Brazilution, Biden Staging, Markets Waiting

The confusion between “urgent” and “important” is common to both professional time management training and the field of journalism.

Although, in fairness, journalists are way off the pace, much of the time.  That’s because news is managed almost everywhere in the world.  Except here, in the U.S. where it’s not on the King’s Land, and the local communist party doesn’t rule by decree.


For now, the Important is what’s unfolding in Brazil where semi-democracy is trying to save the country from corporate take-over.  That’s because the corporate-communist New World Order is seen, in our view, as trying to install too much, too Left, too fast.  And people are pissed with the idea of leftist president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva being in charge.

Pro-Bolsonaro rioters storm Brazil’s top government offices.  Bolsonaro was quite popular.  Which circles back to the question of how it is – in an emerging global trend – that less popular figures are winning so many “elections?”

Here in the U.S. the story is being cast, by outfits like the WaPo as being a kind of Latin spin on the Jan6 fiasco.  Elsewhere, we read how American democrats are lobbying for Bolsonaro’s extradition to Brazil.  (Rep. Joaquin Castro Calls for Biden Admin to Extradite Jair Bolsonaro Back to Brazil.)

Which to us is just ever-so laughable.

Lemme see if I have this right:  A Latin male bringing in drugs without a Covid test with gang signage tatted all over is welcome.  But a former head of state is not?

One of those mornings when the 12-year-old single malt begins to make sense.

Slow Joe’s Showtime Special

Doing the Will of the People, in America lately, has fallen far behind the importance of optics and narrative. 

In fairness, a few of the NE Establishment Media were honest enough to report on the efforts of the democrat props department:  El Paso cleans up migrant camps for Joe Biden border visit.  Which faux news followed with El Paso city clean-up ahead of Biden’s border visit ‘very unfortunate’: Claudia Rodriguez.

But dishonest showcasing of lies is what America does – an unfortunate amount of – lately.

What was most refreshing to our eyes was how the massive “staging” of Mr. Disingenuous’ visit was even acknowledged by Gotham’s liberal rag in Biden Visits Southern Border Amid Fresh Crackdown on Migrants.  As often happens in NYC, the paper that actually carried the Hunter Laptop story was more direct in their coverage: Biden lands in El Paso for first trip to border since becoming president. Noting Biden spent only three hours on the ground in EP.

OMG – could the NYT have noticed that globally, the middle class is pissed, and we don’t want media lying day after day to feed national denial and a liberal agenda to address serious problems?  Or did they notice the democrat fix is breaking?  Perhaps they just read their own coverage:  House Republicans Preparing Broad Inquiry Into F.B.I. and Security Agencies.

Pants on fire?

Joe’s Broken Fixers

Speaking of which, did you see where Newly Discovered Emails in MO and LA Government Lawsuit Reveal Biden Regime Pressured Facebook to Censor Tucker Carlson and Targeted Robert Kennedy, Jr.?

No talking “truth to power” unless it’s the liberal-Soros agenda, is that it?

Money Matters

We’ll be sitting-out the market action today while waiting to see what happens with J. Powell’s talk tomorrow morning and what will the next NFIB outlook bring.

This morning early, the markets were looking at an upward pre-open bias with the Big Picture from Friday’s closing giving this year-long view:

Could the market run higher?  Sure.  One of our models says we could squeak out a slightly higher (yellow) 2.  But there’s a problem with that count.

Specifically, it would make the Wave 2 an extended wave which would set up a violent larger 3 down in the fall, a very short (yellow) 4 up late next winter and then the lead-in to nuclear war Wave 5 for early 2024.

For now, watching for sigils and signs makes more sense than going all ADHD in the short-term.

Climate Shame

As we pointed out last week, cyclones have center-bent inward wind circulations – which we haven’t seen much of off the West Coast this winter.  Still, there’s a global battle for clicks underway so stories like California Braces for ‘Parade of Cyclones’ After Storms Kill 12 become predictable.

Climate change is, as we read it, more a political movement than a science.  California’s Newsom blames climate change, to seek federal assistance as more storms line up to batter state.  The climateers just love how climate change sells solar and electric vehicles.  Yet, the data seems to suggest people buy solutions not political statements when all is said and done: Tesla slashes prices in China, other Asian markets as sales stumble.

But the best contexter of all this was seen in this Fact check: False claim the term ‘global warming’ was rebranded to ‘climate change’.  Well, 10-points for the liberal spin.  Since climate is ALWAYS changing, no need to let logic intrude.

As for the Sun heating up?  Yes, in this view:

But “Hell No!” in this longer view:

In fact, Cycle 25 is right there in the Wimp Class of solar cycles, by the outlooks.

Everything Else

We get a rasher of crap every time we point to an Epoch Times article like China Again Stages Combat Drills Around Taiwan: Over 50 Warplanes, 4 Naval Vessels Involved.  But keep an eye on all things Taiwan.  You see, says my consigliere, a couple of weeks back, Big China decided to dial back investment in new fine pitch semiconductor manufacturing plants on the Mainland.  “Which would make sense, if you’re going to take over a bunch on Taiwan in 2023,” he notes.

You thought Clint Eastwood was Dirty Harry Well…Prince Harry’s ’60 Minutes’ interview: Best moments.  Gives Eastwood a run.

Sacks of sacks at Sachs dept:  Goldman Sachs may cut 3,200 jobs: report – MarketWatch.

Crypto Collapse Pile on continues:  Prosecutors Examining Digital Currency Group over Genesis Transfers, Bloomberg Reports.  Add in Cardano and Solana decoupled from crypto in explosive price rallies, which altcoin is next?  And we’re mystified STILL why BTC is holding $17,260.  Can’t people read?

Stay healthy in New York!  Some 7,000 nurses at two of NYC’s largest hospitals go on strike.

ATR: Evolutionary Pic Lesson

In my daily mind-chatter and meditations, I often ponder “Is there some point to raising a world of 8-billion people who can’t seem to get along?”  I mean does God have a Master Plan, or is He just a newbie winging Project Universe?

Surely, if there was a master plan, humans would be evolving toward something, right?

This came up because of a note on “” about this being “Jan 9 Daguerreotype photo process announced at French Academy of Science.

While no expert on early photography, I have a deep appreciation for the kind of mind/visual cortex that can piece together this type of breakthrough.  From the Wikipedia entry:

“Daguerreotype French: daguerréotype) was the first publicly available photographic process; it was widely used during the 1840s and 1850s. “Daguerreotype” also refers to an image created through this process.

Invented by Louis Daguerre and introduced worldwide in 1839, the daguerreotype was almost completely superseded by 1860 with new, less expensive processes, such as ambrotype (collodion process), that yield more readily viewable images. There has been a revival of the daguerreotype since the late 20th century by a small number of photographers interested in making artistic use of early photographic processes..”

When coupled with the steam and rotary presses, along with advancements in printing, our world became a place of pictures and the manual way of doing “precision art capturing moments” (as in the film Tim’s Vermeer) largely disappeared.

One thing led to another.  When vacuum tube motion cameras came along that led to television.  And after the “iconoscope” stage of development, the world was ready for solid-state imagery.  Steven Sasson in 1975 invented the digital camera at Eastman Kodak.  Which promptly went into denial about the coolness of digital photography and blew their virtual lock on the technology.

Since then, we have evolved into selfies and porn sites, even going UHD now.

Sitting back with a notepad , jotting down this progression, trying to map ahead, I think you can see why the question “Going somewhere with this, God?” came up.

Appreciating that God plays many (and all) timelines (at the same time) does seem to help the possible solution sets for this.

Mornings like this I sit back, appreciating the brilliant insight 184-years ago, but I remain childishly stumped at “What’s the point being made?”

A song from a few years back plays softly in Ure’s mental jukebox. Crash Test Dummies tune. God Shuffled His Feet.

This being nominal Daguerreotype Day, I’ll ask – as the song did – “Is that a parable or a very subtle joke?”

Remind me to wake up Tuesday.  Maybe it will all become clear and make some incredibly insightful point then.

Or not.

Write when you get rich,

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60 thoughts on “Brazilution, Biden Staging, Markets Waiting”

  1. Smart sitting tonite out . I’m 100 percent back to my origins gold . Been that way for a bit now . But watching moving averages on mr market .

  2. “One of those mornings when the 12-year-old single malt begins to make sense.”

    They seem to be coming more and more frequently, “those mornings”.

  3. Forgot about the “God shuffled his feet song” but I have awakened to Peggy Lee’s “Is that all there is” in my head many times. Also the haunting lyrics in “What’s it all about Alfie?”

    What’s it all about, Alfie?
    Is it just for the moment we live?
    What’s it all about when you sort it out, Alfie?
    Are we meant to take more than we give
    Or are we meant to be kind?
    And if only fools are kind, Alfie
    Then I guess it’s wise to be cruel

    We all have choices in this life George and maybe that is the problem. God gave us free will. Some choose wisely and others never will.

    • a wise man once told me.. I believe the world is filled with two types of people in the world..
      there are givers and takers.. which one do you wish to be..
      what gives a person more connectiveness to something.. some have told me that I am not successful.. yeah depending on what you judge as success.. if it is a number.. or having some crap that you save for people to fight over or that is donated to the salvation army or good will.. thift shops.. then yes I am not successful.. but in my mind.. I believe that like a person like ghandi.. was he successful.. Christ.. was he successful.. one good deed.. goes a great distance..
      what do we personally choose.. as our success level..

  4. Had a musician friend in Rio who I met on YouTube many years ago. He told me of the 15 years the Left spent ruling and robbing Brazil. People were happy when Jair Bolsonaro took the reigns. And during his Presidency, life there got much better … good times.

    Haven’t heard from him in a while, as if he disappeared. Politics can be scary down there.

    When I read things like this, I remember my friend and get a chill …

    … Biden finally made it (nearer) to the Border. Some folks say he should have crossed it … instead of double crossing America. Says “those people need resources and we’re going to give it to them.” That’s kinda blunt. – just giving away more of what we need after stopping a lot of what we use to have. – Wonder how much the middleman gets.

    Interesting how vocal California is about the Green Agenda, and who does Mother Nature bitch slap? So ironic. Maybe they should just park all their cars and, step away. Maybe God has visited the streets of Cali, seen the homeless out there and got pissed. I find it entertaining to ponder that.

    Ever wonder why the guru on the top of the mountain is so wise? Because he’s by himself, doesn’t have media, has time to think for himself while he observes from above all the bullshit below.

    All the bullshit, is probably why he climbed up there in the first place.


    • Interesting. California is getting a bonus of rain after their “drought”, and they have the opportunity to fill some of their empty reservoirs. Are they doing so? I really don’t know, but if they’re not, then they’re wasting their bounty for political points.

  5. Re: “The Birds” feat. Alfred Hitchcock


    Presently there are 767 holds at my library waiting to read from Prince Harry’s “Spare”. One of the advance excerpts published is the account of Harry asking the Queen’s permission to marry Ms. Markle. The opportunity extended in the Royal Schedule to meet privately with Her Majesty was not in the luxury of a palace drawing room. Instead the dramatic moment unfolded as the Queen looked for dead birds in a field on her estate. To those with eyes, “that chick won’t fly in this flock” was the message? Oh, well, too bad Prince Harry also apparently didn’t heed advice of the Keeper of the Royal Lovebirds concerning magpies.

    • Folks,

      Pleased to read that President Biden was able to stop in at El Paso, America’s most Hispanic city by ethnicity, enroute to Mexico City. “Congessional Quarterly” which is a subsidiary of a South Korean-American dual national owned entity, Davos attendee and democratic party supporter, advises that El Paso was a top three American city with regards to safety between 1997 and 2014.

      Certainly one could imagine the Biden entourage resting comfortably like kings at the White House public-schedule-advertised Intercontinental Mexico City. The chain founded by a great great grandson of a US Navy hero and the late founder himself an entrepreneurial friend of FDR now sees the hq of these colonial hotelier addresses of palatial appointments to be domiciled near London, England. Not to step on Elvis’ blue suede shoes or anything but, God save the King!

      One looks forward to the tripartite dinner this evening in Mexico City. Perhaps the Canadian PM will show festive holiday pictures of the family frolicking upon Jamaican beaches last week as that nation entered a still-extant State of Emergency due to gang violence. Who wouldn’t welcome a presentation from the Mexican president’s spouse on her academic paper “Regulation of use of the media in federal electoral laws”. President AMLO might mesmerize listeners with a fisherman’s legend of past catch (and then release) of a big-time drug trafficker. A collection may be offered for further enforcement measures? Do seal the envelopes, please! Time will tell if the Washington guest can walk on eggs without breaking any yolks.

  6. George asked:
    “Is there some point to raising a world of 8-billion people who can’t seem to get along?” I mean does God have a Master Plan, or is He just a newbie winging Project Universe?”

    LDS doctrine, The Plan of Salvation.

    Deeper meanings, which I think can be summed up as a whole in Lectures on Faith, but more specifically Lecture 6, and then 7.
    Although the lectures were removed from canon on technicalities as described in wiki, it is still an excellent extraction and compilation of theology.

  7. Elon says V11.3 will be ready in a couple of weeks

    Elon has been Quite busy busting the deep state’s balls, with his releases of their back door communications. It should be obvious that he is in concert with the Q team, by now.
    11.3 is a big marker in the Q drops,
    makes me wonder if the Podesta indictment unsealing is coming

    Q drop #25
    “Follow up to last post.
    Return to comments re: Pelosi and John M (some of us refuse to say his last name for a reason).
    This all has meaning – everything stated. Big picture stuff – few positions allow for this direct knowledge.

    Proof to begin 11.3.
    We all sincerely appreciate the work you do. Keep up the good fight. The flow of information is vital.
    God bless.”

    Well, I do not know, I AM just watching a movie, that last scene from D.C. was pretty good, so far,,,,,,,,, we’ll see,,, below are 2 example of Q using 11.3
    “[D] + China = 11.3”
    “11.3 – Podesta indicted”

    John Podesta is a senior advisor in the Biden admin.
    “the flow of information is vital,,,” was Q talking to Elon?
    B2 bombers are very stealthy,,, Zippity do da , zippity aye,,, I got a song stuck in my head

    maybe the tea leaves in my tea cup are just tea leaves

  8. Speaking of Taiwan, NOW one can see the truth to the now FACT the Bundy Ranch fiasco was as the Bundy’s stated a ruse to get some of that property to build a micro chip plant which is do to come online ON that property shortly! The American people are just woosies and will not stand up for anything other a free meal paid for by the feds!
    Times are sickening to live in and see this CRAP!
    Don’t forget the same thing in Oregon with Hillary selling uranium land there,
    YUP we are screwed as a country!

  9. “Is that a parable or a very subtle joke?”

    The answer is whatever you want it to be. God gave no response, letting them know they have free will.

  10. Good morning, George. I’m a big fan of war games. I’ve participated in more than I can count, from NATO to PACOM as well as SPACECOM and STRATCOM. Their primary utility is to improve lines of communication and strategic decision making among the services and key allies, but occasionally war games can indicate where the real hot spots are across the globe and how to best deter conflict or face it when it does raise its ugly head. The Center of Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) ran what it touts as the largest and most comprehensive war games simulations ever conducted at the UNCLAS level. See:


    The games showed 2 main results if China attempted to invade Taiwan:
    – China would suffer terrible losses
    – Taiwan would be devastated
    In summary, there would be no winners and many losers. The biggest loss for the mainland is their economy would be in shambles, which would risk unzipping the nation in quick fashion. International trade would evaporated, and China’s industries as well as their military would be decimated. But the U.S. and Japan would also suffer greatly, both militarily and economically. It sounds to me like such a conflict would, essentially, push a global reset button, taking international affairs back to something more like the post WWI environment. CSIS concludes that China is better served by prosecuting an economic war against Taiwan and the West. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but IMO a sound and rational conclusion, the caveat being that power hungry despotic regimes do not often reach sound or rational conclusions.

    • What is reasonable and logical does not always apply when it comes to War.

      In the 15 years leading up to WW1 everybody in Europe was saying that the days of a huge War between the various Nations of Europe would NEVER occur AGAIN, COULD NEVER occur again … because the countries in Europe had become so integrated via their economies and the transport structure.

      With the railroads and telegraphs any point in Europe by 1900 was merely a few hours train ride away from any other point in Western Europe – and many points to Eastern Europe too (though the rail gauges were different to the east), and communications between the various countries was for the time virtually instantaneous, the slowest part probably being the time it took the telegraph bicycle rider on the receiving end to ride the message to the recipient. Trade between the various countries in 1900 was at volumes that nobody could even conceive of in 1890, or even 1895. It had exploded in volume and money terms so quickly.

      Alas … all those economic and physical ties between the various countries in Europe and all the reasons to NOT go to War against each other were tossed into the trash can upon a slight provocation that had nothing to do with most of the countries in Europe, but were an internal thing to the Austrian/Hungarian “Empire”.

      (remember Europe had a LONG history of it’s Kings, Rulers, and members of the Royal Families being assassinated … seemed to be a regular occurance in Europe throughout the 19th century, so the Arch Duke’s assassination really was not so out of the ordinary when looking back at the previous 70 years in Europe)

      WH I believe you are correct … Rationality would say that there is no reason for China to have a conflict over Taiwan, but then again there was no rational reason for China to unilaterally toss their agreement with Great Britain over Hong Kong into the trash and fully take over Hong Kong 30+- years early.

      When it comes to deciding whether to go to War or NOT go to War rationality often is at the end of the train, those driving the engine and policy often have a different agenda and those using rational thought are at the other end of the train, the caboose, and are just along for the ride.

      Just look at Afghanistan and what the Taliban are doing there now that they are in control. The economy and rational thought be damned … religious zealotry is driving the engine no matter what the cost to the average person living in the country.

      There are factions in China that are PUSHING and PUSHING HARD for a quick takeover of Taiwan. Some in those factions have managed to make it onto the Central Committee’s steering group (11 people as I best recall). We clearly have no idea as to exactly where Xi stands EXCEPT he has publicly stated multiple times that he Will NOT leave the Taiwan issue for his successor. Xi will be 70 this year and with his re-election, baring health issues and an internal revolt, will be in power until the end of 2027. Because of his age he can not anticipate being leader past the end of 2027 (imo)

      Can Xi bring about the merger of the two entities Peacefully sometime in the next 5 years? If he doesn’t think so then the forces in motion in China WILL move for a forced merger … the economy be damned.

      I am personally in the camp that he will move in 2023, probably in the weather window of May, but would be more than pleased to be wrong.

      • I believe that in the issue of Taiwan.. their best option is to be Hong Kong.. no one dies.. not destroyed infrastructure.. and business goes on.. Like Cuba.. why in the heck we are not there helping them with their problems that would be an easy fix amazes me.. I would love to go and see a coffee plantation.. heck I have been trying to talk the boss into moving to the outback of texas to grow coffee trees.. she isn’t going to do it.. to dam hot.. even though its a short distance to get medications from mexico..

      • even told the little woman that I could buy a donkey.. and put baskets on it when I went to harvest the coffee beans.. she could crochet me a poncho.. and if I was lucky sloe joe would give me a half million dollars and tell me that I don’t have to pay taxes..

        the boss doesn’t get my vision of life in the outback


        all the studies have similar results.. the bad thing is the dumb ones will give you a million reasons why they don’t need to read those studies ..

        scis studies are no different from the other’s.. but if they don’t have to read them.. they sure in hell don’t have time at work enough to read them and sometimes I question is the reason they refuse to read this crap is because they can’t read good enough or have reasoning skills.. or is it just the business model.. do what fat willie tells you and fill the pockets of big buck billies.. who knows for sure.. and we have a seat on the roller coaster of the oligarchs.. and must see the dips and increases..
        either way we are screwed and we have no way of changing the course of their visions they push for us and our future….

      • I actually believe that is one of the reasons they are doing the poison pawn trap.. we are depleting our reserves.. besides bank rupting the country.. that was already in a dangerous economic position before.
        we are depleating our emergency oil reserves.. depleating our arms reserves.. and deploying our navy to the far reaches of the planet.. to escalate the situation.. once we have depleated our reserves.. to critical point.. then the logical move would be to escalate the situation on multiple fronts.. besides us depleting our reserves.. the other nato countries are doing the same thing..
        Alois irlimaier gave some pretty definate images..
        with the predictions of Nostradamus on Stu’s site..
        its not going to be pretty.. and because our leaders business model.. I tell everyone that I care about to put in a gravity feed emergency heating system..
        and a solar backup power system..
        Our grid was designed to make money for a few.. not for security of the grid.. so it wouldn’t take much to shut it down and send the People of the country to the stone age.. but then that is my opinion.. and I have been ranting about it for decades..

      • LOOB,

        Thank you for your link. While the War Game Study “may” be accurate the underlying caveats in it are the deciding issue (imo) if the invasion happens “soon”:

        Will the US provide all that equipment and supplies to Taiwan, that is assumed in the War Game, and preposition it’s equipment in the region BEFORE May 2023 arrives?

        Our weaons supply chain is already stretched thin supplying Ukraine so little of the material called for to go to Taiwan in the War Game is currently in storage or reserve. Are we willing to send to Taiwan the needed items by directly taking them away from our own active duty forces so our own forces no longer have them to use?

        If not … then it’s basic underlying premises for the results are invalid and I imagine if those underlying premises were changed to accurately reflect the facts on the gound for this coming spring they would show a Chinese win.

        An issue that may have been directly addressed by the War Game, but isn’t discussed in the summary, that we have agreed to disagree on in my office is the issue of the Taiwanese willingness to Fight To The End.

        With NO resupply foreseeable by those doing the fighting how many fighting troops will continue to risk body and soul to fight the mainland Chinese, particularly the draftees?

        Specialized types will, ie: pilots, certain high tech weapons operators,etc., but imo among the draftees it will be a mixed bag since for many of them the lifestyle enjoyed by the coastal mainlanders while not as good as their’s on Taiwan is NOT a bad lifestyle.

        Will those draftees feel they should DIE for the defense of Taiwan … or after a firing a few token rounds give up and trade saving their personal lives for accepting the fact that they will now be ruled and treated like mainland Chinese.

        I do wish the War Game results talked about this aspect of the potential invasion because even with a full complement of weapons and supplies (which I doubt will be there by spring) if the troops aren’t willing to fight Taiwan loses.

      • “What is reasonable and logical does not always apply when it comes to War.”

        I would add that what is reasonable and logical does not apply to those holding power here at home as well.

        It is reasonable and logical to:

        – Have a secure border that protects your legal citizens from illegal terrorists from enemy nations.
        – Not send billions of dollars to a foreign country to secure their border in an endless war that they are going to lose.
        – Eliminate drug cartels that traffic drugs that annually kill 100,000 more of your citizens and sex traffic thousands of innocent children.
        – Have laws that put hardened criminals in prison and not back on the street dozens of times.
        – Not print money like drunken sailors and then redefine inflation and unemployment to hide the devastation.

        – Add to the list as you see fit.

      • “Thank you for your link. While the War Game Study “may” be accurate the underlying caveats in it are the deciding issue (imo) if the invasion happens “soon”:

        Will the US provide all that equipment and supplies to Taiwan, that is assumed in the War Game, and preposition it’s equipment in the region ”

        One word.. NO… we might like to think we can.. but for each bomb or missile we send.. china is back logged what one to five years on replacing it.. we don’t have the industry.. nor the money to keep it up.. we are in the poison pawn trap..
        Taiwans only winning move is to make an agreement like Hong Kong..
        The USA and UK’s are at the point to keep face is to make a draft and send bodies to ukraine.. either way its over with as us as the leading country.. we have bankrupted all nato nations

      • Well, other brother, don’t thank me! So I checked out URL two ways just now – first I simply tapped the link from George’s post on my iPad and it worked just fine. Then I copied and pasted it into my browser window and again, it worked just fine. Not sure what is happening on your end. Must be China redirecting hijacking your computer????

      • . . . and make sure Ure clicking my links, not those provided by other commenters. Just sayin’ . . .

    • Most of the fabs and anything of any technical or commercial value will be imploded before any of those assets are turned into Chineseum [Nod to Mr. Ure.] Check Nordstream I, II for the design pattern.

    • “With NO resupply foreseeable by those doing the fighting how many fighting troops will continue to risk body and soul to fight the mainland Chinese, particularly the draftees?”

      Considering that…Not many….listen at any coffee shop or deli etc. this is a common subject being thought is not only in the Wastelands but across the country. Everyone’s opinion is this war is only about the questionable business ventures of a corrupt few..the only winning move was to Walk away from this at the we are committed to it…. what was that old saying.. pick your battles.. not listen to those in charge yelling show me the money..
      why would anyone want to send their family members when those pulling the strings are not even willing to pay the funds to fight the war or send members of their own families. with perspective to human bodies..they are running keep it going we have to start sending them in..which escalating this globally.

      • I would add wrt Taiwanese troops SURENDERING to the Chinese once it is apparent NO resupply or reinforcements are coming to their aid is the actual dynamic that happened in the Phillipines in 1942:

        “On April 9, 1942, Major General Edward P. King Jr. surrenders at Bataan, Philippines—against General Douglas MacArthur’s orders—and 78,000 troops (66,000 Filipinos and 12,000 Americans), the largest contingent of U.S. soldiers ever to surrender, are taken captive by the Japanese.”

        When there is NO HOPE of any resupply even a prudent US Commander surrendered his command. (of course Gen King did NOT know how brutally the Japanese would treat his surrendering troop – but NOT surrendering them clearly would have resulted in the death of most since they had no resupply coming).

        One should EXPECT the SAME dynamic to play out wrt Taiwan if a full blown Chinese invasion is launched and they get solid beachheads and control of the airspace over Taiwan.

  11. final comment for a while.

    feelings are reactions to not reflections of reality.

    you know how I don’t say everything I see or know? because it is wise not to speaking everything.

    same day you hurt Ure Knee? I dislocated mine. same day Ure chair broke? woke up with at 230am Alaska time with my lower back hurting like a mofo, I couldn’t even Bend over to pick up my clothes off the floor. and I sleep in the Buck.

    that is definitely very interesting. it seems as IF for now as it is, when I get hurt, so do you Mr Ure. and when you get hurt Mr Ure? so do I. interesting to say the least.

    God’s plan. LOL. beyond my wildest expectations. mindful that Buda lived 400 years before becoming notable figure and his teachings became of value to emulate. among many other important figures in history such as Zorosta, Thoth etc etc.

    Jesus being the greatest of All.

    one has to ponder, If one encanates again in life 400 years from now, would you become a religous zealot follower of Ureself? when ure whole intent was not to establish freedom from religious zealots.


    I’m a big fan of 40s and 50s black and white photos found on tumbler lately. I could get stuck for hours. love photos like that.

    fuck the brittish family and their nonsense. they have no real power. they are just bobble heads dashboard of the Blue Bus next to the Hula Girl in the grass skirt. and I like her way more.

    quit getting hurt old man. I will do my best to not get hurt as well.

    wonder what would have happend when that tye rod broke on my side dump and I almost went off a 400 foot cliff, if I didn’t stop 6 inches from edge. another fabulous ponder Mr Ure.

    have a wonderful week. stay healthy, I will do the same.

    DUDE, well he knows the shit I don’t.

    I’m more fond of the song,

    ~ if I can dream ~


    the king of rock and roll.

    • ahem. ure whole intent was to establish freedom from the religious zealots at the time.

      like Christ did. Christ said fuck all that washing your hands and ritual sacrifice and other dumb shit. -> come to DUDE on your own terms. HE certainly appreciates the sincerity. and give DUDE an inch to work with HE will definitely take you to moon and back. so I give HIM way more than an Inch. because the moon isn’t all there is.


      • the scar from where the moon was on palm of my hand, if you are a palm reader. is itching. itching like crazy. it only itches one reason.

        you rememeber when I blew side or my and off with a .45 hollow point back in the day? the very next day I met my second wife. she was my wound care specialist.

        funny how that is. one day you blow big hole in your hand. and it seems the next day a freckled face gorgeous woman is moving in with ya. she was ruled by the moon. and I’m a sun kinda fella. meow. theory of relativity and all.

        it only itches for one reason.

        uhhhh. shit, well…. I did happen upon the lovers card displayed in nature a few days ago. I see stuff like that all the time in the world around me. I know quite a few tarot card readers. I’ve studied them all. and once and a while i see a card displayed as plan as day in creation around me. exact same image as found on the deck.

        speaking of decks. I was watching this hallmark movie thing on TV the other day. just mind numbing typical romantic plot. girl inherits a sail boat. wants to get it all spiffy and falls in love with dude who helps her get it ready fot sale. not sail. they sail it once it’s fixed up and they fall in love on the sail, and decides not to sale it. they move aboard and live happily ever after.

        I don’t watch much TV, ever. but I happend to watch this show. in it she, when she gets on board. she finds a hiddy hole stash, opens it up and pulls out a journal left by the previous owner. it’s a log story about big adventure and falling in love.

        you know the peculiar thing about that movie George? that long book she finds. that has the story from the sailboats previous owner of great adventures, romance and love? that log book has the same exact cover on it as the one book I write prayers for other people in. my own personal book of life.

        trippy. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

        going to take a nap. alone. well with 3 of dogs.

        that is a sailing pun. dogs. huh. a living pun. hard to wrap one’s mind around it all at times. good thing I don’t have too

        wake me up after the world ends.

  12. Yo Muddy Luddy,

    what da hell daguerreotype ? stuck in da mud again? Mental lollygagers need to pick up the pace, and catch the hell up..scheese. Hear let me help – 1962 when first described (discovered) the Hologram.

    Neuro surgeon and geniuse – Dr Pribram splains it a little bit.

    The who ?
    Dennis Gabor would go on to win the noble prize in 1971, ya know the guy who did the maths called windowed Fourier transforms – necessary to make a holograph. Back in the day, great German minds of the national socialist party were infusing their work with em..Youse remember ol Bernard Riemann, dude who broke Euclidian geometry for good, making quantum physics and relativity possible.. Schrodinger and his cat(wave equation), Dave Hilbert who taught most of the others after hilbert’s space is named and Hisenberg and the uncertainty principal.

    Dude – you take “the picture from Ure mind” as Ure mind takes it all in.. “What are being observed in particle physics are not particles at all, but different aspects of interference patterns generated by the collision of spherical frequency waves emanating from an Event Horizon” -dk

    the holographic paradigm says – at the threshold of the space-time continuum, the cosmological horizon, lay the source of everything that is, was, or ever will be. In short, Consciousness takes place inside a frequency receiver and “Reality” is a television show – that is exactly how a Hu-man brain workz – as a hologram.

    This of course leads one into the Wryding way…”my mind affects my reality” – Dune, Frank Herbert. Wryd comes from the ol-Norse..the word is Uror, also name of the Mother of Norns – youse remember those “chicks” – who appear at a persons side at their birth and decide upon their future.

    ..and so quick and dirty like I bring youse all to Bruce Cathie and his world wide energy grid..”Cathie did not believe nuclear weapons could be detonated randomly but would have to be at exactly the right coordinates at exactly the right time to work. Using his world energy grid, he started publicly predicting the exact times and places of test sites before they got him muzzled…” Cathie’s own words “It was only a matter of time before I realized that the energy network formed by the grid was already known to a powerful group of international interests and scientists. It became obvious that the system had many military applications, and that political advantage could be gained by those with secret knowledge of this nature. It would be possible for a comparatively small group, with this knowledge, to take over control of the world. -whoops.

    A Dog or a God? which one has been believed and accepted , and which one would you choose the life of ? If you have not made a choice – it has been made for you, tell me – how do U like that scheisse so far ?

    Wheres that single malt?

  13. Pssst. hey Buddy , wanna make couple extra bucks every month for just lying on Ure back and relaxing for 1/2 hr? Why they will even provide you some OJ and doughnuts afterwards. Sounds grande, no?


    I guess this what “barky” was getting at after calling me a “selfish prick” for refusing to submit to coercion of the blood suckers(wef’rs) vaxx assault on Humanity.

    • remember when they DEMANDED to see our vaccine statis to gain entry or travel/
      Now the [so called] vaccine is a private matter when the young adults die,,, suddenly.
      There are those who are stupid, can’t see,,, and there are those that are EVIL, refuse to acknowledge the TRUTH!
      We outnumber both groups, but we tend to be on the peaceful side as to lusting for violence, but JUSTICE is needed. BADLY
      We are in World War III, what did they call the TRIALS after WW II ?
      As to “barky”, I think he is still among us, just a feeling.

      Weather is nice today,,, fire up the old Stihl chain saw day, going to hit 40 degrees, must be climate change, has the sky fallen yet.

  14. I’m beginning to think that all “news” articles should be filtered through a simple script that would delete all adjectives, and possibly adverbs too. The WHTC article is as bad as most USA news with regard to unsubstantiated adjectives such as “baseless”. I’d like to see them avoid the idea of “stories”, and simply refer to them as articles or events. The word “story” is used largely in the context of fiction.

    Just the facts, and nothing but the facts. We can always add adjectives if we want to color an article with opinion, though that’s not really useful.

    • “The word “story” is used largely in the context of fiction.”

      Mayhaps they’re using it correctly…?

  15. “Authorities in El Paso ” clean it up. Ha!

    Since El Pasoan folk cleaned up the encampments Biden can’t see a problem. The classic Potemkin Village.

    • Total idiots. If they left everything alone, then pseudo-prez would have to at least alter his blather. As it is, El Paso squandered a chance to get even more pork from DC.

  16. DJIA lost 9% in 2022 – tech heavy NASDAQ lost 33% and the S&P500 lost 19.4% last year. The Russell 2000 Small Cap index lost 21 %. My “Aggregate Index” lost just over 21% last year. All of this combined falls within the definition of a correction.

    Multi-billion dollar hedge fund manager, who made 163% return for his clients last year says., “The show ain’t over..,” ., and he plans on trading the market the same way he did last year – “..going-short., constantly.”
    – If this is true, then the recession hasn’t started.
    Invesco’s global market strategist says the market has bottomed and the recovery has begun. The dollar will weaken and Bitcoin will climb. He see’s an 18 to 20 % rise in stocks.
    – If this is true – then there will be no recession.

    The Treasury yield curve on the 2 and 10 year notes is at its deepest inversion in over 40 years. The yield curve is a notorious predictor of a recession, and preceded the downturns of 1990, 2001, and 2008.
    The 2-year yield has surpassed the yield on the 10-year note for almost a year now, and that inversion has only deepened recently. The 2-year was trading at a yield of 4.241% Monday, compared to a yield of 3.578% on the 10-year.

    M2 has been declining on a month-by-month basis for the first time in many decades, probably since the 1930s or 1940s. This trend is “deflationary”.

    “In my view we are in one of the most dangerous times in history. I am on record as saying we will have more change in the next six months than in the last fifty years.” Moriarty – “It is a time to be super conservative. No margin, no loans, take on no debt, hunker down. The banking system is on the verge of a total meltdown.”

    BoA is warning their clients of the recession ahead., as the Bank of England is hinting that the worst is over.

    There is one thing that is absolutely clear – there is no consensus, at all, on what is going to happen. I have my opinion., but that is all it is.., ‘my’ opinion. ., and what’s the saying? “Opinions are like ass holes., everybody has one and as far as I know, they all stink.”

    • “Stock valuations are still high, and that suggests the market has yet to bottom and could fall as much 30% for here.”, Bank of America.
      However, that brings up a very important argument. “The markets have never bottomed “before” a recession hits.”

  17. Whatever ‘God’ may be, it’s not a he or she, or probably not even comprehensible from our point of view. And certainly a vastness without boundaries. Personal free will allows for all sorts of poor choices.

    “The total number of minds in the Universe is One. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.” – Erwin Schrödinger

    • God consciousness is a singularity phasing with all beings.

      There, “I” fixed the obvious problem in that famous touted useless phrase.

      I speak from experience.

    • God consciousness is a singularity phasing with all beings.

      There, “I” fixed the obvious problem in that famous touted useless phrase.

      I speak from experience.

  18. Well.., a good morning. I got in early.., rode up 200 points.., reversed my position and in the last hour and a half it has dropped 200 points. I’m out. Now up 25 points. Tomorrow should prove “interesting”
    – Quite the divergence between the Dow and the NASDAQ100 this morning.

  19. “In the past, two consecutive down years [ in the stock market ] have been a rarity that has only happened twice since 1965.” Warren Buffet. A down year is followed by an up-year gain an overwhelming amount of the time, which amounts to 86% of the time.
    – Does Warren Buffet think a Bull Market will happen in 2023?
    “I have no idea.”

  20. “Fact check: False claim the term ‘global warming’ was rebranded to ‘climate change’.”

    USA Today has their own fact checkers? Isn’t that kinda like Goebbels fact-checking Himmler…?

  21. “And we’re mystified STILL why BTC is holding $17,260.”

    ‘Cause McCarthy got the Speakership…

  22. “Mornings like this I sit back, appreciating the brilliant insight 184-years ago, but I remain childishly stumped at “What’s the point being made?”

    Maybe there isn’t one. Assuming all things come from God, either by inspiration or intervention, perhaps He inspired this creation simply to see what we’d do with it…?

  23. Now that China knows the outcome of those 24 CSIS scenarios., will that alter / change their invasion plans/method ? Do any of those iterations contain the possibility of massive drone swarms? Lots of questions.

  24. Joe Rogan had Peter Zaihan on sometime back and published the video a few days ago, or at least this clip. Zaihan had some very interesting things to say about China that I certainly have not been hearing any where else. China’s got MAYBE 10 years on the outside before it basically quits functioning as a major power. The demographics, social history, Xi’s self-imposed isolation that is not un-like Hitler’s at all, overall health of the people and many more things add up to a very sick, faltering nation. Zaihan was saying that it doesn’t matter if they take Taiwan and manage to acquire the semiconductor industry intact, China really doesn’t have the people that understand how to run the technology. But that, to me, begs the question “how have they put their own space station in orbit?” Did they steal enough tech to do it or have a lot of help?

  25. “Bolsonaro was quite popular. Which circles back to the question of how it is – in an emerging global trend – that less popular figures are winning so many “elections?”

    It’s fun to make stuff up. Can you name one poll, either Brazilian or international, that had Bolsonaro ahead? Just one? The more than 50 polls I looked at all had Lula ahead.

    • Most polls still suggest Lula is the slight favorite to come back for a third term, capping a remarkable political rebound after his jailing on graft convictions that were overturned.
      But Bolsonaro outperformed opinion polls in the first-round vote on Oct. 2, and many analysts say the election could go either way.

    • I told my hubs, not too long ago, America will go the way of the UK.


      UK: Since the year DOT; the UK has used coal and wood burning fireplaces and stoves (ALL known family members back 2 centuries, NO ASTHMA from wood or coal, YES TO BRONCHITIS AND COPD FROM CIGARETTE SMOKING). The UK government has done their damdest to outlaw coal and wood burning fireplaces and stoves.

      So, the big push to convert to gas burners and fire places was on.

      OOPS, gotta do away with GAS.

      THEN, BIGGER push to all electric fireplaces, stoves, heat, etc.

      OOPS, again!!!

      And NOW, not enough (AND way too expensive) electricity generation for heat or cooking; just 2 of the basic needs of living life on earth. SNUFFED out due to HIGH electricity prices.

      So, here it is – the INTRODUCTION of banning gas stoves due to asthma in the USA.

      Oh vey!!!

      Right on Target!!!

      Peeple better draw a line in the sand. No one is taking or touching my Gas Appliances!!!



      Received our new Home Owner’s Insurance Renewal.

      Nice NEW language contained therein:

      EXCLUSIONS: We do NOT cover loss caused by:

      5. WAR. This includes:
      a) undeclared war or civil war;
      b) insurrection, rebellion or revolution;
      c) warlike act by MILITARY personnel;
      d) destruction or seizure or use for a MILITARY purpose;
      e) ANY consequence of acts shown in a) through d) above. Discharge of a nuclear weapon will be deemed a WARLIKE act, even IF accidental.

      6. NUCLEAR reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination, all whether controlled or uncontrolled or however caused. We do NOT cover loss by fire resulting from nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination.

      7. We do NOT cover loss of use, or indirect loss of ANY kind.


      I am beginning to wonder:


      Per the wicked Wiki:

      “On March 21, 2015, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei backed and shouted the phrase ‘Death to America’ while addressing a public gathering in Iran, during the holiday of Nowruz, the Persian New Year.”


      Someone from the past reminds us who gets us into the WARS. Remember, ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS, THEY FUND BOTH SIDES.

      Our leaders have taken us into these wars under FALSE PRETENSES.

      A TRUE HERO regulated to the anti-semetic heap.

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