Trumps “Enemies List” – B.B.B.T.

Breaking:  Weekly Unemployment Data

Just out from Labor:

“In the week ending June 13, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 1,508,000, a decrease of 58,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 24,000 from 1,542,000 to 1,566,000. The 4-week moving average was 1,773,500, a decrease of 234,500 from the previous week’s revised average.
The previous week’s average was revised up by 6,000 from 2,002,000 to 2,008,000. The advance seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was 14.1 percent for the week ending June 6, unchanged from the previous week’s revised rate.”

Markets were down modest (Dow futures -226) after the data.

Trumps Enemies List:  B.B.B.T.

Hard times to be an American.  We seem to have moved into an “Age of Perpetual Crisis.” 

To help you navigate the practicalities of the times – and to reduce your stress levels – we spend some time today considering Donald Trumps “enemies list.”  When you’ve studied it, we think you’ll agree with our conclusions.

B. is for “Bolton”

John Bolton is on Donald Trump’s shit-list.  Because in his new book – published over objections of “national security” – Bolton’s characterizations of Trump are less than favorable.  Some examples?

While there’s something to be said for John Bolton as a “neocon” when comes to foreign policy, there’s a critical aspect of government service to be remembered:  People at this level do tend to tell the “Truth.”  But, the wild-cards are in the selection of “truths” and how they are shaded to a narrative.  Therein disputes arise.

Trump and Bolton are, in our view, never “getting back together again.”

B. is for “Biden”

Trump’s next enemy is Joe Biden.  In many ways, the upcoming presidential contest has all the aspects of an Aesop Fable.  Tortoise and the Hare, I believe.

Trump is unquestionable a hare.  Living on too little sleep and a decided bent toward ADHD (and related) compulsive-impulsive behaviors.

Biden, on the other hand, is tortoise-like.  He’s put in his time on “the Hill” and he knows all the players.  He also knows where a lot of the “skeletons in the closet” are buried.  (He may have even had a hand in some – thinking Ukraine, here.

The Tortoise and Hare also fits in a sports-coaching sense:  Biden is a “team player” and has taken “several for the team.”  Trump hasn’t.  His players (in a coaching analogy) are all pretty-much on their own when things go badly.  As a result, Trump’s team keeps bringing on star “athletes” and then having them leave – pissed at “the coaching staff.”

Sure, we have (and will) continue to make references to “Slow Joe.”  But, we’re becoming keenly aware that Biden may have accidentally fallen into the Zen of America today:  More is done by doing less.  And the most is sometimes accomplished by doing nothing.

Biden’s use of tweets is a fine example.

Bottom line?  Biden doesn’t need to “run” anymore.  He can walk.  He’s got a secret weapon; which is?

B. is for “Bureaucracy”

In this area, I’ve got a lot of experience, having seen how bureaucracies work from the “inside-out.”

People not familiar with government are easily fed simplistic notions of “The Deep State.”  While in Reality, there are on bureaucracies and processes.  They can be played like fiddles or (in Trump’s case) drums.

Process, process, process, George” our staff “bureaucracy bulldozer” explained to me back when I was running a vocational college.  “If we want something done by “The Department”, we call our D.C. law firm.  They will send someone right over to “The Department” and walk-it-through for us.”

You see, when there are Great Powers delegated to Great Bureaucracies, spontaneous Great Monetizations arise.

It’s how the whole D.C. Law Firm cluster evolved.  There’s nothing “illegal about it.”  At least in the strictest sense.  All the work gets done , in the end.  But those who have their “Department” paper “walked-through” – or because of personal connections can walk-it-through themselves – will always get faster, better, more predictable outcomes from government than, oh,  “ADHD set and forget” people.  (Ahem…)

T. is for “Trump”

Yeah, sorry to report that Donald Trump may be Donald Trump’s worst enemy. 

Because in each of the examples above, Trump’s personal style is conflicted.  He’s not a “smooth people person” as the parade of “former officials” from his administration attests.  Jack-hammer and chainsaw management?  That’s a style?

Military leaders often become (even accidentally) some of the best managers around.  Because they learn through the realities of Life that “You’re only as successful as your Supply Officer.”

If the supply officer is great, all things will be readily at hand.  Never run out of toilet paper, top-notch food, and the war-fighting hardware always at peak performance with plentiful spares.

A bad supply officer is the nightmare.  Perpetual shortages, high turnover.  A good command at some level, but lacking great chow or spares for the field…

When I read-between-the-lines of the Trump administration, I see a “general” who is a “one man army.”  Not able to build a fierce team to be reckoned-with.

See if you catch the “secret sauce” in these organizations:  “Force Recon” – “Delta Force” – “Rangers” – “SEALs.”  And others…  Keyword: “Team.”

Once-upon-a-time, conservative, small-business-friendly America had lots of this “team spirit.”  But Trump – whose ego is arguably larger than Manhattan – has not once be able to introduce – and then let run – any up-and-comers in his own Party.

Which, understand, is it’s own process-oriented bureaucracy..  Except the chairs are have different names.  Checkboxes.  House and Senate committees, a major coalition of supporters.

Seriously:  If Trump were to keel over tomorrow from (pick one) [a] hyper-activity, [b] exposure to CV-19, or [c] a stress reaction to yet-another-impeachment drive likely to arise from the Bolton book claims….  WHO would the GOP run against Slow Joe?

It would be a freakin free-for-all Not Romney (God help us), Mitch?  Kidding, right?

No, the serious management appraisal (which is what elections are, at least in theory) is that Trump has pissed off most of his key “Big Name” players.  Big name players leave quickly (Tillerson, Mattiss, etc.) and walk-on’s are trying to “make it work.”

This is a longish discussion, but I won’t apologize.  We are – as of today fractally – at precisely the time where a huge melt-down of America could  begin.

We were not led into the CV-19 mess by any particular genius.  Nor are we being led out of it in like manner.  Going back to work too early?  The timing is questionable since here in Texas we are hitting record new CV19 hospitalization cases daily.  We’ve consistently said this is a medical situation, not a political one.

Our Future is About National Management Styles

A good manager is schooled in many things. Not the least of which are the Big Three of managing People.

  1. Give assignments that have measurable outcomes.
  2. Delegate responsibility and the authority to achieve the assignment.
  3. And most importantly, reward, honor, and promote from within, those people who have become rock-stars on your watch.

Thus, our most-damning assessment of “Coach Trump” comes down to just this:

“Tell us coach, about some of Great Players who’ve come up on your team and been promoted?”

Because I run a pretty “straight down the middle” one-man news site here, I rely on data, data, and more data.  Which I then slice and sort using an assortment of software tools.  One of which through this in my face today.

We have a coaching problem.  We have a marketing problem.

Sure there is a “deep state” – at the State Department and Pentagon.  But mostly, we  simply have a “monetization” built on law firms “walking things through” and of all the simple things to fix…  But what we have works.  It’s the runaways that kill.

Now, we can’t be too sure what’s going on. Or, what the last act will be. Since the Durham grand jury has been so quiet..  Perhaps attorney general Wm. Barr is a tortoise, too?

1929 RTS (Ready To Slide)?

We expect the NY Fed was out buying like mad overnight trying to keep the market from entering what could be a massive decline over the coming week, or so.  As people “lose faith in the coach” and see the tortoise continuing to build on his poll numbers.  And no Hall-of-Famers from the “brilliant coach.”

Our focus – just about every minute the market is open – is on these two green circled areas:  The 1929 track on the left and present-day on the right:

Other than the Bolton book – and hysteria which will be whipped up to keep eyeballs on televisions to monetize the MainStream – CV-19 cases globally are over 8-million now and continuing to expand at nearly 100,000 cases per day.  Which gets us to?

Urban’s Department of “Happy-Talk”

Smiley-face time, kiddies:  “Beijing’s coronavirus outbreak is under control, Chinese health expert says.”  Under control like, er…a controlled burn?  Global body count is nearing 450-thousand and cases well-over 8-million.

Bubblicious: “Big Five” tech companies expand amid economic crisis.  Speaking of tech…

Our Ounce of Prevention Paid-Off

My sense of “impeckerble” timing has paid off — again.

Remember, You can now reach UrbanSurvival without going through a DNS Server. Our IP addresses are:



Just remember when you use the numerical IP it will not be as safe as DNS with SSL.

Why chest thump?   Well… DDOS attacks on DNSs are going wild.  So Ure’s hunch was right-on.  Notice the stories?  See what Amazon Web Services announced?  “AWS said it mitigated a 2.3 Tbps DDoS attack, the largest ever.”

Also garnering coverage in Forbes this week: “T-Mobile, Fortnite, Instagram, Comcast, And Chase Bank Have All Experienced Outages. Some Believe The U.S. Has Been Hit By Large-Scale DDoS Attack—Others Are Skeptical. (Updated).

I can’t count the times my “gut has served me well” on decisions like this.  June 5th we began to implement static IP access.  June 13-14 the biggest DDoS attacks ever.  (I may strain my arm patting myself on the back on this…)

W. Coast Quake Alert

With the coming of two eclipses in the next couple of weeks, we are starting to pay close attention to earthquake potential for a “Big One.”  In particular, two just small temblors northeast of Bozo, Idaho struck us as out of the ordinary.

NOAA Scrubbing Solar Forecasts

We mentioned this before, but I can’t be sure:  NOAA is planning to eliminate the predict.TXT file from the Solar Cycle Progression site here.

As you will recall, the “predicted values” (text file) had shown Earth entering an extended solar minimum with no return to increasing solar output until at least 2022.  This is where the file switch from a .TXT format to a JSON format may be “hiding the sausage.”

What’s changed (and you can look at the new JSON file here) is that in this version of the model, the Sun doesn’t “go out” until 2037 – which is when the smoothed sunspot number drops below 1 from a 2025’ish high.  Then it remains there (dead/out of commission as in Maunder) until at least 2040.

Now, compare this with the (save a copy while you can…) .TXT file here.

HUGE variances between the files.  Like for December 2022 the .TXT file says expect 0.2 for a Sunspot number.  June snowshoe output. 

The JSON file has gaps in it – only every-other month predictions.  Still in November 2022 the smoothed Sunspot number it calls for is 57.366  while the January 2023 number comes in at 63.443.

The Sun Matters

There are a couple of reasons to pay such close attention.  First, if the sunspots are really coming back (wait, can you trust ANY of these forecasts?) is if you want to invest in  solar energy or whoever owns the Coppertone brand, lately.  Do you buy “climate change-sensitive stocks?”

Personally, I have this pile of (slowly being restored) tube-type ham gear .  If the Sunspots are really coming back, I will move the restorations up the project priorities a bit.  If not, HF comms will continue to be lousy.  Right now, the low bands (80 and 40 meters) are fair at best during the day and 30-meters and up basically useless all the time.  Kinda kills shortwave radios for preppers, too if the Sun was going into deep REM sleep.  But, if the JSON file is right, we’ll, kiddies, shortwave will be alive.

Off to chase food…‘moron the ‘morrow, then…

Write when you get rich,

73 thoughts on “Trumps “Enemies List” – B.B.B.T.”

  1. Your perspective on Trump is conventional. This is not a conventional administration. What if – what if Trump is just one of the members of a team. Like any specialist, he has one part in a mission. Conventionally he would be the manager of the team. Maybe he isnt. Maybe Trump is just one player in a team we don’t see. Someone to withstand the slings and arrows.

      • “Seriously:  If Trump were to keel over tomorrow from (pick one) [a] hyper-activity, [b] exposure to CV-19, or [c] a stress reaction to yet-another-impeachment drive likely to arise from the Bolton book claims….  WHO would the GOP run against Slow Joe?”

        I’m curious… would it make a difference… all DJT has to do is keep the economy afloat until the baton is passed on to the next administration.
        Whoever is in office owns it..
        Ever bought a car that you thought selling tickets to smash it.. you know the one that’s lemon yellow or dog shzt brown…once you own the car its yours..they just have to ensure it will run for the thirty day window..
        What would be a worse scenario is to win the election then the country tanks..
        If it was me.. I’d do a federal reserve… print it out, pump it up…then dump it..old creepy gets in office.. everything would be ripe.. what more could they do.. it tanks. Demi’s would push for war. Loose the faith of all the people..then own the crash of crashes .
        You and I and everyone else here knows how it’s going to play out. A few years later than I expected.. and heck if he would have gone large and in charge when the virus came out I actually think he could have pulled off rebuilding America, even with a congress fighting him all the way..
        Now I cant see how he could at all.. so do a pump and dump.. let them own it.. jmho

  2. True story – I get in the car to go home yesterday and decide I want to listen to some Troggs on YouTube – pull YouTube up and enter the T – I suddenly get an Joe Biden AD and it starts with – get this – Hi Don Joe Biden here yadayadayada…..

  3. George the solution is simple get back to the constitution but that ain’t going to happen for the 1% are having to much fun.Now if something should happen to Trump the biggest junk yard dog in the pack would take over, and you know as well as I that all you can do is spread your legs and kiss your backside good-bye.This country has had it as with all the internal problems we are still running around the world causing all the trouble that we can,the last forty years were the killing of the American dream for far to many as they see little as far as a future….

    • “… the 1% are having too much fun.”

      It’s not “too much fun” but very entertaining, indeed! People can never get enough of being entertained, IMHO; That fact causes tremendous problems in the world unfortunately.

      P.s. I consider myself amoung the (1) percenters and it is NOT related to money — it;s how you perceive evens in your life. ;-))

      • You got that ass backward the 1% can never get enough money for money is power, power so they can push their own agenda which in reality is leading to the destruction of the country, is what its all about..There I fixed it for ya….

  4. Yo G –

    Want to let the peeps know about pending Nationwide Discount Code coming soonly- being brought Us by the , the Democrats in DC.

    All you have to do to receive the discount on ANY Product you desire is to just put/type “FLOYD” in Discount Field for 100% OFF EVERYTHING! How cool is that?

    Also shout out to United States Navy Blue Angels – for suspending operations during the Corona Virus Crisis. Because Pilots must Maintain a distance of least 6 feet from on another.
    Demonstrations by by the United States Air Force Thunderbird’s will NOT be affected.

    ECD word for the day is ZAR – RAZ backwards.

    What is ZAR U might wonder?? “term used to describe a form of spirit possession common in northern Africa, eastern Africa, and some middle east societies”

    Now if someone could explain Where the Counterfeit $ 20 dollar bill is? Where are the Counterfeit Investigation/Investigators ? There is no way in HELL we are being played again – is there?

  5. As a former manager and underling one of the most important things a boss can do is to fall on the sword for his subordinates. If one of my people screwed up and a boss came down on me for it, I accepted the blame. I would never say, ‘oh, that was the fault of _____ one of my employees.’ Nope, it was always my fault. My people respected and appreciated that I was their firewall. Of course I’d chew out the employee later, but no crap doesn’t flow up.

    Never, ever, never badmouth people that report to you to higher ups.

    • yell we talking government here, nobody in this mess takes the sword for anybody, unless it benefits them

  6. I was wondering George when you were going to take notice of the earthquake activity in the west in the last 45 days 6.0 in Challis ID. 5.7 Salt Lake City 6.6 near Mina NV. 5.6 Serales Valley CA. all of which are on a line of where the Yellowstone Caldera had been as the earths crust moved over it. just saying

  7. Trump had a mandate to arrest Hillary.

    November 8, “arrest her”.
    November 16th, “the Clinton’s are good people.”

    Everyone has some degree of intellect.

  8. Dear Mr. Ure, Dr, Mr. Howareu Gold We are still waiting your favorable reply.
    Please respond soon. As the Special Ass. to the President of the State of Mass
    Confusion we are most eager to issue you you Diplomatic credentials. The President feels that you would be a great asset to our country.
    Please respond at your earliest convenience,

    Sincerely Dr. Mr. Howareu Gold
    Special Ass. to the President,

  9. George,
    -I said the Conservatives would turn on Trump the same way they did on Bush 2. When the cheerleaders turn on the coach, it’s fair to say that that time has arrived.
    -You see, the problem is that there are two ways to run a Country: Make stuff actually work or try to make people believe stuff works.
    -Unfortunately, Republicans/Conservatives are all proppy propaganda and no runny, runny the railroad.
    -So now you all want to jump ship on the SS Incompetence. And forget all the past cheerleading and propaganda.
    -To which I say: Perfecto. Welcome aboard. (Would that you all had seen the light before the massive corruption, incompetence and damage to our institutions, but that water is down there with breaking the Middle East and exploding the National Debt for rich guys.)
    -But, George, now that we are catching you in a moment of clarity, don’t forget: 97%, NASA, 97% of peer published scientists. Best, Mike.

    • Are you fkn for real? Dude, who is jumping ship? What? You think the conservative majority fkd up the country? Are you high? Who is giving away the farm? The fkn dumocraps.
      You gotta lay off the shrooms man. You are so fkn left you are almost back around to the right side but so fkn dimwitted you grasp for the oil.
      Best right back at you.

      • Everyone is jumping ship Steve. And I mean EVERYONE! Read the real data. Listen to what your own congressman and senators are saying behind the scenes. Oh yeah, it’s available. Just wait 60 more days. That’s when the real SHTF. Trump reveals that will blow your socks off.

        And Mike…lay off of the climate change stuff. It’s not real. It about the pollution. Smog filled air, polluted waters…Garbage piled up as high as mountain ranges. That’s it! Stuff we can see, smell and touch. Climate change is a hoax.

      • Unfortunally your one of the reasons that things never change, for you can’t see the sins of your own party,your trying to play the blame game and that fails to change anything at all, except to perpetuate the system,or perhaps that’s what your trying to do,,,,

    • …and Mike is still 97% blind to facts and data. Like a skipping vinyl record… such a silly troll.

  10. On April 30th Michigan citizens had a second mass gathering at the capital.

    During the first and second mass gathering news said government said protesters are going to catch The COVID and die.

    Here’s the current MI COVID chart:

    The United States is corrupt from top to bottom. It’s time to reset, just like the Constitution said to do.

    Look to CHAZ getting a friendlier identifier “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest”. LOL

    Private citizens of Seattle must setup new, independent courts and jails free from the United States and start arresting their civic leaders and arresting them.

    We all have to do it.

    • “China prepares to win war with US”

      Considering everything that we have seen in the past two months. I think They already own us..we are so dependent on their manufacturing.
      We did it to ourselves..the old saying divide and conquer comes to mind.. we are in close to two hundred countries they are only where they have been Invited..they are working with Russia who also hasnt gone rogue so that a small group can steal what isnt theirs..
      We are spread out to much. We havent been taking care of our own house. Our infrastructure is weak and in bad need of repair. We have one of the worst health systems in the world. Our currency is worthless. Their just biden their time.I think they will Let us crumble rather than topple us over. Then step in and pick up the pieces.

    • Lol and the propaganda rolls on as we demonize China for our own greed and shortcomings,anybody who would believe anything coming out of government and yes they all are controlled by the government and their toadies…

  11. Bolton; the only thing you need to know is he was completely unwilling to testify UNDER OATH to the things he has put in his book. He is no better than the other people involved in the Schiff show! If Trump, GOD forbid, kicks tomorrow. Pence steps in and runs against the Democrat party. Everyone knows, Joe is dead in the head, and is being managed. If that is the type of “team player” you want? Then you deserve everything that comes with it. Look at all the cities with the anarchists. That’s what you get with Joe and his great team!

    It isn’t about management style; it is about substance. No one in history has been dogged, impugned, lied about and threatened as much as Trump has this past 4 year! Those who voted in 2016 new what we were getting and are happy with the results. We don’t allow the constant haranguing and naysayers and lying media to distort what he has done, what he is doing, and what he will do, to set this country on the right track for more success.

    Your data, data, data, has missed the fact that Trump won’t lose his base and will gain more support as we get closer to the election. We are almost exactly where we were in 2016 with Hillary and the poll numbers. Along with the constant drumbeat of Trump having no chance, no way no how!!

    • Not disputing Trump voters are happy, but exactly happy at what? What were your expectations?

      Wall / Immigration?
      Abortion? Not a thing for me, but many supporters of Trump expected something.
      Supreme Court – This was a clear probably until the recent sexual orientation ruling.
      Obama Care?
      Virus Response? No one could argue we have had clear well organized response.
      Foreign Interventions?
      Regulations? Probably a yes here, I understand some have been rolled back.
      Freedoms? Has Washington relinquished any power back to state or individuals?
      Taxes? Probably a wash for most with rate reductions vs closing state tax exemption and other deductions.
      Draining the swamp? Who or what has actually been drained?
      Protestor / Rioter response?

      Hey I can imagine many scenarios where Hillary would have been much worse. But I really cannot see much in the way of results. Of course we don’t hold politicians to a standard of accomplishing anything, only that they say the correct thing.

      I thought our options in 2016 were really bad. One a complete lack of a moral compass and full on criminal, and the other an ego maniac who cannot work with others. Our 2020 option is almost as bad. A senile old man, who cannot string a complete thought together and the other still an ego maniac who still has not learned to work with others.

      If an outsider were to look at our picks as our two best people of our time to be potential leaders, they would think we are all a bunch of idiots.

      • We never got a decent choice. It’s always dumb or dumber. Lesser of two evils. Who wants that sh!t job unless it’s for personal accomplishment aka. ego, or to enrich themselves. The whole place has gone down the tubes. It’s like a dead guy that doesn’t know it yet. The whole freakn planet is like that. Dead man walking.
        Aliens fly by the Earth and lock their doors!

      • “Wall / Immigration?

        Joe.. these have been dead horse issues that have literally been prime campaign platforms since before I started shaving..
        How can they use them if they did something about them?
        It will never happen..
        At least not in our lifetime..pretty soon they will have their hands full.. we are on the precipice now.. I doubt we can avoid the inevitable at this point.

      • “Of course we don’t hold politicians to a standard of accomplishing anything,”

        OTFLMAO….. whats hilarious about that is………


        the fact that they refuse to write or read any of the bills they pass.. or that the vote is done at two am in the morning by auto vote.. they had a senator on the floor talking about the importance of this and that.. what was funny.. is he was the only senator on the floor LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL my question to the wife was.. I wonder who he thinks he is talking to.. except for the news crew that would air it on the evening news.. LOL LOL LOL LOL….


      • JD we never get a good choice. We have to suffer with jerks in high places making huge life changing decisions on our behalf and usually to enrich someone other than the constituents.
        I’m hoping it all doesn’t turn into TWD but it ain’t lookin good. There is much behind the scenes we are not privy to. The president has made a lot of mistakes and is surrounded by wolves out for his liver. It looks like without a divine intervention it’s over and we’re basically fkd.
        Blessings …..

      • @joe dish

        I voted for trump


        he was not a politician…made me happy……as I remember JFK…11/22/63….standing by at Camp LeJune, NC…after he was assassinated NOT 1 President since JFK has done anything positive for the PEOPLE of this country…once they were elected…NOT 1…

        Trump was surrounded by LIARS and Thieves…NO support from the GOP…except they sent him ALL globalist for him to choose from…IF he had a man like Ron Paul advising him from the gitgo…His choices would have been spectacular…

        the ESTABLISHMENT …(includes both sides of the isle) ATTACKED him immediately…and IF we get the Q team front an center..they will show TRUMP was attacked from 2016..BEFORE he was elected…true facts…solomon/carter

        as we can see the deep state /shadow government/bureaucracy….and the FED RULES THIS COUNTRY…and no matter who wins the VOTE….the country remains divided, BANKRUPT, and in WORLDLY CONFLICTS that never end and continue to keep the corrupt politicians and CONNECTED MILITARY Industrial giants well heeled and profitable….

        THIS is why I voted for DJT…to expose and rid this country of the liars and corruption that has plagued the USA since 1913…

        I now see…as many here also understand….One Man with orange hair and a NY mentality will NOT be able to fill up Gitmo and its Gallows..ALONE…it seems as thou ‘many of us old timers will have to engage those that I have identified…and take them down…..clean up the streets and restore law and order as visioned by the framers…which means ”’back to the states militias…as written…yes I know I am over 45….but today via the SCOTUS…you and I can say and BE anyone any age we declare…they have made a ‘grave’ I intend to use my last breaths as a gift to my grand children….to leave this f’up area I live in ..a better place than it is TODAY…by the grace of GOD…Semper Fi..imo

      • @d

        “IF he had a man like Ron Paul advising him from the gitgo…His choices would have been spectacular…”

        When Trump won the Election, I said to myself: “He should snag Ron Paul as SecTreas and Joe Arpaio as AG — Wouldn’t THAT have been a hoot…!??

      • OH, JOE! It’s the OUTSIDERS that have RUN our Presidential Candidates since forever, and Don’t Forget It!!! They have gotten what they wanted; a bought and paid for political process from top to bottom, from the littlest levels in the city/county/state governments all the way up to the big fat guys and gals at the Congress/Senate levels AND even the SUPREMELY OUT OF TOUCH SUPREME COURT.


  12. I know people at NOAA, and they are very left leaning. There is no telling how low they would stoop to sabotage things.

  13. Some old-tyme, long dead now guy said words to the effect:

    “A nation divided against itself can not long endure.”

    I don’t see a vast Coming Together before, first, a Great Wheels-Come-Off Crash & Burn first. There’s no great reasonable leader to grab the tiller just before we go over the falls.

    Way too many young ‘uns with skulls filled with Idealism, and no practical knowledge of How Things Really Work.

    Someday, things will improve. Maybe.

    • “young ‘uns with skulls filled with Idealism, and no practical knowledge of How Things Really Work.”

      With the serpent whispering in their ear… go ahead…seriously what could go wrong. Dont I look honest enough.. look how much I can give you…

    • William,
      Don’t hold your breath brother. Nothing will change until we the people change it like once before. It will take some massive event to raise up a man that can organize the people and take back this country for our children and their children. Right now we have our youth believing they are entitled to stuff. Like free healthcare. As long as mommy is paying. Once asked if they mind paying a fifth of their future incomes for universal healthcare for all, they shy away from all that gimme this and gimme that sh!t. Nothing like a dose of reality as a wake up call.
      Usually after a well deserved ass whoopen, the loser is humble and apologizes. But not always. We live in new times with old mistakes that are being repeated. I am happy I am old and not a young person looking towards the future, because it looks bleak.
      Blessings ……

  14. Hey Ure,

    Here are some questions that I have for you and the community:

    – Are you familiar with the REPO crisis that started in September 2019 and how interest rates spiked 10% overnight? In response, the FED started to put up billions per day to the banks (international ones too). By March 2020, the FED was putting up trillions per day right before the “Virus” got serious and they locked everyone down. Looks like we have a few banks on the verge of collapse.

    -Do you believe that this “virus” was the excuse that the elites need to introduce a new finance system? Personally speaking, as someone who worked high level with the Department of Health in NYC, there is decent on the seriousness of the virus (internally speaking)

    – Have you heard about the “Great Reset” that will be discussed at the next World Economic Forum Conference? The royal family and executives from major companies (Mircosoft, Mastercrad, ETC) are promoting it.

    – One of the guest speakers at the World Economic Forum Conference was Victoria Alonsoperez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Chipsafer. Search up what she designed with tracking behavior of cattle (aka humans). Sort of intense? What are your thoughts?

    – Have you addressed the world issue of the baby boomer generations and their retirement obligations? The pensions, healthcare, etc are not sustainable with the current model and the only way out is through single payer and privatizing social security,

    – Student Loan debit crisis?

    – Europe switching to digital currencies?

    Thank You,

    • Good grief, you’ve got a bushel barrel full. Yep, the repo crisis is proof the monetary system is in major trouble and about to crack and banks don’t trust each other. The fed had to step in to prevent interest rates from spiking.
      The virus, along with the protest/riots, was planned and coordinated with precise timing. The virus was released in Wuhan during the world military games in mid October to accomplish several goals of the global elites (Bill Gates, Rockefeller’s, etc.). Their view of a global reset is multifaceted.
      The fact that globalist will get their wish is not in doubt, but remember the old saying be careful what you wish for.

  15. George,
    I won’t say I told you so…ooops, I guess I just did. I have known about Trump and his style since the 80’s. I know way too many people that know him and not in a good way. The minute he rode down that elevator is the day I screamed WTF. In case you haven’t noticed LOL, I have never liked him much and I have been pretty successful in my immediate circle with conversion. For Urban Survival…the way I look at it…One down…d, ECD, WCD, and Looking out of the box are next.

    Why it has taken everyone so long to figure this guy out is beyond me. Not one person that I personally know that has done a business deal with him has had anything nice to say about him. The term Sleazeball usually accompanied the name Trump. I never thought about it this way, but… since he was often called names himself…like Sleazy…and he knew how much it hurt him to hear it…maybe that’s why he is so into name calling himself. A sort of a vindictive payback. But, I am not a psychologist and I don’t play one on TV, so It’s just an opinion.

    This is Occums Razor at play. Trump did have (all gone) a Dream Team working for him. Kelly, Mattis, Tillerson, Bolton, Sessions, McMaster, Gary Cohn, Priebus, Tom Price…Any other GOP President would have maximized the talent here. And ,Trump has also had some dogs, like Spicer, Acosta, and Rick Perry..also gone.

    The thing is, Trump wants to be a ball hog. Yet, he has no skills to carry a team past the scrimmage line, let alone the entire field. Remember when Trump appointed Pence to lead the Coronavirus task force.? To his credit, Pence did a very nice job. Organized, articulate, calming. Once people started praising Pence, which even CNN And MSNBC did…Trump couldn’t stand it and had to take over. Pence hasn’t been seen since and the task force crumbled into a politically charged, fact free mess.

    The proof of Trumps incompetence became apparent the day this dream team had to deal with him on a daily basis. These people were heavy hitters in their field. Winners, leaders, successful. Trump was never successful. He inherited $500 million and isn’t even worth that today. Bolton has insinuated that the Trump Organization ha s a huge debt with China. To the tune of $500 million. We have already heard about his debts with Saudi Arabians Russia, two nations he is eerily and overly friendly with, He basically lost daddy’s money. Occums Razor says believe the winners, not Trump, the loser.

    • “This is Occums Razor at play. ”

      You know..seriously DJT wasn’t my favorite.. my original pick was Rand Paul … of the lineup of America’s best of the best. DJT was by far the best leader in the lineup and hes accomplished a lot. Given us about the most honest view of what’s going on. Just think. we could have gotten Hill or good old Bernie.. now that would be a horror dream waiting to happen..CJ will be pretty eerie to..

    • @Marx
      again you attack me personally…”For Urban Survival…the way I look at it…One down…d, ECD, WCD, and Looking out of the box are next.”

      That’s a threat that you should not have made. Since you have be commenting on this site you spew HATRED for our sitting President..with impunity….your ‘truth and facts’ are taken from the same lying sources the House used to impeach..lie after lie and you are so ‘educated and smart’ that you just used the info that was ‘fed to you’…

      So my retort too you is just basic courtesy..from days past ….to honor a regurgitating useful fool…… ……FYATHYRIO

      • d,
        And they weren’t lies…they are proving to be truths out of the mouths of the patriots that worked for Trump. And to honor A regurgitating useful fool…COFEVE!

      • @Marx

        I ‘sense’ you are an …[redact ad hominem attack rule – first flag thrown g]……the only one around here because of the Covid 19..all stores are depleted…except here…where ONE can be found daily……

  16. If everything a business model then they don’t need me anymore. I’m sitting at home raking in Covid Bucks.
    That’s right, my part-time hours are shortened because Medicaid runs must be deemed essential (life threatening)? Yes I’m a driver. Yes it’s hard on social distancing, though maybe Fauci will supply us with Limos instead of Equinox’s? Our 14 seater mini buses will space 4 to 5 folks. Talk about efficiency, more bang for GM’s buck. Oh ya 3 new buses to be added. And oh- free rides because we don’t handle money or pre-paid passes. Covid Bucks cover everything, thanks to grants plucked from the money tree. On account we need no accounts, no accountants, just spend those last dollars just to prove you’ll need em next grant season.
    The new “Stakeholder Capitalism” up front in your face. Oh I’m sure we’ll hear more and more about it in MSM. The Grand Global Reset coming, So what’s my stake in this? No mo steak fo you fool- go eat bugs. Oh ya, reset everything, You’re fired!
    Ai, has taken your place, no more Covid Bucks needed, just Universal Con Trolls. So WHO is in charge here? UNfamiliar territory, what a Obumma.

  17. I am watching the 3pm ramp in the market. It’s now 4pm and things should go green any second now. See, I told you they can make magic! Yesterday, the magicians did not report to work, maybe it was their golf afternoon because we actually had a down market. Lots of scams!!

  18. Getting stocked up on Pop Corn as it is going to be real entertaining as this year progresses. One of the things to be thankful for is removing the Shot Gun from Elmer Fudd. It will no doubt save many lives, The mentality of our new welfare class is outstanding they will go far


  19. Regarding your HAM radio activity George.

    Any nets you frequent?
    How about pactor or other packet modes. Active on that?

    If Internet went & stayed down, how exactly would you reach out via radio?
    Given it any thought?

    • Time. About 9-months out of the year I get seriously on the air.
      Mostly ham radio simply has too many aspects for me to wander off into the digital realms – pactor etc.
      My “digital realms visited” list began with CW (still good for 35 wpm with no hang-over and coffee). Then I did a year or two (off and on) of slow-scan TV on 20-meters. After that PSK-31 on 20 and 40.
      After that, some new mode sprung up on 14.075 and up and no idea how to tackle that one..FT-8 is it?

  20. COVID is everywhere – unstoppable:

    Frozen food warning as city’s fears of ‘second wave’ escalate

    An expert has pointed to frozen seafood as the source of contamination for a new outbreak of the coronavirus in the Chinese capital of Beijing.

    More than 150 people in Beijing have been infected with the coronavirus since last week, marking China’s biggest resurgence of the the virus since the initial outbreak was brought under control in March

    • OK, I can’t help it.

      Beijing had 150 more cases for one week. Any clue as to how many people are in Beijing?!

      21,540,000 and those are 2018 figures.

      So…some simple math. 15/21,540,000 = .00000696.

      • Oh my Thor… you forgot the casual curve.. that’s how many new cases diagnosed.
        Now consider that the virus isn’t fast acting.. once exposed and caught you can have the virus and spread it for fifteen days before you develop symptoms. In america the average person out and about socially will cross paths with up to five hundred people.. in a city that size and as close as they live that number could be multiples larger.
        150 could easily be magnified to over a million infected..
        What I refer to as The old Amway pyramid lol lol.

        Remember CRE started with one person that was healthy got sick and sicker than he ever was.. fter just a few years it’s now in every state. fifty percent die twenty percent longer and thirty percent dont know they have it . Covid19 is way more aggressive and its mutating aggressive. Now with insurance companies unwilling to cover the costs associated with it.. ( one guy I k ow said the reason he was given is it’s a man made not act of god. The same thing is in your home owners policy.. acts of war or aggression are not covered) with that being the case very few will seek out medical care .. i had an insurance that wouldn’t cover the charges of having a radiologist read an x-ray.. their reason was is your doctor so incompetent that he cant read them.. so every time i got one i made the write in the charts that x-ray’s are only to be read by the attending physician.. so i could dispute the charges. ( it was the hospitals insurance plan to )

  21. oh yeah sure !!! and what about the fractals ! USSA USSA USSA chant ! riot , unemployed , debt , covid , war !!! USSA fractal up forever

  22. Dear Mr. Ure,

    My goodness there are some trumpets sounding off in the comments today. One would think Amerika had a President Von Hindenburg. Let them eat shoe leather!

  23. Well said, Organic Farmer. It used to be called “having some balls.” When you’re good to your people, they’ll be even better to you.

    • LOL – I call these “drop lines” – Bozo is, of course, Boise (Boy-zee) but it’s not the main humor element – hence my term “drop lines” – dropped in for bright people.

      • I have T-shirts printed up.. with little tid bits just to see who g er ts it… lol lol I have one I wore that dam thing for years.. no one got it then one day at the store this cute young lady started to giggle points th o my shirt and tells me your my kind of man then walks off..after all that time only one got it…lol lol

  24. Re sunspot activity and data scrubs on NOAA. I’ve been watching Ben Davidson’s YT channel for years. They seem really legit though I can’t know for sure – I don’t have that level of understanding of science. No, I’m not a troll or anything. I have no affiliation with Davidson or his YT channel but I’ve watched a lot of his videos, and watch the daily updates well… daily.

    It’s worth checking out. He talks a lot about climate forcing, sun spots, grand solar minimum, and plasma cosmology. I’m throwing this out there because that team seems to really have a great understanding of this. I found this channel to be excellent for non-scientists (mostly – they can get really technical) and the videos are well done and professional.

    Just throwing this out there. I think it’s information worth knowing.

  25. LOL back at ya, George. Yes, please keep the humor coming!

    Sadly, Boise has become a hotbed for liberalism. So ‘Bozo’ is appropriate.

    I live in North Idaho, perhaps the most conservative location in the United States. Our small town of 7000 is being targeted by BLM and Antifa right now now. Two different marches/rallies in two weeks. Coeur d’Alene the same.

    I’m very concerned that they may see us as places ‘to be made examples of’.. I just hope the very fair-minded people up in the mountains here will continue showing resilience with restraint. The first hot-headed redneck to lose his cool and shoot somebody would have us playing right into their hands.

    Unfortunately, we have a pretty serious presence of rich liberals who moved up here to retire. Also, young liberals have taken over both city government and the media. Our mayor literally invited BLM and antifa to our small town and hosted them in city gov. buildings!

    The rest of the community is very concerned that the liberal populace will encourage and assist the people who are trying to incite violence. It scares me that this is a rich environment for starting glorious the war to end capitalism. – Ken Herbst

  26. Sorry, I was the one who posted earlier as, “Bozo…you mean Boise, George?”

    = )

  27. Do you know that it was Bill Gates father who helped Howard D. Schultz start Starbucks? Also that Bill Gates grandfather was in charge of the FED in Seattle? Bill Gates funded “Beyond Meat” and the “Impossible Burger?”

    What is even crazier is that Boston based, Bain Capital actually own Bill Gates. They own Starbucks, Monsanto, Bayer, Microsoft, and another reason they call them the KGB of consulting? Maybe its just from my Boston years?

    Anyhow, glad you can see that the virus and protest/riots were planned. Personally speaking, I think the virus isn’t as serious as the media makes it sound. I guess we no longer need the flu vaccine, because no one has died of the flu since this whole iVirus started. Too many lies! The mainstream media is just a propaganda tool and our politicians are just actors.

    Then again, I am a millennial who has seen through all the lies a long time ago. Thanks for the comment! Been following this site since last Dec and glad that I joined. Bought a few of URE books too. Common sense approach is great to see!

  28. let us see,,we trust info from china as to tell us and to tell their citizens the truth about a viral weapon they are using againist US
    2nd wave is more propaganda than truth,, they been telling us 2nd wave before the first was complete,,they need us scared to go out to vote,,easier to cheat with mail in ballots
    the dems are balls deep with china and some republicans too
    this storm is separating the wheat from the tares

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