Santa Rally Ending?

imageTime to “shoot the reindeer” down on Wall Street.

Metaphorically speaking of course; don’t want our peace and quiet in the Outback ruined by a pack of animal rights activists.  Otherwise, I’ll send them up to talk to the coral snake family.

Point is (local flora and fauna aside) that our long-awaited Santa Claus rally this year has done a marvelous job of cheering up traders by tacking on an additional 185-points Wednesday.

Today?  Well, the market looks softer than a geezer who’s lost his Viagra prescription.  We might get a rise of out things, but will it lead to much?  Likely not.

For one thing, the markets will close at 1 PM eastern, while the bonds will close at 2 PM.  No doubt to avoid a logjam on the Long Island Expressway.

For us mere mortals, we notice the 10-year bonds are right about where they were prior to the “rate hike” – which as we’ve explained is really just an ease to please.

U.S. Department of Window Dressing

We can help but be a bit suspicious when the democrats start working the border invasion issue, just in time for what’s her name to claim spurious data in the wo9ol-pulling contest (which some call a presidential election).

This story in the WaPo makes it sound like it’s going to be a big deal. A planned Federal “sweep” of illegals is coming.

While there will no doubt be some arrests (the window-dressing) we are collectively appalled that while this is going on, thousands of Syrians are jumping ahead of lawful immigration applications because of the cynical Obamanistas and their Bolshevikian plans to bring in as many people who hate us (or will become good little democrats) before the election.

Then, expect another flood.

Syria, Amnesty, and Calling Out St. Nick

We move now to the “dancing doublespeak” portion of our card, this morning, with the press reports that “Amnesty International says Russian bombing of Syria may be war crime.”

Well, except for a few things which aren’t getting the same coverage in ‘Merican Media (formerly the United States press, but we aren’t united much lately and the quality of journalism is cloudy resulting in perpetual brain fog).

Specifically, we happened to watch the Russian Defense Ministry press conference live (RT, on the Galaxy-3 FTA transponder).

While the Russian counterclaims were somewhat convincing, the me-too corporate press has not asked the one questions the Russians asked:  “Where did the Amnesty satellite data come from?”  Since the Russians didn’t give it to them, who would?  Hmmm…which military controlling superpower has an agenda….My, oh, my, this is a hard question, is it not?

It’s not an insignificant question, which makes it is one we don’t expect to see answered.

As everyone knows, Washington has been taken over (despite the Eisenhower warning) by the military-defense (and now pharmaceutical) industries and it’s in their interest to keep the Syria war going as long as possible.

In particular, the Death Industries (West) have to be hurting because the prime minister of India is in Moscow where India is doing a $7-billion dollar “defense” deal.

THAT, boys and girls, is why we don’t have World Peace under the tree tonight. 

The simple fact is that a) war is a racket and b) there wouldn’t be an economic recovery without all the business dealings that go along with blowing sh*t up all over the Middle East, aided by our “friends” the Saudis, who are itching to install Sunni governments and this doesn’t fit with the Iranian-Shiite vision of future.

While Russia is selling arms to India, remember there’s that additional Iranian nuke plant sale to Iran, too.  The West may claim power and influence, but when comes to Sales?  Might want to check with China and Putin’s office.

So this gets us to Cause and Effect: What you see now is the current SecState being placed in the unenviable bend-over of mandatory weasel-speak.  John Kerry is agreeing that Assad of Syria can remain in power (which is what the Russians are after) BUT Kerry et al (namely the Obamanizer in Chief)  keep spouting the fine print that reads “…Assad has to go at least for the duration of the ‘peace talk’ process.

Since that’s a non-starter with Vlad and Company, peace talks are tubed.  Military Sales continue and it’s business as usual.

You can figure out how this is going to end (Hint: Badly) because ‘Mericans are too dumb to figure out that the democrats and republicans are all cashing political checks cut by the same DC law firm’s legions of lobbyists.  All CEO’s know leverage in “political affairs” means for every $100 in lobbying you can get $10,000 to $100,000 or MORE  in contracts.  Why give up a sweet deal, like that?

So if you see Santa tonight, cut him some slack on the lack on World Peace.

Constant Growth economics falls apart in no time without conflict and when the Hilde says idiotic things like “Don’t give up on Libya, yet…” I want to move to Washington or Colorado so we can legally smoke whatever has warped policy at the State Department.

Meantime, Santa should have a very light load tonight.  With Christians being killed off in the Middle East, and Muslims invading Europe,  the only thing we can figure is Santa must be tired of his home business franchise.

This whole take-down of Christmas (and any references to it) in the U.S. coupled with the pending Muslim Reconquista of Europe may just be the best exit strategy or retirement plan available to St. Nick.

No doubt, in an earlier time, he would have checked with Mrs. Claus, but now she’s now got a GF, so you don’t hear from her much, anymore.  In an effort to get with the times, Santa has added bathhouses this year. Gotta keep sales up, or the franchise value with collapse.

As goes Christmas 2015, so goes American I and on we lurch through the roll-out of America II.

“And I heard on the roof, amidst the stamping of hooves and the laden-sled clatter…

“Merry Christmas to all, but it don’t f*cking matter.

Amen, Red Dude.  I’ll have the eggnog French Toast, please.  And pass me a bah-humbug and the lighter , would’ja?  Got my ViseGrips around here somewhere… 

“Bethlehem suffers another occupied Christmas.”


9 thoughts on “Santa Rally Ending?”

  1. I don’t believe that ‘St. Trump’ is going to bring you anything but a lump of coal! That’s all he has, lumps of coal . . . you’ve managed to confuse a number of fairy tales – some ancient, some modern . . .

    Actual history shows that change from the people ‘outside’ happens because the people ‘inside’ (whether Europe, the Middle East or even the United States) are just as responsible as those they fear. Nothing ever remains the same forever, unless you are dead; the world will adapt.

    While the ‘curse’ may be ‘may you live in interesting times’, it really is just ‘business as usual’ . . . Peace is good; War is not!

    • some people are dumb — you are dumber — the lump of coal must be in your head — and I’ll bet you think you know everything — including all the answers to all the world’s problems, too! — what about OVERPOPULATION do you not understand? Happy stupid beliefs day to you and all like you lmao!

      • Apparently you are not a frequent reader, or you would have noticed the 6 zillion times we have called out dueling dick religions that can’t win on merit, so they toss pop bombs about…sheesh. read more!

      • Totally different topic – Overpopulation . . . but studies have shown that the more wealthy and settled people are, the less likely they are to have ‘spare’ children like my grandparents on my mother’s side who had from French-Canadian (Catholic) and Scandinavian (Lutheran) – 11, and 15 children in their families respectively to my sisters and I – 3. Change will happen if given a chance – peacefully . . . Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year!

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  3. Read your column each morning, what a joy. A very Merry Christmas to you, and your family, and a Happy New Year.

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