One of our frequent posters to this site totally nailed it in one of the overnight posts.  His list evokes the terrible crisis sure to follow when America runs out of (Trump) “Bash:”

“…just think about what they have done so far to try and discredit him.. well
Racism didn’t work,
sexism didn’t work,
undermining him with fake adds in the election didn’t work by dumping billions in negative ads,
Blaming him being elected by Russian involvement didn’t work,
Gun control Didn’t work,
Stormy Daniels.. didn’t work,
Nuclear war with NK .. didn’t work,
they almost got him with the gas attack claims.. (what a setup to..) but it didn’t work..
Now they are trying to get him with a law that they have been working on for what twenty something years and haven’t been able to get it done by coming to an agreement… LOL.. Hey maybe Donald should take on the abortion laws.. LOL LOL that one is fifty years old now.. then I wouldn’t have to hear the next campaign speeches on how they are going to do this or that if they are elected…”

Amen to that and RFO.

Except, the point is the media will never run out of “Bash” because it’s so easy to make up.

The Morning Slur Check

We have two examples.  The first, being touted as First Lady Fashion Fireworks as “Melania Trump dons ‘I really don’t care, do u?’ jacket...”

Some reporters don’t know that sometimes fashion is just fashion and it doesn’t have to make sense.

Our second slur du jour is the suddenly repentant Peter Henry Fonda who’s talking to walk-back his inciting to kidnap the President’s son Barron.

“‘I went way too far’: Actor Peter Fonda apologizes for immigration tweet suggesting Barron Trump should be ‘put in a cage’” tells the SF ABC affil.

Odd, ain’t it?  Secret Service in the wings over what could be construed as a threat and along comes a left-wing repentance.

Will and example be made?

With a new Peter Fonda flick out shortly from Sony, it’s already on our “Do Not Watch” list.

As we encourage all, Vote With Your Wallet!

Not that any of it matters, because as we’ve said, America will never run out of “Bash.”  The lib/NE press will never give up taking down America.  Just like on the made-up slurs on children in cages (an Obama deal first) and now that Trumps doing an EO, lawsuits on that.

BS and distractions, kids.

Countries without borders are not countries. In Washington, the national stupidity contest continues as the Obstruction Party whines.  Leading to Trump says ‘red wave’ needed to pass immigration bill over ‘obstructing’ Democrats.

A decades-long debacle of promise ’em everythjing and give ’em nothing.

See the Rally?  Trend Line?

While the detail version will be up on our site for subscribers tomorrow, a quick look at our US Aggregate Index shows the stopping point of the 8-day decline and it looks like this:

Thus, we expect the rally to at least make it to the red line today and if it breaks higher, then new all-time highs in some markets could be along before the 4th of July.  Remember, there’s a statistical argument for a rally prior to some holidays!

Hour to the open, Dow futures are up 130. As Trade tremors set stocks up for worst week in three months.

Climate Change Bulletin

Epic dust storm on Mars now completely covers the Red Planet

As we’ve been saying:  Solar powered.  D’oh.  Tell the IPPC to look up from their agenda once in a while.

NNC (Numerical News Clusters): 47

This is one of those mornings when the Universe is telling us the future – in advance.  It does this once in a while by making a certain number pop out of news stories at a disproportionate rate.

Today, the number is “47.”

Take Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for example: “Papenfuse to march to Capitol to demand ‘Act 47’ release.”  This is cute because Act 47 is expiring (and with it higher taxes) but the city is addicted to money (duh) and wants to keep the dough coming in rather than live within their means.  Nothing new, but the number…which then brings us to:

“A record 47 million people are expected to travel for the US July Fourth holiday: AAA/”  47, eh?

And?  “Lakers draft Svi Mykhailiuk with No. 47 pick in 2018 NBA Draft.”  His number is what???:

In North Carolina, “Persistence pays off: 47 COA grads earn diplomas.

But our favorite is how “47 Groups Weighing SPLC Lawsuit Warn ‘Editors, CEOs’: ‘You Are Complicit’ in Hate Group ‘Defamation’.

When I see stories like this clustering around 47 today (and there are more, I’m just giving you the tip of it ) we start to look for future news perhaps involving something like 47 dead (although a lot of 47-year olds are dying) or something involving a 747 beyond the current “Closer inspection interval detected cracking on 747 pylon.

Does something happen on the 47th parallel?  Or, do I run out and buy $47 worth of lotto tickets?  47 goes into tonight’s Texas MegaMillions lottery 4.0851 times…  hmmm…$47 worth?  Drive drive to the lotto place at 47 miles per hour?

The mind races, the wallet cowers in fear.  (<—777 words to that point…again, hmmm…)

Tax Decision: Down-home Economics

The narrative? Favorable U.S. tax ruling gives limited boost to big-box retailers.

Not the issue:  Online let’s you do in 2-minutes what takes an hour with the brick and mortar stores.

The online retailers still win.  Time is money and the bitch for retailers is they haven’t figured out how to tax time— yet.`