BREXIT and Markets: So This UFO Lands…

Not really.

But it sure helps to use a semi-fictional analogy in order to explain markets this week, so that’s exactly what we shall do.  Trust me, it’ll be far more readable than a dissertation paper.

You see, as a thinking tool, we’re big on getting back to the basics because it is often in “the basics” that we find the seeds of future developments that germinate into a full-on deflowering of some of Men’s greatest follies.

Like the European Union Idea, for example.  Been a crappy idea from the get-go, as you’ll see.

This as we continue the exciting (and exiting) adventures of the past week and look forward to the shoals just ahead in 2017.

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9 thoughts on “BREXIT and Markets: So This UFO Lands…”

  1. So it takes some aliens to tell you NOT TO MOVE from your survival platform out in the woods! I’ve always thought you would be foolish to move. You were always ‘early’ in anticipating the longwave collapse. Don’t succumb to ‘normalcy bias’ in thinking that it won’t happen! When it does, you will want to be right where you are.

    Get free wood chips for mulch plus logs for firewood ,,,I signed up Friday and they emailed me that they have added my location to their list— the wood chips are used in the back to Eden GARDEN project,hince the 5 Hr youtube video.

  3. George,

    I found it a bit comical that the movie Independence Day was released on the day of the Brexit vote. And, for some reason, marketing for the movie London Has Fallen has been on loop ever since as well. Universe? Movie(s) are the message? Funny…

  4. I had a very important family event Saturday. All went well. I’m most impressed with this column and am thankful that I didn’t read it before the event. Now I can continue planning and working toward my own future without ruining family relations.

    Great column though, and lots of useful information. Sadly, some people won’t pay attention regardless of the circumstances. I’ll be busy this summer, and I’d best prepare for loved long term guests. I’ll plan on having lots of work to occupy them.

    Give my best to your alien friends, and ask if they’ve got a hot female looking for an earthling.

  5. George,

    Once again, it only took this one column to make the price of a subscription worth every dime, adjusted for inflation. Like you, I moved out of FL in 1999 and settled in the “Live Free or Die” state where I live on a now fully developed homestead, complete with gardens, fruit and berries along with chickens, ducks and Guineas.

    You make it so easy to understand this stuff! I have felt it and known this for some time, but Thank you for the reinforcement with your knowledge and ease of understanding.



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