“Ancient Children” Previewed

I’m writing another book – a novel this time – and you’ll find the research done for this one very interesting.  You see, it’s a novel about what happens when Anti-Aging medicine really pays off.  How does that friendly government of ours go about rooting out fraud on the one hand while, at the same time, keeping up legit payments on the other.

There is a lot to think about in this book – which is why I have been getting up at 2 AM many days to write.  Today, since it’s the weekend and we try to keep things to the point, just the intro.  Which was an eye-opener to research and write.

Meantime, the gas clock is ticking in eastern Europe and the market has failed to move appreciably above our “line in the sand” indicator.  So big question marks in the charts today, as well…

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George Ure
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21 thoughts on ““Ancient Children” Previewed”

  1. Have any Russian generals graduated from the U.S. War College?

    They finally cruise missile (?) 2 Ukraine airfields near the Russian border.
    I checked one; it was a step above a dirt road. You mean to tell me there are still operational airfields in the Ukraine?

    All those tanks need lots of fuel.
    Ergo, helicopters destroy a fuel complex a stone throw from the border.
    What??? No defenses! No radar? And its minutes from the border.

    We see TV pictures of Russian tanks, et al, in lines on a road, destroyed.
    The Russians appear to be using WW-ll tactics and arms.
    Yet, items like tanks are easy to destroy.

    I am beginning to think the U.S and friends are setting up Russia and they appear to be military simpletons; if we wanted to …, they won’t last long.

    • Everyone should check out Kim Iverson – debunks American war nonsense. Also Vlad is shutting down gas supply’s – many said he’d never follow through…

    • “Have any Russian generals graduated from the U.S. War College?”

      Russia has its own war college, which I doubt the communists did away with. However, to answer your question “YES.”

      Russian generals have also graduated from Sandhurst and The Sorbonne.

      “The Russians appear to be using WW-ll tactics and arms.
      Yet, items like tanks are easy to destroy.”

      Look closely. The destroyed tanks (and trucks, LUVs, and APCs) are 1940s to 1970s vintage.

      The Nazi Germans built the best purely-mechanical tanks which ever existed. Yet you could destroy a 1st generation Panzer with a .50cal if you could get above it, because they were unarmored behind the turret, over the engine bay, and the engine essentially sat in the magazine.

      Soviet tanks were copies of German and American tanks, and suffered from the same shortcomings. With that said, the post-communist Russians probably have an Abrams clone in their arsenal because Russia is the world’s 3rd biggest arms dealer, and if they didn’t have a battle tank that could at least remain on the playing field with the Abrams, they’d not sell any tanks.

      Once more I postulate that Putin is disposing of the dead wood in the Russian arsenal. He’s getting rid of all their 50-80 year old tech and all the pansies & cowards in the Military. The convoys the Ukrainians are picking apart are decoys, made with junk, kinda like the decoys we made in England opposite Calais, before D-Day. They’re using friggin’ antique planes to carpet-bomb areas in Ukraine!!

      Think about MiG vs Lockheed or the ISS. You know Russian military tech may not be better than ours, but it is comparable. So why is there NO modern Russian tech on the battlefield…?

      • Yep, that crafty ol’ Vlad’s just doing a little spring housecleaning. So what if thousands die, tens of thousands are crippled, cities are leveled, billions in wealth are wasted, economies are wrecked, and international order is upended?
        “I rode a tank
        Held a general’s rank
        When the blitzkrieg raged
        And the bodies stank”
        God, what am asshole!

      • Ray,

        To your point, the German chancellor must have been pleased to unload his dated, pre-Berlin Wall, East German Soviet strela-2 missiles onto Ukraine. One imagines president Z. would sail donated UK and US state of the art missiles towards higher yield recipients.

        Actually according Sipri’s arms transfer database, China and India were the largest customers of Ukraine in 2021.


    • Infantry became cannon fodder for heavy motorized battalions starting back in the WWI era. The technology balance has now shifted again. Main battle tanks and motorized cavalry are no match for squads with Javelin or equivalent infantry crew-launched missiles or drones.

      I watched a YouTube segment of a four-man Ukrainian infantry crew popping Russian armor from what looked like a half mile or more away with a Javelin. So easy, even a Ukrainian private could do it.

      But this works both ways. The Ru’s have the technology as well, and in defensive mode, would do the same to advancing NATO columns.
      Air superiority and artillery still seem to be something of an advantage in support of heavy armor, but even that is starting to look questionable.

      The danger lies in the mistaken belief that tactical nukes could tip the balance back to the heavy armor aggressors. It won’t. And as we have already seen, biologicals are a two-edged economic threat to all. Refer to Poe’s Masque of the Red Death for advanced study of bio-warfare @ss-clowns trying to hide in bunkers.

      • Javelins are worthless – why they are all being dumped in this theater. Sure standoff and pop an old soviet era “decoy” . Ukes got Nothing – Manpads are bullshit – they dont work, at least not so far in this current kerfuffle, and certainly not against any “airborne” threats.
        Russian tech is light years ahead of US – the performance of all are systems have been on display in ME as have the Russian tech. US/Nato wont go near Russian aircraft – Russian EW is far superior.
        Pooterz has the CONUS ringed in- see big ass drone/sub carrying monster Nuke off East/West coasts- anit no Patriot System fast enough to counter that whole dam case of sub launched WhoopAss.

        Like the No Fly Zone Nato setup in Ukraine – oh wait what……

        myth vs reality..

        Belorussian News and Russian News – a good watch along with small US news – to better understand the truth of the matters.

      • In reality, you only have to take out the fuel trucks and host depots and the motorized armor becomes oversized paperweights.

      • @ECU

        “see big ass drone/sub carrying monster Nuke off East/West coasts”

        Didn’t you see the press release? According to the Russian press that badass mofo only be out on a shakedown cruise, just like the shakedown cruises it’s been on over the past several years…

        You DO believe the Russian (wartime) press, don’tcha?

  2. Greetings George from “The Great, White, North”, aka, Ontario, Canada.
    I started taking Bilirubin, awhile ago based on one of your previous posts, wrt anti-aging compounds.
    There were a few other supplements you mentioned as well?
    Can’t recall…
    Mark Z.

  3. Comrades,

    Uh oh, did someone fail to shred their notes from the politBureau planning sessions? It seems one of the nine goals in the 14th Five Year Plan (2021-2025) towards long-range 2035 objectives in China is adjustment of statutory retirement dates to better match international standards. It appears that current Chinese white collar workers retire at age 60 and blue collar workers at age 50.

    Possibly folks in Canada may recall the blue administration early in the ‘teens rolled out a Canada Pension Plan amendment. There was going to be a gradual phase-in of full retirement benefit eligibility being deferred from age 65 to age 67. Anyhow a red administration got into power (2016?) and reinstated age 65. However there was actually a deferred tax hike built into that reversal. So after the reds got re-elected in 2021, I imagine one could look more closely at their year 2021 second half pay breakdown and see that the Canada Pension Plan contribution percentage doubled on top dollar earned compared to the past.

  4. “Meantime, the gas clock is ticking in eastern Europe ”

    PUTIN is a much bigger man than myself.. I would have flipped the valve to off a long time ago.. why would he want to keep the spigot open.. to those that wish him and his country harm..

    Interesting news.. an attack within the borders of Russia by Nato ???? not sure it hasn’t popped up on the news channels yet.. but at the same time this video popped up.. showing members of the govt.. heading down..


    SO.. what is going on so far.. is it all starting to happen..
    If we truly went into a state of emergency.. how soon before we are told.. or will they.. I was once told that they won’t ever tell us..

    • Mr. P hasn’t turned off the gas cock ’cause the Ru economy needs the gas & oil revenue more than ever. As always, money talks. It is also possible he may wait until warmer weather to limit the effects on civilians. The Ru objective appears to be to displace the US from NATO.
      If he does shut off the gas, there is a strong possibility that armor will be headed toward the frontier from every direction.
      All the great multi-ethnic Fathers are already cowering in their bunkers, including Mr P.

    • Russian Gas/NRG is about BREAKING the grip of the Central Banks of Rothchild kazarians – the kosher nostra global crime cartel = all our agencies are compromised, and work in tandem with the “dark slavers-controlers” – tyranny at its worst.

      F- EM All Mr Loob, pay no mind US/Nato noise pumping Fear 24/7

      ..bee the Love superstar you already R & help shine that Light right up “their” collective keisters.

  5. {RUS/UKR}:

    Ukraine denies attacking oil depot in Russia

    The Russian military, however, has said the attack on the civilian facility was launched by two Ukrainian helicopters



    This is actually scary. Our propaganda-stream media claims the depot was a military installation, the Russians claim it to be strictly civilian. AFAICT the choppers were unmarked, although Russian intel reported them to be Ukrainian. I personally hope so. The alternatives are they were Russian birds creating a false flag, or NATO birds, trying to create a false flag and affix blame on Russia.

    Russia Strikes Ukrainian Oil Refinery Owned by Igor Kolomoisky After Ukrainian Chopper Attack

    Russia responded to Ukraine’s chopper attack on an oil depot inside Russia by conducting a strike on Ukraine’s only oil refinery plant — which is owned by corrupt Israeli-Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.



    Multiple projectiles strike Western Russia

    The incident comes after an oil depot located in the same area was attacked overnight by two helicopters



    Western media clubs together to white-wash Ukrainian Neo-Nazis

    Multiple outlets use the same talking points, quotes, and ‘experts’ to whitewash Ukraine’s notorious “Azov” regiment


    ADL Defends Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis: They “Don’t Attack Jews or Jewish Institutions

    The Anti-Defamation League, the leading pro-Israel lobbying group in America, published a Q&A defending Ukraine’s neo-Nazi groups on the grounds that they “don’t attack Jews or Jewish institutions.”


    Note, there’s now no denial in the mainstream that Ukraine DOES have a significant National Socialist presence.


    German industry would collapse without Russian gas – BDI

    The backbone of the German economy – its industry – would “collapse” should Berlin decide to impose an embargo on Russian gas, the president of the country’s industry association has warned.


    THIS is another thing that happens if the Russian pipelines are closed for more than 2-3 days…

  6. Zoltan Pozsar has published another article. A description can be read here – https://thedeepdive.ca/commodities-and-the-new-world-order-what-you-need-to-know-from-zoltan-pozsars-bretton-woods-iii/ – as referenced by JSMineset.com.

    Essentially as the US$ hegemony dies the message from the East will become “our commodities, your problem” as the World figures out how to pay for things.

    “The triangle of a new world order
    Citing Ray Dalio’s stagflation view, Pozsar said that “the price signals from the four pillars of commodity trading will dominate the signals coming from the four prices of money.”

    Arising from the ashes of the current geopolitical conflict, commodities-driven monetary world order would replace the current one, as Pozsar puts it.

    “Commodity reserves will be an essential part of Bretton Woods III, and historically wars are won by those who have more food and energy supplies,” he added. In the new world order, banks would create eurorenminbi mainly to accumulate for buying Chinese Treasuries, outside money like gold (instead of G7 inside money), and commodity reserves instead of foreign currency reserves.

    With the new approach to understanding the monetary order, financial and price stability may be achieved over time–but not without taking hits on inflation and interest rates.”

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