A Response to Deagel

(Tacoma, WA)  This morning we take on one of the more interesting sites on the web –  site which is has military/strategic planning roots and which has a very scary forecast of what could happen to the US population in the next 10-years.

Along the way, we will bump into a whole crop of conspiracy theories and we’ll kick the tires on things like the supposed pending announcement of a Planet-X/Niburu disclosure for this fall.

But alas!  As always, by sticking doggedly with the data, we arrive at a truth

Not one we were in a hurry to get to, but one to be included on our Threat Board, nevertheless.

As usual, however, we will save the grim stuff until after we gnaw on the market results from Tuesday trading and look ahead a bit into what today will bring.  Besides long lines at stores and gas stations as people prepare to party over the long holiday weekend for the 4th.

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3 thoughts on “A Response to Deagel”

  1. Deagel – Interesting – BRICS are not affected by huge population declines. I can’t envision what global disaster could occur that doesn’t effect the two most populous countries on the planet????

  2. as with most data – and computers – garbage in = garbage out. and – if your data is from the U.S. Government – it’s probably “garbage”.

  3. Seems to make one helluva case for bugging out to Latin America sooner rather than later. What keeps you and Elaine from taking the expat plunge, George? I’m seriously considering it myself, so I’d really value your opinion on the subject.

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