A Quick Ham Radio Note

8:55 AM/ 14:55 UTC just worked YB9GDP on 14.021 CW.

That’s Munawiril down in Lomok Timur, Indonesia.

The reason I mention this (for preppers) is to demonstrate a couple of things:  First, his code speed (hand key) is 16 words per minute.  Easy copy once you lock on to his “fist.”

But the second point, and much more important in terms of “What would the world be like after some (plug-in your favorite doom porn scenario).

In this case, the distance with a simple off-center-fed dipole at 60-feet is about 9,500 miles.

Anyway, good signals (he: 559 here, me 579 there).  Nice morning on the bands for DX’ing.

Write when you get rich or WAC in a day,


19 thoughts on “A Quick Ham Radio Note”

  1. It seems my conversations with both Elon and Jeff in the elevators are producing much fruit. Even though, we didn’t exchange many audible words.


    Say did you see that on same website George. There is mention of my old home town. Kenai Alaska and nikisiki refinery along with the mention of both Donald Trump Jr and John Kennedy. Interesting combination for sure.

    Looks things are shaping up nicely.

    The stage is set. Sound check is being done. The show must go on. Once everyone has taken their seats and all that.

    I’m moving in a new direction. See ya around old dudes.

    Remember when you are at the show, unless you have the proper credentials, or are as little children. You won’t get through the passgate with me standing there no matter what you offer. Of that I am most certain.


    • Biden’s is out of order, don’t know borders, high priced gas he can kiss my texas, ruined America’s luck and now we’re (starts with eff)

      • per “The weather man” and his forecasts, because he thinks he is 100% correct George. and you validating his claims.

        my answer is as always, “we will see what THE DUDE says about that.


        notice this peculiar line that speaks of “Projection” in the last two words of this statement.

        “the key factor that enabled the United States to achieve its status as a colossus was immigration with the benefits of population expansion favoring credit expansion and brain drain. ”

        brain drain? mmmm?

        and this line,

        “By the way, no pandemic or nuclear war is included in the forecast.”

        then was the point of giving a lecture about Ebola for 3 paragraphs, food for thought, forcast fodder? with the words, “but try to imagine” written within it.

        now the friday 20th update in 2020, speaks a different tune, as “The weatherman” seems confused. post pandemic,

        at this link, https://infiniteunknown.net/2020/10/31/what-in-the-world-is-deagel-com-deagel-com-forecast-2025/

        “If there is not a dramatic change of course the world is going to witness the first nuclear war. ”

        with reference to, The art of disclosure,

        low key = further more.

        interview went great btw, doesn’t mean I will do it or not. they will tell me on Monday. I gave them an idea. i don’t do that all the time. we will see what THE DUDE says about that as well.

        i had a moment of seeing massive famine, and as you know, placing myself at the largest facility with food storage in the state of Washington would seem a no brainer. The amount of food stored under the stadiums is ridiculous. Imagin having to feed 68,000 fans in an afternoon. + all the staff. now imagine having to feed them several times in a week. The tunnels are endless down there i assure you. i have been lost under the field several times.

        and….. unless you were Benjamin franklin it would seem like a foolish idea to pass up, “The man who trades freedom for -security – does not deserve nor will he ever receive either. – Benjamin Franklin” —–> interesting that is at the top of that article. i quoted that exact phrase in the first edition of the zero report. that exact phrase. that is the first time i had seen it since i quoted it.

        and then i remember, when the weather man said it was 100% chance of storm, black skies and storms and raining outside.

        when i walked out my office with the King Lion picture. that stopped. and the sun came out…

        remember when i found the 9mm unfired bullet outside the stadiums about ohhhhh 2 or so months ago. we had an incident today at the sounders game, an employee brought a 9mm pistol to work, then stashed it in one of the pods, we store the laundry there. the laundry ladies came and picked it up. found his pistol and he is a legal, concieled carry pistol owner. totally was calm and owned it, understood he was fired, took his gun, cleared the chamber and a single bullet was missing. he asked if we cleared the chamber, and everyone said no. he said well i lost a bullet around here somewhere. i left one in the chamber. i said what kind? he said Winchester 9mm lugar.

        i said, oh i may have found it. i didnt tell him i found it on the ground 2 or so months back.

        some how his bullet traveled in time 2 or so months back, and as i was walking in the stadium, i accidently kicked it and picked it up and put it in my pocket. took it to my office and put it on my desk and there it remained until it went missing from this employees gun 2 or so months later.

        wonder if “the weather man” understands that sort of stuff, when he as an arms dealer, website, wrote, “Be aware that the forecast is nothing more than a model, whether it is wrong or correct. It is not the word of God or some magical device that predicts the future.”

        i will send you a picture of it. not that, that matters. inspite of the weatherman? ~ we are right on schedule ~

        maybe i will take the security job anwyay.. but not because im looking for security. lol it is something different than i had done before.. we shall see What THE DUDE says about it.

        this concludes my study of the “internet information” available. Honestly, i get better news, and forecasts from the world around me.

      • the sun came out again. and wonder what the intsy bitsy spider is up to?

        curious times we live in George. most people don’t want to live in this relm of existence. it can be overwhelming at moments,

        the bullet not fired was a 9 with the word “win” written on the bottom of it… one has to ponder, what would have happened if I had gotten the 9 on the Powerball after all.

        since that was the obvious choice both times, especially last night.

        and the name of that “Wether” mans website being after a pistol lol

        as those of us who live in this relm often say, hmmmmmmmmmmm. interesting. very interesting. isn’t that something.

        not an easy dance to do brother.

        found a star driver today… star head driver bit after leaving the sounders game, and the magic bullet incident.. wonder what that means???? hmmmmm very interesting indeed.

        see ya old dude. someone is at the door.

      • Ya. Pretty interesting 9 Andy’s in the kill zone at Paul McCartney and all that. Then today all pieces oh there is a pun for you, fall into place and your standing in palm of THE DUDE. That is why daily I say, Keep me in your perfect will!

        In that moment, you understand the finger prints of GOD and why its important to pay attention to the language of creation. More so than the shit on the cyclops box. Lol

        People say all the time to me. God never speaks to me. Uhnm are you listening? Because THE DUDE is always talking. Atleast HE is to me.

        Maybe Jim Morrison was right. The future is uncertain and the end is always near. LOL

        See ya man. I got plane to catch

      • I’m very grateful nobody got hurt today at Lumen Field. And that I happend to be, at the exact spot to ensure that didn’t happen. Understanding perfectly my read of creation around me. Eveyone including the gun owner walked away to live another day. Same as me.

        There is so much to all of this the carnal mind can barely comprehend it.

        Find 9 mm bullet 2 or so months ago by accidently kicking it on the ground outside the stadium. Put it in my pocket. Stick it it in my desk. On the bottom of it says 9mm win.

        Megamillions jackpot pulls a 9. I ball caller calls a 6.
        On your six is a military term.
        I choose a 6.
        Powerball winning number 9.

        Combination of both amounts of money. Same as the amount as forcasted to die in the USA by 2025 on a website named after a gun Deagle the slang term for desert eagle. A pistol.. Total 200,000,000 same Combination if you were to win both the powerball and the megamillions $200,000,000. The dollar sign originally comes from the symbol of U and S Combined.

        I’m at a concert, Paul McCartney, I’m placed in the Kill zone 2 months after the bullet is found. Revelation at show. There is 9 total Andy’s in the Kill zone. The markings on Paul McCartney stage equipment is 1’s with arrows streaming from them. At the end of the show, Paul looks at me, I point and say go the other way, he makes a finger like shooting a gun back. Smiles and bows and goes the other way.

        Man comes to the game today. Stashed 9mm pistol in a pod. Cleaning lady’s find it while I’m standing there. An officer takes the gun until we find out whos it is. We find out who it belongs too. Man is completely respectful, gets fired from job, gun was loaded and ready to fire. He goes to clear the gun and a bullet is missing from the chamber. Same exact bullet I found 2 months or so before.

        I get offered a job at Lumen Field. Leaving the shoe. I find a star driver in the parking lot with nobody around.

        Look at the web, find degal forecast. All the pieces fall together.

        Night before I had strong feelings that were not mine about suicide. I was happy. Then I felt someone i knew wanted to commit suicide.

        Deagle site says America mass suicide.

        Hmmmmm…… oh there is more to it. But this is not a realm most would want to operate in. Perhaps we just avoided the weather mans forecast? Same exact number as the combination of winning the powerball and the megamillions. What are the odds of that? Probably about many as me stumbling upon a 9mm bullet 2 or so months before one goes missing from a gun at the same stadium.

        Me thinks it is better to live a simpler life. If I walk out that door, go drive truck. How does that alter the course of humanity? Because today I assure you the entire course of humanity was altered. Butterfly effects being Butterfly effects and all. For if that man intended to kill anyone today. Because i was there? the fact that didn’t happen, alters reality. Because those who would have died if he ran around with a loaded gun? Those who lived today go on to live their lives changing reality. And the course of humanity.

        And I was almost distracted by millions of dollars. If I had won? I wouldn’t have been there today.

        Trippy. I’m like stuck in the woo woo. Hmmmm.

        Have a wonderful week. Grabbing gears seems the better at this moment.

      • Then again maybe that was the point. To get me to alter my course. Out of the way.

        It is a ponder that much is sure. Because nobody gets past the pass gate with me standing there without the proper credentials no matter what they offer. And If I leave the passgate and go drive truck? That may change.

        Well, we will see what THE DUDE says about that I spose. HE knows the stuff I don’t. So I rely on HIS understanding to lead me. The solution to any problem. Deep breath.


      • I apologize for thr rant. It’s just gets overwhelming and not many people can understand this. I often wonder if it is a test, I think it is better to not see what I see sometimes.

        I think maybe I shouldn’t have went to the hopi rez and stood in their center of the Universe that day. Life is a grand adventure… but i don’t know. This is so far away from the life my family and most all my friends live.

        I’m sure it’s all happenstance. All just coincidence.

        You said im coming into my power George. I think I already have been in it. It’s just different than I thought it was.

        I’m sure my life is normal to all of you. You have stuff like thus happen all the time. It seems to me, it keeps getting more and more complex.. compounding and I need a vacation. Lol

        Probably why I don’t stay dead. After 12 NDE’s and way to many close calls to count. I think, Fuck DUDE, can we take it easy for a whole. I mean the other day I ran into someone who I hadn’t seen in a while, they were living in their car, i got them a job and a place to live that day. Another I get them some candy because they were detoxing off heavy drugs. And sugar helps with detoxing. Prayed for them, helped them get clean and sober, sent them on their way then ran into them 9 months later they are buying a house, getting married and are having a baby. But not me. I’m busy about helping stop the end of the fucking world from what I can understand with my pea brain. And all I want is a super cute relatively normal girlfriend , a sail boat or beach house in Fiji or Bora Bora and a month to lay inn the sun and not be busy Cyphering the matrix like some retarded super hero or some kinda living game piece played against others in some grand game played by a group of God’s over the future of humanity.

        Well what do ya do? Could be worse. Always something to be grateful for. I think a boat and a new fishing pole would have been nice for a change tho.

        Is this all normal shit for y’all? I don’t know anyone who it is. Everyone says Listen Andy! I’m fucking listening for fucks sake. Trust me. I’m always listening. I gobble up ever molecule in the world around me and analyze the shit out of its meaning it all the time for fucks sake. Everyone wants to be the boss until they are the boss. When your the boss you work for everyone. And I didn’t want to be the boss. I wanted a totally different gig in life. Wife, Picket fence and all that shit.

        Okay, well it looks like everything is good now. Glad I could help. I’m not fucking king cannute. I don’t think I can stop the tide. However, that is alot of coincidence that says the opposite. Hopefully we can all just enjoy life for a while. Wouldn’t that be a nice change.

        See ya.

      • And yes! I’m fully aware that the year is 6021 AL on that calander comparatively to 2022AD on the one the earths population is on. .And the prophecy of the star that exploded. And the signals received.

        I don’t give a fuck. If you are reading this right now?? Stop trying to kill the United States! Yes, I know most of them are a bunch of self entitled bunch of winey tit babies! There is also a lot of honest, good, hard working Godly people here too.

        Stop trying to collapse this country! Spread the costs accross the globe. IMHO the travesty and tyrany of the Chinese government upon its people needs to be addressed. We already know Putin has colon cancer. I told ya that in my last report. So figure it out.

        Nobody believes in your bullshit agenda. Nobody ever conquered the world by force. Not a single person ever in history. So your agenda to do the same won’t work.

  2. Well the sunspots have been heating up 10 meters lately and I finally scored ten members of the 10-10 International net. I’m now officially a 10-10 International Net “Senior Lifer” member #77973. Catch you on 10 when the band opens!

    My Harvest ‘Outback 2000’ antenna arrived. I don’t plan on putting it on a metal frame backpack like Ures, but it’s a nice little portable antenna that can be set up where one has no vertical supports for a wire. Another tool in the ‘Field Day’ package… or disaster pack.

  3. Comrades,

    The universe speaks in cascadian ways. No sooner had the AC been unplugged from the Lesser Sunda Islands chain than the latter reels in a R2 five days removed from being a RW3. Yes, Walter, “it’s a small world after all”.

    Likewise, one day after a formal dress ASEAN confab in Washington to catch up on the Chinese one held some months ago sans-America while Mr. Biden gracefully exited Afghanistan, the president of Indonesia met Elon Musk in Texas. The president was pictured in comfortable attire and Mr. Musk sported a spaceman t-shirt as the pair talked nickels and business at the Space-X facility. (Say, …did everything work out fine for the Chinese-Indonesian whale caught out short on nickel at the London Metals Exchange earlier in the year?) I’m no space cadet, but one would have to think that the president might brought his map of the region to show Mr. Musk how to get 20°+ closer to the equator for space vehicle launches?


  4. “and the name of that “Wether” mans website being after a pistol lol”

    A “wether” is a neutered buck goat. Keep your legs crossed, Andy!

    • We had a wether sheep back in the 70s. Led the milk cows in and thought it was one. We interpreted the term as they didnt know wether they were male, female or cow!

  5. George
    What will you do with all of your styrofoam flowers? Can you paint or tinted them?

    • I was thinking more like wildlife and such.
      But yes, you do the styro (messy shit, which means the shop vac and ear plugs when doing detail sanding).
      Then coat with watered-down Durhams Rock Hard Water Putty (been a fan of it for 65 years now).
      When it dries well, get out the airbrushing gears and then hand-detail brishes for highlights (glint in eyes and such-wise or white tips to waves on the open ocean…)

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