A Weak-End Rant: Here Come the Zombie Demo-Goons

Free speech?  Pahleeze…

Not something the anti-Trump people seem the least bit interested in.

Witness the report about how Trump donors were spit on and such.

Meantime, the MSM Trump=-haters, like the Washington Post are tripping over themselves to say the worst possible things about Trump trying to address black people’s issues.

Yet here is the odd thing:

In none of the reports I’ve seen, though, was Hillary Clinton afford equal time – to point out that she is dodging this and a lot of other issues, too.

And President O-Golfer still hasn’t even been able to work a fly-over of Louisiana into his busy schedule.

Not that it matters:  Just like the Big Lie is still being repeated by State (No, that wasn’t ransom, lol is was leverage, lol), the Big Fix really is in.

The rational Middle of America isn’t afraid of purple unicorns, nefarious foundations, or spitting zombie demo-goons. We would like a country, though and oh yeah, countries have borders, thank you.

But spreading insanity?  That should frighten us all.

Yeah, that has our attention – more than Zika.  Because social insanity is contagious, violent, and on the upswing in case you’ve had your head in the sand.

Then there was this week’s unprecedented attack on Breitbart News which the demo-goons are threatening to destroy.  Let me see:  Give them money and they will attack free speech?  Only a soft-headed liberal could fall for that…but hey, there’s lots of ‘em.

Free speech for the demo-goons, but not the questioning Middle or the fact-citing Right.

Just because free speech is in the Constitution, doesn’t mean has has to remain there, eh?

20 thoughts on “A Weak-End Rant: Here Come the Zombie Demo-Goons”

    • My point was he could have done a fly-over with zero impact on the ground – but that would be time off the links

      • Oh yeah – you do remember the ‘zarks’ that President George W. Bush got for that very same thing? You are dammed if you do and you are dammed if you don’t!

        President Obama will come to Louisiana when it won’t put strain on emergency services in the area.

      • The governor of Louisiana, only said it would be better for us if he stays away, he said that after Obama said he wasn’t coming. Look it up.

    • GB took heat for telling his crony, Brown, how great a job he was doing, when it was so obvious not only was he in over his head, he couldn’t even pull a team together to make decisions. I am pretty certain, if another MAJOR as in MAJOR disaster hits America, we will not get too much better of a response, except, a lot of states took heed and did do disaster response planning, but all of us will get a chance to see how well all of that plays out. A fly by by a sitting President is the LEAST he could have done, but come on, Golf, parties, and FUND raisers are way more impotent!!! :)

  1. Does ICD-10 (latest disease classifications) have a category for demo-goon personality disorder? Personality types that lead to liberal-conservative-libertarian philosophies?
    Covered by Obamacare where available?

    Just thinkin’…

    • No, not yet.
      But I do have a mild kidney infection from being so pissed off lately – that covered?

    • They should. ICD9-E978 covers execution by guillotine. There are also codes for injury by flaming waterskis. So it wouldnt be a stretch.

  2. George, why all the anger? Remember: Winners tell jokes; losers say deal. The LA Governor asked Obama not to come because it stretches resources. And MSNBC was getting after Obama a lot for the $400,000,000 purported “ransom.” MSNBC would probably run a whole lot more of the same if Trump’s clown antics didn’t soak up all the coverage. Does FOX News, or you, ever talk about Trump’s $11 Trillion addition to the national debt while Hillary’s plan takes off $1.5 Trillion? Isn’t the national debt the numero uno issue with true conservatives? It’s highly important to me. Far, far more important than whether Breitbart panders on the fringe. Let’s keep our eye on the ball. Still love you. Mike.

    • Hillary is going to reduce the National Debt by $ 1.5 Trillion…how, might it be by returning the Clinton Foundations $$$ to the Treasury….if you read and understand George…are you Really believing anything that Hillary says…Really

    • I am curious.. How much interest is there on a seventeen trillion dollar loan ????

      Unless we claimed bankruptcy and started over.. we are going to experience the exact same economic situation that is now current in other countries like greece Argentina etc..you know where young women are selling themselves for a sandwich and a cup of coffee is over three thousand dollars a loaf of bread ten million.. .. Or does that mean our consumer products will stay the same or not go up because they are slashing prices while increasing the deficit..
      I don’t think it matters at this point who is president the deficit will increase..
      back in the seventies there was a game going on around these parts that had twenty one squares on it.. each person put in five dollars.. once the pyramid was full the line at the bottom would go up and everyone would be put on a separate pyramid.. for the first the top one percent they would make generous profits off of those joining the pyramid.. the middle class would get some of it to but as it grew and those from the bottom rose everyone except those at the very top would make any money off of it.. leaving those in the middle and lower sections out of five dollars..the game went wild around here eventually they shut it down because it was a pyramid scheme..

    • Hillary’s budget plan would raise taxes on small businesses and the middle class by $1.3 trillion. Economics 101 (see Great Depression) sez you don’t balance the budget by raising taxes. That said, Trump is pledging tax cuts without a suitable offset, which is why his previously announced plan would place add significantly to the national deficit. While Trump is pledging to revise his plan, the MSM ignores the fact that (according to Forbes) Hillary’s plan will also raise the deficit by $750 billion to $1 trillion. Sure, that’s 1/10 of Trump’s added debt, but still a deficit increase on top of the already sizeable personal income tax increases in the Clinton plan. Both sides will predictably move toward some center point, which could ultimately bring their respective economic plans more into agreement. Still, it is interesting that the Trump campaign spent $18.5M on campaigning in July, compared to Clinton’s $38M, yet Trump has pulled within the margin of error in several major polls (Rasmussen, LA Times) while still within 5-9 points on most others. Hillary has to be frustrated with the return on her campaign investment to date. ‘The Donald’ is getting free media coverage as everyone covers him expecting his next major gaffe. Problem for Hillary is, Trump seems to be patching up his formerly leaking campaign while uttering less vitriol. With a full 11 weeks left until the general election, recall that in 1988, Democrat Mike Dukakis held a 49-41% lead of George H.W. Bush in August, but lost that election rather soundly. Lots of time and surprises remain – strap yourselves in for a wild ride.

  3. So if we take Clinton and her campaign’s logic, when Trump wins he should shut down and destroy; slate, politico, salon, and abc since their hack steponallofus came from their miserable group! I’m all for it! But then again like you say George that’s a first amendment right kinda thing.

    Isn’t it interesting that the left is the first to scream about what people might do while they are more fascist in almost everything they do. The dems and their ilk are the first to imprison for not abiding by their rules. Wasn’t it a Dem that enturned American citizens because of their race?!

    If Hillary wins we will see a second civil war because of things just like the Clinton camp is willing to advertise today! And you don’t think they are coming for your guns?? If they are willing to destroy due to words… Guns have no chance under a Clinton regime!!!!

  4. “If Hillary wins we will see a second civil war because of things just like the Clinton camp is willing to advertise today!”

    “Hillary Clinton’s campaign has sent out a fundraising email arguing the website Breitbart News has no “right to exist,” and suggests that if elected, the website will be shut down entirely.”

    An interesting thought..Now for the scary stuff…Our Vacationers in office.. OOOPS I mean Congress…you know the ones that refuse to write or read any legislation that is put before them by the firms that have their eyes and ears that are always out to lunch or on vacation..no way they could read a thousand page bill and contemplate it in the 28 days of work they do per year… Passed legislation way back in the early nineties that has written in it some really .. I mean REALLY scary things that would give the residing commander in chief the opportunity to take the full reigns.. send our national guards from the east coast to the west coast where they don’t know anyone and those on the west coast to the east coast..and then you think its nuts now.. it will be really bad then.. the few in the One percent at the top..( That just had our GOP pass a bill giving them basically a separate tax structure ) tossed the rest of us under the bus a lot similar to what they did under carter with the millionaire relief act of 78 that tossed the middle class under the bus..will have full domination of everyone.. not to mention that other countries are fed up with our money and land grab..
    Now here is the big thing I am curious about.. I was watching the military channel on tv.. there was a show that was talking about our new tanks.. that have radio active material encased in the armour..isn’t that a nuclear weapon.. send it over they blow it up spread the nuclear radiation all over the area..

    • WHAT was that legislation passed in the early 90’s, can you name it, so we CAN read it! Yes, we already had depleted uranium strewn all over Iraq with the resulting birth defects, so sure, and of course, they know what they are doing to those other countries innocent civilians, future crops including human crops. Not to mention our own service people as they have come back with illnesses hard to diagnose and harder to treat. Other countries are fed up with our war mongering, but let’s face it, OUR job is almost done…we just have to get finished taking out Syria, then go in after Iran on a false pretense, and the really big one, is take down Russia or at least neuter it to IMF/WTO/EU/USA/NATO/Globalist specs. Let’s not forgot what George Soros has accomplished in 25 years with a REAL speed up in the last 4; due to him, and all his paid cronies in the governments that matter: USA/Germany/(EU), UK, he is single handledly going to eliminate western culture in dozens of countries. Who said the muslims wanted to take over the world? I say George Soros and his ilk did. I think they are wiping Europe and USA off of the map in a dozen or less years…they are doing it through the human seed. IF all that can be done, we will not recognize the world much less America.

  5. Well George now you know what’s the problem with America the comments that is, for some are against the libs and everyone one else is blaming someone else wonderful how government and its agents (the lol free press and media) can do the peoples thinking for them so that things remain the same,but hell it works so why fix it.!!!

  6. I think it is far more correct to say that Obama will come to Louisiana when it won’t interfere with his golf schedule.

  7. LOL! A few Trump supporters are spit on – what do you expect? For over one year Donald Trump has been spewing controversial racist comments about Muslims, Latinos and black people. Trump’s rhetoric and his platform have emboldened a disturbing amount of unapologetically racist Americans with racist ideology to proudly and publicly voice their prejudice. Little is left to the imagination about what this says about Trump if these are the type of people who intend to vote for him.

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