Asia Rallies–Bottom In?

imageI apologize for inflicting another update on you – I should be asleep – and so should you.  So much are the wages of food and having brain on fire disease, I suppose.

The first – and most important point – is that the Asia markets which all the other pundits have been warning would be going over the cliff not only didn’t collapse overnight, but they actually looked pretty good.

Take for example Japan:  Up over 7% (as pretty nifty trick) and while China’s Shanghai was flat the Honk Kong index was up 3.27%.

France and Germany are up almost 3% and the Brits are up two and a quarter percent.

Hardly end of the world stuff, I think you’ll agree.

This weekend we went through a lot of charts over on the side of the house, but the bottom line is that while there is a bearish count, my friend Robin Landry thinks we could jump up a bit from here…but the real battle line will be 1,950 on the S&P.

You see, it’s pretty common for the markets to decline below key support and then rally back to (and slightly above) support.

But it is there that we find out if we are into the (delayed appearing) fifth wave.  Or, if this kiss and die mode of the market in a major depressive run-in is in play.

Either way, for the next week or two, the sunshine should come out – thawing both the eastern part of the igloo as well as the moneyed types on Wall Street.

For for now, sit back, enjoy the flight, and hope the pilot comes back soon. 

Still, Ures truly is not to upset – it just means the fifth wave if/when it comes may bring us all the way to the fall of 2017 before things really come crashing down.  If so, we will get new highs first,

I will get to fly an airplane for another year, and then we batten down the hatches…

How About a Nightmare, Shall We?

I woke up chilled and sweating at the same time about 3:45 this morning.  My brain was on fire with an all-consuming idea…

Would president Obama do anything so audacious as nominate Hillary to the Supreme Court seat left open  by the death over the weekend of high court justice Antonin Scalia?

That’s about the most plum loco thing you’ve ever written, Ure…

Whether it is or isn’t…think about this:

  • Hillary is a lawyer.  I don’t know how good she is…been a while since she’s done anything useful with her law degree except maybe plot email intrusions and keeping a safe distance…
  • She would get completely off the email rap.
  • This would leave Bernie to kick butt without getting the demos all divided like the republicrats are.
  • The demos are already sending out emails to raise money on the pending nomination and money…shoot, that’s Hil’s strong point.
  • Say, did I mention Hillary is getting nervous as in Nevada?

Do I think Obama is dumb enough to do this?  Maybe.  That would put two socialist leaning people in positions of power…and that would further his agenda of reshaping America into something it was never going to do.  (You fill in the blanks, comrades…o))

The way I see it, the Obamanistas are in a position here to offer Hillary a deal of a lifetime.  IN return for donating most of her IGG (incidentally gotten gains) from happytalking Goldman and the like, she would get a SupCo nom and that would keep peace in the party, trim back the Clinton fortunes and roll them over into the democratic coffers and everyone goes away happy.

Crazy theory of mine, but I’m sticking with it until Obama has a better idea.  (That’s been a long wait… And since he’s keen on really bad ideas, this would just be a capper…)

From Our News Analyst

Yet another excuse for government to license the web – when it cuts into corporate cash flows:

Dear Mr. Ure,

This “Science Alert” report advises that a Russian academic is laying siege to paywalls of 130 year old medical and science journal publisher Elsevier. One wonders if their parent RELX in London will defend vigorously at the moat, or wheel the business model into the barber-surgeon quarters for a haircut and bloodletting. Sound the trumpets and let the joust begin.


Imagine that…release of documents by a Russian. Plays to web licensing rather suspiciously well, does it not?

Short Takes – Run-up to War Dept. And “Tits” Up

Since it is a holiday and neither of us should be working, let me go into lazy mode for the rest of it>

Turkey vows ‘harsh reaction’ if Kurds try to take Syrian town.

Airstrike Destroys MSF-Supported Hospital in Northern Syria

US Secretary of State John Kerry criticizes Russia for bombings in Syria

Ukraine bans Russian cargo trucks in tit-for-tat move  (This is only part of the complex equation in the area, but any time there’s a story about tits,  I seem to get interested – the tats are incidental unless they go in opposite directions… .

I’m only partly joking here.  I’m not the only one out tit-watching on the web:

An Israeli calls for an end to the vicious cycle of tit-for-tat.

North, South Korea Make Tit-for-Tat Moves at Kaesong Industrial Zone.

Even in India:  Mullaperiyar in Kerala budget- DMK wants tit-for-tat TN budget.  Wonder who the cameraperson would be?

And even the scientifically correct Scientific American has been caught in the act with a story about how The Great Tit Chooses Love over Food.

Don’t we all until we’re 60 something?

Now, in all seriousness (or at least some of it):  When we see a flurry of words that may be see as having some innuendo of a sexual nature, we begin to suspect that the net is programming us for something.  What?  My sense is a rally and a period of “now it’s OK to feel good…”  Until the next time it’s taken away from us.

And on that note, I have no business being here, but that also applies to about half the people in Washington so let’s call it a holiday and gather round the monitors tomorrow.

Here…go spy on someone…

13 thoughts on “Asia Rallies–Bottom In?”

  1. Despite all of the hand wringing and tooth gnashing there is barely daylight shining between Obama’s policies and the policies of his predecessors. What’s really changed? Not much.

    re: transform America. Context may help elucidate.
    “After decades of broken politics in Washington, and eight years of failed policies from George W. Bush, and 21 months of a campaign that’s taken us from the rocky coast of Maine to the sunshine of California, we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. In five days, you can turn the page on policies that put greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street before the hard work and sacrifice of folks on Main Street. In five days, you can choose policies that invest in our middle class, and create new jobs, and grow this economy, so that everyone has a chance to succeed, not just the CEO, but the secretary and janitor, not just the factory owner, but the men and women on the factory floor. In five days, you can put an end to the politics that would divide a nation just to win an election, that tries to pit region against region, and city against town, and Republican against Democrat, that asks — asks us to fear at a time when we need to hope.” O, 10/30/2008 (5 days before the 08′ election)

    BTW I didn’t vote for O either time.

  2. George-
    This reminds me about the MIT student who published ‘pirated perhaps’ many papers to open some doors; then was threatened with umpteen years in prison by GOVUS
    and who subsequently suicide. So much for universal scientific knowledge.

    • Yes, but she isn’t American nor is she in a domain where our government can touch her without riling that siberian tiger.

    • That was Aaron Schwartz. He downloaded many papers that were funded and PAID FOR BY US TAXPAYERS! Elsevier, Wiley, and some other one got PAID AGAIN to publish these papers, and then paywalled each of them for around $35.00.

      This is a total misuse of copyright. Legitimately, the writers of such papers should have the honor of authorship and the right to see their original papers remain original. Derivative works, with attribution, and free distribution should be allowed and maybe mandated, since this research legitimately belongs to all of us.

      Sci-Hub and LibGen are sites with a similar philosophy. In order to do proper survey research, many hundreds of papers might need to be scanned over for a nugget of useful data. Copy”right” is a legal construct and has been abused by lobbyist/legislators to create a Frankenstein caricature of it’s original intent. It was originally 28 years and is now 95. Authors should have some reasonable rights, mitigated by those who fund them, but the monopolist aggregators are on par with those who sell cheap lifesaving pills for $1000.00 each due to buying up a patent. I can’t see them as having any legitimate “rights” other than cost of distribution plus a normal profit.

  3. Obama cant name Hillary (or anyone else) as a Supreme Court Judge.
    In 1960, the Democrats (over the objections of the Republicans) passed a resolution whereby no judges can be placed in an election year. The D’s didnt want Eisenhower to name judges at that time.

  4. Obama cant nominate Hilary (or anyone else) as a Supreme Court Judge. In 1960, the Demos passed a resolution forbidding a president from doing so in an election year. They didnt want Ike nominating anyone at that time.

  5. He may propose Loretta Lynch current AG placeholder. Claim she is already vetted recently. Then dare Pubs to turn down female Black.

  6. I’m sorry George, I love you and all, but you suck for even breathing these words about a potential Court nominee. My god, man, how much more would that screw up out society over what she’s trying to threaten for now ? Pretty certain this may well be her political death-throe, at least we’re all hoping, don’t prolong the agony foisted upon us by this particular woman.

    • My point is simply this: The O team seems to gravitate toward doing the worst possible thing so this really would fit.
      Also past resolutions mean nothing to current sitting congress., Witness budget caps, and so on

      • George, you’re not alone. I had the same thought on Saturday night immediately upon reading the news. I remember reading several months’ back or perhaps even a year ago her name thrown around in circles as a nominee for the court, with the thinking that Ruthie doesn’t have much more time to go.

        We know Mitchie boy is going to cave; he’s already left the door open with his statement.

        IF this really were to happen, I think I might have to start seriously looking into expat’s place.

  7. George you’ve out done me. I, a true conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, didn’t even think about Hillary being nominated for Justice.

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