Free speech?  Pahleeze…

Not something the anti-Trump people seem the least bit interested in.

Witness the report about how Trump donors were spit on and such.

Meantime, the MSM Trump=-haters, like the Washington Post are tripping over themselves to say the worst possible things about Trump trying to address black people’s issues.

Yet here is the odd thing:

In none of the reports I’ve seen, though, was Hillary Clinton afford equal time – to point out that she is dodging this and a lot of other issues, too.

And President O-Golfer still hasn’t even been able to work a fly-over of Louisiana into his busy schedule.

Not that it matters:  Just like the Big Lie is still being repeated by State (No, that wasn’t ransom, lol is was leverage, lol), the Big Fix really is in.

The rational Middle of America isn’t afraid of purple unicorns, nefarious foundations, or spitting zombie demo-goons. We would like a country, though and oh yeah, countries have borders, thank you.

But spreading insanity?  That should frighten us all.

Yeah, that has our attention – more than Zika.  Because social insanity is contagious, violent, and on the upswing in case you’ve had your head in the sand.

Then there was this week’s unprecedented attack on Breitbart News which the demo-goons are threatening to destroy.  Let me see:  Give them money and they will attack free speech?  Only a soft-headed liberal could fall for that…but hey, there’s lots of ‘em.

Free speech for the demo-goons, but not the questioning Middle or the fact-citing Right.

Just because free speech is in the Constitution, doesn’t mean has has to remain there, eh?