Alt. Investments (2)

We continue looking at the wide range of investments today by looking at tangibles.  After (in part 1) seeing the only real (enduring) wealth is that between your ears.  If there is anything to “souls” and afterlife, then your carry-out from life is in your memories.
Even once we’re taken out “paper” investment vehicles, there’s still a problem on how to classify those that remain.
Which we will tackle promptly after a few headlines including the ADP Jobs reports and a look at charts.
Bean up – we’re in motion…

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35 thoughts on “Alt. Investments (2)”

  1. We, humans, are eternal spirits which have souls ( minds, wills and, emotions) which are housed in a temporary place called our body , that houses our individual abilities. It decays but the spirit and soul carry on into eternity. Where we spend that time, is a function of what did we do with that precious resource, time.

    • Consider Yourself BLESSED; I often wonder why to some folks it comes easy in life “to have faith” while others struggle all their lives and still cannot believe what we ‘supposedly’ know about GOD.
      Any opinions somewhere?

      • While I’ve had a couple of experiences with definite woo-woo in life I still stand in abject jealousy of those that seem to have verifiable abilities like Edward Cayce who can testify to much more than we can confirm with our usual 5 senses. The brain, IMHO, is a transceiver to put it in the most elementary of terms. It bridges the gap between this World and whatever else is out there and only becomes open to conscious, willful communication when we have something like a NDE or are under the influence of something like psilocybin or other hallucinogens. I strongly suspect that only select people have their minds opened when someone on the other side chooses for it to happen (2 Kings 6:17) but George plays with this in his experiments. There are a few that seem to have developed this sixth sense from scratch, too.

        Given this brush with Eternity I simply can not conceive of us, our souls, being only a fleeting moment of what we perceive of consciousness and then blinking out forever. I honestly think it takes multiple life experiences here and elsewhere to develop our souls in a physical world because as one “seer” put it no advancement really happens on the other side. It’s why souls clamor to keep re-entering this world.

      • Well said, but we know that faith comes from hearing the word of God in scriptures, and in writings and song. But, it is a gift as well as a fruit produced by having and trusting the Holy Spirit whom takes up residenc in our hearts once we become a believer in His existence and invite Him in.

      • “Any opinions somewhere?”

        As you well know… I always have an opinion.. and my wife tells me.. “Honey your opinion is your opinion and nobody likes your opinion as much as you do….”

        The thing I think on whether or not you believe in god.. is we are taught as children to believe in a fat man in a red suit coming down a chimney he flies around on a sled being pulled by animals.. and gives everyone all the goodies they can possibly imagine.. then we teach our children.. there is a rabbit that colors eggs all day long and brings candy and eggs and drops them at your house.. etc..
        then the thought.. there is this invisible guy.. sitting on a throne that if you are good he will make you a mansion in the sky..
        then you have Allah.. if you take this bomb and go to the market you will have 78 virgins at your touch…
        so which one did we lie to the kids about.. if you are a realist.. or living on logic.. logically we lied about all of them..
        Now.. How did i gather a faith..
        I was a skeptic at one time.. I get razzed by the collegiate scientific group that I have associated with as well.. But then I had a few things that have happened to me along the road of life to have me believe that there is someone watching..guiding our lives.. could it be a dimensional being.. I don’t know.. first experience I had.. was back during the farm crises..I had a mess.. farmers were going broke I had quit a good govt job at the time a rating of gs12 I believe because of my strict moral guidelines had been shattered.. anyway.. the job I took was working at making radiators.. and since we made radiators and the job market sales of new cars trucks tractors etc.. had pretty much slowed down.. we made more than the demand.. I ended up without a job.. almost starved to death and had no where to turn.. a farmer needed help catching male chickens from his hen house and I went to work for a day.. at the end of the five hours he gave me the option.. I could take the chickens I caught as payment along with some eggs.. or I could have the five dollars.. I took the chickens and eggs.. when I got back and was so proud going to tell the wife about our bounty.. we were going to eat real food not the grain I was gathering..
        when I got to the apartment the door was shut.. we would keep it open to gather the warmth from the unheated hallway to keep us from freezing.. the lights were on the heat was on the fridge filled with food.. the pine branch we had in an old coffee can was decorated there was a winter coat for each of the kids.. and all the cupboards were full..
        I cried.. and to this day still don’t know who did it.. it was my worst and best xmas ever..
        the next example was this time again.. I was bleeding internally and was working three jobs trying to stay ahead of everything.. had to be put in the hospital for an extended stay.. again I was barely making it and didn’t know what to do.. it was during the reagan recession jobs were scarce and costs were high a wife that couldn’t work.. it was tough going.. everything depended on me working the three jobs I had.. before they admitted me to the hospital I seen the chaple right next to where I was sitting.. went and said a silent prayer.. giving full rein to our heavenly father.. because only he would know.. our situation as dire as it was.. anyway I was admitted and drugged up and no one knew about that prayer or our condition.. in the middle of the night I woke up there was a person in the shadows of the room said you could probably use this.. and laid an envelope on the bed.. I thought it was a dream.. the next day the nurse when I got back from xray had mentioned that she put my mail in the drawer.. I asked the nurse if there were any visitors.. she said not on that wing and not at that hour of the night because in critical care unit.. they don’t allow anyone to visit .. anyway.. in the envelope we a wad of money just enough to carry us through the months I was out of work..
        the next time.. now my wife gave me guff because I always make sure that we have a pantry stocked.. and everything.. and she like the vast majority of the people can’t see the logic in that.. they believe the electricity will always be on and the water flowing.. etc.. food at the store.. so they buy enough to go paycheck to paycheck.. well the insurance companies were trying to get me off of the policy of the wifes because I was a bad risk.. when the annual witch hunt came around she was one of the higher paid employees and was let go.. we discovered that if your fifty to sixty five you are unemployable.. and will not find a position.. that unemployment compensation is a joke and not there for the unemployed for the vast majority of the people .. if you own a newer car you cannot get any of the good samaritan benefits.. and we went a year without an income.. well we had savings and was using that to live off of.. we were down to the last dollars when I get a card in the mail.. it was from someone that I hadn’t heard from since he was twelve years old.. saying that during his morning prayers he couldn’t get me out of his mind…and had the feeling I needed this and in there was a check.. it wasn’t much but it was enough to get us by for the remaining time until the wife got a paycheck.. we had 29 cents..
        then this year.. we had a crushed sewer line.. omg.. the costs involved were going to be extensive.. how do we pay for it.. I call a guy.. it just happened that he remembered my ugly mug from when he and his sister were in a pickle because his mom ended up in the hospital.. fixed our sewer line at cost of materials.. it was a blessing..
        when I knew there was some sort of god and my final deciding factor was while I worked on the hospital floors.. a patient had passed on they wanted me to take care of the body before they picked it up.. it is the policy to bath the body get the clothes ready etc..
        anyway.. I started my task.. the patient was anal about their bed.. it had to be military bounce a quarter off of it .. they would get up about four am and have coffee and toast and watch the morning news.. they had passed on in the chair.. I gathered the materials I needed the warm soapy water.. said my good bye prayers that I always did.. gathered the clothes.. laid out the bath blanket picked up the patient and laid them on the bed..
        the patient leapt up and said what do you think you are doing you messed up my bed.. I about had a heart attack.. I said getting ready to bathe you.. she said you messed up my bed.. I seen the whole thing..
        Where were you at.. I was up in the corner with the angel and seen you mess up the bed.. now fix my bed and get my coffee..
        I went and got the toast and coffee and was walking by the nurses station and seen the undertakers there at the desk checking out the body and the nurses and everyone looked at me real puzzled and they asked.. What are you doing.. my response was.. well they said they aren’t going anywhere until they finish with their coffee.. the patient was a hundred and lived to one hundred and three..
        Now anyone working the floors will tell you that there is the number three that comes up.. and most have seen similar things .. that was was the most profound.. many see deceased family members.. my mother was discussing the news with my father and my father was gone.. is is delusional.. I don’t know.. but I believe we are being watched.. It is the choices we make.. main stream religion.. well if you read the bible.. you wonder.. Seriously.. look at what they say its ok to do.. no I believe that stuff is there to teach us how not to act.. Karma.. as christ said treat everyone the way you want everyone to treat you..

  2. I don’t think gold has always been valuable or rare in many cultures. I think early with the interactions between spanish and south americans. Those local cultures had no understanding of the spanish fascination with the metals. The locals had used it in many everyday uses, like maybe we used bronze. It was valuable to spanish because of Europe’s use of making it a currency/trading vehicle. I am not even sure it was valuable in ancient egypt. Would we bury people, even important people, with a valued rare material? Whatever a society decides to make into “currency” gets a value beyond its intrinsic nature. So yeah virtual money doesn’t make some logical sense, right up until enough people choose to use that vehicle as a currency and thus give it far more value then its intrinsic nature. People can and do change their minds on what has value and is a representation of value. What makes old beat up Ferrari more valuable then a modern sports car of similar performance. People believe it has that value and will continue to hold that value. Don’t get me started on baseball cards or stamps or coins. These don’t have any intrinsic value beyond maybe decoration value.

    • I watched a program on cable earlier this week about a massive Bulgarian ‘Varna’ gold hoard estimated to be from 4200 BCE, 6,000 years ago, the oldest gold stash yet discovered. See:

      The Aztecs and Mayan cultures similarly cherished gold, as did the ancient Egyptians 4,000 years back and gold over 3000 years old has been discovered in China. Gold is valued the world over because (a) it is rare; (b) it is easy to work into very thin sheets for gilding; (c) it does not oxidize and is easy to polish; and (d) today, it is used in microelectronic components; plus, added bonus, it can readily be mixed with copper and other metals to form magnificent alloys. Just ask my wife and 2 daughters – gold is 2nd only to diamonds.

      • “Diamonds are a scam,”

        Not really Al.. just like gold, precious art, or antiques , cartoon coins, you have to find someone that collects it..
        A necessity item is during a downturn always has a value. It wasn’t that long ago a package of toilet paper was more valuable than 6 ounces of silver..

  3. ‘Russia takes the entire Crimea region including Odessa which makes Ukraine a landlocked country.’

    Let us correct some misunderstanding here. Russia does not have to ‘take’ Crimea. The Crimea is Russian, the majority of people are Russian by ethnicity, and most importantly, the people of Crimea want to be associated and part of Russia.

    So, if you are of Russian descent in the Crimea, ask yourself a question. Would you rather be associated with a generally stable and prosperous and growing country (Russia) or a country that is poor, totally indebted, and a vassal state to the US (Ukraine)?

    I have been fortunate to have a few sets of Russian neighbors here in FL who live part time in the US to run businesses here. These are older Russians who were raised in the era of the Soviet Union. Their perspectives have been invaluable to me in understanding the situation in Ukraine and the Donbass, and also the growing Bolshevik take over of America. They know lots about Bolsheviks and how they operate.

  4. G-

    area of interest regards Kusig/Gold is in the monoatomic gold -Water. Only the purest, clearest water that rises to top of large glass jar..

    Alchemists of old were after the “elixer of life”.
    The stuff that makes U “glow” -like a halo.
    Surprised mad scientist G dog is not running several electrolysis-alchemy experiments -produces clouds of Hydrogenin process, need fans/ventalation.

    The new scirelig alchemy is kicking it up dimensions with this science technique..

    Drawing NRG from higher vibrational levels/dimensions.

    Same exact plasma-dimensional energy Mehran Keshe is working with – its why he glows – if you ever get around him or see him in person..same with people who went to work early on for Keshe foundation..the “glow”..cept most go on believing they are demi gods for awhile…

    Speaking of which it has been spoken of- ancient Ea legends regards female warrior/priestess wearing kusig/gold armour -protect from enRgetics/radiations.
    Gonna need to figure out chrono synclastic infundibulum – me thinks..

  5. Quick Clot…
    Quick clot bandages are really easy to make..
    Chitosan you can use Cayenne pepper to..
    dip the bandage in the vinegar then in the chitosan give it a few seconds to absorb the shells.. then dip it back in the vinegar and then into the chitosan…
    place in freeze dryer.. ( freezer will work then let it dry out) put in sealed bag vacuum sealed.. snip the edge for a quick open spot..
    I use the same one that the wife uses for cosmetic purposes.. .
    you can also make the injection hemostatic injector using a cath tip syringe.. then making the chitosan into a jell.. pretty easy to do.. and always good to have in the medical kit..

  6. I had a grandson request after school burgers… for his afternoon snack..

    2 lbs of hamburger.
    1 cup of beef bone broth.. ( you can use onion soup mix and one beef bullion cube)
    1 large beef baby food. ( oh yuk why that.. the baby food is a binder)
    1/2 tsp of liquid smoke flavoring
    1 tsp of dash seasoning
    1tbsp of steak seasoning
    minced onions..
    mix the hamburger broth and baby food.. then take a cookie sheet and lay out parchement paper.. ( you will need two sheets) take half of the mixture and lay it out on the sheet put another parchement sheet on top of it and roll out to 1/4 inch thickness… Now take the top sheet off gently.. the other way is to smooth it out with a frosting knife.. your choice.. then take a pizza cutter and cut it in three inch squares..
    freeze the mini burgers.. separate and package..
    to cook them you take butter and one tablespoon of minced onion heat the pan till the onions start to carmelize place your mini burger on top.. ( they cook fast.. )
    now take a hoagie bun and cut it in three inch lengths.. butter the bottom and put the burger onion on the bottom stop with cheese.. ( your favorite.. ) I like cheeze whiz for the top.. but american cheese is good to..
    these make really nice tasty mini cheese burgers.. quick easy and fun to make..

  7. We could be inside some kind of consciousness tumbler similar to a Bitcoin tumbler.

    The uterus was used as some kind of consciousness transportation device. In vitro makes the uterus obsolete in the process. But even outside the U consciousness transportation still happens.

    The event could be when the sperm meets egg some kind of natural vibration pulls a mind to it like a lightening rod. Somehow the mind is attached/connected to 3 dimensional flesh.

    Perhaps this was already discussed.

    • OWS – this is exactly what “they” are looking for, trying to figure out.
      In-Souling a meat suit.. Why “modern -er” humans didnt slave in the fields, and left edin – ala Sparticus style…

  8. In your prepping for “whatever”, it’s worth a moment to consider which guns (if you decide to keep one or more) are more readily confiscatable.

    Neglecting the two extreme poles — black powder muzzle-tamper-uppers, and full-auto machine guns — some normal popular guns are more attractive to the unhealthy interest (fear & hate) of the Nanny State.

    The current “Devil’s Gun” is any black, scary-looking semi-auto rifle, especially if it sports a suppressor (“silencer” in Nanny parlance) or a telescope (popular with snipers). These all are known by GovCrats as evil.

    Your AR-15 clone scares the poo out of GovCrats, since it’s one undeniable way to Most Firmly Oppose them in the extreme. It’s seen as a tool for ultimate and dire restraint of Gov gone mad– and they hate that idea.

    So, naturally, they want those taken and melted first.
    Other ‘High-Power” rifles are also very scary, especially semis. (Barrett .50s must make them faint…)

    Anything with detachable mags will be scooped up next.

    Lever guns (like “Ranch Rifles”) will be next, especially if they have detachable mags, or too-long ammo tubes.

    Bolt-actions will probably be last among the long guns to be grabbed. (My guess.)

    Semi-auto pistols will be “bought-back” next, especially ones that shoot the larger diameter bullets.

    Last to be grabbed will probably be small (.22) simple revolvers.

    How long you’ve had any item controls how old the paperwork is — if any. Fresh paperwork is more easily scanned for references and digital fishing expeditions.

    Merely possessing the Bad Scary Guns of the hour will be (is) enough to cause you some Real Trouble if you’re found with one. Some they’ll let you keep — for now.

    Ultimately, they want them all to be scooped up and melted — except for the ones they will keep for themselves, or kept by their hired protective squad goons.

    “They” will come for the guns they know about first, and it’ll be done one at a time, and over some time to shift the public perception for maximum disfavor. (Against you.)

    Brave, chest-thumping bravado, and snappy slogans and loudmouthed statements of Most Earnest Dedication on your part will count for nothing when they come. The Second Amendment will long be cold ashes well before then. (It’s burning right now. Can you smell the smoke yet?)

    So, make your decisions now, and know what (if anything) you’ll surrender quickly to Nanny, and what you might fight for. You won’t have much think-time then.

    The day will come. The faster the wheels come off the world, the sooner they’ll move.

    • William and George
      You mention rifles and a shotgun, and there should be three, a hunting rifle, a shotgun and a .22 rifle.
      MOST of you shooting will be with the .22. When SHTF the hunting rules go out the window. In the Movie “Sniper” the only Really authentic scene was Marky Mark using a .22 rifle with what looked like a Dawn dish soap bottle duct taped to the muzzle. This is how poachers hunt in the dark of night taking deer nocturnally with head shots. When prowling the edges of your land at night a similar rig should go along before the “assault” rifle.
      Also if “repelling boarders” the little .22 will allow shots to the soft spots between the body armor. I’m not talking about the authorities, the Anti_FAs show up now with full body armor too.
      Think about this: If in Prep for Y2K 20 years ago, you started buying 2ea 500 round boxes every paycheck, You did this for a year or two. You continued to do this a year or two AFTER Y2K once it became habit. Think how much you would have in the cellar. and Golden Bullets can be traded just like Golden Coins. Those 500 rd boxes are right now $120 each but Can be found where other ammo cannot. And .22 Mag is available too, and you-betcha can be pressed into deer service in the manner mentioned above, and is still way under $1/round.
      If you read the laws proposed the things that get called out is detachable mags and a Pistol Grip. So if your gun lacks the Pistol Grip you should be OK.
      The AP Style manual has taken to Styling the typical Bolt Action hunting rifle as a “Sniper Rifle/weapon. This is to soften up the average sheeples view of things over time. So Lever guns will be last although owing to how many there are out there, the ammo that was in short supply in the O-years was .223, .308, 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, and What? .30-30! I had a .35Rem lever action and could buy all I wanted! Don’t tell me there wasn’t design in that.

    • So, you think that the Feds are going to round up guns?
      Have you talked with your local LEO or Sheriff to see if THEY are willing to ‘come and take ’em’? I have, and frankly they aren’t up for it. The Feds couldn’t even proscribe alcohol sales during prohibition – how are they going to physically take guns away in the hundreds of millions when there are only about 50,000 field agents in all their agencies?

      No – they will issue edicts and whine and wheedle and plead – because they want US to give them up willingly. Hell, they are so frightened of the populace already that they fenced the capitol in to keep the rabble out. If you look at enforcement of most any federal law, they apply those to large cities – those of us in the outback are just too much headache to even locate.

      If nothing else was learned with the CHAZ episode, it should be that Federal agencies are not much interested in local things – because there just aren’t enough of them to do much. They let rioters burn and pillage an entire area because (insert stupid rationale here).

      Everybody can choose a hill to die on – everybody has a red line in their head and heart somewhere they will simply not cross. For some, that red line doesn’t even appear until there is a life ending threat in their face, and you cannot force them to change.

      It’s one thing to bluster and threaten and make silly things illegal like Trump did with bump stocks. Actually making guns illegal is another thing. A rifle that is NOT tactical looking shoots identical to the tacticals – so choose the battle front.

      At what point do people simply start ignoring the edicts coming out of DC? When do people start to ignore the central government circus and find a better way? I’m already there friends….

      • This is what I’ve said in many places – coast to coast non-compliance. They may tax ammo until it’s unobtainable so reload. They may make precious metals illegal but we’re not our grandparents who gave their PMs up. Mine hid theirs for better times.

  9. Items #1 thru 4 covered. Working on #5. Consider some root vegetables that the pests cannot easily get to. Putting in some raised beds (atop my lava bedrock!) for Taro… an ancient Hawaiian staple root. I have a large hole in the lava at one side of the lot that has become the (selective) green waste dump. Nasty regrowth stuff goes out to the recycle green waste dump, but ordinary decomposable stuff goes into the lava hole. That ‘compost’ pile has sprouted some Taro ‘volunteers’ that gave rise to the idea I should cultivate a taro garden. With good mulch and my 150 inches of annual rainfall it’s a no-brainer. For you mainlanders, consider potatoes and/or carrots.

  10. One investment not yet mentioned is the means of production! That includes knowledge, reference materials(methods, plans, etc), tools, and raw materials. An actual business may or may not exist, but the resources to start one do.

  11. Gold is of value because it doesn’t tarnish or corrode. We use it for microelectronic connects, not because it is a superior conductor (which it isn’t) but because such devices are critically-dependent upon absolute consistency.

    Silver may also be of value because of its superior electrical conductivity. If “ancient aliens” existed, they may well have instilled into primitive cultures the idea that gold is “the metal of the gods” because of it’s resistance to oxidation, and silver, because it complemented gold and was as easy to work into functional and decorative shapes as gold. If not, some shaman probably noticed that gold didn’t tarnish, and thence proclaimed it as such. So introduced, gold and silver would have had a place of reverence and would be a public display of favor from the gods, encouraging the masses to become followers of those whose adornments or crowns featured gold, or gold with silver inlays.

    • “Gold is of value because it doesn’t tarnish or corrode.”

      The bad part is.. people keeping it for a SHTF scenario.. that when the SHTF scenario happens.. that there are relatively few that collect it or will pay money for it..
      so your stuck with this hunk of metal with value only to a few..
      In ancient times.. it was grain that was valued.. and stock was for adornment decoration.. during the Weimar depression.. people that had gold and silver would take baskets full of it to trade for vegetables and food..
      during the recent Greek catastrophe.. it was the same then.. eventually the people realized that a plumber was still a plumber and a secretary still a secretary.. but before then.. old people dumpster dived for food scraps and young women sold their bodies for a can of soup to feed their children..
      at one time I had a few ounces of metals.. but when I needed the money I had to take what the collectors of the metal were willing to pay for it..rare art antiques the same thing.. on the antiques road show. they were showing how just a year had reduced the value of rare collectables..

      • How about pre-1964 silver coins? Quarters, dimes, halfs? 90% silver content and real money as far as US currency goes. Might some people be willing to trade for goods and services when compensated in “junk silver”? I hope so. Gold is a big purchase or preservation of wealth. Wealth; is only valuable in a civilized society. In a feudal society where there are criminals running the show, one hides their gold. Once law and order are re-established, the gold comes out and re-establishes the position of the holder. Blessings.

  12. “Remember that for every round you’re willing to throw down-range, there will likely be one (or more) in return.

    The one huge advantage for anyone who’s been through basic training: That kiddie playing games in his underwear may be a marksman when it comes to plugging zombies, but he’ll need a Depends when the first bullet sails past his head.

    • No plan survives first contact with the enemy. Got it. But as Oilman said above a ticked off population vastly outnumbers the LEOs willing to carry out un-Constitutional edicts. What worries me more than anything is how Bribem and/or KDD may contact their good buddies the Red Chinese to come help restore order. Then things will take a turn for the worse!

  13. “Plenty of ammo, but also a TacMed gunshot kit for each person.”

    Selective shopping yields 4x the stuff in the TacMed, for half the money. A major investment in field-tested clotting agents is the most-important component.

    LOOB’s DIY homemade “quick-clot” recipe has considerable merit, especially since chitosan is now sold as a common “organic” pesticide. The acid bath doesn’t have to be vinegar — any moderate to weak acid will do.

    Don’t forget a burn kit…

  14. “Raccoons, for example, eat corn exactly 3-weeks before we plan to pick it. Which circles back to the lead throwing devices and how do you cook raccoon meat?”

    Lotsa raccoon recipes in the Foxfire books. Raccoon sucks because the critter is a garbage-forager (like vultures and crows), but stewed or barbecued ‘coon is better than starving…

    • Readers should click this (great find) link above.
      “US-based human rights lawyer breaks down the contradictory claims of “effectiveness”, the incomplete studies and legal minefield of forced use of experimental vaccines”

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