A Global Work Shortage

The Fed is price-fixing and the Bubble is here.   Yeah – free markets are a Big Lie. This one hit me like a ton of bricks this week.  There I was, in my office doing generalizing.  And that’s when the “veil lifted” and a whole new world appeared.

As it turns out, much of what I’ve written on UrbanSurvival (the free site) is not only true, but the ramifications put a whole new slant on investing.

So we will skip the daily rub with a microfiber cloth of the rose-colored glasses .  Instead, this morning we reach for 180-grit sand paper instead. 

Which may take away some of the captivating details of what you think you see.  But what’s left visible is both big and important.

After headlines and what has evolved into an interesting ChartPack section this week. Since the Federal Reserve is in the business of price-fixing.  So much for “free markets” huh?

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20 thoughts on “A Global Work Shortage”

  1. Yo Uncle G – does Ure 23Trillion figure take into account the $2.3Trillion Rumsfeld said was missing at the Pentagon 19 years ago?

    U all witnessed the Deep State Coverup – 125 accountants and contractors were hired to look into – U know the ones whose offices at Pentagon were hit dead on from sub launched missile on 9/11 – strange cowinkydink, no?

    * Gag Orders imposed by a Secret Grand Jury in Houston, TX – grand jury impaneled NOT to Investigate 9/11 – But to administer a Coverup – are set to expire this Year. Another nail deep state coffin – oh forgot There is No Deep State -duohh!

    MOAR koolaid Bunky ? Sure – ChiComs are working hard on a Gold Backed Cyrpto Currency – intended to CRUSH the USD..soonly – keep eye out for ChiCom gold holdings update news.

    As near as coot can tell – we are in the Global CRASH already. BIS pulled the plug so speak already – we b helpless bystanders at this point – “they” got all the time in the world..

    Take Ure daily chart referenced above – now flip that puppy Upside Down – do U see it? Look a lil easier – soften Ure focus – see it now?

    An Inverse Head&Shoulders..could it B..”sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight” for Bulls..

    or more of a Talking Heads psycho killer market..I’m tense and nervous, and I cant relax..
    psycho killer , qu’est-ce que c’est – faux,faux,faux,faux,faux,faux,faux-
    run,run,run,run,run,run, run away.

    Chinese Gold backed Cyrpto Currency..put that in your T-Direct pipe & Smoke it Bunkies..

    • The BLOWOFF… to match 1929 based on URE chart, we would have to hit a high of URE INDEX 30,000 & we are currently under 26,000 leaving room for more upside. Of course it won’t be a straight line up, bit up none the less. A bull market still.

      One thing to consider is to look at how other countries really see the USA. Based on debriefing of defectors, the rest of the world looks at us in fear. The USA is too unpredictable. This allows us to continue to economically dominate our competitors. As long as others fear us, we can manipulate markets to our liking. Polititions prefer a bull market because it makes voters think they are doing a good job. What the crazy lefties think is probably different since they don’t want Trump to get reelected. But the crazies do not control the White House, they just constantly attack it, but the WH has proven bulletproof so far. Conclusion: Bull Market continues. If Trump doesn’t get reelected, all bets are off. The soft lefties will let the ChiComs push us around, they only hate Russia.

    • Coot:
      I hate to tell you this but Rummy’s $2.3 Trillion number in 2001 was up to $21 Trillion in 2015! By now it is probably well over a full order-of-magnitude:

      “I have written about Dr Mark Skidmore who found from government sources that $21 trillion had gone missing from HUD and DOD from 1998 to 2015.”

      Looks like there are more than a few world-class vipers and thieves out there.

      • And maybe the secret programs are just cover stories for macro-scale political racketeering and embezzlement. Further, if there is no public oversight of the expenditures, then is it a variation on taxation without representation? Taxation without a clue, maybe?

  2. In the world of OZ..the controlers are still behind the curtain….and will ‘rule the world’…with or without Warren/Hillary….BUT if they think that many of us will accept peacefully a socialist in your face giverment…THEY have ‘read the wron tea leaves’…DJT is NOT the savior of this nation…IT can not be saved……as the Matrix shows us the ‘reality show of horrors’ to come….You all know the ‘ancient books ‘ that are proving to be …spot on….Semper Fi…

  3. Very thorough Peoplenomics today. You covered and backed up everything. On PGE and the state of California taking it over…That probably needs to happen. As long as stockholders are always digging into the pot to try to get their payouts, PGE will never fix their problem. Turning PGE into a state run not for profit will at least give them a chance to take these 600 million outstanding shares and the up $2.00 dividend per share payouts and reinvest that into the crumbling infrastructure that is causing the fires in the first place. Since PGE won’t thoroughly clear cut their easements by themselves…the state needs to take that over. Burying lines where applicable is another solution. But technology exists to install devices on transformers to pinpoint the fire sources. That would at least allow immediate response time to contain fires more expeditiously. Many states have locally run utilities…It’s not a new concept…but it is new with a state that has 40 million people. It should be interesting.

  4. Just some random thoughts here..On the evening news the other day they had a news story.
    The story revolved around our nation hiring school teachers from outside the USA. To the tune of thousands across the usa.
    Our industry has been sent away. The majority of our physicians are from other countries.. our medicines produced outside the usa..

    Our president made a comment DC during the same newscast. His comment dealt with our economy tanking if he wasnt reelected.
    At first that comment could be seen as vain. But after you think about it, the possibility that hes right on emerges. Consider for the past three years theres been so many potential false flag events come up it could be mistaken for a whack a mole game. Each and every one of them happening in countries that had signed agreements with other countries over the control of coveted resources. Coincidence possibly..so what wss ould happen if a candidate got in that was controlled by the controller.
    Then consider the millions of illegals allowed to cross our borders being taken care of by the laborers .. even though our enemy forces came ru ight out and said that’s how they would fight America..
    Since our dollar is at risk..and all of our equipment manufactured in another country..
    I can totally see how our whole system could collapse a whack a mole false flag event dipping us deep into a world event..

    • But, go look at the overlapping workforce curves – it’s only an illusion that new tech causes jobs.

      Granted, when buggy makers ad ford were in competition (1910?) there was a mini boom from the overlap. When the buggies were gone, 1928, guess what happened next? So war is the answer.
      Except this time, war is too big, so half measures are necessary. But, the overlap with computers will be smaller because of self programming (and self-making) machines.

      Once the overlap with the legacy humans is over, we’re over…

      My secret sauce of AI is simple: Build the best logic you can find and then it do ”
      bounced random” to make it “act more human” – this stuff ain’t hard

    • Trumps job is to do that which would have fallen on Hillary’s shoulders or on Warren’s, Bernie ‘s, Biden’s or whom ever else on the reset or default. The Fed is presently engaged in an intervention that will make what Bernanke did look like a cake walk. It will be accepted under Trump because while he appears to be a populist when in fact he isn’t because people want to believe….He will introduce a common world wide currency, he will end up taxing you out of existence. Saved the steel and coal industries – No. Built a wall – No (and what little has been built they are cutting through it), stopped the invasion of Illegal Aliens – No. pulled us out of the Middle East- No ( no servicemen returning to these shores) Tax cut for the average man – No (only for the rich). Was going to balance the budget – No (remember he ripped O’bama for 14trillion in debt and 1.9% GDP – now 23 trillion and GDP falling from 1.9%)Tariff Wars are easy to Win – No destroyed the average farmer in favor of corporate farms. The Fed has destroyed price discovery and capitalism with its zero rate strategy- corps will be destroyed from over-leverage of debt and reduced stock floats just when revenue falls and really starts to bite. Fully one third of IG corporate debt should be below investment grade as the ratings agencies are now fully complicit in fake ratings- it’s the final stages of asset stripping of the USA. You know the populace is fully indoctrinated when in the face of his campaign promises he has accomplished virtually little to nothing while the organization he has criticized for having rates too low and the stock market in a bubble when he ran for office has all along complied with his wishes for lower rates amidst more debt now as well as inflating the market for which he takes personal responsibility. I won’t be voting in another election as long as I live – nothing but securing more preps from here on out.

  5. “Investors who make honest judgments get screwed. Including me. Had the Fed not handed out free money, I believe the market would have acted much more in line with my earlier expectations.

    Now that I know crooks are about, my behavior has changed. We have to shadow-bet the crooks.”

    And THAT, in a nutshell, is THE reason I no longer do paper ‘investments’ in this alleged ‘market’. I discovered this years ago, and no longer choose to even try to outsmart the crooks. I enjoy reading your economic outlooks, but I have done nothing ‘actionable’ in paper markets for years and years…. except buy and hold some gold coins that I expect will be useful ‘after the crash’…. whenever that finally happens.

    • Hank: You didn’t make an honest judgement, you made an incorrect judgement. You have to play the investing game under the current rules, fair or not. When everything points to a bull market; it is a bull market. The Fed had said earlier in the year it plans to lower rates; why would you expect different.

      • I was actually quoting George about the ‘incorrect judgement’ thing. He’s just ‘discovered’ what I discovered years ago. And it is impossible to make a ‘correct judgement’ when the game is so massively rigged. I simply choose not to participate in a market where the alleged ‘rules’ can be changed at whim by the players with the most money…. which is not me.

  6. Pardon me for butting in, but you have a bunch of jerry rigged, low bid, age decrepidated uninsulated wire running through the shrubbery and a fire is the shrubbery’s fault? Civilization doesn’t come cheap, the wealthy skated and everybody got bit in the A$$. Investors look at a company getting away with it and throw in the towel because honest work and innovation can’t compete with cheating. Cali didn’t plant enough trees to change their desert status after harvesting their forests and a dry lightning storm will burn the scrub just as fast a short circuit. Vote for me in the next election.

  7. Since this Socialist/Capitalist drama is being played on a WORLD sized stage, the citizens of the U.S. need to get a different understanding of it’s potential by raising their myopic perspective.
    Not saying this is iron clad but with the outrageous behavior of the socialist/Democrap party in blatantly promoting a United States that demands and endorses infanticide, purchases the entire lives of aliens by taxation of the citizens and draining the resources of the citizens (at peril to their own existences) by ‘legal’ demands. Quiet and sneaky, the socialists took over the Dems to change the party to socialist/Democrap. It could not be done without the quiet but huge efforts of the socialist power countries banding together to corrupt these anti-American turncoats. They have slowly paralyzed our public education system, the healthcare system, the housing industry, the manufacturing industries, and are taking control of our food production and politics. ALL OF THIS after every single one of them SWORE AN OATH in public to support, uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution before they were seated as a representative of the People.
    I for one, am thinking this constitutes a clear BREACH OF CONTRACT with the citizens they swore to represent. The tough part of getting rid of these scum is that they have for the most part, corrupted the Judicial branch of the government too.
    The breached contract with representatives is typically only dissolved by ‘voting them out’ of office instead of a method considered by some as far more fitting, involving tar and feathers… but we have become so gentle as a nation.

    • You beat me to it, great question!
      When these people – Globalists, Socialists, Communists (Brennan) – advocate for a different form of government they are clearly breaking their oath as you point out. The Judicial Branch does not make the arrests, the Executive Branch does.
      If lowly citizens like us in a courtroom violate an oath to tell the truth and we don’t, what happens. We will be placed under arrest by the local constabulary and charged with the Class 1 Felony of PERJURY, which upon conviction is a 1 to 5 year prison vacation.
      My question is simple who is the government agency responsible for doing this? Are they not also in violation of their oaths? Perjury is the least of the charges here since we are still under a war footing due to 911, the charges of sedition and treason would also apply.
      Congress Critters are only immune from prosecution for acts such as these when the Congress is in session and they are in the building and it ceases when either of these conditions are no longer met.
      At some point President DJT must do this or all is lost.

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