(Fort Collins, CO.) — U.S. Market Futures were up about 24-points when I looked. But from the clear air of the Rockies, which I assure you ain’t in Denver, the smart thing to do this week seems to be sit in cash and simply watch events.

Not that the market can’t climb the fabled “wall of worry” – of course it can. To me it’s more of a “How well do you want to sleep?” question.

The headlines are grim: Three more police officers were shot and killed in Baton Rouge, LA. While reports like this one picture the cop-killer as a Nation of Islam member who railed against cops, the more liberally censored media persist in picturing this hate crime as a kind of “lone wolf” thing; reporting only those things which fit their paradigm.

Are the media waking up? Well, in an article on the president’s views of police, outfits like the Washington Post are starting to dig in a little bit and are going deeper into the gulf between what he claims and what he does

Conventional? Not Really

The second reason to stand aside and in cash this week has to do with the republican party convention. Oh, sure, the usual stories about calls for unity and such. But the reality is the Soros gangs are in town big-time and itching for disruption.

In wry irony, the page count on a 2008 report on some of Barrack Obama’s language around conventions is coming back to haunt him. So if there’s trouble, I can’t wait to see how he wishy-washies on it.

And Erdogan Makes Three

If that prospect of violence isn’t enough, there is the little matter of Turkey’s leftovers. “Cleansing” his armed forces sounds like some powerful carving.

We have to wonder who made how much gravy as the attempted coup was put down…and who was doing the stuffing.

Woes of Sharpton

We notice Al Sharpton has earned a rather dubious label from the NY Post which refers to him in an article here as “Shakedown Sharpton.”

On the Road Again

Seems like a good song to be rolling around in the brain as we head out of the Denver area.

Speaking of brains: A new global study finds that 9 out of 10 strokes are preventable.

Damn shame the story wasn’t about golf because if it was, I’d have had some practical application for it. Still, it’s worth a read…

Housing starts tomorrow – and we did see one lone coal train along US 287 Saturday/ 

The good news – such as it is – it that even if the bloom is off Housing and Mining for a while, government continues to grow…like that’s gonna make up for the lack elsewhere?  More on how that’s playing in Coping…