Boo-Hiss the Fed, Making Up Money, String Theory

Yes, I sadly must confess to capturing a little “paper” in the wild gyrations of Wednesday.  (I may be a Capitalist. Or wild-eyed gambler.)

But, as the action later today will reveal, the Fed and ECB combined have not gotten “mean enough” to frighten off the Hyperinflation Bogeyman.

Based on the early futures pricing before today’s open, here’s how our Aggregate Index is looking since 2009 compared with the lead-in to the Great Depression:

Follow the blue arrow to see how we have overshot even 1929’s blow-off thanks to Making Up Money (MUM) politics. It all ends badly and painfully – you won’t want to miss it.

Remember, in our approach, we still have about 9% down to fall (from Wednesday’s close).  We’d like to see 28,700’ish in our Aggregate.  Even with the early bummer, we’re still in the 31-thousands.

Thursday’s ponder?  “How far is down?”

Fed’s Big Deception

Raising rates?  You do know the Fed is buying our own Bonds to make ends meet?  So they actually have some “skin in the game” when comes to rates.  Unfortunately – renominated or otherwise – Jay Powell still has political masters  to deal with.  And the Reality is democrats haven’t done anything to really fix directionless America.  Hence, the Washington Witch Trials continue where the FBI’s inside warlock STILL hasn’t been made available for cross…

But what is the lie Mr. Ure refers to?  From the implementation note:

  • Conduct overnight repurchase agreement operations with a minimum bid rate of 1.75 percent and with an aggregate operation limit of $500 billion; the aggregate operation limit can be temporarily increased at the discretion of the Chair.
  • Conduct overnight reverse repurchase agreement operations at an offering rate of 1.55 percent and with a per-counterparty limit of $160 billion per day; the per-counterparty limit can be temporarily increased at the discretion of the Chair.
  • Roll over at auction the amount of principal payments from the Federal Reserve’s holdings of Treasury securities maturing in the calendar months of June and July that exceeds a cap of $30 billion per month. Redeem Treasury coupon securities up to this monthly cap and Treasury bills to the extent that coupon principal payments are less than the monthly cap.
  • Reinvest into agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS) the amount of principal payments from the Federal Reserve’s holdings of agency debt and agency MBS received in the calendar months of June and July that exceeds a cap of $17.5 billion per month.

Which on the surface doesn’t seem too onerous – yet.  The problem is that this won’t lighten the Fed balance sheet far enough (in my view) to really be ready to step in and deal with that evolving recession beginning in Q3 which will turn into Depression in mid 2023 (e.g. next summer) when the “recession” bites deeper due to wrongheaded policy blunders from the What? House.

While the recession is denied (“Powell: Fed ‘not trying to induce a recession’ with interest rate hikes) our view of reality leans more toward What is the yield curve and how could it warn of the next recession?  Just as you can’t yell at the tide to turn, I can’t remember a single recession ever being stopped by raising interest rates.

What makes this (arriving) Depression so interesting is that in 1929 (for example) people losing their shirts in stocks could go into bonds.  OK, a few small muni bonds failed – poor counties in the midsection – but Bonds were the Out.

Thing is – with bond RATES going Up, it means the underlying VALUES are going down.  Chain that fire door closed.

Alt. Money is also imploding – as seen in Bitcoin which was back down to just over $21,000 very early today.

“The Simpleton” Looks Ahead

Me.  This is easy.  Remember that circle on the declining trend line?  Not trying to frighten, but I moved it down below that trend line to where we should end 3 of 3 down in Elliott terms.

Actually, even lower (on some downside overshoot) would not surprise us at all.  Looks to us like 3 of 3 down is at hand.

This actually gives us a great deal of knowledge of Likely Future.  Because we should collapse promptly to the circle and have a bounce ( a minor *(iv) up into mid August, and then  (ta-dah!) Taiwan goes, Ukraine blows, and investors hosed as 4 (v) breaks this fall. Fifth waves down kill.

Top to first bottom will time out from November 2021 to, oh, how does Nov. this year sound?

With my consigliere’s precursor wars wrapping up by year end (or Q1 2023) we will then have an ugly depression generally, but the stock market would have a 1-2 years Mega Wave 2 (irregular/complex) into 2025-2026.

See, what most people can’t even begin to imagine is that there are larger wave counts beyond the 9-15 year cycles.  And the entire decline into  lows this fall will be – talking larger picture here – just a LARGER Wave 1 down.

The two will be an order of False Peace and then a surprise attack to end all in 2025-2026.  Sneak Russian Chinese pre-emptive war.  You don’t really think the Chinese are building bunkers to store Apple product in, do you?

Of course, this is all just central tendency stuff.  Toss in the usual standard deviations and there’s a lot of drift.  Which is why we write this reports so you can follow-along at home.

Betcha feel really good now, huh?

All that matters right now is whether the S&P can hold above 3700 today.  But even more important, above it tomorrow.  NASDAQ under 10,000 within 2 weeks or less?

Data, Data, Data-Day

Line ’em up bartender!”  We have U.I. filings, Philly Fed, and Housing started to deal with.  U.I. first, since it’s the “lightweight.”  In other words, the Covid-pumped number has fallen into what we consider a “trading range.”  Bad news for the Joe and Jerry Show:

But hey…just because filings are up on a weekly and four week average basis, let’s press ahead.

Second dose of Reality is the Philly Fed report.  You may wish to turn on a vacuum cleaner as you read because these numbers plain suck:

“The diffusion index for current general activity declined for the third consecutive month, falling 6 points to -3.3. This is the index’s first negative reading since May 2020 (see Chart 1). Although most firms reported no change in activity (64 percent), the share of firms reporting decreases (20 percent) exceeded the share reporting increases (16 percent). The indicators for new orders and shipments decreased more sharply: The new orders index fell 35 points to -12.4, and the shipments index fell 25 points but remained positive at 10.8.

Then there’s the Housing Starts.  Remember just a few short months back, the Fumbler-in-Chief was going to amp-up Housing starts?    This was the most God-awful policy blunder in real estate in quite a while, as we see it.

As we have been reminding people since God was young:  Legit real estate growth depends on family formation.  Plant seeds, increase crop of humans.  Increases demand.

What the Slow-Joe-Way-to-Go Party has done (*with their PC-BS selling personal plumbing checks to children) is ensure no one wants to have kids because somewhere in high school or shortly after, kids can smell a Rat.

Supply and Demand matter hugely, you see?  As in Property Values Fall Across US, Europe on Bite From Inflation.

So here’s the data:

OK, black line in the chart gets glossed-over but here, and I quote:

Privatelyowned housing starts in May were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,549,000. This is 14.4 percent (±8.9 percent) below the revised April estimate of 1,810,000 and is 3.5 percent (±10.7 percent)* below the May 2021 rate of 1,605,000. 

We also STILL have fewer people actually working today than in the fall of 2019 before Covid.  And that is with another what?  Million, or more, border-jumpers?

Eventually, fiscal conservatism will occur to the drug Cartels in Mexico when they figure out there’s nowhere to really “invest” their money other than crooked schemes into the failing Political Facade.  Not in time for 2022 or 2024, but Return on Investment gets to be a real problem, as Jacob Soll’s book (Great Reckoning) pointed out in the case of Rome and how drifty accounting accompanies collapse.  (Anyone else remember EBITDA?)

This may seem  a bit far afield – which is where extensible thinking pays off (seeing future in advance and making a few shekels on it) – but supply and demand (with rising rates) smacks your eyeballs reading Property Values Fall Across US, Europe on Bite From Inflation.

The Conundrum of Complexity

With these three data pins alone, we can begin to see the larger context.  Specifically that even as the forces of Collapse are gathering – due to unsustainably increasing complexity – the human’s who should be tasked with solving second and third order  complex problems have been replaced with the Magic Bullet class of political hacks.

Bring rich won’t fix things, being Black, White, or Brown won’t help.  Border-jumping doesn’t replace the breaking supply chain and making up even MORE money because the Fed’s rate charade just continues the “serial shit-show.”

It’s OK.  Makes it a breeze to write columns.

US Dept. of Hip Quip

I prior to this morning had failed to appreciate the two-way refugee traffic with Cuba: Florida fraud suspect arrested on a Jet Ski, feds say – The Washington Post.  Trivial point:  When Seattle radio legend Robert E. Lee Hardwick and I were inventing radio-based software delivery (*Sofcast) in 1986, or so, he told me about what it was like to ride a jet ski from Seattle to Ketchikan.  (He also flipped an ultralight float plane in northern B.C. in the middle of nowhere on one of his many other exploits….Ultralight from Nome to Seattle…  (Remember when people had stones and dreams in America?)

True to what reader Mark mentioned – rest of the country may have issues but not the Bay area, so much.  Backup: What Economic Slowdown? This Software Company Expects to Add 30% to Its Sales Team This Year.

We keep seeing the monetization’s of race and gender seems like they’re everywhere, anymore.  Familiarity with Juneteenth grows in year since federal holiday designation: Gallup | The Hill  Federal Holiday? ViseGrips  No mail next  Monday, no federal offices open.  Maybe math is racist, though.  Juneteenth is on the twentieth.  Federal employees now cush with 11-paid holidays per year, get a fat retirement outside of endangered Social Security, plus personal time, and healthcare usually for the family.  If someone had told me this in high school, I could havebeen a retired GS-13 by now.  Don’t mean to whine, but doesn’t it matter that June 16th is the 299th birthday of Adam Smith?

In the interest of civilian equality with Fedds, how about we don’t pay taxes for Federal Holidays?  Equal protection, anyone?

March of Idiotic Correctness continues: George Washington University drops longtime ‘Colonials’ nickname after deeming term offensive. GTFOOH.

Biden-Jacked at the Pumps:  OPEC+ crude oil output boost undershoots targets in May | Reuters.  So, which part of surprised are we NOT.  Engineering Famine is the Globalist plot.  You’ll lay down your arms for food when time comes.

Of Course, No Arms by then: Red-flag gun control laws raise red flags – Washington Times.  But hey, who needs a chance to cross examine accusers, anyway?  The Napoleon and Stalin models are in play.

Drought Impact time: Starving monkeys have started attacking children in Ethiopia amid extreme drought.  (At least they weren’t after sex…)

Speaking of Dis Ease: We’re watching for reactions as NIAID Director Fauci Tests Positive for COVID-19 | National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Don’t blame Putin – blame India???  Global food shortage: Are US, IMF barking up the wrong tree?  India’s end of grain exports does impact the U.S.

Does this make sense to you?  In the story European leaders meet Zelenskiy in Kyiv for first time since war began | Reuters we read how “leaders” show support in a heavily damaged Ukraine city.  But, if they had, would there have been a war?  (Scratches head, looks bewildered.  Is tardiness and stupidity going pandemic?  Maybe I’m over-thinking this.

Can’t they Read?  Israel says U.S. should help Mideast build-up against Iran.  Why?  So, we can do as well as we have on issues like bringing down gas prices, fixing public health, fighting inflation, securing the border with Mexico, and fixing the baby formula shortage??? AYFKM?

Speaking of NOT listening:  See if you can follow the puppet strings back to China as you read Biden must reject China’s illegal claim over the Taiwan Strait.  Any sane president would have…wait?  Think I just made the point.

ATR:  A World String Contest?

So, there we were with the afternoon libation after a hard day of sweating through Hell Months in Texas.

You know the world is crazier than ever today…” Elaine mused over her tequila.

“But is it crazy enough for a Pet Rock-type “marker fad?”

Like what?

“Well, I was thinking of the World String Untying contest.  I spent 10-minutes today unraveling a 6-inch ball of string mess from the shade cloth greenhouse project.  Here, take a look at this:”

How would it work?  I mean practically speaking?”

“Here’s the Rules” I made up.  Government has rules for everything, and we don’t have a Federal String Bureau, yet.  FSB is what Russia calls theirs, I think.”

World String Untying Congress Rules

Objective:  To reunite humanity by untying gobs of string.  

Competition: Rankings are assigned based on both shortest time to unravel a “standard ball of string” and “lowest blood pressure from the effort.”

Inclusion:  All races, all over the world use string.  String can hold the world together.  Use of colored string is encouraged.  Black string for Black stringletes, white for White stringletes, and brown string for Brown stringers.

Pro Correctness:  The String Untying Congress (SUC) allows anyone or any age to play.  Thus, string is an international sport for all.

Playing Equipment:  Standard Challenge String is 75 feet of nylon.  Regulation diameter is 1/8th inch.  (3.175 mm in metric countries.)  In addition, a calibrated blood pressure meter is used to measure stress.  A referee (stringeree) controls a competition timer.

Hold it!  Have you ever written about how changing a countries measurement system is how to foist Globalism on everyone?  Harmonized food and drug codes, mandatory metric?”  6-points for the blonde!  I continued with the rules.

Order of Play:  The Stringeree yells (String!)

  • Immediately, player blood pressure is recorded.
  • The Referee reviews the entire 75-feet of Regulation String with the player.
  • The player may then either accept the string offered or propose a replacement.
  • When the player accepts the string (and yells “String!) the stringeree has 90 seconds to ball up the string in a most horribly contorted way.
  • At the 90-second mark, the stringeree tosses the string (ball) in the air before the player and yells “String off!”
  • The beginning jumble of string is called “the ball.”  “Goose!  Call the ball!”
  • Play with the string continues by the player until completely untied.
  • At the end of unwinding the player yells “Shit! “
  • Immediately thereupon a second blood pressure reading is taken by the stringeree.
  • Scoring is as follows:
    • Time is seconds taken to untie the string ball.
    • PLUS 60 seconds for each one point of systolic blood pressure change if the pressure is higher.
    • MINUS 60 seconds for each one point systolic if blood pressure has decreased.
  •  Competition string meets are called “ROPES”  (Real Optimism Playing Excellent String.)
  • At the end of a day’s competition, the stringeree enters all the player (*stringster) data into the Federation’s online database.
  • The global finals are held each year at an event called the Super Ball.

All sounds good, dear, but…”  I hate it when Elaine is thinking ahead of me…

How do WE get fabulously wealthy off this?”

I was thinking about selling global TV rights to a Russian oil-garch. They have to be looking for next con after BTC.  The Next Big Thing is String!”

I guess,,, It certainly makes more sense than social media or daytime TV…Maybe I could outdo Jessica Simpson by coming out with a StringTease fashion line…hmmm…”  

“Twining or pining?”

I was thinking more Tie One On…which would be a good positioning statement.”

“Someone’s bound to steal it before we can get it done. Freshen up that tequila, dear?  ”

Write when you get rich, (Now where did I put my meds?)

73 thoughts on “Boo-Hiss the Fed, Making Up Money, String Theory”

      • snork, that mess is what would bring out a sailing knife. But … cut to the chase:

        We are in deep Kimchee. Our counts differ but, we are looking at different Indices. I believe we are now in 5 of BIG (1). In either case we can expect a relief rally soon though by my count it will be BIG 2 vs. your 4. So, directionally we agree, in scale not so much.

        The DJIA having broken 30k is now leering at an unfilled gap from 28,495 (11/05/20) to 28,902 (11/12/20). The Nasdaq is now aiming at possible support via double-tap at 10,519 (09/21/20) and 10,520 (09/24/20). If the Comp fails at the double bottm it’s eaded for 9,838 (pre Pandemic high 02/19/20).

        Meanwhile, in BTC land, we wonders Precious, how much grunt must be applied by large holder MSTR to avoid the margin call peg at 21,000? Bet it’s a lot of dosh to defend a loser position …

        That’s all until there’s more.
        Write as Rain,

  1. George,
    Since you invented it, you could call it the “G String Game”.
    No charge.

  2. “Thing is – with bond RATES going Up, it means the underlying VALUES are going down. Chain that fire door closed.

    Alt. Money is also imploding – as seen in Bitcoin which was back down to just over $21,000 very early today.”

    That 1965 song from Martha and the Vandellas keeps playing in my head.

    “No where to run,
    Nowhere to hide,
    Got no where to run baby,
    No where to hide.”

  3. On Wednesday June 8th, George wrote an excellent article on inflation in Peoplenomics and quoted government provided inflation figures. If you are not a subscriber, the average $3.33/month is well worth it for in-depth Wednesday and Saturday insights. Yesterday’s Survival Garden pdf written by George was worth the annual subscription fee alone. Kudos.

    As George said, “Here’s the problem: While policymakers at the Fed rely on the All Items less Food and Energy – up 6.2 percent annualized in the April report released on May 11 this year – the Reality of life was CPI was up 8.3 percent year-on-year.”

    “Even worse, though, was food – up year-on-year by 9.4 percent. And bad as this was, everything else was swamped by Energy costs up in just one year 30.3 percent.”

    George was quoting Government numbers, and as he stated it is bad, but these numbers are Government lies. It is worse than the government tells us. Gasoline up 30.3%? Not even close. They are NOT using weighted prices i.e., the number of people paying the price where they live. The government uses averages, not weighted averages which they should be using, but it would increase the real inflation numbers. Some places in West Texas are $4.49, but NYC and the west coast are at $6.50-$9.49. Are they weighting those prices by the number of trucks and autos that are purchasing gas at those prices? No! More people are paying those higher prices than people paying $4.49 in West Texas. Therefore, the whole economy is suffering even worse than the government crooks are telling us. Those higher fuel costs, higher than the government averages, are being paid by millions of people. Therefore, fuel costs higher than “the average $5.03 being touted” are being baked into everything we buy and use.

    On June 6th, the NY Post stated that gasoline prices have doubled since Biden took office. The NY Post is being conservative. On Biden’s first day in office the price of gas in Tampa, FL was $2.37. Government “avg” is now $5.03. That is a Delta of 112.23%, NOT the 30.3% the government is quoting. Numbers and Statistics don’t lie, but liars misuse Numbers and Statistics…right Lyin’ Biden? All for the lunacy and lies of the Green New Deal and Human Caused Climate Change to do away with fossil fuels. Idiots. Damned stupid idiots. The wrong approach demonizing Carbon!!

    Worse yet, Biden is draining our Strategic Petroleum Reserves by 5% per month to keep the inflation and gasoline numbers from being even higher. You cannot drill fast enough to offset that drainage; nor complete the drilled uncompleted (DUC) wells that have been sitting there for months and months waiting on water, fracking and completion.

    Yes, China Biden & Son are purposely weakening our great country and our defensive structure by selling out our strategic petroleum reserves to make the fuel inflation numbers look not as bad come November elections. Biden, and Obama behind the curtain, are purposely weakening the military of the United States! Bagram, Billions of weapons left for our enemies, untold numbers of our weapon systems sent to questionable people like Cocaine Zilensky, millions of military aged men coming in at the wide-open border, mandatory vaccines to all of our military of an unapproved and untested concoction of crap that is now causing deaths worldwide, and draining our strategic petroleum reserves. There are many other things not known and not being reported by media sources that he is doing to weaken our defenses, including giving up the western Pacific islands our Marines fought and died for in WW2, which are now going to the Chinese for bases and military support of dictators there.

    Figures for shrinkflation in food and other products bought in a grocery store are not taken into consideration when they report their lies about inflation. Kleenex used to have 65 in a box, now they have 60 in a box, coffee the same–16 oz, to 12oz, to 8 oz, toilet paper and paper towels the samea, candy bars, you name it, and it is shrinking. Plus, the price has gone up on absolutely everything in a grocery store. Prime briskets used to be $39.00 just before Biden took over, now you will pay $104 for the same size. A 166.67% increase for the toughest part of a cow! 36% more for eggs this year vs. last year.

    Fuel costs flow through to everything from running a tractor, fertilizer, harvesting food, transporting food, storing costs for food, cooling stores, packaging cost, airline travel, shipping costs on imports, diesel, and electricity to heat and cool your home. And those items will never be green you fools in D.C. until certain advanced technologies are released.

    Those lights coming down the tracks are not Christmas lights. It is Biden’s runaway inflation train, and it is closer to running over everyone and forget the damned Fed saving this mess. The prices of raw materials and the cost of manufacturing are causing the prices to increase to the point where eventually people will stop paying these unaffordable prices, inventories will build up from unsold goods as demand falls, and employers will have to start laying off employees. The manufacturer or farmer cannot pay their fixed costs and the daily increase in variable costs and will also stop production.

    And we know what happens next: Recessions/depressions/poverty/falling real estate prices. Even in California!

    Bottom line-Biden and the Demo_rats are lying about everything to save their asses. Biden talks about all the jobs he has created. Bullshit. It is not what you are bragging about Biden, and the majority of the “new” jobs are fast food joints, hotels, services, minimum wage jobs, and people returning to work from COVID layoffs and some people trying to re-open their businesses that were shuttered by Demo_rat governors. Tesla just laid off 10% of their work force.

    You will see the Demo_rats proposing and passing legislation to provide a one-time payment to help all Americans “offset inflation” they say was caused by Trump and Putin, but not defining the real cause: lying babbling Biden and the fools in control of Congress and the Fed. This payment will be designed to hit just before the mid-terms. It won’t be anywhere near the REAL offset to the inflation they have caused.

    Commie Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren have introduced a bill proposing a $2400 annual increase in Social Security payments. A measly $200/month, or enough to buy two tanks of gas. If the crooks in D.C. had calculated the real rate of inflation with real fuel and food price increases included instead of taking them out of the CPI inflation rate, the people on Social Security would have gotten a real COLA benefit increase. But that is how the rats in D.C. work…they cause a problem, blame someone else, and then pass legislation to make you think they are really concerned about the American people by giving away more money. And they label it government help coming from the Demo_rat political party so vote for us.

    On the other side, you have Lindsay Graham saying that seniors should take a little less Social Security to help the system stay intact. How about paying back WITH INTEREST the money the government robbed from the Social Security Trust Fund that was used to help pay for all your RINO wars you and your party started Lindsay, you sorry war monger? You sit there with 100% medical and dental, 100% retirement, an overblown expense account, benefits, and untold millions you have raked in, and you tell Seniors they should take less. You two-faced sorry cockroach!!! RINO is too good a word for you. They are the bad ass of the plains, strong, and don’t take any shit from their opposition.

    +It is all BS fed to the ignorant people in this country that buy into their lies to get their votes. Not that their votes are needed anymore. The Demo_rats have figured out how to really turn the vote: mail-in ballots from dead people (lessons from LBJ), ballots under tables pulled out early the next day after the vote should have already been counted, 3 days to offset the real votes, ballot harvesting and ballot box stuffing, rigged voting machines, and Hammer and Scorecard. It makes Venezuela voting look honest by comparison. Marxism on steroids is where we are quickly +evolving and the gates are left wide open by the leftists letting military aged men in with their diseases, drugs, guns, gang memberships and human slavery.

    All this happening while the Demo_rats and 10 other RINO cockroaches, including Texas Senator John Cornyn, want to take our gun rights away to be at these scumbag invader’s mercy. They want to impose Red Flag Laws. This is nothing more than doing away with Due Process! Chip, chip, chip, take another chunk out of the Godly inspired U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. 18 USC 922 (g) includes everything you need to deal with guns. Too much is in that law already when considering the 2nd Amendment clearly states, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

    The Bolsheviks and the Little Red Book Maoists are here in the U.S. right now!! They are all over Washington D.C. Millions died from bayonets and bullets after the citizenry gave up their guns in Russia and China and the fanatics took over. The United States is the last bastion of freedom for the world, we have fought for other’s freedoms all over the world since the 19th Century. Millions of armed citizens are the only thing keeping the wanna be dictators in check. If you don’t believe it look at what is happening to the once great British empire. Canada, New Zealand, and Australia have all confiscated guns and the citizens became subjects of the dictators in charge with their lockups and forced COVID rules. Demo_rat governors did the same thing. A globalist blueprint. Guns were the only thing that saved the newly formed United States of America from being subjects to some inbred King or Queen of England.

    Every day our country is becoming weaker and weaker as designed and planned by those Marxists fools running the show in D.C. Without a free America, the world comes closer to total dictatorship. That is the real goal of the New World Order!!

    • Next up , bernie will say the people on welfare will need an extra $20000 a year to get by . Money for welfare never seems to run out . Got to keep the people on the plantation happy.

      • WTHS, ‘Trigger’ happy used to mean Dale Evan’s horse, now in the U.S. we have the highest rate of gun ownership and gun deaths among industrialized nations, and rank at 10th place behind Central/South American countries in a rating of all countries:

        Biden and other Democrats are going after the Oil Companies’ excessive profitteering, the Republicans aren’t:

      • Trigger was Roy’s horse. Dale’s horse’s name was Buttermilk.

        I doubt the Central American gun death figures take into account the outright fire fights and other internal wars of the Cartels down there. They’re the defacto government in most areas of Mexico and on South leaving headless corpses at crossroads everywhere. I’ve read many accounts where ordinary citizens have had to form militias to protect themselves from these drug runners and criminal gangs. Now Bribem, YOUR pretend president, has given them an open invitation to our backyard. No one really cares WHERE we land in the list of gun-owning countries as long as MS-13 and the rest pour in with all the “Got-aways”. At least they’re expelling the high profile killers like Jose Inez Garcia Zarate who killed Kate Steinle – after getting 3 hots and a cot for years when they should have hung him on the nearest lamp post.

        I feel quite certain the mass shooting will increase as the Dims punish America for not giving up its guns. Sirhan-Sirhan was just a pilot program gone live and the sleepers live among us unaware of their status. If you choose not to be armed I hope you have a sign in your yard proudly proclaiming your virtue. Mad Max has come to the towns and ranches just a couple of hours South of us. People are learning they have to provide for their own safety just like they did at the turn of the last century as Villa and other raided along the Rio and Southern border. History isn’t rhyming – it’s repeating aided and abetted by your party and the RINOs.

      • To my surprise the video is still there on YT.

        Derren Brown: The Assassin with Stephen Fry | The Experiments

        I downloaded this to my computer long ago for reference. It’s not only possible but there’s no doubt it’s a tool in the Dept. of Dirty Tricks’ tool bag. The movie “Telefon” with Charles Bronson was based on this as well as the entire Jason Borne series. The movie is the message.

    • What a great post @West Texas Horse Sense…
      When I met my wife in 87.. as a nurse the average wage if a nurse was $4.75 pee hour.. a tech 3.00..
      In the seventies minimum wage was 1.50 everyone had insurance.. only a few had food stamps or relyed on govt. For anything..
      Today poverty level in San Fran is just at 50 per hour. Here it’s around 3 an hour..

      Now the question… how far is down..
      If we look at the k-wave it was suggested down to 1913 wages.. if we look at Argentina a happy meal is just shy a thousand dollars..
      Eggs here is almost 200 percent more than a year ago..
      So how far is down.. an administration that only has failures to boast about.. seriously weakening our national security as they hustle over illegal military aged men from countries that swore vengeance using the very tactics being used.. depleting our strategic reserves.. giving away our backup arms to what was considered the most corrupt country on the planet..
      If minimum wage had kept up with inflation it would be at California poverty wage..
      So.. when the titanic sinks how far will it go.. fuel isn’t an issue.. the wells in ND have a three hundred year supply.. slap the regulations back on essentials.. fuel, insurance, etc. They won’t but that would be the easy way.. what was it that the saudi prince said..the actual cost per barrel was less than 2 dollars..
      I will never forget the day of deregulation..I was tired.. price was 67.9 I thought heck that’s not a special price.. the week before it was at 55.9 and some places 45.9
      So.. I went home snd and was watching the news as the president announced deregulation.. saying thus way they can charge less..
      ( what I didn’t realize was they always could) the next morning..109.9… it’s never been below a dollar since

  4. Yo Greenshades,

    Someone needs to splain to the federal turds bout negative feedback loops…the not federal reserve massive printing ops,(mouse clicks move decimals on balance sheets), over the past 10 yrs has crushed US Productivity at every turn/Quarter. Printing mass sums of money every week kills Productivity, so much so as to push Productive people out of the system..see RGEa.
    Rather than actively try to enslave globo pop., they have dumbed and numbed everyone down on daily basis(freq. manipulations) so no one is concerned about the take down ops, as they stand there with mouths agape waiting, to be handed their shiny new CBDC’s – the only way to buy food in future with Ure Digital ID..da mark !

    These past several iterations of president/presidential administrations are all about NOW, maximizing Now, with eyes on the future – NO Long Game in WH for a very long time….
    ..might a ran into an Old “buddie” last week down the jungle lodge way C.A.
    Been like 40 yrs, and lets just say “Sergei” looked as rock hard serious as ever – mentioned something about ortega tacos and wolverines???

    No – U aint no Sparticus, Ure slave.

    • Sorry, but negative feedback loops are stable when the setpoint (+) and feedback (-) are equal and at balance. Positive feedback, aka regenerative feedback and will run-away to either max or min depending on the polarity when it begins.
      George, any comment?

  5. From what I see, the ‘stock market’ or ‘Bond ‘market’ will not be relevant in the near future. The wave theory becomes meaningless.
    Everything of ‘digital value’ is derived from having an abundance of relatively cheap energy and WATER. Now, America has neither.

    Dollars, Bitcoins, Euros – does not matter – no water, no cheap energy, they go to ‘0’ in value. Very hungry people don’t tend to worry about their 401k’s. I think we are going to get a wake up call from Mother Nature that will kick our ass back to the 1800’s and then some.

    I believe Bill Holter – they ‘pulled the plug.’ Don’t worry, it was a prison planet anyway.

  6. In all media, what is not reported or talked about is often more important than what is. Your only mention of the Jan. 6 hearings these days is to dismiss them, or like today’s column, say nothing – no matter what new evidence is brought forward. But monkey attacks merit our attention? Our country is hanging by a thread, but not from renaming sports teams. What do you say to this statement by respected conservative judge J. Michael Luttig? I believe what he has written is a clarion call to all Americans. Of course, he will be called a Marxist or a denizen of the deep state because he dares to speak his truth – attack the messenger, but ignore the message. But this willful ignorance will not bode well for the Republican party, the country, or the world. As he asks in his statement, which side are you on?

      • I say a pox on both their houses. I don’t see this as a binary choice D=evil R=good. Both sides have the ability to erode our democracy, but the link I posted was not from a Democrat, but a very respected conservative Republican judge. What he is talking about, if you read his statement, is bad for you and me, all parties, and the country and that’s what I was commenting on. Your link was about the Dems being the real and only bad guys, which just proves my point that this info will be buried by distractions and misdirection without addressing the substance of his statement. PJ Media might you feel good and will sometimes show you some truth, but it is not a reliable news source, so if that is the best you got then you are under-informed. This is the problem I see on both sides – confirmation bias, and rejection of any opposing viewpoint that might threaten held beliefs. The R’s will most likely take the govt. back, but if they run it with blinders on, and conspiracy theories fueling their rule, then they will be out of step with the country and overreach will most certainly happen and they will lose power soon enough.

      • “I say a pox on both their houses. I don’t see this as a binary choice D=evil R=good.”


        However, it might be a binary (or nearly-binary) “Left=evil; Right=good” simply because the Left is trying its damnedest to push us into a Marxist, totalitarian dictatorship and people who’re not students of both history and politics don’t realize, and in fact, in many cases can’t see the push.

        One should never get hung up on labels. “D” and “R” merely dictate from which corporation a political candidate gets his(her) funding. Nor should they get caught-up in “cheerleading” for a particular political party. Evaluate people by their actions — evaluate politicians by their voting record and the popularity of the bills upon which they voted populist, against Party lines.

        As for da judge: WHO respects him, and why? If he is respected as a “conservative” by Ted Cruz and Mark Levin, then I’ll concede the point and read some of his background.

        Otherwise, I will stand by my statement that he’s just another neocon. George Will is a “highly-respected, Conservative Republican” if you ask anyone in the media. Yet to judge him by both his words and his actions, he’s just another generic neocon.

      • SR, trouble ahead from BOTH SIDES?????

        Oh BOY did you nail it; what do you call a globalist?

        A DEMONREPUBRINO….purchased by the best money money can buy….but hey, it ain’t just us, look at all the WEF Folk in charge of countries around the world. All purchased, sold, bagged, tagged, spanked and yanked and God knows what else floats their wittle little boats.

        Did you see ole devil looking Blair in his giddy up outfit with those prancers and chancers standing in without the Queen the other day? He could hardly walk, I’d say some kind of neurological disorder. Someone probably patted his ass with the same stuff that patted Alex Jones shoulders with and almost killed him.

        The EU is working double time to get the world aflame, ole Biden, EL JEFE, starting and stoking the burning fires in the USA has plenty of help.

        I think most non WEF- folks on here are pretty Eyes Wide Open by now….it’s so f’k evil, it’s unbEVILable.

        Glad you been around since 2007; and we ain’t all yes men….just like you….cause yes men and no men don’t mean a Wee Man.

        Len Daquino, is that obtuse enuff for ya, cause, for the life of me, I can’t follow half of what you say, but I get 100% of the jest. :)

    • Not truth, opinion. Ramblings of a partisan hack. When someone has support from Conway or Kagan (or Will or Kristol), all of whom are Republican (in name), but none of whom are either right-leaning nor supportive of the Constitution or the Nation, I pigeonhole that person with the company he keeps. I don’t care that he’s a never-Trumper neocon. He’s entitled to his beliefs. However, I try to stick to truth, and that requires that I not be swayed by the opinion of just another generic neocon…

      The 1/6 proceedings are a political stunt, foist to keep Donald Trump from running for President. Were they a real fact-finding proceeding, the principal defendant would be Nancy Pelosi, whose wanton negligence is what transformed a lawful demonstration into a riot (and whom, by the conditions under which the 1/6 committee operates, is exempt from investigation or consideration under any and all circumstances.)

      The “prime-time” 1/6 “events” are a Leninist show trial. This is why “evidence” is only presented from one side, and one perspective, and why everyone on the investigatory panel is of the same political persuasion. It is done in “prime-time” to attempt to influence public opinion because there is no actual evidence that Trump committed any crime.

      The dude has been investigated for seven straight years by a literal army of the best criminal and forensics investigators on the planet — highly-motivated investigators intent on finding ANY criminal activity of any kind whatsoever, and who would’ve found an actionable felony in your background or mine, within two days. Yet in seven years of crawling around inside Mr. Trump’s ass they’ve found nothing.

      It’s just possible, DJT is actually honest.

      Get over it, already…

      • As yes, SR….Blithely dissing PJ Media as “not a reliable news source” (while ignoring all the fact thingeys in the article summarily dismissed) and getting all preachy in the same post about “confirmation bias”. # Irony # Unselfaware #Hubris

      • Do people actually have time to watch TV? Do they actually pay to be indoctrinated?
        Occasionally I watch a movie from the net, but it’s a bit of a rarity.

        I have no idea what’s going on with these stupid hearings. IMHO, there’s nothing I can do about them and they’re just another waste of national treasure. Nobody investigated BLM and Antifa, and they did far worse! Nasty P and her husband are both drunks and corrupt to the core. She pulled the political strings and he traded on her insider info. They’re still doing it, while refusing to reign in the idiot in chief and his handlers. I see nothing of value in 90+% of everyone in DC politics. Unfortunately, real people have obligations and lives to live, and have limited free time. How on earth can we change this idiocracy? If voting mattered, it would be illegal. I’m not sure if anything good can be accomplished in the courts, and what does that leave us with? If we don’t change direction soon, we will be looking with envy toward Venezuela and Cuba.

        Both parties are criminally corrupt. Perhaps we should simply outlaw parties and require that candidates work alone, using just a website and a certain number of minutes in media. I truly wish I knew some answers here for our country, but the best I can do so far is to avoid being part of the problem as much as possible. Good luck to us all!

    • Gee, SR, welcome to the board, are you a newbie?

      “…not a reliable news source.” Hahahahahaahahahaah, scream…hahahah!!! and then HA HA HA HA like the big evil voice at the bilderberg conference that Alex Jones filmed….

      You gotta be cause you are already acting like we be dummies.

      • Been here since 2007. I don’t think you’re a dummy, but maybe a bit shortsighted as to possible trouble ahead from both sides. Sorry to crash your exclusive club – I guess only yesmen are welcome here.

      • “Yes men” is not true SR. I totally disagree with George’s rants about cryptos.

        One thing I learned along time ago, (not that I know everything) is acceptance doesn’t equal approval.

        I think it is important to consider all facets of every side that I can learn from and imagine in order to formulate a response or not. Some people ask questions that if they really think about it, the answer will come to them and I won’t answer. Sometimes I don’t answer because I don’t disagree with what they said and sometimes i don’t answer because it’s not my job to over opinionate anyone.

        ~The Art of disclosure~ if you will.

        I know I get better information from reading the world around me than anything on the web. And in most cases better than all the combined stuff on the web.

        I mostly go here because I been coming here to urban survival for a long long time.

        Most of the stuff I read doesn’t surprise me and alot of it is the same stuff reworded over and over. There is pattern to everything. And I’m really good at recognizing patterns. Even patterns of thought. And once you understand the patten or “algorithm of dialog” in a place, you have an understanding of where the conversation is going and where it will be in a few days from now. There is a trajectory of consensus on here. And not much surprises me now.

        Today’s read and comments are very jagid and almost manic, emotional with quite a few hot words.

        To answer George’s ponder, “How far is down?”

        On October 05, 2007 the Dow was just over 14k then slow decline to september 26th 2008 (if my memory serves the dow hit 11,886 (a 25.9% decline over 11 months) prior to October of 2008. In early October 2008 it took a massive sharp turn down, by March of 2009 Dow was down to a little over 6,200

        When you look at YOY you see the same decline before the sharp down turn from 2021 to now of 11.52% again the slow decline until the sharp downturn.

        Now the prior example didn’t have a massive problem with the Yen and there was no Bitcoin model.

        **********But we same the same exact example found in Dow from 2007 to 2008 in the Chines Stock market of the Hang Seng. Almost an identical to the prior example of the ( Dow from October of 2007 to September of 2008 ) which had as stated had a 25.9% decline prior to the massive down turn.

        —- The Chinese Stock Market Hang Seng has has a 26.32% decline from June of 2021 to June of 2022.
        —-Dow Jones industrial average had a 25.9 decline early October 2008 to early October 2009, prior to the massive decline resulting in “bail outs” of companies and Too big to fail.

        Almost identical declines prior to the steap decline.

        Currently the US has has only an 11.52% decline.

        Bitcoin has has a 45.68% YOY. That is a world platform. The only non national trading platform.

        From my way of thinking is whoever declines first will recover first. But that may not be the case.

        Still it is very interesting to me that the Chinese Market decline is almost an exact Match as the Dow decline in 2007 to 2008. Almost an exact replica prior to the housing implosion in the US.

        Contrary to popular opinion about Cryptos. I buy them every chance I get. I can only tell you it is a hunch. I’m not responsible for anything you do with my hunch. I don’t give trading advise. I just have this constant push that says buy them. So I buy them. As much as I can. Which is probably foolishness to most on here. But I trust my gut more than i trust others opinions. And I’m dont let others sway me thinking for myself.

        If you bought bitcoin when clif talked about it, it was $50 then. It’s still worth $21,000 right now. So you would still have made a really good investment.

        With regards to George’s other question. “Would Jesus work security?”

        I thought about it. And my answer is this. Jesus would go where ever he was of maximum service and value to THE DUDE and his fellows.

        Be that security or trucking, I’m not sure yet. I’m doing both currently. And I don’t have to decide right now. I can wait for the answer to come to me.

        I don’t have to have all the answers. I only need to have a good relationship with the One who does. And I talk to HIM all day long evey day.

        How far down? 1.5 times the amount of decline from October of 2007 to March of 2009. How long do we have? Until November 17th 2022.

        The Chinese market doesn’t have much longer than a month or so before it crashes from my vantage Point.

        And the Yen is fucked. Hyperinflation will hit there first.

        That is what I see. Do with it what you like. I’m not responsible for any Financial decisions you make.

        Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, you are as well.


      • Any, a very nice summary – thank you.
        A dandy answer to the “Would JC work security” question too.
        On markets, we look like we may have a summer rally, first, before going down.
        As my late mentor (Robin Landry) explained it: “Markets must always make their waves.”
        So while we could go down to Aggregate 28,600-ish, then rally strongly to the already published targets, the eventual lows in Nov. actually lines up nicely.

        Maybe we should write DUDE-nomics. Because there are always many paths to Truth. Sometime by the direct-sensing methords (cherry trees) and other times by remote sensing (Aggregated data). Yet we all end up at the bottom of this somewhere Thansgiving0ish,.

        (Bows in a martial arts way to his teacher. – We all learn from one another or serve little purpose.)

    • Wow – still butt hurt from the orange golum of greatness..

      How come you have not found a thing on him ? teflon don?
      Been 6 years now – you sight a Federalist (bend4friends2climbladder) -“special recruits” – appt by bush the Evil? That mans bread has been “covered” in german butter since Law School.

      *DVD – besides kidnapping (women&children into 20yr”program”,snuff films) does anything to Hurt, Deminish, Attack, USA.. Women and Children their specialty.

      Neocons are about to get us ALL F-ing killed – and you sight one on the eve of our destruction…genius.

      • Hi George,
        From SR’s new comments above, and several new other commentators of recent I’ve seen including my sparse comments on your blog, it appears that ure Urban has several lurkers not sure of their relevance to be able to comment adequately.
        If ure were in the business of gauging this blog’s reader base, ure numbers may not reflect to true number of readers.
        But since you are the owner, I am guessing you are privately seeing a substantial uptick in readers, just not the WTHS up value of $3.34 per month per subscriber to Peoplenomics, yet………

      • I wish! Nope, Urban and PN just chug along – in a world of dichotomies and polarizations, the rational middle has become a wasteland – except in these parts, of course…

      • ” besides kidnapping (women&children into 20yr”program”,snuff films) does anything to Hurt, Deminish, Attack, USA.. Women and Children their specialty.”

        I am not sure who you were referring to @RGEa…. Were you referring to the kids evil laptop and his thousands of images and documents .. top secret passcodes etc.. or the open borders and transportation of military aged illegals and children by the moron hauling children to the area where the suspected pedophile satanic group is.
        five years ago I couldn’t hardly believe the stories I heard about the corruption issues in ukraine from people that lived there then.. it was sadder than hell and pure evil what the leaders there were doing….that is probably why zelensky ran on the I can clean up all the evil in our govt platform to bad he wasn’t doing a very good job of it..It still was the number one child trafficking country, human trafficking , number one illegal organ harvesting, number one money laundering country…I hadn’t read if they were still doing genocide on the elderly there maybe he was able to stop that part..


        Of course that was considered fake news.. just like the kids laptop.. but back then.. I heard people that live there telling me the story.. so who do I believe.. the fake news spinners or a resident..that had nothing to gain from sharing the story of the corruption…

        “you sight one on the eve of our destruction…”

        I get your point that G should list more than just one of the idiots crazy things.. but I personally think that it would take hours for George to write about all the stupid crap they are pushing at us right now.. so one is just enough.. we do get the point of the lunacy and corruption in DC… what is really scary.. is.. NO ONE… on either side is saying any objections to the crazy crap.. oh I get it.. no one is home there.. congress doesn’t work normal hours.. just a few days a year the rest is smoke and mirrors.. but .. could the erie silence be because of some of the crazy crap they didn’t read that was passed and it is self preservation that is keeping them silent.. or is it that they are all paid way or another..



        I agree the idiots now are sure trying hard to get us all killed in a nuclear war. I has the vast majority of the laborers scared to death.. and then printing like a crazy man and no one keeping track of where it is going.. that is pure idiocy.. I wouldn’t even dream of going to Delaware right now that I am pretty sure is target number one. and if we don’t go into a nuclear war..or that the illegals had a great deal of warriors hidden within the crowd to do a Jihad Caliphate like they swore they would.. ( I wonder how many millions went to the family to get that one done.. ) then we will have one of the worst economic corrections in the history of the planet..

        that story is really kind of funny if you think about it.. WHO makes those chips… not us.. LOL LOL LOL.. we have them made for us.. the business model is to make and sell.. so what if it was by our guidelines.. check where you stuff is made now.. not that many years ago.. it was discovered that there was an additional programming hard wired in guidance chips.. who would have thought huh.. to send data to an offshore place in micro bursts.. hmm..

      • FORGOT to mention key post in space-nazi assholes personal vitae – General Counsel – Boeing Corp. In plain F-ing site – that is all you need to know.

        – How could I have forgotten 20 yrs..

  7. Speaking of games, this looks like Dominoes.

    Crypto volatility knocks more stablecoins off their peg

  8. “2025-2026”

    That’s why a life of leisure using Round-up is the way. In three years there is no environment. Hahahaha! 3D print a pump squirt bottle and be done.

    Houses by me are still flying off the shelf. The new subs keep expanding and the used have sold signs within two weeks. I don’t know if ‘sold’ means a completed transaction or accepted offer or what.

    I’d like to sell and get the money but my taxes will be triple on the next place.

    • Quick call Biliton (BHP) they gotz tonz o tonz of thermal coal..TONS.
      better yet BUYBUYBUYBUY – BHP for under $60 tomorrow. That pencils out to a 11.30% div yield. be ringing register every 3 months.

      Fed should have blown past that mark yesterday to the tune of 3.5 basis point rise in fed funds, and another and another June/July/Aug. It is really one big joke..

      Got Wheatcoin?

  9. PuddinPie, can you help a brother in need?

    A tini tiny little detail regards an item mentioned by WH just the other day is “mind worming” me to death. I need therapy quick like, can someone help a brother out ?

    Like a catchy tune, I just cant stop the music bumping thru me brain and driving me moar insane..

    pres. gaga sending armed drones to the Kraine-yipeee! This can only increase our collective pain to come. US manufactured and supplied drones carrying “prayer books” can only be operated in that theater via active US/Nato Satellite data – only – that dear friends is tantamount to declaring WAR on our Russian Sista’s and Brothers. begining of vid – check the faces in da crowd – that would be “mr badenov”

    Glupyj scheisse kophf president(arent they all) thinks US pop dont know any better regards Drone technology. Yep – that oughta do it – cross “that line” and destroy the shit out some hardened Russian troops – Yerp that ought do it..brilliant slo, just brilliant!

    * Energize Ure idea of a SAFE World- think it, assume it, imagine it 12 times a day, and sea what Ure reality becomes..U can do it!

    • doa bum,

      We are already at war.

      The congress doesn’t need to enact nothing they are funding everything.

  10. Like the string game. How about this one called “Shit!”

    Shit is played with a roll of plastic bags like the ones at the grocery store produce department. Object of the game is to not only complete it with the least amount of “Shit” and equally important to not substitue any other words for “Shit”.
    Each player takes his position at a roll dispenser and when the Referee blows his whistle each player will take a single bag from the roll and attempt to get it open within 10 seconds. If successful he will immediately remove the next bag and his “shitclock” restarts. Any player who cannot get his bag open before the timer sounds must yell “Shit” before dropping the unopneed bag and taking the next bag from the roll while his shit clock gontinues to run.
    Game continues for around 20 minutes or until all players get pissed and quit. The number of unopened bags on the floor at each players station is tallyed then divided by the aggregate amount of time on all players shitclocks. Winner is then determined by drawing a number from the pot.

    Loads of fun. I bet it becomes an olympic event like Bowling or Syncronized bobsledding.

  11. I’m hearing from some unhappy vaccine customers that they have been sick since the jab. Saying, the government/media made them do it. – um, these particular folks weren’t mandated to do so.

    I explain that it was voluntary, an experimental thing and YOU made the choice. “We’ll, they certainly talked us into it !!” They remark harshly. That’s when I mention, “sometimes you just gotta think for yourself.” I feel bad for them but talking to me won’t change anything. They’re just venting.

    I see the same “persuasion” (comments) on YouTube to get people to invest into the markets, now. Trolls, bots, folks getting paid to vacuum up someone else’s money with happy, hopeful talk. Yep, the Fed knows what it’s doing and ya gotta stand with Biden about Ukraine and, everything’s gonna be alright.

    WOW !!

    Yeah, while the entity at the top of this mess exclaims, “You Got Another Thing Comeing”

    Note: Think for yourself. Earplugs are still affordable.

    • Freedom isn’t free. I got booted from my university connection because I refused to get injected or lie to them. Their requirements for a “religious” exemption had their own poison pill. It would have been a bit more difficult if there was a real mandate, with armed soldiers going door to door. I think they need to soften us up a bit more before they try that.

      I do have a good friend who got one shot of J&J(over my objections). She had a weird psychedelic experience that night along with a sore arm, but seems to be reasonably OK since then. She refuses to entertain the idea of any further injections. She was perfectly healthy before the shot and worked face to face with the public.

      I’ll refrain from sharing my thoughts regarding Mr. Fauci and his disease, beyond “It’s about time!”.

  12. “…ensure no one wants to have kids because somewhere in high school or shortly after, kids can smell a Rat.”

    You are describing me… in high school. I must be a ‘futurist’. I saw a world coming where I didn’t want to raise kids into. And I started studying longwave economics. It’s taken a long time to get here, but… here we are.

    I appreciate Ure writings, but… I hate it when you string me along! :-0

  13. The Western msm appears reticent to pick up the “everybody is happy” news story which has graced Russian and Chinese sites earlier this week. Apparently Roscosmos was paid some 2 billion roubles rather than the USD equivalent for the safe repatriation to Earth of the American astronaut from the space station at the end of March.

    Do I hear an oilé, oilé from the eu public gallery?

  14. Sorry for jabbed .? I say to them go and get more rat juice/ snake venom . You know everything you watch the tv . Gunna be so bad . There is a cure if you been jabbed . But I say f you . I’ll never say

  15. Great read today G as always. Unfortunately your precise analysis of everything going on in the world is giving me heart beat skips and after reading the fabulous comments today I find myself heading to the ER as I type, I hope the darkness comes fast and painless.
    I’m out………

    • Don’t leave us yet – this movie of Life is just getting to the good partr where we are all setr up to do heroic things. Important for spiritual growth to get that.

      • From a very young age I’ve always felt that I was here on this planet for a very important reason, to witness a specific world altering event. I’m getting impatient, I’m honestly exhausted with the goings-on the last 20 years. My biggest fear lately when it comes to the great fight for humanity’s survival I will to old and tired to make a difference. Thanks for the words of encouragement, should get me through a few more years…..

  16. Just finished paying my electric bill. Used less energy than last month, but paid more for it. I’m afraid to calculate it. North of $0.50/kWh now. We are oil fired, and it used to be ‘cheap’ Russian oil. Now we get it from Indonesia at much higher prices. Premium gas popped $6.03 this week. Thanks, Traitor Joe!

    • We’ve got the same problems on the mainland East Coast. At least you can buy a horse and saddle and nobody will think twice about it.

    • “Thanks, Traitor Joe!”

      Bend over and spread em so they can slip you the ole stubby popsicle LOL.. well it is sixteen mm’s long….

  17. People interested in cryptocurrencies can be divided into two types: 1) those who have invested before (and are therefore familiar with the market) and 2) those who have never been interested in investments, but under the impression of the opening prospects suddenly decided that it is time to mention “investor” status on their resume and start buying cryptocurrencies according to There is nothing wrong with the second case, but you need to be aware of all the risks involved.

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