL Anno Lucis, “in the Year of Light” Calander surfaced in my perception. According to Wikipedia it is the year 2022, however I think that is off by a year. I don’t know why but I do.

    I asked, show me why this is important, because it has surfaced in the read of the world around me, not once but twice.

    I got confirmation today. 26 minutes ago. November 12th

    Now to my understanding of the Holocene calendar, 10,000 BC marked the end of the Ice Age. 4,000 BC the end of the Flood according (see pole shift) to the Anno Lucis calander. Note: the flood is mentioned all over the world. Everywhere from ancient Sanskrit, Hebrew, 1st Dynasty Egyptian glyphs, Myan Prophesy, The Hopi and Abarigian story’s.

    To be honest i have no idea how I know all this stuff. LOL. I just know alot of stuff. Both my Alchemy Wizard buddy and 2 of Shaman friends say all the time, you have the biggest brain I ever seen. How you know all this stuff. There has to be some sorta Universal cloud of info I tap in to.

    According to my read the completion of the Prophesy as it relates to Anno Lucis calander, this year on November 12th. The reoccurance of the star.

    As coincidencinaly it relates to The belt of Orion, Aka in the ancient language, Aundy.

    Pretty trippy.

    Also note on confirmation of that for some reason the book Poetics flew off my book shelf and landed on the floor next to me and I opened it up, Highlighted in the section, “Tragedy It should last for one complete revolution of the sun maybe a little bit longer. If it is Epic it has no predermened end.”

    Let’s all hope it’s only Tragic. Lol

    I gotta get. I know there more than a few Mason dudes who read this site. Honestly I have no idea how I know all this stuff. I just do. LOL. Like memories that aren’t mine. Really I’m not a genius or anything. I’m good at driving truck and I’m really good at recruiting and building. Just driving Big Tonkas pays way better.

    Someone said to me today, “you are the chosen one! I laughed and said what is the pay scale and benifits on that job? You get a car alounace and per diem and a nice window office? Because if not. Fuck off with that shit. I got a nice view out there on that Big Haul truck. Nobody fucks with me and it’s pretty fun. that last gig was pretty fun but it didn’t pay shit for all the headaches.

    So unless being “The Chosen One!” comes with a better Salary? And all that. Fuck off with that non sense. Cryptos talk! Bullshit Walks. Err something like that.


    Well now you all know. The end is near. Have a good summer. Be like the Ants and stalk up.

    Let me count the elements here. Ok so we had fire (killed the dinosaurs), uhhhm ice, umm. Water. Looks like wind? I don’t know how. Wind eh? Or air? Earth Wind and fire?

    Maybe the prophecy is wrong. Let’s hope and everything is going to turn around. Hahahaha.

    • Uhem 6022. Lol. AL.

      Don’t ask me a little bird told me and a few other items I noticed. I piece this stuff together and tells me stuff. I can’t really explain it. Then I’m like how the fuck do I know about the Holcene calander and keep all this shit like 19 different calanders and am able to read like 14 different languages or atleast recognise them and underatand them. Half way or enough to get the meaning from it. Like tagolog, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Egyptian myan and Aztec glyph, hopi, apache, sue and Cherokee,
      manderine, latin, greek, cune form sanskrit, in my brain when I can’t find my damn pack of smokes in my pocket at times. LOL

      I think the more I understand the language of creation the more it unlocks my ability to read other languages. Hmmmm must be. Because more than a few times I thought. What the fuck does that say? Then I look it up and because i read half word from candy wrapper on top of a gas pump and 3 letters on the side of a gas pump written with a sharpie, but they look combined to be one word. and then i think stalion. Why did that pop in my brain? So i combine them and look it up the word and it’s the Arabic word for “horses.”

      Ohh okay. That is weird. LOL stallion. Horses. Huh. Then a lady in a late 90’s Ford mustang pulls up next to me and gets gas next to me at the pump. I’m like oh how funny. Hahahah.

      Stock up. Please don’t stalk up. Don’t stalk me unless its to give me cash. I need cash now. I’m busy driving truck. Lol

      ass, cash or gas nobody rides for free. I don’t smoke grass. Lol

  22. Oh and I figured something out the other day reading creation. The I- ching isn’t originally Chinese. It comes from Babylon. The lines are sanskrit. And say something than the representation found in the I-ching books. LOL.

    But who cares. It can mean whatever you want it to mean. LOL. I don’t care. Hahahah

  23. Maybe November 12th 6022 AL means, The day Ming the Emporer comes back and George is going to turn into Flash Gorden and Elaine into Barbarella and kick his ass.

    Go George! Go! Get him E!

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