And Merry Christmas

imageNot a column for the kiddies this morning…

Barring the Syria-Turkey (U.S. – Russia proxy) mess escalating into a “flash dance” – we have some reason to hope on this Christmas Day 2015, that we will have at least one more pleasant holiday ahead of us next year.

If you follow chief word-tracker Grady’s adventures, you’ll appreciate that there are two words that have been giving us fits lately at our project.

One is the word “flash” so we will be watching to see what evolves with this one.  A “normal” track back into Google and Bing is less than satisfying.  Sure, we have The Flash season II and we have plenty of flash flood cancellations as part and parcel of the weather being exceptionally warm this winter due to El Whats-It.

But I’m thinking the word will meet up with rising prominence in stories like the big explosion  in Nigeria where about than 100 were killed overnight.  Toss in multiple human suiciders and maybe that’s what the language shift is hinting at there.

The other word to watch is Methane.  It may be related to the evolving environmental disaster at Aliso Canyon out in California.  There, an underground gas leak is causing more environmental damage than dozens of volcanoes.  And there seems to be no way to shut if off.

While Porters Ranch residents “lawyer up” the imagery of this slow-motion disaster is impressive, indeed.

Still, our main focus is captured at the macro level by three defining events which continue to unfold.

One is the election.  As mentioned yesterday, when the Obama administration announces a “sweep” to pick up illegals – and they do so a month in advance (which gives everyone time to hide) we can’t help but sense it is all a set-up.  That’s being echoes by others this morning including the Western Journalism site.

The second and real story to track over there is how Paul Ryan (who we’ve name the head of the Obama wing of the GOP) is defending the horrible budget just passed by the Fools on  the Hill.

While Ryan, et al, talk about how we “need” H2B visas, the reality is that we’re bringing in a new underclass from overseas.

What’s more, while Ryan and the Republicrats screw-the-pooch on the budget, they make senseless yammerings about a future balanced budget is in the works.

What Ryan assumes is that you and I are idiots.  He may be right about me, but you’re maybe aware enough to figure that NO CURRENT CONGRESS CAN BIND A FUTURE CONGRESS. 

Anyone with a nickel’s worth of brains sees proof of this in the how the Social Security and Highway “trust” funds have been broken like piggybanks and how we should have had a balanced budget many times over.  And let’s throw in the piecemeal destruction of Dodd-Frank, too, while we’re at it.

The paymasters (many of which are big District of Corruption law firms) and the Legions of Lobbyists pretend there is not a moral and ethical ideological meltdown underway in America.

But to my third point, let me run this one by you as two obviously contradicting headlines:

The first (and remember who got a piece of your tax money in the budget) is this gem:

Hiding HIV From Partners Is A ‘Human Right’, says Planned Parenthood.”

Oh?  So being a broken condom away from a slow death, shouldn’t be a choice? 

Meantime, the NY Times reports “Man With H.I.V. Gets Prison Time, Again, for Unprotected Sex.”

What we have here looks suspiciously like America is “making up industries” by holding to conflicting, nonsensical policies that serve to create more problem than they solve, except they do result in additional economic activity.

I mean seriously, think about it:

On the one hand if HIV positive is a secret, then we expect more headlines like the fellow going to prison.  That one case alone employed three lawyers (the two sides and a judge) not to mention the custody costs for however long. And more lawyers for appeal, can be expected.  And then there’s the fund-raising angle to all this.

We do the same thing on immigration:  Save money and effort on the fencing and lose a hundred  more on the back-end through ICE costs, jail costs, social costs, and welfare costs.  ESL costs, bilingualism….it’s just nuts.  And the Left gets a whole flock of new voters since they’ve gone after voter I.D.

Ditto the process on Middle East refugees who are skipped ahead of the lawful lines of would-be immigrants in order to bring people here who largely hate us and have no interest in our Melting Pot ways. 

Ure’s truly has told you many times, we need to leave Syrians in Syria…until they face up to their own socioeconomic problems and solve them.  Simple clarity like this is totally missing.  It’s wound around the axle of cause journalism and corporate manipulation.

Yet who can blame the mush-minded of American public for thinking our Constitutional rights extend to everyone and everywhere in the world?  They have been told as much by the economic power structure because that’s how the Death Industry ramps up wars around the world – and those are good for business. 

Then, since the public is deluded, eventually deluded leadership is enshrined.  It’s like a contagious disease.

All of which sounds less like a Merry Christmas note and more like insightful, clear-headed thinking.

If you want a bunch of momentary feel-good today, try a Church. 

If you want a longer buzz, try clear-headed thinking about our real and persistent problems.  It ain’t that hard to see ‘em, especially if you understand some basic long wave economic theory with toss in a dash of behavioral economics.

Here’s the bottom line:  Almost 2000 years ago, the wrong fellow ended up on a cross. 

Despite how many Churches have sprung up since – and how many Yule logs – the species keeps repeating the same poor judgment errors.

Thus,. the only “present” I can offer you this morning is that in our work on economics, we should have another 18-months before the biggest meltdown in history gets underway.  2016 should be a good one driven by presidential change/optimism.

Enjoy it while you can.   

Meanwhile, permission for one Christmas dinner Mimosa is approved: 

As is said in Danish “Skål.”  Or on the Scottish side of the clan:  Here’s tae ye…

Coping:  Woo-Woo Dept.  A Quake Note from Dreamland

I have the most entertaining dreams, sometimes. 

Three weeks to a 7.8 earthquake, somewhere?

That’s what seems to be coming through in my latest vivid dream overnight.

Toss in the quake swarms going on predominantly in the area southeast of Lakeview, Oregon, and the swarm in the eastern Caribbean Puerto Rico, and then the “earth-tide” stresses associated with the solstice just passed and we worry again about the after-Christmas period into and just past New Years.

Quakes seem magically drawn to holidays.  Banda Aceh was Boxing Day

This dream overnight was about how our next quake would be in an area north to east of a location noted for scuba-diving, where there was generally shallows, but a cut or rift popular with divers.  Clear water, too…Popular with Italians or Spanish-speakers. 

No idea where this stuff comes from, but it is quite entertaining.  The dream plot featured three criminal types, each seeking to gain favor with a boss while they were vacationing – each trying to get a treasure of some kind prior to the quake. 

This would make the quake in the Caribbean, because there was some urgency to these criminal types doing the recovery/theft of gold ahead of a pending quake, though they were oblivious to the timer running on that event in background..

The news offers a nice fit in the treasure that has been located off Colombia.  It’s a biggie.  That would take care of the treasure-hunters and the criminals going after it.  The quake swarm up off Puerto Rico might be setting up the next big Caribbean quake…

Majority Rule Day in the Bahamas is January 10, which would be about the right date.  But the quake seemed closer than that.

Quite a dream, is it not?  Way past when it should be “day residue” so I will be awaiting posts over at the site to see what else comes along dealing with quake.

Still, if there’s a big Caribbean quake in the next 30-days, or less, remember where you heard it first.

Write when you break-even,


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  1. Worthless self serving concubines on the hill absolute nut cases Budget what Budget has not been one for 20 years Ryan another piece of Crap flush then all

    • Dear Strider, Please consider the “concubines on the hill” may be on the payroll of one of those three letter Agencies who have a secret agenda to slowly destabilize our country to the point where martial law is deemed essential…

  2. Hi George,

    I’ll probably be taking a rain check on the Skype thing today. We now have blizzard warnings for tomorrow(thanks, El Nino), and the last time this happened we ended up with several feet of snow and needed National Guard helicopters to feed the cows.

    Time to do final preps while the sun still shines.

  3. The east coast of the Sinai also has a place popular with scuba divers. If memory serves, it’s Sharm-al-Sheik.

  4. Ever wonder why “SANTA” is always dressed in red? Ever wonder where the idea of SANTA ever came from? Just a little spelling error, right? Move the middle letter of the name to the end and wow — there’s all your answers. Peace and goodwill to all the crooks and demons that own and run our wonderful and dying planet —- yuk!

  5. Merry Christmas to all and this is my second mimosa!! Can’t get the Skype thing going on my iPad probably because I don’t know how to use it duh….
    Meanwhile Fort Lauderdale is under water again with weird tides seems like a regular occurance thankfully we are far enough north to be spared for now .
    Best to you and E

  6. Merry Christmas! Maybe the flash thing is just an upcoming Flashdance remake. Planned Parenthood thing is appalling, even in today’s world where the appalling is commonplace. What have you got against illegal Syrian immigration? Did you want to live forever? After all, what is life without challenge?

    And on that note, we’re off to family Christmas in Newport.

    (Just remember: everyone has to believe in something, and I believe I’ll have another drink.)

    Bingle Jells!

  7. George, just FYI as I was reading about the quake in your dream and your description of where it will be, and before you opined as to where you thought it might be, it hit me that it could be the Caribbean (where I sailed for a few years, a very long time ago). I hope not, because I have fond memories being at anchor in the Bahamas between a couple of islands and having to go ashore for some respite from losing my sea legs due to the continuous rocking movement of the ship.

    Merry Christmas to you and Elaine… from Spirit Island!

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