Blame Biden for Gas Prices, Diesel Shortages

While Bitcoin looks to sucker-in more of the “buy the dips” crowd, and prices early remained planted around $30,000, we are instead waiting for Markets to wake up to the no growth model and reprice accordingly.

But the BIG story is how the Biden administration continues to kill America’s future.  It is almost as though a gang of climate extremists had recognized their chance to elevate The Rich and Powerful into even more of a “club you can’t join” – like the crowd that hangs at Davos.

The latest Biden foul on America was the story on the Daily Caller site over the weekend:  Biden Cancels More Oil And Gas Leases As Fuel Prices Skyrocket.  According to the report, there will not be another series of energy leases up until a year from this October.

If You Defend Biden…

…you’re not very bright.  Here are some “energy Realities” to consider:

For now the Drooler’s posse keeps goading Putin into nuclear first use.  NATO assures Ukraine open-ended military support against Russia.

Meanwhile, How could Russia react to Finland, Sweden joining NATO. Essentially three ways this could play.

Aha!  A Ukraine story that is not a Whopper: McDonald’s to leave Russia for good after 30 years. (Leaving shareholder in a pickle?)  Biden is still working on Supersizing Ukraine.

Government really needs a war.  Could it be to cover-up and distract from the Second Depression?  Food shortages will be one reason for expansion of government control.  But just think how much unconstitutional power will accrete to the power-addict pols with radiation!  OMG!  Pure adrenaline there.

The early market futures were down 50 on the Dow and more on the NASDAQ.

It’s pretty clear to us that the demagogues party is willing to kill the greatest economy in the world.  First by outsourcing critical manufacturing, then by forcing a war with Russia and now strong-arming what were more-or-less neutral countries into the EU power grab. Dopes.

It’s pretty clear when you look:  An alliance of radial leftists has made a war and it will cause shortages before winter.  Of gasoline, diesel, and food above all.   This will result in yet-another unconstitutional seizure of power to those least worthy of wielding it.

If I sound a bit pissy this morning, thank the day’s news flow.

Speaking of “The Club”

It’s War on Musk.

Big Left is out to kill Elon Musks efforts to help America “walk the talk.”

Oh sure, in theory this is a land of Free Speech.  But Big Left presently has a lock on social media through a series of half-wit CEOs. faux truther’s, and political hacks.  And they sure as hell don’t want to give it up.

As a result?  Big Left doesn’t want Musk anywhere near the (bot swarming, manipulation and control offered by…) social media.

The War is coming from two directions.  Lefterly media cheerleaders, like the Washington Post’s Elon Musk’s free-speech agenda could mean challenges for Twitter in India – The Washington Post.  Am  I the only one to notice the WaPo is concerned and hand-wrings only about borders everywhere but HERE?

The other front in the War on Musk will be (owned by corps) government agencies which operate under “color of law.”  As in SEC Reportedly Investigates Musk For Delay In Disclosing 5% Twitter Stake (

Yes, too dangerous to let the un-controlled, out of the club sort – like Musk – anywhere near Social.  He will likely kill the crooked bot-swarms and their “inside accomplices” some of whom have already jumped ship.

Free speech is only for Lefties!  Yale Law Students Leah Fessler Melisa Olgun call for ostracizing conservative classmates. Subhead is “Woke Yale Law students call for ‘unrelenting daily confrontation’ with conservative classmates and attack the Constitution following leaked SCOTUS opinion that could see Roe V. Wade overturned”

Social media is a public utility and should be regulated in the same “hands off” manner.  We don’t need to have an upcoming lefty political hack claiming an (obviously unconstitutional) right to “oversee” anything.

Biden stupidity is evident at every turn:  Killing energy for some whacko’s and killing any threat to “controlled media.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you – for the 3,809th Monday of Ure’s time on Earth – That the FIX is STILL IN.

Speaking of “The Fix”

We give a nod of appreciation over in the direction of Fox News for covering the Hildebeast story:  Michael Sussmann’s trial to begin in first case brought by Special Counsel John Durham.  Sussmanm was a lawyer for the Clinotistas.  Now there’s a strong “club member” huh?

But here’s how the distraction works:  Rather than get into how many Clintonistas might be crooks, the Mainstream serves up shit like Inside UFO secrets that could be revealed at bombshell hearing probing whether aliens pose national security threat. Like The Powers will let you in on crap?

Around here, if you haven’t figured out that “aliens are real” and that “Hillary’s a crook” you might as well look for an MKUltra-like program.  Speaking of which…

Reset The Mass Murder Clock

“Who programmed him?” we’re wondering.  As Payton Gendron was hospitalized after threatening classmates. He’s the weekend mass shooting (alleged) perp. 10-dead.

But let’s think a little deeper.  The agenda of NPR remains decidedly left of our views.  Especially reading U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres condemns Buffalo shooting.  It’s no business of his, but that’s who liberals quote.

But here’s the facts:  The UN (and so far, not NPR that I’ve found) bothers to report it was an Asian gunman was involved in another weekend shooting: 1 Killed, 5 hurt in California Church Shooting, Gunman Held.

The sad fact is that the craziness of killing other humans is pretty-evenly spread among races in all the research I’ve seen.  But so is mental illness.

On this Buffalo case: Interesting to read about arrestee’s previous behaviors.  Perhaps it will sway the mental health profession to reacquaint itself with the track record of early corporal punishment, treatment, and incarceration.  The wages of excessively permissive society are death.

Now to the clock:

Six people were killed up in Colorado back on December 27th of last year.  That was 139 days ago.  But this is a noisy data set.  Still, in that 130-150 day range, the 135-145 day cyclical inference is noted.

If you know an amateur astronomer, get a list of orbital periods in that 130-150 length for minor moons, and such.

For example, I’m sure you remember reading about The Effect of Orbital Configuration on the Possible Climates and Habitability of Kepler-62f – PMC (  Here’s a star where the half-rotation cycle would be about 133-days.  You following me?

The Weak Ahead

We would like to see a moderate decline in the market today.  That MIGHT set up a rally if tomorrow’s Retail Sales numbers come in good.  Prepping by more people increases sell-through.

After Retail tomorrow (and industrial production 45-minutes later).  Housing starts Wednesday and a Philly Fed report Thursday.  Friday has a quarterly services survey mid-morning.  Not a likely market mover, though.

Empire State Data Just out:

From the NY Fed release:

“After growing strongly last month, business activity declined in New York State, according to firms responding to the May 2022 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index dropped thirty-six points to -11.6. New orders declined, and shipments fell at the fastest pace since early in the pandemic. Delivery times continued to lengthen, and inventories expanded. Labor market indicators pointed to a modest increase in employment and the average workweek. Both the prices paid and prices received indexes moved lower, but were still elevated. Looking ahead, optimism about the six-month outlook remained subdued.”

Yeah, we know that subdued stuff…

Rip N. Reed’s Picks

News Flow Follies:

Photos: Total lunar eclipse bathes Moon in red.

Want to remind me why the U.S. is a member of the UN?  Babblespeak like No Climate Transition Without Securing Land Rights  is code-talk for global government land grab.  They will get to once free oceans, too, one of these days. It’ll be a crisis, of course.

A little heavy on the punishment side, but Man Collected 12 Stones, Pieces Of Broken Pottery As Souvenirs In Iraq. He Is Now Facing Death Penalty. Where’s Indy when we need him?

First Robotic Murder case for A.I. fans? Greece: Man, believed homeless, crushed in ‘robot dumpster’.

Thinking people’s read: Jordan Peterson Tells Graduates Faith ‘Is a Form of Courage, ‘Warns Them of the ‘Devil at the Crossroads’.

Around the Ranch

About an inch of rain fell in a surprise pop-up thunderstorm here, overnight.

A further note (since I’ve been writing so much on workflows and workstations lately) I keep forgetting to mention the “workstation” for the Lexus.

In the carport, you see, the pressure washer is mounted on a post with a quick connect for water.  About a 15-second setup time to pressure wash the car.

Long story made super short:  The car is sparkling while the greening-up continues here in East Texas.  Where near as we can figure, washing the car really DOES cause rain.  Well, that and Elaine watered the front lawn 8-houyrs earlier…

Just Amazing.  Dude!

Write when you get rich,

116 thoughts on “Blame Biden for Gas Prices, Diesel Shortages”

  1. Congress is indeed holding hearings this week on UFO/UAP sightings.

    Of note is this quote: “Defense officials have said the mysterious aircraft are likely not alien visitors, but instead unknown new technologies developed by other countries.”

    Two things concern me about the quote:
    – what current earthly technologies exist which allow transmedium (air to water) travel and zero to mach 20 acceleration?
    – which (earthbound) nation(s) currently have such systems?

    If these things really are “unknown new technologies developed by other countries,” I sure hope those countries are U.S. allies. Otherwise, we’re toast!

    Ever get the feeling congress collectively takes “we the sheeple” as mindless herds of fools?

    • “Ever get the feeling congress collectively takes “we the sheeple” as mindless herds of fools?”

      Yes, when Pelosi and Shumer claim they were sacred to death on January 6, but then show up the the Ukraine for a happy photo shoot while it’s a war zone … and no one questions this. – my answer is “yes they do.”

      • Not even taking into consideration the numbers of BLM and Antifa people there or the alleged messages asking them to show up there.. just look at the crime rate increase in all the cities over their rioting and looting spree..the devastation and crimes.. not one word..

    • And which countries had them 130 years ago, when the first accounts of “flying saucers” were published in legitimate newspapers…?

      • “the first accounts of “flying saucers”

        I do believe that the First accounts go back to the beginning of the written language on flying Wheels Just like Bigfoot… the stories of their existence also goes back thousands of years..

    • Simple, Warhammer. Engage the political babble-speak translator and we decode: Those ‘other countries’ are obviously ‘alien countries’ hidden on or about this planet.

    • Warhammer,

      The Tuesday ufo threat rollout segues nicely with Army and Air Force 2023 budget requests. Wednesday is the turn of Navy. And look, Wednesday features a visit from Mrs. Nuland:
      “Senate Foreign Relations — 2 p.m. — 419 Dirksen
      Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State for political affairs, will testify on U.S. policy towards Syria.”

      Peace, out.

    • Seriously…what’s there to debate..
      No one can admit it.. if they did admit what they know for sure it could destroy what is believed today by the masses..
      What they know could be really scary.. and with that in mind.. ignorance is bliss.. other countries have been more open on what they know..

    • Well, if Ben Rich said “We now have the ability to take ET home” then I’d pay attention to what he was implying.

      Given all the old Nazis the allies divvied up after WWII – and the events that occurred when Operation High Jump was attempted there’s no telling what can be built within a gravitational bubble. Many researchers were “shushed” in the 50s that claimed publicly to have cracked the anti-gravity code.

      • Plus if you watch the skinwalker ranch series, season 3, you will see those blips on spectrum analyzers in the 11.5 – 1/54 GHz range when the tic tacs are about. All that remains is reverse engineering…
        “Don’t try this at home” said Ure.

      • BTDT – magnetic buoyancy..think plasma pushing out the MB bubble around “craft” – 1950’s saw the utron engine = Moon in 5hrs -1959
        Ceres Colony Cavalier -T. Rodriques…see how far they have come..

      • Skinwalker spectrum: That was 1.6 or 1.654 GHz they sensed. I have been reluctant to put a rig on the 1.2 GHz ham band. Several friends who have used mobile rigs on this band report a kind of ‘brain fog’ when they transmit. It seems to have some biological effects.

    • Warhammer,

      Go back and read G Ure’s write up about a year ago discussing the US Navy Patents that were PUBLICLY FILED wrt some very strange physics issues dealing with propulsion systems and gravitation fields. I have read those patent applications and the limited write ups of their implications … and WOW … if true there has been a scientific breakthrough on the order of the theory and then building of the Atomic Bomb.

      To add a further wrinkle to the pie … the basic theoretical work was done in Cleveland by a Case Western guy before he moved over to the Navy Research Lab on the east coast, which also happens to be the home of NASA’s theoretical physics research lab and where NASA has the vacume chamber where they test the vehicles /modules that will hold people in space.

      IF those patent applications are not just smoke and mirrors, which some scientists think they are so as to make the Russian and Chinese “think” we have made a huge scientific leap, then we have probably already developed crafts with all the strange characteristics that are reportedly seen wrt these strange crafts.

      Don’t forget … it was either Austin or Miley who just recently said that we have developed new weapons and technologies that we have not yet disclosed, implying that these new systems were a HUGE jump in technology from what we already have in the closet (sorry I don’t have a link)

      More to add but don’t want to put it on a public website.

  2. My spidey senses tell me that it’s very likely that Putin, Xi, and Biden will ALL be gone before September. (Numerous little tickles and low twangs from here & there.)

    That should nicely stir the pot….

    (You saw it here first…)

      • William, put in for a nice vacation for me if you would. And higher paying job, since I’m on the Higher Calling. It should come with better pay.

        Please and Thank you sir!

        Today is a new day. I’m excited to see what is next. Hopefully it involves happiness. Like double happiness after yesterday.


        If this is Kindergarten for the God’s? I can’t wait to see what they teach in first grade. LOL!

      • Just like that. I got a phone call an hour after post your comment William, come drive Off Roader in the Mines. $50 an hour. Working 5 12’s. Start tomorrow morning.

        Looks like my job is done here.

        Back to Big trucks. With wheels as big as houses. You can put 11 cars in the back of one of those. LOL

        You know more than you think you do William.

        *tips hat

      • Huh, I just got sent to run the crew at Boeing. From the Mining outfit. “Have a plane to catch”. LOL

        That isn’t exactly what I meant. But I will take the money. Boeing it is.

        Ya all have a good week.

      • Andy, I am aware of your state of consciousness… I have been there. Some who have been there are unable to interact with people and society and withdraw to isolation, because they find the ‘conscious inputs’ so overwhelming. But you… you have invited ‘the Dude’ to guide and control your life, and you are allowing that energy to flow… through you. What the puny little human in you wants is a minor nit in the plan ‘the Dude’ has laid out for you. All I can tell you is… Go with the flow. Bitchin’ doesn’t help. You are a spirit walker…. and a walking spirit.

      • tHank’s!! I appreciate you. I really do. I will be around.

        They were really sad I was not accepting that job. However, my old website did say “mining – the future.” Hahaha.

        And I’m back working for the mines. Just at a plane manufacturing place. Oh the puns. Hahaha

        I will be at The Who. I will still be at a few shows time to time.

        But a ranch in the woods, simple life, love and connection with a down home country girl seems the better.

        And as always……… when called upon by THE DUDE to do extraordinary things in extraordinary times? Fuck Around and Find out. Hahaha.

        From what I was told the entire trajectory of humanity has started moving in a new direction. Good. Good.

        Remember Hank, there is a war in heaven. Some are attempting to take heaven by force. We are a mirror of Heaven here on earth. As that old Dragon tried to take the throne of God, is reflected the same as the Chinese trying to take over the earth. Since America is One nation Under God. It only makes sense, that we prevailed.

        As above, so below. As within so without.

        I spose only THE DUDE really knows forsure. Makes sense to me tho.

        As the hopi aka the jedi said in their letter to the UN, if the champions chosen by The Creator should fail, the Great Turtal would be covered in ruthless red ants who had no mercy and it all its inhabitants suffer a long bitter death.

        I certainly wouldn’t have wanted that. Not even for $200,000,000.

        Off to grab 18 gears until that other thing manifests.

      • Someone said to me. Are you fucking nuts to leave that much money on the table? And I said, well THE DUDE knows best. I came and did HIS will. I did everything I was supposed to do. IF HE wants to reward me? HE will. There is not only one way to become Wealthy. There is not only one way to be successful. I gave them more than they asked for. I helped alot of people. I participated in too many miracles to count. I worked harder than most people would. I changed things. I did. I gave them an honest notice. I even recruited my own replacement. I completed everything honorably. I made some mistakes. But even those mistakes helped everyone out there. I learned alot, I grew and yeah. I left it a Blessing for Someone else. I walked away with clean hands and a pure heart. I went the extra mile times two for everyone involved.

        And that doesn’t mean, all that money won’t come to me in a different way. It will. As is all my wages for the work I have done. These things have a way of working themselves out.

        For now, I’m going to drive a big Tonka Truck. Yee Haw!

        And all that money I left sitting there. Boxes stacked on boxed upon boxes hundreds and hundreds upon hundreds of them with one word written on them? Well, whose to say they won’t show up when they are supposed anyway. THE DUDE is like that. And HE is good to me. I performed HIS work well.

        I’m sure HE will reward me in HIS own way. I don’t dictate how HE Blesses me. And moving forward. I don’t need anymore powerball or megamillions tickets.

        Huh. I guess Gabriel was right after all. My old PGA master who passed away said. You don’t need those Andy when he saw me buy them. I said what if I win? He said you definitely will win. But you don’t need those power ball and mega millions lotto tickets. You already are rich as fuck. Look around you boy. So I looked around me. Then he said, THE DUDE made all this for you. I said nah. HE made it for HIM. Gabriel Lauged and said, well you got half of it right. Let’s go get some steaks. And talk about red heads, blondes and brunettes.

        One coolest dudes i have ever met. I sure do miss him. He would laugh. Because he always said Click 116. And here am living in Seattle and one of the zip codes is 116. Hahaa.

        Off to get some chicken for dinner. Start my new job tomorrow. Wonder cool woo woo and Miracles stuff I will see doing that? Guess I will find out.

        Truly! I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate. It is my hope you are as well.


    • What kind of international chaos would that unleash, when the top three countries all have a regime change, mid-stride, within the next 90 days?

      • .., and wouldn’t the timing of this match-up with the recession and into depression?

      • Russia and China would downshift and keep right on rolling. Lavrov would step into Putin’s shoes without missing a step.

        We, on the other hand, would have Kammy in the driver’s seat.

        I hope and pray for Creepy Joe’s survival…

      • “We, on the other hand, would have Kammy in the driver’s seat.”

        Lol are you trying to make me cry again @Ray… if not your sure doing a good job of getting me weepy…lol lol lol.. or the wicked witch of the North east.. or the woman with nice lips from San fran.. ole 90 proof

    • “My spidey senses tell me that it’s very likely that Putin, Xi, and Biden will ALL be gone before September.” Wonder if the ALL includes us too?

    • U will no likey the dicktaterz replacement – will be worse, U can take that to the bank.

  3. So why did Putin – super spook and grand chessmaster – take the bait? Bad intel aside, he could’ve just waited until he installed a Quisling in Kyiv like he’s done elsewhere. Or is he in cahoots with the Davos gang?
    About time for Vlad to “fall ill”. He’s not looking too good.

    • nazi-deros cleanse taking place, over & under making -nogoodniks nervous as a nun in a whorehouse ? this of course why they are called nuns..cause they dont get NONE! bwahahahaha

      Sayz hear the CLEANSE-Purification has begun..

      also sayz Ure shadow, neigh lack of “light” is/ has muddled perceptions in these times Mr Pocyclipse callz the “upside down” – What IS Good, made to be perceived as bad.

      You guyz have been killing & threatening the lives of the RUS people and the Slavs since NATO began, Ure ilk will once again be taught what the VALUE of LIFE. School be Open, and classes have begun – good luck on Ure report card at the end of the “marking period”.

      • “nervous as a nun in a whorehouse ? this of course why they are called nuns..cause they dont get NONE! bwahahahaha”

        Don’t kid yourself @ Djedi knight .lol lol

    • It’s been reported that Vlad has been playing monetary footsie with Killary and possibly Vicki Nudelman (references the “most blatant coup in history) involving bribes (say it ain’t so!). This was the beginning of the trouble when the two Queen Bees installed an anti-Russia government.
      Xi has had some brain bleeds and has weak arteries- bye-bye Xi.
      I’ve been expecting your (not mine) President to crap-out at any moment, I expect with the mid-terms coming up that “help is in the wings”. Kamela won’t last a week (she is no match for Nasty P.) so we could end with Black Nobility Nasty P. in the oval orifice before years end. How long will she last????
      Critical timing, if Nasty ‘bites the dust’, Constitutional crisis???

    • Don’t tell me – let me guess – you get your news from CNN, maybe CNBC?? You have no idea what you are talking about. The Russians are winning the war in Ukraine – and they could just destroy Kiev and move on pretty quickly, but they rather not have 25 million Ukrainian refugees.

      What I am shocked at is that people on this forum and others want to be liev the same pack of liars who brought you the Covid Con, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, the invasion of the US border.

      Does any one see a pattern here? Maybe, just maybe, we have a credibility problem with an administration that claims they are winning a war, wants to appropriate 40B for the war, and has a Defense Secretary (Austin) calling the Russian Defense Minister asking for a ceasefire. The Russians said Nyet! Now, why would they do that if they were losing?

  4. Added an above ground 300 gal fuel tank over the weekend. Never wanted to do this before due to contamination and leakage and now even more than ever security issues. We’re far enough out past where the buses don’t run but evil don’t care about that. Tank truck just left and the ticket says $2200. Add $500 to fill the pickup truck tanks yesterday so the fuel budget just got blown.
    Folks on this forum don’t have to be reminded to get your stuff in line and be prepared to defend it. Stay safe.

      • I humbly recommend that you do NOT engage in this subject. I kind-of like this site and would hate to see it disappear.

      • My friend if you, a good many others on this forum and I are not already on those “lists” we should be thoroughly insulted. But agreed GlockTalk Sunday may be a bit extreme. How about PewPew Sunday?

    • You’re lucky your supplier will deliver. I have to load my tank on a trailer and haul it to town to fill it. Unloading is interesting. Basically put the bushhog on the back of the tractor for balance so it doesn’t lift the rear wheels off the ground when I pick it up.

    • Yes @Jim in Mo… the past weekends experience was good yet bad.. had to run a couple of extensions that had me thinking.. we are old people could break a bone tripping over them.
      On top of it to add a couple of circuits to the emergency panel would be nice.. but my backup gen is just at max now.considering this weekend as a stress test for the upcoming drama and seeing the weak points of my system already in place. so I called my friend and electrician.. found a gen big enough to handle the load.
      So I will sell the backup gen I have now once I have the newer one with double the power and setup a gas lpg system.. drop a thousand gallon propane tank.. mow to figure out how to trick the grid tie to operate during daylight hours..
      So in reality I appreciated the stress showed the weak areas and the strong areas this way I can fine tune for the upcoming drama..

      • When my grid goes down… or I ‘simulate’ it by pulling the grid disconnect switch… the solar system still charges the battery. And I have two 20 amp circuits that run off the battery, so I still have something to run the refrigerator and freezer. I can run this way indefinitely. If I use too much and the battery shuts down…. well… wait ’till the sun shines tomorrow!

      • Yes @Hank In Hawaii .. I made a mistake a few years ago and messed up my battery power system backup.. I have plenty of solar to run the house.. I actually produce way more than we use.. but no battery backup.. what I had planned on doing was there was that sale on power walls.. thirty kw of them.. then just plug in a couple of kw of battery chargers.. so that when the grid goes down it would still be powered up.. and I would have twenty four seven coverage…with the backup gen.. there are three circuits I need to incorporate into this system.. which will be done.. the issue is once I flip to gen then the solar doesn’t turn on either.. Now I will contemplate how I can figure out a way to trick the solar into working and then just run gen overnight..

    • Is that diesel or gas? Either way it doesn’t take long to run through 300 gallons. Diesel lasts forever, though.

      • I have natural gas.. a few years ago I was at a lunch visiting with some gents on what I seen coming.. as I was leaving a gentleman stopped me and said he couldn’t help but listen to our conversation and that what I had seen as a potential scenario was exactly what they seen.. then we went back for coffee.. he was with an agency that assesses this stuff.. anyway.. he helped me gain a few things back then.. to assist my preparations.. in a real life SHTF scenario.. the taps will be opened and any and all extra fuel that people buy will be confiscated.. he had a list of everyone and how much fuel they buy…. Natural gas will be used until it can’t be transported through the pipelines so I put in natural gas but have the options to use multiple choices of fuel.. I can and will set up a bio gas digester.. found out last night that I will be able to gather as much sludge as I need to keep the digester operational..We will make two of them this summer.. then I will store the gas in bio gas gigester bags with a twenty pound weight on it to keep constant pressure.. to make it operational.. I will be using two totes.. I will do some mad scientist experiments with making LPG its not hard just could be hazardous so I will set it up for safety … and get that setup.. the gen I have is a multi fuel generator.. the new one coming is multi fuel as well.. the big issue is for me to be able to trick the solar into kicking on.. if I can figure out how to do that.. then I would only have to be concerned with overnight power issues.. even in heavy rain I produce almost enough to run the essentials..
        A good friend of mine a professor and speaker for TED TALKS and I were visiting the other day after a convoy went by me on the road.. no canopy covering or anything.. it was pretty scary.. I use to make the truck canopies so that no one would know what was being transported…. he lost everything in a grass fire.. over five thousand number ten cans.. and over a hundred and sixty solar panels.. etc.. he is devastated.. His bio digester is still up and running..
        I also have one of these coming to..
        and one of these..

      • LOOB, I have a similar NG water heater and also got it from Ebay. Much cheaper than anything available in the box stores. I’ve been using it for years and it works just fine. It needs two D cells for the spark igniter and they last two years or more. I just plumbed it in with washing machine hoses to get functional quickly and to change it if I needed to. I also bought a spare just in case.

  5. As we’ve all surmised, China has been watching and taking notes …

    And while Biden pursues many pointless issues, he remains reluctant to address the real problems like the Boarder and the Grid. We all know the boarder crisis but are you aware of the 2 trillion dollar problem with the Grid?

    Anyone else get the notice about electric bill increases?

    Appease those in the cult while stabbing them (and everyone else) in the back, it seems.

    No wonder there are read things like this …

    • You miss the plan! The Buyed ’ems and posse will mandate electric for all – then discover there is not enough electricity and now it’s a crsis to blame on anyone but them!!!

      It’s really elegant as crookery goes. Previous Depression had the Mob. We got Hunter and the Geezer.

      • George. they cant blame Putin on this one, perhaps a Solar Flare [AKA SCADA SIM?]. Theyve got the stones to steal an election, that one would be easy [no boots on ground or paperwork needed]. . LOL

      • “We got Hunter and the Geezer”

        That must have been a mistake in terms or you were just being nice.. why I’ll never know.. I’d have described them a little differently..

      • @Steevo

        “George. they cant blame Putin on this one”

        Wanna bet? They not only can, they can, and will blame Trump.

    • “… Anyone else get the notice about electric bill increases?…”

      Here our bill has 3 parts:
      *Electrical Generation: the (UNREGULATED) cost out of the generating plant – here you can option various providers including FIXED generation pricing
      *Electrical Transmission: the REGULATED cost to move that electricity from the generating plants to the local substation
      *Electrical Distribution: the REGULATED cost to move that electricity from the local substation through the local distribution system into your neighborhood and into your actual house

      For us those last two, since they deal with fixed infrastructure issues, have MINIMUM charges that apply to them even if you do not consume a single KWH of electricity … and the more you use the lower the cost per kwh since unlike with generation those costs do NOT go up directly with more use.

      (and if YOU generate electricity via solar etc. – like George does – you CAN sell it back to the utility but only at the GENERATION rate, the same rate as any other 3rd party generator would get paid, you can’t get paid for the transmission or distribution costs since that is a semi fixed cost that YOU DID NOT PAY to Build and Do NOT PAY to Maintain, the utility did and does)

      My current billings on a kwh basis fluctuate each month due to the different cost /billing basis of each of those three elements, but generally in the winter when I use more due to electric heat it costs me about $.12/kwh total and in the shoulder season – no heat or AC being used – it costs me about $.155/kwh.

      Already the transmission and distribution parts of my bill are about 2/3 of my bill (averaged over the year) which I anticipate will at least DOUBLE as they have to rebuild the entire system so as to provide for the recharging vehicles every day. That will raise my cost/kwh to $.25+ /kwh, thus almost DOUBLING, or more, my electric bill even if I don’t own or use an electric vehicle!!

      (fwiw my generation cost part of the bill generally runs in the 4.4 to 5.2 cents per kwh depending upon the month and how they are getting their electricity that particular month, more from base load coal plants? or more from short term nat gas plants? – though my cost per kwh is capped at around 5.5 cents per kwh)

      In other words MOST of the cost of rebuilding the electrical grid will be paid mostly by those who just use electricty for regular shit, NOT the electric vehicle drivers who will be the ones who are requiring the grid to be rebuilt!!

      YEP … my electric bill per year looks to be DOUBLING just so OTHERS can drive electric vehicles!! due to the rebuild of the Transmission and Distribution physical plant and accodingly increase in those charges. What a total COS (crock of shit)!! (ie: going up to $.25 to $.35/kwh depending upon how expensive it is to rebuild the grid to support electric vehicle recharging)

      • “MINIMUM charges that apply to them even if you do not consume a single KWH of electricity ”

        Our minimum is about seventy dollars to be attached to the grid that is going up..
        I was contemplating dropping the grid even had the kit to purchase that would allow me that option..I personally don’t believe in doing that. Or getting paid for excess..
        My personal beliefs are for the power companies to promote solar..they get the excess to sell as they wish..then freeze rates for a ten year period to anyone hooking solar a solar tower at every substation starting at the furthest point and work back to the power plant.
        The costs involved with boosting that power across the state has to
        Be huge and a lot of infrastructure changes..
        For the cost of three of the big wind turbines alone could put a 15 kw solar array on every house in our state.. plus a few towers..the towers don’t have to be large either..just east south and western exposures..follow the natural angle of the local canopy..between the array put an inverted trapezoid reflector to even the sun’s rays..
        But then who am I just some old schmuck with an ugly hat..
        If I ever won the lottery I’d sure as he’ll put one up.. good lord know I rant and rave enough about it.. as well as green shaping cities and putting up co2 filters on lamp posts lol

      • Maybe pissed off people will start burning electric vehicles down, just saying. Not telling people to do it.

      • The hell of this is:

        Whether we have the pipeline to send juice down or not, we don’t have the juice to send, and we have no way of making that juice without coal, NG, nuclear, or a combination of the three. To replace our current coal, NG, and nuclear, we would need a solar array nearly the size of New York and Pennsylvania which, BTW, far exceeds the total amount of known gallium and tellurium on (in) Earth.

      • Count your blessings! Electricity here on the oil-fired Big Island is around $0.498/kwh for the last two months…. taxes, fees, green fees (Not Golf!), infrastructure fees, included. Solar systems here are a no-brainer..

      • “The hell of this is:
        Whether we have the pipeline to send juice down or not, we don’t have the juice to send, and we have no way of making that juice without coal, NG,”

        I believe in using a combo.. except Nuclear.. disposal of waste is horrific.. and the cost involved not to mention we just don’t have enough control over it and an accident is extremely destructive.. ( oh sure they wanted to store it on Indian Reservations gave them this long speel about how it would be beneficial to them etc.. hmm they said that about the Bikini islands as well)
        I totally love coal.. just use a double burner to burn the exhaust .. simple and when I made the burn hopper I did that there isn’t any black sooty smoke coming out.. the big issue is to mix it to work in multi fuel stoves.. a three to one mix is perfect.. gives you a really nice hot flame and is cheaper.. saw dust and coal dust .. and I use coal myself three to one mix . this summer I will get out the pellet stove and make pellets from saw dust I do have some coal dust to see if making a multi fuel pellet would work… I have a hundred pounds of coal left.. and have a couple of tons coming this summer..

      • “except Nuclear.. disposal of waste is horrific.. and the cost involved not to mention we just don’t have enough control over it and an accident is extremely destructive.”

        Disposal of antimony, arsenic, cadmium, and lead isn’t? I don’t know about the Cd, but the former two can’t be recycled back into industry, and have the potential of poisoning entire aquifers. A nuclear disposal accident would poison a couple square miles; a generator accident might poison a couple hundred. The poison would last for 50-100 years (based on Chernobyl’s recovery curve.) A solar panel disposal accident could poison a section of the country the size of the Louisiana Purchase and render it uninhabitable for millenia.

        There’s a downside to everything, even hydro. I believe you’re too wise to drink the algore-flavored Kool-Aid…

  6. Great update today Mr Ure.

    On The subject of : Biden Cancels More Oil And Gas Leases As Fuel Prices Skyrocket.

    I told folks around me before the election that a vote for buy Dan is a vote for $5.00 a gallon gasoline. They looked at me with stink eyes. Buy Dan is exceeding expectations. This should be good for $8.00 a gallon by next Winter.

    All this and it only cost Burisma and Rosneft 10% for the big guy. lol.

    Have to really dig beneath and go around the Goo Go wall to find find any of this anymore.

    • If my step-dad said it once he said it a thousand times over my time with him – “People are basically stupid”.

  7. something just woke me up . nice relaxed night , lights out after reading a bit 10 pm , then bang 12.30 am wide awake . now that hasnt happened in a long time . so i will check things out , smoke and coffee and back to bed . i think i know what jedi sense was aroused. anyway all good . like the way todays update flowed .

    • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – it was powerful. I could not get to bed until 2:20am! Lots of energy during an eclipse – especially a lunar eclipse!!

  8. yep that will do back to bed . ive got plenty of that stuff and plenty of the other things . like ackermans barbell trade . yep still in love with gold . been a 25 year romance but i love her .. if you aint got any you better get plenty . get some regis . ASX RRL .. the fastest velocity gold stock in the world . ive seen plenty of em trust me and owned plenty . stick with RRL . designed and built for supersonic travel . of course my opinion . research yourself . im only a dumb sicilian recruited by jedi

  9. We are SAVED from high gas prices!!

    Ms. Fake Indian, Senator Warren has proposed to make make raising the prices related to oil, ie: gasoline, diesel, home heating oil, ILLEGAL!!

    WOW … to think all it takes to keep prices reasonable for something we consume daily is to make raising the price of it ILLEGAL.. WOW that is a true Stroke of Genius!!

    I am sure the producers will be thrilled to know that as their costs go up they can NOT raise the price of their product by one cent, but they won’t mind and will keep producing at the same rate.

    Obviously there will be no supply disruptions or shortages per Senator Warren, an ex Harvard Professor who because she is an ex professor AT HARVARD!!! (omg, the greatest school in the world the Harvardites tell us) knows things about economics that those of us from lesser backgrounds and who went to lesser schools for our education would know.
    (obviously she is in that same elite category with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who also is a brilliant economist due to her degree in Economics from Boston College, which is just down the street from Harvard – that brillance that emanates from Harvard Square is so brilliant it just lights up that entire region’s colleges and universities with it’s wisdom).

    So I guess what we need to do now is to cheer on Senator Warren’s price controls and price rollbacks for gasoline and diesel fuel so we will never have to worry about our family budgets being affected by the price of oil products rising ever again in the future.

    Aren’t FAKE Indians who bring us the wisdom of HARVARD great!!

    • “proposed to make make raising the prices related to oil, ie: gasoline, diesel, home heating oil, ILLEGAL!!”

      Hmm..put the regulations back on that Reagan took off.. that’s a novel approach..
      I listened to one of the saudi princes saying it costless than 2 dollars a barrel of crude..
      I wonder if that’s why they had Mercedes made out of silver and diamonds lol..just to say hey thanks my good fellow..

    • (omg, the greatest school in the world the Harvardites tell us) 

      Being a library crawler.. they do have a nice library..but as far as schools go.. I like Oxford ..great school online library that’s outstanding ..there’s a school in India that I’ve taken a few of their online courses..
      But as for a serious school …China has the best..students don’t go to party and get laid they have to exceed or leave..

    • The part that the congressional super-geniuses don’t factor in (or, maybe they do) is what the OPEC response would be to price controls on crude oil, direct or indirect. Price controls might inadvertantly increase sale of electric vehicles, at least until battery production is overwhelmed, and the con-gress seems to be consuming a lot of electric juice these days.
      I lived through the OPEC embargo, and I can’t really find anything to romanticize about it.
      A coworker and I have been trying to spot cowboy campsites or rental property within walking distance of the office during lunch break for a month or so. So why are a couple of old guys out scouting poor boy shelter ? ‘Cause that’s how the winds are blowing.
      I have lived in rental property close to work in decades past, but there really isn’t anything close by, and with rents inflating wildly, it would be at a loss. With the boys in blue cracking down, telecommuting or an electric would be the only option with the pumps dry. Car & stealth RV campers don’t seem to be faring any better than the shopping cartsters.

      • I saw a woman today, looked 55+, sporting a homeless tan, dressed like a 25 year old, with all her stuff piled in a baby carriage. Looks like a new leading edge paradigm for the homeless crowd. I haven’t seen a shopping cart since the crackdown started.

      • Nixon regulated and price-controlled petroleum and certain foods in 1971. Gas went from the high 20¢’s to the low 60¢’s and we got a whole bunch of “new cuts” of beef. (Example: CONgress, in its infinite wisdom, regulated “steak cuts” by name. Butchers “invented” a bunch of new “cuts.” Because they weren’t on the named list, these “new steaks” weren’t price-controlled. Porterhouse all but disappeared…)

        The first Arab oil embargo didn’t happen until 1973.

        The ’73 embargo didn’t cause the quadrupling of gas prices, it caused the doubling of prices from levels created by over-regulation and price controls, slapped on by Congress to try and stave off the recession we were floundering in. As Nixon repatriated the million soldiers and support troops from Vietnam, Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas, Grumman, Sikorsky, GM, and Rockwell all abruptly came off “war production” and laid-off laborers. This glutted the market with several million laborers for whom there were no jobs.

        Kinda like today, with a couple million healthy military-age, AND JOBLESS migrants, strolling illegally into our country every year.

    • …Took me a while to find it:

      She also wants to price-control food.

      Is there anyone besides Warren who didn’t learn in the two days of “economics” everyone gets in those 5 paragraphs in their 6th Grade social studies book, which says: “Price controls create shortages…?”

      When a government establishes a price control, once the cost of production, wholesale delivery, and retail shelf-space exceeds the allowed consumer price, production ceases, the producer gathers his marbles, and goes home (or to China) or the retailer stops carrying the item.

      Ya ain’t seen nuthin’ until the talking head on the local evening news tells their audience which days, based on their license plate number, they will be allowed to buy their 5 or 10 gallons of gas.

      What gets me is Warren is old enough to have experienced those gas lines, purchasing days and lotteries, and purchase limits. Is she really so lacking in intelligence that she believes today’s staggeringly incompetent and in many cases incredibly stupid congresscritters can manage price controls in such a manner that they defy both mathematics and logic, or at least manage them better than their counterparts of 50 years ago?

      • “Fre lunch! Free dinner!”

        …Is awesome, but it only works until the socialist/communist runs out of other people’s money.

        TNSTAAFL — We’re just too stupid to see it, and after the crash, everybody will demand the handouts. (Wouldn’t that be a dandy way to usher in totalitarianist communism? I told you we would beg for it to happen…)

      • There were millions less of us, then, AND we were more homogeneous. Now, law and orderly rules won’t be respected.

        Lines like the 70’s? I don’t tink so.

        When are the gas guzzlers gonna start stealing that gold in them tanks????

  10. Peak Oil.

    It’s not that Biden is ‘cancelling’ leases. There never was oil in those places. The lie that oil was in those places is left-over WW2 propaganda. The lie caught up, after the win.

    We won!

  11. Gotta do this for the memory of the great gold bulls on kitco when it wasn’t sheetco today . Toot toot !!!! All aboard !!! And the great cage rattler a legend . Ahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa…… vrooooommmmm

  12. Pipelines and 345 kV high lines are as American as motherhood, ethnic hatred, and kickbacks. The route selections are political weapons, with no real accountability. The latest wrinkle in Texas was allowing a front for a European monarchist oil conglomerate and other bully outfits to claim eminent domain rights on Texas turf. The same landowners get put over a barrel over and over. I’m figuring the high-speed rail will be next.

    • Yeah, we notice you spew your share of ethnic hatred, along with the MSM and The Biden Admin, let’s not leave out Schumer, pelosi, AOC, Gov Newsom, and the rest of the ethnic, especially, Caucasian hating leaders, it’s really easy to see the End Game.

      • You want to give some specific examples of the ethnic hatred coming from me, Mr. Troll? Are Euro monarchists an ethnicity? This country was founded in opposition to monarchist good-old-boys stealing sh!t for their monarch bosses. Are corporate bullies trolling for victims with State sponsorship an ethnicity? No, they are brownshirts looking for freebies taken at gavel or gunpoint.
        Can you show a single example of me taking sides with any of the partisan political gang members you just listed? No, you cannot. You sir , are an imbecile. Maybe you should come out of your parent’s basement and try dealing with real in-the-flesh political criminals and corporate brownshirts. It isn’t as neat and clean and clear cut as you make it out to be. I feel it is my duty to remind G____ of this from time to time, despite being in agreement with him mostly. Eminent domain by stooges of foreign powers and psychopathic deadbeats is where I get off the partisan gang band wagon (OK, maybe I was never really on it). You want the land? Get your !@*$#@!*!! wallet out and pay the owner his price. But, that price is higher than an officious appraiser says is fair? Screw ’em all. That’s what private ownership is about. The owner sells when he (or she) is ready, not when every flag-waving apartment-dwelling leach looking for a freebie decrees it.

  13. “Meanwhile, How could Russia react to Finland, Sweden joining NATO. Essentially three ways this could play.”

    The folks at NBC are children who’ve never even heard of chess, and that “retired general” is an idiot, sacrificing his integrity for a paycheck.


    That’s the amount of Russian materiel and manpower devoted to Ukraine.

    Just 7%

    Talking heads who say different are lazy, stupid, ignorant, pushing a talking point, or so far out of the loop that they should be making news at the local stable,

    with a shovel.

    This info isn’t classified, and is readily available to anybody who knows how to use a search engine.

    Russia will react to Finland and Sweden by installing anti-missile missile batteries, four miles from the Finnish border, and nuclear missile batteries (probably decoys), six miles from the border. I fully expect them to purchase islands off our coasts (and the coasts of other NATO countries) and install same.

    The repeating lucid dream I’ve had for years, regarding a diaspora, on foot, from Scandinavia to the midlands of Europe, I always interpreted as the result of the North Sea oil running dry and the Norse peoples fleeing destitute starvation. Perhaps they’re fleeing radiation? The capsule of the lucid dream I had a couple nights ago was Helsinki, replaced by a crater. It was not a pleasant dream…

    • My friend in sweeten is really concerned that their political leaders are going to get them all killed..
      It was bad enough when they opened the borders crime went up drastically.. areas that are considered no go areas… now these new developments..

    • So the elites, the usual suspects, the true criminal class, which has raped, looted, bombed, and diversified, Sweden, the most White country on earth, Ever, once filled with peaceful people, has now led it to its destruction by removing its neutral designation. Your vision is spot on, see, the whole goal is to kill Whites, wherever they are, destroy their countries by hook or by crook, and if they should squeal like a pig before the knife slice to the throat, call em White supremacists, racists, evil doers, and sacrifice them ALL to the god of molech.

  14. Clock, schmock shelock..’
    Ure clocks , cycles and all other assorted stats & counts still skunk.

    Smellz Smelly In,Smellz smellye out, “yellow” journoman. Like nosty hangin with a daemon when viewing his black oil mirror, only get their “manipulated/planned” views of things.

    Should understand TWELVE 1st – understand why 12 apostles?

    12 Signs the Zodiac, understanding the 12 Strands of DNA correspond with the 12 NRG Chakras..yes 12 .

    Our intelligent NRG = Soul, be on highway (s) of 12 NRG Froms.

    – 12 Cosmic Roads to travel. Hu-mans bee uniquely “tooled” to fit these roads AS models of Universal Thought…12 roads of nrg for you to journey – separate places within Existence – in order to unify U.

    * The above roads are Indicated/Marked/”Signed’ by great shifts in Ure consciousness. 9,6,3

    • Well @ Steevo… that’s some scary news.. Nato and the USA has the bear cornered…and the panda cornered..
      They left no ways out.. not wanting to give in to the fall of ukraine..their pushing to get this to escalate..
      With out any avenues to let this de-escalate the only options are to go all out to ensure their country stays their country..
      I believe Putin is just waiting for the lines to be crossed..
      While we are still ushering thousands of illegals from countries that have sworn revenge against us..
      Just listen to Saddam Hussein last testimony before they hung him..
      Then consider the for sale politicians allowing our borders to be over ran…with suspected contributions to the politically powerfull..this whole thing could still be a poison pawn trap.. let us depleat our fuel reserves and military weapons reserve..
      It’s not a good feeling and after listening to saddam and his final words..well it sent a chill down my spine..

  15. Along with having plenty of toilet paper the planners have also purchase plenty of formula for immigrants, after all they represent new tax chattel which the fiat system will use to monetize and print moar debt for expansion.

    Over the coming weeks /months lets also not forget meals, and housing.
    Wonder who’s apartment rental companies would have family in these business models? How about immigration services in general?

  16. “Woke Yale Law students call for ‘unrelenting daily confrontation’ with conservative classmates and attack the Constitution following leaked SCOTUS opinion that could see Roe V. Wade overturned”

    It won’t happen… it’s the popular dead horse issue that is dressed up and dragged around election campaign platforms every election..there are many reasons to amplify the popular issue now.. a failing currency a nd upcoming depression, war of wars a failed administration that has very few alternative choices left..
    I believe they tossed the justices under the bus for two reasons.. one as a misdirection from their dual standards of law for the politically powerful.. ( just take a gander at the crimes on the hard drive from hell.. deep and ugly.. not even including videos that were put online by them or their involvement with bio warfare labs in ukraine)
    The other thing I believe us by targeting the conservative justices and releasing information that was a breach of privacy making them targets..
    In the end it all will be tabled once the election is over..
    It’s nothing more than the shell game..

  17. George as per the info you posted “Inside UFO secrets that could be revealed at bombshell hearing probing whether aliens pose national security threat”
    A couple things to consider.
    First, we should all pray that any alien life for is vegetarian.
    Second, If alien technology is capable of what experienced pilots and military officers have described. and these creatures are hostile we would not be here any longer.
    Third, If aliens are here and we have not met them that has been their choice. Respect that choice.
    Fourth In the event of a Nuk war all bets are off on how aliens would respond.
    And I have a couple of questions on grammar? Should the term Aliens be capitalized? and is that term gender specific? If so which gender (remember you have 82 to chose from. )
    I understand that the space program has sent messages into space aimed into the heart of the galaxy and includes pictures of humans (anatomically correct?). I am not sure that is a good idea. As I said earlier we do not know what the dietary preferences are in the universe and I feel it is foolish to advertise our restaurant menu until we have that information.

    • Sometimes we old farts forget that younger or newer readers here may not have acquired the breadth of data and information we have.

      MKUltra, Tempest, Remote Viewing (RV), Echelon, and many similar “conspiracy theories” are actually neither conspiracy nor theory. They are, in fact, experiments and initiatives performed by the OSS/CIA, Dept. of Defense, NSA, or a combination of the above, between 1940 and 2012.

      Stuff’s undoubtedly still going on, but nothing newer than 10 years old gets declassified.

      Movies, from “The Manchurian Candidate” to “Conspiracy Theory” and even “Red” (Malkovich’s “Marvin Boggs” character) tell the story better than wackypedia.

      The OSS/CIA ran human experiments on everything from Dianetics (the science behind Scientology) to peyote to try to crank out assassins who would “activate” on command and have no memory of their actions. A lot of this research fell under the MKUltra umbrella. Sirhan Sirhan, the man who murdered Robert Kennedy, has been widely theorized to be the “proof of concept” of this line of experimentation. Since the MKUltra documentation was destroyed, no one will ever know.

      Remote Viewing was a CIA program which lasted 26 years, anchored by Russel Targ and cultivated at Stanford University. It was quite useful and successful, and I contend was ended because the CIA stumbled upon something even better. Ed Dames has tried to take RV in directions it wasn’t designed to go — whether he’s succeeded we won’t know until the Killshot arrives… or doesn’t. Regardless, the science is legit.

      I became aware of this stuff when I fell in with a bunch of Internet security nerds and learned about Tempest (which I thought was conspiracy theory fantasy until I acquired irrefutable documentation to the contrary.) Once I learned it was real, I studied the tech. Then I studied other “conspiracy theories” and discovered a number of them were “conspiracy fact” as they began to become declassified…

  18. Oh I’m trying something new in gardening this year..we shall see how it goes.. Ruth Stouts book the lazy garden.. no dig potatoes..stir the dirt up lay the potatoes down then cover with mulch..
    Around these parts they sell cattle food in tubs.. the tubs just get tossed out.. so I put a foot of dirt at the bottom laid the potatoes on the dirt and filled it up with mulch..
    I tried a potato tower one year.. I harvested one potato . But had dropped a couple of seed potatoes on the ground and got almost ten pounds..
    One of the gentlemen living in our spare room said that was how they grew them during the dust bowl we shall see.. if it does good I will grow them this way all the time

  19. Diesel prices are up because no one will finance or build new refinery capacity. Diesel gate killed European demand. Electric trucks are coming on strong.
    You don’t build a 50 year plant if you think demand will start falling. Many countries will not allow ICE sales in 8 years.

    • Um, we haven’t built a new refinery since 1979.

      This is specifically because EPA regs have made it financially (and for all practical purposes physically) impossible to do so. Instead, we “upgrade” or “refurbish” existing refineries, which are grandfathered into the system.

      “Many countries will not allow ICE sales in 8 years.”

      Many countries will go dark, silent, and very, very hot in 8.1 years.

      We don’t have the capacity. We can’t create the capacity because neither the technology nor the materials required to create such capacity exist. What will happen is “delays,” “excuses,” and many requests for much more funding… Oh, and many brownouts and rolling blackouts.

  20. Comrades,

    Sounds like political opportunists are jumping on some of the social media platforms allegedly linked to the Buffalo shooting. Apparently the perp had sown seeds on Discord and was actually livestreaming the tragic event on Twitch. As for the Orange County Taiwan church congregation shooting incident, will anything substantive surface on the alleged “Chinese immigrant” perp?

    It’s a shame that Turkey says it will kibosh Sweden and Finland’s applications for Nato membership while Mr. Putin says he has no problem with them becoming members. Meanwhile Renault and McDonald’s have unloaded their Russian investments at firesale rates. Yep, Mcd’s is calling it a “de-arching”. Call Dorothy for an Over the Rainbow ode. This Ukraine fiasco just won’t stop paying out dividends, will it?

  21. Personal observations: Trump was anti-globalist with the exception of international fair trade. He immediately ditched the TPP, attempted to renegotiate NAFTA, questioned the necessity of NATO, attempted to secure our southern border, wanted an accounting of all the billions in foreign aide sent to foreign nations (largely a graft and money-laundering scheme), worked towards energy independence, didn’t start any new wars, etc. For his stewardship of American tax dollars, by inquiring into corruption in Ukraine, not only concerning the Biden family, but others, he was rewarded with impeachment. By attempting detante and a cooling of the “cold war” with Russia, he was rewarded with a two year investigation into bogus claims of Russia collusion. Because of his “misogyny”, he single-handedly started the “Me Too” movement. Because of his “racism”, he single-handedly started the BLM movement. Because he questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election, he single-handedly caused an insurrection and “attack” on the Nation’s Capital. Because he regularly referred to DC as “the swamp”, and it’s pandering press, “fake news”, Trump was thwarted at every turn.

    But, when I ask myself why Trump was so hated, the simple explanation that comes back to me is that he was/is not a globalist, hence his “America First” agenda — used to accuse him of being a white nationalist, along with all of his “deplorable” followers, which have now morphed into “domestic terrorists”. Because the attacks on him by the corrupt establishment and “deep state” were so relentless, it occurred to me to do some research on my own. Gee what a concept.

    The Trump Derangement Syndrome was and is very successful. I have lost many long-time friends, and family who voted for the corrupt Killary and later, essentially would be happy with anyone BUT Trump.

    So, dottering old, child hair-sniffing and fondling, corrupt Joe was (s)elected by TPTB, and now all of my old friends are pretty silent, and have gone from mask-wearing tyrants to Ukraine flag colors on their FB pages. Joe was so compromised, he was selected to carry on the globalist agenda, which comes straight from the World Economic Forum, an agenda that will reduce global populations, remove private ownership, and essentially reduce us to AI controlled slaves, where we “will own nothing, and be happy”. Much of this began to be accomplished with the “plandemic” and seques right along with the “Green New Deal”, all while the US Constitution, and nationalism generally, is all but ignored and slowly eroded by global agreements from controls over emergency medical protocols to climate accords.

    Biden is not making any decisions, he is just being handled. Many nations are following the exact same agenda, and if there is leadership that is not willing to go along with “the program”, they will be eliminated one way or another. Every single domestic issue in the forefront today, mass shootings, racism, sexual identity, abortion rights, etc., are used merely to divide and conquer the masses by giving the pretense that the DC Swamp actually consists of a two-party system, while the larger nefarious plans move swiftly behind, over and above, the scene – and both parties are going along with it. Most, if not all of them are compromised as is everyone in mainstream media.

    The agenda seems so obvious to some of us, while completely escaping the imagination of most. Many believe “they are all in it together” including Trump. That could be, I wouldn’t know for sure. But, at least to my mind, the overall global agenda is pretty clear. When we are all brought to our knees through inflation, famine and maybe a big war, we’ll forget our domestic issues, and will likely be fighting with each other over food, we will also become even more compliant and dependent upon our overlords for survival.

    Those are my perceptions and I hope I am wrong, or at the least, the plan fails! Either way, it will end in a big clusterf*** for the majority of us. Then again, maybe people will begin to think for themselves again, take some personal responsibility for their lives, and recognize the big Con we have been part of? Damn, there’s that hopium rearing its head again!

    • “Those are my perceptions and I hope I am wrong”

      Very well said.

      You are not wrong.


    • I have the same perceptions that you do @Lois….. the supposedly two party system.. yet there isn’t anyone on either side that is bringing up the mass delusions that we are being fed.. on MSM.. a dual standard of law that allows those of power and influence the right to conduct their business as usual without and consequences related to their actions..

    • Lois, welcome to The Club of Ure. The only club worth participating in.
      Ure among friends.
      We share Ure hard- earned perspective and understanding and we are as disappointed and bewildered by the obvious sellout of our country as you are.
      Ure correct about TDS. That ole lover of the USA, Trump, and his MAGA message musta sure scared that globalist bunch to spend 24/7/365 x 5 years and ongoing lying and slandering one man. How could one man be such a threat to them. Oh, The Power Of The People Awakening Masses.

      Watch 2000 Mules on Bitchute for free.
      Ure’ll see, he is the elected President of these United States.

      We attended his rally in Austin on Saturday. At least 15,000 people there of all races, ages, colors. It was an amazing experience, lots of young people, too. The country is fed up, the people are on the true march and nothing can stop them now.

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