Are Fed Decisions “Tradable Events?”

It may seem like questing after a unicorn, but then again, that’s what a lot of investment research is:  Going through the trash (mountains of data) and thinking the Hope Diamond might be in there somewhere.

But that’s how we roll around here:  While the longer views of history can be pretty good with enough diligence, so can taking the opposite tack – Superficial and Big Picture matter, too.  Looking through the repeating events for signs of something useful to bet on….er….invest in…it all kinds of fun.

The only difference between a compulsive gambler and a leverage-oriented investor is what, exactly? Difference in casinos, maybe?

At any rate, Ures truly sifts a mountain of data and comes up with a gem…if it works out…but first some headlines to rattle us back to consciousness.

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2 thoughts on “Are Fed Decisions “Tradable Events?””

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