Another Visit to the Threat Board

imageA while back  (April 2015, Peoplenomics 708-A “Should you build a Home Intelligence Platform?“) we discussed the value of using readily available web-based tools to help you spot trends.
We are paying a lot of attention lately to the word “trend” for another reason:  We’re writing a book on our word-frequency approach to Big Data and how it can be used to improve expectation confidence in coming events.
Admittedly, the process is like standing in the center lane of a busy freeway and listening to distinguish the sound of an approaching Kenworth W900 in your lane versus a T-660 in the outside lane…..
Don’t worry if that sounds a bit challenging at this hour…we’ll tear it down to coffee-sized bits.  But the main thing is we will be looking in on the Global Threat Board because it’s time to do that again.  If the concept isn’t familiar, you can find it in the January 17, 2015 Peoplenomics #697-B over here.
We’ll skip the old trucker joke about how “Ma wants Pa to get a new Peterbuilt…” and move on to the blizzard of data to dig out from under.

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8 thoughts on “Another Visit to the Threat Board”

  1. Thanks for the update on the shipping numbers…I can just heard the GUS explanation now…”Well, we did have a major snow storm…and all traffic was stopped…and..and!”

  2. G, seeing a big push for cashless. Need your thoughts and research. I’ve got cash, gold and silver, am I a criminal? Not yet, feel like it and it’s coming.

    • You are not a criminal – just a coin collector. But the urge of the CB’s to herd people into cash is so they can make up zeros without regard to mark-to-market or anything else in the way of mark-to-value

  3. For your future reference it is PeterBilt. This alone should be worth a complimentary subscription for the year! Yours foolishly, Todd.

  4. Detroit Diesel Series 71 V12. 3,100 hp. Capable if pulling 105,500 GWT in excess of speeds over 150 mph. They don’t make em like they used too. Ha ha ha.

    Without truckers, there would be no, “justice time delivery”. Cough.. “just in time delivery.”

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