Bigger Fish Than Mueller: Virtuous Cycle Demise

Seems like everyone, especially the big “snooze papers” are all over the Mueller investigation as the Big Story of the day.

Got news for you:  It’s not.

The bigger problem is sorting out what goes on when the present “virtuous cycle” comes grinding to a halt.

OK, what’s a “virtuous cycle” anyway?

If you begin with a steady-state economic model and  ceteris paribus  (Latin for “all things equal”) add one good-sized bump in the economy, it will kick-off a “virtuous cycle.”

We got a tax-cut.  Even the sometimes Trump-hating-sounding NY Times has admitted this week, Face It: You (Probably) Got a Tax Cut
Studies consistently find that the 2017 law cut taxes for most Americans. Most of them don’t buy it.”

The reason?  Media has lied to you.  You can thank the lying lefties again  Remember Bernie Sanders initials are BS.  Socialism is an epic fail and anyone who can search “soviet” or “Venezuela” ought to be able to figure that out.  And if not? STFU.

Back to our economic model.  So we kick-in a tax cut.  That stimulates the economy.  A few more retail jobs.  More burger flippers, a little push at housing starts.  Even people who didn’t have jobs suddenly find they can go to work driving for Uber or Lyft and when they do, they can make passably good dough,  It’s the stuff of both blow-off tops and wave 2 rallies from major market declines.  The bloody Christmas Eve…remember that?

Face it:  A.G. William Barr and soon, the screaming lefties in congress will soon bail out the over-built, excess capacity of news channels.  It will fuel the lying schitz of late-night TV with more fodder for them to tout their smears camouflaged as “humor” and thus “protected speech.”  Turning the rule of law to their own advantage is what pseudo-revolutionaries are all about.  Look up “discernment.”

Back to point:  When the “virtuous cycle” works through the economy – which is deftly used to advantage by the young IPO peddlers – you get a momentary bit of topping.  Then the cycle begins to reverse.  People know taxes will be going up – which is what democrats in the House promise.  “Free healthcare for all” – which means free for lazy people on the dole who won’t pay. But you?  As a hard worker you’ll be required to pay out the arse.

As a result, with promises of tax increases to pay for all the “free lunches for the lazy” and to hire more bureaucrats to “administer” those hordes of illegals because we stupidly left the door open, virtuous cycle turns into systemic vicious cycle.

Not right away, but the tide’s set to change.

Housing starts flatten, then turn down.  6,000 retail stores have closed so far this year.  In part because the biggest robotics company in the world is Amazon…

What happens in the turn is that at first, you may not notice.  In part because of reports like this morning’s just-released retail sales report.  It looks like this:

Retail Sales figures

More details if you want ’em:

Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for March 2019, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $514.1 billion, an increase of 1.6 percent (±0.5 percent) from the previous month, and 3.6 percent (±0.7 percent) above March 2018. Total sales for the January 2019 through March 2019 period were up 2.9 percent (±0.7 percent) from the same period a year ago. The January 2019 to February 2019 percent change was unrevised from down 0.2 percent (±0.2 percent)*.
Retail trade sales were up 1.7 percent (±0.5 percent) from February 2019, and 3.5 percent (±0.5 percent) above last year. Nonstore retailers were up 11.6 percent (±1.4 percent) from March 2018, while sporting goods, hobby, musical instrument, and book stores were down 9.7 percent (±2.5 percent) from last year.

Sound like everything is good?  Well, this report is NOT good because while sales are up 3.5% year-on-year, M2 (March 2018 to March 2019) is up 4.1%.  So that sure looks to us like a Soviet-era notion of accounting.  Always getting better, eh, comrades?  In truth, we ain’t growing and that’s why the borders are open…we need more consumers to pretend and keep the economic charade going. FMTT.

Remember, we’ve been telling you for a long time that the only industry standing between America and default on some of our national debt has been the auto industry.  And, what has kept up auto sales rolling is more people leasing.  The Big Agenda – which corporate media’s too stupid to mention – is that the financial structure of America is migrating to the “Rent Your Life Model.” Rather than owning your future outright you people have stupidly sucked up the “free money for college” – and then come the student loan collectors.

With no money to save, they rent…needing a car, they lease.  Having no bright economic future, they postpone having children and that slows housing.  But it’s all covered up by social movements that say – in effect – “Maybe you’re gay so it’s OK…besides too many people in the world.”  All the white the peaking process in household net worth is doing what?

Houserhold net worth is peaking

Sure looks to us like a rollover is starting.  So now, the next move will be federal legalization of drugs.  Dumb people down some more. Slick, ain’t it?

Renter’s don’t tell landlords what to do…it’s the other way around.

The Federal Government is in an ever-increasing “power role” because they have become so removed from the people.

Just for example, my son has withdrawn his application to go to work for the federal government as an EMT.  He got sick of waiting for slow-motion bureaucrats who have diddled around with his application since last November.  He’s on to the Office of the Inspector General with a formal complaint about the horrible treatment an never-described “onboarding process.”.

I cautioned him to be a bit more mellow: Bureaucracies do serve an economic function.  When you roll into bad times, they will continue to provide something of a “floor” under falling general employment prospects.

On the other hand, we believe the Wikipedia list of “List of games with concealed rules” should be amended to include US federal government agencies.  Because there are so many rules that bureaucrats are able to pick and choose which rules and on which days they feel like enforcing.  Turn off the news and get some knowledge instead.  Perhaps another reading of Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent.

Look:  These ARE the good old days and the media is screwing them up.  The unemployment rate is low now, so it’s a great time to talk about economic matters because lots of “Johnny-come-latelies” will show up when the turn becomes obvious.

Around here, we are more concerned with the Big Game and  working it to personal advantage.  For example, here’s how the current stock market run compared with the run-up and then collapse into the Great Depression.

comparing current sotck market with 1929

We get above the recent highs, and we could have some “golden times.”  If not?  Well, remember America’s benevolent dictator, FDR?

While all your friends are under the influence of the twisted-up media, the basic truths of America are still before us:

  • Everything is a business model.
  • You’re either moving up or you’re going down.
  • Your net worth is either growing or you’re failing.

Cast off the yoke of Madcow.  Such people are inciting Digital Mob Rule.  And most frightening of all? There are people gullible enough not to appreciate the wisdom of requiring government not convict people when no crime is in evidence.  There is no such restraint on yellow journalists.

Not enough to charge” should end all the allegations.  But in today’s media-twisted world, it’s more gas on the fire, thrown by people who think they’re better than all before in history.  Sore losers, two-bit socialists, and lazy radicals have always been wrong and guess what?

They’re dead freaking wrong.  Again.

Market has swallowed the crack – showing +25 on the Dow for the open.  Watch the data…three days weekend for traders, four if you’re in Europe.

Useful to Know:

Samsung’s $2,000 foldable phone is already breaking, reviewers say.

Man with gas cans arrested at St. Patrick’s church in NYC.

Pacific shakes: Magnitude 6.1 earthquake -Affected countries: Japan, Philippines, and Taiwan
5 miles from Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan · 12:01 AM.

Europe’s first underwater restaurant – serving fish and ships?

Moron the ‘morrow.

42 thoughts on “Bigger Fish Than Mueller: Virtuous Cycle Demise”

  1. Your wrong George the tax cuts had little effect, for the companies and corporations rather then taking the HUGH windfall handed to them by the orange clown it simply went into stock buy backs rather then expansion and R&D.What we saw in the election of Trump was simply blow back by the working class (anyone would have fit the bill),which saw only more of the same from the Clinton’s,so far Trump has failed in all his promises that he campaigned on, (oh I know its all someone elses fault) meanwhile he’s spread chaos all over the world and even at home,and that’s not going to end anytime soon as he listens to Bolton Abrams and the fat boy,lol where in hell could anyone drudge up from the sewer three like these and then twitter “he’s draining the swamp”.!!!

    • Thanks for the laugh with morning coffee !
      Always good to see where the leftist propaganda falls.

      • Professor, how’s that trickle down working for you? Oh, added another $2 trillion to the ntl debt? Not to worry. Just sprinkle a little more pixie dust on it. Best, Mike.

    • the world wide ‘chaos’ you refer to is the take down of the past 30 years of American Empire by those that still run this country and their minions…..ALL Presidents since Lincoln were’given’ to us to vote for……Trump broke that hold on the PRESIDENCY…that is why they resorted to lies and a coup…NOW we will see the TRUTH as the indictments start to come out naming those that tried to remove a sitting President…This will shake this country to its core….BUT the Truth will set us FREE ‘again’…Semper Fi

  2. Muppet news flash! Almost every federal job posting with a short application window is written with one specific person in mind. For example, if a USAJobs posting states the position is being advertised for a short (1-2 week) period of time in one unique location, then someone is already in the queue but the position must be publicly advertised due to anti-discrimination and equal opportunity mandates.

    If, however, a position is open in multiple locations for a multi-week to multi-month period of time, then all comers are invited to apply. It still helps if you know someone who will make a good reference or if you have a valid condition which will provide ‘front of the line’ considerations (e.g. disabled veteran).

  3. I’ve read tons about the Tax Cut for the every day Joe. Seems most say it averaged $50 a month , $600 a year. Already chewed up by higher prescription costs, higher insurance premiums and higher rents. what a deal. If you were I guess lucky enough to own a house they capped the interest deduction at $10,000. Now who made out with this Tax Cut? It isn’t the folks who voted for him…….. If the trade deal doesn’t go down with
    China or even if does it will be only a momentary victory as from what I hear it isn’t enforceable til 2025 – meaning it’s a a big fat nothing. If the market gets crushed I think Trump is beat ….If we are at War he gets re-elected……

    • Oh yes, Clawsy, This 2-person, $63,000 household who voted for him benefited. Not having the money to spend in order to GET deductions, we have never had them. Therefore changing the Standard deduction from $12,700 to $25,000 caused us to pay HALF as much federal and HALF as much state tax that we did last year with the same income. $800 Federal turned to $300 and $250 State turned to $116. Thank you, President Trump.

      • Nancy, you must not live in Indiana, as the Federal tax cut has NO effect on our state tax rate (also our local rate increased again). The Indiana state and local tax is calculated based AGI before your standard deduction is figured in.

      • We are in the sa.e tax bracket.. and got the savings and we don’t live in the same state.
        We don’t have the state tax though.
        You benefit because you have cheaper health insurance costs there. Where the companies policies aren’t available here.

      • Dave: I bought stuff for years in Indiana before I discovered the State sales tax rate is 7%. I thought it was either 8% or 8½%, and 9 or 9½% in Indy (gots ta pay for Lucas Oil Stadium some way…) ‘Seems like every Indiana County and City sticks their hand out, both for sales taxes and for income taxes, and frustratingly, no two jurisdictions seem the same.

        Ah, I see: “There are more than 1,950 taxing districts in Indiana, and each sets its own tax rate…”

        { }

  4. I like how on the tv you are always hearing.. we need to release all the information.. the people have the right to know…
    What about the investigations into a certain email scandal..

    Ok.. what about the actions of the Congress.. we have the right to know just what they are doing.

    take the banking scandal a few years ago..

    why aren’t we hearing which company paid for that trip for the congress and their families to go to the islands or the ski trip a while back..
    How about that email scandal..
    look at the mess Julian Assange got into by releasing information that they didn’t want released..
    As far as I am concerned.. they did the investigation and came to the conclusion that there wasn’t any collusion so leave it.
    If you dug into any one of our lives you would find something someplace..

  5. Robert remember we only had two choices for potus and the female was unacceptable. There will be another election.

    • True and the voters will elect another Reagan Bush Clinton Obama Trump to office, and lets not even get into a useless worthless congress who gets elected to term after term.!!!

      • ” lets not even get into a useless worthless congress who gets elected to term after term.!!!”


        Just how stupid are we the people that keep voting these people back in election after election even though they haven’t done a thing and have rotten histories…

        I will never forget the one senior senator that was telling another candidate..

        “Just give them a one two three speech.. they are all dumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them..”

        the sad part is.. he was spot on.. the dead horses will begin to emerge now that the new campaign season.. we will see the same dead horse issues.. they will splash a little paint on it to make it look different.. but it is the same dead horse being dragged around the arena.. get everyone worked up.. oh he is the new miracle worker that will get the job done.. but the dead horse will be shoved back under the rug till the next campaign season..
        we will hear about abortion.. god save me from the sick boring drudgery of having to with stand that noise.. the border will come up and how important it is to strengthen the border.. ( how soon people forget that for two years now they have been arguing how they can’t close the borders or stop the people from illegally entering.. wheres your humanity man.. you evil dog for wanting them to gain entrance to the USA the legal way then how bad are you for not wanting to take care of them.. my god man…. )
        theres a few more dead horse issues to but it will just get me worked up..
        No one questions why they can’t do anything while they are in office.. its always someone elses problem.. doesn’t matter which side gets in either.. we should flush congress regularly.. sort of like changing a diaper full of.. well you get the idea.. you leave a messy diaper on a baby they get diaper rash.. the USA has sores growing and festering up from keeping the same dirty diaper on for decades…

    • The choices for the voters in the last presidential election were between the devil you weren’t sure you knew versus the devil and entourage you knew all too well. I’m afraid the next election is shaping up to be the same situation with maybe a role reversal. Personally, I am just as screwed-over today as I was under Obama. It is not that it is the same or worse, it is different but not appreciably better.
      The issue which has brought us to this point is one which no talking head will ever discuss on camera. That is the issue of the demise of write-in voting in the electronic voting booth age. One of Saul Alinsky’s Rules could be summarized as “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” The threat of a populist rebellion by voters wielding the write-in ballot was enough to keep the dominant partisan political gangs in check throughout most of the American history. It was the dominant political gangs which pushed through the electronic voting as a cover for shutting down the write-in option on ballots, thereby consolidating dominion over limiting the available voter choices to pro-gang candidates.
      Without a major populist uprising and restoration of the write-in candidates, this country will never throw off the yoke of political gang oppression. As for the two-party system, show me where that is specified in the US Constitution. The Constitution specifies one citizen, one vote. Any other version is partisan gang propaganda.
      I reject the idea that American citizens must submit to rule by gang proxies. Write your elected gang members and demand restoration of the write-in ballot, then cut off all political contributions until they comply. In order to have a real voice in democracy, citizens must have control at the voting booth.

  6. Oh George I enjoy the daily blogs but this one today for my money was off the charts. Thanks

  7. George – the demons are still running amuck in the world, but every “LEADER” knows..Keep Your Friends close – Enemy’s closer..Give Em Enough Rope – Carefully watch as they not only Hang themselves, but unearth their source of $$ “Badabing”

    OIG Report is coming now… along with FISA declas.

    All Time Highs coming to a market near you soonly.

    Time to PARTY – The Orange Golum of Greatness has been EXONERATED on Collusion Charges..Me thinks PAYBACKs will be real a BITCH – just a guess.

  8. Robert it is 8:42 MST here and just looked at Drudge. Top upper hand column: Jobless Claims Tumble to Fresh 50 Year Low and right below that Retail Spending Rebounds. Were you expecting the tax cut to put a few C notes in everybodys pocket. It don’t work that away.

    • Drudge of all place who repeats( the same lies as the MSN or government sources) go to ShadowStats or others that put out the REAL truth on the unemployment rates,inflation rates but warning please take your meds before doing so.!!!

  9. George,

    Again with the ‘socialism’ name calling instead of actual facts. Liberals do not advocate state ownership of factories and other means of production. It’s like saying Conservatives advocate monopolies/Laissez Faire Capitalism.

    However, Liberals do advocate Middle Class Capitalism. Instead of your Country Club Capitalism — where 90% of the tax cuts go to only the top 10% of the people. You Conservatives just won’t be happy until you deplete Macro Demand. And finally kill the Golden Goose. BTW, the Scandinavian countries, England, Canada, are overwhelmingly capitalist. The term ‘social democrats?’ Just words — like “Tiger” Woods is not a real tiger.

    You must have missed the big news that when Conservatives just had control of the government, they put another $2 trillion on the national debt, and darn, just didn’t have time to get around to fixing the border.

    Let me see. What are your two biggest issues again? It couldn’t be devaluing the US dollar and border control, by any chance? Best, Mike.

    • The difference between communism (total ownership of the means of production) and “democratic socialism” (private ownership) is only a matter of degree. Social democratic systems claim a percentage of production (ownership) for use by the state, sometimes for things that you may totally oppose, a percentage that can change (increase at any time). Such a system is not true, free market capitalism. Best, Mr. Wacky

  10. “Socialism is an epic fail and anyone who can search “soviet” or “Venezuela” ought to be able to figure that out.”

    “Epic fail,” because the majority of people think only about themselves, and that goes double for our elected representatives!

    “National Socialism” in the early 1930s in Germany started of extremely well (forgotten by now!) but then it turned into a disaster because of one individuum who again just used the people to aggrandize himself. ;-(

  11. The tax cuts may have put literally a few bucks into his bases pockets…but the home owners in middle to large market cities got crushed. I paid thousands more than I did last year due to the lowering of interest you can deduct and the cap on state and local taxes.

    My CPA warned me of this and I had to max out my IRA contribution to ward off any more taxes to Wreck It Trump and his band of crooks.

    I think you misunderstand why the media has been so unrelenting on Trump. The reason is…they listen…plain and simple. They listen to him talk like a 3rd grader…They listen to him lie about things he doesn’t even need to lie about. They listen to him call people names. They listen to his senseless stream of consciousness pressers and then shake their heads and say.” How the hell did America get to this embarrassing point?”

    I am a successful businessman that built my real estate business based on high integrity, unprecedented customer service, Great industry wide relationships and ethical standards that exceed industry norms…If a guy like Trump walked into my office, wanting to do business with me, I would politely decline. He is the antithesis of the type of businessmen that my industry…at least here in the high net worth Silicon Valley, would accept into their “fraternity”. More important, there isn’t a buyer of real estate that would trust him. He has that swarmy, untrustworthy persona that makes most people sick and very uneasy.

    So, when you talk about the digital mob…consider who they are mobbing…They are mobbing a crooked, swarmy, uneducated goon that is trying to ruin our country and the very constitution we hold so dear.

    Let’s take the first amendment. He tweeted about Bernie on Fox and how they treated him fairly…His tweet:

    ‘So weird to watch Crazy Bernie on @Fox News. Not surprisingly, @BretBaier and ‘the audience’ was so smiley and nice. Very Strange, and now we have @donnabrazile?”

    Ha! Now “WE” have @donnabrazile?” Further proof that Fox is state run media…..Then he follows that up with:

    “Many Trump Fans & Signs were outside of the @FoxNews Studio last night in the now thriving (Thank you President Trump) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for the interview with Crazy Bernie Sanders. Big complaints about not being let in-stuffed with Bernie supporters. What’s with @FoxNews?‘

    So…Trump screens his rallies to not allow protesters…and the anti-Trumpsters that do get in, get immediately escorted out…or yelled at by Trump. Could it be that there were Bernie supporters were stuffed in the audience is that people actually like Bernie? Does he actually think Fox is now working gains him. That’s batty conspiracy stuff there.

    • Mark: Please tell me why I, with my 5-figure income, should be taxed to subsidize you, with your 6-figure income, because you choose to live in an area with high taxes?

      I suggest you run a scan on Indianapolis, or Columbus, or Columbia or KC, or, hell, even Vegas or SLC — really, a mid-to-high market city in any State which doesn’t have financially suicidal local spending programs, and see how the locals THERE are fairing under the Trump tax-cuts…

      The “Media” has been so unrelenting on Trump because the vast majority lie politically between Bernie and Marx, believe they’re intelligent because they sit around and tell each other how smart they are, and can’t believe or accept that they were outsmarted by an uncouth construction worker from Queens. Because they’re “media,” that is entertainers, not journalists, and therefore above doing the foot-pounding, research, and fact-checking required to either be an actual journalist, or to maintain journalistic integrity over stories upon which they “sign off,” their presentation is far more important to them than the accuracy or truthfulness of the stories they present.

      It will be ever so, until the suckers in the audience wise-up and stop buying the “news media’s” snake oil…

      …Or could it be FOX News has less of a Liberal bias than other networks?

      • Ray, Ray Ray……you Trumpsters miss the entire point…Trump is the dumbest man in politics. He is way over his head. He is just an owner of a company he inherited with $500 million of daddy’s money that he had to protect through 6 bankruptcies. Nothing more. He is not a billionaire…many know that for a fact…thus the reason he won’t release his tax teturns. Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban are one of many that says Trump is not a billionaire. They know how hard it is to reach that status…They know Trump is lying about his wealth the way he lies about everything else.

        Trump also files a New York Tax break that is part of the Star program…under this program, a couple can’t make more than $500,000. All this for a measly tax break of $302. Why? If he is that rich….and let me tell you…if he is filing a couples return claiming less than $500,000 a year…he is NOT a billionaire. With high expenses to live in New York, he is barely scratching low millionaire status.

        It’s the obvious lies and 3rd grade vocabulary of this guy that you all just don’t see and For the life of me…I just don’t understand. Trump is the biggest fraud to have ever run for office. This is fantasy B Movie plot stuff…it’s a far out fiction. And yet…it’s happening….and people have been zombied to think he is real. I really don’t know what happening to my Republican Party America right now…but it’s scaring the bejeezus out of me.

    • Look Mark, we get it, you hate Trump. But constantly patting yourself on the back for being oh-so successful is only demonstrating your off-the-rails ego. Many who gather here have enjoyed success, so less is more, capiche grasshopper?

    • Lowering the cap on the interest deduction and limiting the deduction SALT taxes is a pretty progressive tax move, it primarily hits relatively high earners. I’d think you’d approve of such a move, but as usual, when people want to “tax the rich,” that *really* means “the people richer than me,” even if they happen to be in the top 5% of earners.

    • “under this program, a couple can’t make more than $500,000. ”

      OTFLMAO…. I missed this one LOL..Or are you telling me you don’t take advantage of any and all tax breaks that you can. Downplay your income to… I personally know many wealthy people that pay way less than I do in taxes… Even during the cheese hand outs of the Reagan administration the first in line was the wealthiest of the community..I worked with a lady whose mother has a company that stages and redecorates homes.. ( usually the rich) anyway.. she didn’t have any book keeping software and her husband was threatening a divorce.. the reason.. she would redecorate the homes of the ultra wealthy.. spit their names out as clients and get this.. they wouldn’t pay her LOL LOL LOL I told the daughter.. tell your mom she can come over and decorate my home and I won’t pay her either LOL LOL LOL… I gave her an old program I had and offered to help her set up a budget.. since her husband was the one having to foot the bill for the great ones..
      Working delivering pizza’s.. I took the wealthy neighborhoods.. after two weeks I told the boss.. I have to quit.. ( see you don’t make money unless you are tipped) I couldn’t afford to buy gas.. here they had a pole to see who could guess the date closest to me quitting.( there is a reason why they had to bribe the other drivers to deliver those neighborhoods.. see they played every dirty trick they could think of to get a free pizza). the reason the rich don’t tip. hell they don’t want to pay for it LOL.. they would hide their house numbers, sit inside with all the lights out LOL….. they take.. you see who is more important than them…. LOL LOL LOL LOL ask any waitress.. or waiter.. and they dread having rich want everything for a penny tip or try to skip out without paying ones sit in their section ..

      When your talking the quirky tax payments of the rich you are a hoot.That was by far the funniest moment of my day so far LOL…

  12. People constantly talk tax cuts.. realistically even if we didn’t spend a dollar more on our federal budget. We would have to increase taxes just to keep up with the interest on the debt we already have.
    DJT tried to tax incoming goods and services to any country not buying as much as we are importing. Encourage industry being rebuilt and jobs regained. Stop the influx of illegal refugees marching on our borders. Instead it’s been one attack after anither..excuse after excuse as to why we cannot regain our dignity as a nation.
    Our country is running out options..its easy to see.. yet everyone acts as if they are blind to the seriousness of the situation our country is in.

  13. Mike/Mark/Robert,etc your tag-teaming the ad-hominem attacks every single day is tiresome shill behavior. I just skim over them. They DO serve as a remarkable contrast to George’s data-rational thinking and illustrate just how low the proletariat has been led.

  14. Related to “Three felonies a day” It goes to the point that if we (the gooberment) write enough laws they can jail everybody. Of course that brings up the question of who will be the jailers? simple, the people we like. And who will pay for the jailers? the people we graciously allow to continue working after their transgressions, so they can still pay taxes. Way past time to get back to the written/ intended words of the constitution. All of the 50 states were admitted to the union based on their understanding of the constitution and that fact is often seen in the words of the individual state constitutions.Time for the states to take back their sovereignty. I see Missouri is having a go at it with their attempt to take back the 2nd amendment (and the 10th amendment?) Go Missouri.

  15. “”free lunches for the lazy” ”

    You know.. I wonder if it is that they are just being lazy..

    I use to think that very thing. I was always a workaholic.. worked so many part time and day labor positions along with the steady full time positions.
    I gave my all to my employers. Every single one would gladly tell you I was one of the best employees they ever had.. my wife now. The same thing.working in the professional position she has that is notorious for being short staffed and long hours. She’s still always the first one in the door and one of the last ones to leave. Dedicated to them.

    Then a few years ago. There were cuts in.medicare. her employer went on the annual witch hunt. They usually target the higher paid full timers bearing retirement as the ones. Since she had been a long term employee and at the top of the food chain her position was eliminated long with all the other employees with decades of time with them.
    That’s when it became obvious that at her age getting a position was almost impossible. Even though she had over thirty years experience it was almost impossible to get a position. She was putting in over thirty applications a day. Even her dedication to her employer was a negative sign. We went a year without an income. The good thing was I was a prepper.
    The ugly thing was when we went to see about these five away programs we found out that they weren’t available.
    Seems your home car or anything that can be considered (retirement funds) collateral make it impossible to get.
    It was heart breaking for me..the wife a strong woman gave everyone the illusion that everything was business as usual. Yet late at night when she thought no one would notice she’d break down in tears.

    The hardest part was friends family..the minute it happened everyone ran away.. mostly I think they didn’t know what to say.. all those years of working where I thought anyone could get a job only to find out that to was an illusion.

    • …, all those years of working where I thought anyone could get a job only to find out that to was an illusion….


      • I could write volumns on what you guys have experienced both of my own and others whose life styles changed drastically. My experience in these 85 years has been to change horses and wear a new hat. Forget who you were and become a new you. Make it a game and enjoy as much as possible cause you aint gonna get out of it alive. My big hobby as this time is wellness and being able to live while I am alive. Think about it. Good Luck on what comes on the morrow.

  16. Mark:

    I’m not a “Trumpster” (whatever that is), I am a Patriot, and a Classical Liberal (which we now call “conservative.”)

    I don’t care what Mr. Trump’s IQ is, or his level of comfort and eloquence when in the company of High Society, or of people with microphones who kiss up to same. I care about the maintenance of this nation as a Republic, under the Constitution of the United States. Mr. Trump has, despite greater adversarial antagonism (both politically and by the Press, than any President since at least Lincoln), demonstrated an ability to lead, and an ability to lead the United States in directions it MUST GO, if it is to survive as a viable sociopolitical, economic entity.

    Also irrespective his IQ (which despite claims by the TDS crowd MUST BE necessarily substantial — Daddy might have bought Donald’s way into Fordham, but not Wharton), he has demonstrated an ability to outsmart all those “smart people” in Sillycon Valley and in virtually every newsroom in the country, on a fairly consistent and regular basis. I’m sure it must be interesting, listening to the politkspeak in your neck of the woods, ’cause all those “smart people” can not accept they’ve been outsmarted by one such as Trump, and it has to be a source of continual gall. That fact has to so-color their thought and rapport that they are incapable of unbiased thought, speech, or action. Being ego-driven (as we all are), they MUST therefore believe Trump “cheats” in some way, because their egos cannot accept that they were outgamed.

    BTW, Trump’s daddy was never, at any point in his entire lifetime, worth as much as $200mln, so it is not possible that Donald could have acquired $500mln from him. ALSO, Trump can not, by law, release his tax returns. He is under audit, and as long as that audit is in process, his returns are off-limits, even to Congress, unless they first subpoena them, then defeat the IRS in court.

    YOUR Republican Party is that of the Coastal Liberal Republicans. You are “Republican” because you can not accept the utter lunacy of the Left-most Democrats. Try to understand though, your personal political beliefs are still, heavily influenced by those “loonie Lefties” who surround you. Your current “politics” when viewed without bias are considerably to the left of that of adult (non-institutional) Democrats here in flyover country, and damn’ near beyond comprehension to most other Republicans. This, and a festering of TDS, are why your politics come into question. Chill, and listen to KSFO for a few weeks… ;-)

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