If MIGHT be really interesting.  Pepto for the open.

Sometimes, we have a pretty solid feel for how things MIGHT play out.  From this morning’s (8AM) Peoplenomics ChartPack comments:

“Although I don’t offer financial advice, there would sure be a grand and graceful solution here if the market rallied a bit, perhaps into the European close and then began to give up its gains and closed close to even for the day..”

The market hears and obeys?  Or, even a broken clock?

Notwithstanding, a fair outlook for the day, lol.  Lunch money for us, but we have dreams of exotic meals out in a far-away lands — if tomorrow goes flushing.  Once CV19 is over, of course.

If we could only do that daily instead of once in a while.  Any port (tawny or otherwise) in a financial storm, though.