Calm Before the….

SitRep and the Charts today since the week was consumed with “book work.” My latest book should be out Monday or Tuesday on Amazon.  Both as a $4.99 Kindle ebook and as a paperback, as well.

This brings another Peoplenomics book into focus.  I have continued to collect data for additions to “The 100-Year Toaster:  The Global Addiction to Obsolescence.”  Decided to write one more chapter there.  One dealing with the “100-Year Body.”  Which in turn rolls into the Perpetual Economy.

In case you missed it, the world is stuck with a formerly free enterprise system that works extremely well during growth (economic expansion).  But which tends to blow-up immediately upon economic contraction.  Which is just ahead.

Which frames this morning’s comments:  Serial policy failures are just getting warmed-up.

You’ll see it in the headlines and in this morning’s ChartPack.  Times like the end of the TSR (Typical Summer Rally) have, on occasion, presaged less happy times ahead.

When the wheels come off…

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64 thoughts on “Calm Before the….”

    • I haven’t read that one BIC… thanks I will put it on the to read list for this week.. thanks for sharing

  1. Good morning George

    I know you hear all kinds of things and I sometimes wonder how you just handle it a keep plugging away. I’ve seen your anger from time to time and, I don’t blame ya. Just yesterday I ripped a guy an azz and he’s damn lucky he retreated. I’m a little stressed, I guess. Lol.

    Anyway, I found this from 2018. A little warning about Graphene and Graphene Oxide. Been hearing a lot about this stuff lately. Dangerous stuff. In so many words, better wear rubber gloves if you handle it and a respirator so ya don’t breathe it. Not a mask … a respirator.

    Lots of similarities out there that are mentioned in this …

    Safety Assessment of Graphene-Based Materials: Focus on Human Health and the Environment

    If GO is excreted from the body, it could have some (let’s say) nasty effects on the environment. – I seem to have a nightmare scenario playing out in my head. Can’t figure out if there are just some damn stupid people out there or, aliens don’t like us.

    In other gossip, I heard 7 RNs resigned from the local ICU Unit near here. Not because they didn’t want to care for and heal people. On the contrary, they refuse to be unethical and don’t want to be a part of what’s going on.

    Well, like mom always said, “Hope for the best.” …. Um … yeah.

    • If you can get it – out of stock world over – Nano Soma clears that scheisse frm body – “Ure results may vary”

      informed purchase necessary when dealing wit di old/new “fangled”

    • Over on there’s a big medical cross icon over Mississippi and a hair-on-fire article talking about how all the hospitals there are full up and ICUs about to be with the Delta. Elsewhere on NewsMax there’s an article about how 3 teachers have died from it in Florida. Balance all that with this Gateway Pundit article and interview with a doctor that tried to advocate for a fellow Covid patient who had bacterial pneumonia and the hospital REFUSING to give him the simple antibiotics to cure it while his O2 levels were tanking. That patient is now on a ventilator while the doctor/patient was put in 4 point restraints in “solitary confinement” when he tried to AMA himself out of the hospital in Florida. AMA – against medical advice.

      Doctor in Sarasota Hospital Witnesses a 50-Year-Old Man Being ‘COVID Killed’ by Hospital Personnel – Doctor Restrained When He Advocates for Patient

      If they’re doing this there then it’ll happen all over the country and the First Amendment will be exercised so much they’ll never be able to control the backlash. Clif’s predictions will be coming true before our eyes as people’s eyes are opened about how they’re handling this mess – A-gain! If they pass some law that says people can’t buy Ivermectin from a feed store without a Rx from a vet or continue to refuse to prescribe it to people then it’ll be like troops shooting people in the street. How do you think the population will react to that?

      • I heard an anecdotal account yesterday from an individual who was helping care for a double amputee covid victim. This individual developed blood clots with active severe covid, and the doctors sawed off both legs. The blood clots are another covid killing mechanism.
        This brings up a point: if an individual is unknowingly incubating the covid virus, and receives a vaccination, what happens to the risk of severe adverse reactions? Real life risk assessments and stats get complicated.
        While I hear and see a lot of Ivermectin talk, where are the field user manuals? Where is the new Paladin Press when you need’em?

      • The Front Line Doctors here – Dr. Pierre Kory is the one that was begging Congress to get the FDA, I think, to give the ok to use Ivermectin due to his voluminous success in treating his patients with it. No such permission has been forthcoming that I’ve heard of. I have a friend that was a pharmaceutical salesperson throughout their career who says he’s never heard of Ivermectin being used for this either and doesn’t want to believe anything until he does. It’s totally off-label but for some strange reason works and India and other countries have been using it for Covid for a while. Whether it works for the Delta or Lambda I don’t know but the evidence is mounting that people are getting the short end of the stick here.

      • “a doctor that tried to advocate for a fellow Covid patient who had bacterial pneumonia and the hospital REFUSING to give him the simple antibiotics to cure it”

        I’m pretty sure that one was a business model. If you don’t have insurance or money jospitalsfont have to treat until it becomes a life or death issue.. seen it a thousand times. I was asked by the hospital myself why did you seek medical treatment if you didn’t have refunds to pay..
        That’s also why emergency rooms are overcrowded.. clinics refuse to see them send them th o the er wherebthe cost is a hundred times more so they can charge the clinics more for rent. Lol

  2. “Inflation comes early: Your Daily Coffee Habit Is About to Get More Expensive .”

    Dam.. your trying to make me cry aren’t you George LOL….. My one weakness.. and it will be hitting the high cost bracket..

    • 24 oz. coffee at Speedy’s gas stations went from $1.71 a week or two ago to $2.05 in one step. That’s a lot, and I don’t see any retreat from that price. Of course, Pilot and Flying J have been pushing high priced coffee too. It may be the “new normal”.

      • “24 oz. coffee at Speedy’s gas stations went from $1.71 a week or two ago to $2.05 in one step.”

        they have to.. auto fuel going up was one thing.. but.. so are utilities.. for electric alone the cost was fifteen cents on every dollar earned towards electricity.. this year it is planning on taking a huge jump up.. for someone that makes a six to seven figure number that isn’t very much.. but statistically the number of those not making in the six to seven figure area is increasing exponentially.. Add on the increase cost of food.. travel, heating fuel and now the expaanded cost of owning or renting..
        I know someone that lives in Marks area just sold their home that they paid five hundred grand for.. for over two million.. they bought an older home away from cities on the east coast for two hundred grand.
        that sounds like yay great job.. but look at the underlying implications to such a gain..
        Wages did jump from the nine dollar an hour rate to fourteen and fifteen in a lot of places with the average still paying ten and eleven dollars an hour..
        But with an overall loss of 3.00 an hour due to expanding costs..they are now making someplace in what would have been the six and seven dollar an hour range. That itself is huge and it doesn’t even cover daycare insurances or medical expenses increases in building materials etc..the list is huge… All of that is enough reason for them to make the coffee jump in price.. but still doesn’t even calculate for the expanding costs for small businesses along with any new regulations….
        With this in mind.. I am going to venture a guess in that the 34 cent increase is just the beginning.. they will make the increases in small increments until they get to the point where they can survive as a business.. you gotta sell a lot of coffee to pay the electricity bill.. Just more reason to dump huge amounts of water on the table to keep the noodle moving.. quit dumping to the wage earner and he will stop spending.. not right away no one wants to see what they normally do end.. but it will.. can’t spend what you don’t have..

      • Hmmm, hadn’t checked. I usually do Speedway for coffee when there’s no DD around (Casey’s or Wesco are 2nd choices) because they’re all using grind-to-brew coffee stations now. I always burn “Speedy points” so I’ve never paid attention to the cost.

      • Understand, walk into any purpose-built cstore launched in the past 20 years or so, and you’ll see at least 4, and usually 6 or 8 coffeepots at the coffee station. If the store sells one cup of coffee from any one of those pots, they have paid for all the coffee in all six pots, and the cost of the cup, lid, swizzle stick, sugar, creamer, flavoring, and the ice cube some people drop in their cup. Fountain drinks and fresh coffee have the highest margin of all marketed food products, with a markup of generally between 2000 and 3000 percent. Speedy coffee likely went up in price to maintain their margin, but may simply have gone up because their actuaries determined it was underpriced, when compared to their competition…

      • “Right now I’m trying to make up my mind – food … silver … food …. silver. AAaaugh!”

        That’s an easy one for me Bill…

        I know more people that EAT than those that collect silver and gold….
        In the Weimar depression gold and silver was being traded for farm fresh veggies..

      • I love the grind to brew stations.. and head for them when out and about..I like k cups to.. I use to carry a small hand grinder and a french press to work..

  3. Replying to comments isn’t working on my computer or laptop George. Just goes to “reader view”……

  4. Bi Location ! now Ure talking one of my languages.

    Too favorite bi-locators in history of mankind;

    .Padre Pio – 1st order soldier – kicked the “devils” ass on regular basis..Italian catholic priest

    Damo – BodhiDharma – father of Shaolin Kung Fu – sandals hanging on stick over his shoulder as he walked backed to India – having finished his work in ancient China. One of the baddest ass mofo’s to gentle tread planets great green earth..

    remote viewing is bi-location by definition – attached link is to the best, self taught course on the planet…See ya all on the flip sides…

    R U ready for A Red pill ?

  5. Didn’t Andy predict some major earthquakes? I have to give him credit for a solid prediction. Some people will say earthquakes happen all the time. Earthquakes stronger than a 6.0 don’t happen all the time.

    • “Didn’t Andy predict some major earthquakes?”
      Where and when? Always this BULLSHIT!

      I’m still waiting for NYC to be on fire — REMEMBER that prediction? Of course not!!

  6. Hey Bill, my reply button ain’t working so look down here ….

    “…. patient who had bacterial pneumonia and the hospital REFUSING to give him the simple antibiotics to cure it while his O2 levels were tanking.”

    THIS, is exactly what I’m hearing. It’s not isolated.

    Last year I watched videos of people in New York protest hospitals because their family members kept calling them to bring water because no one else would … And other negligences. Was going to post one here as a reminder but guess what? Poof !! They’re gone.

    What kind of a Doctor prescribes (only) Tylenol, (to a 14 year old child) in hospital covid patient with pneumonia? Asking for a friend.

    Age, is only a number for some people.

    • Aspirin is probably better for covid than Tylenol, even for a 14 year old. That and lots of hydration, of course. Both will reduce the tendency toward thrombosis.

      • Rats! I thought I’d hit the Reply button under Bob’s comment but I think you’re right Mike. Aspirin has fallen out of favor for a lot of things so I don’t hear that much about it any more. Makes you wonder if it’s a J&J campaign to increase profits or what. Aspirin may not be as easy on your stomach but it has some other benefits that I can’t remember right now.

    • One would THINK things like this would create a riot WITHIN the hospital a lot sooner than this and on a much more widespread basis this time around! People should push past the meager security personnel to bring their family members and friends the needed supplies and, perhaps, even left over antibiotics they had at home if they knew what they needed. My God! Are we all really that much of a Sheeple population to let our people die at the hands of these modern day Joseph Mengeles??

      Stay away from hospitals unless you can find the doctors that are actually giving good care to their patients. My bet is you’d have better luck in the rural areas. If you can’t find them take your vitamins with extra D3 and C and find a feed store that has Ivermectin. I’m lucky to have a doc like that even though I see him only once every couple of years when he threatens to cut me off from my blood pressure meds if I don’t come see him.

      • “Stay away from hospitals unless you can find the doctors that are actually giving good care to their patients”

        ??? They are both separate.. the hospital could care less about what a doctor wants..and even if you have insurance the insurance company dictates what level of care you can have.
        And the Gov’t dictates what medications are worthy of being used.. ask the question… why do doctors find a more corrosive drug like opium to be more acceptable for use than one that’s less toxic..

      • Don’t know if you’ll see this or not LOB since it’s so late but the doctors in the hospitals were all part of the hospitals’ apparatus and beholden to the business model and policies of their institution. That’s why they couldn’t prescribe Ivermectin and HCQ even if they wanted to. There’s one doctor in town that had to go independent in order to give out Rx’s for HCQ. It’s the same back East where all the horror stories are coming from, too. Doctors have too much debt like all the other highly educated professionals and the Hippocratic Oath goes out the window.

  7. Dammit George! Every time you type “TSR” I stop, go back to the beginning of the paragraph, and reread it slowly, to see when you changed gears and started talking about computers and computer programs…

  8. “Then there’s the short-term weather. Featuring Fred”

    39mph doesn’t impress me. I was storm-spotting a few days ago. ‘Twasn’t in my area, but north of Fort Wayne, Indiana (where I was a couple weeks ago) they had reports of 80-100mph straight-line winds on a (by my radar) 40-mile-wide storm swath…

    • Speaking of “my radar,” my NWS feed is now featuring a 1sec delay (not counting propagation delay.) It is not significant, but it IS annoying, and there’s no reason for it. I hadn’t been spotting since May, when there was no delay. Also, a lot of the NWS Doppler (ground) stations keep going down for hours or days at a time “for maintenance.” This IS significant, especially when you’re going from, say, Pittsburgh to Saint Looie, see this wall of badness creeping toward you when you hit Indiana, bring up the radar, and discover that despite the fact there’s a Doppler unit in Indianapolis (40 miles in front of you) and one in Dayton (40 miles behind you, and home of WPAFB) the closest WORKING NWS radar is in Fricking Des Moines…

  9. “The other one would be heating of Israel-Iran or the Syria-Russian firming over the Syrian gas fields. Never a dull moment.”

    Dunno which (show OR station — I was not home) but news was on the tube, I was walking by, and heard some Dem politician refer to Iran “accelerating its nuclear weapons program.”

    I consider this a huge tell.

    It means the Fools KNOW Iran is spinning up fissile material, they don’t care, and it’s somehow “part of the plan.”

    It is also proof that the Obama Dems and the commies and neocons at State were both lying, and that they WANT a radioactive conflict between Iran and either Israel or the U.S., or both.

    –Makes me wonder anew whether the rise of Satan and the Tribulation were parabolic Biblical prophesy or literal “coming events…”

    I simply cannot conceive of humans being as evil as they’d have to be to cultivate this kind of environment…

    • “Dunno which (show OR station — I was not home) but news was on the tube, I was walking by, and heard some Dem politician refer to Iran “accelerating its nuclear weapons program.”
      I consider this a huge tell.”

      The one thing I find odd.. is We are so bent on destroying other countries so a few can prosper that in the end we are not even considering the implications for our actions.. Nor paying attention to what is going on on the rest of the chess board.. scary stuff what I see..
      here are just a few..

      Saudi Arabia…
      Of course then you have the Recent.. China rushes to Cuba’s defense.. we wouldn’t and they are fifty miles on our southern border. it would have been so easy to give aid to cuba to.. most of the population wasn’t alive when they irked the USA.. So now we have russia is fifty miles on our PNW border.. most of the countries that they are aligning with … PRODUCE OUR FOOD… not to mention they are our main manufacturers of everything we use we sold out american industry to go there for a few numbers on a sheet of paper…. including our medicine.. Where American companies converted Russian Bio-Warfare labs into medical research facilities.. with the grants given them by the American worker.. the same for china..We actually for a while had billions going to those countries for economic development.. and take a gander at what has happened to our once proud industrial cities.. ( funnel cake anyone.. pride lost went to fast food ventures.)
      I have always wondered why the people that pull the strings that also control the media and information gathering .. refuses to even read their own research on all of this if an idiot in the middle of nowhere see’s a destructive pattern emerging someone that is smart should be able to as well…. I didn’t even go into the Balkan states.. or turkey etc .. all while we foot the bill..we blew the chance to help cuba.. In the Middle east we weren’t to bent on making friends just enemies so that some joker that doesn’t even live here or pay taxes here could gain more wealth by buying the few people at the top…..we march into other countries and destroy their cities try to stop their way of life.. and force ours on theirs so that one or two can gain.. all they had to do was buy off seven hundred people and a president.. give the pedo a few children .. and a few million..Then show the patterns of corruption then share that knoweledge with their people to gain the support needed for what ever comes in the future. We stopped it here but they didn’t was all over the news in the countries that hate us.. The People in those countries my not value women and children like we do… but to have a stranger come in and rape their children and women and in their mind hold up the people for millions a year.. boy.. that would rile up any community where simple surviving is a challenge..think about it.. if you fart in church can get you and your family executed.. how do they treat Rape and theft from the mass majority…. then to add to it..their news reports that basically say the american govt and people support the actions of these people.. that at the same moment are trying to force their way onto them….
      The pieces are all on the chessboard.. they are just waiting for the proper moment to move.. the middle east is pretty much theirs.. the balkan’s and taiwan..I think are the next moves.. but they won’t make those moves until the pieces are all in place within our borders….That way when we rush to defend the pawn checkmate.. then again it depends.. my guess is there will be a greed searching moment.. Oh I gotta have it now moment.. so they can buy our legislators enough to get us to jump. I actually think they are playing jump rope now.. but heck.. who knows..why not…. the people are at the bottom already broke under paid high medical and utilities wages at an all-time low a third of the households are on an eviction list.. the police pretty much neutered in bigger cities.. the people will do what ever they tell them.. the only way to stay solvent or above water now is for govt. to dump more money in the pockets .. even if that will increase the cost of a loaf of bread..
      well that is my daily opinion rant LOL…. its pretty easy to see why I think the vast majority of those in power are F/I’s.. (F@@KING IDIOTS)

  10. Okay George, I ran this out yesterday when my browsers started hiccuping on your sites:

    Browser function on ( 13AUG2021 2300GMT

    The columns are Browser / Works on hit / Works on page reload / Works on reboot / Works on reboot + reload

    Edge 0 1 1 0
    Firefox 0 0 0 0
    Opera 1 1 1 0
    Otter 0 1 0 1
    PaleMoon 0 1 1 1
    Tor 0 1 0 1
    Vivaldi 1 1 1 1

    Weird-assed logic table. Edge, Firefox, and Tor were updated in the past 24hrs, Pale Moon, Otter, Opera, and Vivaldi are current.

    George, if you get complaints, it’ll probably be because of another new WordPress feature…

    Firefox is working today on PN, didn’t check it on US but I did notice it formatted your page correctly, for the first time in months…

    • Odd as hell – works fine here on both
      The only changes I made are a minor tweak to caching html and everything is peach on GGL PSI and GTMetrix…which shows:
      A grade, 99 on performance and 96 on structure. Plus 325 ms ttfb and 1.4 sec fully loaded, onload time of 747 ms and 1 sec to interactive…
      (which is faster than most on the web as you know)
      Page speed is 84 on mobile, 6.6 seconds but most of that (6 sec) is google ad sacripting with 99 on desktop and 400 ms to interactive.
      (scratches his head since no new WP changes) I am asynch loading but that should make no diff. except it increases speed.
      Lighthouse looked good

    • Turned off asynch cache loading – see if that helped?
      GTMtrix 100 and 97 with onload at 1.1 so added 100 ms to load time…but with it on it’s a real solid blurp and when the web’s busy…

  11. Okay George, I’ll buy your book if you promise it’s either 1, printed in more than one color, or 2. Contains no multi-colored charts or graphs. I was one of those baffled at trying to read and make sense of the last one, no offense.

  12. I’ll run ’em again after “can’t see…”

    Suggestion: Grab a computer that’s never been logged into WordPress or your Apache console (if you have one) and drop in on US, then leave a message or two under a ‘nym. You can delete them before they ever post. The idea is to see how your Web-space looks to someone who’s not you.

    When I was building sites I was also administering sites. I had a lappy with (the same 27 different browsers installed that I had on my main computer) – caches set to zero. When I couldn’t sort a site, I’d bop over to the local MickyD’s and filch their Wi-Fi, then hit the site with all those browsers until I’d gathered whatever “user side” info I could. Serious overkill for you, but not for someone admining a mess of (thankfully, mostly template) websites.

    Ah, the good old (browser-wars) days, when Microsoft was a main driver of standards at W3c, and constantly violated them, to allow MSIE to do things the other browsers couldn’t. Hence the 27 browsers…

    • I don’t think it matters Steve… if and when the SHTF.. it will be everywhere and no one will be safe.Plan sheltering at home… in china they’ve been busy building ghodt cities and guess is the ghost cities are precautionary cities or what if cities. If the SHTF and the cities are destroyed survivors will have places to fall back on.. even industrial plants ready to take off.
      Our country can’t even repair its infrastructure and when a SHTF scenario happens the people are usually left on their own..even if the Gov’t has thousands of emergency shelters in the background waiting.. the group that needs it more usually are not the intended recipients. JMHO

      • WE don’t have “thousands” of DUMBs, we have dozens, with underground high-speed tunnels interconnecting them. ‘Thing is, we have NO facilities for John Q. — zip, zilch, nada… Russia has facilities for 150mln people (Russia’s population is less than 130mln) and China has facilities for over 300mln.

      • “WE don’t have “thousands” of DUMBs, we have dozens, ”

        Lol sorry Ray for the misconception.. I wasn’t referring to the DUMBS.. although the DUMBS we gave are pretty impressive..bigger than you’d ever imagine to..
        I was referring to the many people displaced by natural disasters.left thousands homeless and insurance companies paying a penny on the dollar or mone at all. while thousands of trailors set eff empty.
        My nieces story was one I got a chuckle out of.. hit by a tornado then a hundred year flood two weeks later. FEMA saying we are here for your help.. in the end only a few in an upper social Class received the real help. What she got for help was a twenty dollar good luck…lol lol.. the gent living with us that lost everything after Katrina..their only problem was they weren’t in the right social class and insurancecompanies found every reason to not pay a dime.

      • “Lol sorry Ray for the misconception.. I wasn’t referring to the DUMBS.. although the DUMBS we gave are pretty impressive..bigger than you’d ever imagine to..”

        Ah, sorry.

        The only DUMB I know about for certain is under a mountain that’s behind a fence where posted are government signs advising that anyone breaching the fence would be shot. It is rumored to be a vacant underground city capable of supporting 50,000 residents (not all folks who created the city felt bound by NDAs.) It is also rumored to be linked to Andrews AFB via a high speed tunnel.

        Because of its size, I figured you were referring to this, and its sister DUMBs, when you mentioned the Chinese ghost-cities…

      • “where posted are government signs advising that anyone breaching the fence would be shot”

        I think Their all posted that way .

        The first time I ever got drunk.. I thought it was fruit punch not pure alcohol.. I passed out and came to in took me three days to figure out how to get out of the dam thing..scared the hell out of me. Every city block there was a little red nightlight lol.. after that I would go explore.. I’m sure it’s more secure now though..
        My wife when a young woman drove semi to pay for school.. she use to deliver supplies to a couple..said six trucks could drive side by side.. I went with a guy giving a construction bid for one.. abd a gent I know lives next to one that has since been decommissioned and is being sold ir has already been sold from what he has told me.. all of them are impressive as hell.. but the more important thing is none of us have been invited.
        During one issue we did have to go down in the one. A boss of mine told me a senator told a guy in NYC but the guy was out and about and rush as hard as he could didnt make it to his.personal shelter in the time that would have been needed if it had been a real emergency.
        I think COG… Congress is never there.. lobbyists have them riding camels in the middle east or at some resort…. they would have to know days in advance of a SHTF scenario. So are the puppeteers having lobbyists keep our legislators disassociated from our Govt on purpose.. or that they truly don’t care or see any future issues..

  13. If you believe in the resistance. Send them noise makers – vuvuzelas! Vuvuzelas were banned @ the World Cup. Buy 20 and throw them out the car window to the protesters.

    Vuvuzela sound at Cape Town Stadium- world cup 2010

    Get the vaccine or get fired? In Shenandoah Valley, some nurses choose termination.

    “‘I hope you all get fired!” one driver yelled as he passed the unvaccinated protesters.

    “We’re going to!” one woman responded. “You’ll need us next week!”

    • “Send them noise makers – vuvuzelas”

      Every time I read that I think of the grape stomping scene in the movie.. a walk in the lol I love that movie. Where the father tells out for them.. a time of celebration..

  14. Nope — IMO the gremlin’s not asynch caching. Tonight’s dump:


    Browser function on ( 15AUG2021 0419GMT

    The columns are Browser / Works on hit / Works on page reload / Works on reboot / Works on reboot + reload

    Edge 1 1 1 1
    Firefox 0 0 0 0
    Opera 1 0 1 0
    Otter 0 1 0 1
    PaleMoon 1 1 0 1
    Tor 0 1 0 1
    Vivaldi 1 1 1 1

    Somebody pushed an update or “improvement” into the server that’s running your site, or into WordPress. We’ll “have wonky” for a few days, until the bug-fix is pushed in. I detest forced betatesting…

  15. Here’s a goodie. The Detroit mayor is going to challenge the 2020 Census data.

    His flimsy evidence:

    “”The Census data released today says Detroit has only 254,000 occupied households. DTE reports there are nearly 280,000 residential households currently paying electric bills. At a minimum, the Census somehow failed to count 25,000 occupied houses with running electricity,” the mayor continued. ”

    A lot of the new jobs in Detroit are being tied to residency. One way to prove residency is an electric bill.

    They’re all in on it.

    Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan to challenge 2020 census results showing population decline

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