Aging: A Frontier Check

Toss the fish oil?  Sleep on the ground?  Throw your water in the blender first?  Yes, the Mad Scientist and his beautiful assistant have been at it again.  Reading and pondering where Ponce de Leon hid the Fountain.

Which we will get into as soon as we find Eldorado, or its early desktop analog – the stock market.

With a few “news droppings” along the way.  Which will make for a “Mary time” we’re so sure…

Economics site on aging?  You bet:  Must be present to win!

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33 thoughts on “Aging: A Frontier Check”

  1. We bee going higher Chief – Might bee a lil early in Shorting the Market.

    ECD is looking at Friday to get short..TSLA, SPY and couple others. My bleary eyes are seeing a Reversal possible on Monday 7/13.
    Seeing the results of last Treasury auction of 3 year Notes- yielding a eye-popping 0.190%. A record low yield on a record amount sold of 3 year DEBT..What a deal! and U dont even have to clip the Coupons.

    Could it be , sniff-sniff, is that that smell? that smelly smell that smells smelly?..smells like…INFLATION?

    Chief can you shed any light on the “Quite War” as described in the Build-a-bugers paper titled the same?

    ..Silent Weapons for a Quite War –
    “this publication marks the 25 Anniversary of the Third World War, called the Quite War, being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with silent weapons” – this is the doctrine of adopted by the Policy Committee of the Build-A-Burger grp. during its first known meeting in 1954.

    “we are governed, our minds molded , our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…if we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.”- Dr Edward Bernays/rothchild agent.

    Still sleeping – ?

  2. I like the anti-aging piece! I study this area endlessly since I plan to lived a long damned time. But, the piece. missing here in Georges’s exposition is ‘belief’ or you may even say assumption.

    I would look up Ellen Langer (Harvard Researcher) and her famous 1979 experiment. In a nutshell, what Langer did was take a group of senior men, and invite them to a ‘youth weekend.’ During the weekend retreat, everything was mimicked to take them back to their youth – newspapers, movies, music, etc. The idea was simple, take biomarkers before and after the retreat. The obvious objective was to see if a change of a person’s environment and belief would change their aging biomarkers.

    Langer documented a change in aging biomarkers after this ‘back to youth’ weekend spree. In essence, what this tells me is that ‘time’ as we have come to know it is malleable. I am convinced (and I practice this everyday) that through meditation and self ‘brain washing’ (yes, brains need washing periodically), we can reverse age. Remember, there is no fixed reality.

    The results for me? No meds, no vaccines, no doctor visits, tons of energy, lean and fit body, no chronic problems, and I will always be 21. You see, you will always be mind controlled – but who do YOU want to be the controller? Main stream ‘science’ or main stream media??

    • Hmm… – Sounds a bit like a grifter…

      “In one of her famous “counterclockwise” studies, Langer claimed that when elderly men were temporarily placed in a setting that recreated their past, their health improved, and they even looked younger. However, this study was never published in a peer-reviewed journal. The only publication of this finding is in a chapter of a book edited by Langer.[17]”

      Just a note, she does not quite look as if she was 21, maybe not taking her own advice? I always believe a positive attitude is among the most important items in staying healthy, so that kind of attitude can only be a good thing.

      • I don’t care what Langer looks like. This story was an example – I do know that I am extremely fit, healthy, and happy. I choose what I was to be – I don’t wait for ‘scientist’ to tell me what’s possible.

    • Great advice. In theory…If you act half your age, you will live twice as long. The key is to stay current.
      If you like rock music…stay current with today’s rock trends…limit the oldies.

      If you like sports, keep playing them…

      Embrace everything new. Become an early adopter of everything from art to literature to gadgets to tech.

      Stay positive! Don’t be that cranky old man, be happy go lucky…take chances, explore, laugh and make people laugh.

      Put your brain into overdrive. Learn, absorb, take a stand, get involved, make a difference.

      Hang out with people half your age. I golf with my son and his friends. They like having me around because I don’t act like someone’s dad. I am the one telling the jokes and being as inappropriate as they are at that age. It drives up my own confidence and actually takes a few strokes off of my round of golf.

      As far as diet…you can do all of those things without a drop of alcohol, not a bite of meat, and a plethora of vitamin supplements Mindset is everything! Take it for a spin and see for yourself!

  3. G’mornin George,

    You covered lots of territory this AM with very useful info.
    On the topic of aging you left out one of the most important – accidents, ‘specially around the home. A large number of deaths occur from slips, trips and falls. Dog toys scattered around, extension cords draped across a stairway etc.
    A good friend and one of my mentors walked out of his rear sliding glass doors onto his patio, the flagstone was wet and slippery, he fell backwards hit his head and that was it (this man literally ‘wrote the book’ on industrial boiler control). A couple of years ago I was walking my dog off lead in one of our pastures she ran around an obstruction and we couldn’t see each other. She clipped me and down I went-hard on the back of my head. I was groggy for some time, probably should have gone to the hospital but I ‘trust the doctors’ so I didn’t, but I’m sure I had a concussion. Only two things happen in hospitals – you’re born there and you die there (one ‘out patient’ years ago left me with septicemia, a six week very painful stay, and no income for over a year.
    One other thing – as you age one becomes more susceptible to pneumonia, which I have had four times always in a hospital. I am not a proponent of vaccinations but for those, say over 60 or so, get a pneumonia shot!
    A major surgery such as a hip replacement for Elaine should be, and I’m sure it is, a major concern.
    Best wishes
    Al B.

    • I am surprised that website is still up.
      After the implications that very powerful people and politicians were possibly involved in such acts a few years ago.. everything dealing with rings like that vanished..

  4. George, it aint the R, if the freq is high enough, the L dominates. That’s why the copper foil strip is more effective than a wire for a ground strap. A wide strap is less L per foot than an equivalent amount of round wire. L is also effectively in series in a per foot unit, so the extra length in the house wiring grounding makes it less effective than the short run out the window.

    I actually got a patent on a wide foil ground strap for a scope probe back when I worked for Tek.

      • Heavy duty copper foil may be purchased from most home improvement stores — ‘cept they call it “copper flashing.” It is available in thicknesses from (at least) 0.020-0.080, widths from 2″ to 12″, and lengths of at least 50 feet. I bought a 50’ roll of 10″ .060 about 10 years ago and suffered considerable ridicule from the local tech nerds (they’d probably make as much fun of me if they knew I buy pure copper grounding rods — expensive, BTW.) Grounding means something, and some “ground” is much harder to ground to, than other…

  5. ” that a “win” would be either one of us turning over the “century odometer.”

    I have known several that have topped the century mark.. the last one was one that had landed during D-day and was one of those that liberated the prisoners at Auschwitz.
    the common denominator for them is RED WINE.. a cup a day in the evening..

  6. Look into ‘dirty power’ if you’re considering using a ground rod/strap and grounding bed sheet. In some areas, there’s so much leakage from the older power lines/systems into the surrounding earth, you could actually be setting yourself up for unhealthy events.

    • Lol lol ..when I was a kid we use to take fluorescent light bulbs and run around transfer stations..they would light up..
      Tesla wanted to charge the airway and set up every household to gather their electricity from the charged atmosphere..
      Even today a graphine antenna system can be used to gather electrical energy stored in battery systems to use. We are bombarded from random microwave energy from all directions. That is one of the major complaints over 5g networks the affects of the broadcasted energy. I am not sure what the solar energywiuld affect the graphene antenna. I believe Tesla intended on copper roofs as the conductor for the earth battery.
      Not to. Mention the earth’s own magnetic current..
      It would be easy to digress into theories and possible construction of an earth battery .
      You can measure the electrical current from a plant leaf and what it collects from the sun..
      But then I’d be getting into a physics debate lol
      Everything is energy..

    • Now Earnest.. my dr. Always told me the most important thing was to remember wake up and to breath in and breath lol..we never know our day and time. I have seen guys I thought were in the best shape just die and others having extremely horrific accidents get up and walk guy missed his chair at his desk bumped his head and died.
      There are things worse than death.

  7. George is right about ‘house wiring’ grounds being terrible to noisey. It’s purpose is only to drain AC power to ground in case of an electrical accidental short in a device to protect humans. Any motor noise is ‘grounded’ to the AC wiring ground, which has a single point ground at the power entrance meter to the house. In my case it grounds to the water pipe coming into the house.
    As I noted yesterday, lightning is a problem here, and so is ‘grounding’ when you live on lava rock plates that make pretty good insulators. The house here is build on a gravel mound over the lava rock, with a concrete slab. I pounded in multiple ground rods around the house, at each corner, and at each gutter downspout for a wet ground, and encircled the house 90% with #4 stranded to interconnect all the ground rods. The horizontal interconnect wire also serves as additional linear ground contacts, with high conductivity. Antenna masts near the house are grounded to this, and a large ground plate at the place where the antenna wires enter the shack… and wide straps and woven stranded ground wire connects the radio cabinets inside the radio shack. This is all ISOLATED from the AC outlet grounding to avoid noise leakage coming in that way.

    One thing I enjoy is that my slab foundation has ceramic tile floors inside, throughout the house. No wood floors, no floor elevation above ground. Barefoot on cool ceramic foundation floors is wonderfully cooling on the feet and body in the tropical heat. We experience almost daily small earthquakes as this massive mountain settles, and they can be easily felt with bare feet on my floor plate. Dunno if I would spend the money on a ‘grounding sheet’ for the bed, but a simpler solution might be just wrapping a static-grounding strap around an ankle and run a braided wire out the window to the house ground outside.

  8. The BEST, most innovative water I have found is here:
    He invented a distiller with UV lamps in the vapor chamber that adds photonic energy to the water molecules, which can be scientifically measured. It increases the hydrogen bond angle on the molecule that can be seen and measured under an electron microscope. It is pure, distilled, and tasty high-energy water. Ellis patented the process and assigned it to his foundation, which makes the distillers and sells them at a high price to support the foundation activities, but I bit the bullet and purchased one. I do not regret it. It makes all my drinking water now, and it is noticeably more refreshing and thirst quenching than anything else have ever tried to ‘energize’ my water.

  9. This has absolutely nothing to do about what was in the post today.. I was reminded by a movie my wife is watching as to why I am a sea hawks fan..
    A few years ago I was watching a game .. they played hard.. hit hard .. but it’s what they did . If they knocked someone down..they offered a hand to help the guy up..every play..a simple game play it play it hard but show old fashioned sportsmanship..
    Go SeaHawks..

  10. Wow. Data is out for May on the Canadian Federal wage subsidy payment program to workers impacted by covid-19 income loss. Initial projections from economists are that the May payouts by percent of workforce in receipt suggest a real unemployment rate in the region of 37%.

  11. Here we go again . Professor dalio and greedy moriarty talking it up. For America the great. You will all be happy tonite. Zighail zighail . Das Reich is strong with dad fuhrer dump

    Rockefeller and Gates and falchi are getting ready to release a three times more deadly virus in September, to prevent the school kids from going back , and also to bring down the economy and mandate everyone get a vaccine which will kill even more people ,they will constrict the food supply so make sure you have yours.

  13. George did you happen to catch Dr Mercolas interview with the KAATSU people. I bought their product and would have paid twice as much for what it has done for me in just 2 weeks. At 85 years of age it is totally regenerating my body with very little effort.

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