Coping: My Body, My Chemistry Set

It has been a while since I updated you on my quest for perfect nutrition – on the theory we really are what we eat – so…

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, medical professional, or associated with any school, college, or university medical school. Think of me as just someone you ran into on the street,  Do not consider any of my PERSONAL MEDICAL OBSERVATIONS as applying to one person: Me, the author. Look, I know you aren’t a child and have already figured this out, but we live in a Nanny State where corporations hold vast sway over what is reported and said about their chemical cash-cow darlings, statins in particular. Now that’s we’re clear that these are only my 4th Amendment protected personal observations, we may continue.”

This morning’s observation is occasioned by my upcoming periodic visit with my doctor. Every few months, I fast for a day, or so, then go into his office where blood is drawn. Usually, the results trigger alarming calls to advise me that my bloodwork was frightening and I should get on statins right away.


Statins purport to improve your life span and reduce your likelihood of a CVD (cardiovascular disease) episode, but ever since I began to look into the assertion that statins are good, the evidence has been swinging just the other way.

You may remember on previous occasions, I told you I’d gotten my doc a copy of Ignore the Awkward.: How the Cholesterol Myths Are Kept Alive by a Swedish doctor who has published more than 100 articles about cholesterol and tickers and that tax-free state we call dead.  Not what you would call a BS’er.

Despite my supplying the book, my doctor decided to take statins himself.  He also began  serious walking exercise – putting in about 3-miles per day, propelled in part by two large dogs.  My approach is a leisurely mile on my treadmill (air conditioning counts with me this time of year) and I still avoid statins like the plague.

My “see and avoid” seems justified by a couple of recent press reports, both of which go on your reading list if you are over 50:  The first is “The Cholesterol Paradigm:”  The Greatest Health Scam of the Past Century” which appears in this month’s Whole Foods magazine.

  • Study: Lowering cholesterol below a certain level doesn’t cut heart risk
  • Reducing level of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol from a ‘high’ to a ‘moderate’ level did have an impact on heart risk, reducing heart emergencies by 13%
  • But reducing levels from ‘moderate’ to ‘low’ levels – roughly the level targeted by the NHS – had no effect on patients at all”

My doctor and I will continue to “agree to disagree” when we get together for the ‘thump and draw shortly.’

I am keenly aware of the difficult duality in medicine:  Doctors are bound legally to “first do no harm” though that can be difficult when set upon by wild packs of pill promoters sent forth from Big Pharma.

However we are under no such restrictions.  I am perfectly capable of reading widely, considering and the evidence.  As a side benefit of am MBA, I’m not frightened of ARIMA-12 and other statistical jargonese.  GIGO still rules.

I remain quite aggressive about life-extension because I’m gong to get there long before the corporate consensus.  That’s the reality of Everything’s a Business Model.

Still, I continue tweaking supplements as part of a giant chemistry set’ my own body.  Since I am the interface between it and the outside/objective world, who better as chief scientist/observer than myself?

Over the past couple of years, there has been doing lots of research and personal testing.  My latest move was to reduce my wheat intake, based on the work of doctor William Davis’ Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health.

When I go in for the check-up this time, I will be more than 10 pounds lighter than last time around,  More importantly, however, my general health is really good and I feel great.

How do I do it?

It started with reading  a tremendous amount about different vitamins and supplements.  The more promising vitamins were self-tested.  My body and genetic history (northern European T-6), is different than yours.  I try for three to four weeks to see if there is any noticeable effect.

If not, test vits goes into my “vitamin scrap pile” which is substantial.

The payoff is that I feel as good at 67.5 as I did at 50.  There has been no noticeable change in energy levels.  No need for Viagra, thanks, and getting out of bed is never a problem.  I have so much energy I have to work at sleeping past 8-hours..

My Current Regimen

Again, this is not medical advice.  This is only what presently works for me.  It may change.

This list does not include the eye drops for recovery from the (four) eye surgeries in the past 45 days.  These were necessitated not by any health issue, except after 25-years in a fairly high UV setting (sailing and flying) an implanted lens (1990) shifted during violent exercise, necessitating its removal and replacement.  This was not at all like the quickie 15-minute a first-time cataract operations of today.

Even with three ‘Under” I had no impact beyond a day or two of sluggishness while the anesthetics half-lived out.

As I run  through each my capsules, I’ll give you my personal (REPEAT: this is not medical advice!) rationale.

87 GR Baby aspirin:  This is a concession to my doctor.  The effects of low dose aspirin to reduce the risk of initial heart attack and complications is fairly well-understood.  Simply:  It thins the blood down a bit to make coagulation slower.  Downside:  Due to the ‘thinned blood’ I believe it contributed to more intraocular bleeding than ideal in eye surgery #4, but that’s OK because over 3-6 months, the man-made fluid in my eye (visual saline solution) will be recycled by my body into normal eye fluids.

Iodine and Potassium:  My ancestry ate a lot of fresh fish and winter veggies, neither of which are available locally year-round.  Look up iodine deficiency as a search and ask your doctor to look at your thyroid levels if you are too fat, or too thin.  I just feel better with them.

A High Quality Multivitamin:  I presently take NOW Foods Adam Men’s Multi, 90 Softgels.  Once in the morning, once at night per the label.  I put a lot of “label shopping” in to see which multi-vitamins had the most adult minimum daily requirements at what price point.

Chromium Supplement:  This one is taken because it “levels out” my energy throughout the day.  Because of genetics (and weight with a possible tie-back to wheat) I found that I was eating primarily when my blood sugar was out of kilter (low).  The choices were simple:  Give up all sugars, including those found in Martinis, or help the body manage the blood sugars more evenly.  So I take   Life Extension Optimized Chromium with Crominex 3+ 500mcg Veg Cap, 60-Count.

Huperzine-A:  This and 16 ounces of black coffee in the morning is what kicks the brain into gear.  For me, the effect is noticeable in improved reaction times (which I regularly test btw).  It reflects in how well I do in general problem-solving skills at a reference site (Lumosity).   It is not like the television show Limitless, but given a choice of problem-solving, why opt for stupid?  This is presently cycled three weeks on, one week off.  Do your own research on this.

Magnesium Complex:  From what I have read, there are three main “channels” the body uses to regulate a whole bunch of biological activity:  Potassium, Sodium, and Magnesium.  Some people react positively to more magnesium than the FDA RDA, at least I did, and interesting, so does my son.  He says it odd, too:  Calming, yet with no degradation in mental acuity.  I happen to take Life Extension Magnesium Vegetarian Capsules, 500 mg, 100 Count though I usually get the two-pack.

Swedish Flower Pollen:  What?  Remember I mentioned that I haven’t any need for Viagra?  Well, I discovered several years back this product called Swedish Flower Pollen Extract 4:1 – 60 600mg VegiCaps – Stearate Free, Bottled in Glass.  I have done a lot of reading on sexual health (in 67.5 years..) and long ago discovered that flower pollen was claimed to have two and maybe three major impacts on men’s health.  One is it is alleged to increase the production of seminal fluid, two is it doesn’t hurt the prostate and basically ended the middle of the night pee run and three  it MAY help with prostate health overall. Normalizing testosterone levels may have something to do with HGH – human growth hormone – which keeps us young.

Vitamin C:  One or two grams  of buffered vitamin C.  Is that a lot?  Well, depends on who you ask.  Vitamin C was considered by Dr. Linus Pauling to be a critical part of cardiac health and as a result, I take Twinlab Gentle-C 1000, Buffered Vitamin C with Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex, 1000mg, 100 Tablets (Pack of 2).

Recommended Resource:  Read about Vitamin C and Lysine at  I add lysine with the C when I remember.

Boron:  This is a strange one. I came across the boron story when I was doing some research on tree blight (made worse by boron deficiency in soil) and then when I read about people taking Boron as part of a detox.  I’m not crazy enough to swig down dilute borax, but a read over here might convince you that Boron supplementation is worth discussing with your doc.  Like I said, food grade ingredients from Amazon seemed a little less “edgy” so I go with NOW Foods Boron, 3 mg, 250 Capsules.

L-Carnitine:  I came across L-Carnitine when I was researching shortcuts to weight loss and how to improve muscle mass.  See “side effect” #4 over here for some insights.  This  – and a lot more you can find on the web – is why I also take one per day NOW Foods Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg, 100 Vcaps.

L-Arginine and L-Citrulline Complex    This is one that I got on to thanks to Dr. Ron Klatz of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  Website:  I can’t thank Dr. Ron enough for the favor.  Let me see if I can describe what happens:  L-Arginine helps the blood to carry oxygen around by being converted to nitric oxide which causes a cardio dilator effect.  This, in turn, releases HGH (human growth hormone) insulin, and other substances.  It’s over here on WebMD if you want to check.  The problem with L-Arginine is that it has a short “half-life” meaning it is metabolized quickly.  (Can increase sexual capabilities according to some reports, BTW).  The way to partially overcome the short half-life is to add L-Citrulline which is a precursor to L-Arginine.  So I  take Source Naturals L-Arginine L-Citrulline Complex, 240 Tablets-1000mg, too.

I realize this may seem like a lot of pills to take, but when you feel great from the effects, as I do, you don’t mind as much.


What’s Next?

My next series of personal experiments will involve Vitamin K2 and MK7.  (No, you ninny, not the mountain, the Vitamin.)

Vitamin K’s background is well-described in a the government’s PubMed database including from this entry:

Vitamin K was discovered fortuitously in 1929 as part of experiments on sterol metabolism and was immediately associated with blood coagulation. In the decade that followed, the principal K vitamers, phylloquinone and the menaquinones, were isolated and fully characterized. In the early 1940s, the first vitamin K antagonists were discovered and crystallized with one of its derivatives, warfarin, still being widely used in today’s clinical setting. However, major progress in our understanding of the mechanisms of action of vitamin K came in the 1970s with the discovery of ?-carboxyglutamic acid (Gla), a new amino acid common to all vitamin K proteins.

Now my own (NON-MEDICAL) take on what is really going on with Vitamin K.

There are a couple of types to consider:  Regular Vitamin K, And the K2 (and beyond like K4 and  K7) series.

The basic K is critical to blood coagulation.  But there are HUGE discoveries being made about the roles of K2 and K7 in current journal research.

While reading through the latest papers in the PUBMED database Sunday that I came across what is for me a MIND BLOWING PAPER.

It is modestly titled “Medicines and Vegetable Oils as Hidden Causes of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes”  but it was the Summary that I got all excited about because not only did K2 get thumbs up, but a whole list of other “healthy food” and some medicines (like statins) got thumbs down.  Check this out:


Statin-induced suppression of prenyl intermediates in the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway has been linked to stimulated atherosclerosis and heart failure. On the other hand, certain types of vegetable oil and hydrogenated oil shortened the survival of stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats by decreasing platelet number, increasing hemorrhagic tendency and damaging kidney functions, which could not be accounted for by their fatty acid and phytosterol compositions. These vegetable oils and medicines such as statin and warfarin share, in part, a common mechanism to inhibit vitamin K2-dependent processes, which was interpreted to lead to increased onset of CVD, DM, chronic kidney disease, bone fracture and even mental disorder. Impaired vitamin K2-dependent processes by some types of vegetable oils and medicines, but not plasma high low density lipoprotein cholesterol, were proposed as the cause of CVD, DM and other lifestyle-related diseases. High n-6/n-3 fatty acid ratio of ingested foods, but not animal fats, was emphasized to be another risk factor for many of the diseases described above.


To date, no randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have been performed to prove the above interpretation. However, the opposite types of RCT trials have been performed by increasing the intake of high-linoleic vegetable oils and reducing that of animal fats, which resulted in increased CVD and all-cause mortality. The amounts of these vegetable oils to exhibit adverse effects in animal studies are not huge (<6 energy %), which should not be overlooked nor disregarded.

Since I want to make it to my next birthday (and 100 would be nice) I STRONGLY recommend you flip over here and read the whole article.

It starts off asserting “I. Statins Induce CVD and DM (diabetes) and just gets better from there.

This current article supports and builds on information that has been known since the landmark article was published “The Oiling of America” which can still be found on the Weston Price Foundation website.  Between the hydrogenated (Oiling) and rapeseed (“Hidden Causes” study) did America every  really have a chance at longevity?  Or was some of this known and perhaps capitalized in order to…well, I won’t go there -yet.  But you get the idea of where that line of inquiry takes us….

One more data point to toss in is how much glyphosate comes comes up the foodchain as rapeseed/canola oil and oh, boy…here’s another rabbit hole.

You remember the Big Money interests raised (doubled) allowable glyphosate levels in 2013?  EPA’s all; too willing to close down coal fields for Obama but ask them to protect food supplies from carcinogenic chemicals such as…well, again, everything is a business model.  I think we’ve established that..

Now, the counter arguments: I’m sure there are some.  But I’m not hearing them because…

This report was done by Japanese researchers.  They are already into K2 and fermented foods (soy sauce is a fermentation, right?  Kim Chi and other Asian foods, too…) and the Japanese are not so much “under the Big Pharma thumb.”

In other words, they don’t have the full-circle of captured regulators that our corporate governance circle-jerk imposes; permitting serial looting along the way.  How many dips can one get?

By the time you get down to the rat studies (Figure 23 shows an almost 50% reduction in lifespan from rapeseed (canola) oil as compared to soybean oil for example) in bred-to-be-ill rats, you’ll be ready to look at the current (financially ruling) health paradigm in the West as (how to put this nicely?)  perhaps well-intended but financially-beholden.

So, as another week begins, Ure’s truly is still busily playing with his “personal chemistry set” – the body that has so far managed to “take a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’”  has survived another weekend out here in scorpion and cottonmouth heaven.

Seems yours has, too, since you made it this far.

I’m going to check out Now Foods Vitamin K-2 (MK7) Veg Capsules, 100 mcg, 60 Count and I’ll let you know if I notice any effects after a month of personal experiments.  Raw fresh-picked kale has a noticeable it will be interesting to see if K2 or K7 does in pill form.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. A personal observation, I have noticed that I’ve never seen a television set or anything related, in a dream…Could it be that “dreaming” is a more first hand account of things….?

  2. Now this is interesting..I was working on one of my summer teach the kids projects with them ( I have a ten year old that reminds me a lot like myself at that age.. that is asking a ton of scientific questions and telling me their thoughts on things like propulsion aerodynamics solar and the string theory, harmonics etc. everyone kept telling me that this child had to be in slow learners class.. nope the problem is the teacher is to slow by the time the teacher digests the question or even hears it the child is way past it on something new I had to put my hearing aides in… .I have a puzzle that takes some pretty smart people several hours to figure out.. it took me an hour and this child got it and was bored in less than two minutes…)anyway.. trying to keep this child interested I started one of my summer teach the kids projects. and a neighbor came in and said.. god this is cool you would have thought someone would have thought about this before.. they did.. but when they did just like the scientific community supporting the theory on global warming came out they were demonized.. except when they thoughts were brought up or shown to be real people thought they were witches and they were put to death horrifically so no one pushed forward on any of them..
    which brings us today.. I hear from very scholarly people how there isn’t anyway that the carbon use of mankind could possibly speed up global warming, make our weather more violent or and change weather patterns cause more severe droughts , earthquakes, violent storms, etc etc etc.. You hear it every day.. the credentials that it is real are many below is just a few of the organizations that support global warming..

    U.S. National Academy of Sciences

    The Geological Society of America

    American Physical Society

    American Meteorological Society

    American Geophysical Union

    American Chemical Society

    American Association for the Advancement of Science

    Now your probably wondering how in the world did global warming come up out of todays discussion on statins..
    there are some pretty smart people working with human chemistry.. Sure they are more for the pharmaceutical companies that is why you have lobbyists spending hundreds of millions on a couple hundred jokers to keep it aimed that way.. even with that the research is sound.. so if my doctor said you should take statins.. I would..
    I would search the natural alternative first.. but to read one book.. no matter how good it is.. cannot overshadow the years of research by some very smart men and women all dedicated and over paid to figure this out..
    Just saying.. sometimes it is good to listen to that smart man with the white coat on..

    • You should really do more research on the ‘credentialed one’s’ and how the larger system is handled and mangled.The western system of health (alopathic) is not what you think it is because the ‘papered ones’ have said it so…same with AGW. And since you seem to believe in the AGW crowd’s pronouncements, can you point to one single prognostication that has come from the models over the last 20 years that has actually materialized?

      Now apply the same to the ‘healthcare’ profession. As George points out in the column, what was once thought to be ‘so’ turns out to be ‘no’.

      From biology to cosmology, the academic establishment is being proved wrong on just about every front with new discoveries overturning the old paradigm. You’d find Rupert Sheldrakes ‘Set Science Free’ quite illuminating…

      • I have been on statins 15 years ago for about 6 months, and developed severe hip pain so I quit them after reading about some of the side effects. I have a brother in law that has been on statins for about 20 years and has just been diagnosed with ALS this past January and already he has no use of his legs or right arm/hand. That led me to do some research on statin use and found some interesting information such as this article and I am more glad than ever that I am med free at 63 and have been since I quit the statins. I have genetically high cholesterol and both ldl and hdl are high numbers. In my daily regimine is red yeast rice with added CoQ10 (Thorne makes an excellent one called Choleast) which brought my ldl down. Lipitor and all those statins are actually made from red yeast rice, so I get the benefits without the side effects of the added chemicals from pharmaceuticals. There are so many more natural substances than what the guys in the white coats tell you. Not really sure how smart they are other than they do know how to memorize information and sell drugs. Best to be your own researcher and listen to your own intuition as nobody knows ones own body better than oneself. George is on the right track…med free and alive! As we age, vitamins, minerals, enzymes are very much needed supplements for optimum health.

      • Oh I most definitely agree with you that the men in the lab coats are bought and paid for almost as much as our politicians and at the end of the day its all a business model they want you to buy pills that is their business.. that is also why we cannot buy medications that are produced in the UK in the USA unless they say they can at ten times the price.. its also why a medical insurance policy in texas can’t be bought in NYC.. Yet the human life has been extended because of the research that has been taking place by those gentlemen and women in the white lab coats. Now I would take them if my doctor suggested I take them or look for a more natural alternative than some bag of chemicals.. like an aspirin or chew on a willow twig.. the difference is the pharmacology.. they regulate the dosage amounts..I would seek out a more holistic way first but not discount the research that has been done just because one guy wrote a book.. I personally haven’t read that book yet but will..George is a really smart guy so I am pretty confident that if he says it is a good book it is. The average life expectancy in Texas is 78 where its 81 in Hawaii and 79 in most of the other states.the good news is .. Slovania has a lower life expectancy than the usa.. where other countries have a much higher life expectancy.yet our death rate has dropped fifty percent since 1995. and fifty years ago it was in the sixties.. the USA overall has one of the poorest and highest cost healthcare systems in the world for the average citizen. Yet just like our legislators we have the best politicians and healthcare that money can buy. in the end its all about the Benjamin’s

    • Oh, my! The latest is statins don’t work and actually have not so nice side effects, I wonder which book or scientific society or pharmaceutical company is going to come out and splash that all over the front pages and on the ads on tv? As far as global warming is concerned, the scientific community baked their own cookies when it was found that they cooked their books.

      • LOL I think they list the whole list of side affects just because .. they don’t want to be sued if something happens.. Kind of like the dare devil lure.. the company had to recall all of their fishing lures just to put a new label on them saying not to eat them.. when I worked making industrial cleaners.. we use to joke about just that.. if it stinks don’t smell it.. if it hurts don’t do it, if it tastes bad don’t eat it.. that is probably why you will see it could cause uncontrollable bowels , excessive flatulence and constipation and bleeding of the gums all in the same list of possible side affects.. they are just covering the possibilities….

    • People who are paid (whether “overpaid” or not) to come to a certain conclusion, exclusive of all others, will ALWAYS come to that conclusion, irrespective [of] their level of education or “smarts” — their financial future and lifestyle stability are wholly dependent upon doing so. “Scientists” who ignore “scientific method” aren’t really scientists, regardless of the number of letters after their name, or the number of “peer-reviewed” articles they’ve published, which have been reviewed by others whose livelihood is also dependent upon THEIR agreement with the “agreed upon” paradigm.

      Whether the people in the white coats are pharmacologists, geneticists, meteorologists, or any other kind of “-ists”: If their research or “conclusions” are driven by monetary, rather than scientific interests, said conclusions are inaccurate, and said people are not scientists, but merely panderers or con artists.

      As for GW: The two most “greenhousey” components of our atmosphere, each thousands of times more of a contributor to “global warming” than carbon, are oxygen and water vapor. More than 99% of all life on this rock is vegetation. Oxygen is a deadly poison to all of it, whereas carbon dioxide is its lifeblood. One of the (several) questions I always ask GW nutjobs is: “Why do you hate plants and the environment…?”

      FWIW by the third of fourth question, the nutjobs are usually in a state closely resembling apoplexy. Not only can they not cogently answer the questions I present them, after the second or third, they all seem to be reduced to screaming epithets which make the most remarkable, and often physically impossible assumptions regarding my parentage and sexual adroitness…

      • Hahah, I like that last line…hey, I guess your reputation preceded yourself and they are just jealous!!!

  3. I’m trying to understand the extract ratios , would a 200:1 be better than a 4:1 in your example you use a 4:1 extract ratio for the Swedish Flower pollen just wondering why you choose that ratio ?

    • My imperfect uynderstanding is a 4:1 ratio is 5/1 = 25% while a 200:1 is 0.5% (200/1)

  4. If you search for UCLA Medical school studies on AGE, Aged Garlic Extract, you will find it is as effective in bringing down cholesterol as statins, had my MD tell me I needed Statins, I said NO, he said then you need a lifestyle change, I went on diet, lots of Salads, did lose some pounds, but found the UCLA Study, & Voila bad Cholesterol went down 60 points, good went up 6 points. He said I don’t know what you are doing but what every keep doing it.

    • I am interested in AGE and it seems like kyolic is the recommended form as it does not produce the side effect of bad breath. What is the recommended daily dosage to achieve the optimal effect on LDL cholesterol. I also read that it helps lower blood pressure for those with hypertension. Thanks in advance.

  5. Sad you cant tell people about vitamin “B 17” it is unavailable in the States.

    When I was a kid the Doctors would tell their patients to take the medicine for just a few days or when it ran out.Back then the Doctors didn’t really like writing subscriptions for medication because they thought too much medication was bad for the body.

    The side effects of any medication should get someones attention, but sadly most don’t hear the warnings or pay attention. For example : The side effect of chemo is cancer, a more aggressive cancer. Who would have thought?

  6. My chiropractor who really knows his stuff told me to avoid boron if possible as there is a link to breast cancer (mother and sister had it). I also take supplements and almost everyone you do. The chiro says almost all Americans are magnesium deficient. When I take the needed amount, I sleep better, poop better and am calmer. I am using the Rath-Pauling protocol for cleaning the cardiovascular system but too soon to evaluate. Our USA food is so poor quality it is necessary to supplement.

  7. Dr Joe Esposito, is a goto site for anyone who wants good health.
    Dr Joe says, because of genitic modification, wheat is worse than meat.
    Dr Doug Grahm’s book, Grain Damage, convinced me to quit wheat back in 01.
    Dr Grahm teaches sports nutrition that reduces injury.
    Learn the truth about health and nutrition from Dr Joe, and Dr Grahm.
    Also, beta glucans are a powerful and safe anti aging nutricutical.

  8. Greetings George
    As a victim of superior mesenteric thrombosis, a major clot in the main return vein from the stomach/intestines to the heart, I must advice caution adjusting your clotting factor. It arrives very quickly a few days of stomach discomfort progressing to no eating or drinking and kills somewhere north of 70% !!!
    However the 6 days in the intensive care unit with snake venom being pumped into my arm by a half dozen young nurses who also toke care of all my bodily functions was not too bad. I was not allowed to move with one of them present, the slightest injury could have bleed me out very quickly.
    Cheers and be careful

  9. Started taking the L-arginine 1000 mg. Three times a day. One before breakfast, one at 2 in afternoon and one at bedtime. Eight hours apart. Any closer that that and you get headache from dilation of blood vessels. Three weeks ago.I’ve lost 16 lbs. As it is regulating my kidneys. Lots of energy now.sleep like a baby. Blood sugars have stablizes. and the wee wee started to work( hurray hurray). Will add L-citrulline to regiment. Thanks George.

  10. George,

    I’m curious about where oyu see ozone levles in oyur overeall health picture? I’ve gotten a small genertro (after reading your article) adn find a vast increase in energy level and mental acuity.

  11. Wheatbelly isn’t reducing wheat, it is eliminating all grains from your diet. I assure you, it works wonders when followed per the program. I’m down > 30 pounds, feeling great and on no meds. Multi vitamin and probiotic. I write this being post MI, post open heart surgery and always statin free. I’ve read all the anti statin books and papers and equate statin use to the doctors (back in the day) recommending patients smoke menthol to ease their cough: well meaning but ill advised.

    I would not hesitate to recommend you go “all in” on wheatbelly. That’s how it works seemingly like magic.



  12. George,

    I have started taking Life extensions Super K w/ K2 complex along with Vit D3 and have good results worth continuing.
    I just started taking Thrive Now Health, Niagen+ with Vinpocetine, and I have noticed a significant improvement and balanced energy level and focus.

  13. Cut, burn, poison. That is the health paradigm of all these “smart” people in the white lab coats. If there’s one thing I learned about highly edumacated people is that they are very good at memorizing stuff, regurgitating their lessons, and getting a shiny mackerel, er diploma, for their efforts.

    Questioning the status quo and critical thinking are not well rewarded in the alphabet soup agencies. Besides, these three-letter organizations are more incestuous than a Bush family reunion. I’ll do my own research, thankyouverymuch, and not depend upon some edict from a political appointee. I figure I’ll live a lot longer that way.

  14. Neither me or my spouse take any pharmaceuticals and we are in our mid-60’s. We’re not nuts about it and I would take a pain med after surgery or if I had an illness that I couldn’t cure naturally, I’d take a drug that did. But the “take one a day for the rest of your life” drugs we avoid like the plague. I had most of the major Big Pharma players as clients, and I’ll just share the story of the last straw that convinced me to leave my profession.
    I was in a client meeting to go over the research on a new drug. I won’t name the company. I think it would be “Wizer” not to. The drug failed in 97 out of 100 categories it was intended to perform in. It performed barely adequately in only three. I stated that I was sorry the drug had performed so badly, when the exec from Paris said, “What are you talking about?! This is the new drug for XYZ…the three categories where it actually DID something. I argued with this exec for hours and that exec’s boss from London. It prompted my boss to lean over and whisper, “If I had known you were going toe to toe with “Wizer” I would have brought a change of clothes.
    After several hours of arguing with me the Brit said, “No one will find out about this for two years and by that time we will all have promoted to other positions and it will be someone else’s problem. We’re launching this drug and you’re going to market it.”
    They launched it. I left advertising. This was not an isolated incident. You learn quickly never to use the word “cure” in this industry. They will be quick to point out that they do not cure, they treat. If people were well, what would happen to the US economy? Drugs are big business. Cancer is big business. Why else murder 40 holistic practitioners who were routinely curing cancer? Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez had cured numerous stage four pancreatic cancer patients who were still cancer free 20 years later. Everything is a business model, even tiny children dying of leukemia.
    I also left the country where everything is a business model and moved to the country where almost nothing is a business model, and that can drive you crazy too, but Ecuador from it’s government to it’s law to it’s culture cares more about people than property. They only take drugs if they are sick and stop when they are well,and they are so much healthier than people in the US that the local insurance companies don’t have to insure gringos.

    • Well said. A stress free environment/country goes a long way in achieving good health. I have seen many people come to our little valley of longevity, eat good food, drink good water, breathe clean air and start a walking program and miraculously watch their chronic conditions disappear.

      And then there are the local superfoods, chia, flax, maca etc. that are dirt cheap. And then there is the annual comprehensive blood test, costs around $80, about 10% of the USA price.

  15. For every action there is a opposite and equal reaction so I kind of watch what I add to my chemistry as I am now 82 and still pass my flight physicals it seems to work..PS I do not take any type of medications.

  16. RE: Vitamin C.
    I suggest you look into liposomal vitamin C; it delivers exponentially more C to the system than any pill-form can.

    And also look into Ashwagandha; for energy, vitality, mental concentration, and general health…I find this a very significant health positive.

  17. Unless you think posting it would be too personal, I’d be interested in knowing what your total cholesterol level is and then your HDL and LDL numbers. As I’ve said previously, my own cholesterol level is quite high, but it turns out to be because my HDL is quite high. If you can demonstrate to your doctor statins would only be reducing the heart-healthy factor in your blood, maybe you could avoid one stress-inducing argument per doctor’s visit.

  18. George, look into vitamin D3 supplementation also. The average american needs around 5,000 IU daily, according to some recent studies. It seems to turbocharge your immune system and takes your chances of catching ‘anything’ or becoming ill down 40%. The effect is huge! I was always the one at work who didn’t come down with the bug dujour being passed around the office.

  19. My 2 cents worth on statin drugs is summed up in 1 word: Beware! About 6 years ago my doc told me I needed to clean up my “bad” cholesterol and wrote out a script for statins. I tried taking his advice for just one day and immediately felt ill, so I stopped. Now all I read about is the fact that cholesterol doesn’t cause heart attacks, so I guess my body was trying to warn me.

  20. Please consider asking Elaine to write a similar article, or interview her for one, so that the, um, better half of your readers can get some tips from a woman who also seems to be quite healthy and happy, to hear — read you tell it.

  21. I don’t see why you would continue to see this doctor, when he obviously doesn’t have enough sense to take in information if it goes against his inDOCtrination. Although throwing your great health in his face, after he develops liver problems due to his taking statins, would be a plus.

  22. 15+ years ago I grew tired of fighting rough, dry skin on my elbows and feet. Lotions were useless. I used to smooth my skin with sandpaper to put on my shirt! Very annoying! I started taking iodine, (potassium iodide (KI) – Iodoral) 1 tablet, at 12.5 mg/day (5mg elemental iodine) and have since increased my intake to 50 mg KI/day. Skin is now as smooth as I could ask for. Energy levels are great and I sleep soundly most every night.

    Excerpt from: “The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow” (available on Amazon):

    According to Francis C. Kelly, writing in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1961, “The variety of diseases for which iodine was prescribed in the early years is astonishing—paralysis, chorea, scrofula, lacrimal fistula, deafness, distortions of the spine, hip joint disease, syphilis, acute inflammation, gout, gangrene, dropsy, carbuncles, whitlow, chilblains, burns, scalds, croup, catarrh, asthma, ulcers and bronchitis—to mention only a few.”

    He reports there that between 1820 and 1840, many publications appeared documenting the various applications.

    Albert Szentgorgi, the 1937 Nobel Prize winner credited with the discovery of Vitamin C, claimed doctors in his era had a saying about potassium iodide (KI):
    “If you know not where or why, use you then K and I”

    30+ years ago my now 91+ yo mother had her thyroid irradiated and has been on synthetic thyroid supplements ever since. About 1 1/2 years ago I got her to take iodine (KI) and slowly increased the amount to 50 mg/day. Her blood workups mystify her doctor as her thyroid numbers have been steadily improving ever since. Needless to say the doctor does not know she has been supplementing with iodine!

    Note: It has been my experience that a 1 month trial is usually far too brief to see clear results from any supplement.

    Request: Could you post your serum D3 levels? I will write my experience with D3 another time.

  23. One thing that everyone who has written so far today has neglected to state, which really is obvious: Most all “natural” substances each provide a benefit to our physical well-being as long as they are consumed in a reasonable manner.

    Grains are good for you, meats are good for you, vegetables are good for you, fruits are good for you. Each provides something that your body needs to function properly. It is your responsibility to consume them in proper quantities so as not to “overdose”.

    • Agreed; especially before 1984. Since 1984, antibiotics in cows, pigs, and chickens. Glyphosate (Roundup) on crops, even organic crops. GMO into our food supply without adequate testing/studies/consequences making all of us guinea pigs.

      You can see it in the population. Glyphosate (Roundup) acts like an antibiotic in the guts, so it is constantly affecting the GOOD gut fauna. Most heavy people have a ‘factory’ in their gut and it is not a good factory.

      Studies have shown that people who take a lot of antibiotics over the years are more prone to cancer.

      The next BIGGEST problem is the fact that Iodine was taken OUT of flour and BROMINE was put in. Bromine negatively affects the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is key to all of the glandular functioning in the body. When a person’s thyroid is not functioning correctly, DEPRESSION, fatigue, weight gain, metabolism issues, hair falling out, etc., can all occur. Breast tissue NEEDS iodine.

      Also, Fluoride in our water supplies. Fluoride ALSO negatively affects the thyroid gland. Get a water filter that takes out Fluoride OR buy Mountain Spring water from Arkansas, they deliver all over the country. It is bottled into glass containers AT THE SITE, that way they are not forced to add fluoride or chlorine. If you live in Arkansas, take your own containers and get the water for free.

      Has anyone ever wondered WHY there are so many anti-depressants being prescribed AND taken in the USA? What about the tremendous uptick in cancers???

      These quick tidbits are things that everyone can take action on by watching what they eat and drink, and adding iodine to their diet, avoiding GMO foods and find TRUE organic products that have not been sprayed with Glyphosate. Increase fruits and vegetables, find meats that are GRASS FED AND GRASS FINISHED (which means they do NOT spend anytime in Feed lots eating corn.)and the meats have much more nutrition in them. One final note, many people group together to buy a cow that is grass fed/finished and then on to the slaughter house and share the cow. Get with like-minded people to do this (if you eat meat). Taking charge of your food supply takes a little work, but it is still doable.

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