A Second Depression Master Plan

We go through a real in-depth discussion this morning of where things are lining up for a potential all-time-high next month (or shortly after).

While it is not inevitable, it is becoming increasingly likely as each week continues to bring us confirmation of our long-forecast March area potential All-Time-High.

This morning not only will we flesh out some details and give you some trading ideas, but we will also look at the way to prepare for it as we consider parallels to past manias including the 1919-1927 Florida Land bubble which smacks of recent economic history here in the U.S.

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11 thoughts on “A Second Depression Master Plan”

  1. Based on your comments about long term storage toilet paper, I opened a package that has been here for eight years. It was still ok to use. But, just in case, I am going to use all my tp and paper towels and buy a new inventory.

    Something else is important. Learn how to use all that stored food by cooking some now. A friend of mine did that and said it was so unsavory she had difficulty eating it.

    • Tell you friend to not eat for three days and then try her food again. I guarantee you there are millions in Venezuela that would be more than happy to eat it. It definitely would be better than flamingo or anteater, two “protected” species now on the menu in Venezuela.

      Think about this. Times are really bad, your kids are starving, so you have gone out with friends to forage for food in the way people do in tough times. Are you going to head for the house of the guy who has beans and rice, or are you going to the house full of MRE’s?

  2. Hawaii shakes & rumbles frequently… something we live with on the Big Island. It is an active shield volcano, and things settle. The 4.7 was in the Maui channel just west of the Big Island and quite deep. USGS said it was the crust ‘settling’ with the weight of the Hawaiian Islands. I’m over 100 miles away on the opposite side of two mountains and I felt it slightly in bed that morning. More like ‘heard’ as a low frequency rumble with crunchy overtones. No damage reports. Just another day in Paradise!

  3. George – You mentioned the earloy days of The Mother Earth news – they offer a USB Drive with a searchable index of all issues from 1970 to 2016 for $50 (On sale for $30). I remember the original magazine and it seems like a bargain.

  4. Toilet paper is fine, but don’t forget soap.

    A warehouse full of soap will make you some money.

  5. George & Urban Survival Fellowship,
    Not sure where to post, but sure interesting:

    HAARP Experiments to Get Under Way on February 20 UTC, Reports Invited 02/18/2017


    On February 20 (UTC), Alaska’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) will launch its first scientific research campaign since the facility was taken over by the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Geophysical Institute 18 months ago. UAF Space Physics Group Assistant Research Professor Chris Fallen, KL3WX, reports that he will be ready to go starting Monday, February 20, at 0330 UTC (Sunday, February 19, in US times zones). His campaign will run through February 23 (transmissions will start 1 hour later on February 22 UTC).

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