Where’s the Dilithium?

The mythical power-source from Star Trek is a marvelous metaphor for the long-range investor.  While we may not live to see it, both our middle age and Millennial subscribers may benefit from borrowing some Spock-like thinking processes which we outline this morning.

So, as soon as we’re done with a few headlines and breaking news – plus our chart discussion – we will head down to the holodeck and see if gold can be materialized in the future, if not the pasture.

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11 thoughts on “Where’s the Dilithium?”

  1. Silver Type 1 – new isotope coming to a lab near U..what about Type2???
    G – U R going to need to get up quite early n the morning if you wanna get a leg up on the competition for property on a clean water supplied lake. Lakefront property is EXPENSIVE, and getting more so as good locations become sparser and sparser. Lakeview property not so expensive, but not cheap by any stretch. My personal search was for small farmette 3-7 acre with view of fresh water lake or river. Distance to nearest town factors big in price scheme of waterfront properties.
    Doom and Gloomers are probably not going to like market activity/direction the rest of the week, but at least they have the symbolic destruction of the Church/France/GOD this EASTER week – by “the Satan worshipers”.

    MACRON/MAY/MERKLE – G they aint got no “souls” left, just some dim, gray… not sure what the hell “it” is.

  2. The next delirium or dilithium is AI, BLOCKCHAIN, INTERNET OF THINGS, & 5 G. What do all of them need in massive amounts…semiconductor chips. I even sold my beloved Apple stock to reinvest in semiconductors. This is a $37 Trillion dollar market that is about to take off.

  3. Bob Lazar uses a Gravity Generator to produce Warp Speed. Actually, there’s no linear travel through space; it actually bends or warps space and time and follows space as it retracts. Otherwise, the fastest one can travel is the speed of light, & who has the time to travel for a couple hundred years. The problem is this science needs massive amounts of power, so Dilithium Crystals were used by the Star Trek Enterprise to provide this massive energy output. In effect, you could travel 100 million light years in the time it takes you to drive down to the store.

  4. The lakes of California give you near perfect temperature , no humidity…fewer bugs, and fairly decent prices. Try Shasta Area, Lakeport on Clear Lake, Lake San Antonio near Salinas ,Big Bear Lake, Huntington Lake near Fresno, Bass Lake near Merced…Folsom Lake near Sacramento, Lake Elsinore near Riverside, or for seasons…Donner Lake near Tahoe. There are dozens more.

  5. Good to see PT come out swinging after the Mueller Report. Payback time. PT is good for another 4 years. He certainly is a comeback kid. PT is still the best bet out there.

    Bye the bye, where is Bernie Sanders getting all his money?

  6. The days of idle repose in the outlying areas of our country are probably numbered, my friend George. The simple fact is our own home-grown homeless people have been moving out to the forests and glens for years now. What’s it going to look like when the final onslaught of illegals come across our Southern border en masse that come from jungle type conditions knowing how to subsist on the land already? Sure we’ve got this little thing called “snow” that they don’t down there but, like all humans that have wandered the Earth since whatever Adam was – we adapt, we overcome. Learn Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and a handful of other Asian languages, too, because they’re likely to become your neighbors and mine, George, since that’s what’s mixed in with all the Central Americans. But when all else fails everyone understands 00B; .223; .308 and .30-06 until “daddy takes our T-bird away”.

    This article is already two and a half years old: https://www.metafilter.com/161789/The-Homeless-in-Americas-National-Forests.

    • thought about seeing and walking and camping the majestic Appalacian trail from Carabo Canada to Georgia Usa in the correct seasons and living saving interests by avoiding rentiers

  7. only explation for the destruction of Notra Dam a world heritage site and today walking into St Patricks cathedral with lighter fluid and gas cans is moronacism or humor

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