Since Markets Are Closed…

It this Joe Brandt’s time?  Explaining this takes a bit, but since it’s a semi-holiday, read on….

This being Good Friday, the stock and bond markets (US) are closed.  But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t just interesting as all get-out.

The reason is the grand historical rhyme continues.  Specifically, one which we track comparing 1929 with the run-up the world has seen since 2009.  And, oh yeah, the 25% gain since the Christmas Eve washout.

With another major religious marker ahead Sunday, is it time to “convert” to something other than stocks?

Chart of 1929 vs. present 2019 market

As you can see, this condition of the market will be determined, we expect, between now and the end of the month.

Which has WHAT to do with Joe Brandt…and who is He?

Every spring there is an extreme window, for many people, of high spirituality.  Varies by person and astrology and what-not, but for many, it runs from a few weeks before the spring equinox and the middle of May.  I am well-acquainted with the period because in my few glimpses of future directly, they’ve come in my “personal window” or its mirror time in the fall.

There are many holy days, too:  Passover begins this evening at sunset and continues until Saturday, April 27th.  For Christians, this is Good Friday, and there is Easter Sunday.  Ramadan begins early this year:  May 6th.  Last weekend was the Hindu Ram Navami celebration Saturday and Sunday.

As you can see, there is a clustering.  And in all major faiths, there is an element of future and seeing past the veils of waking consciousness.  You’re tracking so far, I trust?

Next point:  Major earthquake seem to cluster around holidays.  Surely, you remember the Good Friday earthquake in Alaska in 1964?  Or the Boxing Day quake in 2004?

Let’s also remember what happens on Monday up in Cusco, Peru: “Señor de los Temblores”  (Lord of the Earthquakes).  The Wikipedia cite on this brings back memories, having watched intricately hand-carved chairs being made in the Cusco Cathedral back in 1984 when I was in Peru: Dodging Sandero and local labor demonstrators who had close the local brewery.

“The Señor de los Temblores (Lord of the Earthquakes), known in Quechua as Taytacha Temblores, is a statue of the crucifixion of Jesus from Cusco Cathedral in Cusco, Peru. The image is popularly believed to have placated any further disaster caused by the 1650 earthquake. It became the patron saint of Cusco, and is one of the most well-known images in Peru. It was probably created in Peru by native artists around 1570, and is made of mixed materials, including sticks, plaques of agave fiber, and plaster. The black color is not the original tone but was created by the buildup of soot from candles and oil lamps, and pigment and pollen from the red ñuk’chu flowers that are showered on the statue when it is taken in procession on Holy Monday…

“OK, marginally interesting, but Joe Brandt?”

Ah, to the point, at last!

Joe Brandt is a fellow who fell off his horse in 1937 and had a frightening dream about Los Angeles falling into the ocean.

Not only can you read most of his account here, but there’s also a video of the dream’s content (read by a computer-voice) on YouTube.  A longer version (26:44 after the ad) is here.

This morning’s column is not designed to scare anyone, but it is to remind us that sometimes…events can cast a long shadow before them.  And when a dream like Brandt’s takes hold in popular culture, does it have some role in calling things that are not?

Speaking of which, that’s a dandy book on spiritual matters, if you haven’t read it: “Calling Things That Are Not.” If your prayers are not being answered, often enough, this might be a useful book to study.

Seems to us that this is a good weekend to reflect on spiritual matters.  Not only did Joe Brandt’s dream happen on a day in the spring, but it was warm.

The forecast for Los Angeles today is sunny and a high of 78. After that?  Cloudy and cool the rest of the weekend.

Statistically, Joe Brandt’s dream has been wrong 81 times.  Will it ever be right?  We wonder, but thought it worth mentioning for reasons that aren’t quite clear.  Perhaps it’s data overload.  Time to re-read and reflect on “How We Know What Isn’t So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life.”

More coffee?

Some Fresh Data

Seems unfair that money masters get the day off and we of the working class are still on the grind.  Government workers, too.  And at Census, they’ve just released Housing Start data and don’t squint too much at this.  If you do, you may see the rollover in housing beginning…

housing starts chart

Drilling down into the press release:

Building Permits  Privately?owned housing units authorized by building permits in March were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of  1,269,000.  This is 1.7 percent (±1.4 percent) below the revised February rate of 1,291,000 and is 7.8 percent (±1.9  percent) below the March 2018 rate of 1,377,000.  Single?family authorizations in March were at a rate of 808,000;  this is 1.1 percent (±1.5 percent)* below the revised February figure of 817,000.  Authorizations of units in buildings  with five units or more were at a rate of 425,000 in March.

Housing Starts  Privately?owned housing starts in March were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,139,000.  This is 0.3 percent  (±14.6 percent)* below the revised February estimate of 1,142,000 and is 14.2 percent (±8.8 percent) below the  March 2018 rate of 1,327,000.  Single?family housing starts in March were at a rate of 785,000; this is 0.4 percent  (±15.2 percent)* below the revised February figure of 788,000. The March rate for units in buildings with five units  or more was 337,000.

Housing Completions  Privately?owned housing completions in March were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,313,000.  This is 1.9  percent (±19.5 percent)* below the revised February estimate of 1,338,000, but is 6.8 percent (±15.8 percent)*  above the March 2018 rate of 1,229,000.  Single?family housing completions in March were at a rate of 938,000; this  is 11.9 percent (±14.2 percent)* above the revised February rate of 838,000. The March rate for units in buildings  with five units or more was 364,000.

We will be doing a somewhat comprehensive review of the US economy on our Peoplenomics side tomorrow.

The Fallout Follies

So not only are financial markets insane, but we’re internet-enabled to live out all aspects of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

While Scottish journo Charles Mackay’s book is a classic in the three chapters centered on financial bubbles, “Mackay’s debunking include alchemy, crusades, duels, economic bubbles, fortune-telling, haunted houses, the Drummer of Tedworth, the influence of politics and religion on the shapes of beards and hair, magnetisers (influence of imagination in curing disease), murder through poisoning, prophecies, popular admiration of great thieves, popular follies of great cities, and relics. ”

So today’s delusions might include socialism, religious extremism, climate, monatomic gold, bitcoins, open borders…why it’s a complete plug & play, ain’t it?

Also Worth Knowing…

Support for marijuana legalization hits new high, CBS News poll finds,  Someone discovered sativa? Puff that magic dragon, huh?

Following up on Notre Dame: Computer glitch ‘one possible cause’ of fire.  Hardware, software, or hack? :Look for hardware to get the blame…it’s what software wonks do.

Meantime, just not a good week for churches in general.  Did you see where South Africa church collapses during Easter service, killing at least 13, injuring 16: report?

Remember our story earlier this week wondering about China trade and the border issue being possibly related?  Here’s a relevant point: China will keep supporting economy as ‘pressure’ lingers: politburo.

The Future is Behind us Department: Return of the bench seat: Concept EVs show space big enough for sofas.

Brace for higher gasoline costs: U.S. refiners planning major plant overhauls in second quarter.

Celiac lies as 32 percent of foods labeled ‘gluten-free’ contain gluten: study.

And socialists lose again! “Food Shortages in Cuba Are Raising Fears of a New Economic Crisis.”

No food shortage here, though.  Off to breakfast and then we’ll work toward moron the ‘morrow.

33 thoughts on “Since Markets Are Closed…”

  1. read last week that bailouts cost the equivelent of 150 million housing units (of a yearly market of 5 million?).

    • Its called the looting of America by the 1% which in their pea size brain they felt that it could go on forever,and of course both parties and all those who aspire to get to the trough are a part of it,as Putin said presidents change but policies remain the same, both in respect to foreign policies but also domestic policy where the working class will be permitted to make just enough so they won’t revolt..Happy Holidays.!!!

      • “they felt that it could go on forever”

        Nope… Robert I think they knew well in advance how it will all play out.

        I just don’t quite understand the end game. I get the part about making everyone enslaved to their whims..I just don’t understand a product. Promote the product. Then cheapen the product. Destroy the product’s value..

    • If our gov’t let our financial system collapse by not providing bailouts, it would be all over for the good old USA. Bye the bye, most of it has been paid back. Do all the gov’t freebee recipients pay back the gov’t when they hit the lottery. No, but the banks do. That is the real purpose of the Fed Gov’t to keep the country moving forward & not a socialist give away program. If Congress did it’s job & stopped giving all our money away, we would have a balanced budget. It has gotten so bad that if the freebie money stopped, the USA would go into a depression & no one would win. Unfortunately, this means to forestall the depression we must keep spending ourselves into oblivion. Crypto currencies may be the answer to our pending financial disaster. The US dollar in your wallet, & the US crypto dollarto pay down debt.. You don’t even need a printing press, just blockchain technology & chips.

      • If Greenspan haden’t interfered in the markets back under Reagan we wouldn’t have the mess we have today, nor the ponzi scheme called the stock market, nor the billionairs that control it,I read where Alice Walton just cashed in 700,000 shares of her Wal-Mart stock to take advantage of Trumps hugh gift to the billionaire club.!!

      • George I want to pass on something that have uncovered in my quest for both physical and mental vitality. Dr Mike Dows new book :Your Subconscious Brain Can Change Your Life. Received about a week ago and have been using his stuff. In the book he has an internet address at no additional cost to receive his hypnotic messages. I have been using them and have been impressed with their results. Being a firm believer in the woo-woo world had a strange happening. Day before yesterday went into bank and 2 twenty plus young men were helping customers coming in. The weird thing I noticed was they both had short hair and it was all pointing straight forward. Looked great I thought but definitely a new look. Yesterday went into a new barber shop that is now I beauty salon. Was already in when noticed the change. Two very anglo saxon appearing ladies were doing the work. Sat down in chair and realized they were from Mexico. Little English but asked if I wanted a 1 2 or 3. Had forgotten this about their culture. I thought will take middle cut. So took 2. She put on the 2 clipper and made a swath through my hair and thought that’s not what I meant. Too late and she gave me a nice short even cut. Didn’t pay much attention until this morning looking in the mirror shaving saw the same cut that the 20 years old had gotten. This is why am recommending this book as the subconscious can do some things if your interested in improving your life. Other really good things have happened so please consider using Dr Mikes book. I know some of you wont consider a 20 year old hair cut on an 85 year old an improvement its in the improvement of your thinking we are looking for

      • Hi, Robert –

        The financial shenanigans goes back a lot further than Reagan, Greenie or even Nixon and Roosevelt.

        Some people don’t like NPR but I don’t mind them.

        “On Jan. 8, 1835, all the big political names in Washington gathered to celebrate what President Andrew Jackson had just accomplished. A senator rose to make the big announcement: “Gentlemen … the national debt … is PAID.”

        That was the one time in U.S. history when the country was debt free. It lasted exactly one year.

        By 1837, the country would be in panic and headed into a massive depression. ”

      • Robert, did you ever wonder why Alan Greenspan’s interest rate predictions were considered gospel. The truth be that he was never right, so why was he considered an Interest Rate Guru? His job was to lead the investing hoards in the wrong direction so the Deep State could do the oppisite & profit. Alan Greenspan was a SCAM, but a well paid scammer.

    • Joe Brant saw a pole shift event locally around southerccalif. Many theories. Watch the onset time for moon tilt to see how bad the work is on earths core.

  2. James Baily’s website has been a hotspot for Christian seers and apocalyptics. The site is currently on hold while James writes his book, but the readers keep posting. The site allows you to sort reader comments by date, so you can see what the latest is:

    There seems to be a little uptick in people seeing something large and ugly happening in the next week. I will admit that I find a lot of it looks like grifters and people off their meds, but every once in a while I see something that catches my eye. Why keep rehashing old failed prophesies when you can see the latest online? All of the crypto prophesies should be of interest to those of you with too much money and limited investment acumen. Maybe G____ can give a short course in sorting out the wheat from the chaff at a prophetic website.

  3. What the heck – it’s Good Friday . . . growing up Roman Catholic, i’ve been fascinated by the religious mystics and their prophecies. Most merely echo Revelations in the New Testament, however, one clarion example by Blessed Anna-Katrina Emmerick (1224-1824) stands out to me. She wrote the following:

    “I see the Holy Father in great distress. He lives in another palace and receives only a few to his presence. If the wicked party knew their own great strength, they would even now have made an attack. I fear the Holy Father will suffer many tribulations before his death, for I see the black counterfeit church gaining ground, I see its fatal influence on the public.”

    Coincidentally, Pope-emeritus Benedict lives in relative solitude the Papal apartments located at the edge of the the Vatican Gardens. The ‘black counterfeit church’ is likely an overt reference to the Jesuits, the leader of which is called ‘The Black Pope.’ Pope Francis was ordained into the Jesuit order and the Jesuit order is headquartered next to Vatican city. These are some pretty remarkable coincidences, IMO.

    My absolute favorite mystic is Yoda, who had this to offer regarding peering into the future: “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” The remote viewers at Farsight even admit that much of what they may see could be glimpses into alternate futures that are ‘always in motion,’ since one small deviant action in our timeline could alter the path of the viewed or predicted future, splitting that reality off into an alternate universe. If that doesn’t pop your noggin’, not much will.

    • “The remote viewers at Farsight even admit that much of what they may see could be glimpses into alternate futures that are ‘always in motion,’ ”

      In 2007 I took the two day remote viewing training class with Ed Dames just to see if it works.

      It works!!

      We viewed about ten picture targets. I didn’t get all of them, but one I got so strongly it proved to me that RV is for real.

      By the way Russell Targ has a new video out on youtube about his role in the development of RV. It’s called Third Eye Spies with Russell Targ.


      He was on Ground Zero radio recently and talked about the capabilities of RV. You can hear this interview for free on Clyde Lewis’s site.

      • Rocket Mike: Major Ed Dames held a 2 day Remote Viewing Training Classes in Las Vegas for gamblers. After the 2 day training, you would head to the Casino’s to use remote viewing for profit.

        I wonder if you know if this training was successful. Major Ed Dames said It was. I heard this while he was a guest on the Art bell show so it was a few years back. He invited Art up for the training. I don’t know if Art ever attended.

  4. G1 – what happened to the Bean this morning? List of “today’s delusions might include..Bitcoins” ..whatwhatwhat?
    Where is the grand delusion of them all..US Dollar? No mention of one of the biggest ponzi’s in world history. The US digi dollar would be considered a S#%$ Coin if in the Cyrpto universe. Unfortunately the US digi dollar IS Centralized, UNLIMITED Supply and proven to Lose value every single year in its existance – S#%$COIN does not come close to describing our US currency.
    House of SAUD is getting out of the Petro Dollar, Russia, China dumped and or dumping all their dollar holdings, BRICs nations struggling to get out from under the Yoke of US Dollar denominated debt.
    When the US dollar CON-fidence game ends, whats the fall back ? Amero’s ? Loonies, Peso’s, Brightly colored Beads, Pretty Seashells, Maui Wowi ?

    Biggest rigged Game in the world – gee maybe the IMF/World Bank will have figured out their CrapCoin in time for dollar ponzi finally crumbling…along with our morals/society.

    Its a good friday for the demons&devils thats fo shure!

    • Reel quick or is it real quick? Prophet profit? $umtime$ sumtime sometime symmetry summer tyme. Its not so much a matter in what you say its in how you say it. Gotta keeps dem spells in check. Queens gambit, ya know?

      You do know the Powerball is the Male and the Mega millions is the female. Right? Write right!

      Moving forward,

      Que the song,

      Ocean front property in arizona?
      Was Brandt’s dream prior to the sun devils using the ancient atlantians (Aqua man) trident?

      All the sinner saints? You betcha!
      Speaking of grifters n,

      Pay attention. Close attention to this scene in the movie. ‘Focus” and remember what i said, “what ever holds your focus has you in its grasp.”

      Jesus said you are the salt of the earth. In the book of Philip, it says “salt” was a code word for “sophie” the mother of souls. Aka: The Holy Spirit. And he whome blaspheme the Holy Spirit is forgiven.

      Fyi: symbols are just tools. This world isnt ruled by them. Its ruled by belief in them. All of them, even the $.

      I think Thoth said it best, “win your way to me.”

      Happy Friday!

  5. Crypto Curriencies backed by oil, pork bellies, semi-conductor chips, etc. The new futures market.

    • Make marijuana legal and it will not only stop a lot of the illegal drug traffic end. It will also bring trillions of dollars back to the country in the form of taxing it and regulating it. It will give farmers another crop to use allow the plant to be used for the fifty thousand products that can be produced. Open medical research into the life saving drugs and it reduces the effects through absorbing of radioactive waste.. can easily be converted to fuel and strong fireproof building materials…

      And all of that was stopped so some idiot could have an outlook for his wood pulp.

      I would live to know how many billions are spent by drug cartels yearly to sway Congress to keep it illegal.

      • Not to mention that making it legal would also save taxpayers hundreds of millions in expenses of those incarcerated because they use it for recreational purposes. It’s already proven that anyone that wants to use it for recreation is anyway legal or not.

      • Gatherings are apparently planned at legislative assembly building grounds tomorrow representing the first such light-ups celebrating 4/20 since marijuana was legalized in Canada. If memory serves, one of the goals of legalization was to fence in appointed private industry players vertically from seed planting to final retail sale under government jurisdiction. One of the challenges to this government monopoly now reaching light is that some end users find official pricing too high and are migrating back to less expensive black market dealers. No matter how you roll it, potential government revenue is going up in smoke. Certainly anecdotal observation of the state business plans appears to indicate that the grass is greener on the other side.

  6. The first thing I heard on the radio this morning..

    Congress doesn’t need the special investigators to prosecute DJT for illegal activities..

    Didn’t I say that a while back.. if they can’t find d something they’ll just make something up..

  7. George, ure spitting out them lyrics like a whirling dervish. :)

    Just swinging buy. Y’all come back now, ya hear.

  8. Thanks George…
    Up on Stews sight

    Yup he found the quatrain I was thinking about. I cannot wait till his third series is out.

    I totally love and was greatly surprised that he’s kept a lot of the information that everyone has worked so hard to make disappear safe and available for research.

    I totally love his work on nostradamus.

    I am waiting for the huge false flag event. There’s just to many points on the scale the time between wars and the wave of time between cataclysmic events..the Mayan 2012 predictions on huge changes in events..
    Terrance’s timewave wave zero that also follows the maunder minimum..
    And the pagan ritual cycles…all are converging at the same time give or take a year or two.

    Religiously speaking that also flows along religious predictions of end times..

    Could the big events that have been predicted be coming along shortly.

  9. Gas prices here in SoCal are near or at $4 a gallon. They recently laid a new tax on us to “rebuild infrastructure” and so far I’ve seen no improvements, and the other ruse they use is shutting down refineries for “maintenance” during the high Summer driving season.
    Recent story cites a math professor’s discovery that we’ve paid $20 Billion too much on gasoline since another one of those refinery shutdowns boosted prices, but they never returned to normal when it went back online. Who benefits? Sure as hell not us drivers. Sure glad I have a Prius Plug-In.

  10. The most important comment of the month is what abq Joe wrote at the end of his post….

    “I know some of you wont consider a 20 year old hair cut on an 85 year old an improvement its in the improvement of your thinking we are looking for”

    Mindset is everything folks! Great post from abq joe!!!

  11. The winds were so strong in NC today that they blew over my basketball net which is anchored by a water filled base with 3 concrete cinder blocks on top of the base. I thought this setup would hold, it is heavy. Guess I was wrong & Mother Nature won. At least my tomato plants weren’t damaged. I broke out even steven, as usual.

  12. Brandt particulars?
    1) nubu magnetic star with comet tail every 3600 years or so orbit
    2) inbound 2000, huge solar storms, double spike sun spots, emormous
    3) 2005 mag 75 or so CME, not earth directed
    4) fixes
    a) south japan three tectonic point meeting location…ancient Japan magic men…iron based magma below quieter (think spock and magnetism as subspace)
    b) 2018 solar issues (1/2 sun atmosphere lifting) corona holes? Due to Nubu moving outbound and huge ‘rubber band’ magnetic fields…with huge inductions along them… induces planets core heating (induction)…
    c) tesla earth reasonator (maybe 70hz, shuma was 15 is 150 now due to internal heating)… moves magma up…expanding earth theory…as hits water and vaporizes and makes caverns
    d) loss earth field commesurate with moon (supposedly not magnetic but 90 degree tilts a rotating (falling) nubu changes fields over weeks…)

  13. last item..first was indicator, second was past. this is future? Brandt outcome and timeline>

    2) comet tail? passes by earth as nubu beyond earth… huge moon
    3) real Brandt is cooling of magma changes by tesla due to earth battery induction by nubu, beyond Shuman freq and harmonics… why? one theory plates is movement by cooling, ie contraction…Japan into sea… all of South Calif into the sea (was some time ago…lot of Sulfer in the air)…
    4) 500 mile pole shift to the south for American…was crops in Iowa, is desert…like Mexico..or your outcome of 1/2 US uninhabitable.
    5) spooks and cooks.. all done by 2025…

  14. Brant, michael mandeville has past history of all volcanoes going off as pass thru intense fielfs

  15. What is a field effect?
    1) two counter rotating inner and outer cores toppling due to field differences who’s result in North magole wander
    2) galatic core black hole denoations line sight to sun
    3) asteroid, iron, plasma electrics like time great Madrid
    4) nubu, both and comet tail at Venus orbit and rubber band electrics to sun at Mars orbit
    5) Tesla earth resonant freq magma iron fields under heating by induction
    6) solar comes, all above
    7) earth shuman freq charging and discharging
    8) moon elliptical orbit pertibations due nubu gravity well
    9) nubu as lost star from 4 the orion belt is ancient 4th black egypt pyramid
    10) local area supernova and latency arrival as light-years away
    11) gravity waves galatic core multi supernova
    12) subspace white hole issues

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